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“I Like the Way You Laugh” (Simon Dominic)

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May I get #27 with Simon D? He asks his gf what she likes most about him since most of women in his past only liked him for his fame. She responds with the line and he becomes really touched and happy.  

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    You looked up from your food to see Kiseok gazing at you fondly as he chewed a mouthful of his own. “What?” you asked.

    He shook his head, still smiling. “Nothing. I just… I like you a lot, you know that?”

    You laughed. “Well, I would hope so considering we’ve been dating almost two years now.”

    “True,” he said. “I just take it for granted sometimes and I was really thinking about it just now, is all.”

    You reached across the table to squeeze his hand, appreciating his sudden heartfelt words. “Tell me,” he said, “What do you like most about me?”

    You considered, taken slightly by surprise by his question and wanting to answer accurately. But after only a few moments of thought you knew exactly what it was. “I like the way you laugh,” you said finally. You never felt shy around Kiseok, but you did just then and your gaze shifted to your plate as you felt your cheeks warm slightly.

    “How come?” he asked, and you looked up to see his eyes were intent but just as warm as before, and his lips had curved into a smile.

    “It… It shows your heart,” you said. “All your kindness and love. It says a lot about you.”

    He laced his fingers through yours. “You’re too nice to me.”

    “No, I’m just being honest,” you said earnestly. “But… why do you ask?”

    “I just… I know you’re way different than anyone I’ve dated before and it’s why I love you most of all but I just… People have just liked me for my money and status before, but not you.”

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