i hope we go back into space tbh

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Do you have any tips for a borderline whose FP/SO is also a borderline or has BPD traits? My bf and I both suspect he has BPD, he does seem to split on me sometimes and sometimes I split back bc he pisses me off, but I try to be rational and realize that he's splitting and not thinking like himself, but it still gets to me sometimes. Usually we're really great tho, best SO I've ever had tbh, so there's no way I'm giving him up, but I wanna work things out and neither of us can go to therapy rn.

The FAQ in @shitborderlinesdo have links just for this! I hope they can help! http://shitborderlinesdo.tumblr.com/faqpart1 

Saying that, in my experience, the best thing to do when splitting is take space to yourselves to calm!