i hope you dont mind that i used my own headcannons

itsapersonalproblem  asked:

My head cannon is that Lily was a runner and woke up early every day and ran a few miles. Also that James was a brilliant writer but could never start papers so he always had to have someone (Remus, Sirius, Peter, Lily, McGonagall, First Years) start them for him


Sirius: Hello I’m James Potter and i make all my friends start my stupid potions moonstone essays because I’m lazy as fuck.The points i will be covering to day are: How Sirius Black has better hair than me, how Sirius Black has a better body than me and how i have a huge crush on Evans that LITERALLY EVERYONE knows about because i am not subtle at all and- SIRIUS I CANNOT TURN IN MY PAPER WITH THE WORD 'FUCK’ IN IT AND EXCUSE YOU MY HAIR IS WAY BETTER THAN YOURS  

Remus:This is essay is meant to be about why the double twist wand movement used in transfiguration is important, but it is not going to be about that. Basically I’m going to list all the times James has stolen something from a teachers office because i’m really tired and do not want to start this essay so there was that time he stole Professor Elliot’s spare store of Arabus flow- AND THAT’S ENOUGH FROM YOU MOONY

Peter: Ah, um. Hi I’m James. wait, can you start an Astronomy essay with Hi? oh merlin, Okay. This essay is going to be on Jupiter’s moons and- wait, was it Jupiter’s moons or Neptune’s? or maybe it was Jupiter’s suns. Hold on, does Jupiter have its own sun? what is this on? why did i agree to this? where- YOU AGREED BECAUSE YOU’RE MEANT TO BE MY MATE PETE MERLIN WHY AM I FRIENDS WITH ALL OF YOU SHITLORDS 

Professor McGonagall: Potter I’m not starting your essay for you, I do not know why you thought i would. Do your own work and focus more in class rather than staring at Miss Evans- RIGHT THANKS A BUNCH PROFESSOR wait no I wasn’t shouting no i promise please don’t give me detention I’ll give you this bag of chocolate frogs. 

Random First Year: This is my essay on why Bowtruckles are important to the magical ecosystem. They are important because Bowtruckles help support the Arabus tree flowers, which are very pretty, almost as pretty as i think Lily Evans is- OKAY WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WHY WOULD YOU WRITE- WHAT DO YOU MEAN SIRIUS TOLD YOU TO?!   

Lily: This essay’s subject is going to be on why James shouldn’t ambush people when they are out on their morning run instead of the Potions one he wants me to start. But apparently he ambushes a lot of people because he’s not very good at disposing of the other essay’s, which contain some very damaging information. Like that he stares at super-mega-hot-babe Lily Evans in transfiguration. Which is totally okay, because she just happens to stare at him back, only she’s more subtle about it-

(James never gets to hand in that particular essay, because it turns out Lily’s lips are even more distracting than he thought)