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A/N: My first Peter fic!! I’ve dabbled in and out of writing for a while. Hopefully with posting this first part I will be more motivated to keep writing. Feedback is greatly appreciated, and I hope you all enjoy! Also, if you have a request I will be willing to try and make that happen for you! 

Warnings: At least one curse word.

You met Peter Parker in the eighth grade. At first, he was just a kid in your math class. When the spring semester rolled around, he was the kid in your math class who sat next to you. He was an amazing student, everyone knew that. You didn’t really think much of him until one day when you were forced to talk.

Your school thought collaboration was key, even in math class where that didn’t make much sense. Everyone was forced to turn to their partner and have a discussion about possible ways to solve the equation.

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do you guys have any fairy/magic aus?? namjin, yoonseok, vkook will be appreciated but any is ok! btw i hope all admins are having a great day ❤ love u all!

bloody hell I love magic aus-

charmed by kaythebest [namjin, T, 23k]

moonlight by jonghyunslisterine [jikook, G, 4k]

borderline illegal by sweetlyblue [Yoonseok, E, 7k]

Toads and Periwinkle by Kavbj [taekook, M, 18k]

siren song by xiajin [Yoonkook, T, 25k]

and I’m having a wonderful day, thank u sweetie <3

-admin talia

Of Course pt.9 (Kim Seokjin)

“Where is Jin hyung?”

Word Count: 1.30k

Genre: Angst

I really appreciate the support people have given to this series, I hope you all continue to read it! Thank you and enjoy!

|Part 1|~|Part 2|~|Part 3|~|Part 4|~|Part 5|~|Part 6|~|Part 7|~|Part 8|

“I know how you were in high school, you can’t hide these things from me Y/N.”

“You don’t know the half of it.”

“Let me tell you a story, Kim Namjoon.”

About what? What could you possibly tell me?” Namjoon said, frustrated at your lack of sobriety. However when he looked back up to you, you had already fallen asleep on the couch, arms were thrown haphazardly across the cushions of the couch. He decided to leave you there— even though it was against his best judgement— he thought it would be best if he just let you sleep there. So, he stood up as quietly as he possibly could, pulling the blanket that was thrown over the edge of the couch over your sleeping body, locking the door before locking it.

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Hey everyone, I’m here to open up some Night In the Woods commissions! I am open to drawing any existing character in Night In the Woods (Mae, Bea, Gregg, Angus, etc.), your fursona, etc.


Canon species are $20 USD

Non-canon species / fursonas are $30USD

Pets and extra characters are $10 USD each

Please email me with all of the following information stated under the read more. You can email me at sweeticetealuver@gmail.com with the subject of Night In the Woods Commissions or NITW Commissions.

I will only draw after you have contacted me, the details of your character are understood and after payment has been sent to me via Paypal.

I hope this interests a few people, but as of right now I don’t have a cap on how many commissions I will be taking. If anyone has any other questions feel free to email me. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if this gets reblogged so others can see! Thank you for taking the time to read through this!

(Required information / Specifics about canon species vs. non-canon species are under the read more)


Note: If you are commissioning me for an existing character please send me the following information anyways.

If you would like to commission me you will need to answer and email me the following:

• If you are not commissioning me for your fursona please disregard this, but if you would like me to draw your fursona please send me as many references as you can. (Mostly so I know what the hair / fur / patterning look like)

•Canon species or non-canon species? (More details below)•What color would you like your character to be? (The more detail you give me the better.)
•You will need to send me a picture or digital reference of what clothes you would like your character to wear. Hats, accessories and piercings are fine, but please, please provide pictures to clear up any possible confusion or misunderstanding.
•If you would like a simple prop then that’s fine, but I will not be doing complicated props. If you are unsure where your object fits you can just tell me what it is and I can tell you!

Examples of simple props: a bat, a basketball, a stool, a cigarette, etc.

Examples of complicated props: a car, a scooter, a house, etc.

•If you would like a certain pose please tell me. If you do not mention it I will just do a standard standing pose.

The only background I will do is a single, flat color. Please tell me what color you would like your background!


The only canon species I am doing are cats, bears, birds, crocodiles, goats and mice. If you would like a simple character you can just give me a color (literally any color your heart desires) and a species, but I have listed some examples for those that want a very specific kind of animals within these species.

Cats: Small, domestic cats apply. Big cats considered as a non-canon species.

Birds: pigeons, ducks, any small bird (blue jays, cardinals, robins, etc.)

Foxes: red foxes, fennec foxes, grey foxes, etc.

Bears, crocodiles, goats and mice: all species apply


Any species that haven’t been listed yet are most likely considered as a non-canon species. Fursonas are included under this, but if you have a fursona with really simple patterning then it can be discussed.  Some examples of non-canon species are: big cats, dogs and wolves, reptiles, amphibians, large birds, etc.

If you aren’t sure what category / pricing you will receive just send me an email and I’ll be glad to answer it!

This might be lame or whatever but I really do feel like my life is about to become better. Getting my wisdom teeth out means I can get braces and getting braces means that I’ll have so much more confidence and I won’t let men walk all over me anymore and I’m just really really excited to finally have my own dorm and not have any roommates and I hope you guys will be here with me through all of it because I appreciate all of your sweet and uplifting messages through the 2 worst years of my life

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Honestly what kinda bums me out the most is that it seems like fanfiction writers have given up writing about linstead. Like that was my last sliver of hope to keep my fav pairing alive. All these amazing fics are left unfinished and it breaks my heart.

Same. I kinda do understand that its hard to find the motivation but lots of them were going so well and just sit unfinished and that makes me sad. Kudos and thank you to those still writing, I’m sure everyone is very appreciative of your efforts :)

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Please, take all the time you need to help yourself! Your mental health is much more important then this blog! I really hope you feel better soon! Oh and by the way, for me, you have shed some light in this fandom and I really appreciate all the art and arcs you have created! Please, just take it easy (or as easy as you can take it. Life can suck) and come back when you feel up to it. And of you don't want to come back, I will respect your decision

thanky ou <3))


Today we had a playdate with @clannad2! It was great! She brought over Nadia so she could practice being a big sister by playing with Vivian and Heather. We bought Nyomi some baby blankets for when the baby is born, she was very appreciative!
Also recently the @togetherstore came back and I made sure to pick the the “skinny dippin” body positive stuff! I’m still learning to love my body but it’s getting better every day. Also recently started listening to some new types of music, Dodie Clark is probably my new favorite singer now! Hope you all had lovely days as well!

-Sabrina 😎


It’s Jessie’s birthday and this is the end of generation one. This is also the end of my queue for now. I read this legacy from the start a while back and I didn’t like the first part, but I think it’s getting better now I’m used to this family.  I will start with generation 2 after the summer. 

The first part of generation two will be a story, at least I try to write one. (For the first time I made a timeline and I’m exited to start it) The second part will be more game play and I’ll put ageing on again. I’m a little anxious about the first part but I really want to do this. I hope I don’t disappoint you guys. I’m still learning to write and appreciate all the feed back I get even negative feed back is welcome. (at least if you stay respectful ;P )

I want to thank you guys for all the likes you gave me this first generation. It motivates me to go on. Thank you!!!!!

Bad News (plz read)

Hi all, it’s Admin PeachJin here. I have some really bad news for you all, but I hope you’ll support me and the other admins still, no matter what happens.

I have decided to leave the blog…

- I’ve realized that I hate how this blog has turned out; I no longer have the love I once had for it, or the energy to put into it. I feel incredibly under-appreciated and unhappy here, so I have decided to step away and take care of myself.

- That being said, I will still be writing. I want to still write. Part of me leaving is because I no longer have the chance or time to write for myself, because I’m constantly writing for others. It makes me incredibly depressed that bringing stories to life doesn’t fill me with happiness anymore, and that’s because, I’m not writing what I want to write.

- I will be moving my writings to, and continuing to write on @frostedkookie. That is one of my other side blogs disconnected from this blog. And I would really love if those of you who enjoy my writings/my mutuals would follow me over there and continue to talk with me, because I truly care for and love each and every single one of you. I just need to do this for me.

- Depending on what the other admins decide to do with this blog, I don’t know if a) my works will be left up on the masterlist and b) if I will be continuing to do the requests I have on this blog. I am truly sorry to everyone who requested something from me and I can no longer do it. I may decide to continue doing the drabble requests at some point, but at the moment I can not.

- I am so so very sad to let this blog go, but I believe this is the right decision for me. Again, I’d love for you to follow me on my other blog and continue reading my writings, but if you choose not to I understand

I love you all so very much, and I am very sorry

- Admin PeachJin 🍑

"Wanting, Wishing"

Pairing: Kenna x Diavolos 

 Summary: Diavolos’ thought process the night before the battle

Authors notes: I used pretty much all of the synonyms for desire, and I tried really hard on this so I really hope you like it. Trying to do the characters justice, not sure if I succeeded. Any comments or tips are much appreciated ——————————————————————————————————– He didn’t know what it was about Kenna Rys that made him fall so hard. She was supposed to be the enemy, his father detested her, so should he. And yet, he yearned for her. 

 He had been craving the taste her lips left on his since the moment they first grazed each other. Her and his desire for her consumed his every thought. He was grateful that she let him open up to her and he respected her, but how could he want her? 

 She was good, light. All he was, was darkness. She surrounded herself with friends and allies while he isolated himself from everyone and everything. His childhood was lonely so he assumed that he always had to be lonely, it was the path he believed he had set himself up for, and yet he wanted her.

 Watching her intently from a distance, smiling and laughing with Annelyse and Whitlock, he realised just how much he ached for her and her touch. How hungry he was to taste her again. He realised how far he would go to protect her from Azura and anyone else who threatened to harm his queen.

 His?…….he liked the sound of that, Kenna Rys, his queen, his lover, his wife? I shook myself out of the thought, Kenna would never marry me, I’m a Nevakris, my father was responsible for her mothers death. However, she kissed me first. Not the other way around, he would have been fine just lusting after her, and wishing to see what was under that armour but then she had to go and kiss him, she stirred up feeling in him that he’d never felt before.

 Was it possible, was I, Diavolos Nevakris in love with my supposed enemy Queen Kenna Rys? No, I couldn’t be, she was light, he was darkness. She was good, he was evil, at least he was expected to be. He had never really been given the option to decide. All he knew was that he wanted to take Kenna and get as far away from Azura as possible. He couldn’t possibly let her die, however he knew that she would never abandon her friends and people.

  “Diavolos?“I hears someone say which quickly brings him back to reality 

“Kenna……."I answer dumbfounded

 "You don’t dance?” 

 “Oh, I dance. I’m a great dancer"I start"just not the night before a battle. Too tense” 

 “Have you ever faced her?"she asked me 

 "What, the white-haired witch? I’ve personally never crossed swords with her, no"i state all the while thinking that I would gladly face the witch and die if it meant that she could live"But……. I’ve been close enough to see what she can do”

 “Are you nervous?”

 “Gods, yes….. I’m so nervous I want to flip this table over, or drink myself sick, or scream, or……"I stop myself and chuckle"anything to burn off this steam” 

“Zenobia has been complaining about the lack of fights this evening”

 “Oh no, I’m not making that mistake again. Zenobia’s a hair-puller” 

 I stand up and stretch, noticing Kenna watching my body intently while biting her lip 

 “I think I’ll go and take a ride, maybe do a little reconnaissance on Azura’s camp. You’re welcome to come with me, of course"I suggest desperately hoping that she’ll say yes"you know, if you can tear yourself away from the festivities"i stare intently at her one more time before walking to the stables.

A little while passes I brush down Hectors Shadows mane with a brush 

 "That’s good boy"i rub his back

 "You’re really good with him"I hear a voice say, looking up to see Kenna 

 "Me and Hectors Shadow have been through a lot together” 

 “I can see that"she agreed while stroking him"he’s huge!"she states all while I smirk 

 "You need me to help you mount?” 

 “That would be very helpful"she states and I grin 

 "As you wish"I beamed putting my hands on her waist and lifting her on to Hectors Shadow as if she was as light as a feather 

 "Careful now. Hector’s Shadow can be quite the beast to contend with.” 

 “I imagine he’s not the only one"she giggled with a smirk on her face before leaning her back into my chest as we ride off into the night.

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I see that you finally got around to Rogue One! Any feelings on Spiritassassin (Chirrut/Baze, most married couple in space)? I'm not-so-secretly hoping you ship it and are inspired to write because I love your work. =)

i most certainly do ship it (i CRIED AND YELLED AT THE TV THERE WERE TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE) but hhhhh as inspiring as their tale was, i think it was told so damn well already, i don’t have anything to add?? at least not at this moment in time. idk it’s SO RAW AND MY HEART IS ALL HHGHGHGH *quiet mourning sounds*

but i really appreciate that you’re thinking of my writing 

oh god my feelings help me ;A;


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I have never heard of Linkin Park before now, but I can tell that the loss of this man, Chester Bennington, has greatly affected you as well as many others. For that, you and everyone else have my deepest condolences 😔. I hope you all have better days ahead ❤️

thanks a lot friend :) yeah he always seemed like one of those bands/singers that would always be there so it’s just really sudden for people. gonna just play his music today and try to shake it off. i appreciate the kind words ❤️

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I just want to say I love your art. It's really manga like and like some other anon said I agree I would also pay for a Notre Dame AU from you. Did you think about creating doujinshis?

Thank you for the kind words! Honestly, hearing that my art is appreciated never cease to brighten my day <3

Regarding the doujinshi, I’m proud to announce that @chocobutt-trash and I are currently collaborating to put one together! He’s already begun working on a script for me to draw and all I can say about it right now is HOO BOY, YOU GUYS IN FOR A TREAT.

It’s still very much a work in progress, so I can’t say when exactly it will be released, but I hope that you’ll find it to be worth the wait!

Ahh~! 53 followers! Thank you!

I originally planned to make a thank you post once I hit 50 followers, but life happened and I was updating and trying to focus on too many things at once. But thank you so much! All 53 of my followers, mutuals or not, mean so much to me! <3 

I appreciate your follow and I hope that some of the things I have been through or some of the hacks/ideas/recipes that I post on here were helpful or yummy! I am gonna do a shout out this time, and I am thinking for 100 followers I will do a giveaway of something I crochet or sew. It is a high possibility. 

Thank you all for following, sharing, reading, and anything else you may have done for me and this blog! I truly am happy and thankful that I have been able to gather so many followers…no, better yet, friends! Even if you are shy, my ask box or DM/PM is always open and I will get to the messages asap! 

So here are all the lovely people who follow me (bolded means we are mutuals): 


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Again, thank you so much for following me in my journey in explaining what goes on in the life of a person with many chronic and invisible illnesses~!

Thank You - New Beginnings Chapter 4

I am so behind in my thank you posts and tag games so trying to catch up tonight!

New Beginnings - Chapter 4

Thank you to everyone who read, and liked, and reblogged and commented on this chapter. This was one of the most challenging chapters I have written due to the subject matter and I struggled with it for so long.

To get a response like this is so encouraging and heartwarming. SO thank you all for your kind comments and likes, I appreciate every single one of them.

I am hoping for the next chapter to be a little lighter and fluffier to make up for some of the tears cause here. Also more dad!Jughead!!!

@gay-for-rey1999 @peacelovebughead @emmagnolia0720 @annioe @jugandbettsdetectiveagency @lighte01 @riverdalecolesprouse @diokomen @rileybabe @gershwinn @flashbackmf

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Kinda random, but the whole 'Hey, Daaaviid' thing from your fic 'Hugs' and the eventual break of David because of it is just.... Wow. I don't know when you next plan on updating (or if you do at all really) but I hope you keep it as a running theme that David REALLY likes Max saying it. But anyways, Hugs was just good in general and I didn't really wanna leave a comment on ao3 so I came here. Hope you have a lovely day <3

Thank you so much darling, I appreciate it so much! I’m really glad you like it! I was super in love with the way Max said it in Mascot and it’s stuck with me since then so I can only imagine how David feels about it. Wahahaha