i hope we did it justice

Am I the only one who waited if they’ll perform Fire or Mic Drop?!? They were like still there at the stage for about 15 sec after DNA ended… I got my hopes up but then our babies slayed the night!! 👏👏👏👏👏

The camera work didnt give their performance justice

I need fancams coz like half of the performance was the audience

Putting them 2nd to the last to perform for the ratings, we see what u did there!!

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I watched justice league and i loved it but hated the whedon stuff he really ruined a movie that would of been great. I hope theres a longer snyder directors cut. But god damn it warner bros fucked snyders movie for a third time. They cut so much needed scenes and did some cringy whedon stuff and oh my god danny elfman? Really joss? I need snyders ultimate directors cut.

bro im already imagining a dream scenario: zack decides in his own time whenever he’s ready to put together HIS version of justice league and they release THAT version in theaters bc we DESERVE TO SEE HIS EXECUTION OF THAT MOVIE ON THE BIG SCREEN.


never let them go

thank you @supahgays @alexxdanverrs @sanjunipero1987 @meredithsgrey @dianaprincedc @eleanorrshellstrop @maggiesawyer @aunicorndumbass @sawyermaggie and @sawyerdnvers for telling me why sanvers matter and what they mean to you. 


I am pretty sure we are now allowed to post our full works for the @giveyourbacktome-zine​ ​so here are the five pages I drew for it! I really wanted to draw the boys with matching jackets so I choose the airport scene from The King’s Men and hope I did it justice!!

Also thanks to everyone who bought the zine! So much money was made for charity which is amazing coming from such a small fandom!! 💛



He’s the only one that got an invitation like that >:}

Look @angel-with-a-pipette I finally did the thing we talked about forever ago. Hope I did it justice >.<

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I need a cocky smirking McCree x reader; I'll do anything

Originally posted by inccption

“you come to see the show, darlin’?”

mccree’s voice is a honey-coated drawl, slick and certain. he always sounds so sure of himself, but there’s something about his voice that takes it a step further: a kind of self-assuredness that borders on … well, cocky. around you, at least.

you roll your eyes in exaggerated disinterest, keeping your eyes down on the task at hand. the weaponry at base was woefully ill-prepared for battle - seven years out of commission had left most of the guns and armor as little more than scrap metal. you had dedicated yourself to fixing them up as best you could, but hours locked in a closed room, with nothing but polish and gunpowder fumes, had made your head spin beyond belief. it had been a pain in the ass to haul most of your equipment outside, but at least you had fresh air. 

and, as it turned out, some company.

mccree strolled up ( really, there was no other way to describe it ) to where a heap of pistols lay, reaching in with nonchalance to inspect this one and that. more than once, his hand nearly - nearly - grazed your knee, but neither of you commented on it. you wondered if he was doing it on purpose, but it seemed like quite a lot of work to just try and rile you up ( if that was in fact what he was trying to do ).

“now this is a mighty fine piece!” you lifted your head to see mccree holding a sturdy pistol in his hand. the metalwork was done in solid silver - really, it was a little old-fashioned to your taste, but you had to admire the way mccree handled the weapon. he turned it over in his hands, running his fingers gently over the framework, and finally, flipped it neatly over, so that it was resting securely in his grip. “oh, yeah. a real thing of beauty.”

“it’s gotta be rusted all over by now,” you protested, forgetting your polishing. “and it probably can’t even shoot! i don’t even know how it got in the pile, to be honest.”

“well, now, i’m … pretty good at getting things to come about when i want them to.” and you swore the look he gave you was a smirk, but before you could confirm it, mccree had turned on his heel, facing the ramshackle targets that tracer had set up earlier for target practice.

you snorted, to indicate your derision, but you couldn’t help but keep your eyes on mccree nonetheless. he adapted a stance with both arms up, fingers curved around the handle, his profile facing you. standing completely still, eyes on the target, it looked like he was simply measuring the distance - but you couldn’t quite shake the feeling that he was posing for you. with your attention fully on him, mccree suddenly pulled back on the trigger, and a series of deafening shots exploded across the field.

it shouldn’t have been a surprise that he had hit every one.

mccree paused; raising the pistol to his lips, he blew away the thin trail of smoke rising from the barrel, before strolling back to where you sat, stunned. spinning the gun in hand, he proffered the barrel to you; as you reached up to take it, he suddenly slid his grip up, so that his fingers were brushing yours.

“let me know if you’d ever like a repeat performance,” he said, lightly, and that damned smirk of his slipped across his lips as he took in your expression. tipping his hat to you, he ambled away, whistling a tune on his lips that, hidden from you, had broken into a wide, self-satisfied grin.

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soo ive seen a lot of posts on how to be a better dm, but do u happen to have any tips for how to be a better player? like tips on how to improvise/roleplay better or just things that you wish your players did more?

First off, Anon, I am so sorry it’s taken me a while to get to this. I wanted to do it justice, and with the wedding, I let the blog fall to the wayside. But though the answer is long overdue, I hope it helps.


We talk so so much about GMs needing to accommodate players and needing to make sure players are having fun and just How to Be a Good Storyteller/Improviser/Mechanical Genius/Memory Gremlin/Mediator/Babysitter/Friend/Person, but you’re right, we rarely touch on the other side of that equation. We expect a lot of our gamemasters, and they do carry a lot of responsibility when it comes to a DnD game. But we as players can definitely make that process easier, and we should! Everyone at the table should be having fun, including the GM. Here’s some ways that you, the player, can help facilitate that.

Before the Game:

Make a character that will fit in the world/campaign you’re playing in. GM’s should help accommodate you, but if you make a lone wolf dragonborn barbarian with a deep seated hatred of nobility in a game that’s mostly political intrigue, that’s kind of your bad, bro. Oddball concepts and characters that defy tropes of the setting can work, but don’t break the flavor/nature of the game before it’s even begun! I promise you the GM wants to make your concept work, but they also want the spirit of their setting to continue to work as intended. Player/GM relationships need to be about compromise.

Make a character that meshes with the party (or will in the future). I’m talking about this from a purely flavorful standpoint. If you make a loner vigilante who screws everyone over, not only is that taking enjoyment away from other players, it’s making more work for the GM. You don’t have to start out with a ‘we’re one big family’ attitude, but you should have a character who is open to working with others, or who will change and grow in that direction.

Talk to the GM about your character. Unless you’re playing a really impromptu session, or the GM specifically said not to, you should definitely discuss your concept and even mechanical build with the GM! It can help them seed story hooks for your character and build challenges that test your class. Obviously this is less of an option in Adventure League play, but we’re talking about private campaigns for now.

Come to the table with a positive and open-minded attitude. I hope that you are playing because you want to. Let the GM know you’re excited! Actively engage and participate in things at the table, both in and out of character. Be open to things not going your way, cause they can’t always, and try to be good-natured about obstacles and changes in the game.

This last one segues us into

At the Table:

Be distinct in the difference between in character and out of character. This is probably something your table needs to discuss, whether you’re using a hand sign and everything else is considered in character, or if you have to specify that you’re speaking in character, or what. But I love it when players use voices or otherwise signify that they are in character. General roleplay tips can be found here!

Be gracious about accepting when you’re wrong. Look, I’ve seen my share of arguments at the table. I’ve been in a few of them, and they suck. When you’re disputing something, take a second to step back and ask yourself if it matters in the long run before you push the issue. Don’t argue for the sake of being right - we’re all wrong sometimes! And while you shouldn’t let a GM make unfair rulings, you should also be open to house rules, even if you disagree. It’s not your table, and if you want to open the issue for further discussion, you should do so outside the game.

Be aware of your fellow players. There are going to be sessions where some players are more relevant than others, especially in story driven games. That’s okay! Recognize when it’s an opportunity for someone else to have the spotlight, and help them recognize those moments too! In an ideal world, everyone gets the spotlight every time, but the reality is that sometimes you gotta recognize when it’s your time to pull back a little bit and let other players take the lead. Being aware of other players and having an open dialogue about your characters can also help you bring them more into the game if they’re feeling out of it. I love when my players help each other in this way.

Be aware of the story. Look for story hooks, and go after them when you find them! I love it when my players make decisions that are narratively interesting, even if they’re not the smartest decisions or even if it pushes their character in a new/different direction. There’s nothing more frustrating as a GM than laying out a variety of story hooks and having the players ignore them. That being said, if you’re not interested in the story hooks, tell the GM what you would be into.

Be open to character change. This is a huge one. So often we talk about people who say, “It’s what my character would do.” This is fine, and in fact you should know your character’s ideals and traits. But you gotta acknowledge that people change, and if a character decision is gonna be narratively destructive or just in general going to cause a lot of unnecessary strife in or out of game, you should ask yourself if that’s the decision you want your character to make, rather than being less stubborn and making the character change a bit. Balance between what the character wants and what is good for the table is important.

Communicate. In general, I really like having feedback from players on how they enjoyed sessions, things that worked/didn’t work, what they’re excited for, theories about the plot, and what I like to call the character check, which is when they give me an update on the emotional and moral state of their character. Knowing these things can help me make sessions feel more personal, like they’re tailor-made for the party. Most importantly, though, I like to know if they’re having fun. I want them to come talk to me if there are issues, because I can’t resolve them if I’m not made aware of them!

I hope this helps! Happy gaming!

Gem Heat AU- Pearl Runs Out Of Flour

Amethyst stood in the doorway, mouth agape. Pearl was laser focused on putting the finishing touches on a three tiered cake, and Steven was sitting on a stool with a half eaten plate of cookies in front of him. The counters around them were covered with various baked goods.Amethyst had noticed the smell when she was walking back to the temple with a bag of fry bits, now lying on the beach where she had dropped them. This had happened before. Steven and the gems liked to bake, but Amethyst only smelled that many different types of dessert when Pearl needed to distract herself. Specifically when she was in heat.

“Hi Amethyst!” Steven waved to her. “Isn’t this great? Pearl’s been baking all day!”

Amethyst was silent as she watched Pearl make another perfect icing rose like her life depended on it. This was bad.

“How are we gonna eat all of this?” Steven idly asked the room at large.

“Hey, uh, why don’t you go take Lion and go get Connie and Greg? Don’t want them to miss out on all this, huh?” Amethyst fought to keep her voice calm.

“Good idea!” Steven hopped off the stool and started walking to the door, stopping when he saw Amethyst’s face. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah…” Amethyst said distantly. Steven frowned slightly and handed her a cupcake.

“Well, anyway, have one of these. They’re really good.”

Both Pearl and Amethyst were motionless as the door opened and the sound of Steven’s footsteps traveled down the stairs and out onto the beach. Soon after, Lion’s distant roar was carried up to the door by the gentle sea breeze.

The house was silent.

Pearl’s eyes met Amethyst’s for a moment. She blushed, hard, and went back to icing. Amethyst slowly put the cupcake in her mouth and chewed. The wrapper’s muffled crinkling filled the room, and then she swallowed. Pearl kept working.

“It’s bad this time, huh, P?”

Pearl’s blush deepened but she didn’t stop.

Amethyst stepped up to her and gently put a hand on Pearl’s back. Pearl jumped like she had been touched with a live wire and icing squirted all over the counter’s contents. Together they stared at the cake’s now erratic pattern.

The tube of icing clattered gently to the floor. “Geez, P, I didn’t mean to-” She was interrupted by Pearl lifting both her arms and slamming her fists into the cake. It splattered tremendously.

Pearl’s breath was ragged as she stood up straight and turned her back to Amethyst and the cake. “Darn it.” A bit of cake slid off her shoulder and hit the floor with a soft splat.

“I’m really sorry, P, I didn’t think… Can we make another one?” Amethyst wrung her hands together nervously.

“No.” She sighed. “And even if I wanted to, we’re out of flour.”

"Are you sure?” Amethyst looked around at the desserts covering the counter, and now the floor, walls, and ceiling, wondering how many bags Pearl had been through already. Wait… if they were out of flour… what was Pearl going to occupy her time with now? Amethyst turned back to see the kitchen devoid of icing-coated gems, and the screen door clattered open behind her.


The one we know as Mystery Girl worked part time as a bartender in a rarely visited dive, but 3pm on a Thursday was an especially dull time. She was leaning on the counter doing the daily crossword when the bar door flung open and an oddly sweet wind swept past her. She glanced up at the still empty bar as the door swung shut. She shrugged and looked back down at her puzzle, which now had a small fragment of icing covering the word she was working on.

Mystery Girl turned around to see a flushed and out of breath Pearl fiddling with her ribbon, eyes on the floor.

She raised an eyebrow at the gem, a smile playing across her lips. “Is it that time already?” She reached out and plucked a perfectly formed icing rose from Pearl’s hair and popped it in her mouth. Pearl’s blush deepened and she nodded, still not meeting her eye.

She grinned at Pearl’s embarrassment, leaned forward, and whispered, “How about we head to the back room and I clean you up? I could use a snack.“ She licked her lips and winked, and then laughed out loud as Pearl leapt at her.


@drawbauchery oh look I actually did something creative for once instead of just promising to. hope I did your AU justice

Wes Weston hates everything, at least at the moment.

It’s so obvious that Fenton is the ghost boy. He figured it out during the craze of claiming anyone who had the slightest resemblance to Phantom was actually Phantom. Wes was, at one point, accused, and he responded with, “uh no, there are people who have so many more similarities with him–”

And it all just clicked.


But no one believes him. They all laugh him off, joke that maybe he’s trying to cover up for being Phantom – at least until a ghost attack happens and they all see Wes standing there watching with them – then they write him off as crazy.

He starts to question it, sometimes, but when he mentions his theories and Fenton is actually around Fenton just shoots him this look, like – like he knows that Wes knows, and finds the situation hilarious.

(He’s seen the same look on Phantom, come to think of it.)

He thinks that’s going to be the worst of it. But, nope. Fenton continues to make his life miserable by rubbing it in Wes’s face.

When no one else is around or paying attention, Fenton’s eyes will flash green. He’ll reach his arm through the locker to grab books, or suddenly appear in the middle of a deserted hallway and scare the living daylights out of Wes.

It’s driving Wes insane.

But he’s never quite prepared enough to get a video. No one else believes him, and either way Fenton never pulls this shit when other people are around. All he has are baseless claims that Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom.

So, currently, Wes hates everything, because apparently the world hates him too.


I haven’t done one of these in A WHILE! But you guys have asked that I continue the series, so…here we go!

Quite possibly the most requested ALL GROWN UP characters, right behind Danny Phantom and Phineas and Ferb! Here are the Kids Next Door! I hope I did them justice!

What do you think?

Milkshakes & Fries

Originally posted by riverrdxle

Anon requests: hey omg i love ur writing so much i was just wondering if u could do a jughead imagine where reader is scared to tell him shes asexual and is making a big deal of ut and when jughead finally cpnvinces her to tell him he laughs which makes reader upset but hes actually laughing bc hes asexual too and cant believe she was making such a big deal out of it and just fluffy fluff THANKS

Pairing: Jughead x Reader (Platonic)

Description: (Y/N) always drinks her milkshake, so when she doesn’t touch it, Jughead knows something’s up

Warnings: one swear

Word count: 524

A/N: okay so I absolutely LOVE this prompt and I had so much fun writing it! sorry if it’s too short (and also the ending is pretty cheesy sorry), I figured short and sweet was the way to go for this prompt.  hope I did it justice!

We sat in our usual booth at Pop’s diner: Jughead had a laptop and some fries in front of him, whereas I had a barely-touched milkshake in front of me.  He noticed my lack of appetite and lowered the lid of his computer slightly.

“(Y/N),” he said, interrupting me from my thoughts.  “What’s wrong?”

“What?” I mumbled, looking up at him.  “Nothing, nothing, I’m fine, Jug.”  He raised his eyebrows and frowned, and I knew he didn’t believe me.  “I’m just not hungry, that’s all.”

“(Y/N), out of all the times we have come to Pop’s together, not once have you left your milkshake unfinished, nonetheless completely untouched.  Something’s wrong.”

“Nothing’s wrong, Jug,” I insisted.  “I’m totally fine.  I’m just stressed… about school.”  Jughead disbelievingly raised his eyebrows again.

“School?” he repeated, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.  “(Y/N), you’re smart and completely capable of mastering all your classes with ease. School is not the problem.”  I groaned, leaning my head back against the seat.

“Okay, fine, yeah,” I admitted, throwing my hands up in exasperation.  “There’s something that’s been bothering me lately.”

“What is it?” Jughead questioned.  I frowned and shook my head.

“I just… I’m not sure if I’m ready to talk about it yet.”  Jughead sighed but nodded in understanding, to which I replied to with a thankful smile. He returned back to his laptop, munching on his fries.  Occasionally, his eyes would flick up towards me.  At one point, he reached his hand out and stole some whipped cream off the top of my milkshake.  When I showed no reaction, he slammed his computer shut.

“Okay that’s it,” he commanded.  “I respect that you don’t feel comfortable telling me about your problems, (Y/N), but for fuck’s sake I just stole some of your whipped cream.  From your milkshake.  And you didn’t even react at all!”  I groaned and pulled my milkshake a little closer to me.

“Alright, Jug!” I exclaimed. “I’ll tell you!”  I sucked in a deep breath, studying Jughead’s face.  “Jug, I’m… I’m asexual.”  I clenched my eyes closed and turned away from Jughead, expecting harsh judgement.  However, to my surprise, he started laughing.  Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked at him.  “What?”

“Oh my god, (Y/N),” he tried to explain himself through his laughter, “I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t be laughing, but-” he paused again as he let out a couple more laughs, and then he calmed himself down.  “Sorry, sorry.  I’m just laughing because… well, because I’m asexual, too.”

“What?” I exclaimed.  “Seriously?”

“Yeah!” he replied, grinning from ear to ear.  “God, I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you for a while.  So thanks for the opportunity.”  He laughed again, and this time I joined him.  Once our laughter finally died down, I took a sip of my milkshake.  He smiled. “See, wasn’t as bad as you thought, was it?”  I beamed at him.

“Not at all,” I laughed, stealing some of his fries.  He swatted my hand away but wore a huge grin on his face, and never had I been so thankful to have a friend as wonderful as Jughead.

True affection (Robb Stark x Female!Reader)

Prompt: Hi :) Can you do a Robb Stark x Reader please? Maybe we see the stages of their relationship as their meeting, their love, their betrothal, their marriage, the pregnancy of the reader, the birth of their child? It’s just an idea and I’m sorry if there are mistakes, I’m French :)

Note: @tiiffanym I really loved this request, so i hope i did it justice!

Robb Stark x reader

When your Parents told you that the carriage was nearing Winterfell, you felt sick. The closer you got to Winterfell, the closer you were to your life changing forever. It had been Ned Stark who had proposed the marriage, and your parents had been delighted. House Stark and House Y/L/N had been allies for centuries – It made sense to strengthen that tie.

You were less thrilled about the idea. You had only ever met Robb once, when you were young, and had no idea as to what kind of man he might be now. Your mother reassured you that Ned was an honourable man, and that his son would be to, but it was little help.

As you approached the gates of Winterfell, you couldn’t deny how beautiful it was; and as Robb Stark took your arm and helped you out of the carriage, you couldn’t deny that he was beautiful too.

When you were both on solid ground, Robb kneeled in front of you, and kissed your hand “Lady Y/n, you are as beautiful I remember.”

You blushed at the compliment, and hoped he was as kind a man as his words suggested.

You quickly got used to not only the North, but to the Stark family. Arya and Rickon were little wolves, constantly exploring the surrounding forests, returning caked in mud (much to Catelyn’s chagrin). Sansa had the voice of an angel, Bran was a genius with a bow, and Robb – well he was just perfect.

The two of you had connected quickly, and you complemented each other well. Where he was hot headed, you were cool, he was proud, and you were logical, and you both adored each other.

It had been a month since you had first arrived in the North, and you had spent most days with Robb, with him showing you around the castle or riding together around the surrounding grounds of the castle.

You were sat together in the Gods wood when he first told you that he was in love with you.

You looked up at him in slight shock before he continued “Y/N, I had always accepted that when I married it would be out of duty, to create an alliance but…” he paused for a moment “You are like no one I have ever met. I love you.”

You weren’t sure that you would ever be able to stop smiling. Your eyes met at you both leaned in to the kiss. When your lips met his you were certain that Winterfell was where you belonged. That he was where you belonged.

When you pulled away he let out a sigh at the lack of contact, so you moved to sit closer to him. Without having to think he wrapped his arm around your waist. You leaned it his touch.

“I love you too Robb.”

The day you married Robb was one of the best days of your life. You, like Robb, had never expected to be able to marry someone that you truly loved. You waited anxiously in the chapels door way. Arya was fidgeting, pulling at her dress trying to get comfortable.

You were shocked when Arya acquiesced to being one your bridesmaids, and you suspected that this would be the last time you ever saw her in a ball gown until her own wedding. Sansa looked like a Queen, in her bridesmaid dress. You were suddenly overwhelming proud of the two girls.

When you heard the Organ begin to play, your father took your arm and you began to walk down the aisle. The night before you had been so nervous that something would go wrong, that you would trip and fall or something would happen to your dress.

Those fears quickly exited your mind as soon as you saw Robb. His jaw dropped when he first saw you, and his eyes filled with tears. You looked stunning. The dress was simple, and fitted you perfectly, hugging your body in all of the right places.

Your house colours had been sewn intricately into the hem, and it was better then you could have ever hoped for. All of the great Northern houses were in attendance, but you barley even acknowledged them, with all of your attention on Robb.

Robb was grinning besides you as you both stood in front of the septon. Your soon to be husband slipped his hand into yours as you exchanged your vows. You squeezed his hand, as you promised to love him until the day that you died.

The cloak Robb wrapped around you was beautiful, it had the Stark crest embroidered onto a deep blue background, and the lining of the cloak was pure white wool. You wondered how many hours it had taken to craft something so beautiful.

“You many now kiss the bride” called out the septon, once Robb had wrapped the cloak around you.

Robb cupped your face gently with his hands and leaned down to kiss you, you flung your arms around his neck and pressed your body close to his.

When Robb pulled away from you, he looked like he was so full of love that he might burst. “I Love you so much Y/n Stark.” When he pulled you into another kiss, the room let out a cheer.

It had been four months since you last moons blood, and five months since you and Robb got married. Maester Luwin had confirmed your suspicions. You were pregnant.

You knew Robb would be happy, you were carrying the air to Winterfell inside of you, but you were still nervous to tell him. You said a quick prayer to both the Old Gods and the seven that he would be as pleased as you were.

Robb was out hunting when you found out that you were pregnant, he would be back early the next morning. You let out a groan. You were desperate to tell someone. When you saw Catelyn, you couldn’t contain yourself.

“Lady Stark, there is something I must tell you, Robb is not here and I have to tell someone.” You gushed, and Catelyn gave you a knowing smile.

“Y/n please, you must call me Catelyn” she insisted “What is It you must tell me?”

“I’m with child” you whispered excitedly, relieved to finally share the secret.

Your mother in law pulled you into a tight hug “I have had my suspicions, you have been absolutely glowing this past few weeks.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to be a mother” you muttered, slightly in shock.

Catelyn let out a laugh “I can’t believe I’m going to be a grandmother.”

Robbs reaction to your pregnancy had been even better then you could have hoped. As soon as the words had left your mouth he had lifted you up into his arms. You buried your head into the crook of his neck. You couldn’t tell if he was crying or laughing, but you knew he was overjoyed.

Throughout the pregnancy Robb had been extremely protective of you, worrying about everything you did. You couldn’t even go on a ride without him insisting to come with you. Arya had told you that he was obsessed, but you found his care endearing.

The bump had started to show just after you broke then news to Robb, and the Starks were constantly crowding around you, trying to see if the baby was kicking yet.

You were lying in bed curled up with Robb the first time that you felt the baby kick. Robb was snoring softly when you woke him.

“Robb! The baby’s kicking!” you elbowed him lightly and he groggily began to wake up.

He quickly came to his senses when he heard the word baby “Wait Y/n is everything okay?” he said, shooting up quickly.

He quickly placed his hand against your bump, a smile spreading across his face. You couldn’t wait to start your family with the man you loved.

Giving birth was the hardest thing that you had ever done, but Robb got you through it. Despite the midwifes insistence that Robb needed to leave, he remained stuck to your side, holding your hand the whole time.

“Come of Y/n one more push. You can do this.”

“I-I I Can’t do this Robb…” you said exhausted “Please I can’t”

Robb squeezed you hand tight “You can do this love.”

It took the last of the energy you had left, but you gave one final push. You didn’t immediately hear the baby cry, and panic rose in your chest. Was there something wrong, was your baby safe?

Then you heard the baby cry. Your baby. It was the best sound you had ever heard.

Robb was silent as the midwife place the baby in his arms, totally in awe of the tiny person you had both created. He looked on the edge of tears.

“Y-y/n… we’ve got a daughter Y/n. Our little girl.”

You let out a sob when you saw your child. Suddenly all of the hours of pain and discomfort were forgotten, as Robb handed you your daughter. Her eyes were closed as she grabbed onto your little finger with her hand. You hadn’t known you could love someone so much.

Robb kissed you on the forehead, then kissed the top of your baby’s head “She’s perfect, you’re perfect. Gods I love you both – more than I know how to say.”

You looked up at your husband, the man you loved “Lyanna. She’s called Lyanna.” The look on his face told you that it was perfect.


Art Collab what the lovely @bev-nap

We decided to do a fun art collaboration together of our wonderful OTP, Prompto and Noctis from FFXV! In this version, she did the coloring and I did the lineart! I hope I did some justice to our boys! It was loads of fun and I loved tackling another style that meshed so well with mine!  ✯

☆ You can find the sister collaboration >>here<< ☆
❧ ❧ In that collaboration you’ll find that I did the coloring and she did a fantastic job with the lineart!!

“We are at the very beginning, when time didn’t exist and only the Void was present. The Void was alone and lonely- it wished for company.
It wished and hoped so hard, 

a star appeared.”

The first of two illustrations for @lheonce‘s fic, “Love Letter to the Universe”. It’s a really beautiful fic, with really gorgeous imagery. I can only hope I did it justice.

Profile Improvement

Hey sugars, a lovely lady here asked me if I could help her with her profile. It’s the only one I’m going to do though, I would if I could but it takes some time. I made sure to keep her points but just refine it a bit. Her’s was really well done, I just did some fixes. :)

I made sure to play to her strengths and even highlight her milk-chocolate goodness (tropical, exotic..). I hope this helps some.


A queen who wants to be treated properly by a king.I would describe myself as a slender, curvy, ambitious, soft-hearted woman. *I emit a soft glow.* I love moonlight, good food, and things that sparkle. I love to laugh, so if you have a sense of humour we will get along well! I’ve been told my pictures don’t do me justice. You will have to let me know if that is true when we meet.My life goal is to be a positive force for change in the world. I am ambitious and I need to be, I’ve got a world to change.I can’t wait to meet my next benefactor.

I am seeking a gentleman. Someone honest, direct, and kind. I’d like to meet someone who is wise and generous and willing to share some of that wisdom with me. I want someone who’s company I can enjoy, who simply has the means and desire to support me, spoil me, and guide me. I’m not looking to play games. Treat me respectfully and I will do the same for you.We are both here for a reason. You want companionship and to help someone, I want financial support and great memories. This isn’t all about money for me, but please do not insult me by pretending it isn’t part of the arrangement.If you are looking for intimacy before an arrangement, you are on the wrong website. I do not get intimate with anyone until I am certain they will keep me comfortable both financially and physically.If you can exceed my expectations I will certainly exceed yours. 

“Let me bring light, back into your life

I am a slender but curvaceous, ambitious,and soft-hearted lady with a tropical, exotic flair. Moonlight, delicious food and shiny things bring out the best in me. I am a comic, and I know laughter is the best medicine, so if you have a great sense of humor, I’m certain we’ll get along just fine–don’t sigh too loudly at my corny jokes. Something many can attest to, is the radiance and glow that often follow me, my pictures do not do me justice. I’m sure you’ll tell me the same as we white-water raft, climb Mount Everest, or have a nice bite to eat on our first date.I am a force to be reckoned with, but emit only positivity–something I’d love to see in the world. I am ambitious and I need to be- I’ve got a world to change.I can’t wait to meet my next benefactor.”

“I am seeking a gentleman. Someone honest, direct, and kind. I’d like to meet someone who is wise, generous and willing to share his insight. Someone who’s company I can enjoy, who simply has the means and desire to support me,dote on, and guide me.Treat me respectfully and I will do the same for you.“  

 *** I left out the final part of her write up, I told her to add it but to finish it lightheartedly. No negative tones, remember.

Best wishes sugars,

Realization pt 2 ~J.M.

A/N : I’m already sleep deprived so i figured it wouldn’t hurt to finish the story and upload right now.

Requested: Kinda? idk anyway this one’s for you @nightsspentthinking 

Summary: After realizing that maybe you did like Jonah things take a turn you weren’t expecting

part 1 

Your eyes widen as you try to wrap your head around what just happened. Jonah looks at the blank expression on your face but before he gets to say something you quickly respond: “Why would you think that Marais?” “Oh I don’t know, maybe because I literally heard you say ‘how can you possibly be this gorgeous while sleeping?’”. You had really hoped that he hadn’t actually heard all you said because you muttered it under your breath, but unfortunately he did and you weren’t quite sure how to get yourself out of this. Bullshitting an essay was one thing but lying to your best friend about how much you actually liked him was on a whole new level. 

 “For your information, I said ‘cute’ not ‘gorgeous’ Jonah.” “Cute, gorgeous, beautiful, hot…whatever you want to call it” he says chuckling. You look at Jonah for a split second and sigh, “Why are you like this?” “Stop pretending you don’t love it.” “Would you shut up already?” you say trying not to laugh at Jonah wiggling his eyebrows at you. Jonah looked you straight in the eyes with a steel expression before responding: “Make me”. He continues staring at you and you look at him with a puzzled expression on your face, unsure of how to respond. Your heart is telling you to yell “kiss me” at him but you refrain. You search his eyes for an answer before trailing off to his lips.“I’m in love…shit” you think to yourself. 

You make eye contact with him one more time and with that he leans in and brushes your cheek with his thumb. His face comes closer to yours and you start blushing. Jonah smiles at you and before you know it you feel his lips pushing on yours as he kisses you. At first you were a little taken aback but soon you guys were making out as he deepened the kiss. As you both pull away you hear Jonah say: “I’ve wanted to do that for a while now”. You just smirk at him and say: “Is that so?” He nodded but then quickly changed the subject back to you. “So…When did you realize you liked me? Have I missed any hints before this?” “Well…” you stretched out the ‘l’ not sure how to continue. “Go on Y/N” he says while smirking “I guess that I’ve liked you for a while now but didn’t realize until earlier today?” “What made you realize?” you think about the short time span between him hearing you mutter that he was cute up to right now after you made out. 

“Hmm… well, I thought you were asleep earlier when I called you cute, but you just looked so peaceful and angelic that I just couldn’t refrain myself from saying that. The thought had crossed my mind earlier tonight but the realization hit when you caught me” You say before blushing a little. Jonah smiles at you and grabs your hand, his fingers intertwining with yours. “I’m glad I did catch you, because if I wouldn’t have, you would’ve probably taken an eternity to actually tell or show me you even slightly liked me” he said while trying not to laugh to hard. “Now that’s just rude” you said pretending to be offended and put your hand on your heart faking to be hurt but eventually gave in because you couldn’t hold your laughter any longer.

 “Don’t think I forgot about your little comment though Marais, how long have you wanted to kiss me?” you teased.”I uhh- I don’t know, a month maybe two?” “Two months and you didn’t even tell me? You always tell me about the girls you like! I’m hurt” “In my defense, those girls were neither you or my best friend. Did you really think I was just gonna risk so many years of friendship without being sure you at least somewhat liked me?” “Uhm yes!” You exclaimed jokingly. You couldn’t help but feel happy about the whole situation. At first, you were mortified because Jonah heard you but it had turned out pretty well so far. “So you just kept quiet about this for two months? I can’t believe my best friend doesn’t even trust me” “stop being so sarcastic Y/N” he said before throwing a pillow at you after you had confidently replied, “I will do no such thing”. “Heyyy” you whined and pouted at him. ”I didn’t exactly keep quiet though” he said while looking away. Your eyes widen as you look at him “what do you mean?” “I may or may not have told Zach about it” you over exaggerate a dramatic gasp “you told Zach before me? I can’t believe you” you said keeping up the drama queen act. “Shut up and kiss me already” Jonah said and with that your lips collided once again.

When you woke up Jonah was still asleep, you looked at the beautiful boy laying next you and just admired his features. “You know it’s rude to stare right?” you suddenly heard him say. “Are you ever actually asleep or do you just keep pretending so you can see me embarrass myself?” “Who knows” is all he said. He rolled over and pulled you into a hug while you look at the time. “Shit it’s 4 PM” “So?” “I should really get going my parents are already mad that I snook out, turned off my phone and didn’t come home at all”. You had completely forgotten about your parents and how mad they were going to be when you got home. “Please stay, just a little longer”he pouted and kept repeating the word ‘please’ over and over  “I don’t know if I should…my parents are already very angry” “At least let me make you breakfast before you leave” “okay” you smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips “I love you Jonah” “I love you too Y/N”

Oh it seems we are allowed to post our @meowraculouschatnoirzine pieces now! This is titled how many tears did I shed over this boy’s hair haha I had a lot of fun drawing the dorky cat son and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been able to participate in such a fun zine!