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ROBINS + LABELS (Happy birthday, @henwick aka my sweet smol child!)

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How do you draw hair? It's so amazing!

This is super old and I’m sorry for taking so long to reply omg; I just haven’t had the motivation to sit down and take screenshots of my progress haha.

Anyway, with that out of the way: I have approximately 0 idea what I’m doing while painting hair (or anything, really), so I can’t quite explain how I do it. The most I can give you is sceenshots of my progress and maybe make a few notes here and there! I’m using Gimp, but these tips should apply to most drawing programs.

for this i’ll be using Marinette of course because her hair is a gift from the gods and painting it brings me joy

here’s the sketch:

now, i usually draw some sort of lineart, too, but a clean sketch works just fine as well (plus i’m lazy and I wanna paint lol). when using a sketch as a base, i change the color to a light brown by going to Color -> Colorize, before setting the layer to Multiply and lowering the Opacity to 70-90%.

here’s some basic coloring but we’re just gonna focus on the hair here, so take the base color and smear it over everything

don’t worry about it looking perfect! after you’ve dumped the color on your canvas try to give the hair some very basic shading just to guide you:

from this point on, i usually have no idea what i’m doing. basically, i merge the lineart/sketch layer with the color layer, grab a sharp brush, and go crazy.

Oh, and i also use the color picker tool. A lot.

here’s what i ended up with this time:

oftentimes i tend to play with Brightness/Contrast and Color Balance, while adding some Color Dodge layers here and there.

end result:

And yeah that’s basically how I draw hair?? Just throw a bunch of colors into your canvas and pray they make art lol. Good luck! <3


au where taehyung and jungkook are casted to play the main pairing on a new drama called ‘LOVED HIM.’ what happens behind the scenes is another, unscripted, love story. 1/?


SHINE FOREVER dance practice
↪ Shownu focus

Deepest Shade

pairing: keith/lance; side lance/lotor
author: varelsen
rating: E {for sexual content}
chapters: 10/14

Can you fuck someone you’re convinced you hate? Lance Álvarez and Keith Kogane, rich sons of rival families, are about to realize that the answer is yes. 

Keeping rage and passion apart is difficult enough, but it’s also only the beginning. As Lance gets swept up in a decadent affair with a mysterious man, and Keith struggles with ghosts from his shadowy past, the galaxy holds its breath for the storm encroaching on the horizon.

And through it all, somehow, they keep gravitating back to each other.

read it on ao3

the video that changed my life. a.k.a. juST FUCKING DATE ALREADY DAMN 

This has been my favorite list to make (and to share)—for obvious reasons. ( • ᴗ • )

Hardcore M (Not for the soft of heart • for the 💯 do-S/sadistic girls)

  • ナミダメ (Namidame) - All 5 Volumes 
  • 誘惑(いいなり)第四弾 -研修医、千祖の改悔- (Iinari Vol.4) 
  • 逆調教 (Gyaku Choukyou)
  • 女王蜂の甘美なる交合 第二章 虚編 (Jooubachi no kanbi naru kogou Vol. 2 - Utsuro)

Softcore M (For more moans of pleasure, not pain 🙃 • “More” vanilla ✨)

  • ふたりの秘密1 ~じつはMな彼~ (Futari no himitsu Vol.1) 
  • Relacion Dulce Vol.1 お酒のチカラで知るカレの新たな一面 (Relacion Dulce Vol.1)
  • 私の彼のおかしなヒミツ Vol.3 M気質の彼 (Watashi no kare no okashina himitsu Vol.3 M kishitsu no kare)
  • こまった彼氏 White Ver., 守村編 (Komatta Kareshi White, the tracks with the lawyer, 守村)
  • 純愛-パラフィリア- 教師 広野渉 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Kyoushi Hirono Wataru)
  • 二階堂記念病院 第2弾 リハビリ医葉庭の淫欲カルテ (Nikaido Kinen Byouin Volume 2)
  • 二階堂記念病院 第5弾 耳鼻科医宗矢の淫欲カルテ (Nikaido Kinen Byouin Volume 5)
  • ラブユーブング -永嶺海斗編- (Loveubung - Nagamine Kaito)
  • 監禁男子番外編 ~愛ゆえに彼を閉じ込めて~ (Kankin Danshi Bangai Hen)?* (Straddles** the line between Hardcore and Softcore - in this CD, you assume the position of a yandere/possessive girlfriend)
  • 君がすべて (Kimi ga subete)

Bonus: CDs that don’t explicitly feature M boys, but feature passive/submissive boys. ( • v • ) 

Leans Submissive (Dominant/Assertive MC + Submissive Partner)

  • S.O.S-secret ocean story- Episode 02 エリック (S.O.S. Vol.2 • Eric)
  • 彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 藤木空 (Kare to soine • Sora)
  • Switching?! - Ayumu, and to an extent, Yuu 
  • 大人のメルヘンシリーズ 大人になりたくない少年 ~好奇心旺盛な彼~(Otona no meruhen Vol. 2 Peter Pan)
  • お姉さまと僕~薔薇の下で逢いましょう~ (Onee-sama to boku 〜Bara no shita de aimashou〜)
  • お姉さまと僕~約束のジュリエット~ (Onee-sama to boku 〜Yakusoku no Juliet〜)
  • 4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第一章 青の王 (Yonshoku no shihaisha to hangyaku no gouka Vol. 1 • Blue king)
  • Twinkle Blossom - Natsume
  • 恋。しかるべき ~芹沢拓海 編~ (Koi. Shikarubeki 〜Serizawa Takumi〜
  • Kare Pillow Vol. 8
  • … ( to be continued )

GFD/RR* Tokutens/Tracks

  • Switching?! 2nd! Stellaworth Tokuten - Kanade 
  • 紅ノ華嫁 (Aka no hanayome) - Mizuho’s rendou tokuten, and the first half of Hidemasa’s rendou tokuten 
  • Reversible + Re:Reversible - always features a RR track
  • 今夜はどうする? (Konya wa dousuru?) - Stellaworth tokutens feature GFD/RR
  • … ( to be continued )

Doujin (Hardcore. These are doujin, after all... 💦)

  • カエデくんの告白。~私が××したい彼~ & カエデくんと2度目のえっち。(Kaede-kun no kokuhaku. ~Watashi ga xx shitai kare~ & Kaede-kun to nidome no ecchi.) 
  • 受けっぽい彼氏、受けっぽ彼氏! (Uke-ppoi Kareshi, Uke-ppoi Kareshi!)
  • お部屋カレシ~尽くし系な年下彼氏を苛めてみたら…~<譲編> (Oheya Kareshi〜Zukushi kei na toshishita kareshi wo ijimete mitara〜)
  • お兄ちゃんだいすき!  (Onii-chan, daisuki!) 
  • ドエス彼氏 ドエム彼氏 (Do-S Kareshi, Do-M Kareshi)
  • クラスの王子様とドSな私 (Class no ouji-sama to do-S na watashi)
  • 赤いヒールのシンデレラ (Akai heel no cinderella)
  • ご主人様と召使い ~カイの場合~ (Goshujin-sama to meshitsukai 〜Kai no baai〜) 仕置 track
  • ご主人様と召使い ~ウィルフレド侯爵の場合~ (Goshujin-sama to meshitsukai 〜Wilfred koushaku no baai〜) 逆転/調教 tracks
  • 執事のいる生活~無知執事・水桐~ and 執事のいる生活~新人執事・魅月~ (Shitsuji no iru seikatsu, Mizukiri’s and Mizuki’s volumes)

*Gentle femdom/role reversal.

**Pun intended.