i hope u see this anon

hey fans! I wrote a poem. it’s called Big Balls (of fire in the sky). it’s about astrology. it doesn’t rhyme, but i hope you’ll like it

BIG BALLS (of fire in the sky)

i can see you there

doing ur thang

ur a lil crazy

aren’t u ;)

Oh, Big Balls (of fire in the sky)

i will follow u blindly

till the end

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Hai can I request a Jongin scenario, and have been dating for 2 years whereas your a radio host on a radio show and EXO comes in for their interview and he sits beside u and plays with ur hands kisses ur cheek and all that cute stuff. Then the commercial breaks come on and he basically Tackles u forgetting that there are cameras and when the show gets out ( u can have it from there) thx so much I love ur writing and please take ur time I hope it's not confusing โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜

😘 hope you enjoy this!!


“EXO!” You happily shouted into the mic as you reorganized your script, then the handsome men filed in with their unique movements. You smiled and chuckled a bit when you saw your boyfriend, Kai, come in and wink at you, to which everyone made a huge reaction and you had to act surprised, even though he winks at you and makes hearts for you almost every time.

Only a few people outside of SM knew you two were dating, and SM even paid each staff member 500,000 won to keep their mouths shut at the radio. As much as you wanted to show how much you loved Kai, you both had to work together today and pretend you two were nothing but a radio DJ and an idol.

As the show went on, Kai would ever so often take your hand and play with it under the table; playing with your fingers, lacing his hand with yours, and sometimes rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand whenever he had said one of your bad habits if you playfully called out one of his. Whenever there was a short commercial and he wasn’t on camera, he would quickly kiss your cheek then resume the previous sitting position he was in.

“Okay! This commercial break is going to be about two and a half minutes, we’re having difficulties with the mics,” a staff member said, and everyone replied with a simultaneous “ye~”. You and Kai had been arguing about which version of chicken was better, and you even tried to provide legit logic while on the show, but no one expected that the argument would continue after the commercial break.

“So is that your only reason why that chicken is better?” You asked and Kai nodded, proud of his reason. “Okay,” you said with your hands up and palms facing outward, “I win though, because I used actual statistics and you used an opinion!” You shouted before you got up to get a new water bottle. All of a sudden, there was a loud crash in the room.

“Okay, okay! You win!” You said, laughing. Kai, somehow, managed to knock you down onto the floor and tickle you before you quickly pulled a fake, pained expression and Kai was apologizing profusely. As he helped you up, you quickly whispered, “play it cool, babe,” before you reassured everyone that you were okay again.

Outside of the building was a whole new story, however. “Oppa! Why did you tackle her?” One fangirl asked.

“Why was she laughing?”

“Oppa, I thought you said you weren’t dating anyone and you’d marry me!! You said it at the fan signing—”

“Enough!” Kai shouted, and exhaled loudly. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to announce it like this, but yes, we are dating. We’ve been dating for two years, in fact.” He said, and all of the fan girls either looked as if they were going to cry or kill someone. He turned around when he heard your footsteps and quickly grabbed your hand. “This is my girlfriend. Treat her nicely and with respect, just like you do to me,” Kai said, the sincerity not only in his eyes, but in his words, too. “Promise?”

“Promise~” they replied in unison, and with that, Kai kissed your hand and held it tightly within his own hand, and you were left with a stupid smile plastered onto your face because of him.


 We just made a faq page for all of you lovelies with questions~ go check it out!

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It’s all right, John, I’m sure she’s fine. She probably just can’t reach the main system right now. You’ve given her the means to save herself. Scott and Alan are almost done docking—where are you? Can you see any damage or debris that will hinder their reaching you?

“I… I hope so…” John sighs softly, his head tilted back and his voice so faint that the other person must be having trouble hearing him. He seems to be zoning out again; his eyes not focused on anything in particular and his hands limp against his stomach, blood seeping out over his fingers. “Thank god. I… I’m not sure, my visions all on the fritz again… I… I don’t know if the door is blocked, there was a pretty big chunk of paneling that came down, they might have to… get the lazer… cutters…”

Slowly, as he speaks, John’s eyelids have been gently fluttering closed; his breathing slows and his muscles are weak and softening out as he finally falls - sliding quietly out of the world and into unconsciousness.

The steady steam of blood from the gash across his forehead; sliding down his cheek at an angle that pools in the corner of his mouth and spills out, running over his lips, is the primary giveaway that he’s not only sleeping. But he doesn’t even twitch at the sensation.

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heyo!! i was wondering if you could give any batfam fic recs? less shippy and more gen? (preferably w the entire fam but any regular familial relationship is cool too :) thanks!)

Hello!! I have just the fics for you!

Those are all great fics, trust me. My favourites are the Baby Wonder one and the Batcoons one. Have fun!

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im a new super junior fan and i cant really tell who is who so can you please help? i heard you've helped alot of people

well hello there. 

sorry for the late reply i just got home

i have made a post on a sort of guide on the members .

its quick  and easy it gets you to have a rough idea and  the background of  each member . 


its a bit old. but still relevant

also you can watch their shows… like full house 

II KNOW THIS SHOW LOOKS OLD BUT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE REAL MAN BEHIND THE COMEDY. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. I learnt suju`s names in less than 48 hours with out even trying . also it showed how super junior would interact with you if you are a foreigner. how their reactions are and you will also learn about hangeng .

Full house episode 1 part 1 


part 2


the rest of the episodes are on this channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1emCrbvbx4&feature=plcp

there are many shows suju did. if you want a link to all of them just tell me anytime.

i want to say welcome to the fandrom as you are new. being an elf is a roller coster ride. you never have 1 emotion. e,g you are not always happy. you are not always sad, it like an adventure . i never get bored of it. this is the 1st time i have been into something for long. and im glad you choose to be part of the family. as we are a family some time we cry together, we work hard together, we laugh together, we fight together but at the end we are one.,..

I hope you take the time to get to know them individually. they are 13/15 boys WITH DIFFERENT VERY DIFFERNT personalities. so not to confuse your self when elfs react a certain way to a certain member.for example how heechul is sharp tongued and why we call kyuhyun the evil mangne  .so  please do learn about them. believe me it will be fan. there is a reason why Suju is an A+ comedy group. they will make you laugh until you cry, the closest that has ever got to how funny suju is is running man. 

if you got any questions you dont understand please dont hesitate to inbox me anytime.

i hope i was of some help?

and sorry i replied late had to go school. i hope you see this anon.

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I'm so sorry for asking but. Ahhh. Things haven't been going very well and I would just love to see maybe a some billdip? Or just triangle bill or something. I'm sorry for asking (/ ^ \ ) I love your art and it always makes me happy

I hope you feel better soon anon! I wish the best of luck to you ♥️♥️

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so youre not an advice blog but i feel that maybe you can lighten my mood or something like give me advice and stuff. so my ex just deleted me on facebook (mind you we've been split for about 8 months) and he unfollowed me on tumblr. he has a new gf now, and just last week he had been texting me non stop for a dvd and i never replied. then he ended up at my house, my mom answered the door and told him off lolol. but yeah, right now, i feel butt hurt like why did he just so that ugh whatvz

lol I’m not an advice blog but I’m a homie and I give advice so 2 all u other homies, don’t feel like I’m inaccessible!!

but like ugh it sounds like he’s being childish on the internet, which I never really understood, like does he think “yeah that’ll show them!” idk that’s just not my thing. but it gives you a good reason to ignore him!
I’d just drop off the dvd at his doorstep or something and keep ignoring (but not avoiding) him. if you avoid him then he’s won u feel me?
I just try to not start shit and keep it neutral with everyone cause I’m done with petty games.
high five to your mom though hahaha my mom would do the same!!
I have no idea why he would do that cause like I don’t know anything about your relationship or like the kind of person he is but it seems like he’s just trying to be a dick.

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Hi. I'm sorry if you've already answered this question but, I was wondering are you going to finish The Once and The Future? I read it and thought it was really awesome and I was reminded of it today so I thought I'd ask.

hi anon!! i’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it so far, that makes me very happy!!

sorry for getting around to replying this late; as far as my plans to continue this fic goes, consider the fic on major hiatus. school has got me busy most of the year, especially since i’ve just graduated from high school and will be entering the college life this september. the only times i have to write are during breaks, and i plan to get back into writing for the fic when i find these few times to come around. also, i haven’t been in the merlin “groove” i guess you could say as far as inspiration goes, as my attention has been occupied by a hell of a lot of other series and movies and books and what not. i do plan to rewatch the series (probably for the 6th time at this point) REALLY soon, and by then i should be inspired once more!

so yeah, consider TOaTF to be on a rather long hiatus. i do not intend to abandon this fic despite having not updated in a year, because i put a lot of heart and soul into it and i very much do plan on continuing my work on it for the readers like you who have truly brightened my life with the endless kind words you’ve had to say about my little story that could :)

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Sorry if that last message came off patronizing and rude, its not supposed to be. From your response I thought you either just read the first line and had a angry go or you did not understand and it upset you (which again I apologise for).

I’m genuinely a very sarcastic person if you read my tags and other asks, but i guess your sarcasm wasn’t that clear to me and i already were talking to some hardcore SM stans saying all the stupidest things !

haha it’s okay, it was just a misunderstanding, and after reading that ask again i can see the obvious sarcasm so my apologies as well :D

Yeah it’s totally my fault O__o