i hope we see more of him in s3



Can we take 5 minutes to read it? I Love how Greg support LGBTQ people and how he don’t care about Twitter Hate. Ok dearies, all of us know about Marie Logan aka Garfield Logan’s Mother (Beast Boy). But what do you think about it? who can be the others LGBTQ CHARACTERS!?!? I hope Bluepulse! Obviously because is my favorite ship, as a Bisexual Mexican Boy, I Love Jaime Reyes and his relationship with Bart Allen, even if only are Best Friends. We saw Poison Ivy on Season One and she’s officially Bisexual, hope se more about her and Harley on Season 3. In the animated movies we have 2 LGBTQ CHARACTERS and I need them on Young Justice, John Constantine (Bi) and Batwoman (Lesby). And also Aqualad and Jericho are Bisexuals on the comics. In my opinion, Kaldur don’t need a girlfriend or boyfriend, he need time to forget Tula. Hope see Jericho and Slade on S3, even if he’s not Bi, love him since Teen Titans. Love you all!

idk i’m thinking about keith and allura parallels and i really hope s3 gives us more of them bonding because like

1) they lose their fathers not once but twice, first in reality and then in memory

2) they find a deep and important familial connection with older characters they look up to (keith with shiro, allura with coran)

3) both have been thrust into leadership positions prematurely upon losing the leaders they looked up to. we see allura struggle with trying to be the leader her father wanted her to be, and we see keith unwilling to accept that shiro may leave him alone to lead.

4) both are hotheaded, stubborn, and assume responsibility for others when needed (after all, they both convince themselves that zarkon is tracking the team through them)

5) in s2 both unlock a latent power within themselves. keith with the blade of marmora and him unlocking his sword, and allura with her magic after being struck by haggar

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season two thoughts???

i watched all of this as soon as it came out last night so i probs forgot a lot of details lol. here’s some stuff i liked about s2:

  • sheith fucking died good riddance
  • shiro in ep 1 just being like “guess i’ll die lol” Mood
  • episode 2
  • pidge being cute heals my wounds
  • for some reason i wasn’t expecting a rebel galra organization at all so i really liked that!
  • that monster from the 3rd episode that essentially vores things and then vored itself and died
  • the pool scene and also every klance interaction in general tbh
  • paul blart mall cop space edition! how does netflix know who i am and what i want!!!!!!
  • lance’s cow that just fucking disappeared 
  • galra keith!!! Nice!!!!!!!!!!!
    • hunk making galra keith jokes is my fave i hope we see more of that lmao
  • the scene w lance’s insecurities setting the stage for a lance arc in s3
  • i wasn’t expecting the twist w haggar at all and now i want answers lol
  • i really loved every coran scene i would die for coran

things i didn’t like about s2

  • hunk being reduced to food and fat jokes like…he’s so much more than that wtf hunk deserves better
  • building up other character’s intelligence at lance’s expense is :/// lance is a Smart Boy give him some credit wtf i hope we see lance being respected more in s3
  • lance, hunk, and allura weren’t really around but i’m hoping that this means that s3 will be focused on them like how s2 was focused on keith, shiro, and pidge
  • i wish we saw more of ppl’s (and keith’s tbh) reactions to galra keith but i’m hoping that’ll be addressed in s3 cuz i doubt keith can adjust to this info as quickly as it seemed like he did
    • i hope we learn more about keith’s parents too wtf where is keith’s mom
  •  i can’t remember anything else but there’s a good chance i’ve missed some stuff

so yeah i liked season 2 a lot!!!! it wasn’t perfect but i have a feeling that s3 is gonna be way better and probably make up for what a lot of s2 neglected

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What happened? Why are you sad? Don't be sad we love you and you're an amazing fan!!!

because as much as i love that i’ve blocked all the antis on here, i still see some stuff on twitter and they’re absolutely vile towards him, and it makes me so sad and so so fucking angry and i feel like you just can’t escape seeing all the hate no matter what you do, and i know they’re all just over compensating because they know that chris isn’t a bad actor and that he’s such a great guy but they need to hate him because they think that’s what you should do as a sup”rcorp fan/ or a kat*e fan

i feel like a bad fan because i really want chris off of supergirl and i feel like i should be supportive of all his projects and I LOVE mon-el, i think he’s brilliant and has so much potential and so much more to give, but my god this fandom is fucking toxic and i think chris deserves better (i mean he’s so inactive on social media i assume because of all the hate he gets) and omg jknfk idk i’m just really sad and i really hope s3 is the last for mon/chris (actually i hope not even s3 but i’m sure he’s in the next season)

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I was really scared that hunk and Lance would go another season without any development and it looks like my fears might be true :( with all the buildup it's safe to say season three will be all matt and Pidge and some Keith and Shiro

tbh i wanted to go into season 3 with a positive mind but the more stuff i hear the more worried i get!!!

like, im not gonna kid myself about hunk content. we’re going to get fat jokes and maybe one cool scene or a mini arc for at least an ep, maybe two if we’re lucky. i had a lil more hope for lance but idk, i still get nervous for him also. and now that i see matt is gonna have a big part in s3 it really does seem like its gonna focus on the holts + shiro? also the fact it looks more and more likely that keiths gonna take over bp and allura isnt…. like this is all forming into a Mess that i can feel buildin….

i still wanna have hope for a good s3 but rn im just nervous,, for how the seasons gonna pan out and how the fandoms gonna change with it lmao

The 5 things we learned from John and Irene’s meeting

1) Sherlock indeed follows John everywhere.

2) Irene Adler is truly in love with Sherlock. As she confesses, she made a mistake. When she was hiding from her enemies, when she thought she would probably die, when she faked her death to escape, she sent her camera phone to Sherlock. This was a silly and impulsive act. She did it for two reasons: a) she thought Sherlock would never imagine this password and b) she chose to give it to the person she loved the most. You don’t trust your most valuable object to an enemy. But when she returned, now wanting it back, she realized what she did was stupid, because a) she put Sherlock in danger and b) now Sherlock would start suspecting that she honestly loves him (but Sherlock already suspected it anyway). So she asks John’s help in order to retrieve the phone under Sherlock’s nose, because she didn’t want to reappear in front of him. In this case she’d have to find a bloody persuasive excuse to explain why she gave the phone to him in the first place.

3) John loves Sherlock more than Irene and the fans can even imagine. Irene thought John would agree to help her in order to let Sherlock believe she ‘s dead, because he doesn’t want her competiveness. 

JOHN: Tell him you’re alive. 
IRENE: He’d come after me. 
J: I’ll come after you if you don’t. 
I: (sarcastically) Mmm, I believe you. (”As if you didn’t wish me dead, so you could have Sherlock all for yourself.”)
J: (chooses not to reply to her last comment): You were dead on a slab. It was definitely you. 

 However, she is completely wrong. John cares about Sherlock’s emotional stability more than his own repressed feelings. He forces her to tell Sherlock she’s alive hoping that this will make him stop being miserable. Irene looks genuinely impressed by his love.

4) John Watson’s sexuality. Ok, this may be a long shot, because it is easier to understand Quantum mechanics than John Watson’s sexuality. It is very easy to just say that John is obviously a raging bisexual, as I see he’s characterized lately, but to my eyes the truth is more complicated, especially if we take into account the differences in the way John confronts this issue in every series. The S1 John is not the same with the S3 John. S2 John is somewhere in between. So, apparently, there is progress. More quantum mechanics under the cut:

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what kinda stuff would you want to be in ITF season 3 if we ever got one? any particular scenes/character interactions/etc? :)

oh my gosh okay thank you for asking me this (if anyone has any other ideas pls share i’m. so excited thinking about this)

  • jem and alex kissing/being cute during movie night and kieren gets annoyed at them & he’s like ‘oi! take it down a notch would ya’ and jem kicks him out of the living room
  • DOMESTIC SIREN. we have all heard by now that siren live together post-s2, and dom’s tweet about their domestic life is everything. i really really want to see that aspect of their lives, since the majority of the s3 would most likely be very sad and angsty.
  • generally more kieren/simon dynamic & how their relationship has evolved. they’re probably a lot more comfortable around each other and they settle into a (more or less) solid relationship. i think they will flirt a lot more overtly, and i hope it will be more casual.
  • as mean as it sounds, i feel like kieren will be very oblivious of simon’s anxiety about the ula coming for him. i kinda want him to find the knives n shit that simon was given to kill him and i hope he questions simon about it. they definitely have to resolve this first and kieren needs to find out what exactly happened to simon (the experiments, etc.) and they most importantly (imo) need to make amends and be semi-okay again before the ula comes for simon (which will be the finale i think?)
  • phil is probably in denial about amy’s death and manages to suck kieren into his web of conspiracy theories. 
  • kieren’s heart starts beating again? he’s alive. he’s also actively reflecting on his mental illness, and what it means for him to be alive again after giving up on life. 
I am so excited. (2014)

You aren’t? Soon you’ll be. Yep. You. Will. BE.

Read this exciting list:
1. Durarara!! S2
2. Free! S2
3. Haikyuu!!
4. Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji S3
5. Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin OVAs/Eng dubs
6. Fairy Tail
7. Junjou Romantica
8. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi movie
9. K anime movie
10. Sword Art Online S2
11. Pyscho-pass S2
12. Pyscho-pass movie

These were the top stuff that had me excited.


*SPOILERS* - I think. I’m not sure. It’s more like → *OPINIONS*

Let me reflect from the start:

DURARARA!! S2 - The show we’ve been waiting 4 years for, introducing new characters, barely seen in colour or art along with a whole lot of swag acton (Drrr!! = swag) and OTPs!!! (e.g, Shizaya)

FREE! S2 - Well, you know… It’s not much. Just swimming and the fact that: THEY ARE BRINGING SEXY ABS BACK!!! Ok, it’s not just swimming (It is just swimming to Haru…). It really is humorous ;) EDIT: Okay, I’m REALLYY excited for Free! S2 (which is coming out in July 2014 btw xD) Not just because I get to see my ships sail again, but Rin’s friend from Australia will be introduced. His name is Sousuke Yamazaki and to me he looks like they blended the Nanase dude and the Tachibana dude {in a blender} and got him. Hence, Haru + Mako = Sousuke (Okay that wasn’t necessary I guess and maybe only I see it that way~)

HAIKYUU!! - Volleyball. Boys. Feel free to create your new BL OTPs (can’t help it) and prepare yourself… FOR… Competition.

BLACK BUTLER! S3 (okay… that exclamation thing became a habit…) BLACK BUTLER S3 - As much as I loved Alois Trancy (I’m gonna miss him) from Black Butler II, I wanted to see original action from the classic Black Butler. Here it is. Time to drool over Sebastian & Ciel guys.

ATTACK ON TITAN OVAs/Eng dubs - Needless to say is a love-at-first-sight (for me at least) anime with man, serious, touching content. But in the OVAs, we can see more comedy and hope for cute OTP scenes. (Ereri, Eruri, Jeanmin, Jeanmarco etc.) Also, enjoy it in English!

FAIRY TAIL - I am excited. But not fully updated. Is it a new series? Or a new season? Whatever it is, NaLu time!

JUNJOU ROMANTICA - There will be new animation although unannounced what sort it will be. More shounen ai scenes and drama and love love love~ I wish they’d include all Romantica, Egoist and Terrorist together. Fat chance but, one can hope, ne?

SEKAI ICHI HATSUKOI MOVIE - I bet you ship every cannon couple (like me!) in this show and it seems the movie will be revolving around a new one of them. Zen x Takafumi!!! Yayy. I also really hope to see JR cameos. Haha.

K ANIME MOVIE - The anime was thrilling and only in 13 episodes. We’ll all miss Isana Yashiro (truth to be told, I wonder how the movie will be if it doesn’t have him) but let’s appreciate the rest of the awesome gang!

SWORD ART ONLINE S2 - We’ll be digging deeper into the world of SAO. Let’s hope for superb fights and ship our OTP together!

PYSCHO-PASS S2/MOVIE - A new season and a new movie was not expected (for me). Then again, the more the better! Pyscho stuff… Be prepared!

Sorry guys. I sound like I am advertising. I just can’t wait ^^

EDIT: “K ANIME THE MOVIE“ is called ”K: Missing Kings”. Isana Yashiro will be revived.

They are bringing back Isana Yashiro.



Long live Isana Yashiro.

EDIT: Pyscho-Pass the movie is only released in 2015 ;’-(( But season 2 is coming out in October so… *thumbs up*

EDIT: Fairy Tail is a new series which they’ve named “Fairy Tail 2014”.

EDIT: DRRR!! X2 in January, 2015.

Some initial thoughts on this morning’s spoilers, specifically Daniel and why I think this is a really good thing for Oliver and Felicity in the long run.

Here’s what we know about Daniel so far (x):

Though Daniel could be a fake name to throw off spoilerholics, this 20something gent — a major recurring character for Season 3 — is a handsome, enigmatic and highly intelligent entrepreneur developing groundbreaking technology. (Picture a business magnate in Ryan Gosling’s body.) Though exuding charm and confidence in public, he privately harbors a tragic past that will drive him to become a tech-powered superhero. Watch for this formidable fella to be a love interest for Felicity and a rival of Oliver’s – both personally and professionally.

I freely admit that I know nothing about the comics, but I’m seeing people theorizing that this might be Ted Kord and what they’re saying makes sense to me. We know very little just yet, so there’s no telling exactly how he’ll fill the role of love interest for Felicity, but I’m hoping (especially because he’s referred to as a “major recurring character for S3”) that it will be something more than Barry, who was obviously never going to go anywhere in real terms because he was getting his own show. And this is why I think that would be a really good thing for Felicity as a character and for Oliver/Felicity in the long run.

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