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I’m excited and at the same time not ready even if it’s out in June.

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“This is my fuckin’ post roll bro.”

Screencap redraws are a lot of fun but honestly I put this off longer than I should have.
I apologize for it’s… lazy appearance. Low motivation, yknow how it goes.
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hi I like your writing but you really should my call lance "McClain" in your fics. Lance is canon Cuban in VLD, it isn't a Cuban last name and was only his last name in go lion, when he was white. Using it is kinda whitewash-y. Maybe next time use a Cuban name! Have a good day!


now, you want me to stop using ‘McClain’ as lance’s last name because it’s not “cuban”, right? 

ok. i get where you’re coming from and i understand. “McClain” has a history linking back to scotland and the like, so i get why you’d say it’s “whitewash-y”. however, that being said, i don’t think it’s white-washing to use that as his last name.

i’m going to state here: i’m not cuban. i’m white. i’m not going to preach on behalf of poc - cubans in particular, i’m just going to give my opinion. feel free to message me again if you want to discuss this (or if i say smth bad). 

k, now bc i’m white, all i’m going to say is: i don’t think you should be claiming that lance’s last name can’t be mcclain purely because it does have scottish links. lance’s family, (as seen below), aren’t all poc. in fact, some of them are white, i would say.

what does this mean? lance could be biracial. in fact, i headcanon him as such. is that a problem? literally no. having biracial representation is really cool too! 

so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for his last name to be mcclain if his dad is white and his mother is cuban.

REGARDLESS, labelling names as black/white/asian/etc isn’t … the best thing to do, i don’t think. i’m not sure how to word this exactly but: names don’t define ethnicity / race. 

in short: i’m going to keep using McClain as Lance’s last name until we get a different one, if that happens. i’m sorry if this offends you or upsets you.

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’Cause I’ve seen twilight

I was stained by a role
In a day not my own
But as you walked into my life
You showed what needed to be shown
I always knew what was right
I just didn’t know that I might
Peel away and choose to see
With such a different sight

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mysticmessenger-lovehexagon  asked:

could u do like what the rfa+v and saeran would do on their honeymoon like the places they would go and such. I hope its not too hard. Do if u have time tho because I would feel guilty if you did this during someting important. Thanks!

This wasn’t that hard when I was finally able to get around to this ;;;. But I’m sorry for the delay to you and everyone. It’s becoming difficult to get around to writing hcs when I have midterms and other social obligations I must fulfill as an adult.


  • upon both of your interest
  • you two went to Shanghai Disney Resort
  • because why the fuck not
  • it’s all about riding those rides tho
  • of course, the two of you walk around in your gag-worthy “his” and “hers” shirts
  • doesn’t take a lot of pictures because you two just wanted to enjoy your time there
  • occasionally sends a few pictures of some food or when the two of you are waiting in line
  • then at the end of the day, you two are clocked out on the bed smelling like sunscreen and sweat 


  • you always wanted to go to Paris
  • and this was the best time to do it for the both of you
  • freshly married and with your own cafe
  • you two pretty much did a sweeping tour of the best baked goods in Paris
  • not to mention seeing the sites and all because that’s important
  • sends plenty of pictures to the messenger
  • Yoosung is jelly he’s not there to have a napoleon
  • you have to promise him you’ll make him one when you come back


  • it’s all about NEW YORK NEW YORK!!!
  • it’s an awkward place to spend your honeymoon but Zen just really wanted to see a bunch of American broadways
  • and you, being the broadway junky you are you just HAD to go
    • if you’re not, you’re willing to see what it’s all about
  • when you two weren’t watching musicals, you were touring the city or doing other things 
    • *wink wonk
  • lw shocked that he had some fans in the U.S
  • they came to say hi when you were out with him
  • it was a quick meeting because he just wanted to spend the time with you


  • he had a plan to tour all of Europe for goodness sake
  • as much as you wanted to, you just wanted to do something simpler
  • so it was the Cherry Farm that he frequents
    • didn’t mind because he could take Elizabeth 3rd with him
  • it was really nice because it was so chill
  • taking casual strolls through the orchard, picking cherries and such
  • having picnics out in the fields
  • watching the sunset
  • this donut was content because you were there with him to enjoy all of it


  • Scotland
  • for pretty much one reason
  • Nessie
    • well he was interested in the skirts
    • but mainly for Nessie
  • days were spent either sight-seeing or Nessie watching
  • nights were spent together o’ course *o*
  • lots of pictures of you watching the lake
  • he’s interested in the traditional food they serve there as well
  • when it’s a really nice day, you guys take a nice car ride through the country


  • due to his blossoming career, he was able to go to the hotspots of Europe like London, Amsterdam, Paris, etc,. 
  • but his favorite was Japan’s nightlife
  • in the end you two went down to Toyko first for a few days to spend some time in places like Ripongi 
  • then the rest of your honeymoon was spent in Okinawa just resting at the beach
    • V was pretty cool with you burying him in the sand as long as it was away from the tide
  • cue in a million of pictures sent to the messenger and to show to the RFA next time you see them
    • your favorite was the picture you took of him buried in the sand with his head and hands sticking out while holding onto a camera, simultaneously taking a picture of you


  • gumdrop wants to go to the coolest place he can think of
  • San Francisco? Really?
    • if you’re from there, you’re not sure why he wants to go
    • for your honeymoon no less
    • but SF isn’t that bad
  • you decide to spend a week there
  • when it was actually nice and not cold you head to Baker’s Beach lounging in the sun with some ice cream
  • other days were spent walking up and down Fisherman’s Wharf
    • freaks out a little on the duck tour
  • one day you two tour Chinatown
    • taking in the sights and feasting none stop
  • at the end of the day you two collapse on the bed and just knock out