i hope we see more of him in s3

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What's your personal, ideal vision for voltron s3? Also! Fav food?

Ohhh that’s a good question. Personally I hope we get Shiro back safe and sound. I hope it takes at least two-three episodes, and we see Keith actually have some leadership moments that season two was building him up for. I don’t see him flying the Black Lion for much more than a short spurt; Red has proven herself so protective of her little crazy cub that I can’t see her allowing him to fly another Lion for long. Maybe he flies the Black Lion to go find Shiro. Either way, I can’t see the team forming Voltron with Keith as the Black Paladin. I don’t….really want Allura to be the Black Paladin? I love her dearly, but I just. I miss Shiro. I’m also really excited for Allura’s character development in terms of her MAGIC, and I don’t think that doubling up plotlines (Allura’s now magical AND can pilot the Black Lion?) would be fair. Not that she couldn’t handle it, but it seems like a lot to put on one character. Bit imbalanced.

I don’t know who would fly the Red Lion, if Keith’s in Black. Maybe Allura takes a shot. Maybe Red gives Coran a chance. Maybe it’s Slav.

I’m rooting also for so much more of the Blade of Marmora. What happens now that Zarkon is defeated (”defeated”) and their main purpose accomplished? Do they disintegrate and fade back into the empire, to try and take down little pockets of Galra rule that undoubtedly still remain after ten thousand years of terror? Do any of them explain anything further to Keith about his heritage? Does Kolivan take Keith under his wing and start grooming Keith to lead the Blades? (I would be so down for that. Primarily because - well, it’d be great character development. It would let Keith use those leadership skills without forcing him into the Black Lion. And, similar to Allura: Keith would now have another major plotline to wrestle with. Giving him leadership of Voltron, too? The imbalance persists. #saveshiro)

(Also: Shiro as the head of Voltron, Keith as the leader of the Blade of Marmora? Sooooo much potential in that comparison. Such great parallels. ….I don’t have thoughts, shhhhh.)

Shiro is probably one of two places: stuck on the astral plane, or (long shot) with the rebels, maybe. If he’s in the astral plane the team finds a way to get him out. If he’s with the rebels, he reunites with Matt. MATT SAVES HIM from one situation or another, which also doubles as Matt’s re-introduction to the show. Wouldn’t that be an awesome parallel?

Somehow or other Shiro reunites with the Paladins in a great, epic, heartfelt reunion. There is another Hug. Pidge and Matt hug too. It’s Shiro who brings Team Voltron the news about Prince Lotor - that there’s another Galra threat to replace Zarkon. Voltron goes on a few more planet-specific adventures, at least two of which give us solid Hunk character-development and more screentime for Lance. The show teases what happened to Sam. Voltron, reunited, braces to fight Lotor, who turns out to be a swarmy villain rather than Black-Lion obsessed. We also learn more about “the dark history of the Paladins” in this season; I’m strongly suspecting that the Alteans had more underhanded work/terrible investment in this war than they want to let on. The season ends on a giant cliffhanger, again with part of the team separated from another part, as has happened in both season one and season two.

In this season we are also blessed with Hunk backstory, Allura’s magic, Keith’s mom, why Pidge is wearing glasses when she clearly doesn’t need them, Lance overcoming insecurities about his place on the team, and how Shiro’s hair turned white. Shiro spends some time in a healing pod so we can see his muscles again. When he gets out someone gives him a blanket and makes him take a nap. We also see lots more of Coran and the space mice. Haggar gets the slipperies.

…..this got verbose and rambly. I’ve had some wine. I apologize.

Favorite food! Anything with melted cheese, pretty much. :)

(Ask me anything! Nosy accepted.)

12 Monkeys “Primary” rewatch

Just a couple notes I guess, while I rewatch Primary

#1 It was written by Sean Tretta, he also wrote Lullaby. So Sean is writer goals. And I met him last summer, he’s super fucking cool. 

#2 I wonder will there be more Primaries in S3? I hope so.

#3 If we ever get an alternate reality episode like “The Red Forest” again, I’d want to see Jennifer x Cole in that reality. And I’d want Jennifer to be the one to visit it so she’s looking at Cole all wide eyed when he casually wraps an arm around her and kisses her. 

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what kinda stuff would you want to be in ITF season 3 if we ever got one? any particular scenes/character interactions/etc? :)

oh my gosh okay thank you for asking me this (if anyone has any other ideas pls share i’m. so excited thinking about this)

  • jem and alex kissing/being cute during movie night and kieren gets annoyed at them & he’s like ‘oi! take it down a notch would ya’ and jem kicks him out of the living room
  • DOMESTIC SIREN. we have all heard by now that siren live together post-s2, and dom’s tweet about their domestic life is everything. i really really want to see that aspect of their lives, since the majority of the s3 would most likely be very sad and angsty.
  • generally more kieren/simon dynamic & how their relationship has evolved. they’re probably a lot more comfortable around each other and they settle into a (more or less) solid relationship. i think they will flirt a lot more overtly, and i hope it will be more casual.
  • as mean as it sounds, i feel like kieren will be very oblivious of simon’s anxiety about the ula coming for him. i kinda want him to find the knives n shit that simon was given to kill him and i hope he questions simon about it. they definitely have to resolve this first and kieren needs to find out what exactly happened to simon (the experiments, etc.) and they most importantly (imo) need to make amends and be semi-okay again before the ula comes for simon (which will be the finale i think?)
  • phil is probably in denial about amy’s death and manages to suck kieren into his web of conspiracy theories. 
  • kieren’s heart starts beating again? he’s alive. he’s also actively reflecting on his mental illness, and what it means for him to be alive again after giving up on life.