i hope vegeta


“How long are you back for?”
“Just today. So we’d better make it last, right?”

Here you go @percyofnom here are some REUNITED LOVES FOR YOU! Vegeta has too many emotions today so he kinda punches them out. Goku knows that’s saiyan for I love you.

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Bad Occult Voting Advice: Stuff the ballot box full of bats.

Megan’s VegBul FanFic Recommendations

This list has been compiled over a long period of time, and features some of the best VegBul/Vegeta/Brief’s Centric fics I’ve read over the years. Hope you enjoy, and happy reading! If you like a story, please support the author by leaving a review! And, also check out their profiles, because many authors below have written other great fics that I haven’t listed!

Note: Most fics are completed, but not all of them! The (***) next to listings will indicate that they are at the top of my personal favorites, and are highly recommended. Fics with titles that are bolded contain what I personally have deemed excessively Mature content, ranging from violence, angst, hardships, dark scenarios, sexual themes, graphic scenes, etc. So read with caution!

Family Fics

VegBul AU’s/What If Scenarios

VegBul Romance with Canonical Approach

This may be added upon at my leisure. Contact me if you have any questions over possible triggering contents that may be in particular fics. And as I said, there are many other great fics that were written by some of the repeated author’s on this list, so check out their profiles for more! 

“You’re pretty hot, Vegeta.”
“I’ll just play it cool then!”
“Oh my god.”

@angiewingie I really loved your elemental saiyans so I wanted to draw them too!! 

I’ve been reading over the message you sent and the cute tags you add to my art and I wanted to say thank you properly, especially for something as amazing as this one - 

I’ve been blushing just thinking about this one for months :’D and ahhh you’re really nice so yeah here’s some art for you!!


“Vegeta - hey, I thought I almost lost you there - “
“I’m not going anywhere, Kakarot…”

For @gokoyes! A really reassuring kiss right after taking a big hit in the middle of a battle. Goku is shy about kissing but is too happy seeing the bae still alive to worry.

…I’m really proud of this one :D

Kisses ♡