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Yaoi blcd translated ht line as memorable ..But other translated as a deep or intense ?? SOMEHOW FEEL SO DIFFERENT.Like that thing stayed behind as memory for each of us.But deep and intense is feels like more in right noW.Which is true do u think?

i was actually very curious and excited to see how they would translate that specific line, because i had seen other translations using ‘that feeling was deep’ or ‘the feeling was very intense’, but i’ve been following yaoi-blcd for a long time, i know how they work, so before accepting those versions as real i was waiting for their confirmation on that line, but like you said their translation was very different than the others

sadly i have no way to tell which one is closer to the original because i know nothing of chinese, and i would probably have to pick the yaoi-blcd version because, as i said, i’ve known them for longer and i trust them, but i definitely think im going to try and look into it tomorrow: this feels like a really important line to me, and since the various translations are so different from each other i want to know for sure which one is more accurate

i did prefer the ones with 'deep’ and 'intense’ if i have to be honest, not because 'memorable’ is bad, it would still be very nice actually, since it means something worth remembering for being special, but at the same time, based on how the kiss went down and how upset guan shan was after it, using the word 'memorable’ doesn’t really sit right with me. on the other hand i think 'deep’ and 'intense’ fit the kiss and what happened around it very well, but another thing im curious about is that those translations didn’t attribute those terms to the kiss itself, but to the 'feeling’ of it, which would give the line a whole different meaning, because in that case he tian would be talking about his own feelings during the kiss, about what he felt when he was kissing guan shan, and that would be HUGE

so, yeah, im honestly very interested on this and if anyone reads this and knows what are the original words used in that line, please let me know!! i’ll try to do some research tomorrow and i’ll keep you posted if i found anything, anon!!

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not to drag this on but i really hope yeri is okay. the accident is upsetting but she also gets so much hate for no reason. i still don't understand why. i just hope she's in a good place rn :-(

me too, anon. i rlly don’t understand all the hate she gets, she’s always giving us her best despite all the hate but u can see how it’s taken a toll on her. i just hope whatever she’s going through isn’t too extreme bc she doesn’t deserve any of it :(

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HI !! how would u think would the seventeen members do if theyre s/o was autistic ? ive been dealin w/ bad vibes lately bc ppl have been making fun of my autistic ass and id .. appreciate Positivity ? I MEAN!! its ok if u dont wanna do this.. thank u..!

im sorry that uve been dealing w rude ass people lately anonnie!! this blog is a safe space for all people and i hope u see better days soon!!

im not autistic, and i dont know much about it, but i doubt svt would be against it, so heres how they might react when they first find out!

seungcheol, joshua, wonwoo, the8, and dino: fully supportive! adheres to anything you might need and takes the full step to protect you from anyone who might want to make any rude comments toward you

jeonghan, jun, hoshi and seungkwan: might be a little surprised at first, but not in a bad way! however, they don’t see it as a big deal, and might ask you some questions abt it to make sure you’re comfortable

woozi, dk, mingyu, and vernon: is neutral when they find out, but will do their research afterwards. is a little clueless about the entire thing, so you might have to guide them through some of it! they might overthink things, but they’ll still stand up for you just as well as the other members!

hope this was alright! i know very little about autism, so if anything here was offensive, please tell me and i’ll edit it out! some people who have it may not see autism as a big deal compared to others, so i tried to conform this to all people!

-admin steph

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man, you and scribs give me inspiration and like, hope, i guess cause yall are both amazing artists and are my age so like,,,idk i just really look u to you both, and youre both so cute together like,,,people who are my age and lgbt is awesome, cause theres so much homophobia and transphobia in my town and it just makes me really happy to see yall happy together, anyway, i hope you have a wonderful day/afternoon/night <3

THIS IS SO CUTE????? Anon who sent this is an angle and is an acute one ok listen thank you like??? So much youre so pure and i hope you move somewhere happy and supportive and your future relationship makes me as happy as scribs ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕 @galactibun

woa thank you¡¡ 

heres how i draw ‘em [i hope this helps]

when u draw anything, you need to get reference. there are drawings, but drawings are not usually good reference. its way better if you use pictures of a real hand


theres a lot of really good reference sheets on deviantArt

taking reference from your own hand might work better Because you can see it from various angles and pose it as you need. i often ask my friends to pose their hands and so i can copy them, that can be useful too. you can use 3d models of hands as well c: heres one that i really like

knowing the bones of the hand is really useful Especially the phalanges and the wrist because thats what you want to pose.

i simplify it a little bit though;; i only draw the phalanges and the joints, its better if you start off using only shapes such as rectangles and dots/circles. 

also, take into account the length of each finger so it doesnt look weird. the middle knuckle is the highest one [random tip lol]  and when you draw from a different angle, remember to take care of the nails too!! to give the full perspective

i do it like this, the base first, then the actual shape:

[that hand is pretty dang ugly but you get my point] FRENCH FRY!!!

imagine youre drawing French Fries. 

its v important to pay attention to the bend of the wrist to make it look realistic; look at your own hands, at your friends’ hands, at anyone’s hands! taking reference from different sources and materials is very important.

here are some more lil hands i drew using the French Fry method c:

then you add details like nails, wrinkles, bone… etc

eventually youll get there with good reference, patience, and lots of practice!!! 

hands are a very important part of the character, they express more than u think. exaggerate, play with it, mess it up!! just know the base and some anatomical stuff;; do some actual, solid research and /figure drawing/ and then interpret them as you Like¡¡

i hope this helps !! you can msg me for more hand ref [or other ref in general] c:


Krisyeol Matching Each Other -requested by Anon

You know what, Dan? The problem with being so close to
somebody's ear all the time is that you begin to think
that you can see inside their head, but you can't, Dan.
You can't. Do you understand that?

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P l e a s e i need more Ushijima in Bokuto's kneepads 💎💎💎 you are godly for making this art!!

USHI + KNE E P A DS ???/ ? ??

OK STORY TIME so tbh i thought bokuto was just wearing mid-calf compression pants (which are still pretty hot if you have really muscular thighs hh hhh nngn g gg gnggg) under his shorts like fine ok i guess i’ve seen stranger shit BUT THEN I SAW LIGHT ?? I SAW SKIN, ANON. SKIN.

pretty sure at that moment i cried then got on my knees to thank the universe for bokuto’s Grade S Zettai Ryouiki like. damn

ok i need to lie down now