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first-year overwatch recap

happy anniversary, overwatch!!! god i can’t believe how attached i’ve gotten.
i’ve been playing this damn game since the day of its release, and it started out pretty damn different from what we have now. if you’re newer to the party, here’s what went on, roughly chronologically:

  • tracer’s butt controversy 
  • shield-shatter pharah
  • turret bastion with a fucking reinhardt shield
  • swift-strike bleed effect
  • weekly brawls
  • 150hp zenyatta
  • gremlin d.va
  • that fucking impossible zenyatta achievement
  • d.va dying in her own ult
  • the bug with spawning as a random hero in lucioball and murdering the defenseless opposing lucios
  • tracer recalling inside the payload
  • roadhog hook with extremely questionable mechanics
  • getting competitive mode
  • d.va just being an incredibly shitty hero overall
  • ANA
  • everyone trying to prove shrike ana is sombra
  • the fall of genji
  • ana changing practically the entire metagame
  • getting laugh and sit emotes for everyone
  • canon gremlin d.va emote
  • generous ana/the candy fairies
  • photobombing the bosses in junkenstein’s revenge
  • everyone predicting/drawing ethereal decaying cloaked glitch-ghost sugar skull mask sombra 
  • sombra’s shitty arg
  • actual sombra design leaking. two separate times.
  • SOMBRA [proper character/short release]
  • that first like week on PTR sombra could glitch out of map boundaries
  • d.va still being a shitty hero even after multple buffs
  • roadhog’s hook still going through walls
  • getting arcade mode
  • no longer being able to choose duplicate heroes in QP 
  • gee symmetra how come blizz lets you have TWO ults
  • tremendous amounts of salt over symmetra’s rework
  • “why is mei-rry a legendary”
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E83CtWFkQW0
  • roadhog’s fucking hook
  • n u t y a t t a
  • the glitch in 3v3 where d.va ejected into the void
  • mei escaping watchpoint antartica with her walls
  • blizzard getting upset that people liked getting hit by the cars on oasis more than its jump pad
  • roadhog hook FINALLY getting fixed so it stops going through walls, only to make roadhog 10x more lethal because tagets of hook 2.0 had zero hope of escaping
  • d.va getting a nerf right after she finally became Good
  • gency discourse
  • YotR mei’s glitched ass
  • getting custom servers (and capture the flag!)
  • doomfist doomfist doomfist
  • the bastion changes that were live for two days before getting altered because it allowed him to survive practically every ult in the game
  • ORISA, coming out of nowhere
  • using custom servers as nsfw rp rooms
  • the rise of SPEED BOOSTIO; we all dspstanky now
  • shimada nipple 2 blackwatch boogaloo
  • ingame reyes shrug victory pose

there are A L O T of little balance changes i didn’t list; honorable mention to the 3x consecutive fan-the-hammer nerf, the invulnerable mercy rez patch, and the [almost] fall of ana, and the phrase “fixed a bug allowing reaper to shadow step to unintended locations in x map” appearing in pretty much every single patch since the beginning.
and some onging fanstuff honorable mentions to “hanzo is a fucking furry [and into vore]”, “can we go one fucking event without tracer getting a legendary skin”, “torblefeet” [and just. torbjorn in general.], and the whole dad76/family dynamic among the characters that quickly took hold among fans [and even blizz to an extent!]

the meta is a far cry from where it was in the beginning and there’s so many more ways to play overwatch now than when it’d first started, but it’s always been that same fun game with fun characters; here’s to another year of its evolution, and enjoy the event y’all!

Saphael Fanfic Rec 2.0

A Saphael Fest.

More writing goodies from amazing writers.

As always, if you know any of the authors and tag them, that would be very much appreciated

A Daisy instead of a glass shoe by @soft-saphael

Tumblr prompt: runaway prince!simon and commoner!rapahel

Two weeks from his coronation and three from his wedding to Princess Isabelle of Idris, the Prince of New York found himself on a park bench in Brooklyn. His face buried in the palms of his hand as his phone continued to ring.
Deep breaths. Deep breathes. Deep- the phone is laying in pieces on the concrete walkway in shattered fragments.

“You’re a little far from the palace” A slightly accented voice said, from out of the corner of his eyes Simon saw black leather.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh I’m sorry your highness, I apologize for not bowing” The boy snorted.

“Please, just leave me alone” Simon huffed tiredly.

A First Date (Kind of. Almost.) by SnogboxesAndChips

Simon is always looking for excuses to be near Raphael. When he finally finds a suitable excuse, he walks in on Raphael doing something that Simon would have never thought Raphael would do. He was cooking.

And every road you take (will always lead you home) by @woodenhallslikecaskets

For Raphael’s 55th birthday Magnus gifts him a portal that leads to 1956.

Brooklyn, NY 1956: he meets a beautiful boy by the name of Simon Lewis. They’ve never met before but Raphael feels like he could love him. They could fall in love.

Break of the light by @makehomesofhumans

Simon’s eyes sparked to life as he was being dangled over the edge of a building. He sighed, because that was just his luck.

But who would love a monster, anyway? By @spendeonswithyou

As he learns later, loving Simon hurts. It’s making his dead heart want to beat again, destroying the remaining bits and pieces of his soul.

Or the Soulmate AU in which you can feel your soulmate’s pain.

Customer Satisfaction by kuro1neko2kun

‘You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

Darling, you’re all I need by @anjawritingsx

Simon and Raphael are happy together, that is until Simon forgets their 8th year anniversary.
Raphael is left heartbroken and Magnus and Alec try to pick up the pieces.

Does that mean you’ve a really bad crush on me too? By milleniumlint

Simon wants Raphael to understand he has feelings for him but he’s not so obvious like he thinks he is.

Dreaming of You (endlessly) by Nubian_Reese

Corazón—His heart. He loves Simon so much it hurts. His beauty, his optimism, it’s a sea of good and Raphael does nothing but dive right in. And he is not ashamed, because Simon is a gift. God’s gift, and sometimes Raphael can’t believe what they have together is real, but when Simon leans down and kisses him, hands running through each other’s hair skimming down backs, and gripping hips, Raphael lives in every sense and knows that this is real.

Flirting 101 by TrickyVicky3

Raphael sighs, shaking his head more to himself than anything else as he reaches down for Simon and pulls the other boy up again. “That will be all for today” he pulls the bottom of his tank top up, using the material to wipe away sweat, unaware of Simon’s gaze tracking over his abdomen. “You did good but not good enough, even if you pinning me down was kind of hot”

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Do You Think I'm Ok?

Originally posted by daddyvibe

Request: Yo, how’s it going?? I read you wanted requests and I got oone✌🏻!! :D could you do like a teamiplier x fem!reader thing, where the reader comes back from vacay and their car breaks down half way home, nobody’s picking up their phones (+she has no cash) and it’s raining like crazy? Reader is pissed, gets home and everyone is scared/confused as why Reader is completely soaked but then smbdy makes a sassy remark and they all laugh? This is so specific Aah sorry Love your fics ❤️

Summary: Fem!Reader gets stranded because her car just craps out on her so she walks home in the rain and fights the whole squad.

A/N: Hello!  Wrote this at like 3am last night and I feel ok with it. As always anything italicized is the inner thought of reader or any other character (except for the part about the voicemails obviously)! Not much to say about this one except it was so difficult to find a gif of the entire team. This is the best I could find and Kathryn is barely visible :( Seriously though why is the teamiplier tag so empty when it comes to gifs? Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Wordcount:1232, not too long I guess

Request some more! I don’t have class unil later tonight so I have plenty of free time and hope to post a couple more times today! Then after today spraaang breeeak sah dude keep me busy over break pls

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Okay okay but can you imagine how excited Peter would get when Tony would take him like around the world?? For all of the missions and press things?? Like we saw a little bit of that in “A Film by Peter Parker” but OH MY GOD HE’D BE LIKE TOURIST 2.0 WITH HIS CAMERA ALWAYS, ALWAYS OUT AND HE WOULD LIKE RAID ALL OF THE SOVERNIR STORES (”I have to get a shirt for May, too!! We can have matching ones!”) AND WOULD TRY TO LEARN THE LANGUAGES OF ALL THE PLACES HE WOULD GO (”Mr. Stark Mr. Stark, did you know that dog in French is “chien”? I hope I see a dog in France. Only 2 months until the trip I’m so excited!!”) AND HE’D GET SO FREAKIN EXCITED WHEN THEY WOULD STAY IN ALL OF THE FANCY HOTELS AND GET ROOM SERVICE AND AH YOU KNOW HE’D BE FLIRTED WITH BY ALL OF THESE GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD BUT OF COURSE THE LIL SHIT WOULDN’T PICK UP ON IT SO TONY WOULD LIKE PUNCH HIM EVERY TIME IT HAPPENED IM NOT CRYING IM NOT CRYING PETER DESERVES TO SEE THE WORLD OKAY UGHHHH


Shop update. TRILLV 2.0, Lol

Almost done with the shop rework ! But we still have to finish the second floor, I hope we can get this done quickly so I can re-open the shop. Oh, I’m also looking for model… So if you want to see your face… in big…. in my shop just like my asshole brother behind me ( and I ^^ ), just text 😉😂.

Analyzing Shigaraki Sumire

 So now that we all know who the Mastermind is, I thought I’d look back at earlier episodes and use it to check why Sumire did what she did in each ep, what it means for her character, and just how evil she truly is.

And if you don’t care about analysis and stuff, there’s a lot of picture with Sumire’s inner thoughts that might be funny to read! Probably more so than the analysis itself :P

So without further ado…

Episode 1 - Uzumaki Boruto: the first episode, and the first Ghost Incident. We don’t see Sumire outside the OP and until the end of the EP, so we don’t know how she chose Denki. If I had to guess, the commotion that Boruto made while saving Denki attracted her attention and she followed them since then.

But we can guess WHY she chose him: as a girl who lives solely to fulfill her father’s wishes no matter the costs, she must frown upon this boy who doesn’t want to do what his own father wants him to do. So once Denki split from Boruto, she tailed him all the way to his home, and waited for a perfect moment to strike.

The next day, she has gone to the Academy, so she would not witness what would happen to Denki. Her first victim, and she does not seem to care to even see what happens to him. Quite cold of her!

“Today my glory days begin! And all these losers will be the sacrifice!“

“But look at this one! Are you really Uchiha Sasuke’s heir? Are you even trying to walk the most honorable path of revenge?“

Interestingly, we also see that Denki was not actually her first victim: he was the fourth. The tattoo on her back gained one spike, while it had three before it.

And here’s the disturbing part: in later episodes we find out that her attacks officially started at the Academy. So Denki and Metal are officially her first victims.

But you know what? Her two parents are dead. And they were crazy.

In translation: it’s possible that they forced their daughter to suck all the life out of them. This might explain why her guilts doesn’t get in way of her mission: an even greater guilt is fueling her.

ep14 Update: thankfully, this proved to be false… for the most part. Her dad probably is one of those spikes. And though he gave up his own life, I do believe that Sumire felt guilt and thus responsibility to see the plan completed

Episode 2 - The Hokage’s Son: one of rare few episodes where no Ghost Incident occurs. However, it’s the episode where our main antagonist is introduced. We see that she has not only befriended Chocho and Sarada, but that she also earned the trust of other students, thus becoming their Class Representative.

We also see her panic attacks. Back then I thought that they are a bit weird, and one was even sudden. I guess that I should have taken that as a hint: she was still getting used to the act. But she did fool everyone, including the audience which immediately labeled her Hinata 2.0.

For whichever reason, she also seems to have developed a liking for Boruto, and seems earnestly glad that he gets along with others. As we have seen in ep13, she does seem to be fond of him.

Says aloud: “Thank goodness, Boruto is getting along with others!“

In herself: “And just when I hoped he would get depressed and I could suck Hokage-sama’s chakra out of him. Well, another time then.”

Or maybe not. Hard to know what she thinks of her cattle.

Episode 3 - Metal Lee Goes Wild: her act continues, to the point that she pretends to suck at shuriken throwing. Seeing as it would be easier for her if she at least pretended to be somewhat competent (just in case she had to defend herself from another threat), one has to wonder if she enjoys this whole act.

Selecting her fifth victim was easy: Metal Lee was practically served to her on a silver platter.

“What is that smell behind me? Oh yes, the sweet, sweet Chakra! I’ll pass on the burgers, Boruto-kun~”

Speaking of which, we saw this same image in the preview one episode ago. Thought she looked menacing then, realized I was wrong and just read too much into it, and now I know I was closer to being right the first time.

Episode 4 - A Ninjutsu Battle of Sexes: yet another episode with no Ghost Incidents… but it was made up by the fact that the Nue finally appeared.

“Come on, give in to your hate! Humiliate one another into depression my dear piggies! I’ll be watching!“

But it was not her who made him appear, but Boruto. And interestingly, we see her losing all the spikes that were on her tattoo. Unintentionally, Boruto might have destroyed all the hard work she did up to this point. She must have been pissed.

“Wha.. .what the… wh… WHERE THE HECK IS MY CHAKRA GOING?!“

I could start guessing on why Boruto is able to do this, and how he is connected to Nue.. .but I won’t. This is about Sumire, not about Boruto and his techniques. What is important is: Boruto can meddle with her Nue, and thus is a potential threat.

And quite frankly, I feel ashamed. Because this episode is what made it clear that something was clearly not right with this girl. I mean, she sees that Chocho almost died, she saw the Nue disappear, and what does she do? Ask Chocho if she is alright? Nope! Wonder what the hell this beast was? Nope! Take the flag from the ground? Yep! Literally a moment after the Nue disappeared, her eyes looked away, and then down at the flag, and she took it. It kind of feels like she wanted to move everyone’s attention to something other than the Nue.

Now, others are no better: they all also forgot about all this fairly quickly and returned to their pointless game. But Sumire was always shown as the most empathetic and kindhearted of the group. If one character was supposed to come running and asking if everyone was OK, it was her. But she didn’t come, and for a reason: someone summoned HER Nue. And this made her anxious, so for a moment she may have forgotten how she was supposed to act.

And just look at her face during all that:

“Okay, what the hell just happened? I did not summon it.”

“Don’t look, they must not think it concerns you. We’ll think about it later.“

“Good heavens, is that the flag?“

“Oh wait, I did not think this through! Just HOW am I going to convince the boys that it’s completely normal and natural to demand them to let me suck their Chakra?“

But then again, it’s not like any of these kids cared much about the tragedy that almost happened. Still, the change of expression from pic1 to pic2 is a bit weird.

Also, while we are on the episode about sexes… did anyone notice that she only sucks up the males?

Okay, this has ended up sounding more perverted than I intended. Sorry. Let’s continue before this gets any more weird.

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Reveling in Richonne

#44: The Grimes 2.0 (7x5)

So Rick and Michonne were only in this episode for a few minutes but, man, did they make the most of their screen time. 👏👏

In my humble opinion, R&M were the best part of the episode. (Don’t get me wrong, Maggie saying she’s “Maggie Rhee” was also gold, it’s just the Richonne in this episode was iconic.😋)

Their first moment in 7x5 is a Grimes 2.0 moment. It starts by focusing on Carl’s dart board on the wall. Carl misses when throwing a dart and, from the other darts on the wall, we can tell he’s been struggling for a minute with actually hitting his target. Again, this feels like symbolism to represent Carl’s frustration with their situation and how he wants to take on this threat of Negan but his approach will definitely might “miss the mark”. 

We can only hear Rick and Carl’s voices as Rick tells Carl he should come with him on a run. You can sense the tension between them just from their voices. Carl tells Rick someone has to watch Judith but it’s clear that this isn’t the only reason he’s declining. You can hear the irritation and dismissiveness in Carl’s voice. 

I really like that you just hear their voices and then the first person they cut to isn’t Rick or Carl, but Michonne

I love the reveal that she’s also in the room for this father/son moment because she’s their family. Of course she’s there. It just feels like she’s the wife/mom looking at her husband and son in a tiff and the three really feel like a family unit.

It’s also funny cuz this is clearly a family moment, so it makes sense that Rick and Carl and Michonne are in this room, and then there’s…

Originally posted by cocaiinepapi

Aaron is a really likable character so it was cool to see that he got to be a witness to this little Grimes 2.0 moment. Like I’m always here for other characters taking note of or baring witness to Richonne and Grimes 2.0. 

I also love that Aaron is in the doorway and Michonne is fully in the room cuz this is her family, and he’s trying to give the three of them their moment. I know if Michonne was feeling like it was tough to watch Rick plea with Carl, imagine how Aaron felt lol. He probably low key felt like he was third wheeling on the Grimes family. 😂 

Like Homeboy’s really in the room with the royal family. That’s most likely an intimidating place to be, especially with Rick and Carl not seeing eye to eye rn. (I promise no pun intended 😂)

The way Michonne is looking over at Rick and Carl in this father/son dispute, you can tell she too is very aware of the tension between the two. She’s noticing, just like we’re all noticing, that their conversation isn’t quite going anywhere cuz Carl’s mind is made up. 

(Side note: Her outfit was on point in this episode. 👌🏽

You can tell Michonne feels for both Rick and Carl in this moment as she watches on. She gets both of their perspectives. Like she understands Carl not being content with just accepting that this is the way things are now. And it’s interesting to see how similar Carl and Michonne feel. Carl asking “Is this how it’s gonna be now?” is similar to Michonne’s “What kind of a life?”. Like Step Mom, like Son. 😋

And, at the same time, Rick has helped Michonne understand why they have to try and accept this life for now. So she gets that too. Plus, I feel like her look also has to do with the fact that she knows she too is declining Rick’s offer to go on this run, and I know she understands that’s going to be tough on Rick. Cuz all Rick wants is his family to join him, but all three of them have to go their own individual way. 

One of the biggest reasons I love Michonne being here, in this scene, is because it feels like their family is whole. 

And it’s refreshing to know that Rick and Carl now have a woman in their life who can understand and reach both of them. Like the Grimes family is so much stronger with Michonne apart of it. 

(Side note: It’s crazy cuz, if I remember correctly, this is our first time seeing Rick, Carl, and Michonne all together in ASZ since 6x11. How Sway? 🙉)

And I think it’s sweet that she wants to let this be a father/son moment. She clearly has some thoughts lol, but I feel like she doesn’t interject cuz she wants to give them this chance to communicate even though Carl’s not in a communicating mood. 

This Negan era has clearly taken a bit of a toll on Rick and Carl’s relationship. Carl is understandably being a bit moody and defiant and it’s clear he has no intention of going with Rick on a run. I feel for Rick in this scene cuz it’s so evident that he’s just a dad trying desperately to communicate with his teenage son and Carl is having none of it. 

Sometimes I wish Carl would give his dad more of a break lol. Cuz Carl’s occasional recklessness is stressful for me, so I can imagine it’s stressful for his dad. But I also get that Carl is a teen and while, to us, Rick is the Rick Grimes, to Carl he’s just “Dad." 

So Carl rejects Rick’s offer by saying “See you in a few days.” without even looking at him. And it’s hard cuz you know Rick feels like he has taken yet another L and you know he’s disappointed. It can’t be easy feeling like your son is disappointed in you and distancing himself from you. It’s clear that Rick feels dejected and he needs something to lift his spirits and, honey, he gets just that in the following scene. 👏 👌🏽

But staying focused on this scene 😋, I really love that Michonne feels so much like Carl’s mom and Rick’s wife in this moment, even without saying anything. In the image below you can’t tell me that’s not a mom, dad, son, and Aaron lol.

Even in this moment of tension and disagreement, Rick, Carl, and Michonne still give off amazing family vibes and I hope we get more of this in the coming seasons. 👌🏽


Secret World Legends is launching on June 26th. [x]

“What we really want to do is continue the experience and the story that we’ve been crafting these last seven years.”

“And I’m really excited for Secret World Legends because we will see a proper continuation of what’s going to be happening after Tokyo.”

“The original vision for The Secret World had several years of content that we haven’t even gotten to yet and relaunching as Secret World Legends will enable us to actually deliver the remainder of the story.”

“Exposing new players to that is really, really exciting and I hope everybody joins in this really cool community.”

We finally have a release date. You have no idea how much I need Season 2 in my life, and if this is the form it needs to take, then so be it.

Time to get back on that hype train to Kaidan. No, really. They’re redoing the Whispering Tide event from the first time round, so if you missed that you can get another chance to experience it.

See you all in Agartha 2.0.


Rap Monster strong power 2.0 comeback on jbtv got me dying on the floor.
Jimin: watching us from afar and supporting us i want to thank you guys and say that i love you
Namjoon: love you.
Jungkook: when the fans enjoy and support us we get energized together
Namjoon: lets get energy.
Jin: for the remaining tour i hope that the fans enjoy our performances and experience something new and good
Namjoon: lets enjoy together.

anonymous asked:

Just for funsies, hypothetically, let's say Jonsa goes canon in the show. Do you think we will get to see a consummation of their marriage (b/c if they do go canon I believe they will marry, mostly for political reasons). Or, do you think they will just show us some flash forward of them being all cutesy Ned/Cat 2.0 @ Winterfell with the kiddies running around? If we DO get to see the wedding night, I have a feeling it'll be so much more tender and loving than j/d boatbanggg 😒

Unfortunately Nonny, I don’t think we’re going to get much in the way of sexual romance with Jonsa in the show. Probably the continual eye fucking, and tender gestures, and I’m hoping for a passionate kiss -but with everything that they have left to resolve, and then chopping the season in half to boot (wtf were they thinking?), it doesn’t leave us with much time.

And tbh, I don’t want rushed and contrived anyway, so I’d be quite satisfied with a heart stopping kiss and a soft epilogue -Ned/Cat 2.0 with some Targ/Starklings running around. ❤️

Hey everyone! It’s been a long ride but I finally made a huge milestone! 500 plus followers! I’ve never dreamed I would have have so many of you following me. It brings a tear to my eye that everyone loves the meme son so much! Especially with all of you so cool and awesome. And being such good friends. And to those who left, I wish you the best and hope you find some type of happiness wherever you are. First, here’s a little list of people who has made this experience on here such a blast.


@beyondarrest I don’t talk to you much but the conversations we did have, mostly us making jokes that Akira was Katsuya’s son and actually making it happen was one of the best moments I’ve had ever since I made this account. Plus, you really make a great Katsuya. You’re the reason why I got invested in playing Persona 2 Eternal Punishment. Still gotta finish it but I do thank you for recommended it to me.

@skullheist Jazz, you were my first friend on here and I thank you for sticking with me. We don’t talk like we used to but I still like you as friend I whole bunch! Hope to still be here with you for many more funny times on here.

@the-phantom-crow Minty, I know my meme son can be frustrating sometime but I am glad you like my version of Akira. I like how you can tell he’s unique and somewhat annoying but a good annoying as I recall you saying a little while back. Also, you are the first Goro I followed and I don’t regret it one bit. Here’s to many more shenanigans.

@dolgelo  I know we haven’t spoken or interacted that much. Maybe a meme or something like that. It’s been to long. Anyways, I love and admire your Mitsuru. So much that I actually like her a lot more than I used to.

@hekigankiseki  Oh gosh. You’re like the first Minato that I followed on here and I gotta say, I really love everything you do with your muse. Keep up the great work. I read all your your threads and headcanons, just amazed at your time and dedication to your muse. Happy vibes to you! 

@gooselullaby !! Your Nana-chan I just a little bundle of sunshine! She’s cute, she’s a little bit sassy but loves everyone. I can tell the love and joy you put into Nanako and ours muse’s interactions are just the cutest! I always love to see you on my dash everyday. Much happy vibes!

@desbearer hEEEy! Unicorn! Can’t forget about u. U are like my most favorite person to know. I mean seriously, I thought I was the only one who liked the RICK ROLL song but to have you like it as well is so awesome! And I love your human monokuma so much. So much that I cry at the perfection. Don’t stop being you, you great person!

@steelbanchou / @ultimatetalentless Sin! There’s so much I’d like to say here! One, thank for being at my side during my more darker patches in the community. You really stuck with me in the month of July. At that time, I felt awful and wanted to delete but you kept me from doing so. I’ll never forget that kindness. And two, I am really thankful for all of the things you tag me in and being cool when I sent you random asks, because we both know how random Akira can be when he’s in a mood. Good thing Yu/Hajime doesn’t fall for the silly things he does. Anyways, I am glad to know you by being here! Here’s to more days to come!

@praepcsitus Hey Yang! I can’t tell you how much I love your Edgeworth! I’ve always been a fan for the ace attorney games and found out about you following me, I literally screamed in excitement! And to my surprise, I found myself liking everything you write about one of my favorite characters too! Keep up the awesome job you do! You really are one of the best Edgeworth(s) I’ve seen in awhile. Much luck to you!

@corruptedpersona Hey! We don’t talk that much but I very much love your (dark) Akira very much! You really make him unique and sometimes down right crazy, but that’s cool too! Enjoy seeing you once in awhile on my dash.

@edgyearring You, yes you! Rach, I just love that we both know about SMT IV and SMT IVA and can talk about it for hours on end. I just like that I found someone who likes something I do. We also like dothack but I was really surprised when I saw you talking about the one game that isn’t liked by many fans. Plus, you’re funny and great to talk too. Always love reading your OOC posts too! Thanks for being my friend. Here’s to many more!

@positivepianist oh my god!! I love your Kaede so much! I know next to nothing about DR3 but reading your interactions with your followers makes me like the pianist so much! Can’t wait for the release of the game and hope she’s just as much as good as your version of her. Keep being positive! 

@whtcoats Libra! I can’t say how much I love your Akechi! From the way your write, to your headcanons, to your crack posts. I’m such a fan, you don’t know how excited I get when I see your posts or when you come online here. I just wanna say I wish all the happy things in the world happen to you because you deserve it! Hopefully, we can have a proper thread or something some day ( besides the one where Akechi kills Akira because the idiot called him ‘Light Yagami’).

@kitsunekatana !! I love your Yusuke so much! With him drawing memes like the crepe for Ann and that other thing that resembles Mara. Those really made me laugh and also that crack thread with him complaining that no one bought him dinner. Keep up the good work! Love seeing you on my dash everyday. Hopefully Yusuke will be fed properly. That boy needs to eat something and not his paint brush.

@pillcger0ftwilight Hey look! It’s Akira buddy, his persona Arsene! Wow, Akira is intense but your Arsene is even more since he likes to bug the cat dad at his home. Even Akira shakes his head at that. Also. them getting into trouble sometimes is hilarious and cute at the same time. But don’t call them cute. The two get really defensive about that issue, even when one of them calls the other that. But they are best friends, which I love. Always enjoy seeing you on my dash. Yay persona!

@lcvesicken Wiz! I miss you so badly but I know life gets in the way. Including, time zones, am I right? But I love all of your muses dearly. But the way my muse messed up and know have Ayano being interested in him is really funny. Not to my muse but he’s going into space to live so it’s all good. Hope to see you again someday.

@entreve / @trickstre P! Like omg. I cry at the perfection that you portray with these two boys ( and also your Nocty, Jun, and others ). I mean, the headcanons are so detailed, the crack posts are pure genius and the OOC stuff is good too! You’re one of my favorite Akira(s), you just don’t know how much I like seeing you and the son on my dash everyday. I really hope everything in your life is always happy and safe. Thanks for sticking around with me and the meme son.

@flaracr I love your Loki! He’s so interesting. Nothing like I would imagine but that is why I like it so much! I’d thought he would be more like the media type but you put a unique spin on the legendary trickster. I like seeing you on my dash everyday and hope we can interact one day.

@queenxfjustice Kate! OMG, the hilarious things we both come up with. With Makoto getting called ‘beep boop’ and Akira naming their hypothetical child Makoto 2.0! But just him being a meme and her trying to deal with that everyday. But I guess someone has to keep him from messing with the masses. haha.

@mcsketeer hey! love to see you around. your haru makes my muse blush like crazy every time you appear on the dash. Hopefully, he won’t be as shy as he has been and might watch scary movies with her some day.

@wildsuit I’ve always been a fan of Tiger & Bunny ever since it came out in 2011. To see your Kotetsu is such a joy to behold. I don’t know how many times I’ve see you on my dash and it makes so happy to see the fandom represented. Maybe some day I’ll come back to the rp side. I used to rp as Yuri/Lunatic actually. haha. surprising right? keep up the great job!

@shushc When I first got followed by you, I was amazed. Even more amazed when I saw how much dedication you put into Shido. He’s a hard character to get right most of the time but with you, it feels like a breeze. I love how mean he is to everyone and that’s what I like about Shido. He’s supposed to be like that. Glad to see you on my dash!

@lunefated Gosh mya! I’ve known you ever since I made this blog and I do not regret ever following you because your are own of the best original characters from the persona 5 community to ever exist! I love your Natsuki so much! Even the times she’s been in the palace(s) ruining the thieves plan. xD

@bopnty Ya know? I’ve never liked CB that much. I watched an episode back when I was in high school but didn’t think too much about it. It was the one where everyone ate the bad food in the fridge or something. Anywho, never picked it up again until your version of Spike came up on my dash. Now I wanna watch the whole series just because of how good you are rping Spike. Keep doing what you are doing because you are rocking it.

@geimaa Your Chiaki is so adorable but also hilarious when she tries to take Hajime down when he calls her short. I can really tell the details you put into her character. Enjoy seeing you on my dash everyday. Love to see what else you make her do that’s hilarious.

@loptri Hey Thoria! Thanks for being a great friend and having my back. I suppose we should make a contest on how many blogs we both make since we do sure have a lot. But we both do a great job portraying all of ours muses. So here’s a shout out to you for being awesome and an awesome Goro ( Akira, Ann, Berkut , and your OC too) ! :D

@whipsmacked You’re new but omg, I love everything you do! I’m a big fan even though I am so slow on replies. it’s so fresh what you do with Ann and it shows how good you are at rping as her. here’s to many more shenanigans.


And to everyone else, thank you!

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Thoughts about Once Upon a Time season 7 premier “Hyperion Heights.”

HEADS UP: SPOILERS AHEAD. Proceed with caution. And no, I won’t be giving links to the new episode because it’s forbidden so don’t bother asking me. Sorry.
* “A New Realm: Years Later.” I hate it when they do this. It’s like saying, “we don’t know where this fits in the timeline yet” like wtf OUAT, we’ve been through this 6 seasons and you still can’t figure out your timeline?! Jeez!🙄
* Uber-driver Henry is hot. But him as an Uber driver? COME ON!
* Fairy tale characters move out when Lady Tremaine brought them in Hyperion Heights? So where are the Charmings?! And Granny. And Jiminy. And Belle. And Zelena. And everyone else???
* Uhm… Henry and Cinderella’s first meeting in the new realm… there’s no spark?
* Strange chick in the rooftop looks A LOT like Belle.
* Roni calling Henry “kid.“💔 But wow, adult Henry and Roni have some chemistry. Oh my RegalBeliever heart.
* “Do you know how many girls have the same size as me?” Cinderella referring to the shoe. I mean… RIGHT?!😂
* “Magic can be taken, but fear? Fear lasts forever.” I hate Lady Tremaine. I hope Regina rips her heart out and crush it once she wakes up from the curse.😒
* A well in Hyperion Heights. Mhmm.
* “Start over. Find your own story.” Season 7’s theme y'all.
* Alice, rooftop chick, LOOKS A LOT LIKE BELLE. AND HE WORKS FOR WEAVER. Like what?! WHO IS SHE???
* Tremaine in Hyperion Heights is like Mayor Mills 2.0 but less scary.
* Rumplestiltskin looking out for Henry. But which Rumple?
* “No story is perfect, it just needs to start.” We get it K&H, but you don’t have to reboot the fucking show you know.🙄
* Well, damn Henry, Charming taught you well.😍
* Rogers. Two hands.🙌🏽
* Wow. Henry’s cellphone still works in this new realm? Impressive. What brand does he use and how many power banks did he bring with him along with an unlimited stock of gas because that. is. ridiculous.
* Rogers. Weaver. Working together. Who knew?😱
* Sooooooooooo glad Regina, I mean Roni, has still got that spunk we’ve all loved since season 1.
* In the page. Emma, behind a portal. WHERE IS SHE???
* “Regret’s not really my thing.” That’s my Queen.🤘🏼

Overall, I’d rate the premier 7/10. Partly because I miss the original casts so much, partly because some scenes are eyeroll inducing, and a bit because I’m not impressed with some of the acting. But I do love Roni and Henry’s dynamics. I just hope they’d refrain from giving “Roni” a new love interest because as an Evil Regal, it annoys the fuck out of me that every one of her love interest gets killed. So no. Please. She needs to focus on her son and her granddaughter and her bar, not on finding someone to be her boy toy (or girlfriend). I also love Weaver and Rogers working together, and I like Emilie De Ravin’s look-alike. I’m pretty sure I’ll get used to these new people in town but, for now, allow me to feel bitter about the casts I’ve grown to love and hate for six seasons. I didn’t rewatch the series like I used to do in the past, and in a way I’m glad I didn’t. It didn’t hurt as much not seeing the Charmings, the secondary characters, and Storybrooke, Maine but one thing is for sure: they will always have a special place in my heart. Always.

kendrawriter  asked:

I just watched some Richonne videos based on your observations about them and DAYUM. YES. YAAAS. what do you think is in store for them season 8? ::reaches for popcorn::

Oh, lol 😊😊 All thanks and praise for those videos go to @musethedead! 💜 I’m glad you liked them I thought they were beautifully done!

As for Richonne in season 8 🤔 Based solely on the trailer it’s looking like they’re gonna be separated for a while so I’m hoping we get a Richonne/Grimes Family 2.0 scene in the first episode to tide us over for a bit. Depending on how much time has passed (this show has always been pretty iffy about timelines) Michonne may still be recovering so she’s likely to stay in Alexandria while Rick goes off to fight Negan (at least for the first attack).

Perhaps a cute scene where they’re saying goodbye and Judith or Carl finally calls her mom! Rick’s speechless at first, but then just smiled, kissed Michonne, and tells them he’s coming back (and then gets his ass kidnapped by junkyard bitch, so Michonne’s gotta grab her sword and do some good old fashioned saving of her man!). That’ll probably take a couple of episodes (or 3, knowing how TWD loves to drag things out), then hopefully we get an awesome assault on the junkyard with Michonne leading the attack. Or, if I get my way and since it looks like it’s just her and Rosita, Michonne harkened back to her season 3 days of being stealthy and sneaking in and out of places without anyone noticing. Her and Rosita (successfully) perform a black ops mission on the junkyard and rescue Rick. They’ve been there enough times to get a feel for the place. Maybe even steal back the guns, then return in the day or the next night to ambush the place and take out Jadis for snatching her man and trying to do god knows what with him. Then she and Rick go home after all of that awesomeness and with the drumbeat of war pounding for Negan in the near distance, they make passionate love on the floor of their bedroom (someone get my babies a mattress, Rick’s gonna go to war with rug burns on his poor knees!). And this isn’t just wanton, in the back of the van “honeymoon” style loving making. This is deep, slow, lights on eyes locked, bodies heaving, dripping sweat kinda love. They’re trying to keep quiet cause of the kids, but Rick’s moaning her name with each stroke, her fingers are twisted in his hair. They’re clinging to each other, lips are barely touching, breathing each other’s air. Rick smiles. Michonne returns the gesture.

Would we love to hear them say ‘I love you’? You bet your ass we do, but we don’t need to. It’ll ruin the mood. They’ve always spoken with their eyes and they’re doing it right now. Two warriors, making sweet love the night before devastating war against an overwhelming force. And they’re the happiest people in the whole damn apocalypse. Because they love each other. They have each other. They have Carl, Judith, Team Family, Alexandria, the Kingdom, Hilltop, and they don’t know it yet, but Oceanside is coming baby.

So no, we don’t get an ‘I love you’ from either of them. Just a quick kiss as Michonne brushes tresses of soft curls out of Rick’s sweaty face. They touch heads, content… Rick murmurs something into her beautiful skin and she cries.

“Thank you.”

with all this excitement and craziness happening, this blog reached another milestone and i didn’t even realized. it’s 3k+ now and it got to the point of gaining over 150 new followers a day (this is crazy! and boatsex didn’t even happened yet lol) so thank you for following this blog, for the messages you guys send, for the support, for putting up with the shit posting as well as the spam of gifs on your dashboard. thank you!

i hope you all can continue to enjoy this blog and i’d like to announce that there’s an appreciation week in the making that i’ll post about later today, and i hope you all get to participate! in january we had an awesome jonerys week and it was very fun and we had great feedback (considering the amount of shippers back then) and this jonerys week 2.0 will be even better! lol

you can check out the works made for the first #jonerysweek here.

and don’t forget that we’re getting closer to the jonerys smut fest, this saturday, in celebration of the EPIC BOATSEX!

thank you! and any suggestions/questions send away :)

So i just rewatch the promo of 4x12 because i remembered seeing Clarke in a
red suit there and this is what i got from it

First we see Emori with the same red suit and her nose is bleediang and the camera makes a movement that makes
me think they are in the rover

Then the camera goes to Clarke and she is obviously worried

So i think that Emori and some more, maybe Murphy Miller Jackson? will go with them and at some point everyone will feel the efects of the radiation levels rising except for Clarke and that is how we are going to know that if she stays outside she’ll probably survive

So no, sadly no day trip 2.0 for bellarke this season. At least i hope they get to sort their problems out before one is sent to space an the other stays
down here

anonymous asked:

Tbh both ships have delusional shippers and I hope they won't be larry 2.0 with their theories and shit. But tk shippers lately though, maybe because there aren't many tk moments, they've been extremely obnoxious. Calling every Jk moment fanservice but as soon as tk look at each other is real love? And the latest with the rings lol. Obviously the gift made Tae uncomfortable and that's why he removed it right after, like who the fuck buys them matching rings? They're real people, respect them.

I get your point, definitely there are shit people everywhere but as you say, maybe out of “frustration” because they haven’t had many moments, Taekook shippers are being incredibly obnoxious.

And same, I truly hope none of the ships becomes Larry 2.0 in which, it actually starts being a problem for them. As I said before, the shipping thing is a bonus, if they decided to cut it with the interactions we are all fucked. 

And about the rings, I’m so sad to say this but Jikook are usually wearing matching rings, the latest being two days ago. so maybe the Taekook shipper wanted to…have their moment…idk that sounds very sad.

Okay my thoughts on the season finale… (as posted in the ABC advisory group)

If this wasn’t Jennifer Morrison’s (as good as) Last episode I would probably be fine with it, another rinse and repeat finale with a one group of people occupied doing one thing in one place while another group is kept busy elsewhere doing something else. It was very like what we’ve seen in the season finales in recent years – very formulaic. And I guess, with so many of the cast members departing and this being touted so heavily as “the final battle” I guess I just expected more. And that’s my mistake; I own that. I’m starting to think that Once Upon a Time is not a show that should be thought about on any level. It is fast food storytelling. You enjoy it at the time but ultimately, it’s not very satisfying and if you think about it too closely you’re likely to feel regret. I think you’re supposed to enjoy the surface level of the show but not concern yourself with the depth. And this is a huge and sad realisation for someone who has watched the show from the beginning and spent the last four seasons writing about and analysing the episodes in depth – sometimes writing thousands of words about one episode. It wasn’t always like this though and it makes me sad.

My biggest problem with the episode was the disconnectedness between the two sides of the story. We see the people transported back to the Enchanted Forest do various things – there’s collapsing worlds, there is a hunt for a bean, Regina is trying to do magic for …reasons. But ultimately nothing that those stuck in the Enchanted Forest does has any purpose whatsoever – it’s mindless busywork to keep them occupied and out of the way. Why didn’t Hook use the bean? Why didn’t he throw it on the ground and create a portal and get back to Emma quickly like Snow told him to? How nice it would have been to get a pay-off on Emma’s brief flashes of memory of her wedding day, Hooks image burning in the book, with him coming through a bean portal and Emma feeling a strange stab of recognition for this man and then them Kissing to restore her memories. Then Emma and Killian would have gotten their TLK! I feel so sad that so many couples got one, some that didn’t really deserve one (Hades and Zelena, I’m looking at you!) except for Emma and her true love. They still could have had their season one inversion of Henry giving Emma a TLK to save her life after the fight with Gideon (even though I think, and I am a mother, it’s really, really weird for a child to give their parent a true love’s kiss.). It would have connected the two parts of the story beautifully and it would have given purpose to the Enchanted Forrest side of the story and just improved the whole episode overall. I can’t help but think the episode would have been more entertaining and more of a parallel to season one if the curse had kept everyone in Storybrooke and robbed them of their memories – Henry still could have been the sole believer (I guess it was the book or his author role that kept him exempt?) and given him more purpose, more people to try to get through to… And maybe Emma wouldn’t have had to do the strange and oddly fast (8hour round trip!) visit to Boston. Ultimately, I felt there was no connection between why it was so important to separate Emma from her family and the realisation that she was never alone and the battle with Gideon and the curse … and yeah.

The Black-fairy was a big anti-climax. I knew she would be. She literally functioned as a Regina-substitute and I can’t help but wonder if, as this was the ending that A&E envisioned from the start, it was supposed to be Regina in the end. It would have made a hell of a lot more sense! I really believe the show was derailed from its purpose with, not by the befriending of Regina as a tactic to defeat her … but that that tactic worked so efficiently and without question. Regina’s redemption felt like a slap-up whitewash and somewhere along the line the writers became too scared to challenge the character. She got away with everything she ever did with no consequence. It’s hardly a satisfying story. Fairy tales are about good versus evil. With good supposed to win after trial and hardship. It’s a shame that Regina was never put through the same trials and challenge that say, Rumple or Hook or even Emma and the Charmings’ were put through. Seeing the dwarves paint “Queen” on her door and bowing to her was sickening. She is not a queen, she is a usurper. At the very least she should have admitted this as part of her “redemption”. The very least. All I could think when there was the shot of her looking at the red apple at the end, was that she must be very pleased with herself. She Won. She won everything. Her evil plans and schemes paid off big time – she’s rich, powerful, she apparently “owns” a town, the people now love her, she has a son, friends and a sister and she never had to pay the price for any of the terrible things she did. It’s not logical to expect people would just ‘get over’ decades of abuse and torment. It’s not fair on the people she hurt. Not to mention that her clone also rides off happily ever after into the sunset? Of all the unnecessary inclusions in the finale the presence of Regina 2.0 was the worst. She dominated and nearly killed the show; I seriously hope that this is the last we see of her. In this new-look season seven, I really hope that they make Henry’s nemesis, whoever that may be, his nemesis. And keep it that way. Don’t make Henry befriend him (or her)! Enmity is a good thing to keep between enemies. It drives a story, it gives purpose – it gives the audience someone to root for. And as ironic as this sounds – it doesn’t divide. People may love a villain but they love them for being a villain and they love the hero for standing up to them. It makes a much better story than making your protagonist sweep the past under the carpet, and put their blinkers on about every questionable thing that their nemesis is doing. And don’t turn Henry’s archenemy into a sainted Mary-sue (or Bobby-Stu) who is annoying and sanctimonious while at the same time being self-centred and selfish and boring and rendering themselves superfluous to the point where every appearance in the story feels like a shoehorn…

The ending of the episode was nice, but a bit twee. Everyone got a happy ending. Yay. I guess. Whether they deserved it or not. Belle, why wouldn’t you have taken that newly babyfied Gideon and run for the hills? I liked that Rumple did the right thing in the end but it was too little too late for that marriage – and with Belle not coming back next season, surely a melancholy bittersweet parting of the ways would have been more appropriate for them? As it is, it feels very much like all these Happy Beginnings that have been gifted to everyone are going to be ripped out from under us with the departing characters. Its’ inevitable. I will be incredibly sad if Emma Swan is killed off to move the story forward. But I won’t be surprised. I’m not sure the writers gave us enough of a hook to pique our interest with the duplication of the original story at the end… the show felt very much done. I felt a sense of relief that it’s over. That I can finally stop thinking about and worrying about these characters. Before the finale, I was fully intending to keep watching – I like Colin O’Donoghue and the Character of Killian Jones so I am predisposed to continue…. But that ending, it made me feel a sense of ambivalence. I’m not sure I can be bothered re-investing without the guarantee of a decent return. If Emma was back, I would be back. No doubt. But with how I’m feeling at the moment, there will have to be some very interesting information released over the hiatus to get me back and they will have to tell us something, some crumbs, instead of this nonsensical evasive “wait and see” discourse.

Fates: Amiibo Supports are a GO!

100% in-game screenshots

Welp, expect this to be part of my next update for my gay fates hack. Now not only can amiibos have fully functioning support lists, and can show up on other people’s support lists, but as seen above we can even put in support conversations for them! (These four lines are the only ones I put in so far haha so don’t get your hopes up just yet). That means Lucisev 2.0 :’)  will be potentially available in Fates, among other things! lucina x camilla anyone

Thanks to @deathchaos-25 for figuring pretty much this entire thing out, and for pointing out a few dumb mistakes I was making that were preventing this from working.