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Ava DuVernay's Advice to Women in Hollywood: "Fight for Your Stories"
Oscar nominations still "amplify work in a way nothing else does," says the director of the nominated documentary '13th,' who spoke to THR from the set of Disney's 'A Wrinkle in Time.'

“What do this year’s more inclusive nominations mean for the industry?

Very similar to the prison system in this country, where over the years we’ve put Band-Aids on something that needs surgery, in the film industry we’ve often done cosmetic changes to something that needs structural reconstruction. As far as the Academy goes, there now are structural changes put in place — and I was part of that decision-making — and the hope is that those changes will continue to manifest in years like this where the true world is reflected, but we won’t know until years to come. We can applaud this year’s Oscar nominations, and we should. It’s a beautiful year, and it will be even more beautiful when there are Latino, Asian-American, Native American, people with disabilities [represented].

What do you say to women and people of color who are daunted by the obstacles in Hollywood?

Anyone who thinks it’s too daunting should go do something else, because if you walk in thinking that it’s daunting, then it’s going to be that for you, and this is not for you. But if you walk in ready for it, to fight for your stories, to recognize that the traditional walls are collapsing, that the old system is on its last legs, that there are new ways to create material, to distribute material, to amplify your material, there’s no one stopping you. What you really have to interrogate is what do you want: Do you want to tell your story or do you want to be famous and win an Academy Award? ‘Cause those are two different things. There’s nothing stopping you anymore from telling your story.

Julie Dash, a beautiful filmmaker far, far more talented than I am, was making films in the early '90s, and her [Daughters of the Dust] became a classic film that’s in the National Archives. But she’s not a household name; she only joined the Academy last year when I lobbied to get her in — she’s on the margins and the outskirts of quote-unquote mainstream Hollywood, and yet over the years she’s found a way to tell her stories and be satisfied outside of that industry paradigm. So if you want to tell your stories, what I would say to someone is, “Go tell them.” And I believe that that is not a frivolous statement: It can be done; there are people doing it and go for it.”

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the thing you hid in that gonta confession is impossible to find unless I tilt my screen and turn my brightness all the way up gj 👍


Today is the day, people of Kanto! Here we go!♥♣•○ With @AshKetchum_Z #weriseshining #seeyouat5 #SaffronCity

Morning Selfie because the fans are demanding it!


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Hello there! First I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you're doing and the amazing dedication, I'm incredibly grateful to you. I hope you could help me with a little curiosity about dwarves military organization. You think they would train for war together and maybe start before they are battle ready? There would be a military academy or something like that? And would they have ranks?(Sorry if you already answered this questions) I wish you a great day, thank you again

Well met and thank you for those kind words Anon.

I personally believe military training schools (or academies if you like) would have been present in every dwarvish hall large enough to support one.  

My logic behind this is this…. 

Firstly, we know that during the Battle of Azanulbizar (T.A. 2799), the final battle in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs, Dain Ironfoot hewed off Azog’s head before the doors of the East-Gate. We also know that dwarves are physically adult at the age of 40 (HoME), yet Dain Ironfoot was only thirty-two at the time, hence one can understand clearly why this act was heralded as a magnificent feat, especially for one so young.

Though dwarves (and Dain in particular) are know for their great strength, it is hard to believe that Dain would have had little or no training and yet managed to accomplish such a feat.

Furthermore, we know from The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, “Durin’s Folk” that Gloín (Gimli’s father) was also present at the Battle of Azanulbizar, yet he was even younger than Dain, only sixteen at the time. Though we can assume it would not have been the norm of using dwarves so young in their battles, we know that Gloín was there and very likely took part in the battle. 

So, considering the importance of this particular battle it was possible that even those in training (which Gloín likely would have been at that tender age) were summoned to battle. This, even more than Dain being at this battle, leads me to believe that dwarves started to train their sons in the art of warfare from a very early age (as soon as they were no longer considered children in fact).

Now, it is often easy to forget that a dwarvish “sixteen-year-old” or “thirty-two-year-old” do not equal a mannish  “sixteen-year-old” or “thirty-two-year-old”. For dwarves these are both still teenagers, one a very young teenager, while the other one nearing physical adulthood.

I’ve added a graph of age comparison between men and dwarves (from a file I once made but never finished - it is on my todo list to finish, I promise), based on all we know from Tolkien’s writings.  So it seems logical that between the age of 15 and 30 dwarves would have been trained in the use of axes, swords and overall battle tactics and could be called to war. Not only does this fit with what Tolkien wrote, but it also fits with real life cultures that were often used as inspiration for Tolkien’s dwarves; to become a warrior among the Vikings for instance one could be as young as 12 years old. Similar accounts can be found among the ancient Israelites (the jews often being a source for Tolkien’s dwarves).

Now, concerning your second question, about ranks.  We know only of one rank clearly, which is that of Uzbad (”Lord”), though considering the organisation of dwarves in battle other ranks would seem not only logical but very much required.  To determine if there would have been other ranks we need to look at their military structure in a bit more detail. We know for instance that Dain Ironfoot lead 500 soldiers into the Battle of Five Armies.  

500 soldiers is a pretty standard number in many cultures when it comes to dividing a large force into smaller tactical units. The Roman Cohort for instance was roughly 500 soldiers too, 10 of them making up a legion.  If we look at cultures (like the Romans) that used a division of 500 soldiers we can quickly get an idea of the different ranks involved.  Most seem to divide such a division into 5 to 10 smaller groups, that were commanded by one - who in turn was assisted by one or two other officers (lieutenants and sergeants).

Taking some liberties with the above something like this could have been a possibility among the dwarves.

The Army of Dain Ironfoot as seen in The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies (all rights reserved)- those lads seem like a lot more than 500 dwarves if you ask me.

Army divisions: 

  • ‘azghakkâ’ (“war-force”) - army (all troops under the command of an Uzbad)
  • gangbuh (”march-company”) - regiment - a force consisting of 10 maznakkâ.
  • maznakkâ’ (”fist-force”) smallest military company consisting of usually 49 dwarves (seven being such an important number with the dwarves it seemed logical to group their smallest division with 7 in mind - or in this case 7 x 7) - each maznakkâ could consist of different units of seven dwarves, these could be engineers, foot-soldiers, elite forces, archers, and/or logistical personnel.


  • Uzbad - Lord - Commands the ‘azghakkâ.
  • Azghzabad - Warlord - Right hand of the Uzbad, main tactician in matters of war. 
  • Fabarâl - General - (“forward-mover”) - Commands each gangbuh (about 500 soldiers)
  • ‘Uzkhas - Commander - (”greater lieutenant”) - First in command of a maznakkâ’
  • ‘Izkhas - Lieutenant - (”lesser lieutenant”) - Second in command of a maznakkâ’
  • Dumul - Soldier - (“from the halls”) - Soldier who has experience in battle or deemed worthy to fight in the vanguard.
  • Idmul - Recruit - Soldier who is new to battle, or still in training, more frequent in the rearguard.

Other military terminology:

  • ‘Azaghâl - person who, by profession, is a soldier, warrior or private soldier (covers both “dumul” and “idmul”) - note: also the epithet of a Broadbeam King of old who died in battle.
  • Zabad - an officer (from ‘Izkhas to Uzbad)
  • Dahâl - person who, by profession, travels with a military regiment and supplies food and all matter of provisions
  • Barâl - person who, by profession, is a member of an elite military regiment that fights in the vanguard to break open the front lines of the enemy
  • 'Udshankhuzd - dwarf (about to reach battle ready age) who is the personal assistant to a lord, general or army commander, often carries messages and weapons or armour on his behalf (like a squire)
  • 'Idshankhuzd - dwarf boy or girl (before battle ready age) who is in service of a general or army commander, usually doing household work (like a page) - remains in the Hall and does not join in campaigns.
  • Rimi - part of an army set to cover its rear ranks, especially in retreat (rearguard)
  • Ifbaragash - foremost rank of an army (van, vanguard)

I hope that answers your question Anon.

Ever at your service,

The Dwarrow Scholar

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Hello! I am rewatching the first season and Clary just doesn't care about Dot? What's this "she's like a big sister" bs xD?? Also Luke deserves better... he should call Clary out for her shitty behaviour... he's too good :'(((

He really should AND HE JUST DID I’M LIVING but also clary literally did not bring up dot when he asked her if she had anything else to say……………..literally just forgot about her “big sister” lmao.

anyway both clary and jace deserved to get their ass handed to them this is the best thing to wake up to it made my morning and i really love that it’s luke because we know how much he cares about clary so the impact of him just telling her off is amazing

also i hope when dot comes back in 1x10 magnus does the same @ clary and jace for only remembering her when they needed her to find valentine or something like i don’t expect this to happen but in my reality it does

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Hello there! Was hoping you could send some advice. Our roommate's cat has a habit of licking anything adhesive, such as packing tape. He's attracted to the stuff like catnip. We haven't had anything bad happen because of it, and the roommate certainly isn't worried because it's 'something he has always done' but I'm worried it might mess with him. Are my worries valid and if so, how can I help prevent the tape licking?

I would be worried he would get a piece of tape stuck to his tongue and accidentally swallow it, mostly. To prevent it, just put anything with adhesives away or out of reach. 

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I really wonder your opinion about the arc can you shortly share it with us??

Nah, it’s just that I personally had high hopes of this arc because both editor K and Yana stated that this arc will move the main plot forward a lot, i.e. that it either reveals something about Ciel’s past or changes the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian, but then it went in the direction I personally didn’t like, so I was a bit disappointed, yes, I admit :/

But now that the boy band battle is over and we’re slowly nearing the climax, I hope that things will get thrilling again :)

I literally am looking at the small sanvers scenes we got on that new promo. (stopping frame by frame)
AND I noticed that the scene where Maggie is like walking towards is totally separate from Alex walking in to the whole romantic scene. ( I noticed that Maggie was wearing the outfit from the livestream she did found here x) and that outfit was a black button up shirt.
So since these 2 scenes are separate it must mean that scene with Maggie walking into Alex’s apartment probably has Alex trying to surprise Maggie with something romantic like a candle lit dinner? (probably where the fight might occur IDK).
And obviously later on we know that Maggie makes it up to Alex, WHICH is where Maggie is wearing the tux and Alex her dress)
I really hope we get more scenes than we are expecting 
I KNOW THIS DOESNT REALLY MEAN MUCH….but i just needed to rant this out xD

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Your boyfriend and you are really great. Kinda gives me hope haha. How did you all meet? What's your favorite little thing he does ? Favorite date ?

We met on tumblr, I like seeing him get excited over something and when he dances with Quinn, and I guess going to see Beyoncé? We’ve pretty much always lived together so it hasn’t been a lot of specific dates

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Just read through some of your recent asks like the one saying that you're "not above antisemitism" and I just wanted to make sure that you know that the majority of us would never be that close minded about things and would never say something like that to you when we hardly know you at all and I hope you just laughed that idiot off for being so stupid. You're a good guy Jeff keep it up

Oh I know! All i’m trying to really show people, from a creators perspective, is for people to not put YouTubers on a pedestal and project your own beliefs on them. It’s not fair to them, and without even asking a question, there’s no way you could possibly have the entire story or opinion of said person. Not once during that interaction was there an actual question directed towards me, it was just someone being upset and venting their beliefs at me, which, as a side note if you don’t know already, doesn’t make people more inclined to believe your position. Most of my interactions with the people who follow me are pretty A+ so i’m not worried, and you shouldn’t be either. 


Today, in “People who would not be out of place on a Mid-Morning Matters phone-in”, we have Hugh from Littlehampton…

I really hope people find my blog informative.  While I may not be within the political sphere because I’m not a lobyist, journalist, poly-sci major, etc, I have a passion for the way our government is run and how that impacts our way of life.  And I hope people like my blog, even though I’m basically the everyman.

I’m a librarian who works full time and my wife is a boat captain.  We have a bird, no kids, and still have to rent out the spare room to make ends meet even though I have a Masters degree and she has her Captain’s License.  We’re both writers on the side, we have two normal families (we’re both white btw) and still feel the impact of “the economy.” So I hope this blog gives people a voice and opinion, as well as something to relate to.  

On Wednesdays We Wear Sideburns, by QuillHeart, perunamuusa
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: “You’re easier to read than you think, Jigen. I know you’ve been trying to solve me like some puzzle, but I’m honestly surprised it took you five years to actually say something!” Lupin laughed brightly, sounding honestly amused. “So, what you really want to know is whether I’m a man or a woman, but you’re too bashful to ask if I have a dick?”

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how do you feel if katherine and elena teamed up in the finale? it makes me sad we really never got to see vamp!kat and vamp!elena team up and cause some mayhem in the show, but we might get to see it in the finale. i don't have my hopes up for anything like that because julie hates katherine lol.

well i can say for sure that Vamp!Kat and Vamp!Elena teaming up is not going to happen, because Elena is now human, and we also don’t know to what species does Katherine belongs now

i mean Kat has been something like this: human -> vamp -> human with the cure -> human without the cure -> traveler

so yeah, maybe she’ll come back as a traveler


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That post with the cishet ace really did a number on me :'> I kinda broke down and started crying because I've read so much shit that these ace folk have said and they belittle us and say shit like we deserve what happened to us during the aids crisis or demanding to be including in the pulse shooting shit like please stop this is so fucking hurtful and disrespectful start your own community just leave us alone please?

I’m really, really sorry anon :(

A lot of ace people really are openly homophobic and really… god I hate saying it like this but they really enjoy milking their own victim complexes

I’m really sorry you got that upset and I hope something nice happens to you and you have a good night 

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Tom strikes me as an absolutely normal guy, and I think that's what makes him so alluring. I liked Tom in H.P but what really drew me to him were actually Dramione fanfics, where I could only picture Tom as Draco. But then I tumblrd on this blog, his insta, and many more just fansites and his persona comes across as something so different from draco. Naturally affable and charming and down to earth. Whatever he be in real life, I like what I see, and I hope and wish for him all the best in life.

I’m sure we all wish all the best :)

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i've seen an interesting theory about bucky and natasha fighting scene and possibly the cutting out their content. in bloopers reel different angle of their scene before scarlett winking. Also heard about some scene at the airport about steve or flashback during their fight scene before panther interwined. unconfirmed rumours but if they cut out their scenes, this means end of our hopes or? should we be worried or not?

I’m pretty sure there was initially more stuff filmed for Nat and Bucky during Civil War. Am I mad those things was cut? Absolutely. Do I think it means the end of our hopes? Absolutely not. We still got the “you could at least recognize me” line, and unless the Russo’s decide to completely ignore that in later films, that line means something pretty significant. It’s something viewers who don’t know the comics googled after they saw the movie. So I’d like to think enough people got interested in them after CW to persuade the Russo’s not to ignore that line and keep pursuing a connection between bucky and nat.

It still sucks that any extra scenes between them got cut but unfortunately that’s what happens when movies get edited. Now if Marvel would only release those cut scenes …

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For the Daddy Kink text post. I'm a sub, and one of the ways that my Dom likes to punish me (I'm a little mouthy, much like our favorite kitten) is by bending me over his lap and spanking me (belt, hand, or cane). I have to count the strikes. If I lose count, we start over. Also, tying me up and edging me or putting a vibrator in me on "low" then leaving the room are common, too. Sorry if this is too much, but I hope it helps! Also, if there's punishment, don't forget aftercare! So important! ❤️

Don’t worry love I always make sure to include something like aftercare or prepping because I know it’s super important!

But those two things, along with roughness during le sex and such are literally all I’m exposed to. I knew about those thanks to Tumblr xD I just feel like I’m forgetting something important. (Sorry if I’m confusing any of you all I just don’t want to fuck this up and be inaccurate >

YOU DON’T KNOW HOW LONG THIS TOOK! Half of yesterday and all of my morning today! But it came out so good! Planning on working on one with Mark and not Dark, then maybe Wilfred Warfstache next but depends if I’m busy.

Been wanting to draw something for ‘A date with Markiplier’ since I love it, it’s awesome and so well planned out! *w* They all did such an amazing job! And it made my Valentine’s day, besides me and my family doing a small gift giving thing we do, it made up for that school day I had. 

I wanna put this on redbubble, but until then I’ll make a post about it! Hope you guys like it! ^w^