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when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down


“when you feel like giving up, remember who you’re doing it for.”

I think we all need this after episode 11 and the upcoming episode 12. ಥ_ಥ I’m in denial that yoi is ending ok? let me weep in peace 

(also for anyone who’s tired/stressed out in life)


Yuuri definitely has the Viktor one plastered to his wall, nothing can make me think otherwise.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anyone who needs a push for positivity:

there’s a free app called color calendar i use where you rate your days based on colors that coordinate with awesome, good, neutral, bad, and horrible. it helps put into perspective how many good days u have and makes u reflect on ur day, helping u realize one small event doesn’t ruin it all and ur life isn’t as bad as u might think 💖


→ғor ѕнιввerz & anonyмoυѕ

Newt Scamander Imagines.

I wrote some imagines to calm me down I hope u guys like them JFC I need a hug.

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  • Imagine sitting with him under a tree in late summer. The air is hot, but not sticky and it feels good as you sprawl out in the grass. Newt is writing something down in his leather-bound notebook about a creature one of his creatures. He stops writing for a moment, looking down at you with green eyes that seemed more vivid due to the lighting the two of you were in. He lets his gaze linger on your for longer than needed before looking up at the blue sky. There were a few clouds, but not a whole lot. It was the perfect sort of day that he could just soak in because he had all of his favorite things near him. His creatures in his case, lovely weather and you right beside him.
  • Imagine watching Newt with his creatures. He’s so affectionate with them all, taking time to talk to them as if they could completely understand(which you think they can because they’ve been with him for so long), brushing his fingers along their bodies and reflecting the trust and love they show him.
    Holding Pickett on his right index finger, Newt sits next to you and gives you a warm smile. You reply with an equally warm grin and look down at your knees. “You really love them, don’t you?”
    Newt listens to the sound of your voice and nods gently. “They were there for me when no one else was. I owe them everything.” Newt admitted and looked out at the rest of his creatures as he placed Pickett on his shoulder. “The bowtruckles accuse me of favoritism because I do carry Pickett around but truth be told… I can’t pick just one favorite creature. That would be fair. I love them all…”
    You hold your finger out on Newt’s shoulder, and he watches rather intently as Pickett crawls onto it. “I think Pickett may favor you more than me though, or so it seems.” 
  • Imagine hearing Newt singing to his creatures, especially the newborns. It’s an act of trust and love, and though he usually assumes you can’t hear him, you usually do. He sings a variety of things, usually lullabies he can remember from his childhood, and catchy jingles he may have heard in the Muggle World.
    Surprisingly, he’s a really good singer. But, you haven’t told him yet because you’re afraid if you tell him, he’ll become self-aware and will stop singing so loudly for you to hear.
  • Imagine Newt watching you handle his creatures. It starts as just a minute stare, and becomes him intently watching you from across the way. You’re so gentle and so caring with his creatures, but not because you have to. But, because you want to as you know how much they mean to Newt. 
    The more Newt finds himself watching you, the more aware he becomes of the blossoming feelings he has for you. There’s just something so beautiful about you caring for his creatures the way he does that lights his soul on fire. Newt supposed he had always yearned for a companion who shared the same passion for them as he did. He just never thought it’d be so bluntly in his face.
  • Imagine finding Newt asleep in the middle of the floor. It happens more often than not, as he does get a bit eccentric and doesn’t sleep for what seems like days at time. You sigh quietly, knowing you can’t carry him to a more comfortable place and so you grasp the nearest thing that resembles a blanket, which happens to be his peacock colored jacket, and put it onto of his sleeping self. He mumbles something, tugging it closer before dozing off completely once again.
  • Imagine realizing that you’re in love with Newt. Something that took years to realize, and you’re surprised that it took that long. It starts off as just any other day with the two of you. He’s seated in front of the Niffler, looking into the burrow with narrow eyes. He’s bent over, staring in and saying something to the little black creature in a rather stern yet playful voice. You’re across from him, Pickett on your shoulder as you were just trying to convince him to join the other bowtruckles.
    Newt starts gesturing with his hands wildly, still talking to Niffler who is seated rather comfortably in his treasures.
    You laugh quietly. You could only imagine what he was scolding him for, probably for taking another shiny object that was his when it all of a sudden hit you.
    Why were you staring for so long? You couldn’t even see his face and you were merely staring at his back. You swallowed. 
    The warm feeling inside of your chest began. You knew what this was, or at least you thought.
    But, nothing was going to prepare you for the deeper feelings you were going to develop.
  • Imagine one night, Newt is talking about his time at Hogwarts. It remains vague enough to start with as to not stir unwanted emotions, but he finds himself stumbled by your words when you get onto the topic of friends, or his lack of such during his schooling. “You were in love with Leta.” You whispered quietly, looking back at the picture of her Newt carried.
    Silence ensues around the two of you as he looks down at his hands. Swallowing, Newt wonders if he has it in himself to actually answer you truthfully. But, then again, answering in a lie would get him no where. He shuffled besides you, rubbing his hands together before putting them on his knees, “That was a long time ago.” Newt said and cleared his throat, avoiding your eyes at all costs, “Feelings change, and so do people…”
    “Newt, I…”
    “Can we please…” His voice sounds broken and shredded, “Not talk about this anymore…?”
    “I’m sorry…” You say, letting the silence fill the air once again. The two of you don’t talk again for the rest of the night as he stands to go tend to his creatures.
    He’s just so afraid of falling in love again, because he knows what love can do to a person if they’re not the right one. One side of him thinks like this while the other is urging him to jump, because he’s convinced you are indeed the one true love of his life.

If you guys want more, let me know! :) Thanks! Hope you enjoyed! Reblogs + likes are much appreciated and mean a lot!


tell me the truth / that it’s not in vain / broken promises / they can’t be saved / to this day i believe there’s no shame / cause love is worth fighting for

>> love is worth fighting for | a hollstein mix series [listen to all]
>> i. state of grace [listen]

“maybe that’s just the way it is, but that does not mean that i have to accept it. i deserve better, betty deserves better, hell, even you deserve better.”

“i mean i know that you’re not just doing it for me, but seriously-” “don’t be an idiot. of course i’m doing it for you.

can we just pretend, just for tonight, that if i asked, we’d run away? we’d find some way to leave and we’d just go, somewhere without murders or sisters… we’d sleep in hotel rooms, and never live in the same city twice… there’d be no one to fail, or disappoint, or save. it would just be you and me in love.” “that would be nice, wouldn’t it? but… our friends need us. the school needs us.”

>> ii. gravity [listen]

“that’s part of who i am, laura. so is mattie. you can’t expect all of that to just evaporate because i love you.” “if you really loved me then you’d stay. i need you to be the kind of person that helps and fights.” “you haven’t listened to a single word i’ve said. i’m done.

“you want the kind of love that clicks, like a key into a lock, but i don’t have any of that to give you. all i know is that in more than a century, you’re the only person i ever found worth saving. you and no one else.” “it’s not enough.” “i know.

do you miss me?” “like someone cut a hole in me.”

>> iii. worth fighting for [listen]

and yeah, you are flawed and struggling and uncertain but it is so beautiful, the way you try.” “to hell with light and casual. i don’t want to be light and casual with you. i don’t want to pretend that what i feel about you is some stupid frothy thing that doesn’t matter because it is like the axis that my world turns on. and yeah, we could talk ourselves out of it because this is scary, and hard, and maybe the world’s about to end, but if it is then i want us to have something good to hold onto. i love you. why shouldn’t that be something good?”

laura, if you go with me, all i’ll think about is losing you. and if i did i think i’d go mad.” “carm, that can’t be what we are to each other… if one of us doesn’t make it, the other one can’t end up like the dean, mad and bitter and destroying everything we touch. i don’t want that to be our story, okay? our story is that we made each other better. so we go together.” “alright. together it is.

“i didn’t want to risk hoping too hard and ending up disappointed or loving too much and having too much to lose, ‘cause it seemed like that was the lesson the world was trying to teach me, you know? except now i think that love is worth the risk.”

μ's bakery au ideas (1/?)

(official twit thread here) (various ideas will be thrown in the thread first before i pile them up in a post like this)

  • their bakery is combined with a cafe
  • it is sponsered by maki (damn maki u rich)
  • very popular (bc of the *coughs* cute girls *coughs* n also bc their stuff r very good)
  • Rin n Hanayo mostly make pastries like cupcakes, macaroons etc etc
  • Maki is a special case tho (bc she sucks), she mostly makes sandwiches bc she can add all the tomatoes she wants
  • Honks specialize in bread (well of course right) (its honks)
  • Umi is generally ok with everything, but she sticks with making pastries n bread
  • Kotori specialize in making cheesecakes! her cheesecakes r the best, there’s only like 3-5 per day n it always get sold out
  • Eli, Nozomi n Nico make cakes
  • Eli… mostly makes chocolate cakes.
  • she is good at other cakes too but she. just. makes. chocolate. cakes.
  • Nozomi can make a variety of cakes, but she never uses caramel
  • also nozo is good at making donuts! but still no caramel tho
  • Nico is the best at mostly everthing, so she’s the head baker but no one calls her that smh

(more ideas under the cut)

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✨🌍 sigils to help the planet 🌎✨

this is my very first try at making sigils, so i hope u guys like them! going clockwise, starting from the top left:

  • “Rainfall increases in areas where it is needed.”
  • “The rainforest and its inhabitants are safe, empowered, and protected from the destructive effects of human action.”
  • “Honey bee populations are able to thrive.”
  • “The effects of climate change are slowed, reduced, and, where possible, reversed.”

My acrylic charms are finally here and ready to be sold!!
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And as always, thank you guys so much for all of the support!!
I hope you enjoy these guys as much as I loved making them

Please shoot me an email if you’re interested<3






I really love these designs made by @freaky-fan-art :’D they are so cutee and the colors are so ADASD u know!! and she let me draw them ^3^!! thankss ;u; <3  make sure to follow her she have a lot of nice art!! :D ,anyway hope you like it and good night :’3 ! <3 Original: http://freaky-fan-art.tumblr.com/post/156851929036/aesthetics-meme-pastel-goth-maka-and-or-soul

Bts reaction to being mistaken for an older brother:

Anon requested: Hello! luv ur blog can u make a reaction they were taking a walk with their s/o when suddenly a kid runs up to them and attack hugs them thinking they’re their older brother or smth xD

A/N: Thank you so much, I am slowly working on the requests so here is yours all done I hope you like it.


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Bright smile “Do you want some help little guy?” Jin will say before proceeding to help the boy back to his family. Rounding on you with sparkling eyes he’ll admit a secret he’s been keeping to himself. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had one of our own Jagiya?


Originally posted by queensalad-stormbutterfly

Holding the boy hands and dropping to his knees“Do you want help finding him?” the happiest smile will be on his face and though he won’t say anything, Suga definitely plans on having a little boy all to himself with you.


Originally posted by jhope-shi

OK so the child might not be particularly lost, but I think Hobi will creep the hell out of him “Oh god, no I am not your hyung. Are you lost, do you need help? Jagi help me!”

Rap Monster:

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“Do I look like your hyung? Call me hyung then till we find him for you” Namjoon said as he carried the baby back to his original owner. You’ll be wiping your tears like choke me this is so cute.


Originally posted by irapjustlikejay-z

“Hello there!” chim chim exclaimed as the boy ran towards him and buried his face in his legs. Startled and overwhelmed, Jimin will explain that he isn’t the one he is looking for, making it up to him by buying some sweets for the lost child.

V/ Taehyung:

Originally posted by deathlymaze

He is working his magic. Idk what it is with V and kids but the boy will be laughing and having the time of his life with you involved that he just won’t approve on going back to his family.


Originally posted by ultranicolet

Secretly offended like is there someone as good looking as me? But Kookie will hug him back for nudging you to do something and you’ll just roll your eyes because classical jungkook move. You will both attempt returning the lost baby to his parents as Jungkook’s face heats up with the possible idea of having his own child between you two.
Dating Johnny

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta* I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon

A/N: Basically, I really want to make this a series with every NCT member~ sO I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE THIS (ofc I’m gonna start it off with this cutie) sorry if it isn’t that good

  • Giant dork sweetheart
  • Is in his senior year
  • ½ of the school comedy duo with Ten
  • Everybody loves him, how could you not love him? Even the teachers love him
  • Smooth talks them into bumping up his grade  
  • He isn’t bad at school tho
  • Like his grades are good  
  • No overachiever but slightly above average
  • But is doesn’t hurt getting that C moved up to a B every-so-often
  • Can make anyone’s day 10x’s brighter with his 11/10 smile
  • He isn’t cocky, but he knows he’s hot af  
  • He doesn’t gloat about it tho  
  • One of the ‘popular kids’ at school  
  • But tbh he finds the other higher status kids annoying so he stays away from them
  • Finds them stuck up and egocentric  
  • So spends 110% of his time with Ten  
  • Least favourite class: history  
  • Favourite class: psychology
  • Actually where he met you
  • And you’re lowkey one of the reasons it’s his favourite class
  • Was so happy when you two were assigned partners to make a presentation on biopsychology
  • You both worked in the library every evening that week to get the presentation done
  • Tho you noticed he lost focus quite often whilst you both had to work on the only free library computer together
  • Ofc it was bc you were constantly bumping shoulders with him and at one point whilst explaining something to him you turned at your face was so close to his  
  • You literally jumped back slightly bc goddamn  
  • 0 proximity  
  • He’d make some insanely cute yet rlly lame joke I would come up with one but I’m really not that funny
  • After that assignment was finished
  • You both just so happened to always go the library at the same time near enough everyday  
  • Totally a coincidence  
  • Not like you both really liked each others company and it was your only time to hang out together even if I meant being in complete silence  
  • You’d both be studying staring at each other when the other wasn’t looking and he’d just randomly ask you out  
  • Like offer to buy you a coffee and walk you home after when you were done in the library  
  • You began dating not long after that little trip to the coffee shop  
  • To the surprise of some people  
  • Bc you were a rather quiet person  
  • And he was basically your juxtaposition
  • Right the dating stuff now sorry it took so long lol
  • Lowkey skinship in public  
  • Bc you both found it annoying when couples were all over each other right in people’s faces  
  • You didn’t want to be that couple  
  • So usually just hand holding  
  • A small kiss every now and then  
  • But when it was just you two  
  • Constant cuddles
  • Constant kissing  
  • Sometimes it made even you cringe but you also loved it
  • Tbh you loved him  
  • But you were scared to say it first  
  • So you waited  
  • And waited  
  • You started getting worried bc what if he didn’t feel as strongly as me?
  • Nono
  • He does  
  • He just also doesn’t want to say it first  
  • And he’s panicking just as much as you  
  • But one night
  • You were at his house watching really epic yet shit films your favourite thing to do together constantly roasting the bad acting ect  
  • And, just like when he asked you out, he just randomly said those 3 words
  • You were so relieved  
  • And you said those 4 words  
  • You asked where the hell did that come from due to the sheer spontaneity of his confession
  • Tbh he wouldn’t know himself  
  • And he wouldn’t care  
  • Bc you finally knew how much he loved you
Can It, Sassifer.

Anon: Hey can you do one where the reader is Lucifer’s little sister , the youngest archangel and she and Lucifer are constantly fighting for Sam’s attention , she likes Sam and Lucifer wants to just already use Sam as a vessel .
Anon: Can u write a fanfic about Lucifer’s little sister , she has a crush on Sam and she ain’t afraid to show it , she is very sarcastic and has an enormous amount of sass like her brother , and she and Lucifer are always fighting for Sam’s attention . Can u make it funny

So, I got two anon asks for basically the same thing, so I did them both in the same story. I hope you guys like it! Like always, feel free to message/ask me with critiques and comments!

Summary: You, the archangel sister of Lucifer with a similar attitude, has a crush on Sam Winchester. You decide to visit during the aftermath of the Cage (Season 7)

Warnings: None

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl @the-third-winchester-warrior
@fandomspecialist101 @random-superwholock-images @nerdy-free-writes @jensen-jarpad @lil-sister-winchester @daughters-and-winsisters @winchester-sisters-imagines @mysweetcookie99

“Oh, sure,” you mutter for the upteenth time in eternity. “You get all the fun stuff of messing around with Sam’s head and what do I get?”

“Here we go again…” Lucifer rolls his eyes.

You gesture to your surrounding environment with both arms. “The Cage! Full of wonderful attractions galore! And over in this corner we have a giant piece of metal connected to another piece of metal! And in the other corner, more metal, trapping me with the biggest idiot of a brother for all eternity!” Some days weren’t that bad in Hell, but most of the time, you’d go off on sarcastic rants for hours. It wasn’t the worst boredom coping strategy, but it drove your archangel brother insane.

“Would you let it go already?”

“NO! I’m not letting this go! YOU’RE the main reason that we’re stuck here in the first place!! You just had to go and possess the one person who had even a chance of resisting you! Never mind that you had a perfectly good vessel you were already using-”

“Who was burning to death-”

“Who wouldn’t have tossed us in here!”

“Oh, don’t give me that crap. This is just like back at the wack-house.”

You raise your eyebrows. “You wanna go there? Really?”

“I’m not the one who kept trying to get Sam to play spin the bottle.”

You try to keep your face from turning red in your shared prison. “Oh, like you were any better. Streamers and pinatas?”

Lucifer shrugs. “I like donkeys.”

“Not according to the last election, you don’t.”


You stroll up into the pale mental hospital room to the bedside of your favorite human: Sam Winchester. Sure, you were a pretty pissy archangel like your brother, but something about the Winchester boy made you feel more than indifference towards a vessel.

“Hey, Sam. Wake up,” you whisper. He stirs in his restless sleep a little. You glance around the room. “Lucifer’s on his way. I don’t know how long until he’ll come, but be prepared. There’s some serious crap he’s throwing your way today.”

“And you know this…how?” Sam mumbles tiredly.

You scoff. “Because both of us are in your head, dingbat. Now, do yourself a favor and hide the chair!”


“Why do I like you?” you mutter not really under your breath. “Yes, you hulking mess of hotness, the chair! Unless you want to deal with-”

“GOOOOOOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORNINGGGGGGGGG!!!” Your warning is cut off. You bite your tongue and close your eyes as your annoying celestial brother appears from nowhere. Sam covers his head with the bed’s pillow, trying to drown out the brutal singing of the archangel.

“Rise and shine campers! And don’t forget your booties because it’s cold out there!”

“You quote the Bill Murray movie one more time and I swear I’ll-”

“Don’t swear sis, you’re an angel!”

You roll your eyes bitterly before you survey the new level of insanity your brother has reached. “What in the unholy mother of Metatron are you wearing??”

Lucifer is decked out in party hats, streamers, confetti glued to his face, balloons, those weird kazoo-paper-shooty-things that almost never work…it’s like a demented birthday package exploded on his person. He shrugs. “It’s my birthday.”

“No it’s not!”

“Uh,” he scoffs, “it is now. Because I say it is. Isn’t that right, Samantha?”

Sam is doing his best to ignore the new appearance of the world’s most hated figure in history, but he’s failing miserably. It would take a sloth on morphine to not notice the absolute absurdity of your brother. He sighs and rubs his eyes.

“Just…both of you…”

“Not today, smokestack. I need your help right now.” Luci whips out a classic pinata from nowhere. The multi-colored paper rustles gently as he shakes it up and down. “No party’s complete without one of these babies. But, unfortunately, I grudgingly admit I don’t have the height to hang this up from the ceiling. So, you gonna help a brother out or what?”

“We are not brothers.” Sam hardens his gaze at Lucifer. “If you ever call me that again, I will rip you limb from limb and roast your bones.”

You sigh dreamily. You love it when the Winchester boy talks murderously. So…sanguinary. Mmm. Just makes your heart flap around in your chest.

Lucifer shrugs. “So, does that mean if I break it, I get the candy?”

“You’ll be fighting me for it. C’mon.” Yes, you hated your brother, but candy filled pinatas? Million-year old grudges could be put on hold for sugar. You start to climb on top of Lucifer’s shoulders.

“Watch the head.”

“Oh, like I’m damaging precious cargo.” You string up the rainbow donkey. “I got dibs on first whack!”

“Ah, ah, ah. Age before beauty, little sister.”

You whip out a human femur bone from somewhere. “Not if I’ve got the bat.” You point to a disgusted looking Sam with the body part.
“You want up?” Sam closes his eyes and lies on the bed. You shrug. “Your loss then.”

You pull back the femur bone, ready to knock the crap out of the flimsy donkey when-

“Hey!” You protest as a blindfold is placed over your eyes.

“You may be the queen of cheating, but that has no place in the head of Sam Winchester.”

“Can it, Sassifer and let me swing before I think you’re full of candy for me to beat open. Oh wait…”

“Sassifer. I like that.” you hear Lucifer muse. “I’ve been needing a new name. Thanks, Sis. What do you think Sam?”

Sam is silent again. Trying to ignore everything you guess. Sam…my poor, sweet, selfless Sam…

“You know what? We should totally play spin the bottle after this!”

You feel your face heat up as you crack down the femur bone on where Lucifer’s voice came from. The bone shatters in your hands.


You smirk and take the blindfold off your face. “All talk and no brains. It’s like I’m speaking to a walking mouth.”

Lucifer suddenly tackles you and the two of you begin wrestling, glitter flying, balloons popping. Sam looks over at the chaos you two are causing.

“Guys…you’re gonna break something unless you…you know what? Neither of you are real, so never mind.”

“Not real?” you choke out in a strangled voice; Lucifer has an arm around your neck before you flip him onto the floor and break free. You race over to Sam and kiss his cheek, feeling redder than before. “Does that feel ‘not real’ to you?”

“Hey! Paws off my buddy, sis! I still want an untainted vessel someday!”

“Oh, go find a cliff to jump off of.”

“Aw, now you don’t mean that.”

“You know what? If you wanted the best way to kill yourself, jump from your ego and land on your IQ”

Sam snorts in the background; you feel your heart flutter with his approval. Lucifer is stunned speechless. You smile. “Well, as much as I love these conversations, I really should be going. Sam, good luck dealing with this psycho. Save a spin-the-bottle round for me!” You blow a kiss in his general direction and disappear.