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at this point im just abusing the star brush

Imagine waking Wonwoo up by showering him with kisses and birthday wishes. 

BONUS: Even though he was a little lost in the beginning, once he realises what’s going on, he returns your kisses and pulls you into his warm embrace before whispering a ‘thank you’ into your ear.



I decide to work from home today because i don’t have appointment and I don’t feel like dealing with people today haha. Been listening to Otis all day and its giving me such a happy mood even tho I’m kinda stressed out. Make me want to dance & clean the house hahaha🏃‍♀️

I hope yall having a suuuuper great day & the rest of the week 💞

othello, there! a few weeks ago i hit 2k on this blog & I’m crazy surprised & honored ☺️ idk hOW this happened but thank u for sticking with me on this journey, you’ve just made it a 1000 times better <3

i’ll be doing blog aesthetics where i’ll make a moodboard of pics which i think are ur aesthetic! i’ve never done this before so bear w/ me for the time & mistakes xD

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that’s about it, i really liked this idea & wanted to do it haha,,, thank you all for this amazing community & for ur kind words, they will always mean a lot to me. special shoutout to my friends on here, i love u all so so much. 💕 thank u for always being there for me. 

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OKAY BUT This is the first time I’ve seen FB have a TDOV frame ;v; legit tears tho

its our day and i hope every trans person has a great day and life and i love you; my brothers, my sisters, and my siblings who fall out of the binary like myself. You’re all truly amazing and strong and are valid af 

I can’t wait to see everyone’s #TDOV / #TDOV 2017 posts/selfies ! <3 I’m gunna be reblogging so much. Yall got 250 posts a day limit with tumblr so fill it with all those beautiful tdov selfies lol

Blame it on the Booze - fuvkingstylinson (<1000k)

Harry gets so drunk, he flirts with Louis and asked if he’s single only to cry when Louis says no…even though Harry is who he’s taken by…

I made a map of your stars - brightbluelou (5k)

or, Harry is the shy boy in the back of the class that no one really notices.  Louis is the loud, outgoing football player that everybody likes.

Bronze and Gold - yoshio09 (7k)

Everyone knows 7th year Gryffindor Quidditch Captain Louis Tomlinson and 5th year Ravenclaw prefect Harry Styles are dating–except for Harry.  Fluffiest fluff to ever fluff.

These Rays of Light Begin To Intersect - cruellouelle (20k)

Au.  Harry’s just gotten out of a suffocating relationship and to make himself feel better, he enlists Louis on a bucket list mission of uneventful adventures.

Far Afield - QuickedWeen (11k)

Harry Styles is a witch who owns the best flower shop in Manchester.  Lottie Tomlinson is planning her wedding, and brings her brother along to her first appointment.  Both men have been having a bad day and sparks fly.

Search and Rescue Me - wildhalos (17.4k)

Louis never really paid attention to Harry until they get stuck in the locker room together.

pour some sugar on me - bottomlinsons (grimgrace) (2.6k)

Harry’s a bit clueless, and Louis’ a barista with clever hands. (here meaning: Harry’s very clueless, and Louis draws dicks in coffee foam.)

An Underrated Type of Trouble - anonymous (Potter Direction Fic Exchange) (22.7k)

Harry is the Head Boy, Louis is a troublemaker and they both like each other too much to get in each other’s way.

Won’t You Please Come Around - allwaswell16 (5.8k)

Or a Valentine’s Day story where Harry has a really fit neighbour, and his cat is a thief.

I’m Like a Bird on a Wire - LadyLondonderry (3.8k)

Growing up the only pigeon with snow-white feathers, Harry’s always felt like he stood out horribly.  When one day he stumbles on another pigeon like himself, it raises questions about who he really is…

And why the other pigeon is so against being, well, a pigeon.

  • omg idk why i liked this so much but it was just really cute lololol

This Restless Dream - afirethatcannotdie (5.6k)

AU.  Louis works at an animal shelter and Harry wants a puppy.  Things don’t go quite according to plan.

whewwww that’s all folks!! All of these fics have been added to the larry library too :))) I hope yall have a great time reading!

Karasuno First-Years as Teachers

So I made this for fun, and the other admins thought that it would be fun to post this, because why not? HAHA I hope yall enjoy this! [Reblogs would be very helpful especially that we just started as a blog! Thank you!]

Admin LaLa


-hes the teacher that everyone likes

-the actual fluffiest teacher of all aND GIVES LOTS OF BONUSES

-when i was like yall i had a hard time so i hope u dont end up like me!

-if ever someone would have a low grade, hed be the comforting type of teacher!!!

-hey, its okay!!! lets work hard to get your grades higher mkay? yOSH! s-sIR!!! HEOL DONT CRY!!!

-dude like hinata would actually tutor his kids and monitor them

-oh my god stab me, hinata is the actual fluffball

-i hope you have a great day today everyone! see yall after the weekend!"

-honestly everyone is thankful for this teacher

-sighs when will i ever??? 0A0


-exactly hinatas opposite = nO BONUSES cri


-will collect the homeworks one by one and youll be highkey screwed

-"i thought that youd be responsible students and finish your homeworks, but it seems not. youll get a zero for this."

-but irl he just really wants his students to grow and flourish on their own

-when someone improves hell try to compliment them even if hes not used to it??? man汕

-most students think hell never smile but when one of their classmates actually cracked up a good joke mAN HE WAS HIGHKEY LAUGHING AND EVERYONE WAS SHOOKT

-"jeez kids, im not that emotionless HAHA"

-when the year ends, everyone will actually miss his rules and kags will be so happy to see them graduate

-thank god for him ;A;

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Please help :) AOT fanfic

Hey yall, hope yall r having a great day! ! ! I was just wondering which fanfic AU you guys think I should work on first! 

1. ‘The guy from apartment 29′

The plot is about Reiner rooming with Connie and it’s just a huge take on him falling for Bertolt. The new neighbor wrestling with the fracture fragments of a life he left back at home. Lots of good guy Reiner and sweaty Bertolt with a refreshing side of minor Springles on the side. Also Annie is Reiner’s little sister and no one can fight me on that.

2. ‘Levi Ackerman’s Guide to Self Destruction’

A story that focuses mostly on the vets from their last year of high school to adulthood where Levi refuses to be the one to ‘hold Erwin back’ and ends their relationship the month of graduation. Fast forward 6 years later and Levi must now face the one who got away as he struggles to face all his demons while Erwin must reevaluate his life and wonder if something’s are better left untouched.

3. ‘Armin’s dad ( has it going on)”

Cheesy story on Levi, uncle to Mikasa and legal guardian to both her and Eren, falling for their friend’s dad. An elusive businessman who is still struggling to juggle the death of Armin’s mom and raising a teen boy all by himself. But thank god, the next door neighbor seems to have no problem with having Armin over most days.

4. ‘Viva La Vida’

The Julliard AU no one asked for. World protege Armin Arlet is destined for greatness. His solo violin concerts bringing entire crowds to tears. But what happens when the young man finds himself enamored with Eren - the homeless subway guitarist who knows all too well , how hurtful love can truly be. 

5. ‘Oh Mr.Believer,’

Marco Bott knows a lot of things. The sensation of needles entering his skin, the smell of bleach and hospital antiseptic, the janitor Levi who reads to him when he finishes his rounds,  the burden he places on his siblings Bertolt and Ymir as they struggle to pay off his treatments. But Marco doesn’t know the name of the cute nurse who checks his vitals every night. A Mr. Jean Kirstein?

6. ‘All we got’

Erwin Smith knew that when Mike told him to be more spontaneous, the taller blond had meant adopting a dog or picking up hiking. But before he knew it, Fortune 500 company CEO  Erwin Smith was the proud owner of a new homeless youth shelter in Chicago. With the help of his coworkers and car loads of angst - will Erwin Smith be capable of facing his fear and learn to love again or will a life full of pain finally catch up to him?

Anyways, these are the ideas i’ve been bouncing around and I hope to get around to all of them :) But i’d love to hear any suggestions on which one to do first!


8/100 Days of Productivity
18/02/17; 11:00PM

hi!!! after logging off from tumblr awhile im finally back😁 and i will tell you story too ha ha anon you will never change me i love myself and you should love yourself too muah much love💖

aaah finally doing my bujo again i miss them!! i did it after i went to a little stationery haul omg im so happy i bought like 13 washi tapes (and wow it only costs 31.5k rupiahs im amazed) and 2 deco stickers but theyre not in the pic also a usa flag pouch!! (ye ive usa flag everywhere in my room even ive like 3 usa flag pouches already but really tho ever since trump won i feel guilty but sigh i cannot help that i love it)
((also i just kinda remember ive already ordered +15 washi tapes from a local online shop but i guess Lazada is in PH too lol but its okkk i feel happy about it and really cant wait for them to arrive!!))

and if you remember my 5dop post, there was a rose plant and it died already lol idk my dad bought it and guess yeaah ummm lack of water maybe?!? sorry rose i love you tho🌹💗🌹

and yes i used different vsco filter for this two pics but i guess A6 and HB2 dont really have that much differences soo yeaah😀 hope yall have a great day!!💖💖

waitt also big thanks to @pacifistpadme because now i finally have links on my bio after i read her answer!! much more organized😍

song of the day:
🎶 Heavy - Linkin Park ft. Kiiara 🎶

follow my studygram maybe?😊

carelovestuff  asked:

Hi how are you doing this lovely day

Omg awe, thank you so much for asking! 
I pretty much chill trying to reply to asks more than usual for once!
*hugs ya tight*

I got so many waiting for a reply… I got overhelmed easily, ahaha.  ( ̄▽ ̄)
I’m so slow replying and i’m really sorry if any of you feel ignored, I swear, I don’t ignore anyone. I love yall and I love replying to ask and see a new one in my box.

But I’ll be real with yall, and told you that being able to reply to all the ask I’ve got in waiting list will be clearly impossible. Even if I do my best or close my ask box for a while. I got some really interesting askes but if I reply to it, it will spoil the comic, or some I just don’t got to reply in time and make no real sense today. @v@” (and many are by anonymous so I cant even reply privately, so I hope you don’t feel ignorer if I don’t reply to your ask ;v; ♥)

Mh anyway, I know that some sweeties will advice me to close that ask box and clean it little by little, to ease me. But hhhhh, I really don’t wanna close my ask box, because it’s closing a door where possibilities arrives. A door when I can still greet yall as soon as I can and feel able to.  (>∀<☆)

(Omg Careloves, so sorry to use your kind question to talk about that).
I just want to be real with you about that. I hope yall will understand me on this.

other than that. That day was really great, I’m having so much fun having Zunde replying to ask! I hope you’re enjoying reading what he has to reply as much as I do drawing his reactions. 

Thank you so so much to check up on me Carelove, I love you.  (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡

EDIT: sorry for the terrible engliiiish. I write with my frenchy heart.

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You know, I was having a really bad day, and then your blog popped up in my dash, and you have brightened my day so much. Thank you, and I hope you have a great day, and or, night! Stay amazing! <3

Oh, thank you! And you’re welcome. I love when I can make people’s days better :) I’m on break from my work right now, and this is a really nice message to come back to! You have an excellent day or night as well. Enjoy your stay on dailyraccoons!