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Aaahh all the prompts you reblog are so cute - can we just send you some, or rather not..? > < if you want to, number 2 from the 'I love you' prompt list... or number 22. ^-^ (Killugon, of course, and because you write them so so well)

Thank you!!! I’m not really sure how requests and prompts work either, to be honest ^^; I write every day so if you send me a prompt that’s just what I end up working on that day.

Those prompts were beautiful, thank you so much for sending them to me <3 Today was hard so I needed this. I chose 2 (With a hoarse voice, under the blankets), canon universe aged up killugon. I hope you like it!


“Mmm?” Gon hummed. He kept his eyelids closed; the sensation of warmth, lying on a soft mattress and under a mountain of blankets, the coolness of Killua’s cool fingers as he traced random shapes into the top of Gon’s hand…it all felt too nice to open them. He just wanted to stay here forever in this bed, basking in quiet happiness with the person who mattered more to him than anyone el-

“I love you.”

Gon’s eyes flew open wide to meet steady blue ones.

He stared at Killua, and Killua stared back. Killua’s normally pale cheeks were rosy, but his eyes didn’t at all waver from Gon’s.

For a moment, neither of them spoke.

“I never told you before, have I?” Killua whispered hoarsely, mouth twisting in regret.

“I- you, you never had too,” Gon stammered out, because it was the truth. He knew Killua loved him. He didn’t need Killua to confirm it because he knew how easily flustered Killua got over little stuff like that, but actually hearing Killua say it out loud…it had a strange effect on Gon. His heart hammered in his chest, like it wanted to take off, and he throat felt tight enough that he struggled to breathe.

Killua made a pained expression. “That doesn’t matter. You say it to me all the time.”

“It’s, um, easier for me. I think. You’re still getting used to being in a relationship, so it’s okay that you didn’t…”

Killua squeezed his eyes shut. “Maybe. But, I still.” He took a deep breath. “I still want to say it.”

“You already did,” Gon said softly. He reached out to brush a lock of white hair out of Killua’s face, but Killua caught Gon’s hand before he could get there.

“No.” Killua slid his hand against Gon’s calloused one, interlocking their fingers. He gazed at their hands like it was something wondrous to behold and Gon let out a ragged breath.

“There’s more,” Killua murmured. “There’s so, so much more than that, Gon. I love…I love your hands, the way they fit mine so easily, how you never mind holding them even after everything I’ve used them for. I love that you don’t run from me for what I’ve done, but stay because of who I am now.”

He shifted his gaze to Gon’s face. His eyes swept over Gon’s features with an intensity that made Gon’s toes curl.

Killua moved slightly to free his other arm. He let his hand hover over Gon’s chin-nose-forehead-mouth, his touch so feather light that Gon could barely feel it.

“I love,” Killua began hoarsely as he rested his palm against Gon’s cheek. “I love your freckles because I didn’t know they were there until the first time we kissed. I love your stupid spiky hair, how soft it is when I run my fingers through it. I love your smile, especially when it’s directed at me. You-”

His voice cracked and he stopped, blinking furiously. Gon hesitated, then opened his mouth to say- well, anything, because the way Killua was talking made his eyes sting and-

Killua lurched forward and kissed him, stopping his words before they could leave his mouth.

When he pulled away, he stayed within an inch of Gon’s face. The only thing Gon could see were those two, stunning cerulean eyes. They shone like gems as Killua gazed down at him.

“I love your smile,” Killua finished in a whisper. “Because when you smile at me, you make me feel like I’m more than my past and all the horrible things I’ve done.”

Gon croaked out, “You are so much more than that, Killua. You really, really are.”

Killua’s lips lifted. “I know. And it’s because of you that I know that. You make me want to be better, do more, see everything I can lay my eyes on…you’re the one who’s inspired me to do all of that. You make me whole, Gon Freecss.”

Gon’s throat really was burning, now. He swallowed. “Killua. Why- why are you saying all of this so suddenly? You’re not in trouble, or sick, or-”

Killua laughed at that, a breathless and beautiful sound.

“No, I’m fine.” He grinned, eyes shining. “I’m more then fine; I’m happy. I’m in love with my best friend, how could I not be?”

Killua leaned down so their foreheads were pressed against each other. Gon let his eyes flutter shut and inhaled the scent that was Killua- the fragrance of his clothes, the faint trace of chocolate, and his strawberry shampoo that Gon had bought just yesterday.

“I’m telling you this because if anything were to ever happen to me,” Killua said. “I want you to remember two things: that together we did great things, and that I loved you.”

Gon’s heart throbbed. He gripped Killua’s hand tight enough for it to hurt and muttered darkly, “You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying here, with me.”

Killua snorted quietly. “Obviously. But, this is something I need you to remember, no matter what we face in the future. Can you do that for me?”

“I think so,” Gon said, trying to ignore the slight tremor in his own voice. “Together, we do great things…”

“…and I love you,” Killua finished with a tight smile.

“We love each other,” Gon corrected and the slanted edges of Killua’s crinkled upwards.

“We love each other,” he agreed and Gon wasted no time in tugging the pale teen into his arms, cradling Killua to his heart like he would never, ever let go.

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I have such ideas about all these prompts I just reblogged but especially this one: 

We had sex at the office party but we’re both workaholics so we don’t normally date

Like, Coliver + college!AU:

  • Connor and Oliver both are interns for some huge ass company somewhere.
  • They hit it off at the Welcome New Summer Interns party the company throws (and by ‘hit it off’ I, of course, mean they have super hot sex).
  • The next day, the whole group of new interns meets up for formal orientation. Connor waves at Oliver from across the way. Oliver blushes and rubs the back of his neck before nodding a little, trying to play it cool. 
  • They go off with their respective groups for the rest of training. Connor with the pre-law group and Oliver with the computer engineers. 
  • Checking over his shoulder for his new boss, Connor whips out his phone on the sly to text Oliver. “Drinks tonight?” Oliver texts back an okay with a smiley face and Connor can’t stop grinning the rest of the day. 
  • But then Oliver has to cancel, “Can’t do drinks. Working late.”
  • Connor responds, “Was just going to text you too. I’m here all night too.”
  • They reschedule for the next night but that falls through too. Then it’s the weekend, then the Friday after that. After that, they don’t even bother trying to reschedule.

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( It’s 9 AM and I haven’t slept yet and my face is still slightly swollen from wisdom teeth surgery, but ayyyy it’s your resident meme boy here to say thank you!! I am truly grateful and blessed to have so many people love and support this blog. What was supposed to be just a little side thing turned into a big thing?? All thanks to you all!! I hope you don’t cringe as much as I did watching/editing this video, but thank you again! :‘0 <333 )