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Across The Hall Part Two

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 2000


“My date is tonight and I can’t cook to save my life so I was hoping maybe you can cook something and I could pass it off as my own,” Harry says.

Y/N giggles, walking down her hallway and into the living room where she can see her door is wide open, she closes it and turns back to Harry. He’s looking at her with a hopeful look in his eyes and a charming smile that Y/N can’t deny.

“Of course, I mean you helped me move, it’s the least I can do” Y/N smiled, “what time is your date?”

“Seven,” Harry says.

Y/N places her lower lip in between her teeth and her hands on her hip as she thinks, “okay yeah, I can do that, is this like a I want to actually date you date or a tinder type thing?”


Y/N rolls her eyes and hold the door open, “I’ll do it, but I do not agree with your motives.”


Y/N is the girl across the hall who tries to help Harry find a girl to settle down with, but Harry wants Y/N so he sabotages all his dates.

Part One

“You’re disgusting,” Y/N exclaims.

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Nightmare - Winchester Brothers

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a little while! School is just making me really busy. I’ll try and post once at least every two weeks. I’m sorry of I can’t :(

Anyway, here’s another request!

Okay so maybe something where the reader is jealous of how close Sam & Dean are, make it angsty 😹 - @winchesters-favorite-girl - i’ve kind of made my own twist on this! Hope you like it anyway!

Imagine always feeling as though you are nothing more then a burden and a blood relation to your brothers and feeling as though they don’t care for you so you leave them.


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You were sat in the back of the impala, picking dried blood out of your stubby finger nails, anger rumbling in your chest. You’d saved your brothers once again from a hunt gone wrong and they hadn’t thanked you, simply patted each other on the back, sent a glance over their shoulder to you to make sure you were still alive and headed in the direction of the car.

They were speaking (or arguing, you could never tell) about the monster ‘they’ had just killed and you had no interest in listening so you rested your head on the back of the seat and looked out to the starry night.

It had been this way since you’d dropped out of high school. You’d be with them, but not quite there. You’d always been left out the circle and you couldn’t remember the last time your elder brothers had shown gratitude and love towards you and quite frankly, you had had enough. 

Closing your eyes and drifting off into sleep, your mind travelled to a time when you were the centre of your brothers worlds.


You aged 5 and Sam aged 13:

Colouring in a unicorn in your activity book at the counter of the motel room kitchen, you reached for the purple crayon which was just out of your grip. Just as you were close to grabbing it, it rolled a little further away.  

Whining and attempting to lean forward, you suddenly felt the stall give way, sending you toppling to the ground. 

You cried out in pain as you hit your head on the marble floor. As your vision became faded and a headache made its self comfortable in your head, you saw Sam rushing towards you from the settee.

He quickly pulled you into his arms and cooed in your ear that everything would be ok and that there was nothing to worry about. He made it clear to you that you were a strong girl and that it was only a little graze. 


You aged 13 and Dean aged 25:

You were waiting on the bench just outside of your temporary school as the girls in front of you made fun of your second hand clothes. 

‘Look at that! What is it? A table cloth or a fourth hand blanket?’ The skinniest of them all said, pulling at your older brother Sam’s red flannel.

‘Don’t touch me.’ You growled, slapping her hand away.

‘What did you say, skank? Want me to hit you.’ The tallest of them all said, raising her hand at you.

As you were about to swerve the hand that was about to smack you, you froze as your biggest brother Dean tapped the girl on the shoulder.

She turned round, confusion and disgust on her face. ‘What do you want? Old man.’ She sneered at him. The other girls thought this was the funniest remark in the world.

Dean laughed for a second then looked at her dead in the eyes. ‘You touch my little sister again and i’ll break all your fingers. Oh, and by the way, that top is second hand. I’m pretty sure I saw a stripper with the clap wearing that a couple of nights ago.’ He gave his signature smirk at the end, hinting that the mob of mistakes (called teenage girls) should go away. 

They did, fear and despise all over their faces as they made remarks about each others clothes.

‘Thanks Dean.’ You said as you stood up and hugged him.

‘Anytime.’ He responded, protectively wrapping his arms around you.


Yeah sure, anytime. I guess that had a time limit. Waking up with the thought in your head, you noticed that you were sat in the back of the Impala, your two elder brothers no where in sight. 

As a feeling of hopelessness washed over you, you begged for Castiel to come and see you. He was the only one who seemed to care for you.

‘Hello Y/N.’ His gravelled voice spoke out from the seat next to you.

You didn’t respond straight away, you wanted to gather your thoughts first. You turned to look at him.

‘What’s wrong Y/N?’ He asked you, as you looked back at him, hurt in your eyes.

‘It’s my brothers. I’m nothing to them anymore.’ You explained, tears brimming in your eyes.

‘That’s not true. You’re their little sister.’ Cas responded, confusion lingering in his voice.

Was their little sister. I think i’m nothing more then a shadow to them now and I wont deal with it anymore. Please, Cas, make a promise to me.’ You pleaded.

‘What promise?’ He questioned you, eyebrows knotting together as he looked sad in his eyes.

‘That if I go, you wont help my brothers look for me. You’ll let me live my own life and I expect you to understand that if you break my trust I will never forgive you.’ With that, you took his hand in yours as a way to tell him how desperate you were. ‘Please.’

He pulled his hand slightly away from yours then paused. He let out a soft sigh then looked away for a second. ‘If I make this promise, you have to stay safe.’ He reasoned with you, looking in your direction and then away again so that he wouldn’t regret what he was about to do.

‘Yes, of course.’ You practically whispered back, knowing that you were inches away from freedom. 

‘Ok.’ That was all he said before he flapped his wings and disappeared.

This was your chance. This was your chance to begin again and be a person who didn’t live every day wondering if they were loved. You’d thought about this for weeks, months even. The moment you’d break free and find someone or something that had even the slightest amount of happiness towards you.

Jumping out the car and pulling your bag from the boot, you headed down the street the impala was parked on. You looked back for a moment, remembering your older brothers, then shook your head and continued down the path you chose to take. 

*Sam’s P.O.V*

‘You think she’ll like it?’ Dean asked, holding up a green flannel.

‘You know that’s not her colour.’ I responded, pushing the green flannel out of Dean’s arms before reaching up for a red checkered one on the highest shelf.

‘She’ll like this one though. She used to wear one like it when she was younger, like all the time.’ I said as I searched for her size.

Dean went quiet for a minute before looking at me.

‘Dude, no chick flick moments. What’s wrong?’ I questioned him, laughing a bit since he looked like a hurt puppy.

‘Is it just me or does Y/N seem really closed off lately.’ He depressingly said, gently stroking the flannel in his hands as if it was his little sister.

I was going to shrug my shoulders and dismiss the conversation but I didn’t. I knew that there was something very wrong with Y/N.

‘Yeah - I think there is.’ I responded, barely looking at Dean, feeling as though it was some how my fault.

As if Dean read my mind, he glanced briefly at me. ‘Do you think it’s our fault?’

I gulped then looked up. ‘I - I don’t know. Maybe. Have we done enough for her? I mean, have we been good brothers?’ 

‘If I’m being honest. No, I don’t think we have been. I think we’ve been so focused on these god damn hunting trips so much that we’ve lost the love we used to give to the centre of our world, Y/N. I think we need to look out for her more. Knowing her, she probably thinks that we don’t care about her and I can’t have that.’ Dean was almost shouting at the end, pulling at the seams of the shirt in his hands.

I simply looked back at him, wide eyed. He’d said exactly what I was thinking. 

‘Hell, what do I know.’ Dean grumbled, throwing the flannel on the shelf and heading to the doors of the shop. 

He froze mid-step then yelled my name, indicating that Y/N was no longer in the Impala.

It was though time slowed down. She was there, then she wasn’t. It was a nightmare come real.


I really like how this turned out and I’m tempted to a part 2! Tell me what you guys think :) 

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hi, would you do number 24 with tom? 💕

wowie it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything 😂 I’ve been swamped with school and work but I finally managed to finish this one last night, I hope u like it!! 💓 basically Tom’s home from a long press tour and his girlfriend is feeling needy but he’s too distracted by a video game to notice and smut ensues 👀

#24 “Just let me finish this level and I swear I’ll go down on you until you come at least three times.”

Needy Girl | One shot

“Toooooooom,” she groaned loudly from the bedroom.

Outside the bedroom door, her boyfriend Tom was lounged on their couch… playing video games. Her man was back from a long press tour… and he was playing video games. Not that he wasn’t allowed to enjoy simple things like this now that he was finally home, but she had hoped the “reunion sex” phase would have lasted longer before he occupied his time with something else. It’d been a long two months of no contact outside of phone calls, facetiming and Snapchat. It was the longest she’d had to go without him thus far in their relationship. The loneliness she felt while he was gone ate at her, that by time he arrived home she nearly tackled him to the ground in the airport. The rest of the night was spent chatting over take out, and lots of sex.

Now he was caught up in an online video game with Harrison and Jacob, while she lied in bed listening to him shouting and cursing at them, groaning at the ache between her legs. Clearly too absorbed in his game to hear her calling his name, she hopped off the bed with a loud huff. She pulled one of his discarded shirts on and slipped her panties off, kicking them aside. She draped herself against the doorframe, extending one arm above her head and pushing her hip out, sighing loudly as she watched her boyfriend on the couch.

“What’s up darling?” his eyes flitted from the television screen to her figure against the door.

“I’m booooored,” she whined, resting her head against her arm in an over-dramatic attempt to get his attention.

“So put a movie on in the bedroom love,” he chuckled, oblivious to what she was getting at. “Yeah she’s just come out of her room,” he spoke into the headset, answering a question she couldn’t hear, but was clearly about her.

She sauntered over to the couch, standing in front of him and partially obstructing his view. He leaned around her, eyes not leaving the screen. She planted herself where she was, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes at him.

“Darling I can’t see,” he droned, still fixated on the game.

“Good, I’ve got something better for you to look at,” her voice dropped as she slowly pulled the hem of his shirt up over her waist. His eyes finally broke away from the screen to see her exposed lower half in front of him. He bit his lip as his eyes scanned her body, until an explosion behind her pulled his attention away again.

“Fuck!” he shouted into the headset, she could hear Jacob and Harrison cackling on their end. “Darling you’ve gotta move, please.” he pleaded, laying a hand gently on her hip, trying to scoot her out of the way.

“Ok,” she shrugged, before moving one leg on either side of him and plopping herself down in his lap.

“Wait, no!” he leaned further to the side, wrapping his arms around her to keep his grip on the controller. “This isn’t what I meant, love.”

“Are you sure?” she asked innocently, trailing her hands up his chest, pulling his shirt with them.

“No – Yes! Darling come on, not right now!” he whined. “Jacob’s been kicking my ass for the last hour and I’m finally beating him!”

“Keep telling yourself that,” Jacob’s voice sounded from the headset.

“Fuck off!” Tom shouted back. “I’m gaining on you!”

She groaned and rolled her eyes, gently grinding her hips down against Tom, trying to get even the smallest bit of friction to ease the ache between her legs.

“Nope.” Two hands grabbed her waist as he pulled her from his lap, gently tossing her down on the couch next to him, her back hitting the cushions with a gentle thud. “I don’t think so,” he chided, leaning forward to focus on the game.

She propped herself up on her elbows, her mouth hung open in shock as she narrowed her eyes at him. Feeling her watching him, he glanced at her from the corner of his eye and chuckled, pulling the microphone on his headset away and covering it with his hand to keep his friends from hearing him.

“Darling just let me finish this level and I swear I’ll go down on you until you come at least three times.”

She shut her mouth and exhaled sharply out her nostrils, throwing herself back against the couch cushions, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Such a little drama queen you are,“ Tom laughed, snaking a hand under the shirt she was wearing to tickle her side before he returned to shouting and cursing at Jacob and Harrison over the headset.

She lied on the couch for half an hour, staring at the ceiling as she listened to the sound effects from the video game and Tom’s colorful vocabulary every time he took a hit from one of his friends.

“Alright guys, I’m gonna get off here for a bit,” Tom said, and she perked up from her spot on the couch. “I’ll finish annihilating the both of you later.”
Setting his headset and controller down, he sat back and stretched, his shirt sliding up and exposing his stomach a bit. She bit her lip as she watched him from her place on the couch.

“Needy girl, what am I going to do with you,” he mumbled, climbing on top of her and pressing kisses up her neck.

She hummed contently, snaking a hand under his shirt and over his torso. He moved up, kissing along her jaw, grazing her earlobe with his teeth as he trailed his fingers up and down her thighs. She tugged his shirt and pulled it over his head, running her fingers through his hair as she pulled him back down, kissing him hungrily as her hands moved over every curve and crevice of his skin.

Sliding his hands under the hem of the shirt she was wearing, he slid it up her torso, exposing her breasts. He dipped his head down and took a mouthful of her breast, letting it slip out slowly, flicking her nipple with his tongue before releasing her and repeating the same movements with her other breast. She let out a throaty groan, arching her back as he continued to tease her, drawing circles over her nipples with his tongue.

He slid a hand down her stomach and over her clothed center, gently rubbing his thumb against her clit through her underwear. She jerked underneath him, every movement of his sending a shock through her body until she could feel her pussy throbbing against his hand.

“T-Tom,” she stuttered, her chest heaving with her lingering anticipation for what he would do next.

“What is it darling?” he purred in her ear as he continued his ministrations on her clit through the thin fabric.

“Use your mouth, p-please…” she breathed, her voice just above a whisper.

“Well I suppose, since you asked so nicely,” he smirked, giving her a gentle peck on the lips before working his way down her torso, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake.

Hooking his thumbs under the elastic band of her panties, she lifted her legs as he slid them up and off, tossing them to the floor. He slid his hands down her inner thighs, parting her legs before lying between them, his mouth just inches from her core. She rested one leg on the back of the couch as she reached down, stroking his curls as he gently kissed her just above her clit, before moving down and licking a stripe up her pussy.

She jolted at the sudden feeling of pleasure between her thighs as he began slowly dragging his tongue up and down over her clit. Sliding his hands around her waist, he held her hips still as he began lazily licking up and down her pussy, savoring the taste of her. She squirmed in his hands as his tongue drew shapes on her clit, occasionally dipping inside her and brushing against her inner walls. She gripped the pillow underneath her head with her free hand, her other tangled in Tom’s hair as he left open-mouthed kisses on her sex, gently sucking and licking at her. She felt a spark of warmth in her abdomen and she arched her back, lifting her hips off the couch and gently grinding against his face. He slid his tongue in and out of her as she gyrated her hips against his mouth, feeling his way inside of her before sliding back out and licking his way up to her clit.

He slid a hand down, gently pulling back the skin that concealed her sensitive nub before slowly dragging his tongue flat over it. Her grip on his hair tightened, and she let out a high-pitched moan as he continued lapping at her clit, the sensation sending electricity through her body. He closed his lips around the nub, gently swirling his tongue around it and sucking before releasing her.

“Fuck, Tom! Don’t stop that, please!” she pleaded, reaching down with her other hand and holding him over her clit. He chuckled against her throbbing pussy, the vibrations causing her to squirm against him.

He began undulating his tongue over her clit, holding her still as he began working faster. She began rolling her hips up towards his mouth and he moaned against her as he lapped and sucked at her, gently squeezing and massaging her hips with his hands. Her breathing was getting heavier and her grip on him was getting tighter, he knew she was getting closer to her climax. Slipping his hands under her thighs, he propped her legs up and began attacking her clit again. She whimpered as he drug his tongue back and forth over her sensitive bud, her climax building quickly.

“Tom, I-I’m gonna come…” she whined, her chest rising and falling with each shaky breath.

Closing his lips over her clit once more, he licked and sucked on her over and over, pulling her over the edge to her climax. She felt the heat that had built in her abdomen explode and she shuddered against him, a string of curses intertwined with his name spilling from her lips. He continued dragging his tongue in circles over her clit as her body contorted against him, her hands still tangled in his hair. He hummed as he lapped up every trace of her orgasm, watching her face twist in pleasure with every stroke of his tongue.

As the sensation began to die down, Tom released her now shaky legs, gently kissing her clit again before crawling up over her trembling body. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, letting her taste herself on his tongue, before she sunk back into the couch, completely spent.

“I hope you’re not planning on taking a nap on me now,” he chided, nibbling her earlobe. “I do owe you two more of those.” She erupted in giggles and writhed underneath him as he continued nipping at her soft skin.

“Mm, who said we had to rush them?” she mumbled, kissing him softly. “We’ve got all day.”


This is absolutely crazy!!! Just the thought of 300 lovely human beings following this little guilty pleasure/hobby of mine is just mind-blowing!!! And so, I want to thank you in one of the best ways possible: through sincere recommendations of other blogs!!! These people are inspiring, kind, cool, hilarious, and have overall 1000000/10 blogs :)))

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Step Away pt.2 {Peter Parker}

Summary : Pt.1, you like Peter and Peter likes you but your best friend likes him so you decided to step away. Peter knew what you were doing so he make a plan.

Pairings : Peter Parker x Reader

Words : 700+

Tag : @aussie-mantle

A/n : Not my best work, I ran out of ideas.

I was busy trying to find my text books that I didn’t realized that my best friend was calling me. I continued to search for my books until somebody tap my shoulder causing me to turn around. For some reason chill ran down my spine when I see her. She looked mad but also calm at the same time.

“Hey,” I greeted her nicely.

“Why haven’t Peter asked me to be his girlfriend yet?” Was the first thing she said to me that morning. I don’t know how to answer her, the other night I texted Peter telling him that it would be better if he gets back with my best friend, he did read it but he didn’t reply which was odd. But then again why would he answer a girl who rejected him.

“I’m not sure.. I talked to him last night.” I half lied.

“You talk to him as in, telling him that he’s better off with me and not you right?” There was anger in her voice. I nodded me lightly, looking at her.

“Then why hasn’t he ask me out yet!?” She whispered and yelled at the same time.

“I said I’m not sure (Y/b/n), he’s also not at school yet. I don’t think Peter’s the kind to ask a girl out by text, that’s just not him.” I tried my best to calm her down.

“Don’t act like you know him.” She said gritting her teeth. “If he doesn’t ask me out by lunch, I think you know what’s going to happen.” She sneered before she walked away. I don’t get why she wanted him so much, like yes he was kind, sweet and smart but there are other guys like him. But then I realized that nobody can replace him, he was too special. I felt bad for her since she thought that boys are so important to her especially in high school. I don’t like the fact that she’s going to end our friendship just because she wants Peter. No matter how strong the friendship is boys will always be the second strongest thing.

I sighed heavily before I walked off the my class. I swear to god, I have to find Peter after class, no matter how nice of a guy Peter is, I need to protect my friendship with my best friend even if she’s changed. I walked into my English class and spotted Peter right away. I walked over to his table and called his name. “Peter.”


“You have to get back with (y/b/n), I’m begging you.”

“I can’t force my feelings (Y/n)”

“You can try,”

“You know I can’t (Y/n), you tried to hide your feelings but that never work, even the coldest most numbest person can’t do that.” There went my hope.

The day went by quickly, Peter still wouldn’t ask my best friend to be his girlfriend, I guess this is the end of our friendship. We sat on our table again in our so called squad that is slowly falling apart, Michelle and Ned were trying to hold all of the broken pieces together. They tried to make conversation that we all could talk about but we weren’t having it.

“(y/n)…” This is it. “I need to talk to you for a second,”(Y/b/n) said, standing up there was a hint of anger in her voice once again.

“Uh okay,” I said, rising up from my chair.

“Talk about what?” Peter butt in.

“Our friendship,” my best friend answered honestly.

“Then we all should be in the conversation.” Peter continued to stop us. I glared at him but he ignored me.

“Peter.. don’t right now.” I mumbled. He glanced at me and shook his head, I swear to god everybody knew what he was up to. Michelle and Ned stopped their conversation as they studied us.

“I meant as in friendship between me and (Y/n).” She glanced at Peter her eyes turning cold.

“If this is about you ending your friendship with her then that’s dumb,” Peter said as polite as possible. He was glaring at her now.

“Let’s take this outside,” Michelle said as we packed our bags and walked out. As soon as we’re outside the school building we stood in a small circle.

“Guys, seriously this is nothing serious.” You tried to lighten the situation.

“Stop playing nice (Y/n), we all know that you want Peter for yourself.” (Y/b/n) glared dagger into my direction.

“No I don’t like him,” I lied through my teeth.

“Stop being so fake, we know you tricked peter into liking you because you’re jealous of him.”

“(y/b/n) stop, you’re the fake one here,” Ned stepped in.

“So she tricked you too,”

“Nobody tricked anybody, okay? and if you haven’t (Y/b/n) we all knew that (Y/n) liked Peter first, but she stepped back because she’s a good friend,” Michelle said, crossing her arms.

“And for the record, I only went out with you because I wanted to get over (Y/n) because she rejected me and that’s all because of you.” Peter pointed at her.

“So you basically used me, what a jerk.” She spat out her words.

“At least we’re not the ones who would end friendships because we’re desperate for love.” Michelle said. At that moment I felt loved, all of my true friends were defending me. She scoffed instead of actually saying something back.

“You’re the bad guy here, not (Y/n). I heard your conversations yesterday.” Somehow he remember everything, “Every fucking time I hang out with him, all he talks about is you! Why can’t you be a good friend for once, I can’t even have a boyfriend. You need to back the fuck up okay? He’s mine not yours. You can’t have him. If he doesn’t come back to me by tomorrow I’m not going to be your friend anymore. Stop being a slut, you don’t need every boy’s attention.”

Peter stopped for a second looking at our reaction. Before he added, “And I’m sure that she’s not a slut, and for your fact (Y/n) is one of the most loyal friend I’ve ever have so why don’t you be a good friend?”

“I know right, (Y/n) stepped away for you she was always there for you and you never appreciate her.” Ned said.

“Guys, this is not he-” But Peter stopped me.

“Nope, don’t even try to protect her right now,” Peter turned to look at me sternly. “You know what, if you think that I would go back to you then you’re less smarter than I thought. Now that I see the real you I don’t even want to be your friend. You are selfish, you never helped any of us.” Peter said with all of his honesty as Ned and Michelle nodded in agreement.

Now that I think about it, my real friends are right. She was never really there for more it was always me who was always helping her. When I was going through some stuff it was them who helped me not (y/b/n).

“And you actually think that she actually likes you? You’re pathetic Peter.” She said. Peter turned to look at me once again with hope in his eyes once again.

“(Y/n), tell me the truth. Do you like me.” Peter asked as smiles found themselves on Michelle and Ned’s face. I stood still kind of shock. I swallowed the lump in my throat, I have to do one thing for me at least for once, everything was always for my best friend, now it was my turn.

“Y-yes I do,” As Peter grinned before he opened his arms for me to hug. “I always have.”

“Will you be my girlfriend? No more stepping back.” He asked as he rested his head on mine. I nodded into his chest, I heard Michelle and Ned cheering as my ex best friend scoffed before she stomped away.

“Guess she’s on h er own,” I heard Ned.

I pulled away to look at her, my smile disappeared. I felt bad for her knowing that she have no one by her side now.

“Don’t feel bad,babe. She deserved it,” Peter placed a kissed on your forehead as I blushed at his word.

“They’re finally together,” Michelle said.

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Claire slept with Frank not even a year after she left Jamie though

She was sure Jamie was dead. Sure. She wasn’t like Jamie, who still had hope to see her again until Ellen’s Tower, she knew she wasn’t going to see him again. Can you blame her for trying to move on? Because I can’t. Besides, only because she tried it doesn’t mean it worked as we all saw. She spent 20 years in love with a ghost, a love that made it impossible for her to try to fix her marriage even in the sexual way…. and that’s quite tragic, to me at least.

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Do you actually think the new song could belong to jasper? because I think like many people that hte song is for lapis because you made a good point that jasper is trapped but lapis was trapped for far longer than jasper

id like to hope its jasper’s!!! but i wouldnt at all be surprised if it was someone else’s, too. obviously ive basically always got jasper on the mind, so when i saw the lyrics i immediately associated it with her and fit the lyrics into her story.

more extensive thoughts on this under the cut! (if theres any confusion, this is about the tags i put on my reblog of this post)

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Theory Time

Hey holly! I’ve had this theory for a while but I was too unsure of it to ask. The reason is that there are many holes in this theory however with TRR2 coming out this friday I thought it would be fun to share this theory as a fun little thing with the fandom and get some opinions but I don’t have a huge audience or at least I can’t reach out better than you so I am hoping you can share this with the world: My theory is that Queen Regina is MC’s mother and the traitor.

 I know crazy. Now hear me out. We know absolutely NOTHING about MC. Like literally nothing about her except we know she comes from NY. Even in Hero, we know about their parentage and etc. We usually always get a little indication of the persons home/family life. The only other person we don’t get a background from is LoveHacks MC, she is also part of the theory. 

Because we know nothing about MC, we assume oh, we can make it up. But usually PB will give us some blocks to hold onto so we can build upon that foundation, they help us. Because it has to be brought up somewhere in the story, or else that will be weird. This time, along with LoveHacks, we get nothing. Only that our MC was brought up in NY. 

So, usually, when there is no bakcground, one will assume the person grew up an orphan. It seems odd that MC left NY in a spur of the moment, she didn’t even tell anyone. Why is that? Did she not have any family that would worry about her? Possibly some friends? Like I am astounded the MC left without a care. But this would only make sense if MC herself had no family. 

Same with LoveHacks MC. Why so simillar? Because they are twins. 

yes, my theory is that LoveHacks MC and TRR MC are sisters. 

Why else would PB give us the same EXACT faces/hairstyles to choose from in both books? Did anyone also not notice that LoveHacks MC is also from NY? Mark went to NY to study, met his gf who was also from NY, met MC, became friends, after a graduating MC gets an offer in SF which is where her friend went back to. 

It would most likely seem that our two MC’s were connected in some way. Because we also never get a background except that she is also from NY. Coincidence? I think not. 

I mean, what kind of parents wouldn’t call at least once a month, not even a week, a month, to ask how their child is doing in a state on the other side of the country? This also means that LoveHacks MC was an orphan. 

Now, to Queen Regina. 

We know that she didn’t marry Constantine until Liam was maybe 6-7 years old( because he can still remember her), Leo being in his early teens. 12-13. 

But before that, what did she do? 

She was in court obviously. Otherwise she wouldn’t be queen.  But court members often have to go to other countries or whatnot. 

But realize this. 

It is likely that both Constantine and Regina, due to white hair and wrinkles, are in their 60′s, climbing up to 70′s. This means that Regina married Constantine when she was in her 30′s to 40′s. 

That is old. I’m sorry, but when a court lady marries at that age, oubviously it usually isn’t her first marriage. This is due to constant pressure of having children, bonds, etc. I’m not saying its bad, but in the eyes of the nobles, it is. With Bertrand we see that he is lonely and all that but men usually, not stereotyping, don’t have as much pressure as women do. Because unlike women, men can have children even when they are in their 60′s to 70′s. (cough cough, donald trump, cough cough). So unless if Bertrand has infertility, he still has time to get an heir/wife. 

Regina must have a past before Constantine. One thing nobles like to do is travel. A lot travel to NY for some odd reason, although that is where a lot of national things are held so yeah…but anyways, it would make sense for her to go there. Now NY is very diverse, very, very diverse. We get this from the many races we are offered to be our MC. Regina will most have likely met a foreign man, american to asian to latino, and fell for him. Oubviously he was not of noble status so it would have been scandolous. The two fell for each other, married, and had daughters. Two daughters, twins. Regina was told she couldn’t have children so this was a miracle. 

She kept going back to Cordonia to visit court but kept her life under wraps. No one knew she was even married. She was involved with court, and political matters as well. 

She stayed with her daughters until the queen passed away, Liam’s mother. She was next in line for marrying Constantine. Heart broken, she had to leave them so they wouldn’t get caught up in the messy world of politics. 

Somewhere along the way, the father dies ( or just leaves them), leaving the two girls all alone in the big city.  Regina kept tabs on them, knowing who they were. She secretly helped her distressed daughters who were put into foster care. She helped send at least one of them to university while the other had rough times. Both were intelligent, but TRR MC just had no way of paying her tuition. Regina wanted to help but it was hard to send money without Constantine knowing or Bastien. So she helped her find a stable job as a waitress. Secretly. 

However she was shocked to see MC in Cordonia in line to marry her step-son Liam. This was heart wrenching. Incestuous to her. She couldn’t allow this to happen. Her daughter would not marry Liam. 

She tries to make things hard for her but she realizes MC is stubborn and hardworking. She wouldn’t give up. 

So, she brings in someone she didn’t want to bring in. Madeline. 

She knew Madeline was thirsty for the crown. She was a snake noble worthy of brining her daughter down, softly though. 

Time and time again Regina realizes there is no real way to discourage MC. She knows MC cares for the prince, (this applies whether or not he is your LI) and the only way to scare her away, is to hurt her. By hurting Liam. 

She, gets Madeline to talk to Tariq and set up a trap. She doesn’t want to know because she knows she will try to stop it. 

So when the day comes, Regina see’s the type of trap Madeline set for MC, her heart is broken, but she must put on an act. 

And that is my theory. It’s long, sorry, but I put a ton of thought into this. Though I know it isn’t true I just though it would fun to share theories before TRR2 comes out. Hope you enjoyed this :D 

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Can you rec any good lance blogs? And maybe not klance ones. I like klance but sometimes all I see in lance's tag is klance and idk I love him more than just him in a ship.

first of all ily anon god bless your soul because this is what it means to truly love a character

secondly… the best blog i can think of that posts lance-only (and ship-free) content is @lancenetwork but trust me it’s a quality blog that’s equivalent to like a dozen lance blogs and it’s run by amazing people who love lance almost as much as i do and it’s constantly updated whenever some lance content is posted. oh and there’s also @safelance which is also another blog dedicated to lance and only lance. hope this helps and thank you for loving lance for who he is as an individual. i really hope that at least most of the fandom feels the same way because nobody deserves to be reduced to just a part of a relationship

A public marriage proposal is like a surprise party but the stakes are a billion times higher because if the other person isn’t into it you don’t just have to be awkward for an hour and then go home and have a conversation along the lines of “yeah I’m not actually into that please don’t do that again”, it means, like, potentially breaking someone’s heart and/or ending a serious relationship in front of a fucking audience, or making a major, life-changing commitment when you’ve been put on the spot in a really intense way. The idea gives me hives! You wouldn’t even make a commitment to purchase a CAR without talking it over with your spouse - or at least, I hope you wouldn’t - so why would you create such a situation around an even bigger commitment than that? idgi

First Love (Lance x Reader)

Requested by: @intp-madness
“Can you do a Lance x shy! Bookish! Reader”

Summary: This takes place at the Garrison before Voltron. It starts with the first contact and then moves to different stages until you’re actually a couple. (There are a lot of skips… I usually hate skips but I thought this was a good idea)

Note: I hope it’s at least slightly what you imagined 🙈💙

Today was the day. Lance would finally make a move. He was prepared and looking good. Nothing could go wrong. Well, you could reject him and the other could laugh and you were so beautiful and Lance wasn’t even worth– no! He got this. Lancy Lance could do this!
He pushed all negative thoughts away like he always did and walked past you.
You were sitting on your usual spot, away from the crowds of students with a book in your hands.
Lance took a moment to admire your beauty, how soft and smart you looked.
Lance couldn’t understand you were such a… loner, and neither could he understand that he needed a year to actually notice you were in the majority of his classes.

He took a deep breath. You remind me of an overdue library book, cause you got Fine written all over you. He had practiced to say those words in the mirror for two hours. He could do it.

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Still on hiatus? I miss fuzz's silliness.

((Hi, Nonnie, and I am terribly, terribly sorry for the hiatus and overall backlog I have there :(
Sadly can’t say, that I am returning for long, but I will do my best to answer stuff at least once a week or so, as soon as my current obsession with Dark Souls world and IRL things like my studying. 

But I am really happy to know, that my silliness was something you people were enjoying I am can only hope to provide it for you again in future!))

ALRIGHT because i feel like it, mind if i just throw out some things i kinda want to see in the future of Hiveswap? too bad im doin it here we go.

    - im hoping we’ll get to play as trizza here and there. maybe in some post-act intermissions?? if it is through intermissions here’ how i think it might go down: Act 2 Trizza-intermission: you play as her before/during Act 1, Act 3 intermission you play as her during Act 2, etc. even if this intermission idea doesn’t happen, im still hoping we get to learn more about her by actually playing as her.

    - possible Homestuck soundtrack references?? like, example, joey could be ascending a building during a tense moment, and you hear the Upward Movement motif in the song, at least parts of it.

   - this ties in to the previous thing in a way but ARENA STICKBALL!!! will we ever get to play it??? I wouldn’t mind if it was a non-canon minigame i just want to play it. if it does happen, i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s hints of English or any other Felt songs in the theme.

   - we’ve known since around 2015(when hiveswap was in it’s 3D phase) that Joey will obtain a troll disguise. We’ve even seen her fake horns. but: will we have control over customization??? that would be amazing, being able to decide on joey’s troll symbol, horns, and possibly even a false blood color!

   - okay, getting my hopes up for Act 4, but some sort of epilogue where we can play as various characters from the entire series, and see how events changed them, and maybe even hear their opinions on joey/other associated trolls??

   - the ability to use your flashlight on objects without the message “nope dont wanna wear the batteries out.” i mean come on are we really wasting batteries by smacking stuff with it? i wanna see some smashlight action (yes i did just make a flashlight pun)

and as of right now i think thats it. (i didnt mention anything about the portal because we know answers will be uncovered(at least regarding the alternian portal, the earth one we just have to wait until hauntswitch starts))

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5 and 10! :3

This will also answer @synapticrelay and @alternativesaga lol.

1 was answered here

5. Do you practice other styles/have you tried other styles in the past?

I’m currently working on these styles/techniques.

(though working on a single layer still spooks me heheh.)

10. What do you like most about your art?

I’m honestly not sure. I guess how they can alternate between hard to soft.

Still experimenting of course. 

11. What do you like least about your art?

I can’t draw character’s consistently. Especially my Ocs. I’m not sure if you guys see the same thing I do. But It literally drives me insane. 

just…WHO THE-


 (I really hope you guys see the difference, or else I probably look insane right now lol) 

17. What would you absolutely refuse to draw? 

(Im just gonna copy and paste from my other ask. My answer wasn’t too long)

Child porn is waaaay up there. Extreme violence towards children (specification: I would never draw it unless it is connected to a plot/narrative. Good example being Berserk. It’s their for a purpose in the plot, not for freaks to jerk off to dead kids. Bad example being Elfin Lied. Dead kids, child rape, naked children all for the sake of shock value and emotional manipulation. I will NEVER draw stuff like that.)

Just morally abhorrent things in general I wont draw. Especially involving children.

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Hey Nick, out of curiousity, whenever the next draogn age is announced, is there anything in particular you'd be interested in it having? Personally I'm hoping at least for playable city elves again, and... better camera work for dwarves and qunari if both are palyable as well (qunari being more in doubt)

Yesss, I’d also much prefer city elves. I’ve never been much into the Dalish, and city elves are fascinating and easy for me to connect with. I’d also much prefer if a human PC had, like, no connection to nobility whatsoever. There are a lot of theories that we’re going to be starting as a slave in Tevinter and I REALLY want that, and it’d be a lot better if you didn’t have, like, a secret rich family waiting for you in the Free Marches or something.

A very small gameplay detail I’ve always wanted to make it into a DA game is something where the PC always takes up the exact same amount of space on the screen no matter the race. So like, if you’re a dwarf, the camera is zoomed in enough to where you just look like a human with different proportions, and then everybody else is just really big. If you’re in a room full of other dwarves, someone unfamiliar with the game might not even notice because the camera would be low enough to where it just looks normal. It’d also help with immersion a lot, if everybody just looked bigger. And obviously, the opposite would go for qunari.

Also I just… really want a good villain. Loghain, the Arishok, and Meredith were all reeeeally close, but fell short in some way or another. Loghain’s story ends before the finale for most players, the Arishok’s ends at the end of the story’s second act, and Meredith gets that good ol’ switcheroo where, instead of her complex political opinions motivating her, it was the mysterious magical artifact manipulating her the whole time!!!! And then she randomly turns into an evil golemancer for some reason and everything goes to shit and it’s a lot of… well, in Varric’s words, “weird shit.”

DA keeps getting so close but missing the mark only slightly. I just really want them to really focus on the antagonist as a foil for the player. Especially after Corypheus, who just spends half of Inquisition monologuing, and the other half just LOSING. He loses ground, and soldiers, and… god. He comes off like such a chump.

Also I just want sidequests to come back. I’m so Tired of collecting 10 rabbit ears, or escorting someone’s lost pet, or clearing out a cave full of hostiles. The Witcher 3 and Horizon: ZD have fucking spoiled me, and I want that level of quality in games like Dragon Age. Sidequests shouldn’t be menial tasks, they should use the game mechanics to tell a story–not through walls of text in journal entries and codex pages, but through characters and dialogue. Hell, they can even get away with those bland quest designs as long as they make them interesting with characters, cutscenes, and choices. And twists!! What happened to the twists?? Have a farmer send us on a quest to kill a blood mage, only to have us discover–if we try to take nonviolent means–that the blood mage is using their blood magic to heal the sick from an illness sweeping the countryside!! Reveal that the farmer KNOWS this, but didn’t tell you because blood magic is illegal and he’s a Good, Maker-Fearing Chantry Man who’d rather let people shit themselves to death than let a blood mage go free!! Who would your character side with? How would they resolve the situation? Did you talk the farmer down, simply refuse to do anything, or kill the blood mage anyway? No matter what you do, shit can still happen! The blood mage might kill the farmer, or the farmer might call in templars to kill the blood mage AND you, or the spreading illness might become a plague, whomst fucking knows, just anything’s better than another “hey, this guy is causing Real Problems, go and kill him,” and then you do, and then it’s over.

Second-to-last, I’m tired of being The Chosen One. I really love the concept of Hawke; just some fucking kid and their friends absolutely ruin a city by getting swept up into all its bullshit. Lemme be someone without the touch of fate. And if I fall into shit by accident, please, Maker, don’t make my foot the key to stopping an apocalypse, and don’t put an Old God’s one weakness in my bones. When I do shit, I wanna do it because I earned it. Lemme be a hero by circumstance, not by fate.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least… Maevaris Tilani as a companion, voiced by Jamie Clayton. Boom, mic drop, not even proofreading


I don’t even know where to start😶 or even what to say . Like after my last blog i wanted to give up on tumblr and now i’m happy i didn’t.😁 I would have never expected it to reach 1k followers, even less that i’d reach them in such short time. And that i’d meet such great people.😊

So I’d like to thank each one of you for supporting me and my blog and making me happy while doing so.❤❤❤❤❤ I hope i made you happy at least once with my André Silva content. And even tho i’ll be very busy rn with uni and all i’ll do my best to keep u updated and not make you regret following me😅

Also i’d like to use this occasion to thank my lovely friends

  • Bambi (@drevalentesilva ) the first girl i talked to on this blog. Thank you for being so amazing, for listening to my ramblings about everything that comes on my mind😂 and for being here for me❤
  • Mya (@b1ggestf4n) my girll who knows the struggles of starting uni just like me. You’re a great friend and i hope you do well at uni and meet lost of new people(and don’t miss home so much) I promise i will always post pictures of dre to cheer you up when you’re sad😆💙
  • Niki( @anddresilva) my south side neighbour.😄 I know our countries don’t like each other much but yeah that isn’t a problem for us. I know we only met recently but you’re so nice and i like talkig to you.💚 (also good luck at uni too😌)
  • Shamss( @here-for-the-isco ) my girll. I mean after all she’s Dré’s mom😏 and i’m his wife I love her posts and especially her responses to ask which are the bestt.👌 Also, we should let everyone know who the prince of Portugal is😆
  • Gloria (@gloria13 ) sadly we haven’t really talked but you seem very nice and i like your blog a lot. And also your country😋Pretty much the best AC Milan blog here.🔴⚫
  • @darth-bale and shamss thanks for promoting me yesterday😅💟
  • Natalie (@buerking38 ) a really kind girl who reblogs all my posts haha😆 i hope we talk again soon
  • My anons- Look I’m really really happy when i get asks but i hope i don’t disappoint u with my answers so i love you sm and feel free to ask me anything💜

But also I love each one of my followers and know that you can start a conversation with me anytime

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Honestly if lances vlog is about flirting and hunks about food , the favoritism is going to be so blatant . I hope lance at least mentions his insecurities but they only view him as a goof and the same for hunk.

you KNOW it’s just gonna be “joke joke flirt joke” and hunks is gonna be “joke food food goof” like? im so sad…

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Today was my birthday. Thanks for all the lovely Norman pics and for putting up with lots to run this blog. You've always been fair about other mod but I'm with you, there was nothing good about that cdan post. I haven't seen it lately, but I'm certain it didn't get better. Saw that DK is getting her heddy Lamar miniseries made. I like that she has her own life/career separate from NR. He seems to like and support strong independent women. That is a good thing!❤️

I am so sorry we missed your birthday! I hope you had a super day! I LOVE runnging this blog awesome people like you are what make this so much fun. I am so proud of her for getting what I think is one of her first directing gigs. In the future guys if you let me know it is your birthday I would love to at least send a special birthday wish your way.


Updated tutorial? My advise is – use references! All those hands were drawn from the references, photos and life. There’s also loads of useful tutorials on drawing hands that explain how hands work. It’s your job to understand the anatomy and find a way of constructing hands that’s easy for you. And thank you! :)