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22/11/1997 | happy birthday to my birthday twin, my gf, my queen - @hasungswoon. you’re one of the best people i got to meet this year, and i’m honestly so glad we did because you make my days 100% better (when you’re not dead, that is). i hope you’ll be extra happy today and every other day because it’s what she (shelly) deserves. happy 40th birthday hoe, i can’t believe you’re a year closer to retiring. time goes by so fast, they grow so fast…. i love u boo, always remember that 💕💖💓💖💕💕💘

[translations] 2017.07.06 NCT 127 First Anniversary Event fan accounts - Rolling Paper

Taeil -> Johnny
Chicago monster bro. I love your physiques, are you perhaps a model? Thank you for always looking out for the rest of the members by taking on the role of the middle man. [chewchew_do]

Taeil -> Taeyong
Your features are so beautiful. Your eyes nose lips, no, I love everything about you [cheetahparrot]

Taeil -> Yuta
Yukkuri ….. ????? (fan accounts say that yuta was laughing so hard that he couldn’t read it)

Taeil -> Doyoung
How are you? Cutie. Every time I see your shoulders I think you are so handsome. I’m fine thank you bro [dukduk0614]

Taeil -> Jaehyun
Jaehyun I like your burning passion, in the future please burn that bright and pass the passion on to the remaining members as well [chin9deura]

Taeil -> Winwin
Ni Hao, Dong Si Cheng. I heard you play games really badly, practice more. Anyway you are so cute. I think you have gotten used to living in Korea, and gotten close with the members. Dong Si Cheng, Wo Ai Ni [nct_victory]

Taeil -> Mark
Cute. You are so cute. I can always feel a lot of things when I’m with you. Thank you bro [markleezzang]

Taeil -> Haechan
Our Lee Haechan who usually joke a lot but lately you became quiet. However now I like how you are joking around again. We nag at you is because we like you. I’m thankful that you are doing the role of the maknae well, and became the mood-maker too. Bye bye I love you [xzzanx]

Johnny -> Taeil
I am an only child in the family. But because hyung was by my side I was able to feel how is it like to have an older brother. I feel really happy and secured with hyung by my side. I am always thankful for that. Even though hyung don’t express it, but I know you like me a lot. I love you hyung. [chin9deura]

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i don’t think i’ve quite processed what a Jem novella series could actually mean

  • he will be on the COVER
  • a whole book in HIS POV
  • stories about his life, I assume, both as a silent brother, as a shadowhunter, and as a mundane
  • so that means we are going to probably see him readjust to his life THREE different times 
  • if the Jessa kids rumour is true we are either going to see Jem & Tessa talk about having children or Tessa revealing to Jem that she’s pregnant (or both)
  • which could lead us into experiencing Jem as a dad for the first time
  • honestly i hope we see him grow closer to Emma too
  • more Jem and Church moments 
  • Jem Carstairs will be the main character, the lead, 100% about him
  • we may get to know more of his history
  • we may even have to experience reading the full story of how he had to become dependant on Yin Fen
  • we are most likely going to hear from a him directly what it is/was like to be dependant on Yin Fen
  • we are probably going to experience it first hand
  • we are going to hear about all the stories of the people he loved
  • we are going to get a whole novella series (i assume 10 novellas) JUST ABOUT JEM CARSTAIRS
Jealous - Doctor Strange X Reader [SMUT]

Title: Jealous 

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: Doctor Strange, Reader, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes

Request: Hello! I was wondering if maybe you could do a Doctor Strange x reader fic where he gets jealous for some reason or another and it ends kinda smutty. Thanks! By @psychofangirlfromhell

Summary: When the Doctor gets jealous the reader decides to bring out the little green monster in him for some fun…

Warnings: SMUT, of course :)

A/N: If I wasn’t on the naughty list before I sure as hell am now…. ;) I hope you enjoy @psychofangirlfromhell, sorry it took so long xx 

“O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” Iago from the Shakespearean play Othello. It ‘twas my inspiration for this wonderful

Tags: @trinswhimsys @tmntwhat-you-get-is-what-you-see

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Kiwi; H.S.

We did have a game plan tonight. With all of us being single and enjoying life, the usual goal wa to find a girl we liked to perhaps take with us. I hadn’t participated in such activities in a long time, and this time I wasn’t going to get out of it either. With a few empty and full beers scattering our table, all the guys are looking around to spot that one girl tonight. It’s when the door opens and the wind howls, I see her. She slowly walks over to the bar and almost as soon as she sits down, Rob offers her a glass of whiskey. All I can see is her silhouette from my position, and I want to see more of her.

I don’t give it a second thought either when I raise to my feet, ignoring protests – or hollering – from my mates and directly walk up towards the woman at the bar. I think she saw me coming because as soon as I am in close proximity, her head turns and her eyebrows raise as she watches me approach ever so slowly.

Instead of going directly toward her, I turn to the bartender and order myself a shot. I down it rather quickly before averting my gaze and attention to the mysterious woman beside me. “Hello.”
She snorts, holding her hand in front of her mouth before she gazes up at me incredulously.

“Hello? Is that all you’re trying to go with? No stupid pick up line?” She seems amused, something I find to be in my advantage. I lean against the bar top and shoot her a bright grin before I sink my teeth into my bottom lip. I see her gaze flicker from my eyes to my lips. I can’t help the smirk that slowly crawls onto my features. I watch her wet her lips before she turns back towards the bar top, her legs tucked underneath.

“Do you think I need one then?” I decide to question, tapping my fingertips on the counter top as I await her response. She seems to need a few moments to come up with a proper answer, and when she turns back into my direction the sly grin makes my heart palpitate.

“Well, I’m not quite sure why you would assume you’re any different from any other male that has addressed me tonight – but you seem confident. Let’s hear it.” She smirks, slowly twirling her glass of whiskey in her hand before talking a dragged out sip.

“I’m not planning on sweeping you off your feet love. But a conversation might be educational. I’m Harry.” I hold out my hand for her to take, but she scoffs almost immediately. “As if I don’t know who you are. I didn’t spend the last seven years under a rock, Mr. Styles.” Her eyebrow is cocked and I’m taken aback just the slightest bit. Normally girls would already be swooning – at the least – when I approached them. I retaliate.

“Well, that doesn’t take back that a man should introduce himself when meeting a lovely lady miss…” I trail off, hoping I’d get her name out of her. I’m not one to just assume people know who I am – some people aren’t for all that gossip and other found in the magazines. I’m glad she’s one of those.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” She smiles briefly, bringing her glass of hard liquor to her lips again. Her smile is soft, almost velvet-like and there is a shyness about her when she turns away, as if I had caught her off guard. She recollects herself in a split second none the less.

“Quite the charmer, aren’t you?” She chuckles as she taps another cigarette from her pack lying on the bar. Without another word, she lights it and blows the vapour over my head.
“I’ve been told that a few times yeah.” I smile back, leaning against the bar as I let my eyes glide over her figure. Her black dress hugs her curves in all the right places.

“Do you think it’s a good trait?” She questions me again, tapping the excess of cigarette ashes into the tray in front of her. I have never met anyone like her and I think I’m into it.
“I presume not. A lot of females already believe that I’m just here for a hook up and you lose a lot of your credibility.”

“Aren’t you?” I blink a few times and it takes me just a little too long to realise she was speaking about a one night stand. I guess when I first arrived at the bar, that was my initial goal. But as for now, I’d rather talk to her and find out more about her, what thrives her, what she lives for. If that meant not hooking up tonight, I wouldn’t lose a blink of sleep.

“I was intrigued.” I immediately decide to be honest and I feel a sense of pride toward myself when I see the small smile creep onto her lips and she shies her gaze away from mine.

“That’s very flattering, Mr. Styles.” Y/n motions to the bartender for a refill, before turning towards me. “Would you like anything?”
“I’ll have what she is having.” I nod towards Rob, the bartender, and refocus my attention on the beautiful woman beside me.

“I haven’t seen you around here before, Y/N.” I take my own drink between my fingers and slowly bring it toward my lips, my gaze never leaving hers. Y/n isn’t any bit reluctant to keep my gaze as well, the smirk on her lips growing with every passing second.

“That might be possible, seeing as how I only arrived in London little over a week ago.” She states, averting her gaze as I see her pull her lip between her teeth. She might act shy, but her eyes scream a whole different story. Maybe I’m just losing it.

“Where are you from?” I need to know more, and if she’ll let me I’ll spend the rest of my evening asking her question after question. I want to know everything about her. I swallow loudly, the tip of my tongue darting out to wet my lips. It’s then when I notice she has been staring at my lips.

“I’ve resided all around the world. But as of now, I moved from New York. It’s a lovely change of scenery.” Her gaze darts from my lips to my eyes and if I’m not mistaken, I can see the blush crawl onto her cheeks. I don’t really know what to answer without being intrusive, so it takes me a while to come up with a proper response.

“And what do you search, all around the world?” I think it’s the best I can do on such short notice and when I see her grimace I know it wasn’t maybe as great as I thought it would be. She answers without hesitation though.

“Peace of mind.” The small smile brings one to my own features and she seems to shake out of it as she takes another sip from her whiskey. “So, does randomly walk up to women get you laid often?”

“I don’t think you want an honest answer on that.” It’s my turn to grimace. Her smile slowly fades but she tries to hide it by raising her glass again. I know my sexual history – on and off camera – wasn’t something to be proud of. I was young and brash – I didn’t think clearly.

“Yeah, in hindsight, you’re right. I’d rather not know.” She turns away again and focuses on the exhibited glasses positioned on shelves behind the bar. “If it makes you feel any better…” I start off, gaining her attention again, “Nah, I have nothing.” I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly.

The giggle that leaves her lips swells my heart and I take a bold choice to lay my hand upon hers. “At least you’re being honest.” Y/n replies, coyly gazing at me from underneath her lashes. When I don’t reply, I feel her naked leg brush against my jeans-clad leg and she inches just the slightest bit closer.

“Anything else you’d like to know?”

There is only one effort of me left between us for our lips to touch. I can’t help but let my gaze flicker between her plump lips and her penetrating gaze – I can’t.

“What are you going home to later on?” I think this might be the most subtle way I have ever tiptoed around finding out if a lass had a boyfriend, but I need – and want – to be cautious with Y/N.
“A cactus.” Her smile grows as well when a stupid grin forms almost immediately after her words.

“I do have to leave you for just the slightest bit love,” I point towards the bathroom doors, “but I hope we can continue when I come back.” I wait for a second to see if she’d answer and just the slightest of nods is enough for me to calm my raging nerves.

I hadn’t heard her come in, but as soon as I have washed and dried my hands, she turns me around and corners me against the wall. Without a word, she steps closer, but still gives me enough time to change my mind if I’d want to. As if I would, ever.

Her fingertips tickle along my neck before she cups my jaw and pulls me to her level, immediately locking lips with mine. My hands curl around her waist and I pull her body swiftly against mine. Her leg fits between my own and the other rest against the wall while her hands wander over my torso.

The kiss heats up and I trail my hands down to her bum, giving it a firm squeeze. It elicits a moan from her lips which was instantly swallowed by my own. Involuntarily, she rolls her hips against my thigh as I keep pressing her closer towards me.

“Let’s leave.” She pants against my cheek before she pulls away. Within a second she has recollected herself and pulls her dress down just a little bit more, turning to leave the bathroom. “Are you coming?” She turns around, her tender hand resting on the door handle. I’m still parked against the wall, my pants straining painfully and I stare at her with an opened mouth. “Of course.”

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Joker Imagine - He Dumps Harley For You

Your P.O.V.

Lately, the Joker had shown a great interest in me. I was just one of his criminal friends, an assassin to be clearer. Ever since he saw me tackling down a man twice my size, his eyes had been following me everywhere. I couldn’t lie either, because I enjoyed his attention. 

We began talking more and hanging out at his club. As time passed, I was already sitting on his lap and his hands were on my body, making me feel ecstatic. Everything else was fine but we had a major issue.

Joker was still in a relationship with Harley.

Our affair got so serious that we had to face reality. It hurt that he still hadn’t left Harley. I was afraid he still had feelings to the woman who had done much for him. 

‘‘J?’‘ I looked at him with a pouty lip. We were in the penthouse since Harley was out for the day, hanging out with other criminals. It was getting darker and the third person in this triangle would catch us soon. I wasn’t scared, only nervous. J looked at me curiously from the big couch, ignoring the television for a moment. I walked closer and then sat down next to him, pulling the soft blanket on my bare legs. Yes, we had gotten so serious we had sex. It was freaking amazing!

‘‘What’s up, kitten?’‘ He asked me as he noticed I was worried. Then he put his warm, big hand on my hand and looked at me very intensely so it was impossible to lie. ‘‘Harley will come soon and..I was thinking if..um, if it was time you picked one of us. We’re so close now that I think it’s something that has to be done’‘ I let out the truth, already tense from my nerves. I was ready to run if he got angry with me. Luckily, he didn’t.

J took a deep breath and looked away, out of the window so he could see the Gotham city view.He was quiet for a while until I heard him laughing. Of course, it was confusing. I thought I had failed so I got up and picked up my pants from the floor, pulling them on. I got dressed and then I crossed my arms.

‘‘What are you going to do, J?’‘ I wanted to know. He looked at me with a smile. Before he could answer, the door opened. A shiver ran down my spine because I knew who it was. ‘‘I’m home, Puddin!’‘ A high pitched voice yelled out, making me cringe. J stood up and we both just waited for Harley to find us.

Footsteps approached and she walked straight into the living room. I turned around so I could face her. Harley’s smile faded and emotions got mixed on her pretty face, anger, confusion and pain. Her blue eyes were directed at me and then she glanced at her boyfriend. Since I was trained to deal with angry people, I examined her. Harley’s hands were trembling and she seemed to think about grabbing her gun.

‘‘Mr.J, what’s going on?’‘ She stuttered painfully. I put my own hands on my knife that I had hanging on my belt. ‘‘Harley we need to talk’‘ J told the clown girl seriously. My heart started beating faster because I didn’t know what was going to happen. Harley clenched her jaw but she nodded. We both looked at J now, both hoping for the best, the air growing tense around us.

‘‘Times change blah blah blah and so have we’‘ J told Harley and walked closer to her. I gulped as I saw how she looked at him, with love and desperation. Would it affect J? ‘‘W-what do you mean, Puddin?’‘ She whimpered with tears in her eyes. I watched from the side a little awkwardly. 

‘‘I think it’s best if we’d break up’‘ He said straight away, not sugar-coating anything. Harley’s eyes widened and she gasped, probably not believing what she just heart. She put her hands on J’s face and tried to say something, but J stepped back and turned around laughing.

Suddenly Harley’s focus was on me. I could tell she wanted to rip me apart. ‘’Are you leaving me for this slut?’’ Harley hissed and did as I feared, she grabbed her gun. J turned around and saw the situation. I was held at gunpoint but I wasn’t afraid. Harley gritted her teeth and glared at me with such hatred I could feel her eyes drilling a hole into my skull.

‘‘I thought slut shaming was old news’‘ I teased Harley, because I knew how to get out of this situation. It annoyed her that I didn’t fall down on my knees in fear, begging for her to spare me. ‘‘Harley, put the gun down’‘ J growled angrily. It was perfect. For just a second she looked at J and not at me, giving me time to attack.

The second her eyes moved, I got into action. I leapt at the girl, hitting her wrist so the gun flew on the floor. She screamed as she hit the floor. I was above her body. A huge grin appeared on my face. ‘’Sorry doll, you can’t shoot me that easily’’ I pouted, just pissing her off. Harley growled and kicked my back, making me grunt. It hurt a little bit. 

This was about to turn into a cat fight but J interrupted us. ‘’Both of you, get up!’’ He yelled loudly. Harley and I met each other’s eyes and we were throwing fire at each other silently. Then I got up, wiping some dust away from my clothes. Harley got up after me and that’s when she began crying quietly.

‘‘Leave’‘ J told her seriously. She sniffled and then took off her collar, throwing it at J. ‘‘Fuck you J’‘ She sobbed and then walked away. I grabbed J’s wrist so he wouldn’t go after her and fight about her behaviour. He turned to look at me and his anger faded away. Harley left by slamming the door shut and then we were alone.

I was shocked and surprised of what just happened. J had left Harley so he could be with me! ‘’Should we make it official?’’ He smiled and then put his big hands on my waist. A smile appeared on my face. ‘’Sounds great’’ I purred and got on my toes so I could reach his face. J giggled darkly before giving me a hungry kiss. 

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Modern Glasgow prompt please: In the books, Claire briefly mentions a time where the emergency department got robbed at gun point for meds. How would she react to this and what would Jamie do when he found out?

Modern Glasgow AU

“Dr. Fraser – ”

“I *said* I’m fine, Constable. Perfectly fine.”

“Beg pardon, ma’am – I’m no’ doctor, but yer hands are shaking.”

Claire swallowed, lay her – trembling – hands flat on the table in the break room, and breathed deeply.

Turning inward, is what she always called it – taking stock from head to toe, checking for soul-deep wounds and bruises when physical trauma had (praise God) not occurred.

Heart racing – breath shallow. Both normal symptoms post-trauma, considering she had been *right there* when the crazed man had stormed into the A&E, wielding a meat cleaver.

Palms cold and clammy – not bad, considering the circumstances.

Scrubs sticky with blood, from where she had knelt to apply pressure on the wounds.

But most importantly – the baby slept within her. Just over five months gone, she was just barely showing – and she (and Jamie) were attuned to every movement of this little one.

Christ, Jamie. He had to know by now –

“I’ll be fine.” Infusing her voice with bravery she didn’t believe – just wanting to get out of here, out of this room, out of these clothes. “It’s just shock – I’m going into shock. I should know.”

The Constable raised one dark, skeptical eyebrow.

“Ye were right there when Mr. Hodgepile allegedly came into the waiting room – ”

“Allegedly, my arse. I saw him right before my eyes come in, raving about God knows what, demanding the prescription medications we keep at the nurse’s station.”

He shifted a bit in his seat. “And I understand ye were standing right beside the victims.”

Claire closed her eyes. Her left hand drifted to settle on her belly, thumb tracing her wedding ring. Craving Jamie.

“I was asking Nurse Ellesmere to adjust the dosage of pain medication for an elderly patient. The – the man just started hacking at her when she refused to hand it over.”

She swallowed – seeing so much blood.

“Ye ken she’ll be all right – ”

“Of *course* she will – I cared for her, after all.”


Her eyes still closed, Claire enjoyed the simple peace of the small room. The scrape of the constable’s pencil in his notepad. The scent of that disgusting industrial-grade cleanser used to sanitize the floors. The murmur – like bees in a hive – of voices and footsteps and distant ringing of telephones down the hallway.

Familiar, comforting sounds. But not the sounds of home – the shrieks of her two girls, the deep rumble of Jamie’s laughter, the gentle hum of the ancient refrigerator in their kitchen.

“Dr. Fraser?”

Claire opened her eyes – focusing on the young, eager man on the other side of the table.

“I think I’ve got all I’ll need for now – though I may ring you up later, once we’ve completed more of our investigation.”

“I know you have a job to do, but trust me – he’s guilty as sin. And stupid as fuck, since he picked a hospital to attack. The poor bastard is probably getting better medical care right now than at any other point of his life.”

The Constable rose and extended a hand. Claire took it, shook it firmly, and stepped out into the hallway.

The chaos had died down, to be sure – but uniformed police officers still stood at the nurse’s station, photographing the pools of blood and discarded cloths Claire had used to stanch the bleeding.

Clearly her colleagues had already gone home – she recognized nobody in the waiting area, save for a few hospital administrators. And then looked up beyond the cordon –

The most beautiful sight she had seen all day.

Jamie’s hair was all mussed. Even from here she could see the tendons straining on his neck – feel his soul calling out to hers.

Somehow she ducked under the cordon and within two heartbeats was crushed to Jamie’s chest.

His throat rumbled with the *Gaidhlig* - first sweet, sweet words of endearment. Then –

She pulled back, brows creased. “What?”

His blue eyes darkened. “I *said,* what in hell were ye thinking? How dare ye do something harebrained like try to fight off a knife-wielding bandit? And you with child, too! Have ye no sense at all?”

“Let go!” she hissed, fighting against him. “What do you mean, how dare *I* do something harebrained? I took an oath to do not harm, to heal others – and what right do *you* have to tell me what to do?”

Still he held her close, refusing to release her arms. “What right do *I* have, ye ask? I lay claim to the child in yer belly – and to our other two wee bairns, unless ye’ve forgotten? They need a mother, and I need a wife, much more than this world needs you as a hero!”

His grip was iron on her arms and shoulders. “Let go of me! I have a fucking MD degree! I’m not an idiot, I assessed the situation and acted rationally – ”

“I dinna doubt ye did,” he hissed. “But ye canna blame me for panicking when I’m giving the girls their wee bath and I get an emergency text on my phone, so I roll them up in a towel and race over to Murtagh and throw them through his door and then race over here, not knowing what in hell is going on and worrying ye are alive or deid, and then waiting behind the cordon and hearing the doctors say ye had saved the lives of three people and – ”

Suddenly exhausted, he slumped against the wall in the corridor. Eyes closed.

His hold on her relaxed – but now it was her turn to hold him. Cradle him to her, like she had with their daughters – like she would with this new baby. His hands skimmed up her sides – one resting on the baby, the other on her shoulder.

“It’s all right. It’s done. All is well. *We* are well.”

“I love ye, Claire,” he rasped against her cheek. “I’m glad ye’re no’ harmed. But dinna do that again, aye?”

She pulled his forehead to rest against hers. Now both his hands spanned her belly – sheltering, cradling their bairn.

“He is all right?”

Finally, finally she smiled. “You’re still so certain it’s a boy?”

“I am. After two girls, why not?”

He nuzzled against her cheek. “I hope he grows to be a braw laddie. As stubborn and smart and brave as his Mam.”

She dipped closer for a quick kiss. “Flatterer.”

Now it was his turn to smile. “Let’s go home? I’ll call Murtagh, ask him to keep the girls till the morning.”

She sighed against him, so happy. “Yes – as much as I love them, I *need* you.”

He kissed her forehead, and took her hand, and they walked out toward the car park, blinking at the flash of police lights, happy to be alive.  

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Falling For A Stranger

A/N: I had to re-post this because tumblr sucks

Requested by @ariatate

Summary: Reader is one of the slaves that Bellamy and others saved from Ice Nation. In the Arkadia Bellamy helps Abby take care of reader. As the time passes they grow closer and eventually fall for each other.

Word Count: 2381

Originally posted by jchnmurqhy


After months of being a slave I had no longer hoped to being free again. But it happened as we got saved by other people from Ark. It happened so fast, one moment we were in chains obeying a grounder and the other moment we were in something that looked like a truck on our way to some camp where there was the rest of our people.

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Chapter Three [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: As graduation grows closer, so does your relationship with Lin. 

Word Count: 1,626

Warnings: Slow burn, but y’all are used to it by now, right?

Authors notes:  Ren - Do you guys know how much I love sister dynamics? A lot. This chapter was really cute to write, hope y’all enjoy!

Sab - Things are moving/shaking, we’re getting into the nitty-grtty, basically it’s all very domestic and I’m in love. Please give us feedback we live off of #validation.

askbox | masterlist | previous chapter | next chapter

“Lin, how do you spell disseminate?” your voice echoed in his messy living room, his answer coming almost automatically.

“Why do you need to know this word anyway?” You looked up from your laptop, watching his efforts while writing in a notebook on his desk.

“Fancy words make me look smart,” you shrugged.

“You are smart.”

“They don’t know that.”

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Pressure (Jimin x Reader)

“You smell like trash, let me take you out.”

3.2k words, comedy + fluff, jimin/reader, normalverse


For Jimin, they were practically synonymous with a crowded room full of laughter, late night takeout, crummy TV show marathons, shit eating grins, and other things like–

“Truth or dare?”

Yoongi’s giving him that look: intimidating, challenging, merciless. He may as well have just said “dare or dare.” Jimin doesn’t bat an eyelash, trying to look unperturbed.

Apparently, their friend group hasn’t quite let go of the game despite being well past the middle school phase. Well past. But then again, it’s not like the game could ever be completely shunned; sometimes when other things get too overplayed, nothing quite riles up a crowd like an occasional game of Truth-or-Dare

“Dare,” Jimin says simply. He takes a huge gulp of his soda, sets it aside. Afterall, how bad could it be? Yoongi smirks. Memories of past games flash through Jimin’s mind. Okay, it could be pretty bad. But they’re sober right now, so at least no one’s going to be trying to jump off the roof. So not that bad. Comparatively, at least.

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Sweet Treats, Now Gimme The Deets (Jake x F/MC)

Title: Sweet Treats, Now Gimme The Deets
Fandom: Endless Summer
Prompt: For the anon who requested “This is girl talk, so leave” (JakexMC) from @choicesimaginesandmore!  (I hope this satisfies your request!  I had a lot of fun writing it 💖)
Word Count: 1282

Summary: Quinn, Michelle, and M/C didn’t know it would lead to this, but somehow a plate of desserts got M/C accidentally sharing her potential interests in a certain pilot.


The sun sets, painting the mysterious atmosphere of La Huerta glorious shades of purples, pinks, and oranges.  A cool breeze sweeps through the abandoned Celestial, which has recently been taken over by ten college kids, an oh-so-optimistic tour guide, and a disgruntled pilot.  Another day has passed since they’ve landed on the island, and they have yet to discover any new leads.  As the days go by, they grow more tired.  Determined, but still tired.  

It’s important to treat yourself after a long day’s work.  Thus, the entire gang has chosen to hang by the pool – whether they be sipping a beer by the hot tub, playing water games in the pool, chatting by the bar or lounge chairs, they’re all having fun forgetting the situation they’re stuck in.  They were all enjoying the outdoors, all except…


“Oh. My.  God.”

“Tell me about it.”  

Seated together in the hotel’s restaurant is you, Quinn, and Michelle, murdering the plate of chocolate-coated strawberries in front of you that Quinn found in the kitchen.  “This is the best thing that has happened to me since we landed here.  Thank you, Quinn,” Michelle moans through the strawberry she stuffs in her mouth.
“Of course!  Everyone can use a little something sweet.” The redhead says giddily.

“Seriously, though – mmph, these are so good – If I were to die on this island, I could die happy now.” You join the others in devouring the platter.  

“Desserts always make me happy,” Quinn continues, “I think it’s the best way to treat yourself after a long day of struggling.”  

Michelle gulps down her food quickly, so she can open her mouth to speak.  “I know that feeling,” She points at Quinn, referring to what she said.  “When I spent countless nights applying for med schools, Sean would occasionally stop by my house with these mini macaroons, and we’d eat them together while we caught up with each other days.”  Her eyes gleam with reminiscence as her mind wanders off to the memory of her ex-love.

Quinn clears her throat.  “How are you feeling since the breakup, Michelle? That is – if you don’t mind me asking. I know it must be hard.”

Michelle’s blonde hair bounces on her shoulder and she leans back on her seat. She sighs deeply, and closes her eyes for a short moment.  “It still hurts,” She mumbles wearily, “I regret how it ended, everyday. But –“ She sighs again, this time to clear her thoughts, “I did what I did.  And I have to face the consequences.  Which…is why I shouldn’t be stopping him – indirectly - from pursuing other people.”  

Her eyes shift to you.  You return her eye contact for a bit, not knowing why she’s looking at you that way.  Then it hits you.

“Oh! Um, thanks Michelle.”  You give her a small smile.  “But, I’m not interested in Sean.”  

“You’re not?”  She raises her eyebrows as you shake your head, a little surprised.  

Quinn pipes up, “I bet I know who M/C likes,” She beams.  “It’s the pilot, isn’t it?”  

“Quinn, I do not…” Now you’re beaming back.  You don’t want to admit to your new friends that you’re developing a little crush on Jake McKenzie, but you don’t want to lie to them either.  The thought of being near him, talking to him, exchanging quick glances with each other, makes your heart flutter.  

“Ohmigod, M/C’s totally trying not to blush right now.  Is it Jake?”  Michelle lights up excitedly, “It’s Jake, isn’t it?”

“What’s Jake?”

The three of you spin around to see the man of the hour, scruffy five’o’clock shadow and all, strolling over to your table.  His dog tags bounce off his chest each step he takes.  “Speak of the devil…” You mutter underneath your breath.

“Hi Jake,” Quinn gestures to the plate on the table.  “Chocolate-dipped strawberry?”  

“Don’t mind if I do,” Jake snatches one from the platter and pops it in his mouth with no hesitation.  “You never answered my question.  What’s Jake?”

“Oh, nothing.  We were just talking about you.” Michelle answers coyly.  You suppress the urge to shoot her a look.  

“I don’t blame you, there’s plenty about me to talk about,” The pilot smirks. “Anyway, I was just wondering if I could steal Princess here for a walk around the hotel.”  

“What makes you think I want to go on a walk with you?” You raise your eyebrows in retort.

“What makes me think you don’t?”  

Jake’s grinning at you, and you can’t help but grin back.  “Touché,” You mindlessly lick your lips.  “I’ll join you in a bit.  Meet you on the benches?”

“Cool.” He’s about to walk away, but notices the side-eyes and smirks Quinn and Michelle are secretly throwing each other. 

“…Am I interrupting something?  It looks like Pippi and Maybelline here are trying to eye-fuck each other.”  

“We’re not the only ones eye-fucking each other on the island,” Michelle teases, which she in return gets a giggle from Quinn, and a nudge from you underneath the table.  

“Oh yeah?  Care to share the deets?”  Jake raises his eyebrows in amusement and reaches for another strawberry.  “This is one of the calmer days on this island. If one of you kids is pining over someone, now’s the time to fill me in.”  

Quinn shoots you a quick glance, before resting her head on her hand and smiling innocently at Jake.  “We’ll tell you later.”

“Why not now?”  

Because, we’re in the middle of Girl Talk™, and somebody is invading our sesh.”  You smile at the pilot smugly.  “So, Jake, this is the part where you leave.”  

Jake lets out a little snort and playfully raises his hands up in defense. “Alright, alright,” He announces as he takes a few steps back.  He makes eye contact with you, a look of determination and expectancy.  “Meet you on the benches, Princess.”

“See ya.”

As soon as he strides away, you snap your head back to Michelle and Quinn, who are both biting their lips and raising their eyebrows at you.  “I hate you both,” You say teasingly.  Quinn tries to stifle a giggle, and you shoot her a look. “What?”  

“He wants to ravish you so bad.”  She responds giddily.  

“Oh my god,” You roll your eyes in denial, but can’t help to smirk at the whole situation that just went down.  

“Oh, he so does,” Michelle sips her glass of water slyly, “And you should go for it too.  Sex with older men is usually great – and Jake looks like someone who would definitely have you quivering and moaning so loud the entire hall can – “

“I – okay.  This is my cue to leave.” You feel your face growing hot and gently push yourself up from you seat, “Great talk you guys - but - I have walking duties to attend to.”  

Walking duties,” Quinn airquotes and winks at you.

“Walking duties – without the airquotes.”  




You glance at the two of them amusingly - and they return the same look - once more before turning around.  “I’m gonna go.” You declare and strut away. “See you later!”  

“Make good decisions, M/C!” Quinn chirps.  Their giggles grow more faint the further you walk away from them, and closer to the pilot. 

You don’t know this yet, but that moment of bonding between the three of you will last in your memories for a lifetime.



 “Hey, Princess,” Jake calls out as he sees you walking out of the Celestial.  “You gonna fill me in on who’s been mentally stripping the other off?”  

“Oh, you haven’t noticed?” You tease, “Sean’s been giving you the look ever since we hopped off your plane.”  

Jake looks dumbfounded for a second.  “I hope to god you’re joking.”  

“I don’t know what goes on in Sean’s head.”  

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Prompt: “Cuddle with me please so I can stay warm”

Characters: Angus MacGyver x Reader

Gender: Any/Neutral     Triggers: None

You can request from any of these three autumn/Halloween prompt lists

Originally posted by fyeahlucastill

You sighed as you looked out the window. Another mission, another country. But unfortunately for you, you ended up in a country that had a cold autumn. And also unfortunately, your cover had been blown and now you and Mac were hiding out in an old abandoned hotel.

You looked over at Mac who was trying to start a fire. As a spark lit a piece of old newspaper the fire began to grow, but it would take a while for the fire to warm up the room. You pulled your blanket closer to you but still shivered lightly at the breeze coming through the broken window.

“Hey Mac, think you can fix that window” you said

Looking over at the window he smiled “Not unless there is another glass pane lying around” 

“Can’t you cover it with something, a trash bag, a piece of wood?” you said covering your head with the blanket.

He looked around the almost completely empty room, standing he smirked down at you “You’re really that cold?”

“I forgot to grab my jacket when we were being chased by bag guys” you said, your voice muffled from the blanket. Eyeing him as he was smiling down at you, you shivered as another breeze blew in. Opening your blanket wide he quirked his eyebrow “Cuddle with me so I can stay warm”

Chuckling Mac walked closer before taking the blanket from you and moving you so you could lay against him. Moving the blanket so it covered both of you he wrapped his arms around you.

“Better?” he asked quietly.

“Mmhm” You hummed contently as you lied your head in the crook of his neck. 

Smiling he kissed the top of your head and rubbed his hand up and down your body to warm you “We’ll be home soon” he whispered “As soon as Jack and Riley find us” he said looking out the window at the darkening sky. 

You hummed again, cuddling closer to him.

“Then we can sit on a comfy couch, cuddle up next to a different fire. There will be no broken windows. We can have hot chocolate and watch Halloween movies” his voice was getting quieter as he lid his head against the wall, growing tired from the long day. 

“Sounds Nice” you mumbled out as you started to fall asleep against Mac. The cold wind no longer bothering you as the sound of the slowly growing fire lulled you to sleep.

It ended up being a super short drabble but I still hope you liked it :)

Requested by anon

idfcry  asked:

Hey! My birthday is on 4th of March and I would really love read something fluffy about Everlark, like friends to lovers (with a little bit of drama and happy ending). Thanks! 💘 PS.: Sorry for the bad english. This isn't my native language.

Originally posted by animefoodissugoi

Wishing you a wonderful birthday! To help celebrate, the lovely and talented @shesasurvivor has written this beautiful bit of Everlark, just for you. Enjoy!

A/N: Happy birthday! Your request was for Everlark friends-to-lovers, fluffy yet with some drama, and with a happy ending.  My mind went to an AU where they become friends in Panem after he throws her the bread, so I hope this is what you were looking for!


Gale raps on the door behind the bakery; I hold my breath, waiting for it to open. It seems like ages before we hear the footsteps, a heavy tread that gradually grows louder the closer they get to the door. But my heart sinks before we even see who they belong to, because I already know. They aren’t his.

Mr. Mellark opens the door, and gives us his usual silent nod in greeting. He’s not a very talkative man, the baker, even once you get to know him a little bit. When you think about it, it’s amazing how his son is the exact opposite. I let Gale do the talking, since I’m still preoccupied at the moment, trying to figure out where he is, what’s going on.

After a while, I get the sense that the trade is wrapping up. Mr. Mellark smiles, thanking us for the squirrels. Gale gives me a sideways glance, and stuffs the bread into his game bag. But just before Mr. Mellark is about to close the door, I finally speak.

“Is Peeta here?” I blurt out. The door pauses, then opens again while Mr. Mellark looks me over. He looks like he’s trying to decide on something.

“He is…” he says at last, slowly, drawing it out, as though he’s stalling for time. I can tell he’s being purposely evasive, which means that Peeta probably gave him instructions that he didn’t want to talk to us.

Or, I’m afraid to admit, that he doesn’t want to talk to me.

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BTS Reaction to You Buying Them A Puppy


When Jin would walk in to see you playing with an adorable little puppy, he would flip. His eyes would grow large until he realized how expensive and needy an animal is. Before he could speak, you would say something like, “I’ve already cleared it with Big Hit and they said you could take the dog in with you whenever one of us isn’t home.” He would then get all smiley again and run over to the puppy, pulling out his phone to take a picture.

“I have to tell the boys how amazing my Jagi is!”

Originally posted by jjilljj


Yoongi would try to act like he didn’t like the puppy when he saw you cuddling on the couch with it, but as soon as the puppy saw him, it would run over to him and bark. “Get away, mut.” He would say, stating that he didn’t want a dog, but as soon as you would leave the room, he would pick up the puppy, losing his manly facade.

“I thought you didn’t want a puppy.” You would say, teasingly.

Originally posted by ultranicolet


When Hobi walked into your house and saw a puppy run up to him, he asked no questions. Instead, he leaned down to the puppy and started holding up hearts to the puppy, who was eager for attention. Hobi would giggle and make faces at the puppy as it licked his fingers.

“You’re such a cutie! Do you like the way I taste?” You would here him asking the puppy from the other room.

Originally posted by btsand5sosandyoutubersislife


As soon as Namjoon walked through the door of your apartment, a smile immanently appeared on his face, seeing as you were too engrossed with the new puppy you had bought for his birthday to even notice that he had come home. “Jagiya, I’m home!” he would yell in order to get your attention, causing you to jump and try and hide the puppy from him.

“I already saw the puppy… Now, can I play with him, or are you too in love to give him to me?” he would ask, laughing.

Originally posted by ksjknj


Jimin, being the person he is, would find the puppy before you wanted him to, ruining the surprise. He would run up to you as soon as you got home, jumping up and down, screaming. When you would ask him why he was so excited, he would stop in his tracks and slowly start to walk away, muttering;

“I totally didn’t find the puppy that was hiding in the guest bathroom downstairs…….. I love you.”

Originally posted by kkink


“Jagi, I’m home!” Tae would yell as he swung the door to your house open. This occurs every day, the only difference this time is that the door hit the new puppy you had just bought for Taehyung, causing it to smack against the wall with a yip escaping its mouth.“OMO I HURT THE PUPPY! I HOPE ITS OKAY! THE PUPPY IS GOING TO HATE ME NOW! MY LIFE IS OVER!” He would yell with a horrified expression on his face.

“Wait… when did we get a puppy?”

Originally posted by vkooked


Jungkook would walk into the house and see you standing in the doorway with your hands behind your back. Being the curious child he is, he would try and peak behind your back in order to see what you were holding. “Jagiya, can’t you just show me what you have?” he would ask defeated.

When you pulled the puppy from behind your back, his eyes would grow wide and he would lean in closer to the puppy’s face so it could lick him.

Originally posted by badlands-forthe-adolescent

-Admin Lionheart

someone: are you okay?

me, on the outside: yeah

me, on the inside: to jooheon hyung. do you remember? when i first came in ‘no mercy’ we ended up doing a team mission together and before talking about composing the song, we talked about each other’s inner thoughts, our previous office was at seorae village and we talked in a long vocal room and honestly, during then, i was really thankful that jooheon hyung spoke about it first. because firstly in that situation it was very diffiult for me to approach the hyungs first but jooheon hyung came to talk to me first and i was really thankful but now it’s really a relationship that’s really great, as much as the chemistry in the word “kkulkkung”. for the past 2 years it seems like a lot has happened but it’s because of everything that happened that i feel “we have become this much closer”. maybe it’s because we’re the rapper line but we’re really strenght to each other and we talk to each other about out troubles so i really love us now. i don’t really have anything i hope for and i just hope you don’t get sick and that we can continue to be the monsta x like this forever. monsta x to go for a long time, rapper line to continue growing, let’s sweep everything! thank you~ i love you

The mockingbird plays his game as knots tighten unnoticed.
Hope is like tying a noose around the moon.
The night is wrapped close like a blanket, and I have become one with the darkness.
Unfold the map, there is magic all around us.

We are already in tune with the universe.
We continue to grow, until slowly we start to disperse.
This is the fading, the failing.
We all waste time battling with beliefs, but we are closer to glory than we’ve ever been.

Death is a grinning skull, grim like the northern winter,
hung low in the summer sky.
She whispers in a voice like wounds and sharpening knives.
This body is a cage where words are kept, and I am desperate enough to cry.
Her voice offers to set me free, and the monster is ready to leave.
I will follow her east.
I always wanted to fly, but I am too used to being a beast.

—  giraffevader - Werewolf weather
Daddy and Me (Park Hae Jin)

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi can you do a park hae jin scenario where his wife is younger than him and this age different is like 12-15 and he is joining to return of the superman.Thank you so much I love your writing.

You tiredly stepped out of your bedroom early in the morning rubbing your eyes as you made your way to the living room. You froze as you remembered that you guys officially started filming today. You bowed to the camera men before heading into the kitchen. You were the 22 year old rather popular idol photographer that had married Park Haejin about 2 years and as of 6 months ago the mother of his first child, a little girl named Park Solbi. You guys actually met on a shoot when you were taking his pictures. She was a daddy’s girl who leaned slightly more towards you in the looks department but it was still clear who her father was.

You looked at the camera that was beside the sink and before you leaned over you rushed over to the coat rake and grabbed one of Haejin’s jackets and throwing it. “My top keeps falling down” you say shyly to the camera as you cracked eggs into a bowl to begin making your husband an omelet. 


Haejin awoke to see your fidgeting daughter sleeping next to him, you always put Solbi in bed when you got up for the day because he always seemed happier when he woke up to her. He lightly touched Solbi as he heard her let out a whine as he shushed her as she seemed to calm down right away and fell back to sleep. He quietly and softly climbed out of bed. He came out to the living room ending up in the same position you were in forgetting that you guys were going to have cameras in your home. He smiled softly as he made his way to the kitchen “good morning” he spoke softly as you made a sound focused on breakfast. “What do you have planned for the next two days?” he asked as he got himself a drink from the fridge “I am staying with a friend and going sight seeing” you told him as he nodded. “What do you have planned for Solbi and I?” he then asked as you point to the table. He made his way over to your table to see what you had planned for today, “the baby boutique? The one you normally go to?” he asked as you nodded “she needs a new dress” you finish as you put the omelet on a plate as he sat down. “Thank you” he tells you as you head off to wake up your daughter.


“Hello I am Park Haejin and this is Solbi” he spoke as he looked down at his sleeping baby. “I met my wife 3 years ago when she was 19 years old. She was filling in for the main photographer at a shoot at that point. She’s very taleneted with a camera so the pictures turned out amazing because she made me smile so easy” he started feeling awkward talking about your love life yet very thrilled to talk about how the romance began. “I didn’t think I would fall in love with someone so young and fresh to adulthood but she taught me that love has no age. Well as long as you are legal, she made that part very clear” he said as chuckles. “I’ve been married two years and 6 months ago was the greatest moment of my life. I think I became softer when my daughter was born” he continues his story. “She is a little ball of happiness. Her and I are close but I’m hoping we get closer” he finishes as he pats Solbi’s tiny butt as she cuddles into him more. A light sound left her as she let out a fart, his eyes closed “as you can tell she’s very lady like” he spoke feeling slightly embarrassed by her passing gas in their first moments on the show. “Oh she’s smiling, it must have been a good one” he spoke as he looked down at her again.


A few months of filming and he was basically watching his daughter grow up in front of him. A 10 month old Solbi held tightly to the couch as he sat on it watching her. “You have to climb up here by yourself” he told her not helping her up. She let out a whine as she attempted to tug herself up. He watched her cute little legs struggle to get her up. He really wanted to help her up but it would help neither of their prides. She looked around and found a small toy to step on. “Ah little genius” he told her as she attempted once more to climb up. Haejin held his breath as her leg had successfully gotten up and she began to grunt as she tugged herself up.

He smiled largely as she managed to get herself most of the way up before he leaned over and pushed her butt up lightly getting her up the whole way. A smile of victory crossed the little one’s face as she sat herself down onto the couch. “Daddy is so proud of you” he cooed as he leaned down beside her. Her hands instantly went to play with his face. “Giving daddy a kiss please” he spoke puckering his lips out, she smiled as he leaned over to kiss her lips but she turned her head and the kiss landed on her cheek. “Playing hard to get?” he teased as he simply began kissing her all over making her giggle loudly before it changed to squeals as he smiled happily at her.


Haejin sat his little one into a high chair at a little cafe. “Daddy likes this place. They make yummy drinks and food. Since you’re growing up so fast I think you’re ready for something yummy” he told her as he headed up the counter to order things. Solbi let out a whine as she tired to look for her daddy. “Right here baby girl” he calls as she smacked her hands on the table in demand of him. “Calm down” he mumbled as he thanked the cashier who passed him his foods and drinks. “Don’t make me regret this. Mommy would kill me if she knew what I was doing” he spoke holding up a cute purple cupcake. “Mommy will beat me up after this episode you know. This might be the last outing you ever do with me” he continues as she didn’t care for his words. Her eyes were on the sweet treat.

He scooped a small bit of icing onto his finger and allowed her to lick it off. Her face twisted slightly at the new taste and feeling as he laughed. “You only get a little bit of that” he told her as he proceeded to cut the top of the cupcake off and handed her the actual cake. Her face crossed with disappointment before he rubbed a small amount onto the cake. He smiled as she started eating the cake, he did feel back about the mess she was making and was proud he packed extra baby clothing for his little one as she covered herself in much cake.


Going Public

Request: I have a request for a Norman imagine if you feel like doing it? I loved your last one! Can it be that Norman and the reader have been together for awhile now and speculation is growing in the press about them being together and when they talk about going public the reader is afraid of hate Norman might get because there’s an age gap? If it’s too detailed change whatever you like about it ☺️    

Sorry this took so long! I had it written but I wanted the Diane stuff to die down a bit.    

  • Norman Reedus x Reader  
  • Warnings: nothing ?
  • 964 Words

You slam your phone down on the table and let out a groan of frustration. The messages were beginning to be too much for you. Message after message about you and Norman Reedus, though you thought the two of you were being very, very careful about the relationship.

It has been almost three months now, you suppose you should be grateful it lasted this long. You and Norman already had the conversation about going public, but it was too much for you. You were a younger actor trying to make it in the big world and he was a much older, more experienced actor that was loved by literally every female that ever laid eyes on him.

“That damn spot on Walking Dead, that’s what got me.” You rub your temple as Norman enters the room. He stops, noticing the frown stuck on your face.

He frowns, taking the seat in his favorite chair. Norman looks at you and adjusts his hat. “Don’t beat yourself up, pookie.” Calling you by your nickname normally makes you smile, but not this time. You look up at the man and shake your head.

“They have photos of us talking on set now. Cuddling up at that campfire. Norm, it’s over now.” You sigh. There was a large age gap between the two of you, not that it bothers you or anyone around you, but the fans were already saying some pretty mean things about this relationship possibly being a real thing.

Eye In The Dark meows at your feet. You glance down and rub him between the ears, his favorite spot. You moved in with Norman almost a week ago, officially. You wanted to wait until you two went public, but that wasn’t exactly a possibility at the time.

Norman leans up in his seat, placing his elbows on his knees and watching you with those gorgeous blue eyes you fell in love with. “We did say we would tell them when you moved in. I think it’s time.” He shrugs his shoulder.

“You know I can’t.” You look up at him, feeling so bad that you had gotten him into this mess already. Press were never this bad until you came into the picture. “They already hate us. You, especially. What if you lose all your following?”

Norman let out a chuckle and Eye In The Dark meows again, leaving you to jump in Norman’s lap and purr in his ear, wanting more pets. “If I do, then they weren’t real fans, Y/N. Why are you so upset over this?”

You bat your eyelashes a little before you glance back up at him and sit up on the couch. “I’m young enough to be your daughter.” You state matter-of-factly.

This time, Norman pauses. He looks at you with narrowed eyes and his mouth forming a small O. Eye In The Dark meows impatiently and jumps down, running into the next room, probably to see if Mingus was home yet.

“I reject that.” Norman shakes his head and watches you closer, fear rising in his voice. “No, my son is just barely a teenager, Y/N. You’re a great step-mom for him and an amazing girlfriend. Why are you suddenly—“ he pauses and his eyes grow a few sizes as you look down at your buzzing phone. “The comments?”

You nod silently and turn off your ringer, hoping whoever wants to talk can wait. “What if, when we officially go public, it’s even worse? I don’t want you to lose the best job you’ve ever had.” You pull your eyes up to meet his gaze and see that Norman is looking down.

Nothing is said for a few seconds whilst you hear the cat scratching at one of the doors down the hallway. You realize that you haven’t been worrying about yourself this whole time, because this could ruin your career far worse than it could Norman’s. Norman had several thousand followers and surely a few would stay. You, on the other hand, could completely lose yours. No one would ever want to hire you if they didn’t like you dating a much older man.

Still, you found that you didn’t care. Norman’s life was this TV show, it helps him raise his kid.

Norman glances up at you, blinking his baby blue eyes before he bows his head back down, his face covered by the bill of his hat. “It’s going to go public soon. Regardless of what we want, Y/N.” You didn’t think you had ever heard Norman be so…adult about something. His tone was very even and he picked his words carefully. “If we’re going to be together, we need to be the ones to say it. Why is this bothering you so much all of a sudden?”

You shrug your shoulders and avoid his gaze. You pick a spot on the floor to study. “Honestly? I just want what’s best for you, Norman.” You say softly.

Norman stands up and offers you his hand. With a raised eyebrow, you look up at him but gently slip your fingers through his as he pulls you up off the couch and wraps a strong arm around you, keeping your fingers tangled together at your sides.

“What’s best for me is you. Having you, my son, and my cat under my roof? That’s all I could ever want.”

You feel a cheesy smile spread across your face and look up at the man as he leans down and pecks your lips, giving you the reassurance you need.

“Ew.” Mingus steps through the doorway with his nose wrinkled. “Get a room.”

Norman smirks and looks over at his son, placing his chin on top of your head playfully as you giggle. “Trust me, dude. We will tonight.”