i hope you can read my terrible handwriting

ibinked  asked:

I love your idea for drawing Ciel answering those asks. It's so hard to pick one! either 9 or 12, which ever one you feel more in the mood for :D

I am so so so sorry it took me so long to do this! I misjudged the amount of time (and energy) I had during my last days of vacation and I’ve been suffering from a terrible jet lag since I got home, so this took so much longer than it should’ve.

I hope you can read my ugly handwriting.

12: Do you like hickeys?

(Psst! He knew it was about him all along. And he does like them a lot but there’s no chance he’d admit to that)

Was inspired by this :) Where Pyrrha and Yang are Co-workers at Starbucks! XD;; 

Sorry if its sketchy OTL;; Doodled this at work!