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sorry if you don't want to answer this, but how did you add pictures to you character page? i tried with the same code you have for yours and i am l o s t. thank you! c:

so im guessing youve added the page fine n such so this will look familiar??

so <img scr=“ “> is where you wanna add in your image tho it needs a url! so what i do is put all my pics in my drafts like this

then right click, copy image address and then u wanna add the url between the quotations in your image source line. i hope this helped!!!!! 

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Can you share some bts blogs? Hobi and yoongi biased please

“who are your fave mutuals? or blogs i guess? i wanna follow more people”

hobi biased 

@hobiswife @hobshine @hobisbi @jhopesavedmylife @jhoe @lilhobi @hobiue @gothic-hobi @h0bi @yoongimlm @gayrapline @biyoons @hobisunset @j-hope @hobisgf @angelbabyhobi @honeysts @yoonseoksbff @hobischeeks @bi-hoseok @4hoseok @glowyhoseok @hobislesbiangf @hobilesbian @hobisnovia @hoseok1e @springdayhobi @jhopesfatgf @blackhoeaesthetic @hobiwlw

 yoongi biased

@sprngday @jeonggukl @21stgirls @memesyoongi @ilysmyoongi @5obi @yoongi-exe @mangosuga @thanksbtsformylife @yoongn @sugasprincesa @2nep1nk @bangtanbf @2suga @eeukyang @iamyoongisgf @pinksweateryoongi @192171 @bitterstan @yoongissoftgf @itsequality @yoongimoon @yoongs-bitch @ilobyoongi 

just great bts blogs in general!!

@foryoubybts @kthksj @akmv @narutouncle @j1ngkooks @snapbacktaehyung @rapgodjjk @yoongistiddybres @actortae @gjungkook @gunaimfire @1004angelic @nnochu @a1yu @jiminsglo @jinhope @guitaristjin @cutejin @fadedlovebywondergirls @taegrl @transgirljimins @lie @fauxlove @ydaegu @iloveseokjin @4begin @outro-wings @tofuthot @btsjimln @kthsbff @kimtahyung @moonkissedjimin @nottoday @lgbtae @taesgrl @jeongkug @lilac1995 @colonizedrice

NCT When You Act Cute

Request from: @bts-is-everything​ (thank you soooo much for your request! ur url-is-everything ;))

Submission: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Nct reaction to you acting cute when you want something from them(like candy or a hug..something like that)…Thank you! 🙂❤️

Genre: fluff

883 Words


As you and your boyfriend ventured through the shore of your favorite beach hand-in-hand, you quickly noticed a churro stand that sat up near the entrance of the pier. All that exercise around the beach made you crave something sweet and yummy, so you almost instantaneously gestured to the stand in an attempt to get your boyfriend to notice what you wanted.

He only looked down at you and smiled teasingly. “You in the mood for churros now?” You nodded, and did so very eagerly you felt as if you almost could have gotten whiplash.

“Aren’t you hungry, too?” you wondered, amazed at how well your boyfriend could last without sugar. It was no wonder he was so extremely thin. You frowned when your boyfriend just shook his head at your question. 

“Just you, sweetie,” he replied with a mellow voice that always made your insides burn and your palms become all clammy. You unnoticeably slipped your hand out of his and wiped it across your jeans, then pointed back to the churro stand with a pout laid across your face.

Please?” you begged, internally scowling at the way you tried to sound incredibly cutesy. The look on your boyfriend’s face would only make you regret your rare, adorable act or reward you with a delicious churro.

NCT 127:

Taeil: This cutie would get so flustered. As soon as you would beg to him with the pleading pout on your face and voice trembling so charmingly, he would immediately react by placing his hands across his cheeks to hide the deep redness occurring. With that, he’d quickly grab your hand and proceed to head over to the churro stand to get you both a large churro to snack on.

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Johnny: Johnny’s first response to you showing him your cute side would be to rapidly pull out his phone and take a picture of you, otherwise (he threatened) he wouldn’t get you the refreshment you so longed for. He’d then most likely post the picture of you on his social media with the caption, “when you want something from bae so you have no choice but to act cute,” and you’d immediately block him.

Originally posted by nctinfo

Taeyong: He wouldn’t show too much of a reaction, causing you to become extremely humiliated in yourself as you saw him simply staring blankly back at you. Taeyong would still end up buying you a churro, although he would tell you jokingly never to do that again (when really he just doesn’t want his heart to explode).

Originally posted by nctinfo

Yuta: Although you did your best acting cute, Yuta would just laugh at you and nod pitifully, only getting you a churro because he felt bad that all the cuteness oozing from you would go to waste. Still, there was no doubt that a small blush formed on his face, his heartbeat gradually increasing as he grabbed your hand once more to lead you towards the churro stand.

Originally posted by yutanananakamoto

Doyoung: This precious bunny would stare at you for a few seconds - his expression unreadable - before making a reaction in which he’d quickly bring you into a hug, squishing your cheeks together as he neared the churro stand with you tightly in his arms. He’d try to imitate your cute voice, saying, “you know what? I think I’m hungry, too. Wanna share one together?” You’d unhesitatingly nod your head, smiling cheekily at him.

Originally posted by doyo-ng

Jaehyun: Yoonho just wouldn’t be able to contain himself from leeching onto you after you performed your cute act, and maybe even offer you two churros. He’d just chuckle, then say you deserved more than just one churro, then hug your arm while continuing your walk, then ask you to do it again, then tell you how cute you could really be when trying.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Winwin: Hands down, Sicheng would immediately nod at your request and head over to the stand in a quick pace, holding a tight grip onto your hand. You wouldn’t need to do anything more for him to treat you to whatever you wanted, and would constantly tell you how adorable you were with an ecstatic look on his flawless face. At least you now knew how to get your way through things when going out ;).

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Mark: He would be taken aback at seeing you suddenly show your cute side for about the first time in your relationship, but would end up giggling at you for being so lovable. Mark would definitely get you a churro and eventually tell you to show him your cute aspect more in the future. Your date would then end up with him getting you a lot of food and him being able to silently adore your charms, your cuteness never getting old to him.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Haechan: This lil savage would simply stare at you with a weird look on his face, judging you so hard. He would tease you, saying things like, “that’s the best you can do?” or “even Mark can do better than you, and let’s be honest, his aegyo sucks.” All your hard work wouldn’t be put at no use, though, for you’d totally get a churro from Donghyuck, although you’d promise to yourself that you would never do that again.

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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...

I want to make an effort to be more on this trash blog of mine, but my dash content is looking very different and I’d like to revive it again~

If you are blog that posts the following, please like and/or reblog and I will check out your blog!

  • h e t a l i a ( 80% or more please )
  • esp asia stuff omg
  • or any of the underrated characters/ships
  • historyyyy

Or if you know any blogs I might like, please drop in my askbox with their url? hope to see u guys soon! 拜囉~

hello lovely people!! ‘tis the season to appreciate your mutuals, friends, and those cool blogs who don’t follow you but make your dash better daily anyway❤️🎄  (take a gander at that lovely photo straight from my friend google because i don’t know how to make edits, lmao)

i know it’s ALSO the season for christmas and holiday urls so i tried to get everyone right and i’m really sorry if i forgot someone! i hope i didn’t! but if you feel like you should be on this, you’re definitely on it in my heart. y’all know who you are 


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in honor of the one year anniversary of this blog, I’m going to do some blogrates!

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Hello!! so i want to be organized and try to be productive for my school year bc i feel myself slipping away?? and i think doing something daily will help me feel better (i cant really explain it) and i see all these bullet journals and stuff really help people so i wanted to ask how did u start your studyblr or how do you make your notes and make them legible and organized so everything is clear. im sorry if this is a weird question, i hope you dont mind me asking this. thank you for your help!

Helloo! I get what you mean, maybe like you’ll feel a bit more grounded if you’re taking them to plan and organise yourself? I started my studyblr is October 2014 just before my first round of big exams. I picked a very simple url (as you can tell hah) and added an extra account to my primary blog. Because I had like 3-4 years of Tumblr experience, I found it relatively to get it initialised and set up. I had a post here on the steps to take when setting one up. Just includes a few things like picking a theme and getting those initial followers. For my notes, I’d generally take notes in class and then rewrite them (and add in other bits) when I got home. Because I was rewriting them it did give me the chance to make them really neat. For my organisation, I use a planner to keep on top of upcoming and daily tasks. I have a binder/folder for each subject and dividers which separate each topic for ease. Getting into a routine of tidying my desk, folders, notes regularly really helped keep everything tidy and in an understandable order. You should maybe check out my post on 10 tips to improve your productivity. I hope that helps!! If you have any other questions, just let me know xx

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Rule: Spell out your URL name in Kpop

Oh man…. I’ll suffer with u Jen:,)

Amigo - SHINee

Spring day - BTS

Kingdom - B.A.P

Skydive - B.A.P

Trespass - Monsta X


Don’t recall - K.A.R.D

Engine - Pentagon

Navillera - Gfriend

Twenty four - EXO

Jekyll and hyde - VIXX

On and on - VIXX

Odd eye - SHINee

Nillili mambo - Block B

Innocent love - ASTRO

Excuse me - Bestie

I’m tagging: @ask-highstreet-bts @ask-slytherin-jungkook @paindaily @ask-planet-flower-vmin @ask-architectyoongi @ask-chimchim @ask-dope-bts @ask-model-taetae @ask-gangtae @ask-flowerboymin @ask-blogger-jimin @ask-hoseokie @ask-witch-namjoon

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the 'jeon' vs 'jung' for kook's name is just a difference in romanisation (if it helps kook chose "jungkook" as the official one for his name in english) as the vowel sound 'eo' and 'u' in this instance is the same sound in korean (which is why you see some people spell his name as jeon jeongkook/jeongguk) if it helps his name in korean is 전정국 (jeon jungkook) with the ㅓ character = the 'eo' or 'u' vowel ... (ah i hope that makes sense for you!!!)

nhshdjh ok i appreciate you going into detail but like, i know. that’s why i said it could work for both the ‘jeon’ in his last name or the ‘jeon’ in jeongguk if that’s how you choose to romanize his name, whichever one floats your boat! as long as ppl get that my url is about this guy:

then we all good :)

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Ah!! I had no clue you were @dorian-trash!!!!! I had tried going to that URL and it said that there was nothing to be found there and I was sad but!!!!! Accidentally stumbled across this blog! You're art is super fantastic and love the colors and lineart and would love to commission you one day and it's gr8 knowing your not off Tumblr and still posting dude,, I hope you continue arting and yeah stay rad.

Idk who u r but I feel like I’ve missed u all this time???????¿
I’m so glad u found me!!!! I luv u!!!


          oh my god???  to think that over five hundred and fifty people actually like(??) my blog really does make me so,  so happy.  when i first started role - playing in this community,  i was super hesitant  –  i didn’t think that i would stay for long as i have had terrible experiences before,  and i was anxious™™ about writing a canon character in a really divergent way  –  but honestly?  people actually accepted this child and??  i am so,  so glad i’ve joined this fandom.  to know that there are people out there who love(?????) my portrayal(??????????) of zen really makes my day.  everyday.  anyways,  thank you all so much for being so amazing and wonderful people and even though some of you guys may not know me or like me,  thank you.

          under the cut is a long assed post of me rambling about people i truly hold dear to my heart + people i want to ramble about but i am SO lazy forgive me + people i really admire from afar!  once again,  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTINUAL SUPPORT.  i don’t think i can stress this enough;;  

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(br) Heyyy~ congratulations on 2K! I really like your blog!! :33 I'm quite into languages, but unfortunately I don't have much time as I have to study school related things T.T I really want to learn Chinese better, I'm a beginner :') I hope I'll have more time in the future for it! :D

hii thank u sm!!! :) and yesss learn chinese its such a beautiful language i love it, hopefully u do find time for it i think its so worth it 

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omG i followed your current blog after you left glaered and i was sO SURPRISED THAT U FOLLOWED ME BACK OMG!?!?!?!?!?!??!

youre so kind to me!!! and we havent talked a lot but im grateful that ur my mutual!!!!!!!!! i feel like ur one of the blogs that i see in my notifications almost everyday!! when i see that u like or reblog my posts, and im always like “!!!! tumblr use dullhoe [PREVIOUSLY GLAERED!!] interacted with something i reblogged !!!!!!!!!” like whenever i see ur url on my phone notifications it makes me smile!!! hehe!! i hope we get to talk more!!!!!!!

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mikasa! idk u just have the cool personality and the aesthetic i imagine she would have in a modern au.........

AHHH I love Mikasa! I’m so honored c’: 
Honestly my personality is so spazzy and crazy but i hope i can keep my cool :)

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Lauren if you're still doing the name things~

Hello, omggg!!! What a pretty name, here we go

L: Lullaby, The Cure

A: All the rage back home, Interpol

U: Uprising, Muse 

R: Reptilia, The Strokes 

E: Earthboy, DIIV 

N: NYC, Interpol

Well, some are pretty popular haha, but  I hope you like this!! <3 (i hope I didnt mess up the links lmao) THANK YOU!!

Send Me Your Name & I’ll Make a Playlist out of the Letters

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♛ -poses for u-

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

my opinion on;

character in general: Jamie’s really endearing, like not the condescending kind of endearing the kind of endearing where you hope he gets into a great college & no one ever picks on him in his life.  Playing a character like that is almost this sort of statement that a perspective like that is valuable and good, when you see so much attention given to being caustic in different ways, and I really like that (and you said you didn’t go out of your way to put “messages” in your writing :P)
how they play them: I like how you write what Jamie does & then sort of rate him in the tags.  Like on a scale of very confident to very shy would Jamie be too shy to talk about it?  YES!  I’ve said this before but you do a great job at playing a character who is very obliviously himself in one way, and then you have very “self-aware” commentary on it from a more universal standpoint.

the mun: Really heckin nice!!  I met you fairly recently & you’ve been really friendly & said some really nice stuff & it’s been a pleasure to rp with you!

do i;

follow them: yep
rp with them: ohyeah
want to rp with them: Our thread has been great!
ship their character with mine foresee Kafei becoming a usually harmless sort of vaguely mentoring figure who admittedly doesn’t have it all together & makes no claim to, & like they get along & stuff, & Jamie probably teaches him some good shit about how not every stranger is dangerous: YEE!

what is my;

overall opinion:

Super cool!  Heck!!

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest fuckin polite. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty fuckin politeness.