i hope you are happy right now ;_;


You write your own music as well. What does it sound like right now? It changes, depending on when I wrote the song. When I first started writing, I was very cynical and very jaded. But as I grew up and found love, it’s grown much more optimistic and hopeful. Lately, I’ve written more happy. When I was single and sad because so and so didn’t like me, or I wasn’t feeling successful, a lot of stuff came out in negative tone and vibe. It was kind of a purge, a way to get it out. Life isn’t perfect, but things are a whole lot of better.

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Hi Olivia. I am screaming at how good the SDCC was for us. But I am terrified of Bellamy pairing up with someone. I like angst but I really hope they do Bellarke justice. But anyway, when Bellamy hears that message from Clarke, he will drop the fling for Clarke.

I could be wrong but I saw someone saying that Bob laughed and said ‘no’ when someone asked him about Becho yesterday. Anyway I’d be okay with Bellamy getting with somebody because I know that Bellarke is endgame. Bellamy doesn’t even know Clarke is alive right now, can you imagine how freaking happy he’ll be when he sees Clarke again? No one else will matter to him. Also THAT SIZZLE REEL? WAS BLARKE AF? We’ll be okay guys.

also i just wanted to say that i love all my followers and mutuals and myfitnesspal friends youre all so kind and sweet and i hope you all get through your tough times right now and find happiness ilysm   ❤️ ❤️

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Thank you so much for your post about the lyrics to BTY. It's exactly what I needed to read right now. Of course I think Dan is mostly full of bs, but I'm not going to lie. After his article/video I was having my doubts about so many things. I do support Louis but it's just hard right now. F is almost 18 months old and we're still made to believe he's Louis' kid. Then after Louis gave a soft denial to Larry. *sigh* I just wanted to thank you for that post. It's what I needed right now! Xo

I appreciate your words! When there are dark days in the fandom, I try to remember that Louis has always been considerate of his fans, and always made small gestures to take care of us. His reassurances have meant a lot. Which is why I worry about him. I hope he’s eating and sleeping well. Hope he finds his sweet happiness.


So some beautiful little angel is turning 21 right now! @mckennabug happy birthday beautiful! You’re so gorgeous and so so so amazing I love you so much you’re always there to make me smile and you always have my back! I hope I can be half as amazing loving and caring as you I hope you have an amazing birthday and have all the fun you can! I love you so much

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Hey, Daddy, how's it going? Hope everything is just fine as you deserve it to be.

(I’m narrowing my eyes at you and you know why!)

It is very nice right now. I’ve enjoyed a glass of wine with my mother and I’m about to put my kids to bed. My father’s birthday is tomorrow and I’m excited about helping make his cake. You what is funny, he loves cherry chocolate cake and I’m so happy! 

We are using real cherries in it with cream cheese frosting that my mother is making herself. It should be delicious! 

I hope everything is going very wonderfully with you! I always appreciate your asks. 

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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY IF I COULD DRINK I WOULD BUT I CAN'T SO YOU SHOULD DRINK FOR ME ALSO I'M SO EXCITED WOW HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN Also hope you liked your gifts I barely got the moodboard done in time but IT HAPPENED you deserve all the rare pair content and happiness hope you get it all yay (this ask is a mess it's fine I'm fine)

lmao i’m drinking…..for everyone let’s just all be Really Real right now like i skipped the regular sized cups i am drinking out of a mason jar


Why are people not happy rn? How is the Flash writers doing Iris dirty when she’s the LEADER of team flash? I don’t get it. Yes, her journalism is taking a back seat right now but I still have hope that we’re going to get an arc. People need to stop looking at the negative and look at the positive because its exhausting trying to keep up with you guys. 

happy pride month especially to those who can’t be open offline and to their friends and family due to choice, personal safety, etc. i love all of you and i hope you have a wonderful pride month 🌈🌈🌈

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!

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So, im gay. But I'm only 12 so most people dont believe me and are like "Its just a phase" but i know its not because being open and free to like who i like has made me the happiest ive ever been. What do i do?

First of all, I am hardly an expert on any of this, so please do not take my words as a final authority. But, I believe you’re the only person who knows you the best. No one else has authority over what you’re experiencing. For me, I started realizing I liked boys at around 8 or 9, and it was confusing but I was also alone and had no one to bounce my experience off of. And also, who you like is not a set thing. It can always change and shift, so if you identify as gay right now, that’s awesome! If that’s not how you identify later in life, that’s great too! Sexuality can be fluid. There’s no pressure and however you identify as at a certain time, that’s valid cause you know you best. If this identity is bringing you the most happiness, it sounds like that’s the thing to listen to, but again, I don’t have authority to say. Proud of you for being unafraid to openly start asking questions about this. The journey in figuring yourself out never truly ends! I hope no one pressures you in any way in determining your own identity!

Aries: Make up your mind. Do what you want to do not what everyone else thinks you should do.
Taurus: Time leaves funny marks on the future. Plans change and go awry. But I hope you’re happy with how it all turned out for you.
Gemini:  You’re growing so much on your own. Even if I can’t be a part of it, I am so happy for you. You’re doing great.
Cancer: Trauma makes you stronger. Wear your scars like fucking battle armor. You’re a god damn hero.
Leo: Nothing will change if you keep sitting silently and letting everything pass you by. Grab opportunity. Scream at the top of your lungs. Make a change.
Virgo:I hope wherever you are, you’ve found some kind of peace with yourself. That the pain you were in while you were is finally calm. That all the storms have passed.
Libra: Build in yourself first. The future doesn’t need to concern right now, focus on getting through the next 24 hours before you think of the next 24 years.
Scorpio: You’ve waged a good war. But clinging to something that’s cutting into your palms isn’t doing anyone any favors. Let go. As hard as it is, Let go.
Sagittarius: We’re about to start the greatest adventure there is in life. I hope you get everything you deserve and it makes up for all the pain in your past.
Capricorn:  Stop trying to destroy what you see in the mirror. There is no prince coming to save you. There is no hero here just you. You can be your own fucking savior.
Aquarius: Don’t be scared to take new risks. Jump. The only chances people regret are the ones they don’t take.
Pisces: Stay steady. Don’t fall of the path you’re so dedicated too just because of the shine in someone else’s eyes.
—  This Weeks Zodiac

[ See you in August.]

V ROUTE CONFIRMED PEOPLE! I can’t help but ditch my responsibilities for a while to doodle this bae :’)) I’m too happy right now I can’t wait for August to come! Thank you @cheritzteam for the surprise! Ahh I’m overwhelmed;;

Let’s make MM fandom great again \(*  7 * )/

Since today is Benedict’s birthday, I thought to share my story.

So, there it is.

I’m an Italian girl studying in London, and the important thing about this, is that Benedict Cumberbatch brought me there.

I started watching Sherlock three years ago, and the problem was that it didn’t just become my favorite tv show ever, but it also changed my life in a significant way.

I was already familiar with the Sherlock Holmes movies, but when I saw Benedict’s version, I was completely blown away, because I had never been impressed by an actor in that way before. I started reading the novels, I fell in love with the English Literature and theatre, I fell in love with London and everything related to that city.
Since that moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that my country may not have been the right choice for my future.

Therefore, two years later I sent my application for a university in London, and it was accepted. Then, on September 2016, I left Italy, my family, my friends, and everything that had been part of my life up to that point. It was one of the most frightening and challenging moments of my life. And so were the following weeks, because I kept feeling out of place and lost, and I missed my family.

Then something happened.
Benedict was announced as guest at the Sherlock convention two days before the actual convention took place. Nobody was expecting that announcement.
I immediately bought a photo with him, using the money I received for my 18th birthday. For the first time since my departure, I was happy to be where I was, and for the first time I didn’t feel homesick.

That day was surreal. I didn’t eat or drink anything all day, the only thing I could think about was what to do or say once I’d reach him. My hearth had never beat faster.

After thinking and overthinking, I finally found the perfect phrase: six words, six simple words that would have summed up what he represented for me, so I kept repeating those six words in my head.

When the moment came, and once I entered the room, I had ten seconds to realize that the person who somehow brought me to that point of my life was right in front of me, smiling and posing for everybody. Everything else stopped, I don’t remember anything, I just remember looking at him and being happy.

When my turn came I said those six words out loud with my trembling voice.

“Thank you for being my inspiration”, I said to him.
He said a quick thank you before the picture was taken. But right after that, he looked at me in the eyes and said: “Thank you for telling me that”.

Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t know me at all, I was just a fan as everybody else, and yet he listened to me, he really listened to me and thanked me.

He was kind and nice, as you’d expect him to be.

I was completely overwhelmed.

Benedict Cumberbatch was the first person who made me feel at home in a city which wasn’t my own.
Is he simply an actor? Yes.
Does he know me? No.
Do I really know him? No.

And yet, in that day I felt truly happy for the first time since I had left my family.
In a moment when all I wanted to do was give up and go home, Benedict Cumberbatch was the only person who was able to make me feel like if I was in the right place, at the right moment, doing the right thing. So I didn’t give up, and now I’m about to begin my second year.

He inspires me everyday as an actor and as a human being, and there’s no way I could possibly explain my gratitude to this man, but I hope that one day I will be able to tell him how profound his impact on my life was.

So, happy birthday Benedict, you’re an extraordinary actor and a wonderful, wonderful person. You deserve the world and more 🎂 ♥️

I’m so sorry I loved you for so long. I’m so sorry I kept trying to hold onto you when it was obvious you didn’t want me in your life anymore. All you wanted was to be set free and I think I have finally learned to let you go. Not because I want to, but because you’re happy with out me. And all I ever wanted was to make you happy.
—  I’m sorry it took me so long

There’s no way I can know all of your circumstances, or your resolve. But for you to become number one without giving it your all, to completely reject your father… Right now, I think you should stop screwing around!

happy belated birthday selma!