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whenever i think of you, i touch my shelf

pairing: jeon jungkook/park jimin

wc: 3.2k

genre: bookstore!au, fluff with a dash of humor and pining

summary: jungkook embarrasses himself with a Freudian slip when he first tries to talk to the cute bookstore employee with the fairy pink hair he has a huge, not-so-obvious (super obvious) crush on. 

a/n: so.. like.. i decided to write something fluffy and lighthearted to take a break from all the angst i’m preparing celebrate a very Teeny Tiny milestone bcus i’m happy that ppl actually like my trivial blog enough to follow me;; whether it’s for my writing or for just my awful tags or smth else hehe,, so thank u!!! and i hope everyone likes it ⸜₍๑•⌔•๑ ₎⸝ 💓✨

Jungkook slowly peeks out from behind the timber bookshelf, brain buzzing like static on a television that has lost signal. Despite the quietude of the campus bookstore and the peacefulness the early morning had brought to its atmosphere, the brilliant sun cascading its rays through the vitreous windowpanes, all Jungkook can hear was the sound of his heart beating rapidly against his chest like the variegated wings of a humming bird restless in the air once he catches sight of the boy with the fairy pink hair sitting at one of the rotund tables - reading at his usual seat during his breaks. 

There’s a new book in his hands this time and ever since Jungkook noticed that the cute boy (to which Jungkook had discovered his name was Jimin, as read from his name tag) had finished Murakami’s grueling novel 1Q84 that consisted of 1,157 pages in merely four days, Jungkook deduced that he was an impressively fast reader, but it’s not like Jungkook always watched him or anything and kept tabs on what he was reading all the time and had maybe memorized his schedule. Pfft, no - that’s just creepy and Jungkook is not creepy.

“Jungkook, you’re being creepy,” A husky voice whispers behind him. Cheeks flushing, Jungkook turns around to find Taehyung watching him in wry amusement, an eyebrow quirked. 

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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!


MOODBOARD  THEODORE NOTT ( requested by: @thcodorcnottsoft, now; gently—flutter over the tick of a pulse, caressing the world’s throat. don’t squeeze too hard, don’t bite too deep. have patience, child; your time will come. (words.) (got any requests?)


Okumura Rin ★ | The lil cute Exorcist |
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you’re on your own journey of life, of self-discovery & self-growth. you’re going to make mistakes but you will learn from them. you will face hurdles but you will overcome them. you will get sad sometimes but it will soon be alright. your dreams may look like they’re on hold but you’re actually making progress. just keep going. it may seem like it’s pointless to, but just keep going anyway because despite all obstacles, you can succeed.


Bakugou Katsuki | Quirk: EXPLOSION |
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Other LGBT+ kpop blogs

Here is a shortish list of other blogs who often(always??) post kpop lgbt+ content (moodboards, scenarios etc). These are the blogs we reblog from most frequently; if you know of other blogs, feel free to send us a message and we’ll publish it and give them a shout out! 

Lost In You

A/N: this is the first work of my own that I’ve ever posted on here. It’s quite short and not very good in my own opinion, but I hope you think differently. I’m tagging some people that inspired me to post. First, @literallylin because steph is a beautiful writer and our friendship is just starting to become very awesome. Also tagging @linslovelylocks and @strongenoughfoundation because they’re bot h beautiful writers and they wanted me to tag then if I ever posted something. So here you go, enjoy reading and please please please inbox/message me with feedback!! 


He doesn’t know when or even how it happened. But the one thing he did know was that he fell in love with her. She was his muse, the one thing that kept him going when he felt like stopping. Even if she didn’t know it.

Lin was always working. It was no surprise, he has a way with words that no one else can even fathom. Sometimes he would come out of his office for days, sitting hunched over in the same chair for hours typing and writing, typing and writing. (Y/N) knew this. Which is why she came over to make sure he made an effort to eat and take a break once and awhile.

Unlocking the door with bags in hand, (Y/N) stumbled into his apartment. She heard little footsteps running towards her and look down to see a small dog wagging its tail and smiling up at her. “Oh Tobi,” She sighed. “What are we going to do with him?” She finished, glancing around the apartment. It was messy, she wouldn’t lie. Lin was a messy person even if he didn’t seem like it. (Y/N) began to walk down the hallway, dog in tow and a bag of takeout in her hands. “Knock knock, I’m coming in whether you like it or not.” She exclaimed in a sing-song tone. She couldn’t see it, but Lin smiled. He loved the sound of her voice.

“I knew you’d show up sooner or later.” He answered, turning around in his chair. “Well, I have to make sure you keep yourself alive, don’t I?” (Y/N) giggled. She looked as beautiful as she always did, her sweater falling off her shoulders and her ripped jeans hugging her legs in just the right way. Two long french braids fell just past her shoulders. Her tan flats scraped gently across the floor. She didn’t like to wear heels. “They make me feel like a skyscraper Lin, I’m too damn tall for them.” She always says. Lin didn’t realize he was staring until she finally said something.

“Earth to Lin. Hello?” She called to him, waving her hands in front of his face. “I’m sorry what, I keep getting lost in you.” Did I just say that out loud? Shit. He thought to himself.

“What?” (Y/N) replied, blushing, “Nothing. Just forget I said anything.” Lin said, rushing out of the room into the kitchen. “Wait! Don’t lie to me Lin, what did you mean when you said that?” she said, following him.

She wasn’t sure of what she heard when he said it. It gave her a sense of false hope when he said it. Sometimes she wanted to scream out how much she loved him, but was afraid he didn’t feel the way she did. This was one of those times where she thought it to be true that maybe, just maybe, he loved her back.

“Can we please just forget that I said anything, (Y/N), please?” LIn said, turning around to look at her. He began to walk away when she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her. Looking up at him, she said softly, “I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. You look at me like I’m the only other person on this earth. Don’t you realize that I look at you the same way too?” Lin was processing what she just said to him, his heart beating a mile a minute. He glanced at their hands intertwined at the side. Neither of them let go. Finally he gained the courage to say something back.

Looking into her eyes, he confessed to her. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death. No, scratch that, I know I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you ever since the day I met you.” She didn’t say anything back. She wrapped her free hand around his neck and pulled his face down to her height and kissed him. It was exactly the way they both pictured it would be like. The kissed lasted for what seemed like an eternity, until they finally broke apart.

Their heads were pressed against each other, just looking into each other’s eyes. (Y/N) was the first one to speak. “I’m yours.” That was all she needed to say for Lin to know that she loved him too.

The Tinder Date from Hell (chapter 1)

Summary: When Cana Alberona and Mirajane Strauss meddle into Gray’s love life, things can get messy. But when they make Gray a Tinder account without his knowledge, it can get even messier. 


Pairings: Gruvia & mentioned Nalu

Words: 1,741

Rating: T

A/N: this idea was floating in my head for awhile now! I liked how this turned out tbh! I plan on making this fic about 4 chapters! This is dedicated to my best pal @harmonxx :)

What the hell, Cana!

Gray Fullbuster was a regular guy. And he did not like meddling. And meddling, was what Cana Alberona was the best at.

“What did I do now, Gray?” Cana asked as she knew damn well what she did.

When Gray got home from a long day of work, what he wanted to do was maybe sit down and enjoy a nice cold beer or two. What he didn’t want to do was be greeted by his self proclaimed ‘best friend’ Cana. Who, for the record, he was severely furious with.

“Oh, I don’t know… Nothing really. I mean, you just made a Tinder account under my name!” Gray yelled at the brunette who was now sitting on his couch.

“Oh.That.” Cana laughed nonchalantly.

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Haikyuu!! | karasuno + extra phone wallpapers | asked by anon (540x960)


nct challenge
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