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Fic Recs: Keith Kogane/Lance McClain (Voltron)

All fics are complete.  This list will be updated when the new season comes out.

As If by surveycorpsjean

Length: 7k / Rating: M / Genre:  drama / Warnings: N/A

Summary:  The five times Lance was his impulse control, and the one time he wasn’t.

Body Electric by mollykaths

Length: 2k / Rating: E / Genre: PWP / Warnings: BDSM

Summary:   “Alright,” Lance announces, determined, like he’s about to take a dive into frozen waters. “I’m gonna do it now. I’m going to ride you. This is it. The time is now.”

Closer by torbjornkin

Length: 16k / Rating: T / Genre:  romance / Warnings: N/A

Summary:  They start out as rivals, but then Keith figures out he has a big ol’ gay crush on Lance and it only escalates from there.

Doki Doki Romanticon by Methoxyethane

Length: 5k / Rating: E / Genre:  PWP / Warnings: N/A

Summary:  Keith blinked, looking back at Lance with surprise. “W-wait, so you’ve done this before?”
“You haven’t?!” Lance asked back stupidly.Or, Lance and Keith’s first time goes better than he ever could have hoped, and also holy CRAP how was Keith this cute?!

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This Was a Mistake (Steven Universe)

Summary:(Human!AU) Pearl lives with her two sisters, Blue and Yellow. Being out of the closet is a new concept to her, one that has yet to be implicated towards them. Her girlfriend is loud, open, and willing to beat the crud out of anyone who tries to stop her from being herself. Things happen.

Pairing: Pearlmethyst (Pearl x Amethyst)

Rating: T

Warnings: Spanish cursing out the ears. Also English cursing. Amethyst is Latina and uses that to her advantage.

(As a person who doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish, I have no issue with corrections. Seriously. How do we learn if not for someone coming up and saying “Hey, yeah, no. That’s not the right thing.”)

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