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🌽 Your idea of someones strongest relationship is a friendship, while being in a romantic one is lowkey v relatable but ppl dont seem to acknowledge it much in order to not degrade their connection w their romantic partner,,, it would be so compelling to read a baeksoo or chansoo or even krisoo, taosoo (lmao) w that concept i hope you find one like that and share it w us

are we lying to ourselves because we don’t want to confirm that a lot of romantic bonds aren’t strong enough to handle the truth? 😂

i wonder if the person would get sad or try to step up their game. it would be nice if the person noticed and wanted to get closer to the friend to improve the relationship, the friend knows their partner better after all. but another part of me wants to see the drama of an immature romantic partner having their feelings hurt because they’re not automatically The Most Important Person and wanting to leave, instead of earning it.

but i think what would be most interesting would be to see the main character realize the things they’ve neglected in their pursuit of romance and the importance of friendship in and out of romantic relationships. that romance isn’t what’s most important in a relationship and that while fluttering hearts and sexual tension might make you feel wanted and keep things exciting it doesn’t mean that the person loves you more than other people in your life and you need a more stable foundation like that of a friendship to make things work.

would those pairings be the friendship or romantic pairing?