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Schuyler Times (A.Schuyler x Reader)

a/n: i……..am so gay for angelica i went so overboard with this jfc 

request: can you do an angelica x reader where reader is maria’s sister and she asks angelica for help?

word count: 2,812 words

“Have you found anything, (Y/N)?”

You sighed and shook your head, “Nothing yet, Angie.”

You were currently living with Angelica Schuyler, who practically picked you off the streets when she found you crying at Central Park after you got fired from your last job. Ever since then she’s been letting you stay at her apartment as you looked for a job. You had one now as a waitress down the street, but it wasn’t enough pay to get you back on your feet. You would’ve stayed with your sister, but she’s been having financial problems too, so you thought best to leave her alone. However, you’ve been searching for a job for at least a month now and you’re starting to feel guilty for relying so much on Angelica.

“I’m really sorry, Angie. I’m trying my best.” You said sadly as you closed your laptop.

“No no it’s fine! I know it’s been hard, but you’ve been trying your hardest and that’s all I can ask. You’re the sweetest person ever and I’m so glad to have met you.” She smiled.

You giggled and covered your face as you felt a blush come over you, “Stop it!”

Angelica laughed and got up from her spot on the couch, “Alright, I have to go to work at the Times. I’ll see you in a couple hours for that dinner we planned.”

She grabbed her purse and kissed your cheek before she left out the door.

Once you heard her footsteps walk away down the hall, you grabbed the closest pillow to muffle your scream.

It was getting harder and harder each day to hide your huge crush from Angelica. You knew she liked girls, that wasn’t the problem. You could tell she was gay a mile away. It was if she likes you. You felt like some of the things she would say or do around you weren’t platonic and meant more, but then she would call her third sister which always caused your stomach to drop. You also felt like she only pitied you which fueled more determination inside of you to find a job.

You straightened up from your position on the couch and opened your laptop again to look for jobs. You didn’t know how long you were sitting there, but that didn’t matter as your eyes finally caught a opening for a job at a pharmacy nearby. You scanned and saw that you fit all the requirements and it was close by! You could come visit Angie anytime you wanted!

You quickly filled out the application and closed the laptop as you bounced up and down from excitement.

A couple days later, you received a phone call interview from a woman named Katie and the next week you had an in person interview. Your hopes got higher and higher as the interviews went on and you were praying this job would be the one.

Finally, you got a call saying they are deciding on you and they would give you a call back telling you whether you got the job or not and that it could take up to a week for them to decide on you.

You got the call the next day.

You were watching TV when you got the call. You quickly shut off the TV and scrambled to grab your phone. You took a deep breath before answering.

“Hello, this is (Y/N) Reynolds,” you said into the phone as you started pacing nervously around the room.

Hi, Miss Reynolds! This is Katie from the pharmacy and we just wanted to congratulate you on being accepted for the job! We are very excited to have you working with us and please give me a call back so we can figure out your schedule and the requirements that come with this job! Thank you!

You nearly screamed, but you calmly thanked her and said you were excited to work with her. You hung up and started dancing around the room at your excitement before you realized you had to tell Angelica. You ran to her bedroom door and was about to slam it open when you heard she was talking on the phone. You walked away, not wanting to disturb her.

You sat back on the couch and was about to turn on the TV when you heard Angelica’s voice become louder.

You started to get worried as you heard Angelica went from talking loudly to full on screaming from her room, the call must have been going on for at least half an hour and you were about to check on her when she walked in. You ran over to her to comfort her as she looked like she was about to murder someone.

“Angie, what’s wro-”

“Get out.”

Your eyes widened and you stepped back, “W-what?”

Angelica turned to you and stared into your eyes, full of hatred and disgust, “You heard me, (Y/N). Get out.”

You stared at her with tears in your eyes and ran into your room and grabbed the small amount the things you owned. You didn’t know what was going on, but all you knew was that you needed to leave. You didn’t know where you were going either, but that didn’t matter.

You were about to walk out the door, but turned around at the last minute. You took a deep breath and said your last goodbye to Angelica, but it was only met with silence.

You were walking down the street with a suitcase in one hand when your sister called you.

“Hey Maria,” You greeted into the phone sadly.

“(Y/N), I fucked up. I fucked up bad.” You heard her cry.

You stopped and walked off to the side and set down your things, “Maria, what happened?”

She didn’t say anything for a while before she took a big breath, “I…had an affair with someone. I totally fucked up someone’s life!”

You gasped, “Maria what did you do?”

She explained that her and James were having problems and he left her. She had a job as a secretary downtown, but it wasn’t enough to pay for her apartment, so she asked her boss for help which led to him sleeping with her. James found out and blackmailed the man into giving him money and he’ll keep quiet. But that was short lived as one of the other employees found out and exploited him.

“Maria I cannot believe you! You’re my sister and I love you, but what the hell?!” You yelled.

“I know…”

You sighed and pinched your nose before talking, “We’ll talk about this later, don’t worry about it.”

“You don’t understand!” She cried. “I can’t ever work at my dream job at the Schuyler Times because of who I had an affair with! He knows the CEO and will put in a bad word about me!”

You froze.

He knows Angelica?

“Maria,” You asked cautiously. “What was his name?”

You prayed that it wasn’t who you think it was but deep down you knew, you just knew.

“It was Alexander Hamilton,” She confirmed your fear.


“What is it? What’s wrong?” You heard her frantically ask.

You shook your head even though she couldn’t see you and told her you’ll talk about it later.

You stayed on the phone for a long time, comforting her and telling her that things will get better. Finally, you asked if James was still with her.

“God no,” She replied. “He left after the whole scandal and told me he never wanted to see me again.”

She sounded happy, happier than you heard her in a long time and you smiled. At least something good came out of all of this and you were glad he wasn’t in her life anymore, you didn’t like him anyways.

“Hey Maria,” You started. “Can-can I stay at your house for a bit?”


You almost dropped your phone at her exclamation and quickly reached to grab it before it shattered.

“God Maria! Excited to see me?” You joked. “I’ll be over there in about an hour. See you soon!”

You grabbed your suitcase and other belongings before you started off into the streets and you smiled thinking that this was a new chapter in your life.

When you arrived at Maria’s apartment, she gave you the tightest hug you’ve ever received. She helped you unpack your things even though you still spotted her red eyes and tear stained cheeks.

It took you a while to tell you what happened with Angelica because you knew she would feel like the whole thing was her fault, but you ended up spilling everything after a bad day at the pharmacy.

Luckily, she didn’t get too upset and made your favorite food and played board games with you for the rest of the night.

You forgot how much you missed your sister when you moved in with her. You missed her cooking, her jokes, her over the top fashion tips, and just her presence in general.

You comforted her whenever the affair was brought up and kept trying to convince her to apologize to Eliza Schuyler about the whole scandal, but she would always refuse and say that Eliza would probably set her on fire.

One day you opened the door to both of your’s apartment, lab coat still resting on your shoulders, when you saw Maria sitting on the couch, staring at the powered off TV.

“Maria…” You asked, hoping it wasn’t another breakdown about to happen.

She jumped when she heard your voice and ran over to you and gripped your arms, “(Y/N), you wouldn’t believe what I did today!”

You wanted to cover your eyes at her squealing, but instead smiled down at her.

“Well hello to you too, Maria.”

She rolled her pretty brown eyes, “I called Eliza Schuyler up and we had lunch together today and we talked about the whole thing! And wow she was so nice and pretty! And she wants to be friends! Isn’t that amazing?!”

You grinned brightly when she finished her ramblings, “That’s awesome, Maria! I’m so happy for you.” You pulled her into a tight hug.

Maria felt a lot better after that day and soon she was offered a job at the Schuyler Times. An old coworker of hers helped work her way through it and you couldn’t have been any prouder of your sister achieving her goals. However, every once in a while a thought would pop up in your head for you to call up Angie, but you pushed it out of your mind convincing yourself she didn’t want to see your face again. You knew she already pummeled Alexander and you didn’t want to feel anymore of her wrath.

You had one of those thoughts as you were heading home after a half day at work. You were about to slip off your coat when Maria texted you.

yo sistah: (12:54 PM)

hey i totally forgot my lunch on the table so can you PLSS drop it off for me?? ill make it to u i promise!

You softly chuckled when you read the text and replied you were on your way.

You grabbed the lunch bag from the kitchen counter, locked the door, and hopped on the subway. You made your way through the streets of New York and finally reached the huge skyscraper which was the home for the Schuyler Times. You pulled out your phone to text Maria you were here.

yo sistah: (1:17 PM)

oh yay! ur the best <3 im in room 901

You quickly as the man at the front desk what floor room 901 was on. He looked at you oddly before stating it was on the top floor. You thought he looked at you oddly because you still had your lab coat on and shrugged him off. You thanked him and skipped over to the elevators.

As you made your way to the top, a thought struck you. You could possibly run into Angelica here. Although you knew she is constantly busy and always cooped up in that office of hers, you still had a high possibility of seeing her which made your heart pound. The elevator dinged signaling you were at the top floor which shook you back into reality.

As you made your way down the hallways looking for room 901, you noticed that these rooms were offices. And not just normal offices but the important business running kind. You prayed to God that none of these were Angie’s as you felt your palms start to sweat and search more frantically for your sister, but you eventually found it.

You took a deep breath to calm yourself and knocked gently on the door. You heard a faint ‘come in’ and opened the knob to allow yourself in.

“Next time Maria, you owe me lu-”

You stopped your teasing midway through when you saw that it wasn’t Maria in the room but Angelica.

“I am so sorry I must’ve be given the wrong room.” You tried to walk out.

“Wait (Y/N), no!” Angie exclaimed as she reached to stop you. “Maria told you to come to room 901, right?”

Your eyes that were previously glued to the floor snapped up to Angelica’s eyes when you realized Maria set this up. She knew you were miserable about Angelica and she wanted the both of you together again, so she forgot her lunch on purpose.

You started to back away again and her grip tightened, “Angie I can’t do this. I’m sorry.”

“Why not?” She cried. “I haven’t stopped thinking about you ever since I kicked you out like…like some kind of criminal! I haven’t been able to sleep knowing I kicked you out over something your sister did and you probably didn’t even know about it!” She yelled with tears in her eyes.

You looked at her with widened eyes as you had never seen her so vulnerable before.

“I miss you,” She whispered as if she was telling you a secret. “I miss seeing your face around the apartment, I miss playing games with you, I miss our movie nights, I miss coming home after a long day and getting one of your hugs, I just…miss you.”

You wanted to kiss her so badly and wipe away her tears, but you held back, “Why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you just come and talk to me?!” You yelled the last part. “I can’t count of how many sleepless nights I stayed awake, praying that you didn’t despise me and regretted taking me in. I was hoping you would at least call me after the whole affair died down but I got nothing! How can you just say you miss me?!” You screamed.

“I can’t just call up the love of my life like nothing happened after I did the most unforgivable thing to her!”

You stared at each other through your blurry visions, chests heaving from your yelling and both still in shock at what Angelica confessed.

“You’re…” You trailed off.

Angelica coldly laughed, “Yeah, I love you. Ever since I let you into my apartment. Stupid, right?” She sniffled looking out her window. “I thought-still do- that you were the strongest and most courageous people I’ve ever met. You were at a low point in your life and you still managed to be kind and generous and loving to everyone you met. You didn’t let that negativity corrupt you,” She reached and held your hand. “You cheered me up after bad days in the office and pulled me away from my work before I worked myself too hard and reminded me of how fun life was,” She smiled for a moment and stroked your hand with her thumb before it disappeared into a frown. “Then I threw that all away. I kicked you out of my-our- apartment and out of my life. I know I really don’t deserve this, but can I have a second chance. We don’t have to do anything, I just want to be friends again.”

You looked into her eyes and saw the desperation and truth within them and grinned brightly at her, “Why would I just want to be friends when I have the love of my life right here?”

Angie’s eyes lit up when she realized what you meant and started giggling from joy which led to you giggling with her. She pulled you close to her and kissed you with all her might, trying to convey all of her feelings in that one special kiss. You kissed her back, assuring her that this was what you wanted.

She pulled back from the kiss but made you stayed in her embrace.  You were overjoyed to see this time you saw love and happiness in her eyes.

“I am never letting you go ever again.”