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Tuxedo Tuesday - Hello There, Mayor Handsome Edition

Heya Buttercup! 

So I got distracted with iPhone issue yesterday, which have since been addressed. So I thought it now being Tuesday, it might be fun to roll out a Tuxedo day. Haven’t done this in a while. But geez, Mayor Handsome looks good all dressed up. 

Can you believe we get a new episode tomorrow? Finally? I am so excited. And hopeful that we are heading into a strong finish for the season. Let’s enjoy some nicely dressed man (to counter the frat boy clothes we’ll be seeing him in all hiatus), shall we? Included some silly captions. 

I own all of my tuxes. Because Queen men don’t rent. 

Who ate all the shrimp again? Rene?

John’s wedding, the moment before Palmer showed up. 

Post-tux intensity. 

Did I leave the arrow sharpening lathe running in the lair when I left? Can’t remember. Damn.

Mayor? Yes. Handsome all my life? Pretty much. 

And there we have it, my friends! I hope you enjoyed. You know what tomorrow is and I promise to deliver something good. In the meantime, have a great rest of your week! Tags after the cut. 

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RFA Boys + V and Saeran: Grocery Shopping


  • Walking together ofc
  • He likes to walk with you in between him and the cart
  • basically Titanic with a cart
  • People are going to be looking at Zen
  • But even more, they’re also looking at you
  • As if asking “Who is she? Why is she with this beautiful man”
  • And wondering why you have no eyes
  • Walking into the makeup aisle and complaining that you don’t need makeup
  • “But babe, you’re gorgeous already”
  • But also posing next to the ads and asking if he’s prettier
  • 10/10 the kinda guy to walk into Sephora and say “make me over”
  • They would probably get more food than anything because MC is always saying how “you ask me if I eat 7 times a day and I say yes, but when I ask, you say ‘I’m not hungry’“
  • Lots of water because Zen always needs it for practice
  • Also, a six pack of beer, though he always lets you know when he takes one because he promised you he would cut down
  • Even though you know it’s unhealthy you ask him if he want’s a pack of cigarettes
  • He always replies no because he knows you don’t like it very much and he would never do something that would make you upset
  • Also, doesn’t let you take the bags because he insists that you don’t need to do any heavy lifting
  • And then lets you carry a few because you insist that “two trips are for the weak.”


  • Wants to push the cart because he insists that it’s what the “man of the house” should do
  • “MC, I’m a man, you know?” He says as he rides around on the cart
  • Buys all the snacks tbh
  • Claims they’re “work snacks”
  • they’re midnight snacks
  • Also, tonnes of dog treats because he wants all the dogs to feel loved
  • likes to hold your hand but can’t because of the cart
  • you end up resting your hand on top of his instead
  • Honestly, the type of guy to still feel a little awkward when you have to shop for period supplies
  • “Babe, you okay?” You ask
  • “What? I- I’m fine it’s just-” He turns around to the other side of the aisle with different stuff, “These towels are just so interesting you know? Wow, 1000 thread count that’s amazing.” He’s totally blushing and trying to look cool and like he’s fine
  • He’s not fine
  • Loves to shop for food because he loves to spoil you with meals and loves to cook for you
  • Pays attention to the little things you comment on that you like so he can get them for you when you’re down
  • You guys are total binge buyers and you buy things that you want and don’t need so your cart is just spilling over when you get to the register
  • Honestly, you guys just need a certified adult
  • It probably wouldn’t all fit in your car


  • Probably asks why you even have to go grocery shopping in the first place
  • You could just have it delivered to you
  • But eventually you get him to come along because you say that it will be so fun
  • he’s not holding his breath
  • Reads all the labels and makes sure that it’s up to his dietary standards
  • Every
  • single
  • one
  • You think it’s excessive
  • He just says he’s just making sure everything is okay for you to eat
  • he just loves you too much
  • Totally buys Elizabeth the 3rd dresses
  • and little hats
  • and booties
  • Even though you know she probably won’t appreciate it too much
  • He loves to see your eyes light up as you go through the book aisle
  • He doesn’t really understand why you would want to buy more books when you already have so many, but he would give you the world if he could
  • So he just lets you have your fun
  • Of course, he wouldn’t let you take the bags
  • There are so many heavy things in there and he doesn’t want you to get hurt
  • But eventually he folds and lets you carry the few with light things in them


  • Oh my god you guys run rampant through that store
  • You were almost banned once
  • You don’t like to talk about it
  • Totally the kind of guy to hide behind the shelves and wait until people notice him
  • Also, likes to hide from you in the clothes racks
  • You guys get more junk food than anything
  • By the time you’re ready to check out you realise that you don’t have any actual food in your cart
  • Likes to try on the makeup
  • “Am I a pretty girl?”
  • “Uhm… you’re beautiful”
  • Lowkey quoting Spongebob the whole time
  • Whenever he sees a crying kid he tries to hide candy in their pocket and hopes they’ll notice it and be happy again
  • If a favourite song comes on the speakers he makes sure to sing along
  • off key
  • You are the designated rapper
  • Picture Eminem and Rhianna’s Love the Way You Lie
  • 10/10 goes in the toy section
  • People ask if you’re expecting
  • “Not yet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
  • Tries to see how many pairs of glasses he can wear at once
  • his record is 9
  • More glow in the dark stars for the ceiling of course
  • Asks to ride in the cart at least three times per trip


  • Bottom line does not want to be here
  • Never really wants to be anywhere tbh
  • Highkey complains like an angsty teen
  • Lowkey really loves it bc it’s like a bonding experience and he loves being with you all time time
  • Sometimes you catch him with is arm around you or holding your hand but you know if you say anything he’ll stop
  • So you just appreciate the moment while it lasts
  • Feels really uncomfortable in crowded places like this
  • So you guys always go grocery shopping late at night
  • 3AM supermarket trips FTW
  • totally not in PJs or anything pshhhh what?
  • Loves buying things like cookies and fruit snacks and kool-aid because he never got to try them when he was little and wants to experience it now and why am I making myself so sad?
  • Tries to hack the computers in the electronics section “for fun”
  • Super fascinated by the fish in the tanks
  • Could spend hours just watching them
  • Totally learns random facts about them just by reading them and spouts them when you pass by the aquariums
  • Feels all warm and fuzzy inside when he sees happy kids running around and making noise because he’s glad they’re having a better childhood than he did
  • Sometimes goes away when he tears up and comes back as if nothing happened
  • “I wasn’t crying in the bathroom, you were crying in the bathroom.”
  • Is reminded of how Saeyoung would sneak him sweets when they were younger when he passes the bakery part of the store
  • “Hey, Saeran. You want some cake or something?”
  • “Nah, that’s for kids, don’t you think?” He says as he gets a free sample and savors every bit of it
  • You put the full size cake in the cart


  • He likes going out in public places like this because it gives him an excuse to link arms with you as you guide him
  • Likes to hold your shoulder also, so he doesn’t bump into anyone
  • Really likes the bakery section because he can smell all of the sweets
  • Loves to go to places with music and audiobooks because, even though he can’t see concerts or read anymore, he loves to still use the senses he has left
  • Sometimes he hears people whispering about him and you notice he’s frowning
  • “Hey, babe, are you okay?” You ask
  • He nods and gives a small smile, but you hear him whispering under his breath “I deserve it” and I’m dying inside
  • He loves going down the air freshener aisle and he could spend hours in there
  • Asks your opinions on different ones
  • “V, these smell exactly the same”
  • “But, no, this one smells more like lavender and the other one smalls like lilac! Can’t you tell?”
  • He doesn’t like going to certain stores because he was a regular with Rika there and he didn’t want to run into people who would remember him with Rika
  • For both your sake and his
  • Lets you pick out a lot of the items to buy because he usually just loves whatever you pick
  • You would try to find books on braille so that you can teach him, so that even though he can’t look at the book and read it, he can still feel it
  • You want to help him as much as you can in this process, and you know he wants an sense of normalcy in his life still
  • So you like to take him to as many places like parks and grocery stores and the likes
  • He loves outdoor markets to peices
  • Since he has a better sense of hearing now, he loves hearing the people converse with each other and totally doesn’t listen to the gossip at all what?

This was actually the VERY FIRST post that I have written with KLC, like in conjunction with her. We were on the phone for hours just laughing and making sarcastic comments, but only a few of them made it into the final draft. We really hope you liked this and always remember that the requests are always open! We may take a while to get back to them but trust me, we see them and know that they’re there. I’m actually thinking about one that we have right now, so I’ll probably get that out to you all on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thanks again SOOOOO MUCH for 200+ followers. You guys are a huge part of the reason that we do this, so we want you to know that we’re so much grateful for all the support you guys have shown to us!


A Failed Surprise For His Birthday...His Book…My Thumb…Classes…A Hug…

**As promised, here’s the story about what happened between Dale and I on Friday, 13 January 2017.**

So…even though his school was testing today, I had an inside source tell me that it was ok if I went to go see him. My source told me that before school started, there would still be time to go see him, since the school wasn’t starting testing until later. 

So, with that being said, once my bus was at the high school, I hurried off and made my room to Dale’s room. I wanted to surprise him. He didn’t know I was gonna see him on his birthday. He thought I wouldn’t be there ‘cause of the testing, so I was gonna surprise him by showing up. 

I made my way to his room; I knew he was there, ‘cause his truck was out front in his normal parking spot. His door was cracked, but still open enough for a person to get through without having to open it any more than it already was. I entered his room, or at least started to. 

He had his back to me as he was walking from the laptop cart over to his island/table thingy. I was almost in without making a sound so I could surprise him…That was until I accidently kicked the trash can and almost fell. I apparently suck at surprising him like that. 

Always have. He turned slightly to his right as he was still walking. His face lit up when he saw me. His dimples showed and he let out a deep, adorable chuckle.

“You ok there, goofball?” He asked.

I laughed and fixed his trash can. I walked over to him and stood on his left side. I looked up at him as he placed his hands on the counter and looked at me with a smirk plastered on his adorable face. He had his right eyebrow raised and he was just precious.

“I’m fine. Just wanting to surprise you, that’s all.” I said, grinning.

He laughed. “Now, why would you want to surprise me?” He leaned closer to me and whispered. “You did surprise me, though. In a very good way. I’m happy to see you.”

I blushed. “Well, first, yay. I’m glad I succeeded. For a moment, it felt like I hadn’t ‘cause I kicked the can.” He laughed. “And, second, I wanted to surprise you ‘cause it’s your birthday, goofball.”

He laughed. “Oh yea. It is my birthday. I forgot.”

I shook my head, grinning. “You’re the goofball today. Happy birthday.”

He blushed and fiddled with his fingers. He looked down at his hands. I noticed that his ears turned a bright pink, and I smiled. He lifted his head slightly.

“Thank you.” He whispered.

I just gave him a sweet smile. He blushed even harder and curled his fingers in before lifting his head all the way. He gave me the cutest and most precious smile ever. He moved his hand closer to mine, but stopped and picked up a piece up paper. 

He bit his bottom lip and glanced away as his ears got brighter. I giggled which had him doing this quiet, adorable giggle too. He looked back at me.

“I really like the book. Thank you.” He said, quietly.

I was shocked. “Wait. What?”

“The book. I started it. I’m enjoying it. It’s really good.”

I must’ve looked really shocked ‘cause he chuckled.

“You’ve actually started it? Really? I wasn’t expecting you to get ‘round to it so quickly.” I said.

He grinned. “Of course I started it. I started it the day you gave it to me. A, you gave it to me, and B, it gave me something to focus on since you weren’t here after the testing was over.”

I giggled. “Fair ‘nough. I’m glad you enjoy it. I was really hoping you would.”

His grin just got bigger and for some unknown reason, probably ‘cause he’s just a silly goofball, he wiggled his eyebrows. That had me laughing and him grinning even more. His eyes landed on my hand, which was still wrapped up from where I dislocated it. 

He asked me a question real quietly and I didn’t hear him at first.

“Hmm?” I asked.

“I asked how’s your thumb?” He repeated, grinning even more and even shaking his head.

“Oh. Umm…”

I placed my hand on the table and he moved his hand closer to mine. I pulled the ace bandage back slightly and showed him how the joint in my thumb was still an inch to the left of where it should’ve been and how it was blue and bruised. 

He ran his thumb over my skin very gently. I tried to hide the pain that even the lightest of touches caused. He might’ve noticed, though, ‘cause he let out a quiet sigh and slowly pulled his hand back. When he lifted his head and his eyes met mine, I could see the emotions swimming in his eyes. 

I know he hates to see me hurt and I know he just wanted to ease the pain for me.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

“It’s ok. It’s not your fault. You know that.” I gave him a small smile to assure that I was gonna be ok.

He was gonna say something else when a student stuck his head in the door. I pulled my hand closer to me and fixed the bandage. Dale looked over at the kid and asked if he needed anything. The kid was just wondering if the test scores had come back already.

They had and Dale showed him his test score. After the kid left, it was just Dale and I again. He walked over to his laptop and I walked over to where I normally stand in the mornings. Dale pressed a few keys on his laptop and glanced at me. 

He rubbed his hands over his face first and let out a yawn.

“Tired?” I asked.

He chuckled. “Yea. Very. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.”

“I’m sorry. I hope you can get some sleep tonight.”

His lips turned up in a cute smile. “Thanks.”

I gave him a smile. I know I smile a lot when I’m ‘round him, but honestly, that man can make me smile. He’s ‘bout the only one who can, save for a few other and very select few people.

“What classes do you have this semester?” He asked.

“English 232 which is just American Lit II.” I said.

He smirked. “Nice. Is that it?”

I laughed. “Yea. That’s the only class. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 to 2:15.”

He chuckled. “And…what are you gonna be doing the rest of the week?”

“Well, I’ll still be coming to school. I’m just gonna be a minion like I have been.”

He laughed. “Minion. And, what about your job? You still gonna work there?”

I nodded. “Yep. On the weekends and after school. Basically, whenever I get scheduled.”

“That’s pretty cool.”

He gave me a smile. I rolled my eyes ‘cause he’s such a goofball and he knows it. I couldn’t help but grin too. He just chuckled.

“What ‘bout (my dream school)? You got all that taken care of? FASFA? All that?” He asked.

I nodded. “Yes, Sir. I do. I’ve filled out all the documents they’ve sent me so far. I’m just waiting on some First Year paperwork and I’ll be good to go. I filled out my FASFA the first day it opened back in October. I’m good to go.”

He smiled. “That’s my girl. Getting things done. I’m sure you can get some really good scholarships. With your grades and all. And with your dad still being a single parent yet, ‘cause he’s not married yet, right?”

I shook my head. “Not yet. In March.”

He nodded his head. “That’s right. You mentioned that.”

I giggled. “Yep. Goofball.”

He just chuckled. “Well, I’m proud of you. Getting all that taken care of. Just for everything. You’re just…great.”

I blushed. He chuckled. Another teacher poked her head in the door. I looked at Dale. He was looking at his watch. He looked back up at me. I noticed that the other teacher left.

“When do you have to start getting ready for testing? Or when does it start?” I asked.

“I have to boot the laptops up in here a minute.” He said.

“Oh. I should probably go get on the bus then. She might actually leave me today.”

“Well, I don’t want you getting left since I wouldn’t be able to give you any attention later and I don’t want you getting in trouble for being here. All ‘cause of this stupid testing.”

I laughed. “Fair ‘nough. I wouldn’t want you getting in trouble either.”

He chuckled. He pulled me in for a hug and wrapped his arms ‘round me, tightly. I laid my head against his chest and my ear over his heart as I wrapped my arms ‘round him. He let me go after a few minutes. He walked with me over to the door to his classroom. 

He placed his hand on my shoulder, which caused me to jump slightly. I turned to look at him. He held his arms open slightly. I walked into ‘em. He hugged me again. When we let go of one another, I looked up at him.

“I hope you have a great day. And, a great weekend. I’ll try to see you on Tuesday.” I said.

He grinned. “I hope you have a great day and weekend too. I hope I get to see you on Tuesday.”

I smiled. “I’ll try. I promise.”

His grin grew even more. “Yay!”

I giggled. “And, happy birthday, again.”

He giggled and blushed. “Oh yea. Thank you.”

I full out laughed which had him giggling even more. I left his room to him standing behind me, with one hand on his classroom door, a hand down by his side, almost in his pocket but not entirely, and a silly, adorable grin plastered on his cute face that still had a pinkish tint from him blushing.

Timing is Everything

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Author’s Note: Hello and Welcome to the 4th Imagine for Music Monday #2, and my very first Jax Teller imagine, which is based on the song A Daydream Away by All Time Low as requested/suggested by my darling @justahopeless-dreamer. You did it again love, sent me in the direction of an amazing song! I hope you all enjoy, let me know! This imagine is rated T+ for mention of alcohol and mild language (all things considered) 

Timing is Everything


I wish you could see your face right now
‘Cause you’re grinning like a fool
And we’re sitting on your kitchen floor
On a Tuesday afternoon
It doesn’t matter when we get back
To doing what we do
'Cause right now could last forever
Just as long as I’m with you

You’re just a daydream away
I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you
And I’ll keep you a daydream away
Just watch from a safe place
So I never have to lose


The memory of his smile is vivid in her head as she sits tapping her pen to paper. Timing, is a bitch. It was after all the way their story has always gone. They circled each other in high school, but then he fell for Tara, and then when Tara left, they circled each other again only for him to end up with Wendy, and for her to be married all of two seconds, and just when they were winding their way back to one another, a Tara shaped wrench was thrown in their path.

She doesn’t hate Tara, in fact she likes her, for the most part, and she downright loved her when she was halfway across the country.

She groans dropping her head onto a stack of reports.

She has to get over whatever this is that she feels for Jax Teller. Nothing could ever come of it, and even if by some miracle Jax suddenly became free, he surely didn’t feel the same about her after all this time.


His head is a mess as he takes another long drink from the bottle, and when he drains it dry he rolls it away from him, letting it join the others. He should have known better than to get wrapped up in Tara, but he couldn’t help it, she stirred something in him akin to nostalgia he supposed, but she’s gone away, again, and he wonders what he’s supposed to do now.

“Jax?” a soft voice calls out to him and squinting through the smoke that lingers like a curtain in front of him he sees Laycie step into the kitchen. Her hair is bundled on top of her head, a black oversized hoodie hanging to her knees and tilting his head he smiles drunkenly at her.

“Lace…what are you doing here?” Jax asks and when she sets her purse on his table she laughs holding out a brown paper bag to him.

“You called and left a message requesting that I bring the shittiest bottle of tequila that I could find so we could drink away our woes on your kitchen floor,” she says and without hesitation she opens the bottle and settles across from him. She takes the first drink, wincing as she swallows it down before passing it to him. He studies her as she takes the cigarette from between his fingers and takes a drag.

He could always count on her to show up. For everything. As much of a constant as SAMCRO is in his life, Laycie’s just as reliable.

“I’m assuming you heard that Tara left…” he says after taking a long swig, before they play pass the bottle and cigarette again and nodding she takes another healthy drink.

“I’m really sorry Jax,” she says sympathetically, her hand coming to rest on his and because he craves the connects he turns his palm up wrapping his fingers around her.

“You’re always here Lace…why are you so good to me?” he asks his head dropping to the side as he studies her through a drunken haze. He always knew she was beautiful, fancied himself half in love with her before hooking up with Tara for the first time back in the day, but today as she sits in front of him, swimming in a sweater he’s almost certain he left at her house once that she refused to return, he realizes just how beautiful she is.

“What kind of question is that Jackson?” she demands putting the cigarette out before it manages to burn down to his fingers. “You’re my best friend…where else would I be?” He smiles knowingly but as the darkness starts edging in around the corners of his vision he swears that there are tears in her eyes.


We would go out on the weekend
To escape our busy lives
And we’d laugh at all the douche-bag guys
Chasing down their desperate wives
I would drink a little too much
You’d offer me a ride
And I would offer you a t-shirt
And you would stay another night

But you’re just a daydream away
I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you
And I’ll keep you a daydream away
Just watch from a safe place
So I never have to lose


He pushes through the crowd in the club, eyes searching her out, and with a smile he finds her in the middle of the dance floor hands raised to push at her hair and before she can put them down again he grabs one pulling her against him.

“Jackson!” Laycie’s voice is full of excitement when she realizes it’s him, and then she throws her arms around his neck, pressing a kiss to his lips. He’s caught by surprise, and just when he’s thinking of returning it she pulls away with a giggle. “What are you doing here?”

“You called me, asked for a ride home,” he says with a laugh and then he sees the memory click in her eyes.

“I did didn’t I? Okay, well then I guess we’d better go,” she says and taking his hand she leads him outside. She lets go of his hand as she walks towards his bike but he snags her by the elbow.

“Where do you think you’re going sweetheart?” he asks and when he follows his gaze he laughs shaking his head. “I don’t think so darlin,’ you are too drunk, can’t have you falling off and breaking that pretty little ass of yours. Give me your keys.”

Laycie dissolves into a fit of giggles as she fishes for the keys in her clutch purse, and when at last she pulls them free she holds them up so they dangle in his face.

“You said I have a pretty ass,” she laughs and his smile is crooked when he takes the keys from her hand.

“It is a very pretty ass Lace,” he says helping her into the passenger seat of her car, and once he’s managed to get her seatbelt on her he presses a kiss to her forehead, “nothing about you that isn’t pretty darlin.’”


She’s vaguely aware that the only thing keeping her up on her feet is Jax pinning her between his body and the wall as he fights the key into the lock, and once he manages to slide the deadbolt open he pushes the door open and sweeps her up in his arms carrying her inside, and kicking the door shut behind him, he settles her gently onto the couch.

She sways forward and luckily he’s there to catch her, pushing her back so she doesn’t face plant onto the coffee table.

“I’m going to get you some water okay, just, stay put,” Jax says before he saunters into the kitchen and because she’s never one to listen she takes a few steady breaths before getting to her feet. She stumbles once, then twice managing to right herself just as he’s coming out of the kitchen.

“I told you to stay put,” he laughs, holding the water out to her, but she shakes her head.

“Need to change,” she says and without thinking anything of it she sweeps the clingy black dress up and over her head dropping it onto the floor and she swears his eyes widen, if just momentarily. “Like something you see Teller?”

“Maybe,” he responds licking his lips but she laughs turning to walk down the hall, and after a few minutes she re-emerges clad in shorts and a t-shirt, and then she bundling up on the couch, kicking her legs over his as she takes careful sips from her water.

“What were you drinking away tonight Lace?” Jax asks after a while and laying her head on the back of the couch she stares at him, the comfort of being drunken rapidly disappearing.


We never stood a chance out there
Shooting love in real-time
So we’ll take it over ice tonight
With a little salt
And a little lime

You’re just a daydream away
I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you
And I’ll keep you a daydream away
Just watch from a safe place
So I never have to lose


“Unrequited love,” the words are soft as she drains the rest of the glass, and when the hand that was stroking her leg stills, she knows that he’s put it together. “It’s okay Jax, some things are just not meant to be.”

“Lace…” he starts to talk but she puts her hand over his mouth, eyes pleading with his.

“Just let it go Jackson, we never stood a chance, it’s just going to take a little time is all,” she says pulling her hand from his mouth, and catching it in his he gives a light squeeze.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers.

“Me too.”


You’re just a daydream away
I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you


Dress Up in You (Trixya) - Chapter Two

A/N: Thanks for the lovely feedback on Chapter One everybody :) For those of you coming in fresh, this is a cis lesbian AU where Trixie is a theatre grad in her mid-twenties working at the mall, and Katya is the eccentric woman she meets at the bus stop.

No warnings for this chapter except for swearing and smoking, but there will be more as the story progresses. Also I saw Trixie live last week and she was amazing, and I’m seeing Katya next week, so I’m basically in Trixya paradise rn so expect plenty more where this came from!

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So I just got back from another screening of HTTYD2...

…and the theatre was packed! And on a Tuesday night too! The ENTIRE back section was full, and I had to sit in the front. Only the first three rows were empty.

I hope the good word of mouth is spreading, and perhaps if it does, we will go #1 next weekend!

Please, everyone, TELL YOUR FAMILY. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. SEE IT AGAIN ALL BY YOURSELF EVEN. (Even force your friends if you have to. Threaten to pick them up with a dragon and drop them into the ocean. It works every time!) We can get HTTYD2 to #1, but only if you get more people to see it!

Hooligans Unite! (sorry I couldn’t find the gif…)