i hope u see this anon uwu

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hewwo i lov ur art so much i hope u don't mind me asking too many questions bc asfjk i lov ur art ;; what brand of watercolor are u using and the brush too and how'd u get so good? ;;v;; also the pen u use for lineart? ;;;; i'mnewtotradsoi'msorryhhhh lov u <3

hewwo anon uwu its awright!! hmmm wet’s see… the watercolors i use are Kuretake gansai tambi and Sakura koi hehe they’re pretty cheap and easy to work with! uwu! I use Momiji watercolor brushes, a rigger brush, and cheap nylon brushes. Pen for inking are Sakura micron pens and Pilot gtech 0.3 hehe

To get better, well you just have to draw daily, even if it’s not a “serious drawing”. Use your watercolors from time to time to work on your coloring. Of course when practicing, use references so you’d learn how to draw things right. Try practicing sketching by doodling in your sketchbook, and do a colored drawing once or twice a week~ hehe hope this helps anon uwu!