i hope we at least see him in flashbacks and stuff

unrelated; bts highlight reel theory

This is just an idea I had after watching the recent highlight reel, it may be wrong it may be right, it’s worth trying! I just wanted to share my ideas. Feel free to comment your opinions.

My theory is that the girls represent their conscience. Whether it be burdened one, a guilty one, etc. The girls play a vital role in teaching the boys to love themselves, the overall theme of the comeback. You’re probably confused, allow me to explain further. 


He murdered his father, broke the law, was a troubled kid all together. The girl (his conscience) represents his guilty conscience. He tried to get rid of it, but doing the right thing (paying for the stuff she attempted to steal) but the girl still kept following her. 

Tae then realized that the only way to get rid of it, the only way to forgive himself, the only way to love himself, was to fess up to what he done and take responsibility. 

This is Tae, before he goes out to the cops to turn himself in, the girl doesn’t stop him, doesn’t talk him out of it, doesn’t chase him. Tae is letting go of his guilty conscience, he’s forgiving himself.

After he surrenders, we see no sign of the girl (his guilty conscience), its all relieved.


As we all know, the poor baby got into a horrid car accident. He seemed upset at that fact, mad at himself almost until he met the girl (his burdened conscience). 

We see him walking to a hospital room with flowers in his hand, and completely healed and happy. 

The burden the accident caused his physical body is relieved. He goes to the hospital room…

No more girl, no more burdened conscience. He forgave himself. He loves himself.


His mother abandoned him, which already weighs heavily on his conscience. He lets it out through dance, his passion, hence why the girl dances with him frequently. He’s struggling to forgive his mother and himself for the trauma.

This scene represents him on the road to accepting, thats why her eyes are closed and her body is limp, hes on the road to relieving the burdened conscience, but he isn’t completely there. 


We obviously see him oogling the girl a bit yeah? Well, what if he is trying to relive Hobi’s burden? We see him learn the dance they practice; maybe he wants to be there for Hobi. That’s why Jimin looks at the girl a lot; almost keeping Hobi’s conscience in check. When he injures her, It’s symbolism for him relieving Hobi’s burden, but he hurts himself in the process. 

Jimin sees Hobi running with the girl, and sees that he didn’t completely relieve it. Hobi is still suffering, he’s still carrying the weight of the incident on his back. Jimin probably blames himself for it, probably gives up, that’s why we see him turn back.


Surprisingly, his concept is a bit different but still plays into the story. Not a burdened conscience, but a reflection of whom he wants to be, what he strives for. He sees the girl and follows her, probably comparing himself to her. He carries a hair tie, now idk what this symbolizes really, but we see that he leaves it with her and leaves her alone. 

He gets off the bus, and hear we see him staring at the “im fine” writing. He realized hes good enough. He loves himself.


We see Yoongi with his piano in the first video, calm, with his conscience. He struggles with an addiction, smoking. The girl guides him through it, picks up his instrument, and holds a lolipop. The conscience telling him to focus on what’s important, music. 

Until that phone call.

We see Yoongi struggle, almost trying to run away from the girl. He probably recieved news of Jungkook’s accident, and refusing to believe the truth, or possibly feeling guilty for not being there for him. They were close, we saw their flashbacks. The conscience is almost trying to get him to accept the truth, that’s why we see Yoongi fighting with it.


This one I’m the most conflitced on, but it is a theory, so its okay! We see Jin struggle the least in these videos, therefore causes the lack of the girl’s prescence. That is, until he gets into the car and slowly is reminded of his friends, and becomes more and more unhappy as he reaches the girl (his burdened conscience). Jin reaches her, and when she attempts to come…

He is confronted by his burden. His guilt. Probably for not being there for his friends? For Jungkook especially. Not visiting, talking, or whatever. And  he’s completely reliving the guilt. 


In conclusion, all these stories are different ways and journey’s for people that come to love themselves. There is no, one path or one way, there are many ways and journeys you could talk. Lemme explain.

Taehyung- Whatever bad things you have done in the past, it is never too late to forgive yourself, to change, to love yourself.

Jhope- Even if people have done you wrong, even if people have betrayed you, you need to accept it in order to love yourself, ultimately not blaming yourself for their actions.

Jungkook- No matter what horrible things happen to you (accidents, you get paralyzed, injury, etc) You have to accept and forgive and love yourself in order to gather strength. 

Yoongi + Jin - Do not destroy yourself over not knowing something, not stopping something in time. You need to forgive.

Jimin- You can’t relieve someone’s pain, no matter how much you try. Their journey to acceptance and love is only for them to go on. 

Rap Monster- Comparing yourself to someone will only impair your path. Accept yourself for who you are. 

That’s my theory! Hope you enjoyed. Let me know what you think in the ask.

- Admin Nubbie’s friend

Can’t Sleep Without You

Steve can’t sleep without his girl, and it’s becoming a problem for everyone around him.

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A/N: This came to me forever ago listening to “Can’t Sleep Without You” by Brett Young (delightful song btw) I hadn’t written for Cap in a really long time so here we are! Hope you guys enjoy! (Please tell me if you did I’m needy af) Special thanks to @whotheeffisbucky for letting me bounce this idea off of her when it first came to me and to my clonesister, love of my life @actuallyasgardian for the read over once it was finally done.

*Flashback is in italics*

Warnings: Some swears. Mentions of a car accident, hospitals. (Also aside from me watching Grey’s Anatomy and ER years ago I don’t know anything about medically stuff, so yeah forgive me if it makes no sense.)

Words: 2,500


He missed her. Missed her every minute. After the Accords, the civil war - her words - being forced into hiding, Bucky, just everything, she stayed. He wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t, if she needed space. Hell, she and Tony were so close before everything; they were practically siblings. He hoped they still were. They must be, he was still able to talk to her regularly. Tony had to be involved with that somehow.

Being away was torture. This wasn’t like the times he’d go on missions. On missions he had a general idea of when he’d be back to her. Plus he was usually so busy he never had time to think about missing her. But here in Wakanda, he had time on his hands. Too much of it. Bucky was back in cryo, and it’s not like he could help with any of the doctors or scientists but he just couldn’t leave quite yet. Sure there was Bucky, but he needed to repay T’Challa in any way he could.

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I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).
 Reader x Bones.
Prompt: Requested by @trekken81 – Bones fluff.
Word Count: 3713.
Rating: Teen+.
Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long, darlin’!  This semester has been kicking my ass.  I hope you like this!  Soulmate AU – tattoos.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

You take a deep breath as you climb out of the shuttle that has just delivered you to your new post as head nurse on the U.S.S. Enterprise.  Looking around, you’re already thrown by the ship’s grandeur – its shuttle bay alone is easily three times the size of the one on the Enyo.  As your gaze travels back down from the ceiling, you’re met with the sight of the captain, the first officer, and another man standing in the doorway to the rest of the ship.

“Welcome aboard,” he addresses you and the handful of other new crew members standing around you.  “My name is James Tiberius Kirk and I’ll be your new captain. To my right is Commander Spock, my first officer, and to my left you’ll find our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Leonard McCoy.  I trust you’re all ready to devote yourselves to this ship and its mission.”

You and the others nod and the captain continues with a bright and easy smile.

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Endgame part 1 - Jughead x Reader

A/N: I had this idea from listening to so many songs and just mashing them together, so this series is like an All Time Low, Drunk and Happier mash up, hope y’all enjoy!

Warnings: Drinking, Angst, Fights

Word count: 1631

You and Jughead had been best friends since the moment you first started Riverdale. You just clicked, no one in your little group of friends could believe how close you both were, seeing as Jughead seemed to hate everything, but whenever you were around his smirk turned into a smile and his heart would go a million beats a second.

You knew you loved him, Ronnie knew too, after all you two lived together and you couldn’t really live with her without her knowing, you had held it in for too long and decided you wanted at least one person you knew to know your feelings for the infamous Jughead Jones.

Ronnie ended up telling Betty and they both shipped you guys, hard. They would always find ways to either leave you two alone together or have you two be close to each other when everyone hung out in a group.

You were sure Ronnie had heard you sneak Jughead through the window one night, but that was completely platonic, he needed somewhere quiet to write his novel, Archie house (Where Jughead lived) had Archie and Val composing songs in the ‘Soundproof’ garage, Pops was full of the other jocks celebrating getting into some finals thing, but Jughead knew your room would be quiet.

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I love you, love your writing and would love love love if you'd write a missing scene that maybe changes the end of the wine&cheese incident. Where Mulder went back and grew some balls? Thank you!!!!!!!!!❤️😘

He knocks on her door later that night.  They’ve finally made it to the conference, too late to build a tower of furniture.  Agent Stonecypher pouted all through dinner, but at least they haven’t missed the entire day of workshops or the keynote speaker.  Mulder knocks again, and finally Scully opens the door.  Her hair is wet and she’s already in her pajamas.  He doesn’t blame her.  Neither of them got much sleep last night in the woods.  He holds up a bottle of wine he had to buy at the ABC store and a tray of cheese from the deli of the grocery store a few blocks away.

“Can I come in?” he asks.

She steps back and lets him in.  “I believe I recall a reference to some kind of Tailhook crap?”

“That only works the other way,” he says.  “This is apology consorting.”

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Chapter 538: Gruvia Thoughts

I hope you anons don’t mind being grouped together.

Yes, I did read the chapter, and I feel the same way, anon #2, I was VERY comforted by the moment with Gray, but I’ll get into that more in a bit.

As for my thoughts, anon #1, technically my thoughts are “!!!!!!!AGGUHGGYFTDDTGUH!!!!!!” haha!

But more articulately, I reblogged a bunch of posts that did a wonderful job explaining everything I also feel about the chapter and that moment. ^__^

So, I’m just going to expand on some things from my POV. But first I have to mention a headcanon I shared with my friends a couple of weeks ago, about what I WISH would happen after the book of END stuff was wrapped up, and that’s also partly why I’m so happy with this!

Basically, after Natsu and Lucy had their angsty moment, I wanted Gray to excuse himself (because all the other ships had their privacy during their angst, so Nalu need it, too) by saying, there’s someone he needs to go find. And hearing this, Lucy and Happy (and maybe Natsu) cheekily ask “Juvia?”And that stops Gray in his tracks, and with a bit of tsun he admits blushingly, yes Juvia, there’s something he needs to tell her. 

So, the above is what I WANTED, but I was 1000% sure we wouldn’t get any of that. Because why would Mashima be that nice during such a long drought of Gruvia? 

But INSTEAD, we got THIS. THIS THIS THIS!!!! This is SO MUCH BETTER than what I was dreaming of. Gray didn’t need to be prompted to mention Juvia. When talking about what they wanted to do now, he admitted ON HIS OWN TRUTHFULLY that he wanted to apologize PROPERLY to Juvia! This is what has been on his mind. This is the first thing he thinks about. It feels so gooooodd. ;_;

Not only that, but an APOLOGY! WHAT-NOW-HUH?! 

OK, so I think most gruvia fans ever since Avatar have been DYING for a proper apology from Gray. We never got it. And after everything that happened in this arc, especially Lost Iced Shell, we’ve been craving another one. But, for me? I had NO HOPE for an apology. Not a bit. 

So, the fact that a mention of ANY apology was made, already I’m floored, and so happy. Yes, the flashback panels we got were of 499, but you know what? That’s fine to me, because I did want Gray to talk to Juvia slightly about 499 before running off after Zeref, and we never got it. So, I’m going to be happy with anything Gray chooses to apologize for at this point. 

And I LIKED seeing those 499 panels, because it reemphasized that there’s unfinished business there. It’s obvious Gray still feels terrible about hurting Juvia, even though he couldn’t help it. And he probably feels the worst about not being able to save her/prevent her death, while she was able to save his life. We know Gray has this feeling of failure hanging over him, over the lives lost on his account, or because he felt powerless to prevent them. Juvia, as we saw from his reaction after her “death” was a BIG one for Gray. That RAGE. That GRIEF. And what they made him DO against, not just his enemies, but also his FRIENDS. 

So, an apology? Any apology? BRING IT. It’s already more than I hoped for, and that is brilliant. YES PLEASE. Also, as @thatsvicchan mentioned, it IS a parallel to when Juvia wanted to apologize to Gray about “killing” his father in Tartarus, and THAT lead to my favorite Gruvia moment EVER, the boob hug lol. SO, I have really high hopes for this, because not only are we starting off from Gray’s side this time (he wants to find HER for ONCE), but we know it’s going to end up with CANON GRUVIA. We got a hug last time, sooo can we please have that KISS?! They need it. They deserve it. And so do we!

Now, probably my other favorite thing about this moment, is Gray’s FACE. THAT FACE!!!! That face is EVERYTHING. Some people mentioned Gray looks like he’s blushing, but I just see dirt. Gray is nervous (hence the awkward scratching of his face), and excited (hence the SMILE). Like @dooshiedoosh mentioned, that face is getting ready for WAY more than just an apology! 

Gray knows what he’s getting ready to do, and I love that there’s a nervous kind of energy about him. It’s something he’s looking forward to. It’s something he WANTS to do. He NEEDS to do. This is about his feelings. His emotions. What he’s been holding off on since at least the time he and Juvia were living together IMO. He told her to wait for his answer in 453. He was ready then. He’s even more ready now. This is his future he’s about to embrace, and that face is perfection. It just is. 

Smiley, nervous Gray thinking about Juvia, and wanting to talk and apologize to her. This is what came to his mind when thinking about what HE wants to do when this war is over. Juvia is his top priority, and conveying his feelings to her is his top priority. And I’m just so excited we got this reminder, because I know we wont get anything Gruvia-wise until Natsu (poor Natsu!) and Lucy (poor Lucy!) deal with whatever happened at the end of this chapter. Not to mention that Time Lapse crack (if Ichiya drops out of it, I’ll laugh so HARD).

Anyway, did I really just ramble THIS MUCH about just TWO panels in the new chapter? Yes, yes I did. Because I’m just that immensely happy haha. It feels so nice to be surprised with something more than you’d ever think you’d get for your ship. And it gives me such hope for canon, because if this is what we get when Gray is away from Juvia, imagine when he finally gets to talk properly with her? Within two months, IT’S HAPPENING. BRING IT ON!

Battle for Mewni: The evolution of Marco Diaz

Hello my gems!

Thank you guys so much for the positive feedback on my Star post which can be found here, if you haven’t seen it. Today I wanted to talk about Marco Diaz! I have to be honest and say that I’m Starco trash, so I apologize to anyone reading this who isn’t a fan. But I felt Marco really went through it during Battle for Mewni and it all had to do with Star. His story line was my favorite in these episodes. If you guys would like an analysis of anyone else, let me know! I think I might do one on Moon and maybe even Ludo! Anyway, enough of my blabbering let’s get started!

We start the episode with Marco clearly being upset in Star’s absence. It’s 3 AM and he is just sulking. In the background, we can faintly hear some music and someone very nicely translated the lyrics and I will link that post here. This was done on purpose, this song is meant to mean something and tell us how Marco is really feeling.

Don’t get me wrong I would be pretty devastated if my best friend suddenly left without much of an explanation, but I certainly would not be listening to “lost love” songs. This is important even if Marco himself doesn’t realize it yet. I truly believe that he has feelings for Star and I’m not saying he doesn’t like or have feelings for Jackie. I think he does, but I think his feelings for Star were put into a box because Marco has had this idea of who he thinks his crush should be. His actions speak much louder than his words.

He can hardly eat, he isn’t sleeping and the poor guy won’t let his parents take down the decorations because he wants everything to be the same. And this is what is very telling about Marco and his character. Everyone should know by now that he is always fighting change. He wants to go on more adventures he says, but he won’t unless Star drags him into it (actions.)  He isn’t safe he says, but he continues to help Star not run into danger in the pilot. Again, what he says VS what he does. 

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 I summed up the most interesting things Adam said during this interview.


During his first auditions for the role Daron was impressed by how good Adam was at making “fighting sounds”. He thanked his years of martial arts for that.

- When Adam had to come up with a voice for Marco, having seen his pictures, he thought that he looked like a “kid with a sweet demeanor who sort of wants to be a bad boy”, and he essentially used what’s his normal voice, with a higher pitch.

- Adam sometimes feels like he’s reliving his teenage years by voicing Marco, and said that when he read the script for Sleepover he was shocked to see the piano scene, since he essentially did the same to impress the girls over at his house for his sister’s sleepovers. 

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Capable (Chapter 3)

                                   Chapter 1               Chapter 2

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Bucky Barnes x mutant!Reader

Summary: You were kidnapped by Hydra 10 years ago but now you’re free. You find yourself at the Avengers Tower while you recover and readjust to real life.

Warnings: language (moderate), angst, PTSD

A/N: If you can or have time, feedback is always wonderful. If you don’t want to be tagged in future fics please just let me know, promise I won’t be offended. Or if you do want be tagged and you’re not you can tell me that too! Hope everyone enjoys the new chapter! ALSO, I have officially opened requests!

“What. The. Fuck. Steve.” Bucky said in time with his fists as they expertly hit the punching bag in front of him. 

“She’s not ready, Steve. I want her to stay and be a part of this too but she’s just not fucking ready. I don’t understand why Tony doesn’t see that.” He had stopped hitting the punching bag and sat down on the bench in the gym. He was rubbing his face in exasperation hoping his friend would feel the same way he did about the situation. He had felt a connection from you since the beginning and he knew you felt it too but he also knew that you didn’t know why there was a connection. He wanted to tell you about his experiences with Hydra. He wanted to talk to you about it more than anything because finally he had met someone who would truly understand his situation that no one else could. He worried about doing so though because you seemed to be adjusting so well to every day life, he wasn’t sure if it was because you didn’t remember what happened or if you just weren’t being honest with yourself but he didn’t want upset you either way.

Steve sat down next to him and patted him on the back. “Maybe she’s more ready thank you think Buck. Maybe this is what she needs to get back on her feet.” He understood Bucky’s hesitation about you jumping head first into training and the Avengers. I mean after all, they still didn’t know exactly what you had been through while Hydra had you in their custody, you had been rather tight lipped on the matter, which Steve couldn’t be too upset about since he still didn’t know exactly everything Bucky had done either. Somethings were just better left not talked about but he felt they should really get at least an idea of what Hydra had made you do but he was hoping that he would get to know what you were capable of once you started your training.

The last few weeks of your recovery had gone by in the blink of an eye. You were so excited to finally be moved into a real room with a real bed and bathroom, to see the common rooms and most of all to get back into the gym. Natasha was going to take you shopping at some point so you could get some more clothes. Tony had asked her and Pepper to go purchase you some clothes to get you started but they were mostly basics like underwear, workout clothes, jeans and t-shirts. Right now you were getting ready to go start your first day of training with Natasha. Natasha was going to work with you on combat training and eventually you would work with Wanda on training and enhancing your powers. Once you had finally picked out a pair of shorts and a sports bra you headed over to the gym.

“Hey hot stuff,” Natasha sauntered over towards you from the locker rooms of the gym with a cocky grin plastered on her face.

“Shut up Nat, I know you’re the one who bought these fucking shorts. Seriously, do they not make clothes for adults anymore or something, these things are so tiny.” You tugged at the hem of the shorts trying to somehow magically make them longer. She laughed and dragged you by the arm over the treadmill. 

The two of you jogged for about 30 minutes then did weights and other basic workouts, just to get warmed up. The real test of your training was about to start as you stepped on to the sparring mat. Steve and Bucky had entered the gym not long after you and Nat. They noticed you guys getting ready to spar and slowed down their work out in order to direct some of their attention to the two of you as you got into your stances to start sparring. You and Nat started fighting, throwing punches and kicks in time with each other but what happened next, even you weren’t expecting.

In one swift move, Natasha’s legs were around your neck as she pulled you to the ground and pinned you. You gasped as your vision went black and suddenly you weren’t in the gym anymore. You were on a hot roof and the fighting was very real and the punches hurt. You were fighting a man who you had been following for sometime now at the order of Hydra. You had been ordered to kill him and you had just been waiting for the right opportunity but you had been made by the target. You had gotten distracted by some nearby warfare and your powers glitched making you visible and he spotted you then chased you onto the roof where you were now fighting for your life.

Bucky had heard you gasp and saw you collapse despite Nat’s loose grip on your neck and ran over to rip Natasha off you. He picked you up by your shoulders and was gently shaking you trying to get you back to reality as your body went limp and your eyes rolled half way into the back of your skull. You started to scream and grab at the air in front of you, just trying to get ahold of anything so you could feel more grounded, you ended up with handfuls of Bucky’s shirt as you started to cling to him, desperate to end this horrible nightmare that seemed to keep you chained inside your mind.

After a few more moments of horror, you finally came to. Tears streaming down your face, you looked around Nat looked terrified, probably worried that she had hurt you, Steve had run to get you water for when you came to and Bucky had really concerned look on his face. You wanted to tell them you were okay but when you went to open your mouth you started to gag, you shot up and ran to the trash can in the corner of the room as you proceed to throw up what felt like everything you had eaten in the past week. Bucky walked over to you and started to rub your back in an effort to console you. 

“I’m so sorry guys, I don’t know what happened.” You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand, looking at Nat. The look on her face had gone from scared to relieved once you stopped puking your brains out.

“You don’t have to apologize Y/N, it seems like you had a PTSD flashback. It’s not surprising after everything you’ve been through.” Steve held out a water bottle for you and put a cold towel around your neck.

“I used to get them a lot when I first came back. To be honest with you, they don’t really get easier but eventually you’ll at least you’ll be able to tell when they are going to happen and prepare yourself.” Bucky pulled you into a hug, while still rubbing your back. You had really scared him, but he was glad he and Steve had been there when it happened so that they could help you understand and get through it. After all the sleepless nights and scary out of body experiences he had gone through with the help of Steve, they were basically experts at dealing with it now.

“Came back from where?” You glanced up at him quizzically.

“No where, we’ll talk about it later.” Bucky released you from his embrace. “Right now though we should get you to Bruce so he can make sure you didn’t get hurt when you fell.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the gym towards Bruce’s office in the hospital wing.

“Wait Bucky, please no. I don’t want to go back in there, it’s so depressing and I just got out of there, I can’t go back. Please, I feel fine.” You pulled back and planted your feet firmly in the middle of the hallway.

“Y/N please, I want to make sure you’re not injured” He pleaded with you hoping to change your mind.

“No Bucky, I’m fine. Can we please just go some where and talk about whatever the hell it was that you brought up back in the gym?” You gently pulled on his hand again, giving him a puppy dog look. He sighed and gave up on getting you into the hospital wing.

“Ok fine, we can talk but just know it might not be a conversation you want to have.” He started guiding you back towards the rooms where he brought you into his and sat you down.

“I’m a big girl Bucky, I can handle whatever it is.” You huffed at him, just wanting a straight forward answer for once.

He explained to you that he had been the Winter Soldier. He told you all about his experience with Hydra, how they had kept him frozen for years, tortured him, erased his memories and tried to get him to kill his best friend. By the time he was done, you couldn’t even hear him talking because the sound of your heart trying to beat it’s way out of your chest was overwhelming. Everything he said, everything he had experienced, the electroshock treatments, they memory erasing, the forced killings, all of it was exactly what Hydra had done with you but you never thought in a million years that there could possibly be someone out there who shared your experience. You sat next to him hyperventilating as you let everything he told you sink in. You felt him put his arms around you again and pull you into another embrace, that was all it took to break you. You started sobbing into his chest as you clung to him. 

“Did they do the same things to you Y/N?” Bucky tried to ask gently, hoping that even though you were sobbing you would at least answer yes or no questions. You nodded your head, squeezing your eyes shut. 

“Y/N, did you kill people?” He pulled you away and looked you in the eye. You nodded furiously, still sobbing violently. He gave you an empathetic sigh and nod and pulled you back in for another hug. “I’m not going to ask your for details now but I need you to promise me that eventually you’ll tell me everything.” You nodded again as you gave him a small squeeze.

“I promise.” This time you were the one to pull away. You gave him a small smile, trying to be reassuring which he returned. You now had an explanation as to why you had felt close to him from the moment you met and it changed everything. Your time at Hydra was something you never thought you would be able to be fully honest about but now here he was, just as exposed and broken as you and it was such a relief. You’ve never felt so close to anyone in your life.


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12x10 Jealousy and Obsession vs. Love

Kudos to Steve Yockey. Well done, sir.

Also, I almost titled this “All the Gay”, but fun fact: that’s what I titled my review for 11x19 “Meet the Hunter Husbands” “The Chitters”.


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Look at that smug motherfucker. Like, damn right, I don’t listen but you can’t stay mad at me forever and you wouldn’t have me any other way.

Anyway, more about the Destiel delightfulness at the end.

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And Now She’s Gone

Part one

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 2694      

Summary: After the reader’s death, a grieving Archie is determined to put the man responsible behind bars. Unfortunately, without physical proof, there isn’t much he can do. While Veronica plots against her father, Archie may never forgive the secret Jughead and Betty have kept from him.

Note: This is part two of I couldn’t let them hurt you. Hope you enjoy. Don’t worry, there will be flashback stuff that’s actually Archie and reader.

Archie didn’t say a word as his dad drove him home from the hospital. He didn’t say a word when they got home, or when his dad opened the passenger side door, waiting for him to get out. He didn’t move. He just stared straight ahead, not actually seeing anything. All he could see was her cold, blue, dead lips and the way her hair spread around her under the ice. He saw her hand pressing up against his hand through the frozen barrier. Her content smile as she closed her eyes.

“Arch.” His dad finally said. He still didn’t respond. “Come on inside Archie. Please.” Archie slowly shifted so that his feet landed on the ground and he walked to his porch, running his hand up the railing. Guitars played through his memory, sitting on the porch with Y/N, teaching her how to play. Fred unlocked the door and let Archie go in first. His eyes fell upon everything around him, his mind reeling with images. Late night study sessions on the couch. Making breakfast for Y/N in the kitchen. Watching her come down the stairs wearing his shirts.

It was too much. Every memory cut into him, stabbing at his heart. He couldn’t bear it.

“I can’t be here.” He pushed past his dad back out the door.

“Archie!’ Fred followed his son down the sidewalk. “Come on Arch, come back inside.”

“I can’t dad!” He yelled, not caring at this point if he woke up the entire neighborhood. “I can’t. Everything in that house reminds me of her. Everywhere I look, I see her face. I feel her frozen skin. I hear her last words over and over and over in my head.”

“You will see her no matter where you go.” His dad sighed. “There will always be some memory of her connected to every part of this town. Believe me, I know.” He ran a hand down his face. “After your mom left, I thought I couldn’t go anywhere. Every place I went, I figured out some way it reminded me of her and refused to go there again. Eventually, I could manage to start going back. It took some time, but I kept going until I didn’t feel it anymore, or at least not as much.”

“That’s different.” Archie spat. “Mom lives in Chicago. She isn’t…” He stopped himself from saying it. Once he said it, he’d have to believe it. It would be real.

“I understand why you’re upset Arch, I do.” Fred stepped towards him. “But why are you beating yourself up?”

“Because I couldn’t save her!” The words rang out through the houses, followed only by silence. Archie inhaled a sharp, pain filled breath. “I couldn’t save her. I tried, dad. I tried talking to her, but she kept moving away- like she was scared of me. When she fell through the ice, I couldn’t breathe until we found her. But I wasn’t fast enough. If I had gotten through the ice sooner, she might be… she might be alive.” Fred sighed, opening up his arms. Archie stepped into his father’s embrace, feeling like a little kid again. His body shook with sobs.

“Shhh,” his dad held onto him, wishing that there was something he could do to stop his son’s pain.

“I loved her dad.” Archie cried. “I loved her so much and now she’s just gone.”

“I know.” Fred comforted. “I know.” They stood there for nearly ten more minutes, neither saying a word. Archie cried until it felt like he had nothing left. No emotion, no senses, just one word eating at his insides. Dead. Y/N was dead. Fred pulled away slightly. “Let’s get you inside now. You must be freezing.” Archie looked down at his snow coated clothes. He hadn’t even noticed the cold until then. Forcing his feet forward, he went inside.

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Haunted by Your Ghost

Summary: You left and Shawn is broken in pieces. It’s in Shawn’s POV

a/n: Okay so this will be a 3 part story!! :) Thanks to @firsttimeihadsomethingtolose​ aka my loves for giving me so much inspiration to write this and always encourages my love for Shawn. ilysm jasmine <3 my requests are open. And the italics in there means it’s his flashback.

masterlist | part 2 | part 3

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For hours, I was just tossing and turning in our bed. The bed that was where I’ve seen all of her, felt her be the closest we’ve ever been. I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to get up to get a drink of vodka to help me fall asleep. I opened the highest cupboard to get a glass, my eyes didn’t catch her favorite tea mug. I always put it up there so that she won’t be able to reach it, and she’d have to ask me to reach it. After a couple days, that’s when it finally hit me. She’s not coming back. 

The couch did catch my eyes. The couch she sat on when she decided to leave. On that couch, I held her body close to me so many times. My chest was aching. I put my hand on my chest, is this what a heartbreak feels like?

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Digimon Adventure Tri – Symbiosis (Part 5) Movie Premier

Aight so I had great seats and I was sitting with a friend so it was great because we were whispering ‘what the fuck’ and crying together. We had a group of us scattered throughout the cinema, so that was cool and we debated for two-three hours after the movie, and the next two days lol.

ALSO: It’s been a few days, emotions were high, my Japanese isn’t flawless, etc etc. I may be wrong, I may accidentally write ‘it was this’ when that’s subjective and not fact etc. Take everything with a grain of salt. I’ve covered pretty much everything, and I’m pretty sure most of it is correct and have noted where I think otherwise.

General opinion: Meiko’s story has gone on too long, and while it’s finally gotten good, it’s too little too late. However, considering everything that Toei has set up so far and what they have to work with, it was a good movie. I think it was better than movie 4, which is my least favourite, but not as good as others. Some moments were stupid and others did not get what they deserved. Ai Kotoba is beautiful and it’s really refreshing and just an all round lovely song.

Let’s get down to eleven pages of business!

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Tom Holland Request

Hii!! :3 Could you maybe write an imagine where the reader is RDJ’s daughter and Tom Holland’s girlfriend, and she’s doing an interview with them about homecoming (she plays Tony’s daughter and Peter'a gf)?

hey! :3 can you write an imagine where the reader (actress,rdj’s daughter) has her first date with tom holland, please?

Hello! Could you please write an imagine where the reader and Tom Holland have their first kiss (they’re on a cute date or something, and he asks cuz he’s a cutie)?

You and Tom were sitting down with Erin from Buzzfeed talking about your new movie, Spider-Man Homecoming. “So tell the fans a little about your characters.”

“Um, mine’s pretty easy to sum up,” Tom chuckled. “I play Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, and he’s trying to figure himself out in this movie. He’s trying to learn how to be Peter and Spider-Man and how to balance saving the world with school.”

“And my character is Maria Stark. I play Tony Stark’s daughter and Peter’s unexpected love interest. Maria is kind of the pushing force in Peter’s life. She keeps him motivated to do what he feels is right even though her Dad is trying to get him to stay a simple high schooler.”

“What’s it like playing the daughter of Tony when you’re RDJ’s daughter in real life?”

“Weird because it feels like real life when we film together,” you laughed.

“And something I’m sure most of the fans know,” Erin said, “is that the two of you, while having some romance on screen, are actually dating in real life. Did you two meet through the movie?”

“We met at the end of Civil War actually.”

“I had a crush on her right away,” Tom piped in. “And I used us working on Homecoming as an excuse to talk to her everyday until filming started.”

“And then 4 weeks into filming he finally asked me out.”


You had packed up all your stuff for the day and were walking out of your trailer when you saw Tom walking up. “Hey Tom, heading home?”

“I was coming to see you first actually. Figured I could walk out to your car with you.”

“That’d be great, thanks.”

“Hey,” he nervously wrung his hands, “are you doing anything this weekend?”

“My Dad wanted to have a barbeque but he has to go out of town for something so it looks like I’m on my own”

“How do you feel about pizza?”

“I feel pretty good about pizza,” you smirked confused.

“Would you want to go out tomorrow night? I found this really good little pizza parlor downtown.”

“Sure, that’d be nice.”

“I’ll pick you up at 7.”

“I’ll see you then.”


You stepped out in your floral summer dress and smiled at Tom who was walking up to your door. “I was coming to get you!”

“I was waiting for you by the window.”

The two of you got to the pizza place and took a booth in the back. “So,” you loaded a slice onto your plate, “I have to ask you a question.”

“Oh,” he said looking nervous.

“Yeah. You asking me here tonight…was that as a date?”

“What,” he chuckled, “psh no. A date! Why…why would you think that.” His high pitched voice made you think differently. “Ok, yes it was. At least I was hoping it was.”

You bit into you pizza and licked the sauce off your lips. “Good. Because I was hoping this was a date too.”


You stopped in front of your front door and turned towards Tom. “I had a fun time tonight.”

“I did too.” The two of you stood there awkwardly for a second waiting for something to be said. “Y/N, would you mind if I kissed you right now?”

You grabbed his face in your hands and pressed a kiss onto his lips. “Not at all,” you said when you pulled away. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” With red cheeks and a big grin you went inside and closed the door leaving him with the same red cheeks and smile that you had.

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I'm so sure that the old Paladins were shadier than were lead to believe. Not only that but altea itself is a bit off- who did they fight thousands of battles with? why? who was the enemy before the Galra? and considering Zarkon was the black paladin, I'm sure some of the others must have sided with him. There's has to be a reason he went Rogue and honestly I can't wait to find out. Hopefully it's not some black and white or over used trope like "hungry for power "

Anon I 100% agree that everything to do with paladins sounds super suspicious,, I mean we already know Allura didn’t tell them about Zarkon being the black paladin. And she also mentions wanting to hide the “dark past of the paladins”–plural. As in, more than one paladin was probably acting up. Personally I think at least one other paladin would’ve sided with “the decisive head of Voltron.” Not to mention Red was?? with the galra, on Sendak’s ship? What was up with that?? Like, it’s so weird, Shiro thinks to ask about it before even trying to figure out Zarkon’s weakness: 

And I mean, I’ve heard theories that maybe Red was captured during the war and her paladin was probably killed. Which in itself is still strange though, because Alfor gave the order for all the lions to be hidden away. Red being captured during the war anyway tells me that her paladin deliberately disobeyed Alfor and stormed off to attack Zarkon on their own–which does sound like a very red paladin thing to do–but it still suggests the other paladins were a lot more divided than we were led to believe.

So ya, I definitely think there’s some things the other paladins have done that Allura isn’t proud of, and I really hope we get to see some flashbacks of that. 

As for who the galra were fighting before, I have a working theory that the empire was basically Space Rome, trying to conquer a bunch of different galaxies because they thought “uniting” them all would bring order to the universe. There’s something Ulaz says about how the galra thought controlling other planets would bring stability that backs this idea up:

So honestly, that’s my best guess–other galaxies were getting into lots of little wars before, there was chaos, and the galra thought by expanding their empire they could bring order. very imperialist stuff. 

So it could be that, at first, Altea was behind trying to stop other galaxies’ wars. But wen they saw the galra were more interested in conquest than diplomacy and Zarkon overstepped his bounds, things started going south

Then again,, I also think it’s very likely that the druids and their introduction of purified quintessence and robeasts is what kinda set Zarkon off on his current path. After all, we know that the galra basically suck the life out of other organisms–and now whole entire planets–for energy. And like,, I’m sure harnessing and corrupting peoples’ life forces wasn’t something the Alteans were really okay with. Not to mention how prolonged/excess exposure to quintessence–especially corrupted quintessence–seems to really change you, so,, 

On the topic of Altea not being altogether innocent though, it brings up an interesting point that I think might come back into play. See in 80′s voltron, Allura’s home world had a “twin” planet called Pollux–and the people there actually sided with the empire. And I’ve already seen theories that Haggar is from Pollux rather than Altea so yeah,, I don’t think things will be quite as black and white as they seem 

Don’t Get Caught

Summary: Y/n has been giving an assignment… her only rule? Don’t get caught. 

Requested: No

Note: Listen here <– while you read :)) (Guess you can say I was inspired by this song when I had it on repeat) 

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warning(s)?: Major Violence! Threats, cussing. (Parts later on while have mentions of blood and gore)

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Originally posted by rock-and-roll-is-the-devils-work

Part 2

Don’t Get Caught

“Hey she’s there get her!” You quickly pulled your hoodie back over to cover your head, twisting your body to begin running down the dark alley way. Making sure to keep the gun hidden in your jacket pocket you reach out to jump over the wire fence. You knew the police where hot on your heels. Remember, Y/N… Don’t get caught.

~few hours early

“You want me to do what?” You asked, your heart racing inside of your chest. You shook your head at the wild idea they had planned for you. 

“H-h-how? There are police everywhere w-w-watchi-i-ng th-a-at place I’ll get caught!” You stutter out, already feeling fear for what your next mission involves. This was the craziest one by far, you’ve done over a few gas stations, a house and one small bank. You weren’t ready for this, no amount of training could prepare you for what you were about to face.

“Well then I hope for your sisters sake…” Michael walks up to you, bringing out the gun that he often used to help ‘persuade’ you. Toying with the trigger, carelessly pointing it towards your torso as if all of this was a game to him and it was, to all of them, this was just one huge cat and mouse. 

And unfortunately.. this mouse was going to be lucky to survive. 

“P-p-please give me something else.. p-p-please i’m not read-d-d-y” You began to cry, the familiar feeling of being consumed from the inside out by fear, no terror. Instead two of his men held you still, grabbing you by your arms making sure you couldn’t move. Micheal stepped forward, obviously having enough of your pointless arguing. 

“You stay alive


Letting the last tear drop from your eye, you quickly wiped it away with your sleeve. You couldn’t do this. How could you possibly go through with this? You were a 15 year old girl with a future ahead of you! Y-y-ou wouldn’t survive this… and if you did… your gonna wish you hadn’t. 

“You ready?” You could Cameron’s voice speak to you through your ear pierce which was hidden behind a clock of your hair. You forgot that they had eyes and ears on you the whole time, there was no way of escaping. Your mission was… simple. The 'spiderling’ as they like to call him have been preventing them from getting the 'alien stuff’ they need. Your job? To stop him. How could you possibly stop him? You were human. Well as usual, they were always one step ahead.

You took a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves even a little bit. You where a nervous wreck and why wouldn’t you be, you were about to commit a murder. 

“Let’s not forgot what we are working for here Y/N” You nod your head, silently agreeing with him. You had no choice. They had your baby sister and for you she was the only family you had left. Your parents both died in a car accident when you were ten and since then 'these people’ got custody over you. How? 

“Yes I know what we are working for…Uncle


Peter’s pov#

“So are you going to ask her?!” Ned besides me asks excitedly. He’s known you’ve had a crush on Y/N since the start of freshman year. It was now Sophomore year and she still hasn’t noticed you, no wonder though, she was way out of your league. 

“Will you keep your voice down!” You angrily whisper to Ned. Gosh he’s gonna let the whole school know with him blurting it out everywhere!

He looks at me apologetically, putting his arms up in defense. 

“I’m just saying, sooner or later..” Ned says as my eyes drift down the hallway. There she was, standing be her locker with Liz Allen. God she was so beautiful, so naturally beautiful. I couldn’t help but to stare, I mean how could you not? She was the definition of perfect. Well at least in my eyes she was.

“Peter” I done it again, I zoned out. Ned just chuckles from besides me, finding my embarrassment obviously his source of entertainment. 

“Look just ask her out already man” He says realizing an annoyed sigh. I shut my locker after collecting my physics book. I turned around and so does Ned, with one last glance towards Y/N I began to walk to class.

“Yeah no way” I respond. 

“Why?” Ned asks, seriously not understanding how you have such low game.

“To save myself from complete and utter humiliation that’s why!” How could Ned not see it? 

“Your no worse off if you do” Ned states, finally leaving my side to head off to his English class. I exhaustively pinch the bridge of my nose between my hand, letting out a frustrated sigh. Ned was right, and that’s what made you even more upset. You didn’t have any game at all. 

“So are you coming tonight?” I heard Liz Allen’s voice speak, shit that must mean Y/N’s not far! 

“Not tonight liz, family plans” Gosh ever her voice sounded perfect. 

“It’s only you and your sister Y/N, Please, there’s going to be drinks and lot’s of hella cute guys” Liz speaks. I wonder why she doesn’t want to go? I’ve never really heard her turn down too many parties before. Peter start moving before you begin to look like a creep. 

“I promised I’d have a move night with her Liz” Y/N says, almost sounding saddened. Saddened? 

“Okay but if you change your mind… just come round” And with that Liz had stopped talking and walked into the classroom. I didn’t share many classes with Y/N except for Physics and Maths. And boy where they my favourite classes out of the lot. 

I was so consumed by my own thoughts I barely felt the bump against my left shoulder. I glanced up confused pulling out one of my ear buds. My eyes widened. Y/N…

“Sorry” W-w-was she speak-k-king to me? Normally this is the part you would say something back Parker. 

“I wasn’t watching where I was going I’m sorry, I have a lot on my mind with the pop quiz and the English assignment which is due that I haven’t even started and I missed last nights re run of gossip girl so I won’t really find it if Blair marries that guy or leaves for Chuck or-” All I could was stare at her flustered expression as she rambled. 

“And I’m totally rambling right now, sorry” She says with a slight laugh. Her laugh. Speak Parker.

“I-i-it’s totall-y-y oka-a-y” Good going Parker. She glances up to you and smiles, thinking she’s embarrassed herself like a complete fool. 

“We better uhh-”

“Yeah” she cuts me off. Why was she nervous? Y/N never gets nervous.

“Are you okay?” Why Peter why would you ask her that? She probably thinks your such a weirdo now if she hasn’t already before. 

“Why would you ask that?” Does she always answer a question with another question? But damn didn’t her eyes look so beautiful in the hall’s lighting. Okay that wasn’t creepy at all… 

“You seem… on edge?” I asked, not wanting to push any boundaries, I mean, this is the very first conversation I have ever had with Y/N. Oh gosh wait till Ned hears about this!


Whelp that was the bell. I was so worried about the pop quiz coming up that I totally forgot i raced into the classroom leaving Y/N behind.

You could say that


Y/N’S pov#

“Y/N, you still there kid?” You were shook from your mini day dream, replaying the events that happened earlier today. You quickly nod your head, glancing to your left and right. 

“Get into place, I’ll let you know when to come out” And then suddenly you heard nothing. Here we go, all or nothing Y/N… all or nothing. 

You began to walk, reaching the destination where you were to remain till you began to hear some chaos, then you were to come out and… stop him. Once you make it inside the closest room you close the door shut behind you and turn the light off, resting your back against the shelves. You were thinking you were beginning to hyperventilate. Resting a hand over your chest you began to count to ten, calming down your breathing which would slow down your heart. Remember why your doing this Y/N… And remember whatever you do-

“Put your arms up now! Behind your head!” BANG! Don’t get caught…


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A/N: Im feeling frisky so I wanna make like a badass/sad imagine set! And yes this is going to be ongoing :))) 

anonymous asked:

I dont think they'll kill Sam and Dean off for financial reasons. The show had a lot of talk about planning a supernatural movie after the show is done and also tried to launch a spin-off once already they are going to want them for these plans, or at least the possiblity for it. If they kill them and everyone else SPN is dead truely, closure included you cant sell stuff on that like with the feeling of being able to rejoin Sam and Dean anytime any plans etc over i dont think that

Hmmm… okay so valid point, if they will actually go there… I dunno if they will, If SPN ends with Sam and Dean just driving off in the impala I will honestly feel a bit cheated, because it will mean no development in all 13+seasons. Bibros will love that of course, but I think it would be a massive anticlimax. 

The way I see it, SPN had two possible endings:

1. They all die in a blaze of glory, just like Dean always says and the ending that we KNOW Jared and Jensen and Misha all want. None of them see a happy ending for the show, they all think that the characters will die for the world. This ending makes sense considering the song of the show is “carry on wayward son” and really, that song is all about death isn’t it? We could STILL have destiel in this ending, and have them all reunited with those they love in heaven, it could be tragic but still hopeful and happy in a way. Like they all end up sitting around the bar in the roadhouse and all the old characters come back and yeah, maybe Dean will smile at Sam as he is reunited with Eileen (or even Jess?!) and gives her a kiss, and then Cas walks up to Dean and stands by his side, they smile at each other and all the happy faces all around them and then Dean takes Cas’s hand and thats that. End scene.

It is an option that will actually be incredibly bittersweet. Something like the Wayward Daughters spin off could still go on but the original cast wouldn’t be able to do one off episodes with them. But then would they really need to? Wayward Daughters doesn’t need Sam and Dean and Cas paying a visit every now and again to be successful. It will have Jody and Donna and Claire and maybe even Rowena could be like a Crowley character… I don’t think a movie is a good idea personally… I get flashbacks to the X Files movie and well, I wouldn’t want it to tank. 

2. We are still going for Dabb’s happy endgame idea. Who knows, maybe they will bring Eileen back? I was wondering if maybe that mystery character from the promo is the Nephilim baby from the future? Maybe he’s all grown up and tries to convince them all to let him live and gives them each a gift and the gift he gives Sam is Eileens life back? Who fucking knows eh? 

if the endgame is still happy, then it will have to be something to do with the boys not quite leaving hunting, but settling into a Bobby type role and also training up the next generation of hunters. Sam would rebuild the global men of letters from scratch (since the Brits will probably be in ruins by the finale) and recruit people from all over the world to watch over the Supernatural and start a global organisation of worldwide protection. Perhaps the final season will actually be about the world becoming aware of the SPN?! Sam would control that (a true man of letters) WITH A FUCKING DOG! and Dean and Cas would still travel, go hunting together (Cas would be human) and yeah, I can see that happening I suppose but it doesn’t make sense to not give Sam SOMEONE outside of his brother and Cas.

The reason that this option doesn’t seem so likely to me now is that they were BUILDING on Sam’s endgame in the subtext for two seasons!! His dreams of ‘someone’, his saving of the retirement leaflet in his keepsake box, his questioning of who he is and what he wants now. (he never managed to convince me that the hunter life is what he WANTS even if he has accepted it). Eileen was a big part of that… so I just don’t get it? It really confuses me that they killed her when she seemed like someone who could be so important for the future and for the endgame?! Could so many of us meta writers have been wrong about Eileen’s role? To me, it feels like a massive wasted potential and now I’m just completely lost for this endgame idea.

Perhaps the true endgame is a mixture of both of these? Could one brother live and the other die? Could that be the true endgame? Sam accepting his fate and sacrificing himself for the world in a repeat of Swan Song but this time he goes to heaven and reunites with those he loves, but the codependency is broken and Dean accepts his brothers death for real, and in his place gets a human Cas? (that would certainly be controversial to certain darker sides of fandom…)

Honestly I just don’t know. I’m upset that Sam’s friend had to die. Because she was SAM’S friend. One of the only friends he has outside of Dean, or who Dean hasn’t connected with more than him. Even if it was completely platonic between them, its still really annoying that Sam had that taken from him. He never gets to bond with anyone outside of Dean. 

*sigh* I’m so tired nonny. I don’t think I could deal with a movie or it dragging on for another so many seasons. I WANT it to end at the moment, I am sick of seeing these characters suffer. If you keep adding more hurt to the mix without any comfort the audience eventually gets bored. SPN is becoming too painful to watch right now. 

Who knows how it will end really? Or when. So long as it does end and so long as the characters get the ending they deserve, an ending that is satisfying and beautiful and makes sense according to the story so far. Anything less would just feel cheap and broken.

Never be alone - Part 1

This is an intro to what I hope will become something bigger but only if you like it and I have a challenge fic to complete (and others) but I love writing action stuff so I am really genuinely determined to get this written.

There’s a little flashback in italics and this refers to this post + tho I’ve changed little bits of it.  (some is under the cut tho it’s not mega long and apologies for any spelling errors)


“Look at the camera Payne.”   

The way Liam’s surname is spoken, with complete contempt reminds Liam, just for a moment, of when he was at school and the kids who bullied him said it almost exactly like that.

Except, the kids in school didn’t hold a gun in the direction of Liam’s face as they said it.

He doesn’t want to look up but he figures he has no choice so does, though not at the man with the gun or anyone else, well except for at one man and he fixes him with a stare and the fucker being the coward he is looks away and Liam can’t help the bitter laugh that escapes him.

The gun is cold as it’s pressed against Liam’s head for just a moment then he hears.

“Don’t see you’re in a position to laugh, now fucking look at the camera, read the words on the screen and we may just decide to leave blowing your head off for another day or two at least.”

Liam drops his gaze for a moment, shakes his head just to try and show some reluctance and not feel like he’s rolled over like a puppy and then looks up, looks at the words on the screen, and starts to talk.


Zayn’s just put the mug of coffee down on the table and sat down and he’s lighting a cigarette when the message alert sounds on his phone

He’s been waiting for this text for the last however many hours although there’s a voice at the back of his mind that’s saying ‘Well if he can text you then why isn’t he here instead,’ but he still expects it to be a text from Liam.

It’s not.

It’s a message, with an address on it and a time and Zayn’s up and out of the chair before he even registers he’s doing it, taking a sip of the coffee which is too strong and the bitter taste alongside the worry that’s filling his mind make his stomach churn before he stubs out the cigarette in the ashtray.

He picks up the keys from the kitchen counter and his shades from the basket on the table by the door, shrugs on his jacket and slams the door behind him.

The traffic’s quiet at this hour of the morning or as quiet as it’ll ever be in the city, and he reaches the theatre in less than twenty minutes,  this part of town’s always quiet these days, there’s a regeneration project which has stalled because of an inquiry into corruption around who won the contract so he could park right outside the apartment block if he wanted.

He doesn’t, he parks in a small alleyway just around the corner, not even sure why he does it because he’s certain that those who sent the text are watching anyway, but he does it nevertheless.  

Zayn doesn’t get out the car initially, instead he looks down at his phone, thinks of calling Higgins except he’s got a funny feeling that even though he trusts Paul as much as he trusts anyone or not anyone except Liam and a very few others, he knows without even setting foot inside the building, without even hearing or seeing whatever’s to come that the rules have changed.

And that trusting his instincts is more important than ever right now so he pockets the phone, exits the car, looks around him, and there’s no one obvious watching him and he walks towards the apartment block

It’s as he’s walking and he’s only a few steps from the entrance when he hears a beep on his phone, and he looks down and there’s another instruction which tells him to go through the maintenance door on the right-hand side of the building.  

He looks around him just before he walks down the alleyway, there’s still barely anyone in sight, just a few street traders walking along with trolleys loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables and no one paying attention to him.

The door’s open just a fraction as he reaches it, and he pats his jacket just as a reminder feeling the shape of his gun and it helps him breathe a little easier, as he walks into the unlit corridor, his phone sounds again and it’s loud in the quiet of the building and he looks down and sees the instruction and the series of numbers.

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Domhnall Gleeson on playing Winnie the Pooh's 'complicated' creator

To read more from EW’s Fall Movie Preview, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday, or buy it here now. Don’t forget to subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW.

He’s played a Weasley in Harry Potter, a tech wiz in over his head in Ex Machina, and an evil general in Star Wars — but with Goodbye Christopher Robin, Domhnall Gleeson is stepping into a role that’s a little more familiar to whole generations: Winnie-the-Pooh author A.A. Milne.

However, though we know all about the beloved Hundred Acre Wood characters he created — from Pooh and Piglet to Tigger and Eeyore — Milne’s own life, and his relationship with his son Christopher Robin, is more of a mystery. And it’s one that Gleeson and director Simon Curtis seek to illuminate in the forthcoming film. Goodbye Christopher Robin will explore Milne’s experience in World War I, which traumatized him (along with the rest of England), and how his relationship with his young son helped him heal.

Recently, Gleeson hopped on the phone with EW to discuss the challenges of his role, and how he hopes the film will be fascinating for viewers even if it didn’t have such a nostalgia-friendly hook.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did this role come about?
DOMHNALL GLEESON: I was working on some other stuff at the time. I don’t like reading other scripts while I’m working on a job. I just like to kind of do one thing at a time. But [my agents] said, “Look, this one will go away if you don’t get back to them quick.”

I didn’t know if I’d done something like that before. But actually, the more I read it, [I realized] there’s a very important backdrop of a version of post-traumatic stress disorder, or something like that, in Milne, and what he saw [during the war], that I found really interesting. And I had done the father-son thing before, but not so much where I was the father, so I really enjoyed taking that on. Then once I’d talked to Simon about it, he knew what he wanted it to be, and we kind of came at it from slightly different angles, which made it really interesting as well.

What about his angle was different from yours?
Well, I think we’re different people with different sensibilities. His responsibility is to the story and my responsibility is just purely to the character, you know? I think he felt the same way about this, but I didn’t want it to be the Winnie the Pooh story alone. I wanted it to be about a very complicated man and his very complicated relationship [with wife Daphne de Selincourt (Margot Robbie)], even before their son arrives, his complicated relationship with war and what that had done to him, and where he sought solace and brought solace to so many other people, and how that came about.

My feeling was, if this was about, say, Walter the Pig instead of Winnie the Pooh — some character that no one has ever heard of — it should be just as interesting. And I hope that that’s what we achieved, you know?

How did you prepare for the part?
Ah, man. I’m actually in the hotel at the moment where we stayed while we were shooting some of it, so I’m getting these weird flashbacks. I did a lot of reading on post-traumatic stress disorder. Obviously I read everything I could about A.A. Milne. Ann Thwaite’s book was great, but I also read his autobiography, and I read the Winnie the Pooh stuff again, and I read Christopher Robin’s books that he wrote. Something Christopher Robin talks about is [Milne] was very stern in lots of ways, and yet could be very funny in a room. Could be quite warm, but could also kind of cut you with a glance. He did not suffer fools gladly, and all that sort of stuff. So it was about trying to fill up the character that I hadn’t played before, and trying to remain true to the man.

I didn’t realize that PTSD was such a part of his life.
Well this is the thing. He fought in the first World War. But in his autobiography, he glosses over it. The autobiography is only about his childhood, for the most part. And then he very briefly talks about working at [literary magazine] Punch and being in the war. The war takes up like half a chapter in the book. He just goes through it very [quickly] but also mentions seeing somebody die — mentions it just in a very offhand way.

He became staunchly anti-war. Once he saw it, he thought it was the most stupid and awful thing that men could do to other men. It really changed him. And so whether you call it post-traumatic stress disorder… they certainly didn’t call it [that] then. He didn’t have the shell-shock that we know from films and stuff, but it certainly affected his life. Christopher Robin described it as, he had his dark sides to him where he would go into himself. He could be quite a loner. Christopher Robin suggests that he basically bundled all those bad feelings up and kind of gave them to the world in the form of Eeyore. Turned them into this really downbeat character who you can love.

Can you explain a little about what the “Goodbye” means? It’s such a melancholy title for what seems like a sweet story from the trailers.
It’ll mean a lot more when you see it, but there’s a side of this where… he adored his son. And his wife loved her son. But his wife had a very strange relationship with their boy. But he wrote this book for his boy, about his boy. He named him Christopher Robin and then he gave that to the world.

At that time, fame was a very different thing. I don’t think we knew how toxic it was in the way that we do now. But Christopher Robin became an absolutely huge celebrity at a very young age. I mean like, the only other people who would have been comparatively as famous in terms of children would have maybe been the royals. He was in newspapers. People knew what he must have looked like, and they dressed him up a little bit. He became a symbol of these books which were wildly successful.

But as a result, he was bullied hugely at school. He really came to resent what his father had done. And then ended up going to war himself, which was the very last thing, I’m sure, that his father ever could have wanted. He actually went missing in action in war for a while as well.

They had a fractious relationship as he got older, or complicated at least. And so the “Goodbye Christopher Robin” has to do with that. Also, they called him Billy in real life. He was named Billy Moon rather than Christopher Robin, so I guess they kind of felt like Christopher Robin was for the whole world… but Christopher Robin ended up paying that price, you know?

Did you do any family bonding with Will Tilston, who plays Christopher Robin, and Margot, or did you specifically avoid that because the relationships are tough?
That’s an interesting question. With Margot, I had worked with her before — I adore her as a person and as an actress. I just think she’s kind of a wonder. And the same with Kelly Macdonald. We’ve all done it before, so then you can really stick the knife in when you need to and kind of push each other around on camera, work each other a little bit.

I’m interested to see how people will respond to it in America. It was a very different time. Like, people didn’t hug each other. They saw their kids maybe half an hour a day in the evening. The rest of the time, it was the nanny bringing up the kid. And people were not scared of their fathers, but they were certainly an authoritative. And Milne was that.

So we had to kind of lay down some pretty strong things at the beginning, and say to Will [Tilston, who plays Christopher Robin]: “Look, it’s going to feel like we’re not friends sometimes during the day… At the end of every day, we’ll be friends again. But sometimes, it’s going to be hard.” Like, I’ve got to shout at him, and scare him. And he was great, because he was able to do the same thing. We would give each other time and space before getting ready for scenes. But we played all the time. He’s a really funny kid. We made each other laugh a lot. I’ve probably got the sense of humor of a 10-year-old, so that works out well! Lots of fart jokes.

Did your opinion of Winnie the Pooh change at all after going through all this?
No. My opinion of what the stories were did not change at all, because I always knew that they were amazing, that they were filled with real life and real skill as a writer. I mean, [Milne] came to resent the fact that he was only known for Winnie the Pooh. He had a hard time dealing with the fact that he was a very celebrated writer who then became uncool because he wrote these books, which a lot of people made fun of. They weren’t seen as being serious things, you know?

But my opinion of the man — I didn’t even have an opinion of the man other than he was a great writer. Now I just have such empathy for him. I spent a long time thinking about him, walking around where he was born, where he lived and everything. My idea of where these books came from has changed a huge amount. But the books themselves remain all they were to me before, which is just something full of wonder.

Goodbye Christopher Robin hits theaters Oct. 13.