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Kai grabbing Bonnie

OK so i really love the part where Kai looks as Bonnie and then grabs her and screams “BONNIE LISTEN TO ME” I like that part because it shows that Kai cares and he wants her to notice him, he wants her to see that he can do better and to see that he really cares. But then after he looks so apologetic and confused because he  didn’t mean to do it, its just that he wants somebody to see that he isn’t as bad as you thought he was, and that he could change, if Damon tells Bonnie that Kai risked his life for her i hope she will notice that   I REALLY DO HOPE THAT julieplec


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could you write a Kai reaction to meeting your parents for the first time and although they seem nice you can tell that they hate him but you would never leave him.

Sure thing! Thanks for the request! I’m putting a divide underneath so I don’t bother anyone~

You frowned once again, your eyes searching the car mirror for any sign of imperfections across your light skin. Biting your lip, you dabbed at your foundation, setting it ‘perfectly’ for the fifth time since you’d gotten in the car. Beside you, Kai sighed, a small smile gracing his lips. “Jagiya,” he breathed sweetly, blindly reaching up to pet your head soothingly, “You look absolutely stunning - as usual.”

You shook your head, putting the mirror back up and turning your gaze to him. “It’s not that I’m worried about that,” you said, licking your lips nervously. “It’s just that my parents, they’re-”

“Parents,” he interrupted. “They’re parents, and they’re going to have their quirks. You’ve met mine, and you know how odd they are.”

“No, I’m not saying they’re odd,” you pressed, giving him a worried look. “They’re strict. They always told me that they wanted me to marry someone with a sensible job, someone secure-”

“And I’m not secure?” he challenged as he pulled carefully into your parents’ driveway, giving you a look of fake sadness.

“Anything but,” you answered, leaning over and giving him a peck on the cheek before climbing out of the car. As you turned away you could see his cheeks redden faintly as a small smile crossed his face. 

“So what, if I’m not ‘secure’,” he mumbled, kicking the dirt as he shut the car door behind him. “That just makes it all the more fun.”

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I always had this request in the back of my mind... It's kinda like a fake fiancé or something. MC needs to basically prove to her parents that she isn't a lonely loser, so she tells them she's engaged. But she eventually falls in love with the fake guy she chose. Can you do it with Eisuke? He thought it would be amusing to do. Angst can be added... *sighs*


MC x Eisuke

Note: Ok ok ok OK KAT! So here it is! I took some liberty changing it a tiny bit but I like how it came out so I hoped you loved it and don’t kill me because I love you so much kay? Sorry its short to like im awful. 

Thinking back, you never thought you would end up in this situation. Sure, there had been countless times where Eisuke would sit you down to yell at you, but now was totally different.

“How long?” He asked you.

You bit the inside of your lip, “E-Eisuke listen I-”

“Shut up.” He spat out, looking at you with a cold gaze, “I asked how long, not for a explanation.” 

You shifted in your seat, feeling the sting of his harsh words as you looked down at your feet, “Since we met.”

He sighed and ran his hands though his head. You thought back on everything you did up to this point and how many mistakes you made. 

Your parents had been nagging you about marring since a year ago, and whichever man you brought home never met their standards. The only person the ever talked about was Eisuke Ichinomiya and who could blame them, he was all over the news everyday. You took it upon yourself to prove to them that not only would you bring a man home, you would bring him home, to prove to them that you were a daughter worth being proud of.

Posing as a maid, accidentally falling into the underground world of the auctions, picking Eisuke. It was all part of the plan. Actually falling in love however was something you did not calculate.

His cold exterior, his harsh words, his cut throat attitude. Someone so ruthless and cold was impossible for you to imagine yourself with, and found yourself questing your choices countless of times as you stuck by his side, threw thick, thin, and the near death experiences. 

Although now, he was questioning you on not only the whole plan you conjured up but if you really loved him or not. 

The answer was simple, of course you did, but convincing the man who would make up his mind and never change would be a difficult one.

“Eisuke listen..!” You stated, looking at him as he got up from the couch and began to walk away, or so you thought.

“No you listen,” He said, looming over you and grabbing your chin in his hand, narrowing his eyes at you as his face leaned in closer and closer, “Just shut up.” He would normally never talk like this to you, and his words made you swallow whatever you were about to say as you looked into his eyes with curiosity. 

“You belong to me, regardless on how you feel.” He said through his teeth before crashing his lips on to yours, bitting eagerly on your bottom lips wile pinning your hands above your head.

You squirmed under him as you tried pushing him off to get answers, “E-Eisuke listen to me..!” You gasped, but he only held you tighter in his arms.

“You belong to me…” He whispered. It almost sounded like a question as he didn’t say anything else. 

The silence hung heavy in the air as you wiggled your arms out, much to his displeasure, and wrapped them around his back and squeezed him in return, “Yup.” 

“No sex appeal.” He muttered at your response before picking you up in his arms and carrying you to the bedroom, “We’ll have a talk about this after your punishment.” He said with his trademark grin that you knew and loved. 

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Could you please do a gif reaction of EXO and SHINee being woken by their girlfriend having a nightmare where they were dying? Possibly 2 gifs where they're woken up and about the nightmare? Sorry about the specifics! Thanks!

This took a while, and it’s kinda long, but I hope you enjoy it ^3^


Xiumin: “It’s so early, can’t it wait?”

*after you tell him*

“Awe, its okay Jagi, I’ll protect you.”

Luhan: “What is it jagi?”

*after you tell him*

“It’s okay y/n, nothing’s gonna happen. I promise.”

Kris: “Can’t this wait till tomorrow?”

*after you tell him*

“Aww, at least it was just a dream, right?”

Suho: “What is it y/n? Are you okay?” *concerned*

*after you tell him*

“Come here y/n, I’ll keep you safe*

Lay: “Yeah y/n, do you need something?”

*after you tell him*

"I promise everythings gonna be okay, alright?”

Baekhyun: “Jagi I was having a good dream, why’d you wake me up???”

*after you tell him*

“Come closer, I’ll make sure you’re okay.”

Chen: “What y/n? Are you cold or something?” *still trying to wake up*

*after you tell him*

*hugs you till you feel better*

Chanyeol: “Did you really have to wake me up this early?”

*after you tell him*

“Do you feel better now?” *hugs you to death*

D.O: “What y/n?”

*after you tell him*

“It’s just a dream, don’t worry.”

Tao: “What did you wake me up for??”

*after you tell him*

“Aww, don’t worry Jagi you’re gonna be okay.”

Kai: “Yeah y/n, what is it?”

*after you tell him*

“It’s okay y/n, it was only a nightmare.”

Sehun: “What do you want?” *I can see him being pretty annoyed at first*

*after you tell him*

“Look y/n, nothing like that is going to happen anytime soon, okay?”


Onew: *after like a billion times of trying to wake him up* “What is it Jagi?” *trying not to fall asleep*

*after you tell him*

“Look jagi, you’re safe with me, I promise.”

Key: “Come on, I need my beauty sleep.”

*after you tell him*

“It’s okay y/n, theres nothing to worry about.”

Minho: “You had to wake me up this early for what…?”

*after you tell him*

“Jagi, I promise you nothing is happening anytime soon, alright?”

Taemin: “Yeah y/n, are you alright?” *really wants to go back to sleep*

*after you tell him*

"It’s alright y/n.” *gives you a kiss* “I promise.”

Jonghyun: “What y/n, its like 4am. Is it really that important?”

*after you tell him*

“Y/n, it was just a dream, okay? Nothing is gonna happen.”