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Stockholm Syndrome

Inspired by the song Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

Characters: Demon!Dean x Hunter!reader

Warnings:No plot, just SMUT. Swearing.

Tagging: @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnashley

A/N: Happy smut appreciation day/ smut apocalypse ! So exciting seeing everybody’s ideas and creativity. I was really inspired to write a demon!dean fic because he’s all I can think about lately. So I hope you all enjoy. Thank you for reading xx

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You weren’t going to lie- you had a thing for gorgeous bad guys and Dean Winchester was looking particularly delicious with his hands tied to the chair, his thighs apart, looking at you a smolder that could singe the clothes off your body.

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry this week didn't go so well and next week isn't looking good. I really hope it gets better. And maybe next week will pleasantly surprise you. Send love, hugs and well wishes <3

Ah, it’s all right, anon. I’m just in a bit of a funk lately, I guess. I’m trying not to let it affect the blog, but I’ve been falling down a bit on answering asks. I apologize for that. 

Thank you for your lovely message, though; I really appreciate it. :3 Well-wishes to you, too, friend. 

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hey guys your friendly neighbourhood lesbian here. While I have the immediate funds needed for my upcoming appointments, I have no money for food and my wheelchair desperately needs a service or it’s going to break. Servicing is $100 an hour, so probably about $400 needed for a full service. Food, I can get by without much of, but hunger exacerbates my left side weakness and puts me at a lot of risk for collapse and other things, ESPECIALLY problems with my heart that are bad enough and while I want to say I can push through it, I’m really worried about making it worse. If anyone can donate, that would be grand. My PayPal is ladycattenborough@Gmail.com – if you can’t donate, a reblog would be wholeheartedly appreciated. I hope one day I can pay back all the kindness complete strangers have shown me.


@kaarigw2 has some very adorable characters, it was a joy drawing them for you. 

If you’re interested in commissions, help me out!

I went to the hospital at the beginning of the year, and had to stay for a day and a half, which amounted to enough in bills to turniping stress me and my family out. The bills add up to around 900 dollars that I can’t pay. So I am opening up commissions in the hope that I can cover as much of it as possible.

I would turniping appreciate boosts and commissions. Donations can be made to my paypal. You can message me here or at my email ileshere@gmail.com. All sketches are digital, say no address in the purchase instead. Thank you.


hi everyone, i got out of surgery yesterday and i’m currently doing okay. I’d really appreciate any donations to my paypal (here) or gifts from my amazon wishlist (here). I’m dealing with a lot right now and any help or support is really helpful to me. In a month or so, i’ll try to open commissions again, and i hope to get back on my feet for a while, before my next surgery in may or june. thank you all so much for being there for me!


I love going into the thick guy appreciation tag because I’m not inundated with dick pics. I go to some of these other tags and its like Dick mine sweeper you keep clicking hoping you don’t land on the D. So S/O to the guys in the thick guy appreciation tag for being respectful and hot all at once..lol

-Mod M

I just wanna say..

Happy, happy 17th, out little dinosaur!
I hope your day goes on well and you get lots of love and appreciation, because you deserve everything that is positive. 
Don’t ever think that you’re not enough, and please don’t forget, that just because you can’t do something or fail in doing so, we’re not going to be either mad, nor disappointed in you. You’re still growing, and you’re going to go through many more hardships, but please don’t forget, that we’re all here for you, you can lean on us, and you can definitely count on each, and every one of us.
With that being sad, I wish you happiness, love and lots of opportunities to showcase your amazing talent. 


SOS my ship is sinking

I’m feeling very down. I’m losing faith and feeling like I can’t keep fighting canon.

It’s like the writers are slapping destiel shippers in the face with this Dean and Amara bullshit. I know that she’s love-raping him and he says he doesn’t love her back and wants her dead, but he also admits he can’t do it and she has some kind of hold on him that he “can’t explain.”

It’s like, even though I’ve given up hope on destiel becoming canon, Dean doesn’t even try to seek help from Cas anymore. You’re “best friend” is a fucking angel of the lord and you’re not going to keep him on speed dial? I wanna grab Dean by the shoulders and slap him in the face and tell him to fucking appreciate Cas more, like, after all they’ve been through and all they’ve sacrificed for each other and he still doesn’t value or fully trust him???

I feel like they’ve been through so much together, and I ship the living SHIT out of it, but right now I feel like I’m shipping solely because I want it to happen, and I wish Dean would feel something, but I’m losing faith that he does.

I’m honestly hating this season because its doing nothing but pushing Cas and Dean further and further away from eachother than they ever have been.

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Hi dear hope your doing well. I just have a quick question and if you can answer it truthfully n honestly I would greatly appreciate it. And if U were to take offense to this question I would also understand. I wanna know how does it feel to be married. Like I know it's probably hard to put into words the feelings and emotions you feel but like how does it feel like when ur laying in bed with the person u love just talking about your day to them

Hey, hope you’re well :)

this is such a loaded question to be honest. But there is nothing like the feeling of having the one you love with all your heart right beside you every night after a long full day. Being married is a challenge and won’t stop being one till a very long time -or so I’ve heard, I haven’t been married for that long- but a challenge that is full of many great things as well.

Imagine waking every morning to the voice and touch of the person you love oh so dearly. Getting up and praying together then having breakfast and that cup of morning coffee together as you both get ready to leave to work. Then after a long day of working hard you both get home and have dinner and talk about your day and discuss the day’s news, and then maybe some dessert as you sit and watch your favorite show/movie together. Finally end your day with praying together and then laying down in bed and cuddling as you talk yourself to sleep in each other’s arms.

It really is as amazing as it sounds; but let’s not forget that with all this great stuff there will be some downs but that’s okay because you’ll be tackling them together.

Being married is being in this together!

People in Dallas!!

Hey to everyone in Dallas going to the exo concert! If you happen to meet my husband (Baekhyun), tell him I love him and I’m waiting for him in TN! And I would appreciate if he’d at least say hi. Thank you for all of you that actually do it and for the ones that don’t.. Thank you for reading the post, lol. Love you guys, I hope you have fun at the concert!

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(Hello, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the SNK translations and for posting SNK related things. It's all very much appreciated and I hope you have a lovely new year!)

Oh thank you so much!!! I am glad that you enjoy the translation. Happy Lunar New Year too. ^^

theladygisborne asked:

Hi, I'm really new to all this but I was wondering if you could suggest something I could give my friend for good luck. She has university interviews and I want to support her in any way I can. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much and I hope you have a fantastic day.

my favourite, simple luck spell is apple cider! put a cinnamon stick, cloves, whole allspice, and star anise into a piece of cheesecloth. tie it up in a little bag so nothing gets out and simmer the bag in a pot of apple cider. stir a few times, murmur whatever feels right, and have your friend drink! maybe even put it in a coffee tumbler and she can take it with her wherever she needs!

linctevia asked:

it annoys me how badly they are fucking up the characters atm on the show also sad because they've been through so much progress and now the writers just flush them all down the toilet smh

Yes.. The only one being awesome is malia tbh.

(I LOVE ALL OF YOUR MESSAGES AND OPINIONS, i hope you appreciate my answers..)

erlaine07 asked:

Wow, too early for Anon hates. But hey I always expect them because they are just people who wants attentions but cannot have it. Spreading Hate period are just WASTE of space and time. I am trying to erase that Anon's hate and really Wishing you a Nice Day! You are one of the best people in Joshifer tumbler. I really hope it would NOT dampen your day! Stay fabulous!

Oh it doesn’t affect my day at all.

It says far more about that person than it does about anything else. I wish them peace and happiness, it’s obvious they don’t have it and need it.

But thank you for your kind words! I appreciate it. I suspect it’s going to be a hate anon filled day. 🙄

you’re so beautiful & so loved baby girl. I appreciate all of the smiles and laughs we share everyday, you mean so much to me. I hope you had a great day, xoxo.