i hope u like it b ye

  • Rowan: I'd walk into the burning heart of hell itself to find you
  • Aelin: I'll always find a way back to you

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some of u cool dudes requested a speedpaint a while ago right but i tried recording while i drew & no joke it was an absolute pain to watch ghgghhgfhd

so i made some process gifs!!!! ta-da!!! as u can see my process is basically lines-flats-shading-rendering. most of the time i don’t sketch and if i dont like how the colors turn out in the end i slap a filter over it swEAts

i hope this is…….somewhat…..helpful? hfdjgfd yeah bye ilu!

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(adorable doodle of me by shauna!)

I know this a bit late, but I wanted to do somethin for the amazinly talented, and awesome artist @superyoumna for her b-day. IF you guys haven’t subbed to her yet, I would very much recommend it. She’s an amazin person, who has a great amount of artistic skill. Plus, she’s an Art Senpai of mine(whatever that’s wroth to ya)and I think she deserves all of the love. >u<

So ye. I hope ya like it, Youmna. I know it’s a tad late and all, but I still wanted to do somethin nice for ya. I hope your burfmus was good, and I hope you have many many more to come. ^u^

“The Doctor Falls” quicktakes:

  • the cybermen scarecrows both make no sense and tie into so totally and terrifyingly into the overall theme of ‘normalized horror’ that if anyone is nitpicking based on Logic im gonna have to ask if you’ve ever enjoyed a piece of fiction, ever
  • Bill holding 12 is Iconic. the dark mirror of that one photoshoot where Sophie Aldred is carrying Sylvester McCoy. Companions Carrying Around Dr Who Forever
  • “how many times have you died?” “how many different ways?” like o.k. might be revealing too much of myself but this scene was hotttt
  • NARDOLE running away with purpose. that face
  • “oh, am i a woman now?” “well, kind of” “kiss me” “make me” “would you like to be alone?” im….fuckin. yeah
  • “which would mean more than it usually does” i n n u e n d o
  • that SONG what are they dancing to. if i remember to edit this i’ll try and shazaam it
  • “old school, nice for a change,” Simm!Master says while stroking his beard
  • Simm remains the slimiest of all Masters and the continuing sense of Missy playing along either to impress him or to play him or…these TWO
  • “Round??” “It’s a little bit” “Shut up” THIS TIME LORD OK
  • shades of…what’s that one where Simm pushes 10 around. Simm v much wants the Dr under his total control, but i think Missy would hugely prefer informed consent
  • confirming all origins of the Cybermen while dissing Trump and pulling off an unlikely plan: dr who in a nutshell
  • like even if what happens at the end did not happen, in an ideal world where narrative tropes are equally distributed, this is precisely how you’d do a conversion-type story. the emphasis on the character reacting against the monster they’ve become. having Bill be human!Bill for the most part really, really works
  • and the Dr being the only one who sees her, shades of “Last Christmas”
  • PCap going hard in the paint, dang
  • “Knock yourself out”, and she does. nice
  • “Seriously, I need to know, is that true?” oh there’s so much here and they’re so close and it’s just. how she looks at her hand after the dr lets it go, and rubs her face, and everything gets weird when dealing with touch telepaths
  • “the Doctor’s dead, told me he hated you” “yeah heard you the first time” new dynamic: master/missy/nardole
  • the whole…dangerous person everyone is afraid of has a particular weight, when portrayed as a black lesbian. it’s both kind of hinky and is getting at a really deep emotion, there. like sure it’s not ideal but for Bill, dunno. this just seems like it rams in hard into her fears in an empathetic way
  • once again i do believe the Bill & Thete comparisons are deliberate
  • Bill looking into the mirror like…dang dude
  • Jelly baby?
  • aw the quiet whump, 12 is already broken and about to get more broken and. MY BOY. NO
  • they’re so quiet, both of them. this scene is so heartbreakingly underplayed until the “i’m FINE” im
  • Bill yes i love you and support you
  • “why can’t I be angry” ohhhhh that’s a loaded line. maybe not played out so great but. yes. ask this question more, in your fiction
  • Nardole goes native once again. i love how him being a Computer Genius was woven into the series so he could save the day. nice organic arc, that
  • Bill & 12 brotp tho oh jeez these two
  • fuck off Simm!Master. so good at being slimy, and i love it, but a decade on am once again prepared to side-eye anyone who finds him Cute or Hot. he’s a fuckboy, right
  • 12’s about to do a “Caves of Androzani” please no
  • Bill realizing 12 can’t save her fuckin…fuck
  • “as my friend…i don’t want to live if i can’t be me anymore” and instead of “OH but i can SAVE THE DAY” the dr just says “…yeah. i gotchu. but - maybe?” and it’s. thank.
  •  s o n i c  u m b r e l l a
  • is Simm!Master now sufficiently obviously gross enough for people to not write fluffy uwu fanfic
  • “Is the future gonna be all girl?” “We can only hope” CHINBALLS ARE U LISTENING
  • aw them three together pointing their sonics while Simm yells “kILL ITT”
    “well done, genius twins”
  • Nardole and his new girl…yknow, im happy for them. i like them. best of luck, godspeed
  •  "is it wrong that I… “yes, very” HOLY SHIT AKDIPAHFFHPIAFHPIAWk0R-RY*@%@
  • kind of a Night of the Hunter vibe here
  • and a “Listen” vibe
  • Nardole was found on a doorstep
  • god the Dr’s desperation here, how they just want to be kind even if it kills them. this is My Dr Who, right here. and aw Pcap stop making me tear up
  • “just to the end, just be kind” thank you murray gold and etc for shutting up, this scene really benefits from a lack of music, can u imagine how much a standard Gold riff would ruin this (sorry i uhhh. like i enjoy gold in broader stories and sometimes he nails it but im not hugely a fan)
  • and how Missy almost, almost stays
  • and dR WHO please PLEASE oh god ohgodohgodoh
  • Them RTD Cyberman Noises
  • t h e  a p p l e  o f  d i s c o r d
  • like…okay this was not my dream ending for Twelvedole but the 'fuck off i’m a criminal im gonna ruin this so’ and the 'you’re stronger’ and the…..fuck dude. and Nardole sort of saying goodbye at the tomb/elevator and then going on to live his life…it’s bittersweet but i can deal
  • “You sure?” “You know i am” Aoufqurgo3qrq69r5674248148rfyhwekjs9d8f2q9(((((((((*^
  • “I need you to be big, and I need you to be brave, and I need you to follow me” NARDOLE
  • “Now that? was very really nicely done” i’m gonna fling myself into the sun
  • the Dr won’t ever know that she meant to stand by their side and it’s so them but it hurts ok
  • “You know how I go for girls and people my own age” and you’re expecting like, oh god, not again, not another companion with a crush on the Dr, but then she says 'no hetero’ and the dr’s like 'yeh’ and they blow themselves up together platonically. friendship goals
  • my headcanons about Koschei regenerating into Missy on Gallifrey are now kaput but i love, love love love, that they both shot each other in the back while giggling
  • remember that any character on this show is dead only until someone wants to bring them back
  • the dr won’t ever know that missy would have stood by them and that’s so…so them, and it hurts, but it feels right
  • 12 naming off all the times Cybermen fucked shit up. here is where Murray Gold is good
  • “Let it go” im, i cant
  • when heather came back is when i outright started crying
  • BILL LIVES. in a different way. BUT FOREVER AND ALWAYS
  • but plus 1 to all of us who called heather coming back
    may they travel thru time and space happily, good luck and godspeed
  • hit or miss on that dude playing One but rn am erring on the side of it working for me
  • the Xmas special is gonna destroy me
  • am genuinely surprised there was no 13 here but i can deffo live with that
  • “i can fly anything, even you” oooHHHH
  • nice
  • Bill’s the Dr now
  • woo-ee-ooooh oh dogg was that a riff on Clara’s theme just fuck me up fam
  • tbh i feel like 12’s earned their 'i don’t want to go’ more than ten
    like it’s just that they want to stop more than anything
  • again the xmas special will ruin me
  • but yeh i liked this story ok

Here’s some of the Gorillaz related blogs that I follow (some of them are entirely gorillaz and some are artist that do pretty good art Gorillaz related and no related) so everyone that want to follow this amazing blogs can do it (yes, please) ❤ there’s some of them that I already put somehere else B U T this is an independent post so anyone can see them (sorry if this like spam for you)

@stlnk (hope is useful for your research ❤ )















This list is not in any order in particular because I think that all of these blogs are amazing and great. I apologize in advance if some of you are not in this list. Have a nice day ❤ ❤ ❤

anonymous asked:

How would the UF, UT, and US Skelebros react to their S/O crush kissing them then running away?

B-Oh heck yes!!! A classic. Thanks for the ask! I hope you don’t mind that I sort of turned these into mini drabbles.



woah woAH WOAH THERE!!!! I think you broke him.

Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy??? There’s no way you just-

You had decided to kiss him after he had told one too many flirty puns for your liking.

“you know what’s on the menu? me-n-u.”

“you must be from korea, cause you’re my seoul mate.”

“i like you a skele-ton.”


You silence the babbling bonebag with a brief, but passionate kiss.

As you pull away with a big smirk on your face, he realizes that this is not one of those dreams. But as soon as he pieces this together, you’re already kicking it into hyper drive. 

you couldn’t have possibly meant that, right?? 

Though he’ll admit, he’s curious as to what your motives were. So he eventually shortcuts in front of you. 

“h-heya kiddo. you left me awfully bonely back there.” You realized that there was nowhere to run and start to blush. 

Oh deary, what now?

He scratches the back of his skull and seems to be awfully nervous. “uh…i-i um, j-just realized that you forgot something.” Why is he looking away?

You tilt your head. “I… forgot someth-”

“this” He gently but firmly pulls you in for a swift kiss, making sure to not hurt you. His arms are wrapped around your waist and once he releases, the feeling of you lingers on his fingertips. Sans’ skull is glowing a fluorescent blue and he refuses to meet your gaze, leaving a moment of silence between you two. 

Its your choice on how you react.


You had caught him off guard while he was excitedly teaching you the techniques of stirring pasta. You giggle as you notice a glob of spaghetti stained on the corner of his jaw.


You answer with a small ‘hm’, still looking at him with a silly smirk. 

“WHY ARE YOU, ERM, STARING AT ME LIKE THAT?” Papyrus blinked, briefly pausing his aggressive stirring.

You figured this was your chance and went for it. Pulling his skull to your face, you let no space in between as you quickly kissed the sauce away. Thank goodness Pap settled with the store bought sauce, otherwise this would’ve played out in a less than pleasant matter.

“N-NYEH?” You pulled away and couldn’t help but relish in that paralyzed expression he held. Never have you seen a skeleton glow, but boy was this rewarding. Realizing that you oh-so-suddenly had places to be, you hop down from your step-stool and dart for the door.

Before you could even turn the door handle, you’re tackled to the ground. You startle as Papyrus sits himself on your lap and plants his hands to the sides of your head. 

You blush and stutter out, “w-what are y-y-you-”



“W-what?” You feel your whole body heating up.


Please say yes.



You were just trying to buy some groceries when a group of LV-d up monsters decided to jump you. In all honesty, you were no match for them.

“C’mon bitch. Hand over the money!” The largest of the monsters growled.

You shuddered at the monster’s assertiveness and backed away. Red had sent you to buy some groceries and there was no way in hell you’d hand over HIS money. He’d have your head if you did. “N-no!” 

Well that was less than intimidating.

You yelp as another monster shoves you to the wall, leaving you no room to escape. “Well then, guess we’ll have to teach you a lesson then, huh?”

Welp, this was it. You covered your face and braced for any oncoming blows.

Suddenly, with a clap and wisp of magic, all you hear is screaming. Your gaze pops up instinctively and you gasp. 

Red’s eyes are a-glowing and his hands are shrouded with even more red. Despite his intimidating stance, he looks at you with a a hint of empathy. “you…” He drags out.

He is suddenly standing in front of you, his hands grabbing from your forearm to your ankles. If you weren’t in such a public place, you would think he was a doctor giving you a full body examination. You were too shocked from the previous events to do anything about it.

He then starts to bombard you with questions along the lines of ‘are you okay?!’ ‘does this hurt!?’ ‘what were you thinking?!’ and ‘i’m gonna beat their asses!!’.

He was always like this, saving you from whatever dangers the cruel world brought. Like that one time he caught you just as you were about to trip up the stairs, or that other time he wrapped your burned hand after an unpleasant encounter at Chillby’s, and another time that he defended you from one of his brother’s attacks.

Yeah…you’re kind of in his debt. Nonetheless, when you looked down at him prodding worriedly at your thigh, you thought he looked extra kissable.

“S-Sans?” You felt your cheeks heat up at what you were about to do.

Red quickly stands up to your attention, almost bonking your head as he jumped. “yeah sweetheart?”

“Sorry.” Before he had time to react, you planted a kiss smack dab in the center of his teeth. You knew that he wasn’t very fond of PDA, so you pulled away quickly.

Red looks absolutely dumbfounded, his cheeks a vibrant red and were his hands trembling?? “w-wha-”

“Here!!” You panicked, shoving the groceries into his chest and you started to run. Though you were no track star, you sure as hell were going to try.

And as expected, Red grabs your wrist like some crazy ninja and twirls you to his side. The world suddenly goes wobbly and you’re thrown onto the couch. He towers over you with a weary gaze.

“didya’ really mean that?!” He was trying really hard to hide the desperation in his attitude.

~Your choice, once again~


You stood by Edge’s squatted side as he measured out his next puzzle to absolute perfection. He seemed to be extra edgy these last few day and you weren’t exactly sure why. The strain around his eye sockets were becoming more prominent with every coming day and he was getting a whole lot more irritable.

“Edge?” You gently patted his skull. “You alright?”

He jolted at your sudden touch and swatted your hand away. “I’M MORE THAN ALRIGHT, PET. I-I JUST NEED…”

You leaned in, anticipating an answer to your persistent questions.

Looking into your marveled eyes, Edge stiffened, a pink tint crossing his cheekbones. “I-I-I JUST N-NEED THAT…RULER RIGHT THERE! YES YES YES, THAT’S ALL! N-NOTHING ELSE!” He quickly looked away, holding out his hand for the requested object.

You sighed. You knew he was lying. “Okay.”

He huffed relievedly, returning quickly to his work.

The ruler sat next to you and you bent down to pick it up. Why was he being so secretive? You swear, he’s becoming just like his brother.

Twirling around to place the ruler in Edge’s still outstretched hand, you hesitate. An idea suddenly pinged in your mind, making you blush.

Edge, though he was looking away, seemed to be irritated at your hesitance. “HUMAN! THE RULER. NOW!”

Its now or never.

Swiftly grabbing his hand, he visibly twitched in your touch. “WHAT THE-”

You quickly silenced the boisterous skeleton with a kiss, sliding your other hand around his neck. As shocked as he was, Edge made no attempt at pulling away, in fact, he pushed himself further into you.

O-OKAY THAT WAS ENOUGH. He might kill you soon anyways, so you should get going now.

Pulling away, Edge is completely scarlet-faced, his jaw now hanging agape. “H-HUMAN I-”


Speaking of the most powerful, a cage of bones suddenly surround you and there’s nowhere left to go.

You whimper as Edge now looms over you with a menacing gaze, though his cheeks are still glowing. Oh stars, what now?

He hoists you by the arm and boy, that’s probably going to leave a bruise. Now eye-level with the skeleton, your faces are only centimeters away. Closing your eyes and bracing for impact, you startle as something bumps your forehead softly.

“PAYBACK,” was all he said as he dropped you and walked away, still blushing like a maniac.



“SPAR WITH ME, Y/N!!” Blueberry demanded, still bouncing from side-to-side. This guy had loads of energy to burn, didn’t he?

If you chose to spar with him once more, it would be your 9th round losing to him. You waved off his offer and laid down in the snow. “Nah Blue, I’m good.”

“OH COME ON, Y/N! WE WERE JUST GETTING STARTED.” Blueberry whined, setting his wooden sword in his holster. The more he looked at your tired physique though, the more sympathy he had. “YOU OKAY? I DID’NT HURT YOU TOO MUCH, DID I?”

You patted the spot next to you and he eagerly sat beside you. He ran a phalange against your bruised skin, tracing loving circles around your mark. “I-I’M SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO SORRYYYYY!” He whimpered, burying his face in your chest. His arms wrapped around you and he had no plans of letting go.

“Whoa whoa, hey Blue! I’m fine, really! I just…it’s just a bruise, ya know?” You patted his back awkwardly, but reassuringly, at least trying to make an effort at reassuring your health.

“R-REALLY?” Oh no, was he crying? He wipes his sockets clean. “YOU MEAN IT?” He looked up at you with starry eyes that were impossible to say no to.

You smiled. “Of course, Blue. It’ll take a lot more than that to bring me down.” You said with a wink.

Blueberry embraced you even tighter. “MWEHHEHEH! I’M GLAD TO HEAR THAT!” As he nuzzled into your neck, you take the chance to give him a little peck on the forehead.

“MWEH!?” The cuddling session stops oh-so-suddenly. “Y-Y-Y/N?”

The moment he lets go, you take the chance to run.





Rounding a corner, you suddenly slip on a patch of ice and slide into a net trap. What in tarnation was that even doing there?

Feeling all crumbled up in the rope catastrophe, you start to panic even more when Blueberry strides up to you. Oh no, what have you gotten yourself into?

Blueberry is fiddling with his fingers. “H-HUMAN, I-I FEEL THE SAME WAY.” From a pocket in his bandanna, he pulls out a crumpled note. “I WAS G-GOING TO GIVE THIS TO YOU AFTERWARDS, B-BUT…MWEH, TAKE IT!!”

He storms off, leaving you with a mystery note.

Huh, how curious…

You open the letter and begin to read it:





You start to giggle and a blush spreads across your cheeks.


Now to get down from this trap.


“I’m not going to ask you again. Give. It. Back.”

Stretch scratched his chin in thought. “hm…nah. i don’t feel like it.”

You grumbled a few choice words, moping as Stretch dangled your phone just out of your reach. For being such a chill guy, he sure was a tall buttwipe.

“Stretch! I’m serious, give it back!” You whined, hopping again and again for your phone.

Stretch simply smirked. “hi serious, i’m stretch.”

“Ugh! You’re impossible.” You waved your hands up in exasperation.

“by impossible, do you mean impossibly good looking? cause if so, you’re totally right.” Stretch winked, smoothing back his non-existent hair.

A laugh absentmindedly came out of you and you punched Stretch playfully. “You dork.” You giggled. “Give me my phone back.”

“hey! i’m not a dork! i’m a super fly sexy guy, ya know?” He saluted you with a wink.

You rolled your eyes and smiled. “alright then, super fly sexy guy. can this hot royale sexy gal here have her phone back then?” You asked with a shimmy.

Stretch brightened at your new nickname for the both of you and flushed a light orange. “well…when you put it like that…” He looked down at you, quizzically scanning you up and down.

“nope.” You deflated at his answer.

“Oh come on! That had to have worked!” You spring up to grab your phone, but miss.

Stretch chuckles. “fat chance, shorty.”




“Short, huh?” You crossed your arms sassily. “You’re pushin’ it, Stretch.”

Stretch rolled his eye sockets.”oh, i’m sooo scared, honeybun. what’re you gonna do, nibble on my leg?”

You cocked a brow and smiled confidently. “I had something else in mind.” And with that, you pull him by the collar and kiss him.

He freezes up, his cheekbones flushing a bright orange, but nonetheless, he accepts the kiss anyways. He tastes like honey and charred barbecue. Just as he molds into your embrace, you pull away, holding your phone confidently in your hand.

“Say cheese, honeybun~” You cooed as you snapped a quick pick of him before attempting to run away.

He stares at you in a daze, but then quickly realized that you just STOLE a kiss from him. Just as you were about to lock yourself in your room, a foot stops in the way of the closing door.

He stares at you with a half-lidded expression through the door crack. “that little stunt you pulled back there was quite adoorable, honeybee.” His cheeks are still very flushed as he pushes open the door, making you fall effortlessly onto the bed. “think you could handle another taste?”


anonymous asked:

hey do you ship chris b x sana? and if u do, do u have any hcs? also ur one of the best skam blogs around and ur content makes me incredibly happy, anyway i hope u have a lovely day !!xx

yes!! i love these girls!!!!!

  • when they first get together it just?? feels so natural??? like not much has changed with their relationship except that occasionally there’s kissing and even more cuddling
  • they love to share everything with each other–makeup, accessories, jewelry, and especially clothes
  • one day sana comes to school wearing chris’s bright pink and blue jacket and chris is wearing sana’s camo jacket and they’re just strolling through the courtyard holding hands and Everyone does a double take because it’s literally the most iconic thing they’ve ever seen
  • honestly just picture sana wearing one of chris’s snapbacks over her hijab. life-changing.
  • they also share music!! they have similar music tastes, though sana is more into 90s hip-hop (like 2pac and Biggie, and also my big personal headcanon is that sana loves heems), while chris is more into current hip-hop (the weeknd, desiigner, karpe diem, silvana imam), but whenever they hear a new band or song that they like the first thing they do is text the other “you’ve GOT to hear this song”
  • honestly chris is such a “text you ‘let’s go on an adventure’ in the middle of the night and suddenly you’re going grocery shopping at like 2am” kind of person 
  • so she and sana end up sort of going on their own little adventures
  • they’ll ride the trams to the end of the line and just watch the people get on or off, or they’ll get off at some random stop they’ve never gotten off before and wander around and see new sights and meet new people
  • chris is the best at chatting up people honestly, every time they go somewhere she’s made at least 3 new friends, gotten at least 5 people’s numbers, and has plans to go partying next friday
  • you KNOW they go to concerts and raves together. sana and chris wearing glow stick necklaces and dancing together as the music plays and the lights flash and yell-singing the lyrics to each other 
  • HAND KISSES! at first chris starts doing it as a joke as a sort of “my lady” gesture, but then when they’re cuddling and chris’s arms are wrapped around sana’s waist sana will take her hand and press it to her lips and it’s their thing now, they’ll be walking and holding hands and one of them will just lift their hand and kiss the others (sana still complains that it’s super cheesy but chris knows she loves it)
  • and the hoverboards are there too. sometimes they’ll just go out for a spin on the town, stopping traffic wherever they go
  • just
  • chris and sana holding hands and hoverboarding along
  • that’s all
  • i love them so much

ask-sportarobbie  asked:

Yes hello if you're still taking those requests might I ask for Robbo and Sporto with corgis dressed up like them?

im so inconsistent omg, will ur answer b a sketch ?? a full drawing w shading ?? flat colors ?? who knows ?? but anyway omg, this was super fun 2 draw !!!! i hope u like it c: sport nd his lil corgi lady r runnin nd rob & his lil gal r disgusted omg, !!  srry it took so long ,

anonymous asked:

Dearest Amy Rose, do you maybe feel like writing this? Please? It would be amazeballs! Imagine your OTP proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food + #AND WHEN THE REAL PROPOSAL COMES AND THEY GET FREE ICE CREAM OR SOMETHING#PERSON A IS LIKE ‘omg that was a good one the whole speech was a nice touch where did you get this ring it looks so realistic omg’#and person B is just like ‘r u fucking kidding me’

“Holy shit,” Stiles feels his eyes go wide as he looks down at the check. “Dude, I can’t—”

“Relax,” Derek shrugs, pulls out his wallet, “I got this one.”

“Aw, gee,” Stiles claps his hands together, pouts a little, “Does this mean I have to put out, later?”

Derek rolls his eyes, “Shut up.”

“You can just say yes,” Stiles smirks, “I know you wanna lock this down.” He rubs a hand up and down his stomach, gives Derek what he hopes is an appealing leer. “How could you say no.”

“Sure,” Derek drawls, “I can’t resist the over-fed, unkempt, weary college kid look.”

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Dance Lessons

You know this song inspired me for the last bit of Morning After? This song, people, is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Melikes sappy :3

Sorry it took so long for me to get to this, anon. I needed to have this thought out perfectly ;) ;) yes, I went there lol

For reference’s sake, let’s assume Yoosung is only a bit taller than her. I hope you like it! This was the first time I’ve ever written a kiss scene, so I hope it’s okay. Not mention the proper dancing

-Admin Bloo~

Dance Lessons (YoousngXMC)

Yoosung was hopping around all over the flat. ‘Did I clean out my living room? What if she wants to see my bedroom?‘ He nervously thinks as he swipes the table for the umpteenth time.

He had chickened out earlier that day. He was supposed to ask her to the spring formal, but when he brought it up, it turned into a pathertic request to teach him how to dance.

‘Shit, why am I so nervous?‘ He groans internally. ‘She’s been here too many times. We’ve literally been friends forever.’

The repetitive ringing of the doorbell knocks him out of his thoughts. ‘She’s here!’

He opens the door for her, and she marches in like a woman on a mission. He trails around after her as she plops her handbag onto a nearby sofa.

She surveys her surroundings before turning around to face him, with her hands on her hips. “Are you ready to dance?”

“Yes ma’am.” he replies tersely, resisting the urge to give a mock-salute.

She giggles at his prompt response and turns on the song from his speaker set. Standing in the middle of the room, she gestures him to step closer.

I found a love for me

‘Why did I choose that song?’ he cries internally as he steps closer slowly. His arms hover in mid air, not knowing where to place them.

She laughs and places one of his hands on her waist and the other holding her hand. Yoosung tries his best to ignore how right it feels to hold her like this, and hopes his palms don’t get sweaty.

“Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead”

She sings as she starts swaying. She guides him as to how his feet should work; Yoosung is always looking down at his feet to make sure he doesn’t accidentally step on her.

“Eyes up front” she laughs, and his head jolts up. Her laughter relaxes him; he must be doing something right after all.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home

“See! You got this!” she smiles encouragingly as they open their movements more from their original box. Feeling a little bold, Yoosung lets go of her waist to twirl her in time with the music.

“And you said you didn’t know how to dance!”

His grip on her tightens out of nervousness again. “I really don’t; I just wanted to try it.” he chuckles sheepishly.

“So…this is the first time you’re taking the dance so seriously~” A cheeky grin blossoms on her face, and she wiggles her eyebrows at him. “Who’s the lucky girl?”

The question throws him off the little rhythm he had, and he steps on her toe. She winces at the pain, but doesn’t let him stop dancing. “Sorry about that.” He mumbles, again looking downward to monitor his feet.

Darling, just hold my hand
Be my girl, I’ll be your man

Yoosung tries to muster any remaining courage he has and holds her with one arm to twirl her only halfway. Her back is now pressed against his chest, and they continue swaying from left to right.

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” she whispers under her breath, but Yoosung could hear her anyway. “Positive.”

After a beat, he decides to just say it. His mouth hovers over her right ear and whispers “I was hoping you would be the one?”

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms

MC stays silent as they resume their normal stance, with both her arms resting on his shoulders and his arms on her waist. He tries to look at her in the eye, but she is the one looking at her feet now.

Yoosung pulls her in, eliminating any space they had between them. “Well?” he breathes.

She looks up at him, and gives him the softest smile he has ever seen. His heartbeat soars, and a smile erupts on his face. Yes!

She rests her head on his shoulder, and they continue dancing. He hopes she cannot feel his heart beating so fast, but it’s practically impossible not to.

“I don’t deserve this,” he sings along to the last lines “You look perfect, tonight.”

At the last bit of strings, he musters up the final courage to try to dip her. It’s only semi-successful, though.

Both partners are out of breath, even though their dance wasn’t too rigorous. The music has stopped, but they don’t break away. They simply stare at each other, lost in their own world.

The moments seemed to be streching into hours, even though it was only a few seconds. MC puts her hands on his head and pulls him in for a kiss. Yoosung finally straightened them up as he slowly kissed her back.

After a few seconds, she pulls away and rests her forehead on his, seeing as she is still nestled in his arms.

“Let’s save some of this for the formal.” She smiled, her faced slightly red from blushing so much.

Yoosung could only grin back.

suga-n-kookies  asked:

Hi :) can u pretty please do an imagine or anything where u and ur friends play pranks on popular/b*tchy girls from ur school and the boys see u and its kinda turns into a prank war and he kinda falls 4 u I hope it's not too hard tho thank you !! :)

Okay so I freaking love this idea so much. As soon as I read it I was just like YES. YES. YES. Maybe it’s because I can relate to the whole popular/b*tchy girls thing…  But that’s another story for another time lol. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve kind of tweaked this and added my own little spin on it! Also, you didn’t specify which member you wanted as the main character, but I was kind of getting a Jungkook vibe for some reason! So here it is! Hope you enjoy :)


SUMMARY: You’re pulling a prank on the b*tchy girls at your school, when you run into Jungkook, and he begins to fall for you.

Originally posted by jeonjam


“RUN RUN RUN!!” you shouted as you and your two best friends sprinted out of the locker room carrying Clara, Jordan, and Katie’s clothes and towels. “Shut up Y/N!” Alison said while running alongside you and laughing hysterically. “The plan was to not get caught you dumbass.” “No way!” you said back through heavy breaths. “I want my name all over this.” Once you got far enough away, you, your best friend Alison, and your sister Christian collapsed onto a bench in the school courtyard. “I did not agree to this!” Christian half-whispered. “I told you we shouldn’t mess with those girls!” You and Alison glanced at each other and laughed, almost perfectly in sync. The both of you always joked with Christian about how much of a goody-two-shoes she was.

As you sat there with the two of them, you couldn’t help but think how lucky you were to have them. The three of you weren’t exactly the most popular or interesting girls on campus, but you always knew how to get a good laugh out of each other.

“I love you guys.” you said.

“Shut up, dork.” Alison said and ruffled your hair.

Christian, who was still angry, just shifted away from you and crossed her arms in a huff. You all sat there and talked for quite a while, but the fun came to an abrupt end when you saw Clara, Jordan,and Katie striding towards you, with the vice principal, all four of them looking very determined.

“Not good. DEFINITELY NOT GOOD!” Christian shouted before picking up all of the clothes, jumping off the bench, and running in the opposite direction, Alison following swiftly behind her. You were always the slow one, so you were confused for a second or two, but as soon as you saw them, you were out of there. The only problem was, where the hell did Alison and Christian go? You frantically looked around for them, but the other girls were gaining on you. You made a split decision to just run straight. Before you knew it, you had been running for a good five minutes without stopping.

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i was slowly falling asleep. ready to cry and wake u sad and frustrated bc drarry got into a fight. one last reload, hoping then est chapter is up AND HELL YES IT IS. CHAPTER ELEVEN. SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. IT WAS SO GOOD. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU TWO. now i cant sleep bc i cant stop smiling but wHO NEEDS SLEEP ANYWAY?

Awwww!!! @l0vegl0wsinthedark and I love you TOOOO!!!!! I’m so pleased you liked it. And, FYI?

N O B O D Y needs sleep. This is my official view, as my friends will attest. 😉

Turn loose the mermaids (Part 18)

I lied. Here is some more fluff. The shit gets real for real next chapter. Also, the ABC song was registered in 1835, but the melody itself existed since 18th century. So it isn’t such a historical accuracy stretch.

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From the many ways Captain Noir imagined the night going, teaching Marinette how to read wasn’t one of them. Not that he was complaining. He was huddling under a blanket with Marinette, pointing to the letters in the book laid in her lap. He picked a simple poetry book because it would be easier for Marinette to follow the letters of the short stanzas rather than complex sentences.

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zeru @fakegoths tagged me on this thing Thank U i hope you know id take a bullet in the knee 4 u

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better

a - age: 16

b - birthplace: brazil

c - current time: 1724

d - drink you last had: guaraviton

e - easiest person to talk to: a what now

f - favorite song: orange moon by erykah badu

g - grossest memory: i went to this waterfall with my dad and his gf when i was like 8 and they were just. completely naked and like Kissing and shit and thats why i have depression

h - horror yes or horror no: yes but then i die afterwards

i - in love: ya feels nice

j - jealous of people: not 2 be edgy But ppl who can trust ppl

k - killed someone: UUUUHHHhhhh

l - love at first sight or should i walk by again: walk by again dumbass

m - middle name: not a thing in brazil

n - number of siblings: one full sister two half sisters one half brother

o - one wish: dragons irl

p - person you called last: my ex gf

q - question you are always asked: was your hair a different color when i last saw you

r - reason to smile: the moon protects me

s - song you sang last: your love is my drug by kesha

t - time you woke up: 9pm last night i have not slept since

u - underwear color: god uh fuckin like white and light blue stripes

v - vacation destination: i wanna go to sao paulo i love it there

w - worst habit: i asked my sister and she said self sabotage so. That

x - x-rays: oh boy ok here we go my hand bc this dude broke my finger. my leg bc i was hit by a car. uhhhh my hips? bc one of my legs is 2cm longer than the other bc i was hit by a car. my back bc i have scoliosis. and i think thats it

y - your favourite food: lemonade

z - zodiac sign: cancer

i tag! @btslesbian @slimeman666 @holyfright @dragvandil @medicdroid @healthgothmom @dream-fortress @buidseachd @maenad @sisyphs but u dont have 2 do it if u dont want to ily thanks


for kiryome (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) casually inspired by this post in particular

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heres a nice headcanon i hope u like it bb: jughead's ears r really ticklish but he never really knew it because he wears his hat all the time so one day when him and archie are kissin and bein gross and cuddly, archie slowly tugs the hat off and runs a hand thru jugheads hair before kissing his ear and jughead flinches and giggles a bit and scrunches his shoulders up and archie is just like oH.... B)

this made me smile so big omg thank you
and archie thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and jughead will pull his hat down over his ears until archie tickles his armpits and makes him let go and then he’ll pull it off and just start nibbling and kissing his ears and neck and whispering teasy shit to him ,, omg.