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How would the companions deal with protecting a deaf sole? Fluffy pleaseeee! Not romanced but interested at that point 🖤

(Hello anon! Not sure what you meant by “protecting”, so i did my best at companions interacting with a deaf sole in general. Hope that’s okay, if not just clarify the ask and I’ll probably re-do it! also, Curie and Nick is missing. Sorry.)
Hancock: You can’t read his lips (he doesn’t have any), he’s terrible at signing, but he can write. Kinda. He has horrible hand writing, but it’s legible sometimes. 
Him and Sole can spend hours alone in his office, scribbling on a notebook together. It’s the easiest way to communicate these days. When Sole can’t read his handwriting, Hancock supplements with crude stick-figure drawings and wild hand gestures, which often makes Sole laugh. He likes that laugh. It’s a little loud, but you can tell it’s straight from the heart.

Preston: When Sole is having a rough day, he’ll sit down with them and watch the sun set. He even tries his hand at sign language. He picks it up the bare bones of it quickly, and they spend a comfortable afternoon trying to find a sign for his name. Eventually, Sole suggests “hand over heart”, which honestly moves Preston. It suits him perfectly.

Danse: His first concern is if Sole is tactically covered. Can they follow his orders? Can they hear his warnings? Are they a risk, a liability? They might do better in a different post, something that isn’t by his side in the battlefield, but then again… He wants them there. It’s hard for him to make that call, but he has to, or so he believes. He tries to stay with them whenever he can, though. They spend many quiet nights together like that; going over mission briefs, comparing notes on quests, sharing smiles over the dying candlelight. 

Codsworth: Having four arms with different attachments has usually served Codsworth well, but lacking fingers also means he’s unable to sign. Still, the pride of General Atomics was built to serve all kinds of people, in all kinds of ways- after all, what is a Mr Handy for?
Among his numerous upgrades (courteously offered by General Atomics or raided from their assembly plant after the war) is a screen, which allows easy communication. 

Piper: She tries to be patient. She finds it difficult to keep herself from assuming what Sole wants to say, and finishing their sentences if they speak, and she has a tendency to talk over people, but… She cares. She really does. She tries to show it, in her own way. 
She gifts Sole with a pen one day. A proper, pre-war calligraphy pen, sturdy and beautiful like only ancient things can be. It’s remarkably well preserved, and Piper is more than happy to teach Sole the art of ink if they want.

Cait: She’s not very good at “comfort” and such, but she’s willing to…. Be there. She watches Sole talk to her with their hands, and doesn’t understand a single thing. She tries to talk back, and Sole can kind of read her lips, as long as she’s not shouting.
When they’re together, it’s easier to just stay silent. They lay on their backs together under the stars, supported by a single sleeping bag and whatever pillow-like objects they could find, occasionally pointing at something in the sky. When the cold night creeps in, they huddle together, feeling each other’s heartbeats. It’s one of the few times in her life when Cait feels safe. Really, what more do you need? Talking is overrated anyway.

Strong: He’s never been good at communicating in the first place. In battle, he’ll hoist Sole up on his shoulders (whether they want to or not) so Sole can see all the enemies. They can’t hear, but they can see, right? Then they can shoot. Then they can win. For all his faults, Strong is nice in that way. Don’t expect any kind words or attempts at out-of-battle communication, though.

Dogmeat: Do you want a friend who will never care about you disabilities? A good friend who helps you in battle, out of battle, and with live if general? Do you want a friend who is the best boy in the whole damn world? Dogmeat’s got you. 
With Dogmeat by their side, Sole’s feet are never cold and their face is never not kissed. What a blessing.

X6-88: Of course he knows sing language. He’s fluent in several languages, verbal and non-verbal, in addition to many types of code in written, spoken and visual form. He can also read lips, if that matters, and is expertly trained in reading body language. X6 knows. X6 gets it. If he cares is another matter entirely.

Deacon: He has a hard time getting used to an audience that can’t hear his wonderful jokes. I mean, that pun was spot on, and Sole didn’t even react. He grows quieter than anyone has ever seen him after a while. He doesn’t make any real effort to learn signing, but he’s very observant, and he can’t help but pick some of it up. He watches Sole speak to other people, and quietly practices in the flickering firelight when they set up camp. When he gets back to HQ it feels weird to be talking again.

MacCready: He’s not a good learner, but he tries. He tries really hard. Usually he’ll just watch Sole sign to him, nodding and smiling like he understands. He gives a thumbs up whenever they stop. Then he just… Guesses, kinda. It’s the thought that counts, right? Right. Also, swearing in ASL isn’t technically swearing, right?

Was inspired by this :) Where Pyrrha and Yang are Co-workers at Starbucks! XD;; 

Sorry if its sketchy OTL;; Doodled this at work! 

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I love your idea for drawing Ciel answering those asks. It's so hard to pick one! either 9 or 12, which ever one you feel more in the mood for :D

I am so so so sorry it took me so long to do this! I misjudged the amount of time (and energy) I had during my last days of vacation and I’ve been suffering from a terrible jet lag since I got home, so this took so much longer than it should’ve.

I hope you can read my ugly handwriting.

12: Do you like hickeys?

(Psst! He knew it was about him all along. And he does like them a lot but there’s no chance he’d admit to that)