i hope you burn in your crown

I wrote this song in response to my experience as a trans woman living with religiously devout parents. Hoping it offers solace to anyone else struggling with acceptance in their family.
Thanks for listening if you decide to :)


Dust and doves
You know I wear em on my body
So that You might want me
Crawling back

Burned before
I knew what wrongs were in my mind
I thought I was worthy
I thought I was beautiful

I’m chasing rosaries
Praying that you see me
I’m kissing both your feet
Praying that you see me

Hallows hallows hallows hallows ( x2)

I love myself too much
to give up all of my being for you
I’m smoking my crown
Too high to come down

I’m breaking rosaries under my teeth now they’re turnin blue
I’m kissing both your feet
Praying that you see me

Hallows hallows hallows hallows ( x2)

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A sci-fi Hamlet AU: 

Mankind left Earth, but there was nowhere for them to go. In a lonely castle of a spaceship, they crowned a King. 

  • There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophies, Hamlet says. He leans against the smooth glass window, the darkness of space outside swallowing him whole. Horatio turns his face up to the stars. I hope you’re right, he says, there better be

  • When the old King dies, they send him floating into nothingness. Horatio knows that an eternity ago, humans used to let their dead sail the oceans upon burning ships. King Hamlet’s death shroud smells of rust and hot metal when they reel it back in.

  • The Elsinore IV is not a prison, but a step outside means death regardless. Sometimes the ship rattles and shakes. Sometimes, the starfields outside are so dense that even if prime galaxy time indicates it is deep night, the sky blazes.

  • Do you think there’s anyone still out there? Hamlet asks one day. Horatio doesn’t have an answer.

  • They get their answer when the King comes back to them as a constellation, dots of light stitching him together just outside the observation deck.

  • Claudius sits in the bridge and prays to a supernova.

  • Ophelia wires an escape pod to take her far away. The little ship sputters, jerks, and all the rest of them can do is watch her spin further and further away. When she is nothing but another blazing star amongst the rest, she opens the hatch and steps out, arms spread out wide, hair spilling out before her. The cold vacuum of space is all that lingers between them.

  • When it is all over, Horatio sits against the wide window port and wonders if he is the last human alive. The deck is painted with blood. In the end, it wasn’t even space that killed most of them.

  • Beside him, the radio crackles.

a thoughtless moment’s blessing

yuri!!! on ice, yuuri pov, victuri royalty au

in a kingdom where touching the crown prince calls for the death sentence, yuuri, a simple tailor’s apprentice, saves prince victor’s life and fully expects to be executed for it.



oh no.

that’s the only thought that passes through his head. he opens his eyes, just a bit, just enough to see the shock of silver hair in front of them, and then he squeezes them closed again.

oh no, oh no, oh no.

a shocked kind of silence has settled around him, and yuuri can hear his own heart pounding.

‘umm…’ he hears, voice hesitant, from the person in his arms, and he lets go immediately, as if burned. the person lifts their weight off of him and yuuri scrambles to put a bit of distance between them. he kneels, bows, forehead pressed to the ground, every nerve ending screaming at him. 

'please forgive me, your highness!’ he begs, voice trembling as much as his body. 

he’s gone and done it. his body had acted on its own. he’d seen the way the horse had startled at something and surged forward, carriage and all, straight for where the prince was standing admiring a flower arrangement, and he just moved.

but in saving the crown prince’s life, he’s also signed his own death sentence.

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i. well i am death, none can excel, i’ll open the door to heaven or hell ii. i’m in need of some restraint, so if you meet me have some courtesy iii. i’m gonna huff and puff and blow your house down iv. we’re damned after all v. mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest of them all? vi. i found empathy from madness, deliverance from malaise vii. the devil’s got nothing on me my friend viii. i will rage against the light forever more ix. again you lash out to hush the ones who know, cause they’re the ones that you fear most x. now the world must pay for making me this way, heavy’s the head that wears the crown xi. now i’m the type of man who wants to watch the world burn, i hope you run xii. i’m only the monster you made me xiii. my childhood spat back out the monster that you see xiv. i am the psycho, the sinner, i am what you can’t escape, i am the splinter underneath your skin, i am a monster
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anonymous asked:

Hi! I really love your blog! And I've been having such a rough week, and I come on and I just ready your writings and they make me so happy! Thank you! Could you please make a scenario with Ace trying to make a flower crown for their s/o?

(I hope your week gets better!)

Portgas D. Ace: He was getting frustrated as he accidentally kept burning the flowers in his hands. He took a deep breath and calmed himself before starting again. His fingers trembled as they intertwined the stems with the other small flowers. He heard footsteps come up from behind him and he turned to look at who was there. He smiled, seeing that it was you.


“What are you doing, Ace?” You asked, sitting down next to him. He blushed lightly before plopping the flowers on top of your head. You took the crown off to look at it and smiled gently. The flowers were crookedly intertwined and some of the petals were singed but it was decent. You put it back on and leaned over to kiss his cheek. “Thank you.” He blushed lightly and grinned.

“No problem!” He exclaimed while you giggled at how proud he was.

I’ll Tell You A Story

In the King’s Wood, there lived a mother and her cub.

She loved him very much, but there were other things that lived in the woods,

evil things, like stags and wolves. He could hear them howling in the night. The little cub was frightened.

His mother said, “You are a lion my son, you mustn’t be afraid.”

“For one day all the beasts will bow down to you.”

“You will be king.”

“All the stags will bow,”

“all the wolves will bow,”

“the bears of the North and the foxes of the south,”

“all the birds in the sky”

“and beasts in the sea.”

“They will all come to you little lion, to rest a crown upon your head.”

And the cub said, “Will I be strong and fierce like my father?”

“Yes,” said his mother, “you will be strong and fierce, just like your father.”

este valle, mi corazón

there lies a path before me

it twists in changing directions

pitching up into the sky

without warning footsteps conquer mountains

truly i tell you, welcome this

the hope inside carries on

these flames you feel, burning me alive

they refine us; burning, burning still

these final steps have drawn last breath

you; solitary soul which clung to life

open your eyes to see horizon breaking for you

surely i said to you “embrace death.”

even now, crowning crested peak

His shadow darkens that stony path

cast down eyes and devour the feast

a verdurous haven sprawled there


           take this refined

               in prevailing temple worn,

                   and greet life as love.

history says we’ve come so far, but the truth is
we’re still out there wishing for wishes,
crowding into castles, claiming crowns,
molding ourselves to fit story spaces
laid out for us and those after us. maybe
things have different names now, but
you still think palace when you see mansion,
still bet on shooting stars and beginner’s luck,
still hope you get to be the prince dazzling
the room, the princess returning to glory.
i want you to know: it’s okay to take those paths;
it’s okay to want a happily ever after, just—
don’t discard the nobility coursing through
your veins after that one night. keep it
close, keep it burning, keep it for
a rainy afternoon, or a realization
that you are worth it, every day.
—  iii. modern royalty || a. cho

I describe our dysfunctional family
Blood brothers keep it real to the end
It’s in our nature to kill each other
                                                            (Blood Brothers - Papa Roach)

From Now On We Are Enemies 
Fanmix of the Donquixote Brothers conflict and tragedy | listen   

01. the requiem / linkin park — 02. world so cold / 12 stones — 03. the kill / 30 seconds to mars — 04. let it burn / red — 05. and we run / within temptation — 06. blood brothers / papa roach — 07. pretend to be / linkin park — 08. brother / you me at six —  09. just like you / three days grace — 10. home / alter bridge — 11. the last fight / bullet for my valentine — 12. you fight me / breaking benjamin  — 13. traitor / daughtry — 14. the sharpest lives / my chemical romance — 15. from now on we are enemies / fall out boy

NOTE: tracks for all of my Doffy partners: askdofuramingo, heavenly-demon, imagine-doflamingo, notarealflamingo, puppeteerwithoutstrings, itoningen, mariionnettiste, @heavenly-grievance and special for jokers-smiles-88. Read below under the cut for the musings (lyric snippet)

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“I can’t even take care of myself, how am I supposed to raise a child? How can anyone now?”
“I think it’s possible.”
“How do you know?”
“Well, I’m still here.”

Rootless Marina & the Diamonds dragging my roots through the snow, no home sweet and no sweet home // Ghost Towns Radical Face i’ve seen more places than i can name and over time, they all start to look the same, but it ain’t the truth we chase; no, it’s the promise of a better place // Running Through Woodland Message to Bears [instrumental] // Warrior Charlotte Martin you don’t have a soul to talk to; you’re the bravest one of all // I Bear Witness Winterpills i bear witness to the ways they all depend on you // Broken Crown Mumford & Sons touch my mouth and hold my tongue, i’ll never be your chosen one // Cold As It Gets Patty Griffith there’s a million sad stories on the side of the road, strange how we all just got used to the blood; millions of stories that’ll never be told, silent and froze in the mud // Glory Radical Face a bird caught in the wires, bleating for help I can’t provide; I’m not that big; I hope for the best but nothing changes, I’m sorry // Red Elbow you burn too bright, you live too fast, this can’t go on too long - you’re a tragedy starting to happen // How The Heart Grows Wicked Patrick Park all this story we all know: how the heart grows wicked and the mind grows slow; it’s a choice we’re making all alone until the fire is gone // Clementine Sarah Jaffe i wish i was a little more delicate

I chose this room because it was the easiest to sneak out of/ hands raw from grabbing at roof shingles/ vomiting air as I hit the ground/ falling asleep in a stranger’s backyard/waking up next to garden gnomes

twice a year we play spin-the-bottle/ you know from the way I’m looking at you/trying to sear you into the back of my eyes for when you go/
and back to the two-dollar green glass

we should’ve been in class but/ my head was resting on your stomach and your hands were in my hair/ the sky was bright enough to blind/ we closed our eyes/ wide awake/ I felt you laugh underneath me/swore I would remember

memory works inconveniently/if it works at all/ I remembered my suicide pact/as I lay on the shit-covered bathroom floor/ trembling/ hoping no one would tell you

my mouth is on fire/ my teeth are feathers/ I swallowed the sun/ they burn but it’s the price I pay/ god would I do it again/ charred lips and all

-valor or crown, d.t.w

Fuck Your Beliefs
Fuck Your Beliefs
The cross and the crown are still combined as one
A means of control to enslave the minds of some
And when the last city has burned to the ground
We'll hold our heads high knowing we've never broke down