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Any tips on going to speed dating? I've never been on a date ever and I'm going to a queer women's speed dating event and any advice is welcome.

Just have a list of your hobbies and interests listed in your head. Think of fun stuff you can talk about about yourself and whatnot. Really all speed dating is is rapid fire conversations trying to find people with similar interests and personalities.

On the receiving end, try to stay open minded. Don’t go into it thinking like “I hope there’s someone here who likes __________”. Just let people win you over and don’t tie yourself down with expectations.

Other than that, just have fun! Get a cute gal’s number!

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Prompt emison and haleb double date

sorry this has taken so long, only just thought of a scenario in which I would enjoy writing this.. but thank u and I hope u like it! 

It was a wet and thunderous night as Emily stepped out of her cab from JFK, finding herself in some up market stretch of restaurants and clubs. After almost a year and a half in California, she had forgotten what the cold felt like and immediately found herself regretting the choice of white denim dungarees and a black cropped top underneath. But she didn’t have too much time to fret over it as she shoved her umbrella up, her trainers splashing in a near by puddle as she did so. 

“Em?” She was interrupted from her grump by a light tap on the shoulder, and smiled instantly as she recognised the voice after almost a year of hearing it in the flesh. 

“Han!” She yelled triumphantly, forgetting all about the weather issues as she flung herself into Hanna’s waiting arms. “How did you know I’d be here?” She asked, linking Hanna’s arm as she pulled her into a nearby bar to protect themselves from the storm. 

“Bitmoji map” Hanna shrugged, waving her new iPhone around with a smirk “Mojito?” She clicked her fingers and a waitress appeared, smiling too widely as she tried to hide the stress marks that had attacked her face. 

“Uh, Vodka and Cranberry, please” She corrected her with an awkward smile. Hanna shrugged, throwing her credit card at the woman and smiling sweetly.
“I’ll still take that Mojito, thanks” The waitress nodded quickly and whisked away to fulfil the order. Emily took a moment, noticing Hanna’s black Leather jacket, red velvet Guicci heels and what looked like a bralette and mesh body suit combination, her lipstick a dark red and her winged eye-liner sharper than the acrylic nails glued onto her fingers. 

“You look good, Han” Emily noted, her voice lost in the buzz of the bar so Hanna had to strain to hear her. 

“Thanks, Em. So do you” Emily suddenly became awfully self conscious of her scrappy dungarees and retro Nike trainers on her feet. “So” Hanna said with a grin “how is it in California? How’s Paige?” A huge sigh emitted from Emily, and her eyes wavered to Hanna’s lock screen, where a photo of her and Caleb on the Brooklyn Bridge smiled up at her. 

“Paige is-” She started “Paige” was all she could manage. “She swims. I swim, we eat together, we go to sleep. We wake up and we do it all again” Hanna frowned, her lips parting a little in concern. 

“Oh. College life not what you were expecting?” 

“No, it’s exactly what I was expecting. I think that might be the problem, actually” At her words their waitress came back over and handed them their drinks. Both greedily accepted them. 

“Sounds like we got to you at just the right time” Hanna teased “you need to have some fun, girl!” 

“We?” She said, picking up on the word. Saying nothing, Hanna just raised her eyebrows and stared at a spot behind her. Emily hesitantly turned around, finding herself face to face with Alison. The smile that broke out on her face was one of the most beautiful she had ever seen. 

“Hey, Em” She said loudly, practically skipping over to the table and taking her in her arms as she stood up to greet her.
“Alison” Emily replied, her mouth going dry and butterflies suddenly stirring in the pit of her stomach “hey. I thought I wasn’t seeing you until next week?” Ali took a seat next to Hanna, ordering herself a glass of white wine before the pair turned to face Emily again. 

“Surprise” She muttered with a grin.

“We were just catching up on college life” Hanna told her “all is not as wild as once thought” 

“Well I, for one, am very jealous” Ali admitted “how was your meet last week?” She asked, remembering how worried Emily had sounded on the phone. 

“It was good, actually. I was placed anchor and I beat my time so that was great” She said, trying to inject some passion into her tone. 

“Wait, how did you know she had a meet?” Hanna inquired, taking a gulp of her cocktail.

“Because she told me last week” Ali said, confusion on her face “you were saying, Em?” 

“Nothing” Emily said, slurping on her vodka and cranberry “I wasn’t saying anything.

“I sensed a but” Ali pushed her. Emily considered changing the subject, but realised that she was sat with two of her best friends. Why hide anything?

“Well, it’s just- it’s causing a lot of tension between me and Paige” she admitted, crossing her arms on the table “I mean, obviously I want her to get the good positions but I want myself to get the good positions too, and all she does is make the competition even worse and I just- sometimes part of me thinks swimming on the same team was the worst idea either of us have ever had” It all erupted out of her, and it was refreshing to get it off her chest. 

“That makes sense” Hanna said after a while as Ali felt herself struggling to find any words of comfort. The three of them were interrupted by a blare of Hanna’s phone, the word ‘Caleb’ with a series of sickening emojis stricken across her screen. She answered quickly, excusing herself as she went to meet him outside. There was a slight silence as she left the two of them alone. 

“You seem tired” Ali noted with concern after a little while.

“Thanks” Emily said with a distracted smile as she took another swig. The crease between her brows and her insistence at not maintaining eye contact told Ali not to push it. “but, another about me. How are you?” Ali looked down at the floor, mirroring Emily as she took a large gulp of wine before answering. 

“Not where I thought I’d be at 20, that’s for sure” She said, trying to hide the pain with sarcasm. “but- you know, I’m okay” It wouldn’t have taken a genius to figure out she was lying. 

“Jason still around?” Emily asked, her mind going to the elephant in the room but neither of them daring to bring it up. 

“Occasionally” Ali said quietly “but he travels a lot, so-” The end of her sentence trailed off, and Emily could see the sadness in her eye. She reached across the table, and took Ali’s hand in her own, stroking the back of it with her thumb and smiling reassuringly. 

“I wish I could help out more” She said confidently “if I wasn’t on the other side of the country I would” Ali shook her head, their hands still touching, as she tried to reassure Emily that she had nothing to feel guilty about. 

“Em, you know I would never expect that” Her throat closed up at the thought of Charlotte ever being close to any of the girls ever again “I’d never expect you to-to be around her” At the word drop, the air suddenly became heavier, and Emily had never been more thankful to see Hanna and Caleb in her life. 

“Hey, stranger” Caleb mumbled as he hugged Emily tightly “how ya been?” But eventually, as more drinks flowed and glasses became shots, it was impossible to avoid her any longer. 

“She is getting better” Ali swore, her fifth shot of tequila running on a rampage around her veins “I promise you. She feels bad” 

“Ali, don’t do this now” Emily implored, the room spinning as it turned from bar to night-club, coloured lights flashing around them.

“I want her to do this now” Hanna yelled “I want to help! I live the closest and I see you the least” She took another shot of vodka as she jumped up from the table and threw herself over Ali. 

“Han, come on, babe” Caleb said, pulling her back into her arms “we’re not going back to that town” He seemed to be the most sober, and he swayed gently with Hanna to the low-beat music in the background. She took his hand and the wandered to the dance floor, leaving Ali and Emily alone again. 

“I forgot how beautiful you were” Ali said as they locked eyes across the table, both of them too over taken by alcohol to remember anything except the now and then. 

“I wish I could say the same” Emily mumbled “but I could never forget that” Ali blushed profusely, breaking eye contact and looking down at the floor. “Sorry” she whispered, shaking her head as if to clear the mind “I didn’t wanna make you uncomfortable” 

“You never have” Ali said, standing up a little straighter but wobbling lightly as she did so, but still managing to hold her hand out. Emily shook her head, not drunk enough to fall for that. 

“Ali-” She muttered.

“No, Em” Ali demanded “I haven’t seen you for 6 months. Take my stupid hand”  Emily knew it was a bad move, and for a second her mind flashed back to California where Paige waited for her at home, annoyed because she wasn’t invited on the trip. But it all left her mind as their hands fell into each others, and she was pulled across the room to where the speakers blared. 

“I miss you” Ali mumbled “I’m sorry I got everyone into the mess” 

“Ali, please, let’s not talk about it” Emily closed her eyes, letting herself hold Ali close despite the fact that an upbeat song was playing behind them “just be with me” 

“I am with you” She muttered drowsily “I’m always with you, Em”