i hope you dont mind me screenshotting these

 i drew an image for this, and i guess i couldnt reply properly that way, so im just screenshotting! i hope you dont mind!! but… thank you so so so much!!! this means so much to me!! i honestly was thinking no one really cared so i was gonna let it fade away. but after this.. idk! it helped so much and im really honored. im a bit busy with school but ill get back to replying to asks asap. thank u so much and im so glad u like graham. ;v;

Hey guys, be careful out there. There’s another Trojan virus going around.

This one is trying telling you how to get money online, but the link is how the virus spreads. I thankfully was suspicious because of the other virus going around, which means I don’t know where the link leads.

If it’s like the last one, it spreads just by opening the link.

Stay safe