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Arima Kishou | The White Reaper
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MOODBOARD  THEODORE NOTT ( requested by: @thcodorcnottsoft, now; gently—flutter over the tick of a pulse, caressing the world’s throat. don’t squeeze too hard, don’t bite too deep. have patience, child; your time will come. (words.) (got any requests?)


eunji x black for anonymous


EB: here’s to hoping 2017 won’t be nearly as bad as 2016 was!

TG: god i hope so


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Nct 127 + Hansol,Kun & Ten's reaction to seeing their s/o in a wedding dress

without Mark & Haechan

Request: Can you do a reaction when NCT 127 + Hansol , Ten and kun your boyfriends and saw you in your friend’s wedding dress ( i hope you understand me I can’t speak English well )

A/N: your english is perfectly fine !! this was fun to do , enjoy reading hehe ,, also i left the two younger members out of this because i felt like it’s still too young ?? haha i hope you don’t mind !!



He’d blush instantly , as he can’t help but to think of what you’d look like in the future when you’re wearing a wedding dress too , but with/for him .

Would also probably secretly snap a few photos of you in the wedding dress , and stares at it at least twice a day because it can instantly bring a smile to his face .

how cute honestly

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Would be stunned by your beauty at first , unable to say a single word as he stared at you with his mouth agape - he couldn’t believe that he was together with someone so beautiful , and the thought of seeing you in a wedding dress one day with him as your groom , made him feel blessed and happy .

He’d compliment you after he comes out of his trance , probably also smiling to himself as the image of you in the dress will be etched in his mind forever .

“ You look … wonderful ”

“ Aw really ? Thanks baby ”

“ You’re so beautiful i love you so much ”

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Had mentally prepared himself the day before you told him that you had to accompany your friend to choose her wedding dress , as he knows that he’d be stunned and enchanted by your beauty too . But as soon as you stepped out of the fitting room , he couldn’t stop himself , as he clapped his hands unknowingly , his eyes glued to you .

Would smile as he observed you walk around in the dress , then giggling as he let his thoughts run wild - imagining you wearing the same dress on your wedding day , as the both of you gave each other a peck on the lips .

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Would try to act all normal and ‘cool’ as he kept a straight face as you stepped out , but his smile and eyes showed otherwise , as he was lost in you and what you were wearing that made you even more beautiful . Can’t help but smile to himself , as he starts thinking about what they future may bring for the both of you , and importantly , how you’d look like on the wedding day .

Like Hansol , he’d compliment you too , and made sure you knew that you looked good .

“ This is prettiest scene i’ve ever seen in my entire life ”

“ Aw babe , why are you like this ”

“ It’s true though , you look so good .

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Wouldn’t hesitate to show off his laughter/smiles and reaction as soon as he saw you , and would also shower you with compliments non stop , making you feel loved and blessed to have such a sweet boyfriend .

Would also lowkey hint to you about the future , as he can’t help but to think about it the more he stared at you in the wedding dress .

” Baby i’m sure you’ll look ever better than you are in ours next time “

” What ‘ours’ ? “

” Our wedding , of course “

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Like Yuta , he’d smile instantly and compliment you , and would probably also suggest taking a photo of you in it , so that he could set it as his lockscreen , staring at your beauty every day . Would also immediately hug you and have you in his arms , as he gives you a sweet smile , telling and giving you sweet words .

” You look extremely stunning in this dress wow “

” i love you “

” i love you even more “

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Like Hansol, he’d be speechless and just stare at you in awe as you walked out of the fitting room , unable to take in the amount of beauty that was standing in front of him . But would smile to himself after , as he clapped his hands lightly and pat your head , complimenting you .

” you look great “

” as soon as you stepped out of the fitting room , my eyes never once left you , you’re too beautiful babe “

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Smiles brightly to himself and has his phone camera prepared to snap and spam pictures . Acts like a fanboy and would start jumping in his seat , clapping his hands like a seal as he took in every detail of how beautiful you look .

Would probably also post the pictures up on social media after , captions like ,

” can’t wait for the day i see her in a wedding dress , on our wedding 💜 “

” isn’t she just gorgeous ? “

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A mix of Yuta and Taeyong . He’d giggle and smile to himself as he watched you try on the different wedding dresses , but also tries to keep a straight face in front of you , not wanting you to find out that he was fanboying and squealing on the inside .

But would still compliment you and give you small peck on the forehead , making sure that you were loved .

” i’m in love with an angel “

” aw jaehyun “

” you look great “

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He didn’t expect you to look so good in the wedding dress , which explained why he was in shocked too , his eyes not leaving your body once as his mouth was wide open - it was hard for him to believe that one day you were going to be wearing another one of these , as he’d watch you walk down the aisle .

Compliments you , but does it in a cute manner , as he makes sure that you know that he loves you .

” hehe my baobei looks good today “

” really ? “

” of course , my princess “

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alwaysfantasticmentality  asked:

What's your process for getting that clean outline around your colored drawings?(like the white outline that's in a lot of your pics)

oh!! i can show u how to do that!!

first you set your magic wand to detection mode: transparency (strict) and   target: all image with anti-aliasing selected. then you create a new layer under all of your layers. then click on the whole image (make sure if u have a background layer that it’s hidden. 

then you click selection 

then you select increment. you can select it as many times as you want depending on how thick u want the outline to be!!!!

then make a new layer (i have so many x_x;;) and then ya just.

click bucket and fill the layer w any color u want the outline to be!! :3 (i usually keep it white)


u got urself an outline

sometimes it wont exactly be even or perfect, so i like to zoom in n kinda comb thru it and erase the bits sticking out or use a pen to fill in uneven parts/fix gaps

any brush/eraser will do. i usually hit the little square under the primary/secondary colors square to erase. it makes whatever brush u use an eraser basically!!

there that looks a lil better

gosh i hope that made sense i s ucc at tutorials of any kind hhhh


Haikyuu!! | karasuno + extra phone wallpapers | asked by anon (540x960)

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm glad you're back, your writing is amazing and I love it <3 I was wondering if you could do the RFA+V+Saeran singing Christmas carols while decorating, and maybe some fluffy cuddles afterwards? Thanks, and Merry Christmas Eve! :)

thank u~~ and yes it feels good to be back and writing! hehe. also, merry christmas !!! i hope it’s wonderful ~ 

***I’m really sorry this is late. something came up so I had to postpone writing this. I hope you’ll forgive me and that this is to your liking.****


  • since yoosung is an avid fan of christmas, there’s no way that there’s no decorating with you
  • there really wasn’t enough room to set up decorations in rika’s apartment, so he invites you to his house
  • when you get there, there’s already boxes full of decorations ready to be put up
  • yoosung turns on the radio to help get in the christmas mood
  • you guys first start with hanging up star shaped lights using double-sided tape
  • as you’re hanging them up, your favorite christmas song comes on and you begin singing along
  • “You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen~”
  • “Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen~” Yoosung joins in
    a small giggle escapes your lips at this
  • his voice is so cute when he sings???? not that his voice isn’t cute any other time
  • “But do you recalllllll~” 
  • you go back to the boxes and there’s a pair of antlers and a small red plastic ball with a slit in it chilling out
  • “The most famous reindeer of all~?” 
  • you hurry and put the antler headband and red ball on his nose
  • “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer~~” you smile brightly and all yoosung does is laugh
  • the two of you become so distracted by singing popular christmas songs, you almost forgot the rest of the decorations
  • it takes about another hour and a half to finish but it was worth it
  • afterwards, you plop down on his couch and yoosung soon follows 
  • you snuggle up to him, earning a blush from your boyfriend
  • “Mm… you’re so warm, Yoosung.”
  • he smiles at this, planting a soft kiss on your head
  • not even 5 minutes later, you’ve fall asleep against him


  • you were at zen’s home for the holidays, and both of you decided to get a tree to brighten up the place
  • as you were hanging ornaments, you decided to sing your all-time favorite christmas song
  • “I really can’t staaaay~~”
  • you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your stomach
  • “But Baby, it’s cold outside~”
  • Zen’s angelic voice responded to your line
  • he places a kiss on your cheek and releases you so both of you can finish decorating the tree
  • you guys enjoy singing together as his house becomes more christmasy by the second
  • the final lyric comes and
  • “Baby, it’s coooooooold ouuuuuutsiiiiiiide~”
  • your guys’ voices harmonized perfectly and you can’t help but giggle as zen picks you up and swings you around
  • after he puts you down, you take a few steps back to admire all the hard work
  • the main room gave off a warm, glowing feel *_*
  • after decorating, you and Zen snuggle up on the couch with lots of blankets and marathon your favorite movies
  • he pulls you into his lap so that your back is against his ripped chest and abs hoo boy
  • sneaks in a lot of kisses during the boring parts of the movies


  • somehow you managed to convince jumin to let jaehee have most of christmas eve and christmas day off
  • it may not have been a full two days, but she’s grateful now that she can spend them with you ^^
  • she tells you to come over to her place since it’ll be hard to decorate in the apartment
  • plus, she has all of Zen’s musuicals on DVD *_*
  • the average-sized tree goes up first as you begin decorating it with bright lights and festive garland
  • jaehe finds the little ornaments that you brough over from your place are super cute
  • the radio was also playing some popular christmas carols that you liked as well
  • there were a few here and there that you liked and disliked, but your favorite one came on finally !!
  • the little chord from the guitar played along with the sleigh bells
  • “Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle bell rock~ Jingle bells swing, And jingle bells ring” you sang
  • jaehee wasn’t much of a singer, but she decided to indulge in this
  • “Snowing and blowing, Up bushels of fun~ Now the jingle hop has begun~”
  • you give her a shocked look; she’s acutally pretty good at singing?
  • “Jaehee, why don’t you sing more often? You’re not too bad, you know.”
  • “It’s not a needed skill as an assistant, but I thank you for you kind words.”
  • after the decorating is finished you two finish the night by snuggling on her couch with warm coffee and many blankets
  • Zen’s musicals were playing in the background softly
  • it was a perfect way to end christmas eve


  • you were more than excited to decorate and spend time at jumin’s penthouse instead of rika’s little dinky apartment for the holidays
  • it was extremely spacious, so that means more room for cute decorations that he bought for you
  • also, for an early surprise gift, you bought yourselves matching christmas sweaters with Elizabeth the 3rd’s face on it
  • there are lots and lots of lights and garland !!!
  • your tol boyfriend helps you with taping them in higher places
  • chrsitmas music was also playing from your phone which was connected to a set of speakers to help set the holiday mood
  • that’s when your favorite christmas song of all time finally makes its appearance and you instantaneously sing along (Mariah Carey’s version ofc)
  • “I don’t want a lot for Christmas, There is just one thing I need” you sing energetically with a ornament box in your hands, pretending that it’s a microphone
  • I don’t care about the presents, Underneath the Christmas tree” Jumin is watching you, extremely amused
  • I just want you for my own, More than you could ever know” this also earns a smirk from him
  • Make my wish come true ohhhh~ Baby, all I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuu~” and you point at him
  • his eyes widen in slight surprise, then smiles lovingly with a light blush on his cheeks as he holds out his arms
  • you laugh and then toss the box out of your hand, running and jumping into his arms
  • Jumin spins you around while you giggle like a madman
  • he finally sets you down, placing his forehead to yours
  • “I love you, MC,” he murmurs
  • now it was your turn to blush
  • “I love you too, Jumin~”
  • you two stay like that for a while before getting back to finish decorating
  • afterwards, you want to cuddle by the fireplace with him
  • so you grab a large blanket, wrapping it around both of you and sit in front of the cozy fire along with jumin
  • Elizabeth joins you two
  • you guys cuddle against each other and it’s just a perfect to end the night


  • seven’s usual dreary and depressing attitude towards christmas began to lighten ever since saeran’s rescue 
  • he’s still not extremely ecstatic about it, but he’ll keep a cheery attitude for you and won’t try to change the topic
  • just as long as he has you two, he’s fine
  • you tell him that decorating his room might help bright things up
  • earlier, you brought over a few boxes of christmas decorations since seven obviously didn’t have any
  • he hands you glittery red garland
  • but you have a better idea in mind
  • you quickly take it and wrap it around seven’s upper body
  • “Now Saeyoung’s a pretty tree~” you giggle
  • “H-Hey! MC!”
  • luckily for him, his arms weren’t bound by the garland and that gave him an idea
  • “Hey. Come closer. I’ve got something to tell you~”
  • you comply, and lean closer to him so that your ear was near his mouth
  • but before you could do that, he pulls you into him and presses a kiss to your lips
  • you’re shocked at first but melt into the kiss
  • seven breaks the kiss for air, leaving you a blushing mess
  • “So much for decorating…” Saeran mutters as he walks past the two of you with cookies in his hand
  • “C’mon, MC~ Let’s finish decorating, shall we?” 
  • you guys get out all of the decorations and place them where they’d look the best
  • the more you decorated, the more it was beginning to look like christmas
  • which reminded you of an older carol that you were quite fond of
  • so you began to sing by ear
  • “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas~”
  • seven smiles at you, but doesn’t join
  • probably because he doens’t know it very well and well, his singing isn’t the best
  • once the decorating was done, both of you enjoy the atmosphere you’ve created
  • it’s warm, fuzzy, and makes you want to cuddle up for the rest of the night
  • …. which is what you did!
  • seven envelops you in his arms and holds you close to him
  • your head is snuggled closely to his chest, and the last thing you remember hearing was him saying “Merry Christmas” and the the sound of his heartbeat before drifting off into a deep slumber


  • you brought decorations from your house to his because he reallly didn’t have much at his
  • there wasn’t anything too fancy, but it would suffice for just the two of you
  • poor V baby wants to help decorate his place since it’s rather empty, but… you know…. he can’t see very well
  • you bought each other silly christmas sweaters to add a christmas-esque feel
  • but still, you didn’t want him getting hurt
  • so instead, you suggest that he picks his favorite christmas CD to listen to while decorating
  • and he does; the first song that comes on is your favorite
  • “Silent Night, Holy Night~” you begin, voice light and smooth
  • he purposefully put that CD in just so he could hear you sing~
  • V follows the lyrics after yours
  • “All is calm, All is bright~”
  • you blush a bit because his voice is like silk when he sings??? he’s so precious 
  • you find a santa hat lurking in the pile of decorations, and place it on his head
  • you can’t help but smile happily
  • spending the holidays with your boyfriend has never made you feel happier on the inside
  • instead of interrupting your decorating, V sits on the couch with a cup of coffee, waiting patiently for you to finish
  • once you do, you look around, admiring your hard work
  • it wasn’t much, but it still created that cozy atmosphere
  • “I’m finished, but… I wish you could see it…”
  • “I’m sure it looks absolutely wonderful, MC.”
  • plopping yourself down beside him, you pull a nearby blanket close to you guys and snuggle up to V, enjoying the warmth he’s radiating
  • “Mm… you’re so warm…~”
  • he chuckles at your comment, putting a hand on your head and stroking your hair lovingly
  • and that’s how you two spent the rest of your night, enjoying each other’s warmth with christmas songs softly playing in the background


  • decorating with your boyfriend turned into “you’re doing all the decorating while i eat all of the candy and cookies”
  • saeran help godDAMMIT
  • “I won’t make cookies and candy for Christmas next year if you don’t help me.”
  • saeran is offended by such a malicious bribe
  • but he takes it and well,, he’s more of a help by handing you decorations instead of just eating the sweets
  • it’s better than nothing
  • the decorating takes a lot longer than expected since it was in seven’s place, but at least the place looked a little less hacker-ish and more christmas-esque
  • you take a few steps back and admire your hard work, hands on your hips
  • “Well, Saeran, how does it look?”
  • no reply
  • ….
  • “Saeran?”
  • you felt a warm breath tickle your ear, sending chills down your spine
  • “I wish you a Merry Christmas… I wish you a Merry Christmas… I wish you a Merry Christmas… and a happy new…”
  • you screech at the top of your lungs
  • your boyfriend was right behind you singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” but in the most god forsaken creepy voice
  • at least your reaction manages to get him to smirk which is hot as fuck
  • “S-S-Saeran–!” you’re so creeped out you can’t even finish chewing him out
  • you will never be able to unhear him singing it now
  • “Just for that, you have to come and cuddle with me for the rest of the night!”
  • he had no say as you immediately grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him to the couch
  • you force him to lie down and you do the same beside him, throwing a blanket over the two of you
  • there’s a hint of a light blush on his cheeks from the close contact
  • smiling warmly, you snuggle as close as possible up to saeran
  • “Merry Christmas.”
  • “…Merry Christmas.”

Well, this is a sort of tutorial.. (??)

well.. DISCLAIMER: its ok if you draw Sally with the first muzzle form.. it doesn’t look bad on her.. remember Ben Bates pre-reboot Sally Acorn?, it looked very nice like that. anyways…

so its just thing of likes and learning.. in my case, i learned that to make a character look more SEGA Sonic like, you don’t nesesary have to go for the Tails or Rouge face design…  or the typical Sonic body type.. and concerving some stuff from her original design makes her look ore recognizable as herself… dunno if i explain myself very well  ^_^U hehe…

also.. her eyes.. to make a character look more SEGA, you don’t necesary have to make their eyes really wide big just like Sonic’s..

so that’ would be… hope this results useful somehow..

aaaa happy holidays @woaerp !!! it would’ve been cool if we weren’t already following each other but when i checked out your blog i couldn’t resist following first hehe i love yuri on ice

i also hope you like that i drew them with your cat! when i first checked out your blog to see what you were like, you’d just gotten your cat so i thought it would be nice <33

i hope this christmas you get a lot of nice gifts and happy memories and $$moolah$$ HEHEHE

i hope we can be friends, you seem v v cool B^) let’s talk about yoi and your cat and gumlee!!! it will be great >:3c

- nutty!!!

(p.s. thank u mom @soupery for hosting the event it always turns out so heartwarming and fuzzy for all the participants. ur bomb. com)