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Hi!! 💕💞, is me hyeris gf (hdjdhf) ibeth, ok first the ‘edit’ is so ugly im sorry😩:/, anyways i been wanting to do this since i was at 600 followers but I didn’t have time and im really lazy too 😔 but now im at 1k :’) ✨💘👌, wow thank u so much for following my mess of a blog 😩, i love each of u a lot!!!! and im always saying these things but i do really think that all of u are so so kind and sweet, and the way you all are with me is so nice and it makes me feel really comfortable:’) im getting corny im sorryjsjdhf ok now….

💐 <- these are for u !!! no really it means that i love u so much, or you’re one of my fave blogs or u just made me smile at last once and then guess what??? i love u even if we only talked once jdjdjdjd (also if we are friends or anything and I didn’t put next to yours, im sorry I get confused with the urls but i love u a lot !!! 💕💐💐💐💐

Also i didn’t put my new mutuals bc im really shy and i feel like maybe it was too soon???? but pls i hope that u know that i already love u and your blog !!!💗💞💕

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noir0neko’s follow forever: with the long awaited arrival of a follow forever, also comes the exciting announcement that I reached 13,000 followers a little while ago, which is a huge milestone and I honestly, sincerely, and truly couldn’t have done it without every single one of you. Whether we follow each other, you follow me, or I follow you, each click of that little ‘follow’ button has furthered me immensely and made the experienced I’ve had here that much better. I’ve been on here for two years, writing, creating, and fangirling over bts, and I must say the journey would have been a lot less fun without all of you. Every ask still makes my heart smile, every message makes my soul sing, and to see how far not only I, but everyone I know here, has come, makes me a proud eggie,,

I follow over 1k blogs here, so I’m not gonna be sitting and going through them all to mention, but I will be adding all of the blogs I actively follow, admire, or talk to and that I wish to share with all of you, so finally! here we go:

bold: mutuals, ♡- favorites, 🌈- lil lov note at the end

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  uh so ! i hit?? 4k !!  i honestly?? cant believe i’ve gone this far™ and shit tbh im just??? ? but so url edits it is because like it got a lot of votes™ i will also be opening make me choose edits soon, but for now i want a relatively clean inbox

- pls follow me alsdjfaskl

- reblog this post

- your url must be hp / soc / myth related

- keep in mind i won’t be able to finish all of them i’ll probably do like 10 max.

  that’s basically it?? just reblog the post™!! thank you sm for supporting me and my shitty ass blog and i hope yall have a bomb ass day

*clears throat*

*long post warning but read to save lives*

hello this is lara!!

jsjds okay ive never done this before bcs im an ass with anxiety but rappornster whos only a couple of months old hit a milestone that im very thankful of!! which is also unbelievable bcs i was am a lost kid who had no idea how tumblr works and tf i should do here?? so i wanna use it as an excuse to spread my love so let me shout this out:

thank you so much.

*notice how i didnt use caps bcs i dont want you to imagine me aggressively screaming in front of your faces but its more like,, me holding both of your hands in front of ur chest,, looking at u with teary eyes filled with warmth&affection*

idk how else to express it you all are the crabs to my nj!!! you all deserve to get free concert tickets for life and meet bangtan irl i hope you are happy and enjoying life to the fullest but idk tho u do what u wanna do

mostly, thanks for loving bangtan, especially namjoon! (im legit super happy meeting so many nj stans here jsjds) ik you follow this blog bcs you love and support him no shit so y’all better keep on doing it and lets keep on loving him together bcs he the sole reason apocalypse decided to postpone itself facts only

lastly, kim the apocalypse postponer namjoon once said: we want you, we thank you, we love you.

same. (except idk what he meant by we want you but ok)


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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...

I want to make an effort to be more on this trash blog of mine, but my dash content is looking very different and I’d like to revive it again~

If you are blog that posts the following, please like and/or reblog and I will check out your blog!

  • h e t a l i a ( 80% or more please )
  • esp asia stuff omg
  • or any of the underrated characters/ships
  • historyyyy

Or if you know any blogs I might like, please drop in my askbox with their url? hope to see u guys soon! 拜囉~

hihi!!!! it’s been a while! now that i’m almost back from my semi-hiatus i’ve decided to go on a following spree!! (i’ve changed my url once again; i used to be tendou).
so please REBLOG / LIKE if you post any of the following:

  • animanga / +sports, seasonal, classics 
     → i.e. hq!!, bnha, mp100, gsnk, drrr!! & bsd ect.
  • manhwas / manhuas / webtoons
  • kpop (mainly bts) / animals / photography / aesthetic


  • you do your own graphics
  • you have a tagging system(!)

thank you for taking your time to go through this and i hope you have a hella day!!! ♡

i hit 1k!

so i just noticed the other day that i passed 1000 followers so i felt kinda obligated to do this follow forever and mention a couple of people that have been great to me on this site!!

so whether you knew me when i was plaidoldsam, mininiladd, liljerenemy, or know me as talonva, thanks for making my year-ish on this site pretty good. 

some of you are inactive or don’t even follow me anymore but whatever love u guys

@acebodhi /  @brocksnuckel@cranknewtwhodis@dats-a-toilet / @deadmarktehfish@deadpoolsdickwarmer / @eacia@elliefia / @evanoss

@iamtotaltrash / @iamwaldcat@jaysketchin@jordanwby@kinda-tol / @knownamenibbles@kracklecracker

@markmywords-thankyoumark / @mamaraccoon / @m-pinkbread / @musicesti / @perverted-milkbag

@sataninshortshorts@silver-wolf-karma@subject0798@talonrat@talonsturingtest@teddyowl-bbs@tired-art-hoe /  @thatchickwholikesoreos / @thatssadboo@thisisbrockward / @trcybaker@userthatisnotauser@wildgato@zeroyalchilly

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm the anon who was asking a lot of questions lolololol and thank you really! For answering my questions 😁this is last one tho (I think) could u possibly give me some tips on drawing?

No worries!! I guess I think of a few general tips for you but if you have anything specific you’d like to know as well feel free to ask me :D


1. Create an inspiration side blog and reblog everything that inspires you! If you’re looking for an inspo boost you’ll have a nice reference point. You can even use a tagging system so you can find things that inspire background ideas or colouring ideas and then you can specifically take a look at those examples you’ve saved. Here’s an example of mine!
    IMPORTANT: if you’re going to copy something as a reference/practice exercise, DONT post it online unless you have explicit permission from the artist you copied from. If something is recognisably copied it’s bad to post w/out permission BUT if you copied a technique and it’s NOT recognisable at all then congrats you’re on the way to developing your own voice! There’s nothing that’s fully original but if you can put your own twist on something then that’s fab! 

2. If you’re posting online, don’t be disheartened by lack of notes. Remember there are probably thousands of people posting stuff every day that get 0-3 notes. It’s not a sign that you’re bad, just that you haven’t been noticed yet so you gotta keep working! Try to beat your own note score rather than comparing yourself to others! I feel like competing with yourself is always a fast way to improve! 
     BONUS TIP for posting online: From my experience, artwork with a popular ship in it gets a lot more attention than original stuff or singular people when you don’t have a big following. If you’re passionate about a ship, draw stuff with them in it (doesn’t even have to necessarily be romantic, they could just be hangin out) and make use of tagging it with the ship tag! Shippers are thirsty and will trawl tags - that’s where you’re more likely to get noticed! 

3. The classic: Practice. Again, compete with yourself rather than comparing yourself to others. Do something better than your last drawing but don’t worry if it’s not levels above. 

4. Watch speed paints and anatomy lessons! I really like this dude’s tutorials for anatomy - his methods really resonated with me. This youtuber also does a pretty good series for beginners that’s simple and easy to understand (aka it’s not like drawing realism). I don’t fully agree with EVERYTHING (when you know what you’re doing you can kinda counter some of the things she says not to do) but I think it’s a good starting point.

5. Having a reference blog is also good, or just knowing one you can look up. This is mine here you’re welcome to refer to! I tag everything with ANY word I think refers to the image (including pluralising it) so that when I go on it and I’m looking for something specific I can generally just type what I’m looking for and find it. (I.e you could go onto my reference blog and probably type /tagged/trees at the end of the url and find a bunch of posts relating to helping u draw trees)

6. You’re allowed to use references! Don’t feel like you’re a cheat if you can’t draw a pose from your head! Tracing a photo is fine when you’re learning, too, especially if you took the photo but remember if you wanna be posing stuff on your own work on using a reference without tracing! 

WELL! I think that’s the best I can offer for general tips! Sorry that got kinda long hahaha..! I hope this helps! If there’s anything I didn’t cover that you’re curious about shoot me another message :D

anonymous asked:

Hey, i appreciate your blog and all the effort you put into it. It probably isnt easy running a blog with a url like this/living up to expectations, but you're doing good and I hope you at least enjoy it. Love u <3

This totally got lost in all the messages we get, but I wanted to reply while I’m not too busy and thank you for the support, you sweet lil’ anon. 💖

run you clever boy and r e m e m b e r 
url graphics; for runcleverboyndremember 

hello everyone! I know I haven’t been as active lately, school has been insanely busy, and I’m playing tennis 6 days a week now (bonus: I’m getting kinda tan!), but you have all been kind enough to follow me and stick with me through all this. So, I now have over 1.5k followers, which I can’t believe. thank you so much for following me, and I want to celebrate this milestone. 

below are some options for the celebration (and of course the requirements), I hope you all participate! and thank you again!

R E Q U I R E M E N T S :

  • must reblog this post
  • must send me an ask including what you are choosing (feel free to use the name of the option or the emoji)

O P T I O N S : you may choose as many as you would like, but keep in mind some may take longer than others! 

🕊url edit: I will make you a custom poster or moodboard based on your url. for my inspiration sake please have your url be wizarding world focused or focused on another one of my fandoms (list here!)
🍍personal moodboard: I will make you a personal moodboard revolving around things such as your patronus, hogwarts house, and ilvermorny house! in order to create quality content, please include such information in your ask (houses, name, patronus, wand, favorite class - anything I can use)
🌾hp life: I will create a detailed hp life reply to your ask, this will include unique headcanons and other fun elements. these will be truly personalized, and I will use your blog(s) for reference
🌸queue my content & promo: I will queue at least 20-50 posts from your blog, and give you a shout out when those queued posts are running! this will hopefully help your blogs be noticed. because this is an exclusively wizarding world blog, I respectfully request that your blog also have wizarding world content.*
other: if there is something you would like me to do for you that isn’t mentioned above, please send me an ask about it. this celebration is truly meant for you guys, so let me know if there is something you would like to see! 
* - note: my queue process involves me liking posts through my main blog @gardeny before the posts are queued. if you get spammed with likes from that blog, that’s just me getting ready to queue your content! also, I would love to post your original content, so if you are a creator, please let me know your original content tag! 

N O T E S : 

  • at this time, I am not announcing a closing date, but this is subject to change.
  • these edits may take a long time, I would like to make some really high quality content for you guys. 
  • please DO NOT send me a message with your request. I am only accepting requests through my ask box (quidditchplayer.tumblr.com/ask)

anonymous asked:

ive been seeing your url on my dash a lot lately and i feel like u just blew up out of nowhere like this new seemingly unproblematic funnyman and i hope you dont end up like memeufacturing that shit was FUCKED

i know thsi is well intentioned but it is honestly making me want to be dead a little