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At first I found the joke about jimin around whit people funny, because I'm a POC that works in retail that's my face all the time with rude costumers but then I just started disliking the joke. Cause you can tell my baby just shy and he doesn't know what to do exactly. He's in a new culture and country so of course he's going to act a little confused and mono tone. The he was getting hate that seriously was so stupid. I hope he doesn't see any of it because I don't want him to beat himself up.

Thank you for agreeing with me! I’m just furious about how people can overlook the fact that at least some people that has the same point of view as mine and disagreeing with the “joke” were not thinking about how it would hurt the “white” but JIMIN!!!! 

Why use color? Why use his pics in such a joke? I am offended by the joke, not because it uses the word “white”, but because you use Jimin for your ridiculous vendetta. Do you know how much hate he will get by people who misunderstood things? Do you know how many people are now looking at the boys and into the fandom thanks to Billboard? And how many there are that just now joining the fandom and might not get the joke?

No, I’m not talking about how it’s hurt people in that skin color, or any certain race. But how it will hurt Jimin. Don’t you people know how easy it is for them to get access to everything we put online? Even if you’re going to say “no, the boys don’t have tumblr”. This is the internet! People in twitter has access as much as we have to theirs and they can spread our posts as much as we can spread theirs on our blogs, and it’ll be no problem for that “joke” to reach their eyes sooner or later. Stop overlooking that fact alone, and please consider how Jimin would feel if he sees, when he must’ve already feel bad that day for being so out of place and nervous about the award and the event itself. He was in a foreign land. If only you use the caption “Let me go home” instead of that caption, then I will laugh along with you.

Anonymous said: It’s a joke. Don’t worry it won’t be affecting white peoples privilege in the end of the day :-) I don’t care if they get butt hurt over a joke when they don’t get discriminated/oppressed in real life. Poc get murdered for just their skin color and lots of other things I can say.

This message just came in at the same time I was typing that long answer above, so I’m just going to put this here because I know there are many of you who thinks the same as this person and I hate having to type my answer all over again, when I know for some reason our logical answers can never get through to your heads. Please read my long answer above your message, my kind person. And tell me this, have you watched the current interview on Kiisfm FB live? Did you see the interviewer mentioning to the boys how the phrase “third guy from the left” becomes a trending topic? Now when you do see this, please imagine if the boys go to the internet, and not only they find those posts about Jin and Jungkook, but also the Jimin’s “joke”. Now try to imagine how they feel about it, and come back to me. Please don’t point your fingers at me calling me whitey as you guys did to my POC friends. I’m Asian. My skin color tone is yellow and I have nothing against others with different skin color than mine.

This will be the last time I answer this matter. Like I said in the previous tag, anyone coming in trying to talk about this again and disregard my long ass answer above will be ignored. I’m done talking. And if you’re not going to listen then so be it. I’m just praying no hell is going to be let loose. And praying that Jimin is having a hell of fun out there.

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1, 5, 9, 14 and 20 for love live ?

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

as much as i kinda ship it myself in a brotp way, i don’t think i truly understand y//oh////a////ma//////r///u

5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

no? all the ships are great!

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why?

ok let’s make something clear, i don’t dislike any character in llsif, no matter if they’re minor or an N character

i could say my least favourite girls from the main cast are eli and dia
my least favourite N girls are mikoto and chizuko
and my least favourite supporting characters are nico’s siblings

14.  Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

i don’t really know? i don’t have an opinion about it

20. What is the purest ship in the fandom?

h//an///aru////by and kot//////op/////ana

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Who's your favorite to least favorite of the mane 6 I mean 7

Note: just because someone’s my least favorite doesn’t mean I dislike them. I like all of these characters.
From least favorite to favorite:
Maud Pie
Starlight Glimmer
I hope this answers your question! 😊


She jumped , and just like that bumping into his desk , a bottle of wine falls into the floor shattering into pieces. Hilde turns around very quickly, never losing sight of him , steping away , only to be stoped by the close wall, she’s cornered now.

She puts one hand behind her back, “hiding” what she “stole”. An official spanish  navy seal.

Hilde straightened her posture, whatever happens don’t let him know your emotions she said to herself. She’s still, blank face , her back against the wall, calm…Or at least trying to.

His footfalls were deathly silent as he walked toward her, only the dull thud of his cane against the rotten floorboards of his personal cabin sounded his approach. He gave her the look that showed he could see right through her, a look he had given countless men and women since he had been made captain and perhaps even before.

The sword in his hand was long and just as rotted as the ship itself, as he himself had become. His visage was one of death, and his amber eyes were locked onto her like the look of a mad dog spotting it’s prey.

“Tell me why you are here,” he said, his tone was low and dangerous, his voice like dry leaves crushed under heel. It was very clear why even the bravest of souls cowered before this man.

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Do you think that anything that YOUR Lucifer (NOT the idealized version written by Milton or whatever, the one who's genuinely evil) has done is justifiable? I understand opposing his decisions or disliking him, but if he was held up as this perfect thing and idolized and adored, if he had his ego inflated from the get-go, does it not make sense for him to be (irrationally or otherwise) angry when that love is directed elsewhere? That's the one thing I don't quite understand about your views.

[previously: Sarah Has Very Specific Feelings About Lucifer, the Tag]

Except the love…wasn’t directed elsewhere? Your parents don’t love you less with each successive child. (At least I hope not, I have three younger siblings and that would be awkward.) And it’s definitely not ridiculous that, when your baby siblings comes into the world, your parents ask you to help them and love them and protect them, because they’re soft and floppy and prone to choking on apples.

No, Lucifer’s problem is that he’s got love and power mixed up in his head, and so he thinks that because he’s the most powerful he should be most loved. It seems the natural order in his eyes. Which—that is not how love works, you don’t earn it by being the most special, you don’t get it in proportion to your ability to do anything. It’s just something that exists. It can’t be coerced, it can’t be won. It’s given. And he doesn’t get that

It’s like if your parents brought home the new baby and you see that the baby is floppy and soft and useless and go: “They can’t run around the house or finish their macaroni, they can’t even talk, why should I love them? why do you love them like you love me, if they’re so helpless? No, no, I refuse to stay here, if you’re going to love them. You’re wrong to love them.” 

So Lucifer keeps trying to show God that humanity is full of ashes and brokenness, and God keeps saying “Yes, I KNOW, I still love them as I love you” and Lucifer doesn’t get that answer, he doesn’t understand how that can be the underlying principle of the universe–like, what the fuck is that, no, it’s about having to be worthy, to be like God

And so Lucifer goes back to the celestial equivalent of burning ants with a magnifying glass.

(And this is why Michael is in the story, Michael whose name means “who is like God?” meaning no one, the proof that Lucifer has been wrong from the start, that Lucifer just as deficient, just as in need of grace, that the love given to him is just as inexplicable and undeserved. Lucifer has been tearing the world apart to prove nothing but his own vanity, his own sense of entitlement.)

So I guess you can call him wrongheaded and stubborn, if you want, and I’ll even agree to tragic—it’s hard to disagree with tragic in the grand, Greek sense when it comes to any incarnation of Lucifer. But cool motive, still tempting and hating and trying to discredit the human race.

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Hello! I hope you don't mind me asking, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on why Varric seems to dislike Sebastian so much?

*takes a deep breath*

Okay. I love Varric. I do. But… so, one time, for science, I left my Sebastian-romancing Hawke in the Fade because I wanted to see what would happen. Did it hurt to see how sad Varric was? Oh hell yes. (That “Where’s Hawke?” haunts me.)

Do yourself a favor. If you love Varric and you love Sebastian, don’t ever get that conversation. Because, at least for me, even though it is not my canon and will never be my canon, Varric’s complete and utter disregard for Sebastian’s feelings, his complete lack of sensitivity, his insistence that “I have to tell Sebastian, or he’ll throw a fit” (emphasis mine) destroyed some of my love of Varric. I think irreparably.

I get it: Varric thinks Sebastian is boring. “You can’t even pretend to be interesting, can you?” (DA2 banter) Sebastian doesn’t fuel Varric’s imagination, doesn’t give him much to work with, and apparently this is unforgivable. However, as annoyed as Varric is by Sebastian’s squeaky-clean, bright-eyed enthusiasm hate doesn’t enter the equation. Annoyance? Sure. A sort of “you’ve got to be kidding are you for real” disbelief? Yup. But hate? The kind of hate we see in DA:I? I don’t get it.

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I love how viscerally this fandom has reacted to the jack!stache. I used to think beards were such a turn-off, but getting into hockey ruined me. i’m seeing hockey players now sans playoff beards and i’m like “honey no.” One of my all-time favorite pics of Jack is with his playoff beard in first panel of Frozen Four. I even like Shitty’s stache! My early-twenties self questions my late-twenties taste so much. 

But I also dislike the jack!stache so very much and so does bitty and so does everyone else apparently (at least on my dash) so thank u, i feel like not all hope is lost for me yet.