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‘I’m s-sorry I could n-never make you h-happy, Daddy…’


{{There was supposed to be more to this; but I am tired like holy shit I’m surprised I got this done honestly! And I promise you, later I will get to replies and a ask I got, and thERE WILL BE A IMAGE WITH LYLLS I PROMISE. Because obviously, how else did Ardor get dressed and in bed ya sillies. Also yeaaah; repressed memories show that abuse went far deeper than Ardor remembers.}}

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This may sound really dumb but where did Bingu T.O.P come from? Why is that his nickname? Love the blog btw.

Hi There!  Okay, first of all I’m sooo sorry for not responding to you for so long :(  I had this elaborate post drafted but I’ve been sick and didn’t get around to actually posting it :’(  I’m sorrryyyyyyyy :(

Okay, so here goes my elaborate post hehehehehe :)

Bingu T.O.P is a nickname for Tabi that was revealed to us by Daesung in the episode of Family Outing where Tabi is a guest….Here’s the video :)

Bingu means stupid/dumb.  And Tabi got this nickname in YG bc he tends to do a lot of dumb/stupid/silly things.  Before I list out a bunch of things he does exemplifying his binguity…I have to warn you that he isn’t really fond of this name (for obvious reasons).  He doesn’t like to be called bingu. However, I think he’s come to deal with it and go along with the Bingu TOP image since this is now an excuse for his true ridiculously silly self to appear whenever/wherever he pleases ^^

So here are examples of why this man has earned the esteemed Bingu TOP title…

He enjoys eating snow…

He enjoys eating foliage…

He gets stuck under the stage at concerts…

Scares interviewers…

Turns into Beyonce…

Performs spells on the cameraman…

Forgets lyrics to his own rap compositions…

Gets one eye stuck while trying to cross his eyes..

And basically is a strange little cutie pie ^^  Please observe…

Soooo basically Bingu TOP is supposed to kinda make fun of him but instead it became synonymous to a sweet little man who likes to be himself and makes everyone around him happy <3  

Bingu TOP must be protected  <3 <3 <3

Turning Anon asks off

*Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you for this amazing support - I mean, wow! This blog isn’t even two months old and we’ve just reached the magical number of 1,000 followers! We’d never thought this blog would spike this much interest, but obviously it did and we couldn’t be any happier and more excited about it!

As a result, however, we believe it’s better to turn the anon asks off. While some of the anon asks have been the most interesting to answer for us, we hope that we can reduce the amount of asks we receive by this a little bit. Right now, there are far more than 100 open asks in our inbox and while we’d love to answer every single one of them - even if it was just a private message. But anon asks can’t be answered privately and we kinda don’t want to text wall this blog and keep the drawn answers a priority instead. This way, we can reply to you a bit easier. However, there is no guarantee that we can respond to every single one of them. Once again… a lot of asks.

Just be patient. And don’t be disppointed if you don’t get a reply. We are just people and we’re doing this for fun, so… no pressure. <3

Moreover, you don’t need to repeat your ask if it doesn’t get answered after a few days. Sometimes we answer older ones as soon as we have the time. Just. Please don’t spam us. Thank you for your understanding and your amazing support!

So I’ve been doing research on witchcraft all day. I’ve reblogged some informational posts privately (hope that worked correctly and didn’t spam anyone’s dash) and I started following a number of witchy blogs.
I will keep this away from the public part of my blog and reblog things privately. I may let something slip by accidentally and hope you don’t mind.

For the new people I started following: there is no need at all to follow me back, as I will barely (if at all) post anything about witchcraft on my blog.

I am interested in lunar (and stars *don’t know the correct term), cottage, garden, kitchen, herbal, study-related and generally positive witchcraft (non-religious).
I am also interested in Hellenic Polytheism, but don’t feel connected to the way the Gods are worshipped. Therefore I will prevent dishonouring anyone and not practice this faith.

DAVE: john, if you’re uncomfortable with this you don’t have to–


colourswapped kids have their personalities changed too right if not then i have made a grave mistake.

based on blackoutballad’s colourswap design!

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I didn't expect this blog to be only a week old! Congrats on the number of followers and requests since you definitely deserve it!!! (Hope you don't mind the spamming of likes though) Could I request a scenario of the captains + Kenma and Lev's reaction to their s/o playing Pokemon and just catching + naming their entire Pokemon team as their volleyball team. Plus points if s/o's main Pokemon is named after the boys ;D

Thank you! Attack that like button! It lets me know you guys love it!


“I’m flattered… I think?”

This nerdy dad doesn’t really do video games—as we saw in the Nekoma OVA. But he thinks it’s sort of cute how into it you get. When you show him that you’ve named your entire lineup after people from his team, he thinks that’s pretty cool. And when you tell him that the Turtwig is named after him because “he’s the most reliable in my lineup,” he laughs. It’s nice to know you think he’s reliable, at least.



Bokuto is pumped as hell. He played Pokemon “back in the day,” as he calls it. He literally only knows the first generation, so he asks you questions about Squirtle and Garydos all the time. You show him Noctowl and he loses his shit. He gets a little disappointed that you named it after Akaashi, but when you tell him that the Totodile was his namesake because it was the first one you got, he cheers right up.


“There’s more to life than videogames, you know.”

You’re surprised the first time he acts a little jealous of your game. He denies it, tries to play it cool, but he’s made it pretty obvious that he wants more of your attention. You ask him why he puts up with Kenma playing video games all the time but doesn’t like when you play one. His mumbled response of “I’m not dating Kenma” is actually kind of cute. You cuddle up on his lap, showing him the Pikachu you’ve named Tetsurou, and he is low key pretty excited. Then you put the game away for a while and lavish him with attention.


“Ah! But that one isn’t cute at all!”

Oikawa is actually high key pretty into Pokemon. Like, he’s played them all. And he breaks out his DS and plays with you. There are intricate trade agreements and little competitions and loud boasting over who’s better. When you’re showing off your level 100 Venusaur, he sees its name: Tooru. Oh god, he’s beside himself. He can’t share his name with something that looks like a big, gross dinosaur. He blanches about it for so long that you finally yell, “It’s got your name because I was in love with you when I started playing, okay?!” And he stops teasing you and gives you lots of apology kisses.


“What does that mean?”

Poor boy. So serious. So confused. He really doesn’t understand that “game box” but you catch him sometimes watching you play with his mouth slightly open. When you show him all the ones you’ve named after Tendou and Semi and Shirabu, even though he doesn’t quite know why, he starts to get weirdly jealous. But then you show him the Mudkip you named after him, telling him that it reminded you of him because it’s so serious, and he feels better.


“Why would you change their names?”

Kenma is probably sitting right next to you playing. In fact, you’re probably competing to see who can finish the game first. A firm believer in keeping their original names, Kenma doesn’t really understand why you’re naming them all something else. But when you show him the Torchic that is his namesake, he gets flustered. You want to tell him that you picked the Torchic because its feathers on top of its head reminded you of Kenma’s hair, but refrain. Can’t embarrass the poor boy too much in one day.


“Which one did you name after me?!”

You tell him about naming your Pokemon after the Nekoma team, and he immediately wants to know which one is his namesake. You can’t help but tease him—it’s so easy!—and you tell him that you accidentally forgot to name one after him. Oh boy, does he get depressed. But then you show him the Charmander, now named “Lev,” and his mood lifts back up in an instant, and you’re wrapped in an awkward, gangly hug.

Hello everybody! Hope everyone had wonderfull end of the year celebrations! As you guessed I am here to announce something~

Asakiku Week is back in action!

This event should be running from Monday 25 to Sunday 31. Hopefully you can join!
Here are the themes! (I tried to mix new themes suggested by people and old themes from the first week so hopefully it please everybody!)

❁ Monday 25th January: Children
❉ Tuesday 26th January: Gakuen
❁ Wednesday 27th January: Cafe
❉ Thursday 28th January: Imperial
❁ Friday 29th January: Free theme
❉ Saturday 30th January: 0130
❁ Sunday 31th January:  Cardverse

It can be in any form of art you want it to be (drawing, writing, cosplay, graphics,/edits, whatever you feel like doing)! Just have fun which is the main point of the event!

The tag used will be #AsakikuWeek so please follow it for updates (as I don’t want to spam the main tag too much with this) and to share the works you did! ( you can also follow @asakikuweek for this)
Thank you again for your time and I hope you will enjoy it ! And thanks @selinawen​ for letting me use the HD version of her scans

I almost can’t believe that tomorrow we get to see Captain Cold back on The Flash

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Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I can't wait until the day your diagnosed as being diabetic or some other weight related disease. I've been following you for a while and I saw that from highschool to now you've gained an ass ton of weight. And for what? To prove a point? It sickens me that you're so large, it's great that your happy and go ahead and spam this with pictures of yourself because I don't mind your appearance but you're the definition of greed and gluttony

so let’s see here -
you are telling me, a complete stranger, that I am unhealthy and yet you have openly admitted to the following:
- you are literally hoping, wishing, and WAITING for a complete stranger to get an illness just so that you think YOU can prove a point.
- you are following a complete stranger for the mere purpose of hoping one day they become unwell and you want to bask in that.
- you stated, “it’s great that your happy and go ahead and spam this with pictures of yourself because I don’t mind your appearance” all the while basing everything you’ve said..off of my appearance.  you very obviously care about my appearance, don’t try to fool yourself into thinking you’re less of an asshole than you really are. do you also follow around people with an abundance of material possessions and tell them how greedy and wasteful they are?  nah, I bet you don’t.

bottom line - one of us really does need help here and I’m telling you it’s not me.