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Aunt Jiili, I hope you don't mind that I call you 'Aunt Jilli' in my head. Like, when I see your posts on my dash, I go, "Oh hey, it's Aunt Jilli's reblog." It seems terribly impersonal, and I apologise in advance. Maybe someone will run into you in the streets one day, shouting, "Oh my gosh, it's Aunt Jilli!" That rude person is probably me.

You are absolutely allowed to call me ‘Aunt Jilli’! It’s not impersonal; gracious, I’ve been calling my self your (the collective your, which includes you, Anon!) Auntie Jilli for years now.

If you do run into me somewhere and shout something like “Aunt Jilli!”, be reassured by the fact that you’re not the first to have done so. And I won’t mind at all. :D

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I just saw your last anon and the tags and it's like, there's Alec hate on my dash right now and it's making me sick. Someone is accusing that Alec didn't "do enough" to try to help Magnus in the last episode when he thought they switched bodies and we need to stop "excusing" him for it and that the episode was shitty writing, etc. Meanwhile I'm just sitting here thinking how incredible that episode was and I don't even care lmfao.

yeah i saw that post lol like people are…..….let me just quote myself from here (lol so pretentious and self congratulatory im sorry): 

“people don’t even try to even think for a second why - it’s all just, he was wrong, he didn’t know, he didn’t notice, he listened to jace instead of his gut, he should be sorry, why didn’t he know, etc. etc. but the point of it is that it was basically an impossible situation - the point was that we knew, but knowing alec’s position – not knowing, being cautious and logical by nature, and having seen valentine’s reprehensibility and manipulations up close and personal – we would understand why it was such a difficult judgment and situation to be in without pointing fingers in blame like little tiny children 

but like…..tbh they overestimated the fandom lol“

first of all….obviously, if we’re talking about the writing, then the gaping hole is the fact that alec could have “tested” fake magnus in some way and then gotten confirmation of the switch and all would have been a-okay. but….this is television….that’s the same reason clary and jace would never do a DNA test to figure out their true identities instead of the 4 dramatic reveals we’ve had…drama on tv doesn’t always make sense. so first of all, i’ll give you this - he could have checked, the episode couldve ended in 15 minutes and magnus would be shaken up but overall  fine and we probably wouldn’t be seeing as drastic of repercussions as we’re likely going to see in his arc in episodes to come. this is absolutely 100% fair enough. i agree that he could have and should have checked in some way, but i also posit that this is TV and sometimes that means heightening tension and suspending a bit of disbelief, but to each their own, not everyone has to agree with that being a necessary evil in tv writing. it’s also true that it likely could have been avoided in some way, but until we know the implications of what happened in this episode, im not going to judge whether it was a good or a bad call

but let’s think about it just in terms of the actual narrative here, not thinking about TV writing and drama and all that. 

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I really hope you guys don’t mind me spamming your dash but I rlly wanna say this because I feel like you guys don’t really know nor do I show it enough… I just wanna give you guys a big thank you. Just the biggest thank you. Your support means everything to me. Every tag every ask, both anon and non anon, every direct message or submission sent in support of my art and me myself and even just the kind thoughts in your mind… just thank you. Thank you for your criticisms and thank you for your praise. Thank you guys for taking the time out of your day to give a second to what I make and what I consider doing. I say often I’ll do things that you request and most of the time never get to it sadly due to busy and issues, but your still here. I bounce from drawing things I like to things just for you guys and your still here. Days will go by without art and your still here. Problems will come up and your still here. I owe you guys my everything. You guys are the reason I wake up and consider moving my body just to spend hours to make something new. You guys are the reason I keep going and doing what it is i love. I get no real support in my household and having you guys makes up so much for that because I know maybe not everyone but you guys care. And that’s all I’ll ever need. Thank you for giving me a chance to grow here. Thank you to those who have been with me since the very beginning and watched me grow. And thank you to those who are still continuing. Thank you. Just thank you. Because if it weren’t for you guys I wouldn’t be drawing still today. I probably would have given up. If it weren’t for you guys I wouldn’t know what it is i want to do later on. I doubt myself and my art constantly. But you guys really help me see past my doubt and allow me to admire it for what I shame it to be. I promise I’ll do my best to continue growing. Learn from my mistakes, and experiment more so that I can keep doing the best I can. I owe you guys everything. I really do. I may not respond to every message (I forget;;; then I get anxious answering messages late) but I read them all and I sure as hell appreciate every single one. Thank you for being here…. just thank you so much..

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hey do you have any wearp/chyler blog recs? there's too much of other fandoms on my dash and not enough of those. love ur blog!

I mostly follow multifandom blogs, but for strictly wearp or chyler/alex blogs I would recommend: @dailysanvers, @alexdanversdaily, @sanverscentral, @lexiegreygifs@waverlyearpgifs, @earpwaverly, @dailywynonnaearp, @wynonnaearpdaily

as for mutlifandom gems who post a lot of either wearp and/or chyler here are some I follow: @katsbarrells, @leigh-chyler, @chysleigh, @aledanvers, @supahgays, @laurelance,  @lauraholliis, @haughtest, @agenthavght, @odetteannable, @waverlyearps, @nicole-haught, @wynonnaearq, @waverrlyearp, @mel-scrofano, @waverlyrps, @daisiridleys, @sawyerdnvers, @waverlvsearp, @sawyersmaggie, @emmas, @daisy-simmons, @nicolehavghts, @woahaught, @maggiesawyering, @waverlyearpss

hope that helps, and thank you so much! 

I’m really sorry for anyone I missed out, I would honestly recommend everyone from my blogroll, and most of them have urls or icons relating to either we or chyler/alex, so they should be easy to find for you :)

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hello! i've recently decided to start a detective conan side blog but since i'm new in the detective conan tumblr community i don't know who to follow so i'm asking some detective conan blogs i already follow (like yours) to give me advice. can you suggest some detective conan blogs to follow? if possibily at least 90% detective conan stuff and pretty active. thanks :)

Sure! I only really have a couple to share with you since most the blogs I follow are multi fandom or post off the reg, but I can share a couple! Note that I’m going to be reccing mainly detective conan and magic kaito blogs since it’s pretty rare to find detective conan only.

Active, literally 99-100% 14/12 would rec DCMK blogs:

Me! muwahah! i mean, uh–

@rumasaca - Akai x Rei nERD \owo/

- Kai nerd \owo/

@experiment4869 - Cute and really likes Ai and Ai’s a cutie okay

@violetstrawberry99 - Shinran wheee \owo/ 

@ran-nee-chann Pretty cool 


@dcrewatch Almost put in a different section, but, seriously Skye is a great person to have on your dash especially if you want quick reminders of episodes or to find something. The blog isn’t active in a daily way, but it’s consistently active in at least weekly updates! All the posts are little synopsis type things and the blog’s just a great resource in general.

@shin-ichi-niichan - More like 98% with 1% voltron but bASICALLY 99% they’re cool okay
@detectiveconans - Pretty sure I’ve followed them for literally 3 years they’re great

Active, 90%+ DCMK:
@raifuujin - Admittedly not active-active in regards to posting, but bias and she’s actively on tumblr, just not quite as active with posting. The reason for this being that she rarely reblogs things, so in actuality she’s super active for all the posts she makes. Generally 90%+ dcmk, does a ton of edits and amazing analysis.
@meitanteimary Generally she’s a solid 90% dcmk, although if you look at the url rn it will show some misc other fandom stuff, but she’s definitely 90%+ regularly.

@tortureddove- They post often, run by a queue. The stuff on here is Kaito/Kaitou Kid centric, and is generally duper dark, torture, non-con/rape, gore, crying type stuff. 100%, however it’s more magic kaito than detective conan since Kaito is the person the blog revolves around.

@miskatsura - Long time Eri fan. Been following them for about 3 years now too.
@meitanteisonoko - Update, hint and fanart gathering type blog. Possibly a bit less active than the others, but does a couple posts at a time iirc.

Active, 90%+ DCMK blogs that I’m not too familiar with but I reccomend you take a look at anyway if you just want a very full dash of dcmk content:

@darenimoshiranai A very new blog(like been around 2 months), so I can’t guarantee they’ll stay active.

@cone-the-detective Pretty new(half a year), active.



Some you should totes look at even though they’re not super active:  

@niveusfides - Specifically an art blog, she posts occasionally but 90%+ of her stuff within the last year has been dcmk, mainly Kaito and Shinichi art in particular! This blog is full of original content ^w^ 

@furuyareis - Nice.

@mk1412 - More of a merch/updates blog?

@meitanteiunknown - Rarely posts tbh but ye!

@furuya-s - They pop in and out but they’re in the 99%+ section if not for sporadic activity

@mistymistery - On and off active

Some you should totes look at even though they’re not quite 90% dcmk:

@monquixote THEY POST LIKE 75-80% DCMK AND ARE AMAZING OKAY more akam trash at 10

@phantom-of-baker-street - Grade A nerd about 65-70% dcmk

Nowhere NEAR 90% - probably more around 5-30% blogs that occationally post some REALLY COOL dcmk stuff anyway:


@meitantei-lavi - HE’S SUCH A NERD

@pocketsizedsleuth - normally they post a lot more dcmk and are more active but recently they’ve been less of both. I love their dcmk art tho please check them out!

@kostektyw - less active with dcmk recently but their art is still amazing and i love seeing them on my dash even when it’s not dcmk too often anymore

@edorazzi - Arts

@headinabox - Arts and shitposts

@alizardjae - They tend to just throw random dcmk thoughts out there once in a while that I tend to super agree with or like tbh

@misty-reeyus - More of a tales blog but they do occasionally post some good ship shit or vermouth and ye!

There are a ton of people/urls that I didn’t put on here for reasons being they’ve been more entirely inactive for a while or fell out of the fandom entirely tbh. I also avoided rp blogs(even the more public ask blogs) in general, and note that most of these blogs reblog most their things, so if you mass follow everyone you’ll see the same post 5 times in a row sometimes ;p

And also a ton I  probably missed because they slipped my mind asjdhkfjhsdkjghg sorry ily all

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who would you recommend following?

oh man I know I’ll skip over way too many people but? here’s a list 

personal pals: @traumatisedpsycho / @spiritosovrano / @aprehension 

people I see so often on my dash I’ve memorized their URL: @avpdkicking / @boerderline / @borderlinehvppy / @borderlinesilence / @borderlinetraumatized / @bpdhoneyviews / @bpdlils / @bpdrotten / @bpdtransspaceboy / @choosefile / @countingthestars-and-scars / @ghost-of-bpd / @hpdangelic / @humiliated / @kwaiibabe / @theotterandtheborderline / @trauma-rat / @traumatoybox / @waddupbpd

people I see so often in my notes/have interacted with so much I’ve memorized their URL: @unlxckiest / @teenawh / @limerencese / @dottycloud / @procrastinating-writer-rambles

and maybe check the notes on this too, since I have a bit over 900 people following me (which still blows my mind) and I can’t really tag all of them? thank you pal!!

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Sorry for posting your @ on insta, didn't even think about it - no bad blood, you definitely don't have to like me lol. I post myself publicly online, I can't exactly expect everyone to think I'm the kings shit. Aaaanyway I'll go back to my little space on tumblr, hope you're well! xo

hey! honestly i didn’t have a problem with your ig post dw, i mostly just felt bad that my post was on your dash in the first place. i don’t even dislike you, my response to that one ask you saw was solely based on one video i’ve seen you in. i’m sure you’re actually lovely

i hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly, it’s just that some of my followers seemed to be more upset by your ig story than me and i’d like them to see this and perhaps Calm Down a little

have a nice day 🌸✨

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Hi! First off, thanks for making and running your awesome blog. It's a never-ending source of good things! I always enjoy seeing your posts pop up on my dash! I have a writing question, it's a bit long so I hope you don't mind: I've got a few scifi/fantasy novels in various states of completion, and I noticed they all run along a similar format. The first couple of chapters go along in a gentle way, and show the characters exploring their alien worlds or getting on with their normal lives. (1)

Then a couple of chapters in, something happens to kick-start the adventure/disaster. Things speed up and there’s a lot of action. I’ve read a lot of advice that seems to say “don’t do this,” and urges writers to start the action right away. But when I do that, it doesn’t feel right. I have too many things happening at once and I don’t have time to get the reader immersed in the alien world, and more to the point, it just FEELS wrong to me. (2)

I don’t feel that starting all the action from the word go works for my stories. Might this by a feature of my personal style? Should I embrace it? Or is it a bad habit, a complete turn-off and something that I should learn not to do? Finally, thanks again for reading, and if you respond please feel free to take your time! And thanks again for your great blog. (3 - end)

Thanks for your question, and for the kind words <3  I actually felt deja vu reading this ask, because this was one of my biggest anxieties about one of my early novels – I kept trying to fix it but it always felt forced and rushed.  So let me reassure you first, this may absolutely be a personal style!

Still, I have some things to clarify, because that “action-must-start-right-away” advice that floats around is pretty misconstrued by many writers.  The idea that the first chapter must begin by throwing you into the plot is flawed.  Obviously, this works in some contexts – plenty of great writers pull this off well!  But I have two problems with that conclusive advice.

  1. Action shouldn’t be constituted as “action sequences,” “main plot,” or really anything fast-paced.  In this case, action is merely the opposite of inaction.  Beginning a story with action is to set the plot in motion – getting the ball rolling, even slowly, in such a way that from the first page, something is captivating the reader.  Mysteries, conflicts (even a tense phone conversation between friends), or any small means of kickstarting the plot can quantify as action.  The advice is meant to steer writers away from over-exposition or prolonged “slice of life” sequences in the beginning – not to completely cut out your time to set the stage!
  2. Certain stories require more setup than others.  A novel set in present-day middle-class suburbs may be easy to kick off right away, but can you imagine Lord of the Rings starting out with Frodo Baggins, some really short dude in a village of short dudes (which we kinda guess is medieval and maybe they’re magical? who knows?), being whisked away on some adventure because guess what: there’s a giant eyeball and he wants some jewelry but he can’t have it so they’ve gotta melt it?  Getting all that information in the first chapter, in one conversation, without any worldbuilding or character introduction – that would’ve killed the book!  So do yourself a favor and take time to introduce your reader to the world.  As long as, while you’re doing the introducing, the plot isn’t waiting behind the curtains – as long as it’s peeking out behind the cardboard cut-out bushes so the audience knows it’s there – then you’re not doing anything wrong.

But my final advice is simple, and you seem to already be following it: trust your instincts.  If something feels wrong to you, no matter how many writing blogs are telling you it’s a good thing and it matters Very Very Much, go with your gut!  You have the best authority on your style, because it’s your style and not anybody else’s.

Anywho, thanks very much again!  If you have any more questions, I’m always open :)  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

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Hello, I really love your blog. I check on it every minute just to see if you posted anything. If you don't mind can you do a BTS reaction when they find out you are a boxer. Sorry really weird. Thank u ~

Of Course! I’m Glad to know I have a lot of fans ^^

BTS Reaction When They Find Out You’re A Boxer

“Wow… I guess I can’t call you princess anymore, huh?”

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“You’re amazing as always baby” He would smile, “But how come you’re only telling me now?”

Originally posted by btsleepy

“No wonder you’re so fit! I was wondering where you go during the day… Does this mean you like play fights jagi? Can we have play fights??”

Originally posted by kim-taehyvngs

“Pfft. I can do so much better”
“Why don’t you prove it then?”
“You know what… Maybe you’re the best, love you lots!” He says before dashing away into the bedroom

Originally posted by syubie-hyung

“Ooh jagi! Teach Me please!”

Originally posted by bts-in-motion

“Trust me, I can take it!”
“Are you sure Hobi..?”
*You lightly punch him in the shoulder and he’s now rolling on the ground*
“Owww!! That hurt a lot y/n!”
“You said you could take I-”
He pulls you onto the ground with him, “I’m just kidding with you. You’re amazing”

Originally posted by jimiin

“I can do that too!” *Throws fake punches* “Come at me bro!”

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Hope you liked ^^
~Admin Luna

Iwaoi Band AU:

(And don’t be surprised when you have to read at least ten hcs before you reach where they start a band.)

  • Iwaizumi finds his father’s old guitar when he’s twelve and falls in love with the string instrument.
  • He learns by himself and is really good at it.
  • Iwaizumi can’t sing while playing at first so Oikawa would sing while Iwa plays.
  • Oikawa has a very beautiful voice (and pitch perfect fortunately.)
  • Oikawa gets the habit of humming ever since.
  • Iwaizumi gets his own guitar in middle school and starts teaching Oikawa to play.
  • Oikawa gets obsessed with it and practises guitar as frequently as he can.
  • Iwaizumi tags along Oikawa’s practices (or more like Oikawa drags Iwaizumi along). Iwa would listens to Oikawa play while he jots down pieces of melody popping in his mind or which Oikawa is humming in a notebook.
  • Iwaizumi finishes his first song and has Oikawa write the lyrics.
  • The song celebrates summer.
  • “And friendship,” declares Oikawa while he recalls the summer spent hiding in the shade of tree in his backyard or the old shrine near their home with his best friend.
  • Iwaizumi has written a few more songs throughout their years in middle school, some duet (since he could sing and play now) and some solo (because while Iwaizumi loves singing with Oikawa, it’s a totally different experience to sing back-up and see Oikawa shine).
  • Iwaizumi starts learning to play bass at the same time.
  • They join pop music club in high school and decide to have their own band in university.
  • They find Matsukawa, who plays piano but wants to do something other than classical music, and Hanamaki, who witnesses them ambushing and convincing Matsukawa to play keyboard and says he want to be the drummer.
  • Oikawa is (unsurprisingly) chosen as the lead singer (“We could use that pretty face to get some attention.” “Didn’t you mean my beautiful voice, Makki?” “…Nah, only your face.”) and Iwaizumi the vice lead singer. 
  • They sing covers. And after Mattsun and Makki find out Iwaizumi writes songs, every member would give suggestion of different topics in turn for Iwa to write their original songs. Oikawa always does the lyrics.
  • They gain popularity pretty fast among campus (ironically because of Oikawa’s face at first.)
  • One day, Oikawa suggests they should try love songs and volunteers to help Iwa writing them.
  • Iwaizumi has always been encouraging Oikawa to give a try at composing, but Oikawa always says that Iwaizumi has expressed all he wanted to in Iwa’s music and there is nothing he needs to add. So it is a pleasant surprise to Iwa that Oikawa finally wants to try. 
  • To Oikawa, love (romantic love) is a genre Iwaizumi rarely touches before and there are just too many feelings Oikawa wants to express. So what’s a better way to express than through the way Iwaizumi always does and understands the most.
  • They end up each writing one. And this time, Iwaizumi insists he writes his own lyrics. 
  • Iwaizumi’s is about secret admiration and Oikawa’s about first love.
  • (Matsukawa and Hanamaki see it right through when they hear the songs and notice that Iwaizumi and Oikawa both avoid using gender-specific pronouns when addressing the unknown third person (like using あの人 or あの方 instead of 彼 or 彼女) in their songs.)
  • (“Well, there you go, pining not dating.” “I am more surprised that we get it before they did.” “Wanna bet when they’d figure it out?” “You’re on.”)
  • The songs are a hit.
  • Oikawa writes two songs after, both about confession but one being positive and the other negative. He sings them to Iwaizumi during their regular private practice time. (It’s a hidden question he’s asking and hopes the other understand.)
  • (The other always does.) 
  • Iwaizumi picks the positive one and suggests to make some changes.
  • Iwaizumi makes the song a duet.


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Peter Alan Tyler

There’s something to be said about the differences between Rose’s father and Pete’s World Pete. Yes, in a sense they’re the same man, and they both saved Rose’s life. But the Pete that Jackie lost was very different from the one that she reunited with in the end. I’m certain I’m not the first person to come to this conclusion and I’m totally okay with that. I also hope you’ll bear with me in knowing that these two men led very different lives. 

Both Petes can be a bit selfish (as can Rose, nothing wrong with that). And they both have convictions or principles that they live by. It’s pretty obvious that they both have an undying love for Jackie. 

I just really, really love the reasoning behind why this Pete saved Rose’s life. Have you ever seen a father with his newborn child? Love at first sight is real. The sight of a new daddy with his baby is the cutest, sweetest thing ever. And then there’s this look they all get on their face that says, “Oh my god you’re so tiny. I have to help you grow up? I have to make sure you have a fighting chance at life? Crap, that’s gonna be hard.” 

Pete and Rose in Father’s Day is pretty much the same thing. It’s just presented to us in a different way. I love this Pete so much more because he realizes not only that Rose is his child but that he has a responsibility to her as a father just as much as he does his baby. To him they’re both his baby girl, they both need saving, and he gives his life for them. They both save Rose’s life, but this one gave his life for Rose because she’s his daughter, he loves her, and wants her to grow up to be this amazing woman that he met. 


I just really wanted to write some Angst but fluff at the end.

Warnings- Light swearing, bullying, someone being a dick

“You worthless piece of crap!” 

“You’re so stupid”

“You’re nothing”

“Really you thought we were friends, how pathetic”

“You should just leave. No one wants you here” 

You wince every time you remembered the horrible things people would say to you. The moon was shining through the dorm windows. You were lying face up on your bed. It was times like these that you would think. It was a horrible idea really, it kept you up and it brought your grades down from lack of sleep. This only made the bullying worse. You never told anyone you got bullied, not even your best friend Newt. He had better things to do than worry about you, or at least, that’s what you would tell yourself. 

Every day you would get tormented relentlessly. They would insult you, push you, they wouldn’t leave you alone. It was everybody. Everyone hated you. You felt tears returning, you bit your sleeve hoping you could stop the tears, your breathing got faster and your heart started racing. You got out of bed and sat on the windowsill to try to calm yourself. 

You had a view of a small little field, the moonlight shined on the grass. The wind was blowing slightly and it created a peaceful sensation in your mind. You calmed down and your breathing returned to normal. You were about to go back to bed when someone roughly threw you off the chair. You landed on the ground face first, you could feel your cheek bruising. You looked up and spotted on of your main Hufflepuff bullies, Briar. 

“Keep down your whining. Some of us are trying to sleep.” they spat at you. 

“S-sorry” you stuttered out, making your way back to your bed. 

Briar tripped you and you slammed face first into your bed post. Everyone started laughing at you, tears welled up in your eyes. You grabbed a blanket and dashed out of the common room.

”What are you gonna do go cry to your boyfriend?” Briar mocked as you sprinted out the door. 

You sat in front of the burnt-out fireplace. You wrapped your blanket around you and sat in the middle of the common room on the floor. Your cheek and eye were in pain. The only source of light was from the windows above. You couldn’t hold in your emotions, you burst out into a quiet sob. Your vision became blurry and you rested your head on your knees. You curled up into a sad ball on the floor. 

Unknowing to you, Newts bowtruckle, Pickett, who lived in a plant in the common room saw how upset you were. The little Bowtruckle hopped out of his plant and quickly made his way to Newts bed. Well, as quick as a bowtruckle could be. The Bowtruckled tapped on Newts face repeatedly until Newt woke up. 

“What do you want” Newt groaned out. He looked to his side to see Pickett chirping at him. 

“What is it Pick?” he asks sitting up. 

Pickett jumps off his bed and scurries towards the door and Newt reluctantly follows. As he nears the common room he hears crying. When he finally reached the common room all he saw was a person rolled up into a ball. The person didn’t notice him yet, they looked up at the windows. Newt’s eyes widened as he saw who it was. The moonlight shined on your face, giving Newt a perfect view of your bruises and tears. 

“Y/n?” he whispers out. 

Your head looks in the direction of the voice. You start crying harder once you see who it is. You never wanted Newt to know what you go through. 

“No no please don’t cry.” he says as he rushes to your side. he hugs you tightly, letting you cry on his shoulder. 

Once your tears let up Newt carefully examined you injuries. 

“Who did this to you” Newt demanded, a hint of sadness laced in his voice. 

“I fell.” you lied. 

Newt gives you a look, “I’m your best friend Y/n I know when your lying. Now please, tell me who did this” Newt pleaded. 

You looked away from newt and up at the moon again. 

“Briar” you mumbled out. 

Newt’s eyes flared with anger, “Why on earth would he do this to you” he questioned. 

“I don’t know” you stated. 

“Are you sure you don’t know?” Newt pressured. 

“NO! I don't know! I don’t know why everyone seems to hate me so much. I get bullied constantly Newt. By everyone! Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw. I don’t know why!” You cried out, not caring if you woke someone up. 

Newt looked at you, anger and sadness flickered back and forth in his eyes. 

“How long?” He asked. 

“Almost 3 years” you whispered. 

Newt stood up and walked away from you. At first, you thought he was angry with you but when you heard him start to pace and sniff, you knew he was mad at himself. “How could I let this happen?” he murmured mostly to himself. 

“I-It’s not your fault.” you say trying to comfort him. 

“You’re my best friend, I should have known. I should have stopped it” he replied. 

Newt was absolutely furious with himself, he loved you with all his heart and seeing you so broken made his heart ache. 

“I didn’t want to worry you” You say. 

“Worry me? You’re getting injured and insulted on a daily basis and you’re worried about me” Newt asked. 

You looked at him and cracked half a smile, “I guess yeah” you croaked out. 

Newt walked back over to you and sat next to you. 

“I love you but you can be so stupid sometimes” Newt joked as he hugged you tightly. 

“Yeah yeah I know” you reply. Newt cautiously strokes your cheek, where the bruise was forming. 

“i have some cream, that will help your bruises” Newt murmurs. 

You put your hand on his wrist and smiled at him. he leaned down and kissed your cheek. Newt quickly ran up to his dorm and grabbed a few things. He came back with the cream, a blanket, and a pillow. 

“What’s the blanket for?” you ask. 

“I don’t want you down here alone” Newt replies simply. 

“Newt I don’t want-” You start, Newt cuts you off with another kiss before applying the cream on your cheek. 

“I’m staying with you, no argument” Newt states. 

After he finishes applying the cream he sets up a makeshift bed and lays next to you. You lay down next to him and snuggle next to him. Newt forms a protective barrier hug around you while you fall asleep. You both sleep soundly and peacefully. 

“What the hell?!” You and Newt jolt awake. It’s morning and in front of you stands Briar. 

“You know Newt, you don’t need to be nice to this loser.” they said looking at you with a glare. You shrink back behind Newt. 

Newt’s anger rises, “Don’t talk to them like that” Newt spits. 

“Woah there Scamander, I’m just trying to save whats left of your dignity” Briar replies. 

“My dignity is just fine thank you very much. Now I suggest you leave y/n alone before something bad happens” Newt states. 

Briar laughs, “Like what, your stupid creature would poke me to death”. 

“No like this little guy right here” newt says pulling out a new creature. 

I was in a little cocoon that hung off his finger. 

“Your joking right?” Briar scoffed. 

They turned and laughed to their friends. Newt flicked his wrist and the tiny cocoon turned into a large green and blue beast. The beast went for Briar and bared its teeth. Briar and their friends ran away screaming. Newt made a sound and the creature came back to him, returning to it’s cocoon form. Newt looked back at you with a devilish grin on his face. 

“What is that?” you ask. 

“Swooping Evil” Newt says grinning. 

“Well, I love it!” you squealed. 

“I wasn’t planning on showing him off just yet but I couldn’t resist” Newt explained. 

“They shouldn’t bother you anytime soon, and if they do. Well, they know what to expect” Newt continues. You hug him tightly. 

“Thank you Newt. I love you so much” you mumbled into his chest. 

“I love you too, love” Newt replies hugging you back. 

“I better but him away before we get in trouble.” Newt says gesturing to the Swooping Evil. You intertwine your hand with Newts. 

“Then we better get going.”

It’s midnight, I should be asleep but instead I’m watching a playthrough if a horror game.

jiholeen  asked:

I have like million post about astro on my dash from you and I don't know anything of them so mind to help me to get to know them?

bagOH GOD YES. prepare tho, a lot of reading is coming, lmao. where do i start..

let me start with the members! there’s 6 of them in total, beginning with the oldest:

MJ (Kim Myungjun)

Originally posted by woojei

He might be the oldest, but after getting to know him, you’ll question it.. His birthday is 1994.03.05, and he is SO DAMN CUTE. He’s a huge dork, talented and not appreciated enough. He makes a lot of lame jokes, HAHAH. He likes Iron Man! He auditioned for JYP with iKON’s Donghyuk and Yang Hongseok. He’s also a part of the smol hyung gang, hahahahaha.

JinJin (Park Jinwoo)

Originally posted by daddy-mj

He will make your heart flutter at some point, trust me. Jinwoo is the rapper leader of ASTRO! He was born in 1996.03.15. He is the last one to wake up in the morning, and just like MJ, needs more attention! His smile could heal wounds, k. Oh, he can play the drums!

Cha Eunwoo (Lee Dongmin)

Originally posted by ftastro-gifs

Here we have the minion prince (but let’s not get into the minion topic before everyone kills me, let me leave this for you to explore on your own. OR BETTER NOT, we’re all waiting for it to die out, lmao). He was born 1997.03.30 and wakes up all of the members. HE IS SO TALENTED AND GOOD LOOKING, oh my-. He plays violin, piano and guitar.

Moonbin (Moon Bin)

Originally posted by yvnchan

Here we have one of my two main biases in ASTRO (because you cannot have just one, bye), Moonbin! Also tall, born on 1998.01.26, therefore his birthday is today! (that’s why I reblogged so much ASTRO and him today..) He’s a good dancer, omfg. He also plays piano! He’s childhood friends with iKON’s Chanwoo (they have birthday on the same day too, haha) and his sister was on Unpretty Rapstar 2. He’s absolutely cute and just damn p r e c i o u s.

He was in a TVXQ MV Balloons when he was litte!

Rocky (Park Minhyuk)

Originally posted by rockybin

Part two of my biases, Minhyuk aka Rocky! No one actually calls him Rocky, but tbh, that’s except for me. I call him Rocky all of the damn time, idk, I think it suits him and it’s really cute. He was born 1999.02.25, dances damn great too and knows Taekwondo. He auditioned for TVN Korea Got Talent. He’s beautiful and pls love him a lot.

Sanha (Yoon Sanha)

Originally posted by daddy-mj

Let me put this straight - this maknae will fuck you up. There’s no other way to describe it. Sanha was born in 2000.03.21 and I swear to gOD HE IS ONE OF THE MOST PRECIOUS PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH. I have so much to say about him, but this is ridiculous. He will probably be your bias at some point, because no one can resist his cuteness. He’s freaking tall but he actually acts like he’s 5. Everyone spectaculates that ASTRO debut date is based on the date he’s getting his braces removed, but we still have hope that he’ll keep them forever. He plays the guitar and is an actual angel, with a very flexible body which allows him to fit into a cupboards and bags. I had to include two pics for him, because he’s way too precious.


Moving on to some other stuff.. their debut date is set to be on the 23rd of Feb! So close yet so far, omfg. They are under Fantiago Ent. and were previously known as Fantiago Boys/iTeen Boys.

They already had a webdrama, called “To Be Continued” and it’s cute af, worth watching if you’re getting into them. Also, they now have out the first episode of their new show called OK!준비완료, and a preview for the second one. They are all going to be on the Vapp with eng subs! They opened a channel there recently.

Also, go on and watch their videos on the ASTRO YouTube channel! Some of them already have subs, most of them are very short, and they will def make you fall in love with them. TBH, I just binge watched them about 3 times now, so.. There are also many on the i-Teen YouTube channel, including two of my faves: this and this.

+ Make sure to check out their official Twitter & Facebook for updates as well as some cute selcas, etc.

That’s all that comes to my mind right now, but if you have any questions, go on and ask me~ I’m happy to answer anything! It’s a lot of reading, but trust me, it will be worth it. When I got into them I literally went from “I heard about them” to “fuck, when did they get into my top groups..”.

OH! And these are a must watch:

A, B,C, D, E. Tho all of them are a must watch.

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ah yeah i’ve been on kind of a semi hiatus!! a lot has been happening this past couple weeks and it’s been keeping me away from tumblr

i’ll probably be inactive this week as well?? so possibly next week i’ll be just as active as i once was!! ><

So I’m about halfway though Monogatari Second Season now. I wrote a bit about it for a /r/anime thread and figured I might as well post it here too. WIth gifs and stuff too, because that’s how you get people to read things on tumblr. You just stick pictures between the paragraphs. 

Monogatari series spoilers up to the end of Nadeko Medusa, and Re:zero spoilers. 

Tsubasa Tiger

The start of the Monogatari SS is a continuation of Hanekawa’s story. Once again we see into Hanekawa’s really messed up family life. The contrast between her pure and white personality vs what she’s actually feeling is pretty incredible, and she just kinda creates aberrations so she can deal with her emotions. This um, not a healthy way to deal with stress. I didn’t originally think that the tiger was something that she created, so that was a nice twist. It was also interesting to see that her feelings of envy were so much more powerful than her repressed sexuality. Really gives you a look into just how fucked up her home life is when she feels like that. The confession scene at the end of the arc was absolutely beautiful too. She confessed knowing that she was going to be rejected, but just being able to express how she felt to Araragi was a huge leap in her character. Really a gorgeous moment in the series. Also that bathing scene with Senjougahara and Hanekawa. 

Hanekawa once again ended up with a new hairdo. Honestly this show is about girls changing their hair style and you can’t convince me otherwise. 

Originally posted by kylse

Rem’s confession in episode 18 really reminded me of Hanekawa’s confession. Sure Rem’s confession was for Subaru’s sake and Hanekawa’s was for her own, but the way in which they were delivered and the circumstances were pretty similar. 

Mayoi Jiangshi

Honestly this arc felt a lot more like it was about Shinbou than it was Mayoi, but it did center around saving Mayoi and the ramifications of saving Mayoi. The conversation with Ononoki at the beginning of the arc was really interesting. It was a little philosophical in nature because they were discussing the nature of their death and what not, but it also did a good job of focusing the arc on finding Hachikuji’s answer to those questions. I was not expecting time travel in this series at all, but what do you know, they went back in time to do his homework but royally fucked everything up. Loli Hanekawa was super fucking adorable, and also just like you’d expect her to be. Sending Araragi to the police station was a nice touch. It looked like it was his mother that was there too. Why Araragi gotta grope the children, Araragi pls. When the scene left off with the narration saying the world had been annihilated I figured it was Araragi being like oh a world without Hachikuji is not a world worth living in, but no they went and destroyed the world. Looking at the different routes and how Shinobu acted in them was fascinating and showed just ridiculously fucking op Kiss-Shot is at full power. In the end, the resolution of alternate world Kiss-Shot was very tragic, but showed a really complexity to Shinobu’s character. She can get back her powers if Araragi dies, but even in the timeline where that happened she ended up trying to kill herself. The exorcists (I always forget the Japanese name for them) continue to be badass and manage to correctly assess how Araragi and friends have messed up the world. Oshino’s explanation of the time travel was great too. It was concise, but thoroughly explained what had gone on. A lot of shows don’t manage to do that right. 

Adult Hachikuji is bae. I wish she had gotten some more screen time, but she was just kind of there. Araragi and Shinobu just ditched her with the rice though, way to go guys. And then finally at the end we have Hachikuji answering the questions that Ononoki had asked. Her response to Araragi didn’t come off as a confession of love to me, but more a heartfelt expression of her friendship with him. She really feels that her life is better because she met him. I still don’t fully understand their relationship, but I imagine I’ll understand more of it as time goes on.

Nadeko Medusa

This arc was hyped up a lot by a lot of people, so I was looking forward to what it had to offer; and boy did the arc deliver. It starts off with the end of the arc in a truly monogatari fashion. Though, knowing how the arc is going to end makes the tension of how it gets there all the more exciting. This is definitely one of the cases where knowing a spoiler doesn’t make something worse. It also really juxtaposes the expectations we have of Nadeko; her being super cute and really not capable of doing much of anything, with what is shown in the opening sequence; her brutalizing Koyomi and Araragi. When that scene ends and the OP rolls in you’re just like wtf. Really well done with that imo. 

Nadeko is a really fascinating character. She basically glides through life by not doing much of anything and just deflecting the bad things or playing victim so that people want to help her out. She is constantly running away from her problems and letting other people solve them or just ignoring them and hoping that they go away. She’s also pretty much insane too. The envy and inability to deal with the fact that Koyomi has a girlfriend and that her love will go unrequited literally drives her to resurrect a dead god and actually become its vessel. Though I think that Ouji a lot to do with that. I’m not sure what her story is, but she seemed to be up to no good. 

It’s really easy to hate Nadeko in this arc because she does a lot of deplorable things. However I can also relate to a lot of the things she did. I’ve ran away from problems, I’ve played dumb to try and get people to side with me, I’ve had an unrequited love. Being able to relate to her actions makes them all the more revolting though. Watching this sickeningly cute, seemingly pure and innocent character lose her mind is pretty difficult. I didn’t actually realize that she had made up the snake god until he commented that he wasn’t actually real until she had eaten the talisman. There was a lot of foreshadowing with her talking to her scrunchie, but I hadn’t guessed that it was all in her head. 

The girls in Monogatari really should just become rappers because they all seem to have this ability to throw mad shade: Senjougahar is the physical embodiment of shade, Shinobu has had centuries to hone her already sharp wit, Tsuhiki puts the fire in fire sisters, um ok that’s all I have for now. But really, Nadeko got absolutely roasted in her arc. Shinobu was ruthless, Tsuhiki gave her a rude awakening, and Senjougahara told her off too. Shinobu absolutely roasted her. 

Nadeko’s moment where she just snaps at school was really well done too. The stress of all the things she was avoiding or didn’t know how to deal with finally piled up and she just completely lost it. She was finally able to voice her thoughts to her teacher and her peers, but perhaps the price she paid for that was a little bit too high. It’s an interesting bit of character development though. In the end she really did lose her marbles when she became Godeko. She goes full yandere and concludes that it would be far more romantic if the man she loved was dead. Her conclusion here is pretty sad. Even with the powers of a god she wasn’t able to overcome her jealousy or stop running away from the problem. She was only able to lash out and try and destroy what she saw as the problem rather than try and solve it. Nadeko is a pretty tragic character. 

Senjougahara once again shows that she’s a badass when she just phones up Godeko and tells her not to kill her man. I was a little surprised that she asked Nadeko to spare Shinobu as well. I’m not sure what Senjougahara’s feelings for Shinobu are, but I imagine I’ll find out more about that as the show goes on. What a cliffhanger to end the arc on. Really enjoyed it overall and I can see why people like this arc so much. 

Originally posted by crystalpilot

What makes the series so exciting for me is how relatable the characters are. The aberrations that they deal with are the results of very real emotions and problems. Hanekawa struggles with her sexual frustration and her envy, Senjougaraha shut herself away from people because of trauma in her childhood, Nadeko imagined up a god and ended up making it corporeal because she ran away from a problem rather than being honest with herself, etc. etc. Sure it’s a bit harder to relate to Shinobu because she’s a centuries old almost omnipotent vampire that has fallen from power and well I just haven’t had that sort of experience. Even so there are a lot of complex emotions going on with Shinobu that are very slowly explained and touched upon. I think that most people will be able to relate to one or more of the characters, and that’s what makes the show so satisfying to watch. Maybe the enjoyment comes from a sense of satisfaction of having dealt with a similar sort of issue that comes up in the show, maybe it comes from a sense of belonging because you had a very similar experience to a character, or really any other number of things. 

This is why the show is special to me, and why I think that it will continue to be special as I catch up with what has been made. While there certainly are some flaws here and there, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. Though I don’t think it will overtake Spice and Wolf in the end. 

I’m so conditioned to shows having underwhelming writing that I just get so excited when a show has some good writing, and for me the Monogatari series continues to blow me away. I also can’t get over how good the visuals are. I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I absolutely love the style of the show. I’m looking forward to the rest of SS.

anonymous asked:

I'm new to the Regina Mills fandom and I want to make friends with other fans. I figure Tumblr is the best way but I don't know how to start??? What do I do first? Who do I follow? How do I make friends??

Hello, dear one!

Making friends on tumblr is great because it’s so easy!

Here’s what you can do:

- Just go into people’s inboxes and say Hi. What you did right now is already such a great first step! Of course, it’s more fun when it’s off anon, but I have one absolutely lovely but very shy friend who messages me on anon all the time and I appreciate my “lovely anon” to bits, so if you’re very shy, feel free to send nice anons to people and wait until you feel comfortable and welcome before you reveal yourself.
- if you enjoy fanfic/fan art/meta, reblog someone’s work and leave some nice words in the tags. I promise you they’ll see it and appreciate every single thing you’ve got to say and sometimes, someone will message you thanking you for your feedback and you can start a discussion that way! :)
- do a mixture of the first two and leave some nice words about someone’s fic/art/meta in their inbox. Tell them about your favorite part or ask them a question about it.
- join in discussions that you see on your dash. Now, this one takes a bit of courage but is a great way to get to know people!
- Just tell someone whose blog you really like that… well, you really like their blog :D
- message new followers thanking them for the follow
- reach out to people who post about something that’s going on in their lives. Just offer a virtual hug and support. It can mean the world to someone!

Now, about people to follow. Where do I start?

This will turn into a very extensive blog list, so I hope you don’t mind me taking the chance to turn this into my follow forever of sorts (crappy header and all!). 

1) Meta


2) Fic

- OQ

@someonethatiamnot@htoria@daggzandarrows@lala-kate@lillie-grey@belleoftheballpoint@thisisamadhouse@ninzied@repellomuggletum15@isazozo@mademoiselle-arel@queen-of-the-merry-men@mysterious-song, @trina-deckers

- SQ


- Multi/Other

@sgtmac7@onhowtobecrazy@freifraufischer@evilythedwarf, @oparu, @kuromikoneko (dq), @cest-toi-qui-vois (evil charming)

3) Art/Manips


4) Gifs/Edits

@faithandfearcollide@hermajestygifs@hermajestyreginamills, @regalducky

… and some generally nice peeps that I enjoy seeing on my dash (some of which post their own fic on occasion, too):

@theicecreambattle@storiesseldomtold@dameednaeverage, @captain-saviours-heart, @lostinherphrasebooks, @soligblomma, @rebelhannah, @kc749,

… and probably lots of other wonderful people that I’m missing because my brain is a colander and lots of things fall through. 

I hope this list is a good starting point for you blog, dear anon. Have a great day! 

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Ah, your ask box is open! I had a request, if you don't mind! Okay, so, you're an idol in a girl group and you just recently publicly announced your relationship with Baek. Your group and EXO had to do a collab dance thing on stage and you ended up spraining your ankle. But! Lu Han has always liked you so he ends up taking care of you at the hospital because Baek is too busy with everything else. You can end it however you want! c:

Standby ~Baekhyun ft. Luhan~

I was about to go watch Teen Wolf, but then I was like NO I HAVE TO POST A SCENARIO. So then I posted this. I hope you like it :) ~Admin S

When two guys liked the same girl, it typically didn’t turn out so well.

    It seemed that ever since you and Baekhyun had publicly announced your relationship, Luhan’s mood has went down. The only time he ever had some sort of happiness was when he was around you, though that didn’t happen too often.

    “You want to go over it again?” Kai asked from the other end of the stage. In a few hours, this place would be packed with people, all eager to see your group and EXO perform together. But for now, you had the stage to yourselves to practice.

    “Practice makes perfect,” you answered and got into position in the middle of the stage.

    “Wait!” Baekhyun dashed from his spot on the stage over to you, threw his arms around you, and gave you a big kiss. “Can’t practice without a good luck kiss,” he said quietly with a grin.

    “You two are nasty,” Chen commented as he waked by.

    Baekhyun rolled his eyes. “I’ll see how you act when you have a girlfriend.”

    “That is, if he ever gets one,” one of your groupmates, Jay, added as a joke.

    Baekhyun laughed and gave her a high five, which only left Chen frowning in the back. You gave him a small smile and hit his arm playfully to try and get him to let go of it.

    “Everybody ready?” Lay walked to the center of the stage, checking over everybody’s starting positions like a dance teacher would do. Once he saw everything was set, he nodded and spun around to face forward. “Music!”

    The music started playing and all of you automatically began doing what you needed to do for the performance. To you, it wasn’t too difficult, but it also wasn’t particularly easy. There was a certain part in the middle that had to do with spinning around that you just couldn’t master.

    By the time you guys ran through it once, some of the guys went to go talk to certain people to correct some mistakes. “Hey, ________,” Lay said as he approached you. “During the middle part, make sure you’re careful with that spin, alright? If you step down on the wrong foot, you could possibly injure yourself.”

    You nodded assuringly. “I got it, don’t worry.” Though on the inside, you were screaming because that was the one part you couldn’t master.

    “Let’s take a break, please?” Sehun begged, making his way towards the back of the stage before anybody could even give him permission to.

    “Jagiyah,” Baekhyun called and grabbed your hand. “Let’s go grab something to eat real quick while the members rest.”

    “You think there’ll be enough time for that?”

    “Yeah, you and I both know they all value their rest, so we have plenty of time.” He dragged you towards the back and yelled out that you and him would be back. “It’s going to be a little weird now going out and not having to lie about whether or not we were together,” he said. “Now everybody knows.”
    “Yeah, it’s definitely one less thing to worry about.” You locked your fingers together and snuggled into his side a bit since it was just a little chilly out. Baekhyun led you down the street and around the corner to a place where the two of you could eat quickly and come back.

    There was no doubt rehearsals would go on for quite a while for the rest of the night.


    When the time came, everybody was trying their best to perfect each and every little thing about the performance. Jay went over the steps behind the curtains with Kai, Xiumin practiced on his own as he was in his dressing room, and Chen started stretching.

    “Nervous?” Baekhyun swiftly appeared behind you, his famous smirk plastered on his face.

    “No,” you admitted. “I’m doing just fine, actually. How about yourself?”

    “Same.” He shrugged and threw his arm around you. “I think it’ll be fun to go up there and perform with you, jagiyah. Your dancing is really sexy.”

    You hit his arm.

    Baekhyun pouted. “This is what I get for complimenting you?”
    You laughed and rolled your eyes, pushing him towards the stage. “We have thirty seconds, go get ready!”

    Baekhyun blew you one last kiss before he ran off to finish practicing in the last thirty seconds. Just as you were about to follow his trail, Luhan came up to you with a big smile. “Good luck out there,” he said. “I’m sure you’ll do just fine without me saying this, but I’m saying it anyway.”

    You smiled. “Thank you, Luhan,” you replied. “Good luck to you too.”

    “Showtime, people!” Jay called out and ran towards the stage. Soon, all the members of both groups were running towards the stage too, including you and Luhan.

    This was it.


    The performance had gone surprisingly well, and you were happy with what you performed. In your head, you thought that you nailed the spinning part, though you couldn’t hide the fact that your leg was beginning to feel just a little painful as you limped off the stage.

    You couldn’t even tell Baekhyun about it because he was pulled off into an interview with some of the other members. Your own members of your group had also left somehow, leaving you there struggling by yourself.

    “Need help there?”

    You glanced behind you and saw Luhan standing there with a concerned face.

    You didn’t think the pain would get worse, but it did. The last thing you wanted was for this injury to blow up into something ten times worse than it was now, so you decided to treat it as soon as you could. “Can you take me to the hospital, please?” you asked. “I think I may have sprained my ankle.”

    Luhan didn’t even hesitate. He got you to the nearest hospital in incredible speed.


    “This is what happens when somebody doesn’t quite get the hang of a certain move and doesn’t speak up about it,” Luhan teased you at the hospital. The doctor had checked you a while ago and confirmed that you had sprained your ankle. Ever since, Luhan had been by your side, taking care of you and keeping you company the whole time.

    You pouted. “So mean,” you muttered.

    Luhan pulled over a stool and sat down right beside your hospital bed. “But it’s also what happens when somebody doesn’t give up on something and only wants to do it, regardless of whether it’s difficult or not,” he said sincerely.

    “Well, thank you.” You were grateful to have Luhan by your side, though a part of you really wished that Baekhyun was here to take care of you, since he was your boyfriend.

    “Do you need anything?” Luhan asked. It was a question he had been frequently asking during his whole stay here so far.

    All the other times he had asked, you shook your head politely and said no, but now you couldn’t admit that there was something you needed. “I’m a little hungry,” you admitted. “Do you mind just getting me something to eat from the cafeteria? And a bottle of water too, please?”

    Luhan got up and nodded. “No problem,” he said and walked away. “I’ll be right back.”

    “You’re the best!”

    Luhan smiled to himself at those words. He knew very well that you didn’t return the same feelings for him, but it always warmed his heart to just make you happy, regardless.

    While he was gone, you tried to get yourself comfortable in the bed. The doctors had wrapped up your ankle and told you to level it, so you’ve literally been sitting in the same position since you got in here.

    Finally, you manage to lay down in a semi comfortable position and rest your head against the pillows. Now all you needed was some food and you were all good.


    You glanced at the door and smiled when you saw Baekhyun walking up to you. “Baek!” you exclaimed. You wanted to get up and hug him, but that didn’t seem like an option, considering the state you were in.

    Instead, Baekhyun leaned down and wrapped his arms around you himself. “Are you alright?” he asked with concern. “I’m really sorry about not being here to take care of you, I was just pulled to the side and the interview took forever. I should’ve been here with you, I’m sorry.”

    “I’s alright,” you assured him. “I’m fine. Luhan’s been taking care of me.”


    “Yes, Luhan.”

    Baekhyun didn’t say anything to that. Frankly because, he didn’t know what to say to that.

    Instead, he told you to scoot over in the bed, to wish you refused at first, since you were comfortable. But after he shot you his adorable pout, you couldn’t resist.

    You scooted over and made room for him to sit down. He threw his arm around you and held you close. “You tired?” he asked.

    Truthfully, you weren’t. All you wanted was some food, and Luhan was already out getting that.

    But the feeling of being in Baekhyun’s arms was like no other, and it always made you feel sleepy, regardless of whether you really were or not. And so, you found yourself slowly drifting off to sleep as Baekhyun sang a few lines from Don’t Go.

    Soon Baekhyun found himself drifting off, and then the two of you were both asleep. By the time you were both asleep in each other’s arms, Luhan had gotten to the room with a snack and drink in hand for you. He was wearing a smile while he walked in, but it dropped when he saw the two of you.

    Quietly, he walked over to the table beside your bed and placed the snack and drink on there for you when you woke up. Then, he glanced at you once with a faint smile and started to back away.

    You were happy; he wouldn’t mess with that, no matter how much it hurt.

anonymous asked:

Hiii!! Your blog is amazing! Could you recommend several tog and/or ACOTAR blogs that are good and nice and have amazing content? They can be anything from art to writing to edits to anything else, I don't mind. I want more of tog and acotar posts on my dash!

Thank you and of course!

@charliebowater- mah guuurl. Her High Lady and High Lord of the Night Court currently has me dead.
@meabhd- no one will every be able to paint Elucien as adorable as Meabhd does. My heart! And her Moriel-art made me tear up, so gorgeous.
@bloodydamnit​ - again, Art to die for. Her Nehemia is EVERYTHING.
@projectnelm - I screamed out loud when I saw Manon. Dayuuuum.  

@fireheart-cursebreaker - this is my tits quuen and she is brilliant. She has a habit of breaking my heart with her edits because she enjoys my pain. But they are so pretty.
@aly-naith - HOLY SHITBALLS. So good.
@amren - currently have her Night Court sigil as background on my phone!

@highfaelucien - the Scot. She is the Meta queen and Fic-angst extraordinare. BUT YOU SHOULD ALSO KNOW SHE WRITES DELICIOUS SMUT.
@sarahviehmann - The woman who have kept the acotar-fandom from drowning by writing the 70+ chapters long continuation fanfic for acomaf. A Court of War and Starlight.
@elnabu - Nessian, so much Nessiaaaaaaaaaaan.

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a-girl-who-lives-in-her-head-de  asked:

Hiya! I recently saw one of your posts on my dash (Kiyobashi buying tampons - loved it by the way) and wondered if you'd mind writing something for me? See, my all time Voltage bias is Eisuke Ichinomiya (I know, he's pretty mainstream - I will fight anyone for him though XD) and wondered how you would write about Eisuke needing to go buy pads (I don't use tampons) for his s/o?

Heya! Ahh, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it omg

OH MAN, I will warn you - I’ve only ever done his POVs & the epilogues to them + one or two substories, but I hope I did Eisuke justice for you! 8)

“No! You have to get them, please!”

Eisuke blinked down at you on the bed, curled up in fetal position in pain. It was that time of the month, the one he hated the most. He’d tease you it was because you wouldn’t let him have sex with you, but honestly it was because cramps hit you like a truck.

He hated seeing you in pain.

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