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It started yesterday. I am getting lots of insults from anons. First I thaught It was personal ( I really wish It was ). But no, it is because they think I am black. I just answered one one the messages but didnt others. I am not black but I also used to racism since I am Turkish and Muslim. So I am really not surprised of seeing those kind of people. Let me say I didnt block you but I reported all your damn racist messages. I dont really know if anything can be done from their ip adress es or something but I hope . I dont mind and care getting hate messages about my cc, about using adfly, about patreon or about I steal mesh bla bla etc … But there is no tolerance of racism in my blog. All of you will be reported with all screenshots

@yol101 – I hope you dont mind me screenshotting this so I have more room to respond to you. 

Personally, we’re not expecting more than longing stares between Jon and Sansa in S7 because they only have 2 episodes together that we know of this season. Jon is going to be in Dragonstone then north beyond the Wall for the rest of the episodes. 

If they were going to be endgame, this actually works in their favour. 2 episodes is enough time to build up the angst from last season, close to the boiling point but not quite yet. We’ll see the tension that, according to Kit, “goes beyond sibling squabbling” and then separating them after that will add to this unresolved tension between them. After all, absence does make the heart grow fonder, especially because I personally believe Bran will make it back to Winterfell before Jon gets back and Sansa will be one of the first to know about his birth parents, resolving for her any conflicted feelings she may have at that point.

It’s not really about keeping expectations low. It’s more about how narratively speaking, teasing out Jonsa for an entire season and really drawing out this tension makes for better storytelling, as there is a whole other season left to conclude everything. It would make a kiss and declaration of love so much more satisfying to watch if it’s done so at the end. Slow burns make for great television. 

Now, people are speculating an angsty Weirwood kiss, and while I so hope for that to happen, I’m expecting more of a ‘so close, yet so far’ kind of farewell between them. 

I hope that answers your question <3 

Tagging @jen-snow too in case you have anything to add since you were mentioned as well in the question. :) 

here’s the big ask post, which could have easily been avoided if i checked my messages more than once every two weeks like i said i would last time, yet here we are

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Hey guys, be careful out there. There’s another Trojan virus going around.

This one is trying telling you how to get money online, but the link is how the virus spreads. I thankfully was suspicious because of the other virus going around, which means I don’t know where the link leads.

If it’s like the last one, it spreads just by opening the link.

Stay safe