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Your art is my aesthetic, also do you have a reference on how you draw hair and eyes??? If you don't mind me asking and if it's not to much trouble. Your art and style is just beautiful.

for the eyes i hope u don’t mind me doing diff expressions??

some hair:

eyes + hair=

and yes that’s eliza she’s fun to do expressions with :3c


wow finally drew some stuff again

The Good Old Days

A Spy AU Fic for @kalgalen
Pairings: Rythna, Mild Rythsy
Words: 3568

Happy birthday, Mer!

Lalna looked up at his prisoner and ground his teeth. The prisoner looked back at him, insolent, expectant, amused. Upside-down.

“I’m sure—” he began. Lalna yanked on the Big Lever, dropping him another foot with a rattling of chains.

“Ah-ah!” Lalna said. “This isn’t Dr. Jones’s Sit-And-Chat Time. This is a kidnapping! This is a hostage situation! This—” he gestured grandly to his villainous setup— “is a death trap!”

The hostage raised his eyebrows. “It’s a bit small,” he remarked.

“I’ve got a much bigger one!” Lalna said, bristling. “Which Mr. Born could certainly tell you, if he ever turns up to rescue you!”

“Seen a lot of your traps, has he?” the prisoner inquired, eyes sparkling. Blood rushed to Lalna’s face and he blustered to cover it up.

“You—you’ve got—your situation is—is hopeless, Mr—Mr—”

“Just Nilesy’s fine, thanks,” said the prisoner. He shifted his bulk as he dangled above the shark pool, fluttering his eyelashes. “Supposing you don’t mind being on a first-name basis with me, Lalna.”

“I do mind, in fact!” Lalna cried. “Don’t you try your wiles on me, you—you succubus!”

“Incubus, please,” said Nilesy, rolling his eyes. “Get it right, come on, I thought you were an educated man.”

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ahhh so it’s been right about exactly a year since I met @captbuccaneer and ?? what better way to celebrate a best bro than by DRAWING BEST BROS?

Ashley I can’t believe it’s only been a year, I feel like I’ve known you forever!!! You were the first person I started really talking to here (and the one to infect me with messaging, which kind of foreshadowed things to come!!) I was so amazingly lucky to have met you right when I needed a friend most. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds!!!

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do you mean all ships or just dc ships bc i thought you were part of that squad that was vehemently anti-Reylo ??? Forgive me if im wrong i think i remember you reblogging anti reylo stuff and i mean people cope with that ship too

oh def for all ships, i think way back when i did reblog like 1 or 2 anti re/ylo posts bc they were made by some people i was friends w/ at the time, but in all honesty..i just…didnt (and still dont) care enough to hate the ship as vehemently as some ppl do. i’m not judging tbh bc i do get why ppl hate the ship, but im also aware of the fact that a lot of survivors use it to cope so i am totally 100% here to support anyone who ships it idc u dont have to tell me if ur a survivor and use it to cope, like i dont want anyone to feel obligated to have to admit to their trauma bc thats fucked up. and besides it’s been almost a year and like most of the rey/lo shippers stay in their lane/their fandom corner anyway. i have no issue with any of them over what they ship

After 2 hours i finally finished changing the theme of this blog. If u want to check it out here you go ovo/ >click here< 

I like the way it turned out so i’ll keep it this way. If you find any problems please contact me, as always the messages are open on this blog. Now back to work! 

-potato out

compilation of every single time Pearl says Steven’s name in Steven Universe. From season 1 episode 1 to the latest episode, Too Far, which is the last episode of this year. i probably missed one but oh well you have no idea how long this took haha . hahh h h “AHDF 

[here it is on youtube too]