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Exo group chat
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Sehun:</b> guys have anyone seen vivi?<p/><b>Suho:</b> i bought a stunning t-shirt for only 6087585204749 $ !! Can you believe it?<p/><b>Sehun:</b> guuuyyys!! Did any of you see vivi?<p/><b>Chen:</b> i thought that you learned your lesson from for life, suhoe<p/><b>Chen:</b> typo.. *suho.. sorry not sorry<p/><b>Kai:</b> suho my lovely hyung.. can you please pplease treat me chicken... plzzz<p/><b>Sehun:</b> vivi!! Guyss!! Whereeee!!!<p/><b>Lay:</b> they say.. if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours fourriver. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.<p/><b>D.O:</b> forever*<p/><b>Sehun:</b> what does this mean? You saw vivi?<p/><b>Baekhyun:</b> can someone please tell me what is that fluffy small yelping creature under my bed!!!<p/><b>Sehun:</b> VIVI!!!!<p/><b>Chanyeol:</b> what is vivi doing with you mr baekhyun!!<p/><b>Baekhyun:</b> wait! I can explain!<p/><b></b> Sehun; baek i wanna my vivi back!<p/><b>Chanyeol:</b> it's over baek! Don't ever talk to me again! I hope you're happy with vivi!<p/><b></b> -chanyeol left-<p/><b>Sehun:</b> i wanna my vivi...<p/><b></b> -sehun left-<p/><b>Baekhyun:</b> oh fvck what have i done...<p/><b></b> -baekhyun left-<p/><b>Chen:</b> why am i wasting my precious time here again?<p/><b></b> -chen left-<p/><b>D.O:</b> hey kai, what about me treating you chiken? Let's get out and forget about these losers please...<p/><b></b> -D.O left-<p/><b></b> -kai left-<p/><b>Lay:</b> what does that round button with X on it on my screen do?<p/><b></b> -lay left-<p/><b>Xiumin:</b> sooo... what did i miss?<p/><b>Suho:</b> ...<p/><b>Suho:</b> i bought a wonderful t-shirt for a really cheap price!!<p/><b></b> -xiumin left-<p/><b>Suho:</b> ..<p/><b>Suho:</b> kids nowdays..<p/></p><p/></p>

Ok listen

Mark should’ve dressed as Sosuke (the little boy from Ponyo) for Halloween anD NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE THEY’RE BOTH SWEET AND KIND AND I LOVE THEM BOTH.


They don’t understand what language their girlfriend is speaking but he hears his name (EXO)

Xiumin: -he stopped questioning it a long time ago after constantly asking if you would tell him- “she’s talking about me again”

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Suho: -he was wondering what you were talking about- “babe I heard my name”

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Lay: -he would start kissing up to your mother to tell him about your what you were taking about- “mother-in-law please tell me what Y/N was saying about me”

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Baekhyun: -he would nod and smile when he had no idea what was going on in the conversation- “I heard my name again”

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Chen: -he would be very curious about what you said but you wouldn’t just say- “come on baby tell me what you said about me”

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Chanyeol: -he would listen to your family talk and every now and then hear his name be mentioned by them and he really wasn’t sure what to do- “they mentioned something about me but what”

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D.O: -he understood the sass in your tone when you were rambling off in a different language and mentioned his name- “excuse me?”

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Kai: -he would pull you over after your family were talking about him- “alright I heard my name now tell me what they thought of me”

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Sehun: -he didn’t care you mainly did it to annoy him so he would let you do it- “I bet its another comment about how lame I am”

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Kris: -he didn’t get an answer so he was going to pretend he was mad at you- “alright you can continue I don’t care”

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Luhan: -you wouldn’t tell him what your mother and you were talking about so he was stuck hoping you would explain at some point- “are you going to tell me anytime soon?“

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Tao: -his head instantly turned to your conversation when he heard his name- “what?”

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EXOs Reaction to you (gf) thinking you have bad/boring sex

Ohohoho ok this is going to be … funny i think what I dunno lets go ~~

Kyungsoo: Ahahaha .. so you … faked your orgasms … I understand haha… No no I dont feel offended Jagi .. *feels offended af* 

Tao: Giirl I dont think that I am the problem here

Chen: What ? Since when do you think so ? 

Lay: Maybe I am not good in Bed but I love you and that’s what I am good at. *kisses you* *and makes you feel so bad and you just wish you never said that*

Kai: *offended little nini*

Suho: Internally: Why but … how … can I … should I buy something ? … Toys ? … 

Y/N: Yea… and then she said they dont have good sex at all … and I said its normal we dont have it either … and after that … 


gif from: x 

Xiumin: *internally he is like: Did she really just said that in front of our members ?! They will make fun of me for ages!!*

Luhan: so you question my manliness ? Do you really think we have bad sex ?  *creepy Luhan appears* 

Baekhyun: Oh girl I’ll show you what good sex is ! *takes you to the bedroom*

Chanyeol: *hurt*


Y/N: Can you just stop doing something and listen already ? 
Sehun: Jagiya I hear you just tell me I listen ! *stands with his back to her*

Y/N: I wanted to tell you that we have bad sex… 

Sehun: *turns* .. did you just really said … *gives you the: oh girl tonight its getting rough glare* 

Owowowo I hope you liked it ~ Thanks for you Request ~~ See ya in the next one

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Hey this is random but I just wanted to drop by and tell you I love you and that you're an amazing friend and an even better person. You deserve all the happiness in the world, all the love, and everything you WANT IN LIFE and I wish I could just give you a huge hug and like a million dollars. You're a kind, funny, passionate, handsome young man and I'm so glad I can call you my friend okay. Just!!!! No matter what Kai, don't lose that beautiful spark you've got. You're so wonderful! ❤

SHELBY IM CRYING what a thing to wake up to sdfgsdfg god im so fuckin emo thank you so much oh my god im literally gonna cry wtf i love you so much im so glad we’re friends you’re so beautiful and have a beautiful personality and you’re so fuckin NICE and i would die for you 

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Chapter 1.


Green smoke surrounded him, he could hear Rumple’s screams for him and he looked up, feeling his heart tear a little as he watched the shadow fly off with Rumple. He felt himself changing and he looked down to see himself dressed in clothes he hadn’t been wearing for such a long time. A child can’t have a child. In the midst of mourning over the fact that he had to let Rumple go, he saw another face. He heard another voice and a smile appeared upon his now much more youthful face. Malcolm was back. Back to his younger self and back in Neverland.

Malcolm stood there for a moment and suddenly noticed that Rumple had dropped the figure he had been holding onto so dearly. Malcolm walked over and crouched down, holding it in his hand. Peter Pan. Rumple had called it.
Malcolm gritted his teeth, and clutched it tightly. With the little love he had for Rumple he chose to change his own name. He chose to call himself.

Peter Pan.

And that would be him, from now on and forever.


Henry was walking down the main road of Storybrooke, currently very absorbed in his thoughts, but his eye caught the sight of a figure dressed in dark clothes hurrying down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road. It was one of the outlaws, as you would call it. They really made a problem for his mom a lot. They were all had golden dark skin, black silk hair, and there was a girl and two boys. It was the girl who was walking down the road. Her legs were long; wrapped in tight black jeans and her feet embraced by black ankle boots. She looked in his way and their eyes met. Henry felt like the gaze hit him in the guts. She was very intimidating. Then suddenly it seemed as if her personality flipped and her eyes widened a little. An innocent and childish look appeared on her face and she immediately changed course and hurried over the road towards him, avoiding a blue car that got in her way. Henry had frozen where he stood, eyeing her as she towered over him.

   “Henry?” She asked, she knew his name. Well, Henry wasn’t so surprised it seemed as if everybody knew him. Now that he saw her up close he noticed that she was just a child, or at least a teenager. She had a hood from her hoodie covering her head, but she pushed it back.
Henry nodded. “Y-yeah, that’s me.” He stuttered, he didn’t know why he was stuttering.

   “I’m Haley, or also called Tiger Lily.” She smiled kindly and stretched out a hand. Henry grabbed hers and shook it, smiling as well. This was Tiger Lily! The Indian princess from… wait… from Neverland. What was she doing here? She noticed his confused expression. “Been here from the start.” She said and put her hands in her pocket. “Travelled to the Enchanted forest and probably shouldn’t have done that.” She grinned and Henry chuckled.

   “So did you… did you know-”

   “Peter Pan?” She finished his sentence and grimaced at the name. Henry thought she looked pained. In the original story, were the two of them not friends? “I knew him, yes.” She muttered and then pushed a strand of hair out of her face, she seemed uncomfortable by the mention of this.

   “Uhm…” Henry tried to change the conversation, he didn’t like to speak about Pan either, but something told him Tiger Lily had a totally different story when it came to Pan. “So why did you come to me?”

 A worried expression washed her features. “I need your help. Or I need Emma’s help.” She said and he noticed the corner of her mouth twitching. “I need to find someone.”

Henry decided to lead her to Granny’s where he knew he probably could find his mother. “Who do you need to find?”

 Lily frowned. “My brother, Chay. He disappeared last night, which is not him at all. I’m afraid somebody took him.”

 Henry stopped in his track and Lily had to turn around. “What are you saying?”

 Lily grimaced. “Henry, this is not the most peaceful town, you cannot be surprised can you?”

   “No…” He silenced. “I just thought we’d have peace just for a moment.”

   “We could’ve had peace…” Lily muttered as she began walking and Henry wanted to ask her why, but he decided not to. He was very curious to hear her story, what could it be?

Henry went in first while Lily followed with quite a gloomy look upon her face. She eyed everyone around her while Henry scanned the room for his mother. “Mom!” He cheered, and ran over to a blonde woman wearing a red leather jacket and Lily followed him. In front of the woman who Lily now recognized to be called Emma, a man sat who Lily knew was called Hook. Then the bell chimed and into the café came the mayor, Regina, and she frowned when she saw Lily stand beside Henry.

   “Mom!” Henry beamed, the frown from Regina’s face vanished in thin air and she smiled and greeted her son.

   “Henry!” She smiled and hugged Henry. “Emma. Hook.” She greeted the other two with a nod. “And who are you?” She asked Tiger Lily who blinked up at her, arms crossed over her chest. She unfolded them and bowed a little.

   “Tiger Lily, but in Storybrooke I was called Haley.” She said and smiled shortly, but worry soon edged itself onto her face.

   “What can I do to help you, Lily?” Regina asked and Lily smiled thankfully at her.

   “My brother has gone missing.” She said and looked at Emma. “I can’t find him anywhere, it’s a mystery. The only traces make me think that maybe he has been kidnapped. He doesn’t speak well. He’s very naïve and I don’t like the thought of him not having me or my cousin, Nash, around him.”

   “What’s his name?” Emma asked.

   “Chay.” Lily replied immediately.

 Hook had been glaring at Lily as soon as she had said her name. “You’re Lily… Princess Tiger Lily?”

 Lily flinched a little as if the name cut her. “Yeah.” She nodded.

   “You’re from Neverland, right?” Emma asked and Lily nodded again. “How did you come here?”

 Lily eyed them all. “It’s a long story.” She sighed and Henry sat down and pulled Regina down to sit beside him. Emma scooted over to make place for the two and Hook glued himself to the wall so that Lily could take seat as well.

 “I was in Neverland long before Peter Pan. Long before Hook or anyone else came there. Where the whole tricky part comes in, I guess that was when I met Malcolm.”

 Henry frowned. “Gold’s father?”

 Lily nodded. “I knew him when he was a child and came to Neverland in his dreams… I know him differently. He wasn’t bad in the start.” Hook huffed when she said this and Regina watched Lily with disbelief. “Well, not with me…” She muttered and eyed them all, she inhaled deeply and began telling the story of Neverland before it had its terrifying ruler.


Hello guys, what do you think? I think I’m gonna post the next chapter today as well, since then you can get a feeling of how this story is gonna be. I really hope you enjoyed, please like if you did. ^^

Again, if any ideas to the story, you can always send me a message! I’ll be open to any requests or comments upon it. 

Tiger Lily. <3

Kai grabbing Bonnie

OK so i really love the part where Kai looks as Bonnie and then grabs her and screams “BONNIE LISTEN TO ME” I like that part because it shows that Kai cares and he wants her to notice him, he wants her to see that he can do better and to see that he really cares. But then after he looks so apologetic and confused because he  didn’t mean to do it, its just that he wants somebody to see that he isn’t as bad as you thought he was, and that he could change, if Damon tells Bonnie that Kai risked his life for her i hope she will notice that   I REALLY DO HOPE THAT julieplec


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Ooooh can I have Exo reacting to you telling them it's twins?

‘kay, here we go :3


Baekhyun; Already thinks about all the double work you will have as parents

Chanyeol; He’s so happy to be overjoyed

Chen; Cheesy smile and trying not to burst out with tears of joy

D.O.; Squishy papa is very proud

Kai; Giggles happily and tries not to cry

Kris; Secretly hopes it’s two cute little girls

Lay; Emotional dad

Luhan; Happy deer with two little Bambis

Sehun; You’re kidding right?


Tao; Can we call them Dolce and Gabbana?

Xiumin; We can start a football team if we work hard enough!


I hope you enjoyed it! <3

Nate Maloley Imagine: Butt fest

“HEYYY WE BACK LILY MAMA” Nate screams as he enter the house. I just ignore him and carry on cleaning the pigsty that was his bed room. After a little while of hearing Sammy, the Jacks, John and Nate shouting about god knows what I went over to the stereo system and started playing old Justin Bieber songs really loud just to block out their awfulvoices. Half an hour later I had danced all thaT I could dance and was finishing up Nates room when two arms wrapped around my waist. “Ayeee baby girl you gotta dance more often, dat ass got me going” I hear the owner of the aarms whisper on my ear, softly kissing my neck
“Well you gotta stop being such a perv” I said turging around wrapping my arms around the persons neck. It was Nate. Quickly pecking his lips, I step back to see what Nate is wearing (and to check him out). Instantly I notice an issue.
“Nate, baby, if you don’t pull your damn pants I will get a blunt razor and chop off your penis and testicles with it, do tu understand?” I ask him as he makes a `girl you crazy` face at me. I give him a stern look before wrapping my arms sound his waist. He thinks I’m going in for a hug but instead I yank his joggers up over him fine associated and let them rest on his hips. As I do this I end up pulling his short up a little exposing his V line. I smirk and let my finger trace it with giving a quick but passionate kiss. I pull away and skip down the stairs leaving Nate with a semi and an annoyed look on his face. He’s so easy to turn on I think to myself. Moments later the music is turned off and Nate is making his way down the stairs his boxers already visible again. I quickly sit next to John whispering in his ear, “Tell Nate when he gets curious that I’m giving him thebsilent treatment till his pants stay up” I finish as Nate joins us downstairs and plonksndown next to me. He puts his arm around me which I wiggle out of standing up to ask “anyone want anything from kitchen?” “I`ll have a coke please” Johnson asks. I nod my head telling him I’ve heard him. “I’ll have some Shuttles” Nate tells me. “Just a coke then” I say having heard Nate. I walk off into the kitchen grabbing a coke and somega shuttles before walking back. I hand Johnson his coke before returning to my seat between John and Nate. He reaches out for the packet in my hands, thinking they are his but quickly move them from his reach. He tries again, failing. “Come on baby, give em to me” he whines. I ignore him opening the packet and popping one into my mouth. Usually I shoved the whole packet in my mouth but this way get tranny Nate. As he reaches into packet I move it and offer some to John who take a handful. He shakes his head at me giving me the why you doing this to him look. He then puts his arm on the back of my seat not so slyly handing the handful to Nate who smirks. I squint my eyes at John before sassily whipping my hair and moving to sit in Gilinskys lap whoselegs are crossed which gives a comfortable seat. When I do Gilinksky groans knowing that Nate was going to have a fit at him for letting me sit in his lap, however this doesn’t stop him from then leaning forward resting his head on my shudder and wrapping his arms around my waist so he coukdwatch the TV and be comfortable without my head in the way. I hear Nate cough, hismethidnof warning G, but when G tries to live I just pull his arms back around me. I hear Nate whisper to John asking him what is going on and he tells him. Nate groans but then standup and pulls his pants up. As soon as I see him do this I stand up and straddle his lap. “Wasn’t to painful was it?” Ask him. He gives me a smile instead, pulling me into him so that he can hug meand whisper in my ear. “Baby girl you don’t do that ever again please, I felt like punching G then and who wants to make enemies of his best mates.” He tells me in his low rough voice. “Sorry but this ain’t no butt and boxers fest that want to see them everytImelda your infront of me.” I tel him sternly but with a slight humorous tone. “Okay cool, but why don’t you tell Sammy too?” He questions. I smirk st home-based and stand up to squeeze my self onto the seat with Sammy. Half my bottom on his thigh, I lean back and whisper in his ear. “ if you can keep your pants on your hips for a month, meaning never one do I see your boxers white your wearing something over them and the crotch of your pants are always no more than half Quynh from your actual crotch. If you can do that will flash you” I tell him as a massive smile appears on his face. “Kay” he nods shanding up and yanking his pants high enough to give gonna wedgie. Baugh as his instant reaction. Crap imagine but I’m tired and its 5:15am Hope you enjoyed, also requests are still open ask for a personal imagine if you want One. -…. xxxxxx

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I always had this request in the back of my mind... It's kinda like a fake fiancé or something. MC needs to basically prove to her parents that she isn't a lonely loser, so she tells them she's engaged. But she eventually falls in love with the fake guy she chose. Can you do it with Eisuke? He thought it would be amusing to do. Angst can be added... *sighs*


MC x Eisuke

Note: Ok ok ok OK KAT! So here it is! I took some liberty changing it a tiny bit but I like how it came out so I hoped you loved it and don’t kill me because I love you so much kay? Sorry its short to like im awful. 

Thinking back, you never thought you would end up in this situation. Sure, there had been countless times where Eisuke would sit you down to yell at you, but now was totally different.

“How long?” He asked you.

You bit the inside of your lip, “E-Eisuke listen I-”

“Shut up.” He spat out, looking at you with a cold gaze, “I asked how long, not for a explanation.” 

You shifted in your seat, feeling the sting of his harsh words as you looked down at your feet, “Since we met.”

He sighed and ran his hands though his head. You thought back on everything you did up to this point and how many mistakes you made. 

Your parents had been nagging you about marring since a year ago, and whichever man you brought home never met their standards. The only person the ever talked about was Eisuke Ichinomiya and who could blame them, he was all over the news everyday. You took it upon yourself to prove to them that not only would you bring a man home, you would bring him home, to prove to them that you were a daughter worth being proud of.

Posing as a maid, accidentally falling into the underground world of the auctions, picking Eisuke. It was all part of the plan. Actually falling in love however was something you did not calculate.

His cold exterior, his harsh words, his cut throat attitude. Someone so ruthless and cold was impossible for you to imagine yourself with, and found yourself questing your choices countless of times as you stuck by his side, threw thick, thin, and the near death experiences. 

Although now, he was questioning you on not only the whole plan you conjured up but if you really loved him or not. 

The answer was simple, of course you did, but convincing the man who would make up his mind and never change would be a difficult one.

“Eisuke listen..!” You stated, looking at him as he got up from the couch and began to walk away, or so you thought.

“No you listen,” He said, looming over you and grabbing your chin in his hand, narrowing his eyes at you as his face leaned in closer and closer, “Just shut up.” He would normally never talk like this to you, and his words made you swallow whatever you were about to say as you looked into his eyes with curiosity. 

“You belong to me, regardless on how you feel.” He said through his teeth before crashing his lips on to yours, bitting eagerly on your bottom lips wile pinning your hands above your head.

You squirmed under him as you tried pushing him off to get answers, “E-Eisuke listen to me..!” You gasped, but he only held you tighter in his arms.

“You belong to me…” He whispered. It almost sounded like a question as he didn’t say anything else. 

The silence hung heavy in the air as you wiggled your arms out, much to his displeasure, and wrapped them around his back and squeezed him in return, “Yup.” 

“No sex appeal.” He muttered at your response before picking you up in his arms and carrying you to the bedroom, “We’ll have a talk about this after your punishment.” He said with his trademark grin that you knew and loved.