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solangelo first kiss? (where neither of them have ever kissed anyone before)

read on ao3

It’s during the summer. Another one of those days when Will drags Nico outside to enjoy the sunshine and soak up the vitamin D.

Nico complains, because of course he does, but really he doesn’t feel any sort of reluctance. Even when the sun burns his legs, because they’re clothed in black jeans, and he has to squint when looking up at Will. Because he’s tall, and the sun is bright, and it kind of obscures his vision.

Not that he mentions that part.

“So what’s your actual plan here?” Nico asks, trying not to flush because Will’s hand is tight around his wrist, pulling him forward. The two of them are making their way through the Camp Half-Blood grounds, and when you get past the cabins and the hoards of people just arriving back for summer, there is so much green.

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Secret of These Hands Ch. 4 (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Hello darlings! I hope your day is going well. I’m finally going to be active again because my exams are done! I think I did really well, but that morning wasn’t so great. Anyways, here’s the next chapter of “Secret of These Hands” and I hope you all enjoy. I love you guys, xoxo

Description:You were born enhanced. Ever since you were a child, you had the capability to reach into people’s memories by the mere touch of your hand. Even the slightest brush of fingers, or a polite handshake could send you years back into their life without your control. To prevent any sort of incident, you always wore gloves on your hands, no matter what the weather would be. One day, you wander into a French farmer’s market, bumping into a man at a fruit stand who, oddly enough, fashions a glove like yourself in the summer heat. You step into his life, hiding secrets, and finding that he has some of his own. Will you ever come clean? And even then, will he?

Warnings: None

Chapter 3


You waited tables for another four hours, working through the heat that carried on through the sunset and into the night. The humidity made your hair stick to your face as you weaved through the number of chairs around the cafe, managing to not spill anything on anybody. Your gloves were thin, thank god, allowing your hands to have some sort of air flow despite the heat. The customers were a little cranky due to the weather, but you served them quickly, and kept a positive attitude despite your discomfort. 

“Have a nice evening.” You smiled at your last two customers as they stood up and walked down the sidewalk, waving you goodbye. You turned your back to them, beginning to clean up their table, mumbling to yourself. “Almost done.” The day had been long and exhausting, but it was worth it. The cafe had been packed that night, and the tips were more than generous. 

“Hey, F/N.” Your boss called you over as he finished drying one of the glasses, tossing the towel over his shoulder. As you picked up your tray filled with dirty plates and utensils and balanced your way towards him, he fished deeply into his pockets, pulling out a wad of cash. “Here’s a bonus. You’re doing great here and you deserve it.” 

You gaped at how much money was in his hand. It had to be at least four hundred dollars. “Oh my god, thank you. Thank you so much.” You smiled down at your gloved hands as you took the folded paper. 

“Go on and go home. You’ve had a long day. Oh, and I’m giving you tomorrow off, so you’re welcome.” He smiled at you shooing you off. “Come on, get out of here.” He chuckled out, whacking you lightly in the arm with the towel. 

“Okay, okay, I’m going.” You put your arms up in surrender, walking backwards to the coat rack where your bag was hung. “Call me if you need an extra hand.” You slung your bag over your shoulder, turning towards your boss. “Thanks again.” He gave you a nod, and you slipped out into the street, walking briskly across the cobblestone. 

Even though it was night, the air was still sticky and you could feel it underneath your clothes. The only thing that was on you mind as you walked the three blocks to your hotel room was the cold shower that was awaiting you when you got there. You were suddenly pulled from your little daydream when your phone began to violently vibrate in your bag. The call was from a number you hadn’t seen before, but you pressed the phone up to your ear anyways. 

“Hello?” You quirked up your eyebrow as you spoke. 

“Oh, um, hi. Is this a bad time?” You instantly recognized the nervous voice. It was Bucky, the man you met at the market. The day was so exhausting that you completely forgot that you gave him your number. 

“Bucky! You called.” Your voice softened from cautious to flirtatious. “I’m just coming home from work.” You let out a soft chuckle as you focused on your conversation, but also on not getting hit by any cars as you crossed the lowly lit street to the hotel. 

“I did, doll.” His voice was warm and welcoming, and somehow it made you feel whole. “And how’d that go?” His voice caught that comfortable vibe that he had when you were together that afternoon

“Actually, despite the awful weather, it went well. How has your day been?” You said as you gave the doorman a smile, walking towards the elevator. The ride up was quick, and you fished for your key that was buried somewhere deep in your bag. 

“You know, ever since I met you, it seemed to have gone better than expected.” He let out a chuckle under his breath. 

“Who would have thought I was capable of doing that?” You said sarcastically, sandwiching the phone between your shoulder and your ear, as you turned the key in its lock and stepping inside. 

“Quite frankly F/N, I think you capable of much more than just that.” There was practically a grin coming through the line as he spoke. You bit your bottom lip, trying to hide the blushing smile on your face. Maybe now was the time to ask him what had been racking on your mind ever since the conversation started. 

“Hey, Bucky.. are you- do you happen to be doing anything tomorrow, by chance?” 

He paused, which freaked you out a bit, and you hoped that you weren’t being creepy. “No, I’m not. Honestly, I usually just take a stroll and go to the market.” The both of you let out a laugh. “Miss F/N, are you asking me out on a date?” 

“Psh, no.” You matched his mocking tone, but you quickly gave in. “Okay, yes.” 

You could hear him laughing from the other side of the line. “Alright, when and where?” 

“Five o’clock, at the farmer’s market.” You didn’t realize it, but you had been pacing in your entryway ever since you walked through the door. 

“Then, I’ll see you tomorrow, F/N. I look forward to it.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then. Goodnight, Bucky.” You stopped pacing and placed you bag on one of the dining table’s chairs, looking out the window at the lit up city. 

“Goodnight, doll. Sweet dreams.” 

Hey darlings! I hope you had a wonderful day. So, I may or may not be opening up requests soon. I want to, but I don’t want to make you all wait for your request to be fulfilled if I’m not able to get to it. Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed and I love you all! xoxo



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Hit From Hell

Becca_Bae93 Has Signed On

Becca_Bae93: Hey, what’s taking you all so long? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

AngelWriter999 Has Signed On

AngelWriter999: rude Bec

Becca_Bae93: Boo hoo, Angel. I wanna see who won the hits count up! (◕‿◕✿)

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AmbiableJinx: Oh please you’re only doing it because you KNOW you won this week.

EsterAndrews: You don’t know that for sure, I did really well this week too!

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Feyrhys and the AU “I was trying to take a sneeky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward”

A/N: ok i really love this AU.  And I kinda (by kinda i mean definitely) want to write more in this universe, so let me know what you all think! @rhysndtrash I did the thing! [Part 2!]

~ Rattled ~

Shooting a furtive glance toward her slumbering companion, Feyre bit her lip and tugged her cellphone from the pocket of her messenger bag.

I think I found my muse

There’s a delay in reply, which Feyre fills by scrolling through Tumblr and Instagram, grinning faintly at a few kind comments and tags on her latest piece, which is a misleading characterization unless one considers ‘latest’ to mean over six months.  Still, its good for her ego. 

She’s halfway through reading a ranting conspiracy theory, which managed to connect heelys and Roswell, when an alert drops down at the top of her screen from Mor.

Oo.  intriguing.  is he hot? 

Smirking despite herself, Feyre opens the message to respond.

I never said it was a he

I could be talking about a non-human for all you know

Three dots appear almost immediately and she settles back against the worn but pleasantly clean faux velvety seat, sipping at her fountain drink only to be met with a mouthful of watered down Sprite.  Gross.

pretty sure thats illegal

also that doesnt sound like a denial to me…

Rolling her eyes, Feyre answers back,

ew thanks for making that gross

and fine.  it’s a guy.  but this isn’t about hotness.  artists have muses that they remain platonic with

mhmmm.  so is this going to be a fling or are we talking long term life partners?

whats your stance on marriage as an institution?

Feyre lets out a snort at that, then quickly checks to be sure she hasn’t woken sleeping beauty.  Because he is…beautiful that is.  Purely from an artistic perspective.  This isn’t romantic attraction.  She definitely didn’t think about mouthing her way across his sharp jaw bone while his hands gripped-

i hate you

As if Mor had expected that answer, she fires back almost immediately

no u dont.  and send pics

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What I’m Excited for in Crystal Dream/Supers

so the dream arc is probably my favorite of the manga arcs (followed very closely by stars and infinity, tbh a three way tie for #1 because REASONS) and considering infinity is about to start next week, i feel its time i go ahead and make my usual “this is what i cant wait to see in *insert crystal arc here*” post that i’ve made ever since crystal was announced.

anyways without further ado… (under the cut because LONG POST IS LONG) 

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Genre: smut

Warnings: sex

Word Count: 3,873 (this turned out to be way longer than i thought it would)


A/N: this was meant to be a quick smut fic but ended up as a sort of fluffy first time fic but with rough sex too (ignore the bit at the end it was like 1am when i finished writing this and i was losing my mind) but i tried to make it realistic dont throw things at me pls

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Can you do a headcannon where MC wants to go to prom, but is made fun of my other students for going with an older person? (Plus saeran too if you don't mind)


fun fact: i fell off the bed while writing this :)

~headcanon requests are closed for now~


  • Yoosung was beyond excited to take MC to prom
  • he even made sure their outfits for the dance matched perfectly
  • and, of course, he took MC out to a fancy dinner before prom
  • Yoosung’s jaw drops when he sees MC
  • “you look…amazing”
  • he wanted to cry? oh my god he’s so lucky?
  • but at dinner, it seemed like something was bothering MC
  • “sweet heart, whats wrong? please cheer up, it’s your senior prom!”
  • he beams at MC and grabs their hands, trying to coax a smile onto their face
  • they look down at the table, taking their hands away from Yoosung
  • “i am happy Yoosung, i just…i cant help but think about what my friends said…”
  • “what did they say?”
  • “they’ve been making fun of me all week for going to prom with someone who isnt even in high school”
  • MC fidgets nervously thinking about they way their “friends” teased them
  • Yoosung is thinking so many things right now he doesn’t even know what to say
  • why would they tease MC like that?
  • how dare they
  • no one was gonna ruin this for them!!
  • he gently puts a hand under MC’s chin, tilting their head up a little
  • “if any of your punk friends have an issue with you dating an older man, thats their problem”
  • he kisses them sweetly, feeling their lips curl into a smile
  • “we’ll still have fun together, right?”
  • MC nods happily
  • “right!”
  • and they did have a lot of fun together, especially since they both dance like big nerds


  • MC made Zen promise he wouldnt look better than them on prom night
  • “i’m good looking, baby, but not even I can outshine your beauty”
  • that statement was confirmed when Zen saw MC on the night of the dance
  • when they were at the prom, Zen noticed a couple strange things
  • first of all, MC seemed really shy
  • they hadnt talked to any of their friends all night
  • secondly, it seemed like all night kids were...staring at them
  • were they talking about them?
  • Zen knew very well how cruel high school kids could be
  • he had his own “mean girl” phase in high school, and had been on the receiving end of that bullshit as well
  • his face started heating up with anger the more he noticed those kids snickering
  • “hey, MC, do you know what the hell their problem is?”
  • “my class mates have been acting like jerks to me since you’re so old, Zen”
  • okay, that just makes no sense
  • wasn’t dating an older man in high school cool?
  • especially one as HOT and FAMOUS as ZEN?!
  • letting his hot headed tendencies get the best of him, Zen grabs MC and drags them to the middle of the dance floor
  • “Zen, what are you-”
  • once him and MC were surrounded by dancing teens, he grabs their waist and pulls them close to him
  • Zen kisses MC there, in the middle of the dance floor
  • for everyone to see
  • he doesnt stop, just tightens his grip on MC’s waist as he deepens the kiss
  • “i bet everyone makes fun of you cause they’re jealous, MC”
  • their face was bright red
  • why does Zen have to be so bold….


  • Jaehee never really had a lot of fun at her senior prom
  • but things were gonna be different for MC
  • she was going to make prom the best night of MC’s life
  • she spent all day getting ready until it was finally time to pick her date up
  • but when MC answered the door
  • they didn’t look like they were ready for prom at all
  • “MC….are you ready to go…?”
  • they laugh nervously and rub the back of their neck
  • “wow Jaehee, you look so awesome. i’m just feeling a little sick”
  • sick? why didnt you say anything earlier? i could have came over and-”
  • Jaehee stops in the middle of her sentence
  • “wait, are we not going to prom…?”
  • MC looks down
  • “um…well…”
  • they glance up at Jaehee for a moment
  • she’s so beautiful
  • MC’s gut starts to twist with guilt when they think about how long Jaehee must have spent getting ready
  • “i’m sorry Jaehee. truthfully, i’m sort of nervous about taking an older girl to prom. all my friends have been bugging me about it”
  • “oh….”
  • Jaehee hates to think that MC’s friends were making fun of them because of her
  • maybe she should just let MC go by themselves…
  • no, no.
  • this was going to be a fun night for Jaehee and MC if it killed her
  • she steps toward MC, hugging them
  • “please let me take you to prom? i know i’m an old lady…”
  • MC starts to smile
  • “…but i really want to take you to the dance. i’ll even help you get ready. please?”
  • they return Jaehee’s hug, squeezing her
  • “okay, Jaehee! we’ll have fun no matter what those jerks say, right?”
  • “right!”
  • in the end MC’s asshole friends ended up being #shookt by how HOT their date was


  • “Jumin, can I talk to you about something?”
  • MC and Jumin were having lunch together
  • “of course, my love. absolutely anything”
  • MC smiles a little
  • they knew he would say that
  • “i’m kind of, well, nervous about prom”
  • “nervous? why?”
  • Jumin reaches across the table, holding MC’s hands in his
  • “you have nothing to be nervous about, darling. don’t you know i’m going to take care of everything?”
  • “well, you can’t exactly take care of those jerks in my third period, can you?”
  • Jumin brings his brows together
  • “what do you mean?”
  • MC lets go of Jumins hands, pushing their hair back and sighing
  • “all my friends keep saying i’m bringing a stuffy old man to prom. i just dont want to be made fun of anymore…”
  • Jumin starts to giggle
  • MC’s eyes widen, surprised by his reaction
  • why is he laughing…?
  • “my dear, i promise no one will dare to tease you at the prom. trust me, okay?”
  • “okay, Jumin. i trust you”
  • and of course, who could make fun of the stretch limo Jumin helped MC out of when they arrived at the dance
  • those kids definitely ate their words when they saw what MC and Jumin were wearing
  • i mean, they looked like damn royalty 
  • the fact that Jumin literally towered over every student at the dance helped too
  • everyone was too intimidated to even look at him
  • the gossip went from “have you heard about who MC is bringing to prom?”
  • to “holy shit have you seen who MC brought to prom?!”


  • Seven instantly noticed that something was on MC’s mind when he picked them up for a movie date
  • “whats with all the sulking? arent you excited to finally see the Matrix in all its glory? we’ve been waiting forever for them to play it at the theater”
  • “it’s not that, Seven”
  • “well, what is it? you know i’d fight anyone for you”
  • MC giggles a little
  • “yea, sure you will. i’m just thinking about prom”
  • “whatta bout it? upset that we’re gonna make all your friends feel like shit by schooling them with are sweet dance moves?”
  • Seven dabs
  • Seven stop dabbing for one second and keep ur damn hands on the wheel
  • “no, dork. they keep saying i’m bringing an old man to prom”
  • “what?!”
  • Seven looks disgusted
  • “yea, and that you’re a creepy”
  • “okay, that is so messed up. i’m not even old!!”
  • MC starts laughing again
  • “i’ll show those high school punks! i’ll be the youngest, most vibrant kid there!”
  • oh god….
  • on the night of the dance Seven picks MC up in a right red sports car
  • “check out my whip, MC! pretty youthful, right?”
  • they roll their eyes
  • at the dance, Seven wouldnt stop making bad pop culture references
  • “oh, i am SO tweeting about this!”
  • “MC, is this Kesha? I love Kesha”
  • “no, Seven”
  • “well whatever it is, its great”
  • MC had so much fun laughing at Seven that night, they forgot all about their jerky friends
  • as long as MC had Seven, no one else mattered


  • Saeran wasnt really good at this prom thing
  • he wasnt fond of crowds or loud music or obnoxious kids
  • but if it’s important to MC, its important to him
  • at first when he noticed people staring at them, he just thought his tendency to feel paranoid was acting up
  • that is, until MC excused themselves to the bathroom
  • for about 10 minutes
  • dammit, he knew something was up
  • he walks to the bathroom, trying to ignore all the stares
  • “MC? is everything okay?”
  • he could hear sniffing
  • “yea…im fine, Saeran. just gimmie a second”
  • “please let me come in. you arent okay”
  • suddenly, the door opens and MC steps out, their eyes puffy
  • “I just wanted to have a fun night with you, but my asshole friends are ruining it”
  • MC rubs their nose
  • “ruining it? how?”
  • “they keep making fun of us, Saeran. i heard some kids call you a creep”
  • Saeran just stares at MC, baffled
  • “they know i can literally break them, right?”
  • MC starts to giggle a little
  • “please dont break anyone. not tonight, at least”
  • Saeran leans toward MC and kisses them
  • “hey, what if we bail, baby? clearly these kids wouldnt know a cute couple if it punched them in the face”
  • “are you sure, Saeran? i know you paid for the tickets and i-”
  • Saeran kisses them again
  • “yes, i’m sure. lets grab some shakes and have a dance part for two at my place.”
  • “sounds better than senior prom with these jerks”
  • Saeran offers MC his arm
  • “well then, shall we?”


BTS: Suga - As A Boyfriend

A/N How did you not see this coming? yoongi is the perfect mix of rude and tough past AND soft and must be protected - it’s my ultimate weakness. I just hope you enjoy this long ass drabble hahahah

Originally posted by minpuffs

  • Where do I start. I must do this right.
  • Getting into a relationship with Yoongi before he reaches 30 will be tough luck I swear. Good job, if you managed to do it because I genuinely think of him as someone who wants to focus on his work just to prove to others (And to himself) that he can succeed in this field.
  • But you sure as hell can be best friends and idk how you guys might meet but let me tell you, Suga is the kind of person you can meet after 5 years and you can pick up from where you left off.
  • Very awkward meetings in the beginning until he finds common ground with your shared hobbies. Say you like to read or you enjoy music too much, he’ll cheer up and start getting into the conversation more.
  • This harabeoji is tired 24x7 please let him live. You’ll have to make sure he remembers you exist in the first few months by constantly checking up on him.
  • “Have you eaten? I mean 3 meals. That’s proper eating. And no, snacks don’t count.” “Yes. I did.”
  • “Have you been sleeping well? Jin said you’ve been working a lot I’m worried.” “yeah I got some shut eye no big deal im good.”
  • “You feel like taking a break? I could come over sometime… i don’t know do you want to?” “No it’s fine.”

Originally posted by jinful

  • The entire relationship seems like you’re doing too much, but its only because it’s the beginning and because you try to make up for the lack of communication he provides, he’s gonna close up more.
  • when you go out of the country for a business trip or something or visit home and he realizes he actually misses you checking up on him all the time. The first time you’re not around (physically or virtually) he realizes just how much he needs your reminders. He forgets his vitamin supplements, he forgets to eat or sleep or take a break and jin jokingly says, “idk how y/n kept you alive.” and yoongi will mutter to himself “I never realized she was doing so much.”
  • When you come back, he’s already outside your apartment and you’re a bit shocked because suga doesn’t just show up like that. You let him in, growing utterly quiet because something is definitely wrong. You sit him down, getting two cups of tea because by now taking care of him is just second nature, and he starts the entire conversation awkwardly.
  • He has a whole lecture prepared for why he is so sorry that he didn’t realize how much you did for him before, he’ll work hard at the relationship, he’ll be the best boyfriend ever, he’ll make more time for you. He kind of just rambles on and on and on and you’ve got to stop him sometime in between.
  • “Do you think so little of our friendship?” You were careful with your words. He needs to be reminded that before you’re his gf or you’re an ARMY, you’re his best friend. That’s not going to change. You don’t expect him to change or up his boyfriend game because that’s not what friends do. Friends compromise and accept you for who you are.

Originally posted by bwiyowo

  • After this though, he does make more time for you and stops by your house more often and suddenly with all this change in the “caregiver” position he realizes little things about you.
  • Like how nervous you get before a meeting, how your family might stress you out or which friends expect too much from you. If you’re the kind of person who can’t say no to those asking for favors - he’ll notice. little things you know? How you NEED atleast 3 cups of tea in a day and you have a certain routine in the morning and if one thing goes wrong, you’re a bit pissed the entire day.
  • He’s going to love this phase and trust me, it’ll show in his songs too. When you’re just being you in the house, he’ll just watch quietly from the couch and you get concerned because “why are you so quiet? something wrong?”
  • “I like watching you be you. It’s relaxing”
  • If that’s not the sweetest way to say i love you, i dont know what will met your cold cold heart.

Originally posted by suga-of-daegu

  • YOUR DATES ARE SO VARYING ITS ANNOYING. One day it’s just a casual cuddle day but instead you guys head home (him coming from work and you coming from uni/work) and just crashing into bed and taking a nap. That’s what adult relationships are about. But some days you get dressed up and he shaves and puts on a dress shirt and  pants and you guys pick a nice place in a small town to visit because sometimes you both need to feel special and sophisticated.
  • but some dates are about going to an orphanage in daegu or an animal shelter and the both of you make a huge donation and just sit there and have lunch with the kids or play with the dogs/cats all day. you can’t help but feel so nice about the entire thing and suga feels like this has been a good day off
  • Basically he looks to you to refresh him and you look up to him to motivate you when you’re in a creative slump. Both of you come from different places and opinions (and ofcourse have things in common) but you guys provide each other with diff perspectives and it changes you. It’s amazing. the entire relationship is just so encouraging and productive, its amazing.
  • There will be days when neither of you want to see each other. The best part about you guys is that you’ve become really good friends through the relationship and because he’s so honest he’ll just tell it like it is. “Y/N i need a break for a while ok?” and no hard feeling, you get that. He needs to have his own time. He loves and encourages you to take some time off too.
  • He’s really into eating alone sometimes and just people watching and you admire him even more for it because how many adults can handle having lunch or dinner alone?

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

  • He’s a stubborn and mean asshole when he’s on a working trope so you’ll have to end up at his studio and make him eat. Some days you only eat like 5hrs after you get there because he keeps saying “i’ll finish this and we’ll eat” but he doesn’t make it out soon enough and you refuse to eat without him not because that’s the sweet thing to do or anything but because this idiot won’t take care of himself unless he knows he’s hurting someone else in the process too
  • him having the best cheer-me-up speeches ready because he knows what depression and anxiety feels like and he never wants you to experience that without the knowledge that hope is always present and he’ll be your hope.
  • having a marriage like relationship pretty soon. bra is optional and no cute nicknames because you’re “ya” and he’s “oi” and thats enough
  • you helping the kids (i mean the maknae line) out a lot even if some of them might be older to you.
  • he is pretty close with your family and places a lot of importance on maintaining a good rapport with his family because he’d like the same for you and his parents too.
  • being a totally different person around your family or his and you’re like “no stop being nice its creepy i feel like ive been lied to my entire life.” and him being sassy af because “EXCUSE YOU IM NICE DONT SAY SUCH MEAN THINGS GOD Y/N”

Originally posted by sugutie

  • sexual tension galore because both of you workaholics and lone wolfs hate to admit it but you love the idea of needing each other
  • he slips into bed really late at night and pulls you close, his arm winding around your shoulder and bringing you to face him, you unconsciously move your lips to meet his and you guys just keep kissing. soft and slow, in a very dream like state. its kinda blissful and you only realize it the next morning because oh hell bite marks. *blushes a thousand shades of red just thinking about it*
  • Sex is demanded for. “Y/N. YOU ME BED NOW.” and you can try and be sassy to get revenge on him but i don’t think it’ll work. haraboeji has a knack of throwing you over his shoulder and kissing you senseless.
  • doesn’t need lingerie or extensive foreplay just good for some lowkey pleasure centered sex because god life is already too fast paced and you’re home for him.
  • sex just means more to the both of you but that doesn’t mean you’re not KINKY AF ASSHOLES.
  • always making jokes around the boys about what goes down in the bedroom and yoongi faces perpetual second hand embarrassment but namjoon just FRICKING LOVES THE JOKES GOOD LORD BRING IT ON!
  • Jimin tries to kiss yoongi for fan service and you just straight up kiss him on the lips and they’re in the rehearsal space and they’re all staring but you just smirk and say “and that’s how you do it.” and jin finds grudging respect for you but kookie is a blushing mess because THIS IS SOME ADULT SHIT OK

Originally posted by beagletae

  • oh god getting shit drunk with him and coming home disoriented and all you guys can say to each other “is get it off fucking get that shirt off we’re having sex right now”
  • subconscious touching and so much of it. when you come by the studio to meet him (and he is in work-suga mode) you just sort of stay behind and play with his hair and watch the entire process. he plays with your hands when you guys are watching tv. wraps the scarf around you tighter when you’re going out and plays with your ear lobe subconsciously as you tell him about your day
  • loves playing with your hair and reads fanfic over your head
  • probably is reading this right now oh god shit ABORT MISSION
  • but yeah a relationship with yoongi is going to be a lot of work and so hard to settle into but its no joke its not pretty and cutesy and maybe thats why it lasts. you guys end up developing a dependency but youre also aware you guys will be there for each other and that sometimes it means letting the person figure out what they want before telling them what it is.
  • suga is just… he’s my type ok bye

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I’m sorry if its way too long but you know…. suga.


“Have you ever noticed Warlocks never blink. Or… maybe they do, but I’ve never seen one.”

“Heh. Did you actually ask that Guardian what mud tastes like?”

“I’ve never given it a lot of thought. An alien intelligence. A god? Who has time for that?”

“So I said to him: You’ve already got my heart, Hunter. He didn’t laugh.”

“No one should have to live like that. That’s all I’m saying.”

“I swear I saw a guy walk past me with tentacles on his face.” 

“The Queen must have a plan to get the Guardians out of the Reef eventually.”

“A Hunter I think. No she said something about Phobos.”

“Oh, just getting off shift. My eyes are so dry. Damn those screens.”

“Variks said what?”

“I turned around and walked face first into a Titan’s chest. She apologized, but damn if that didn’t hurt.”

“I don’t think they actually eat the dirt no.”

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Naughty & Nice Valentines Day AUs (Part 1)


♡  I brought your coffee on Valentines morning even, at least walk and talk with me

♡  Beautiful stranger conveniently leaves their phone on the bus, I must find them

♡ We’ve been in a long distance relationship for a year now and have never met in person, tonight I’m going to surprise you by turning up on your doorstep

I’ve been leaving gifts in your locker all week. Why won’t you notice me?

♡ You’re girlfriend/boyfriend’s a douche and because I love you so much as a friend, I’m going to show you what a real Valentines Day should be like.

♡ Your my best friend’s sister but I overheard you talking to your girl friend’s about your perfect Valentines Day, so I’m going to do that for you.

♡ We’ve waited for our first Valentines Day to finally sleep together, now it’s come, we’re both super awkward and nervous and we’re just stuttering our way through this date before we go back to my place.

♡ I’m a famous superstar, you’re a groupie/dedicated fan. Little do you know, you’re all I think about.

♡ It’s Valentines Day and I’ve found you crying on a park bench. You can shout and call me a creepy stranger all you want but I won’t leave until you’re okay.

♡ It’s Valentines Day and I’ve argued with my girlfriend/boyfriend again. Now I’m banging on your door, singing “All By Myself” at the top of my lungs and I just really need you right now.

♡ You’re my ex and your boyfriend is about to propose to you at the restaurant I work at but I loved you first, so I’m going to do everything I can to stop it.

♡ I completely forgot it was Valentines Day but I told you I had something elaborate planned, so I’m totally winging this date that we’re on right now. I hope you’re buying it.

♡ We’re both single parents and my kid has invited yours over for a sleepover. You’re here to drop them off and hey, do you want to come in for a coffee? You’re actually a really sweet person. Want another coffee? Wow you’re attractive. How about we open a bottle of win? Oh my, you’re so interesting. Let me refill your glass. Oh god, is that the time already.


♡  We’re not even at the back of this packed out movie theatre, but I’m going to kiss and touch you everywhere anyway

♡  You’re at my sisters “Anti-Valentines Day” sleepover, yet here you are hanging out with me in my bedroom…alone…at 2 O'clock in the morning…

♡ I’m on a girls holiday, you’re on a guys holiday, we met drunk in a bar and decided to get married…So, I guess we should spend Valentines day together?

♡ I saw you walk into the restaurant with your girlfriend/boyfriend whilst I was pretending to listen to my girlfriend/boyfriend talk about themselves again. You’re hot. Meet you in the parking lot in half an hour?

♡ I came to this nightclub to forget about the fact that I’m alone on Valentines Day, and you dancing on me like that is making it so hard to do that right now. How dare you. Don’t leave, though.

♡ Me and my girlfriend booked a romantic stay at a five 5* hotel for our Valentines weekend. Too bad I’m starting to like the look of the receptionist in the lobby a lot more.

♡ Me and my girlfriend sat next to you and your boyfriend at this outdoor movie theatre, when will they notice that I have my hand on your thigh?

♡ I told my husband/wife I was away on business this weekend so keep it down, because I’m really in the apartment below having sex with a man/woman whose husband/wife really IS away on business.

♡ Excuse me boyfriend’s best friend, I need you to come underwear shopping and tell me which set he’d find hottest. Oh, can you also come and help me unclip this bra though? I think the clasp is stuck…What do you mean am I flirting with you? Don’t be silly. Why is it working?

♡ Did you seriously just knock on my door and introduced yourself to my parents as my girlfriend/boyfriend? Now I’ve got no choice but to spend the entire night with you…and I hate your guts. Why? Because I thought you hated mine too.

♡ Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I’m finally getting married to my girlfriend/boyfriend. That’s if they don’t find out that instead of having a hen/stag night I’m taking you on one last date before I commit to them…

♡ We’re both interns who were dragged away on business from our partners on the most romantic day of the year. It’s not like they’d know if I took you out on a date tonight, right? There’s no strings attached - I doubt we’ll ever even see each other again. Wait – What do you mean you’re not an intern, but my bosses daughter? 

♡ Yes, I’m single on Valentines Day. Yes, I’m spending it at Disneyland with my Mum, Dad, younger siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and every other person still alive on our family tree – but how many people can say they’ve made out with Tinkerbelle/Peter Pan/Prince Charming/Cinderella etc. in a public bathroom?

fuckmybiaslist  asked:

I SO AGREE with you about the sporty SeokJin AU's SO AGREE. He talks about skateboarding, and we've SEEN him snowboard - I just spoke to a life-long skateboarder and HE thinks that if Jin can ride comfortably on a snowboard (which he obviously can) that those skills would def. translate to skateboarding, almost MORE than being able to SKI. Sporty Jin with his truck and his board sports, I bet he'd be good at surfing too maybe, and that - now I need to go bury myself in the sand forever. GOD.

this isn’t what you asked for but i had to??? because surfing jin is just??? yes (also it’s an excuse to practice anatomy coughs) so please have this and i hope you enjoy it lmao;;

okay i could stop here but imagine yoonjin (because yoonjin also happened somewhere along the way while i was drawing this and i want to share it i hope you don’t mind.)

it involves yoongi being a writer who was only supposed to take a vacation by the beach for a few weeks and not buy a house by the beach and stay there indefinitely. when asked why, he answered, “i liked the view. very inspiring.”

now when namjoon heard this, he was, to say the least, surprised. min yoongi? the beach? sunlight? it didn’t make sense, especially since he knew yoongi wasn’t one with mother nature (”once you’ve seen one mountain you’ve seen them all” “i am never taking a road trip with you ever again, hyung”) so it was great interest and curiosity that propelled namjoon into visiting yoongi’s beach house. when he got there, namjoon was impressed. one side of the house was all floor-to-ceiling glass windows, giving the perfect view of the ocean and beach below. namjoon almost believed that yoongi changed his ways, somehow forming a deeper connection with the earth in just a few weeks. 


it wasn’t until, there–coming up from the ocean and stepping on the beach, wet and glistening–very clearly spotted from the balcony of yoongi’s house, was one of hottest guys namjoon’s ever seen. even at this distance he could see well-defined muscles and shorts riding too low. the guy was so Min Yoongi’s Type™, namjoon, really, should’ve seen that coming. 

min yoongi is a damn filthy liar.

“you’re a damn filthy liar”
“excuse me”
“so you liked the view, huh?”

yoongi can only scoff. it wasn’t his fault that when he said he liked the view, others misinterpreted it as the ocean view. yoongi already had his mouth open to say just that when namjoon gave him a look. yoongi scowled instead.

“look, namjoon, i’m a grown ass man i can do whatever i like”
“you know this is creepy, right?”
“you wound me”
“i bet you don’t even know him”
“oh my god-you’ve stalked him, haven’t you?”
“i’m a writer! i don’t stalk…i research”
“oh god”
“his name is kim seokjin. works as a veterinarian, part-time lifeguard. like to surf and he’s really good at it.”
“volunteers to read to children at the public library on saturdays and helps out old ladies cross the streets, friends with all his exes because he’s that fucking nice“
“how do you even know th–”
“likes pink, likes food, likes to cook, likes collecting mario figurines, likes to destroy my sanity every goddamn second of the day-”
“oh my f–you have it bad-”
“i fucking do and i am fucking fucked

so yeah there u go??? i mean?? we can expand this idk???? and i just like yoongi really having no game at all when it comes to jin okay i df;s;dlflkg[e;plo

Wrong Suitcase AU Part 2

Part two of my Wrong Suitcase AU because people actually wanted to read more??? Wow. I hope I didn’t ruin everything hahaha

Part 1, Part 3

“Um, hi.”

A soft voice whispered through the phone. James pressed it closer to his ear, frowning.

“Hi… Who is this?”

“Oh, sorry. It’s Lily. Uh, lilac bra girl.”

Lilac br- shit. The wrong suitcase. The pretty girl. Said girl remembering the fact that he had to look through her clothes to find out who she was. Said girl thinking he was a complete pervert, and probably ringing now to confirm the fact.

“I swear I didn’t-“

“No, it’s okay. I’m just kidding. Well, I am the lilac bra girl, I’m not kidding about that bit. But. Right.”

“Right.” She didn’t sound mad. So why was she calling him?

“I told you, right? That I kind of looked through your suitcase as well, to see if I could figure out who you were?”

So. There was a slight possibility that she didn’t find him completely creepy, he guessed. Could this possibly mean… no, he shouldn’t hope.

“…Yeah. I accidentally forgot to put one of your shirts back in… the AC/DC?”

He hadn’t even noticed.

“…So could I meet you somewhere just for a second so I can give it back?”

Just a second. James deflated. Hope was a horrible thing, he thought. And then it was out before he could stop himself. “How about for more than a second?”


“As in, coffee? Can we get some coffee?”

Pause. “I don’t like coffee.”

Oh well. It was worth a try.

“But I do like tea.”

James let out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding. His face broke into an involuntary smile. “Okay. I’ll meet you down at The Three Broomsticks tomorrow? At about one?”

“Yeah. I’ll see you then.”

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Fanart Monday!

Another week goes by~ last update was interesting, and next one will also be… but I wanna get to Snowdin already xDDDD

Oh well, that doesn’t matter now! Let’s put up all the precious fanart!!! Thank you all for sending <3 <3

Fanart of the week by @deal-right!! I love how you love my baby Athela <3 <3 This fanart fills me with DETERMINATION >:3c

More under the sexy cut <3

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Originally posted by scottlamg

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Characters: Peter Parker, Reader, Avengers

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Hey guys :) I thought a Peter imagine will be good for us and this is for my dear Agent October ;)

So hope you like it and if i did some mistakes please forgive me :) Request are open~

GIF credits to the owner.

Having a protector mom was hard. But do you know what is harder? Being Tony’s daughter. Yes you heard it right. He didn’t know about me until 2 moths ago. My mom made a desicion that Tony will be never heard of me but here we are. She changed her mind after 17 years and took me to the Tony’s side. At first he didn’t believe us but a guy named Bruce made some tests and it was true. Tony insisted that I should stay with him. He wanted to know me better. Actually I was cool about this idea because this place-Avengers tower- was interesting. Like I am living with superheroes, what can I want? I know, a normal life.

“Can I come in?” A soft voice spoke.

“Yes you can.” It was Peter.

“Dinner is ready. I wanted to call you.” He smiled and left the room. I wore a nice dress and went to the dining area.

“Here you are. Come sit with me.” Wanda linked my arm and pulled me to the her side. She was so sweet to me. At first I felt really alone here but then Wanda came and she became my best friend. I smiled and sat next to her. Everyone was in here except Peter. I leaned towards Wanda’s ear.

“Isn’t Peter coming to the dinner?” I was a little worried actually. He called me for the dinner and now he was gone.

“I dont know. I didn’t see him.” She smiled and grabbed a big peace of bread. I started to eat but something was missing. I felt a little weird.

“Tell me (y/n), what do you want to be?” Clint asked me. He was such a sweet man. He treated me like I was his own child.

“I dont know. I have never thought about it.” Actually I wasn’t sure. I wanted to be doctor but seeing Wanda and Natasha, I wasn’t sure.

“I think she wants to be assasian.” Natasha took a sip of a wine and winked at me.

“Absouletly not.” It was Tony.

“Why?” I suddenly spoke. Tony were suprised.

“I don’t want you to be assasian. With this clumsy hands, no. You will die in the first mission.” He was so sure about me.

“I am not a clumsy person.” I said with an anger and the moment i finished my sentences ,I accidentally dropped my fork. He just smiled and took a sip of a red wine.

“Fine.” I said.

“Dont get mad (y/n). I’m sure with right training you can be great.” Steve smiled at me.

I was so angry. I quickly finished my meal and went to the upstairs which were the terrace. When I get angry or upset something ,I always go to there. But this night was different from other nights. I wasn’t alone this time. Peter was in here too.

“Hey.” I spoke with a quiet voice. He didn’t look at me but smiled.

“Hey.” He sounded a little bit of faraway. Like he was thinking something important.

“You didn’t come to the dinner.” I stand next to him and put my elbows on the railing.

“I wasn’t hungry.” He was still away.

“Hey Peter, Are you ok? You sound a little bit sad.” He was sad ,I knew that.

“Nothing, Just- nevermind.” He was struggling in his brain. I held him hand.

“Please tell me. You are the closest to my age in here and I dont like seeing you sad like this.” He looked directly in my eyes. And then I relaized, I held his hand for the first time. I didn’t want to let it go but I didn’t want to seem like a creepy person. I just stood like that. He didn’t avoid too.

“I dont know. I feel like I am not enough. Ok, I am Spiderman but I am not that strong like Steve or I am not smart like Tony. I feel so incapable.” He started to look at the floor.

“You know what, I will tell you about a friend of mine. He is in my school. We aren’t going to the same classes but I know him so well. He is so perfect. He thinks that no one likes him but secretly I really like him. He is so awesome. He saves people, he is super funny.” He looked at me. “And his name is Peter, Peter Parker. I dont know, maybe you are not knowing him but I think  you should meet him.” He chuckled and held my other hand too.

“He sounds really amazing. I really want to meet with him one day.” He smiled.

“I will set you guys up than.” I laughed a little.

“Hmm, (y/n) I need you. Girl problems.” Suddenly Wanda was standing next to us.

“I am coming.” She went inside. “I should go.” I let go off his hand and started to walk.

“(y/n)!” I  turned around. “I just learned Peter was in love with you too.” He smiled and scratched his head.

Suddenly I relaized, when I was doing that pep talk I accidentally told him about my feeling for him. I was all red. I just turned and started to run. All I heard was he was lauging. I went inside of Wanda’s room.

“(y/n), thanks god you are here. Which one is better for me. Pink or Blue?” She was holding two dresses. “Oh my god, Are you ok? You look like you have a fever.” She was so scared.

“Yeah, i think."I held my cheeks. She smiled at me.

"Oh, I know what is it. It is Peter Fever, right?” She laughed at me. I found a teddy bear and threw at her.

“Stop it.” But I was happy.

fun facts about rey

so i did a finn post and a poe post and now it’s time for a rey post!!!!!

the rey story in BTA honestly gives us less information than the others - it’s still full of Good Shit but i think so much of her stuff is yet to come???? like we learn some really baller stuff but idk So Much To Learn …

so instead of just summarizing and pondering greg rucka’s before the awakening, i’m also going to pull some hilarious shit from the TFA novelization because oh my god rey lmao.  where the book sharply veers left from movie canon, i will make a note of it, but boy howdy does that ever happen at one point. okay anyway lets go

- she built her own speeder

- she built her own speeder literally like… she designed and built it from scrap. she assembled it herself. (richard dawkins would say using scrap was cheating and then have a twitter meltdown; this is irrelevant but it cracks me up to think about so you get to think about it too)

- she also built a computer for herself by piecing together more parts and getting a display up and running

- one of the datachips she found had a really in-depth flight sim on it so she just. started doing that. 

- she learned how to pilot a spaceship by playing computer games for hours on end. like she’d seriously just. she started out barely being able to take off, but she’s a fast learner and after years and years of vidya games she’d start just artifically introducing wilder and wilder problems, just to make it more challenging for her

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Imagine watching Niall talk after he’s just taken a drink of a pint though. His pretty pink lips would be wet with alcohol and you would watch the way his lips move as he talks and how he’ll stop and run his tongue over them and you would have to drag him into the bathroom of the pub and sit on the sink while he eats you out, fingers digging into your hips and his pretty pink lips moving against you and he’d be smirking because you’d be moaning his name and telling him not to stop and wow


Behold my 8 hour overnight journey of reading City of Heavenly Fire

Started at 9:46pm. Let’s go.


“You’re just—You’re so—I really want to kiss you,” OH MY GOD MY MALEC FEELS MY MALEC FEELS JFC

•’I knew a girl once immortal like me who was with a mortal’ and ‘he died’ NOPE NOPE NOPE WESSA DARLINGS I LOVE YOU PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO ME

‘It makes me wonder what else I could do without you’ JESUS CHRIST ALEC YOU STRONG MOTHERFUCKER

•’ I need you to live MAGNUS STOP IT MY HEART HURTS


• Zach is turning he’s turning into Jem oh Jesus Christ I’m so excited and jangly with nerves

“Dark hair, a sharp delicate face, eyes that seemed young and old at the same time.” I AM LOSING IT
He became Jem I’m so happy and nervous and I don’t know what

• Sebastian why did you kiss Jace why are you so creepy

• The white star of the Herondale family- I swear to god everything reminds me of TID and I can’t deal with this omfg


“She’s all I have left from that time”- Jem and Tessa and the infernal devices and my heart and how it’s breaking into pieces every time Jem’s there
I want to see Tessa more than anything else in the world. Oh my god oh my god oh my fucking god I am going to lose my sanity


• I’m in part two now and I hate the queen Seelie I’ve always hated that bitch stupid bitch

‘And you’re just a boy-’
‘I am a hundred and forty six years old’


• The Jalec moments are killing me ALEC is SHINING in this book I’m sure sam’s delighted as long as he doesn’t die later
“You’re heterosexual and have low expectations of father figures.”
“I think they’ll probably put that on my gravestone. ‘He Was Heterosexual and Had Low Expectations.’ ”

• ALEC AND SIMON I GET WHAT CASSJE MEANT NOW THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS And sexual I didn’t know I needed that in my life oh my fucking god when Cassie said that the shippers of Alec/Simon will be pleasantly surprised, everyone was ‘Wtffffff???’ BUT I TOTALLY GET IT NOW AND OH MY GOD THIS MADE MY LIFE
“I had some feelings,” said Simon.
“Do feel free to agonize about it on your own time,” said Alec,”
My god my god what the fuck are you two guys you are unreal

• Clace had their first time. Finally. I bet Will is dancing in heaven now ‘Finally my loser of a descendent got laid’


“Straight people,” Alec declared. “Why can’t they control themselves?”

• “I can read your face like a very open, very pornographic book. I wish I couldn’t.

“The Herondales have always been a family more prized for their jawlines than their intelligence.”
I hate you Sebastian but this line damnnnnn this line I can imagine Will pelting rocks at you from heaven

• Magnus just wanted to lay down with Alec for a while.
I’m not sure if I’m even sane anymore.
They kissed. Jfc I love you two too much.

• Sebastian is such a little shit is it bad that I’m feeling no remorse as he dies???????? I keep thinking of Jordan and Raphael and Max!!!!! Poor babies poor poor babies

• YES CLARY I AM SO GLAD YOU DID IT I AM SO PROUD OF THIS GIRL SO SO SO PROUD I LOVE YOU CLARY. She did it. SHE did it. Not Jace, who was the only weapon against Sebastian but mother fucking clary and I’m so happy I want to cry of joy.

• I am not okay. I am not okay. I thought Magnus was going to die and then Simon and then no and then Simon I love you so much simon you can’t do this to Clary. Out of everybody, YOU CANT DO THIS TO CLARY SHE GREW UP WITH YOU PLEASE DONT DO THIS I AM HURTING I AM HURTING SO MUCH I HATE THIS CANT MAGNUS’S DAD JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DIE POOR. SIMON IM NOT OKAY

• THAT BOOK. Magnus you surprise me. I want to read that book now. Alec deserves it. I’m glad he didn’t just agree he wants to get together. Alec being strong is more important to me than them getting back together.


• Simon as a Shadowhunter I don’t know how I feel about this I don’t know.
“Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary. As long as you have a soul and free will, you can be anything, do anything, choose anything. Simon should get to choose.”
Your words Magnus. Your god damn words.

“She saw a girl who seemed about nineteen years old; she had loose brown hair and a sweet face. She wore a green dress, a little old-fashioned in its style, and a jade necklace around her throat.
She was holding the hand of a very familiar, very handsome boy with mussed dark hair; he looked tall and rangy in an elegant black suit and white shirt that set off his high-cheekboned face.”

“Brother Zachariah,” Isabelle said. “Months January through December of the Hot Silent Brothers Calendar. What’s he doing here?”
“There’s a Hot Silent Brothers Calendar?” said Alec. “Do they sell it?”
Jesus fucking Christ. These two siblings.

“So I think you were the wrong person for the Jace that I was, but not the Jace that I am now, the Jace you helped make me”
“You’re shaking,” she said, with some wonder.
“You make me,” he said, his breath against her cheek, and he slid his hands down her bare arms, “every time—every time.”
Every time I think I’m tired of Clace, something like this happens and heart hair melts because J A C E AND C L A R Y.

“Alec, you are so much a better man than I ever was, or will be.”
Yes yes yes Alec deserved that you beautiful and wonderful boy I love you so much

‘You’re clary. You’re my best friend.’ Simon is starting to remember her and I am flipping out because this friendship means so much to me I love these munchkins I am so so happy

• Jem and Tessa are talking. MY hEART.
“Ghosts are memories, and we carry them because those we love do not leave the world.”
“Yes,” she said. “I just wish he were here to see this with us, just here with us one more time”

‘Youre a heart breaker Isabelle LIGHTWOOD’ that much I remember

“I remember once you told me,” she said, “that you had loved two people more than anything else in the world. Was Tessa one of them?”
“She is one of them,” he said agreeably, shrugging himself into his coat. “I have not stopped loving her, nor my parabatai; love does not stop when someone dies.”


• Oh my god Jem stole their cat he stole church he stole church he stole church

J E S S A  G O T M A R R I E D  

• It’s 6:18am and I finished the book and I am exhausted.