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So I made more McHanzo AU doods to raise my moral.

This time they are based on @sadakotetsuwan‘s McHanzo AU The Cooking Cowboy, with Jesse McCree, where our fav cowman is a Youtube celebrity that does cooking tutorials, D.Va is his “camerawoman, producer, tech guru an’ all-around cheerleader”, and Hanzo becomes his n°1 fan~

Oh and each chapter ends with detailed cooking recipes I so wanna try
But I am a terrible cook though  _( ᐛ` 」∠)_

i want a scene where anakin’s kickin it at padme’s and he’s fiddling with some piece of machinery and padme’s having some girl talk with a fellow senator who’s complaining about how she’s been getting beard burn from her lover or whatever, and anakin, without looking up, just chimes in “have him trim it to medium length and use beard oil on it every night. works like a charm.” and the senator is like “oh. thank you. i’ll have him do that.” and padme just side-eyes the fuck out of anakin like “yes, thank you anakin. though since when have you, my clean-shaven friend, been an expert on beard care?” and anakin’s like “congrats i played myself”

Hi, fam! Can’t believe it’s already the finale. I feel like the season just started!

Just posting a half selfie because it’s been a long, hard couple days between stuff going down in my family, my best friend’s/ my pseudo family, and in my “love life”. Still smiling though, or at least trying

Hoping for some solid bellarke tonight so I can focus on that.

Hope ya’ll enjoy tonight; I’ll be watching tomorrow after work :)

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There is so little light from the warmth of the sun.

So this is part 2 to “I woke hard. I woke heavy.” if you haven’t read that yet it can be found here

This is significantly shorter than the first part and I apologize that it’s taken this long for me to finish it. But I think I’ve finally gotten it to a point where I don’t completely hate it. I’m a bit nervous to post this as I’m feeling like part 1 is a hard act to follow, but hopefully you all will enjoy this part as well.

It looks like there will be around 6 or 7 parts to this AU I’ve got going on. And it looks like each title will come from a James Vincent McMorrow song off of his album “Post Tropical”. Highly recommended, it’s full of complete tunes. This weeks title and song rec is: ‘Outside, Digging’. 

Also, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the likes, reblogs, kind comments, and overall support everyone has given me. Honestly, this fandom is the best fandom that I’ve ever had the honor of being a part of. I’d give you all lots of hugs and chocolate cookies if I could (or whatever type of cookie is your favorite.)

tagging these lovely folks who asked: thecrushingblack madfatty thehousefinch tzmufasa arashian-emu @snazzy-fit

if you’d like to be tagged as well for the upcoming parts, just let me know :) 

Anyways, hope you enjoy.

It’s been two hours since they forced him from the hospital and Finn hasn’t said a word. He knows it must scare them, but he can’t bring himself to care.

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System detected a potential_hazard: Part 1/?

I’m just having a little fun here, don’t mind me.

As expected, a lot of people were curious ;) We’ll check in on them later.

I might make a couple more of these short comic things (like 2-4 updates per topic) about stuff that reveals things about Fatal, but aren’t necessarily going to be prominently featured in the actual comic. Just whenever I have time/am between comic updates. Really I just wanted an excuse to draw red-eye Fatal. I like him lots :)

Also the gif doesn’t always work? Not sure what that’s about? 

Suit Of Flowers 

Fandom: OPM

Pairing: Saigenos/Genosai

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Summary:  All Saitama knows about him is that his name is Genos, he has blonde hair and surprisingly intense eyes, his left arm is made of metal, he’s a florist, and Saitama really, really likes him.

A/N: part two of the human florist! genos AU! inspired by @stickydoona‘s piece , from Saitama’s POV this time! The story will definitely pick up in the next part, so stay tuned! 

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