i hope to make a cosplay for her after this convention maybe

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We know Saihara's favorite character was Kirigiri and Shirogane was Junko, but have you tried to guess who the rest of the cast's favs were based on how they built their own characters?

This is a really fun ask that I’ve had sitting here for a while now, because it’s really, really interesting to think about.

Most of what I have is just speculation of course, and personal feelings about which characters they must have liked based on similarities, so I’ll try my best! You already mentioned Saihara and Tsumugi, and both of those are on-point obviously, so I’ll just handle all the other characters.

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Meeting Iain and Elizabeth - My Weekend at C2E2

I don’t really know how to start this because this weekend was such an experience, and I had to the most wonderful time. I know a lot of you have been asking about my time there, so here’s a full rundown of my weekend. Most is under the cut because IT’S A LOT.

I’ll start with what you really want to hear. As most of you already know, Iain and Elizabeth were both the kindest human beings on the planet. Iain was just so nice and thoughtful, and he genuinely enjoyed meeting everyone at the con. You could just tell he was having a lovely time, which made the whole experience even better. And of course, Elizabeth was a complete angel, running a guy down to return his pen, and was completely sweet throughout the whole weekend.

Now, onto my Saturday experience!

First off, I have to thank @eclecticmuses​ for letting me follow her around like a lost puppy all day Saturday. Honestly, I had no idea where to go, so thank you for being so kind and leading the way. You were a lifesaver, and so much fun to hang with all day!

After meeting up with some of her cosplay friends, we went directly to Iain’s autograph line. We were about 15th? in line, so we didn’t have to wait that long, but let me tell you. Once Iain came out and sat down, the f-bombs were flying amongst our group bc we were losing our shit. After about a minute of everyone having a little excited panic, we calmed ourselves (as much as possible) and waited for our autographs.

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I cosplay Killing Stalking and love it but it really shouldnt be cosplayed at con, a week ago I was ready too then had to hold my friend for 3 hours to calm them down from a panic attack after them just glancing at ks cosplayers. i dont think people should cosplay it at cons if it could completely ruin someone elses weekend

Sorry what happened with your friend anon, hope they’re feeling better and getting proper therapy.

But, I wholeheartedly disagree with you. People are allowed to cosplay whatever fictional character they want. 

Listen, I honestly think there’s a difference between an attendee and a cosplay attendee– now besides the obvious difference, hear me out;

A cosplayer works so, so fucking hard on their cosplay. Even basic, simple cosplays are a drag– I know this because I’ve cosplayed a simple character and it was still difficult to find the right clothing, the right makeup, and how to fix my hair up (Wigs are hella expensive, and I mean the good kind, holy crap)

Cosplays take a lot of determination, sweat and blood, and love to make, and once you’ve finished, you’re so proud and happy about what you finished and created! And now you get to wear your hard work to a convention, and get to be a part of the cosplay group and interact with others and hopefully take photos and make wonderful memories!

Now let’s say this is someone’s first convention going as a KS character– they’ve put a lot of work into the costumes, and are excited to go, they paid for their way into the convention and everything. 
This person has just invested money, sometimes a lot, into not just the costume, but also to go into the con, and maybe saved up to buy some nice merchandise. They invested a lot of money and time to going; normal attendees did not

I would be very, very upset, maybe even furious, if someone told me I could not cosplay a character, which I’ve worked hard on their costume, I’ve put a lot of time into looking just as I want too, and I also paid for the ticket in as is. I would feel hurt if a friend told me this. I would even be upset if I was excited and ready to start creating a cosplay for these characters, and a close friend of mine began freaking out and breaking down over the fact I’d be one of those cosplayers. I would respect their feelings, but I would also distance myself from that friend and probably take a family member or another friend who does not react that way to people cosplaying fictional characters.

Listen, as someone who has panic attacks and breakdowns from certain memories and songs, I understand the whole, “I’m gonna have a psychotic break down for three hours sorry guys.” I also understand this behavior is not okay, and many times have I even caused my own mother to go into a breakdown and become frightened of me, concerned for me and ready to physically drag me to a hospital, not because she thinks I’m crazy, but because she loves me and doesn’t want me to hurt myself, possibly kill myself.

But honestly, I think that was manipulative for your friend to have such a psychotic breakdown(3 Hours?) over these fictional characters– especially just at glancing at people cosplaying them, not even interacting with her.
I think she’s way too sensitive, and my suggestion is she shouldn’t even go to conventions until she goes to proper therapy and sorts this out. Her reaction was incredibly unhealthy, for her and those around her; what she did, my mother would have decided she is freaking out over, really nothing, and would of had her committed or hospitalized

I don’t care if a KS cosplayer ruined someone’s weekend; first of all you don’t even know them most of the time, they’re strangers, who also want to have a fun and happy weekend, make some new friends, get some cool stuff, take some awesome photos. Most of the time cosplayers don’t go and interact with others unless given the “Okay,” and wait for others to walk up to them. That’s usually how people function in public situations surrounded by strangers. 

So my advice is stay away from those cosplayers, they aren’t out to hunt you down, they actually don’t really care about your presence and are focused on making sure their cosplay stays together and enjoying the con. If their mere presence makes you panic and freak out, in public mind you, then I recommend leaving the convention all together. Do not confront the cosplayers, just leave.

They also paid to get into the convention just like you, so you really have no right to dictate who gets to go to cons and who doesn’t. Conventions are not the internet, you will be confronting a person face-to-face, and this can lead to real repercussions for how you or the cosplayer behave and act.

I say talk to your friend about this, and not guilt trip, but explain how having a panic attack over just looking at KS cosplayers is really unhealthy, and she need’s to have that taken care of.
Also, she shouldn’t be attending any conventions until this is sorted out, if she goes to a convention and behaves like this, and me just assuming how badly her panic attacks are to mine, she will possibly be escorted out or medics will go to her aid and also take her– many cosplayers will most likely not want to be around her for fear of even inciting this behavior if they learn it was just by seeing those cosplayers –not to mention, she will be shaming those KS cosplayers, just for being there. A lot of bad things could happen, so I think she shouldn’t go to any conventions til then. 

You and your friend are responsible for your own health and safety– do not pin this on others, nor should you have to baby your friend because she cannot handle the sight of people cosplaying Sangwoo and Bum. You may respect her feelings, you may be patient and kind about it, but do not allow her to manipulate and force you to do anything just for her– basically, don’t put everyone over your own happiness. 

Of course, this is your opinion, but do not go to people’s inboxes, especially cosplayers, and begin to tell them, dictate to them, on why they cannot cosplay KS characters because they have to be sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings– strangers feelings. 

Be there for your friend, but don’t enable this type of behavior. She needs proper treatment, and you should be able to talk to her about this and try to make her realize that what she did was not at all normal nor healthy for her. She needs to get to a point where she’s not projecting and combining fiction with reality– now that’s dangerous tambien. 
Also, if there are any signs of this relationship turning one-sided and toxic, I would bounce.

How You Met - Axis (Hetalia Imagine)

Hi! This is a fairly new blog, but I’m hoping to get to know you all better. These imagines are from my Wattpad account arufureddo-, but requests and matchups are open on here! Enjoy~

You were visiting the wondrous country of Italy for vacation, and you were extremely lost. You held a worn map that you had somehow found at a street vendor, as the crumpled instructions didn’t seem to help you whatsoever. Many people pass by you, twirling you left and right as you were easily pushed by the crowds. Your map had fallen loose in your hands, allowing it to escape and twirl with the wind, sending it far from you.

Just what you needed.

Sighing, you navigate your way over to a bench, away from the noisy and disturbing crowds. You place your head in your hands, feeling the tower of stress pour down onto you like a summer storm. What could you do next? Your only hope now was just to wander around.

Suddenly, a man with auburn hair and a strange curl approaches you with a wide smile. Of course the logical thing to do would be to walk away, considering he was a complete stranger, but something felt different about him. You hesitate and pretend like you don’t see him, avoiding eye contact completely.

“Ciao bella,” the man begins in a gleeful tone, tilting his head, “are you lost?” He sweetly asks, giving you the chills. As nice as he seemed, you could never know if you would trust him or not. Seriously, although you wanted to trust him so much, this was real life, not some silly fanfiction where the man and the woman meet instantly and fall in love.

You look up to him, slightly regretting it. “Yes, I am. Do you happen to know where-,” you glance to your wrist, where the street name was written. “…Via Nazionale is? And I apologize if my pronunciation is bad.”

The man nods eagerly, his curl bouncing on the side. “Of course! And don’t worry, you’re pronunciation was perfect! Would you like me to show you there?” The man holds his hands behind his back, smiling still.

Alright, maybe you were being a bit too judgemental. He seemed like a completely innocent person.

…Almost too innocent.

“That won’t be necessary, sir. I’ve already caused you enough trouble. But I really do appreciate the offer, Mr-.” You pause, waiting for the cheerful Italian to give you his name. He just stops and hesitates as if he had forgotten his own name.

The auburn man grins and sticks out his left hand. “Feliciano Vargas! And may I ask for your name, bella?”

Feliciano’s hand was left dangling in the open air, as you thought out about shaking it. Finally swallowing your anxiety and pride, you shake his hand, returning his smile. “Y/N.”


The moonlight was about the only thing illuminating the dark and narrow road that you were walking down upon. Unfortunately, your car had broken down two blocks back, and you were walking home to try and find help, or at least someone. Thank goodness for this light, because without it you would stumble into the unknown wanders of the nighttime.

But sometimes even this small amount of light couldn’t help.

Two pairs of arms wrap around your waist, and the other over your mouth. You screech and struggle against them, violently kicking your legs and hissing your voice. The two finally get you to stay still, as you feel two tears ripple against your cheeks, wincing.

“This is a nice one~ Should we take her or her money?” The first man asks, though his voice was light for a man’s. The other man, whose hair was messily blonde accompanied with brown eyes, rolls his eyes as if the person was joking.

He scoffs. “You kidding? Who said we had to choose? I say both~!” The man smirks and searches through your bag and purses, getting a little too close. You wince and scream through his hand, trying to yell for help. However nobody could hear you through the man’s hand.

Another figure approaches the three, and with this one being fairly tall and well built. Your palms were sweaty, knees weak, and practically reciting an Eminem song. Upon further examination, the man had slicked back blonde hair, and blue eyes that seemed slightly terrifying.

The third man swung his arm right towards you, and you flinched, expecting it to knock you in the face. Instead, it slammed the other man’s right eye, serving him a nice black eye. He stumbles off of you, only leaving the other guy’s arms around your waist. The man raises his leg and sends your assailant yelping, and his arms slip off of your waist. The two scurry away quickly, as your eyes widen in fear at the man. Even if he was your savior, what if he was no better than these men?

The man’s blue eyes glare down to you, though you had your arms wrapped around your head in defense. He extends his hand to you, and you slowly look up to him. You gulp and take his hand, still shaking.

“Jou know it’s bad idea to be wandering in these streets at nice, frau.” The man had a thick German accent, which didn’t surprise you for whatever reason.

“I know… It’s just my car broke down and I’ve been trying to find someone to help with it. And, thank you for the help.” You quietly thank, crossing your arms across your chest and shivering slightly.

The man thinks for a moment, placing one hand on his hip. “Vould jou like some help from me? I could probably help vith jour car.” He suggests, as another chilly breezes sweeps under your hair, brushing against your neck. Even the man seems to have shivered from it.

You nod your head almost too quickly. “Yes please! Thank you, sir! I just can’t even express my gratitude.” You laugh from joy, jumping and hugging him. The man’s cheeks blush red, and he looks away awkwardly.

“Frau, just call me Ludwig, alright?”

Your eyes wander back up to him, pulling away. “Thank you, Ludwig. I’m Y/N.”

Ludwig didn’t show a smile, but he just nods in respond. Suddenly, he pulls out a small notebook and pen, and then scribbles something onto it. Ludwig thrusts the paper towards you, and you take it slowly, not knowing what it was. “Nice to meet jou, Y/N. And if jou ever need anything else, just call me.”


You were at your very first cosplay convention, though you had worked on cosplays outside of conventions before. Currently, you were cosplayed as Eren Jaeger, from the anime series Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan. You had to admit, this cosplay wasn’t exactly the most “comfortable” one just because of the 3D Maneuvering Gear, but you thought that it was worth it.

You were glancing around, hoping to make it to your favorite voice actor’s panel. The panel was exactly at 12:30, and right now the time was-. You stop and glance down at your watch in completely awe. The time was 1:30, not 12:30. You had missed the panel, and now your day has just gone from magnificent to horrible.

You let out a long sigh, brushing against the crowds. At least those people who asked for your photo brought up your mood some. But this was a convention after all, not some place to be sulking around.

That’s when you heard some strange voice over the crowds. “Tch, I’ve been rooking arr over for you, brat. Why aren’t you creaning?” The Levi impression was spot on, except the person had a tiny accent, which made it even more amusing. The Levi cosplayer meets you face to face, trying to stand tall.

“H-heichou!” You nervously stammer like Eren, saluting him. “I thought you were cleaning! I was just uh- helping Mikasa!” You struggle to say, trying to keep your happy smirk away to keep the mood.

The man suddenly shows a small smile and walks up to you. “You are a good Eren impersonator, you know. So why were you rooking so sad?” He asks, studying your facial expressions. You gasp and widen your eyes, not realizing that he was paying attention to that.

“I missed my favorite voice actor panel. But really- it’s cool, bro. Don’t worry about me!” You try to laugh and cheer up the mood, but he seemed unconvinced.

The man shakes his head. “I’m sorry that happened to you,-?” He pauses, waiting for your name.

“Y/N.” You simply introduce yourself.

“Well it is a preasure to meet you, Y/N-chan. I am Honda Kiku. Would you like to go for some tea or ice cream later?” Kiku invites, though his voice was quiet and soft.

You smile and eagerly nod your head, feeling the sadness lift from your chest. “Of course! Thank you so much!”

[Requests are open.]

alfisthelord  asked:

(1/2) Hey, I know this is an odd question, but can you help me with something? I'm going to be cosplaying for the first time at a convention and I'd like to base the cosplay after a drawing you made of Hot Pants. It was a drawing of both her and Diego sitting together, and she was wearing a dress that I really liked. I was hoping you could maybe send me some sketches of what the dress would look like if someone were to make it. I could imagine it may self, but I think you'd like it more if....

(2/2) You were the one to actually make the sketches. Thanks a lot if you actually read this, and if you do send sketches, that would be so awesome! Thanks and maybe talk to you later? 

hi! lmao i’m a sucker for fashion and cosplaying so i’m more than happy to try to draw out a basic look of it! i don’t know the exact details you might need to cosplay it, sorry!! also feel free to change it up however you’d like but here’s what i drew out 

Just a Few Minutes | Part Two

It was strange seeing (Y/N) again after almost two years. She looked different to him. Her hair was longer, her skin was brighter, and she was taking care of herself. She didn’t look dead in the eyes like he half heartedly assumed she’d look, even after so long. She exuded serenity and peace. He was happy that she looked happy. He only hoped that her happiness was genuine, though. Deep down he knew that she was doing alright. He still knew (Y/N); how to read her, that is. That soft smile she portrayed in her Instagram post was real and he was relieved.

He bit down on his lip softly, thumb tingling to click on her username and view her page, but he was nervous. He missed her and still cared for her, but only as a friend. He didn’t want to miss her romantically. It would mess him up and he didn’t want to get a single urge to disrupt her life. She was finally doing well and he wanted to keep it that way. But he clicked on her username anyway, surprised she had over 100 pictures, as she wasn’t the type to televise her personal life as much.

Most of her pictures she took were only of her. Here and there he’d see pictures of her and some of her presumed friends, a soft smile gracing his lips noticing her blissful aura. He looked at each one carefully, even going through some of the comments. She still types the same, he aimlessly thought before continuing down her page.

The next picture was of her in a large dressing room. She was in a pink velvet two piece that clung to her skin. He immediately noticed the widening of her hips. When he use to know her, she was fairly small, but in this picture it was clear that she took a few visits to the gym. He suddenly gulped, not sure if it was because there was extra saliva collecting in his throat or if it was because of her. He paid no mind to it and kept scrolling.

There were  few more pictures of her out at a variety of places with some people, and a few more of just her. He was close to clicking out of her page until he saw one photo of her pressed up against a guy. He had brown eyes and dreads that hung below his broad shoulders. His long, tan arms wrapped around her waist as he towered over her. The caption was simple and straight to the point:


Justin squeezed his phone slightly. He knew that she deserved to be happy. That’s what he always wanted for her, but witnessing another guy’s arms around her made him squirm where he sat, eyebrows forwarding an inch before his face fell dull again. He tried not to read into his emotions, figuring any negative ones is unfair to her, but he couldn’t knock the weird feeling inside. Maybe it was the fact that he’s never seen her with someone else other than him, and that’s what he thought, lingering over the picture even more.

She was grinning wide, almost as if she was laughing; and he was happy that she was smiling again, but it still didn’t feel right that they were so close, even after staring at the picture for much longer than he intended.

He shook his head, finally forcing himself to click off her page and out of Instagram completely. “Good for her,” he managed to say and then he cut on his TV, subconsciously hoping that the show he settled on would distract him. Gratefully, Maria texted him within the next second. He was still seeing her but it wasn’t as lovely as it use to be between them. Now they argued, constantly breaking up and getting back together. In this moment they were together, but Justin rolled his eyes so hard at the sight of her name, he gave himself a slight headache. He saw too many curse words to be bothered by any of her texts, so he didn’t entertain her, even going the mile to turn off his phone. Soon after, he slammed his back against the couch and slept until the morning came again.


Come to the bonfire tonight.

As soon as Justin got an invitation from Antonio for the second time in two weeks, he was quick to dress warm and head out. Everyone was going to be there and there was no way he’d miss this opportunity. It was the first time in a couple days that he dabbled in any outings whatsoever, let alone with his friends. He was eager, there was that much, and he wanted to get his mind off of a couple things: Maria, (Y/N), and things as simple as the chilling weather that has yet to pass.

His fingers were gripped tight around the steering wheel. Within a couple right turns and even a little ways on the high way, he was at Antonio’s. Justin parked his car on the strip and headed straight inside. Antonio and he had gotten close over the year that they’ve been friends. So things like walking inside his house without so much as a knock was okay.

Justin marveled at his friend’s house. Greeting him at the door was a grand staircase with glass railings and marble floors that coated each stair that led out throughout the house. The chandler that hung above his head glittered, illuminating the area with just its own strength. A gray statue of the infamous naked woman stood in the corner seemingly watching Justin’s every move. Her long hair covered her breast while her hands gracefully held up a sheet to cover her lower region. Justin named her Martha and that’s what everyone called her whenever they saw her. Justin gave her a simple hand wave as he closed the door behind him.

“Hello, Mr. Bieber,” he heard and turn to see Antonio’s butler, Andrew, rushing to the door where he was suppose to be stationed at. However, attending to multiple guess at the same time isn’t an easy job.

Justin smiled a charming smile and shook the blading man’s hand. “Please, Andrew, for the hundredth time, call me Justin.”

There was no way Andrew would address Justin on a first name basis, but he smiled and nodded anyway. “The bonfire is right outback,” he informed.

Justin left Andrew to his lonesome and followed the harmonious laughter that led him to his wide group of friends. Gina, the small girl with the big head and baby doll eyes, was the first to see Justin walk through the sliding glass door. She opened her arms wide and wrapped them around Justin’s shoulders. He hugged her back but focused on everyone else who noticed his arrival. Zack, a newer friend of his dapped him next and then it was a string of physical greetings afterwards, ending with Antonio himself.

He wore a simple long sleeve shirt and a bubble vest. Looking at him you’d never know he was a child of millionaires, but that’s typical right? Having up to par parents who dine and wine with the finest and then have an offspring who thinks going to video game and cosplay conventions were “epic”?

“Glad you could make it, man,” he told Justin. “Enjoy yourself.” And that was the end of that. Antonio disappeared down the lower plains of his large backyard.

Justin turned his attention to some of his long time friends and smiled wide. Alfredo was the first to speak to him. “I haven’t seen you in years,” he exaggerated and then gave Justin a bro hug before returning to his girlfriend, Tiara.

Justin chuckled and shrugged. “I guess I’ve been busy.”

“Hanging out with Maria?” Tony chimed in.

Justin fought the urge to roll his eyes. “Not even. She’s been annoying me a lot lately. You know, the same old.” An awkward exchange of looks jumped amongst the group. “What?” he asked and then Alfredo bumped Tiara.

Tiara cleared her throat. “I might have invited someone who you might not want to see.” And then she bit her lip guiltily, something she always did when she knew she did something wrong.

“Who?” Justin breathed. Within the millisecond, he was looking around at all the familiar faces that he doesn’t have any bad blood with. “I don’t see anyone.”

“Keep on looking,” Gina mumbled, nervous almost.

Justin’s eyes briefly scanned over the pit of fire that brewed in the middle of everyone and then his eyes settled on a tall, manly frame that he couldn’t depict. Never mind that. It was only when the mysterious man moved is when Justin’s face twisted with realization, amusement, anguish, and surprise. Standing behind him was someone that he could pick out of the crowd amongst a thousand.

Justin quickly looked away before (Y/N) could catch eye contact with him. He leered at Tiara. “Why?” He nearly seethed. “Why would you invite her?

“I invited her because she is my friend. And come on,” Tiara flailed one of her arms, “it’s been almost two years. She’s over it, Justin, you can relax.”

That was the first time Justin ever got an update on what (Y/N) felt about she and himself. Even if she were over it, he still had the desire to hide away from her. He had no idea what she might think of him. ‘She’s over it’ could vary. Is she still hurt? Does she have trust issues? Had she buried her hate for him until she didn’t think about it anymore or had she truly forgiven him?

“Man, relax.” Tony gripped both Justin’s shoulders and shook him. He released a breath he didn’t even know he was holding.

“I’m sweating.” Justin wiped the thin coat of sweat off his forehead and looked down at his glimmering fingers. “I’m not sure it’s the fire that’s doing this.” His stomach twisted in knots, causing his stomach to take on a nervous ache. He never thought he’d see her again, at least not up close like this. All the observations he made about her through her Instagram post stood to be true and even then some. I can’t do this, he thought, I’m not ready.

But despite his quiet desperation to leave, his friends didn’t let him. If it wasn’t Tony holding him there, then it was Gina. If it wasn’t Gina, then it was Alphredo and Tiara, and the cycle continued.

The pink sky began to turn into a midnight blue over the horizon and majority of the people sat around the fire telling jokes with one another. Justin stood in the distance, not too far to where people would become suspicious, but far enough so that he could not be seen. He saw (Y/N) cuddled up to that Baby guy. If he didn’t think that she was in a new relationship when he saw her post, he definitely did now, as they shared a few kisses in between intevals of time.

Justin found himself looking away from the couple most times, not being able to take how lovey dovey they were being. He could feel the jealousy ripping through his veins and that’s what threw him offguard. He wanted this for (Y/N). She couldn’t get that goofy, wide smile off of her face throughout the whole night while in Baby’s presence and that was good. But, of course, Justin couldn’t fathom her being with someone else. No matter how hard he tried to accept it, it bothered him deeply.

While everyone was emmersed in telling ghost stories, Justin found his way back into the large home, disappearing into the bar area, where he knew no one would see him. He poured himself a half glass of Hennessy and drank it down in a few large gulps. Upon taking his last sip, he let out a God awful hack from the base of his throat. It burned, but it was a good burn and that’s why he was quick to pour himself a taller glass this time; anything to get his mind cleared of (Y/N) and her “ugly” boyfriend.

“I see you could still down drinks the way you use to.” The familiar sound of her voice made him stumble, clinking the glass and the Hennesy bottle together harshly. He turned towards her as she rounded the counter toward the bartending side. The bluntness in her stare let him know that she meant business and that she wasn’t here to beat around the bush. The softness that collided with her gaze allowed him to question how this conversation was going to go, though, because at this point, he had no idea. “You’ve been avoiding me all night long. You saw me, I know you did. I expected you to say hey or something.”

Justin sucked down another gulp of his beverage (because he really, really needed it). “Being that things left off the way that they did between us, a causual conversation is not what I assumed you wanted. And besides that, you were with your little boyfriend the whole night. That would’ve just been awkward.”

“That is true, so I suppose I had to persue you if I wanted a conversation.”

Justin hoped that she would’ve corrected him about the boyfriend statement, but she didn’t, only confirming that she moved on. He could feel his heart dropping and inch or two and he hated how it hurt him, but he kept quiet, drinking down some more of the alcohol.

She peered at him through her eyelashes and breathed in and out. “I hate to peel back old wounds but a conversation with you is what I need to truly move on. I need closure.” She looked down at the glossy countertop and Justin noted how her hair fell in her face. She was still gorgeous to him, even more so now than ever, being that he hasn’t seen her in so long. That part would never change. She will always be beautiful to him. That same piece of hair that fell in her face, she swiped behind her ear and then got brave enough to look her ex square in the face. “You hurt me.”

Justin nodded. “I know that. By the look on your face that day, I could clearly see that.”

She waved her head. “The look on my face couldn’t even compare to what I felt. I cried almost everyday for the following three months. Then at some point I managed to dry up most of my tears, but the pain still remained. I cannot even tell you how much my chest ached, or how I somehow managed to go without sleep three days at a time. I didn’t want to eat or go out or even exist. All I wanted was Justin. All I wanted was you. And that clearly sucked because you didn’t want me back.” She broke eye contact then, looking back down at the counter, playing with the golden top of the Hennesy bottle. “You didn’t even call to see if I were doing okay. It would’ve hurt to hear your voice, but I would’ve appreciated it to know that you still somewhat cared…I understand you were happy with her but I wasn’t ready for you to forget about me altogether.”

Justin squeezed his glass in his hands. He opened his mouth to utter out anything that would subside the unsettling silence, but there was nothing he could come up with. An excuse seemed cowardly and an apology didn’t seem fit, so he kept quiet, looking into her eyes and feeling pitiful down to the core.

“It was very…depriving to know everything about someone, loving them and cherishing them one minute and then the next minute not knowing anything at all. I was so afraid to ask how you were doing because even though I cared about your happiness and your wellbeing, I didn’t want to hear about it because I didn’t want to think about you being with someone else. So, as you can imagine, it was hard.”

“I shouln’t have cheated on you,” he mumbled afterwards. “I shouldn’t have wasted your time and played with your heart the way that I did. But you have to know that I never meant to break your heart, (Y/N). I didn’t get with her just to spite you. I cared about you and I loved you"—her head snapped towards him and he couldn’t bare to look her in the eyes so he looked down at the brown liquid in his glass—"I just wasn’t in love with you. I wish it would’ve worked, but I couldn’t help the way that I felt.”

She nodded. “Understood. But I guess things happen for a reason, huh? Getting my heart broken didn’t feel good at all but I guess it was beneficial. Now I know how not to treat someone else because I don’t want them to feel how I felt. I know now to take precautions and make sure that any decision I make is what I want before hopping into anything.” A small smile etched on her face. “So, I guess, thank you.”

Justin didn’t return her smile. His eyes instead shifted towards the bonfire. “So, what about that guy out there?”

“That guy out there name is Johnathan. I’m surprised you don’t recognize him. You’ve met him before.”

“If I did recall I probably would’ve remembered his name.”

“Well, that’s true.”

Then it was silent again, but Justin couldn’t let it stay that way. “He treats you nicely?”

She nodded her head and smiled. “Absolutely. He was there for me when I was down and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

"He didn’t take advantage of you, right? Becuase, you know, of how you felt?”

“No. Even when he did confess his feelings for me, I had to make absolutely sure that I was over you and he wasn’t a rebound. In fact, we just started dating a couple months ago and things have been going great. We’re taking it slow.” And then she smiled to herself.

Justin’s heart dropped a few more inches and a tinge of jealousy erupted throughout his being. He hated that he felt bothered by her and this Johnathan guy. This is exactly what she deserves, no matter how hurt or how jealous he got. But being the selfish person that he’s always sort of been, he couldn’t stop himself from asking. “Can he kiss you like I did?”

Her eyes locked with his. She crossed her arms over her chest and stood straight. “No,” she shrugged and a small pang of hope shot through Justin’s being. What was she implying? That if he wanted a second chance with her, would he be able to snatch her from under Johnathan’s arms? A small smirk made its way on his face. “But that doesn’t mean you use to kiss me any better,” she continued, “let’s make that very clear.” And like that, the smirk and any thoughts of any second chances were gone.

She whipped her long her behind her shoulders and leaned against the counter. “His kisses are different, Justin, and I savor them because I love them. I don’t mean to rub it in your face, but I do enjoy when he leans down and claim me as his, and that’s what I am: his. Okay? Your charm doesn’t work on me the way it use to,” she added, sending a teasing wink his way. “That’s why I also wanted to tell you that after this, after I walk away from you, it’s for good. I can’t have a relationship with my ex out of the respect for my boyfriend. I even asked him to come and talk to you because I needed this and he knows it. Now that it’s been had, there’s nothing more that I have to say to you except that I forgive you and I really do wish you the best.” She looked down and then back up, nodding, almost as if she had to register what this meant.

She sighed and left him alone, going back to the newest love of her life. Justin drank down the rest of the Hennesy bottle and breathed in the sweet silliage of her perfume. He closed his eyes. Now it was his turn to miss her and it hurt because he was sure that he would never get her back. For that, he needed to drink away the seering pain that was bound to overthrow him. He spent the rest of the night by himself because a few minutes is too short for him to grasp a final goodbye from her.

Thank you guys for reading. I am taking requests. Have a blessed day ♡

@alwaysenjoythelifeyoulive there you are, honey.

Part One

Surviving the Con: Hotel Rooms

Alternatively titled: How to Room with Other Cosplayers and Not All Hate One Another By the End of the Weekend

Maybe this will become a series, maybe it won’t. Stick around and we’ll find out together. I wanted to write some kind of Momocon wrap-up post, but it’s officially a week since that con ended and it’s only been (*counts on fingers* Thursday… Friday…) TWO days since I’ve stopped feeling like death is on the doorstep waiting for me and I haven’t even really unpacked yet. So instead of a daunting and all-encompassing summary of Momocon, I present to you a more specific list of things I learned while AT Momocon that might be helpful to you as well.

Before this con I had never stayed in a room full of people who were cosplaying the whole weekend. This time, not only was I rooming with more people than I was used to, but a few of them I’d never met in real life (obligatory: please be safe when meeting people whom you’ve only spoken to online don’t get Taken), much less roomed with before. I didn’t know their habits, quirks, level of cleanliness or carefulness or tidiness, etc. So I was a little nervous, as you can probably imagine.

I’m very happy to report, however, that the weekend went absolutely swimmingly, and as the title suggests, none of us hate each other (or if they do, they’re being really quiet about it…heh). So, reflecting, here are some of the things that I think worked in our favor toward creating a frictionless hotel room experience over the weekend:

Be Polite!

  • Introduce yourself to your roommates! You’re gonna be spending the next two to four nights together. Start off on the right foot.
  • Say please and thank you and excuse me! You’re going to need to use the mirror when someone else is already using it. Even if there’s plenty of room for you to reach across the counter and grab your toothpaste from in front of your roommate, say ‘excuse me!’ That way, your roomie won’t lean forward right as you grab for the toothpaste and bump into your arm and stab herself in the eye with her eyeliner.

Be Respectful!

  • Be careful when walking past people’s props and whatnot. Don’t move things you didn’t make without asking permission, even if it’s in your way or in the way of your stuff.
  • Everyone has a different need when it comes to privacy. If someone asks to use the bathroom to change, it doesn’t matter that you just stripped down in the middle of the room, let them use the bathroom. Also, make sure you’re not going to offend anyone by stripping in the middle of the room. Just because you’re comfortable with your privates doesn’t mean everyone else is.
  • That said, if you’re the person that wants to monopolize the bathroom to change, be patient. You might have to wait a second for someone to finish glueing on eyelashes or blowdrying something before they can vacate the bathroom. You’re entitled to privacy, not immediate use of an entire bathroom.
  • Probably knock on the door? Or at least announce when you’re coming in if there’s a chance someone could be naked inside.

Be Tidy!

  • The more people in the room, the faster it will become a disaster if you allow it to do so. You don’t have to keep your pile of stuff super organized necessarily, you don’t have to fold every cosplay after you take it off and tuck it tidily back into your suitcase, but like at least keep your disaster confined to your corner of the room. And if your pile of stuff starts to creep toward someone else’s pile of stuff, work with that person to consolidate piles before they mix together and they go home with your underwear. Ew.
  • Try not to leave your stuff sitting on community surfaces. Last weekend, we packed up someone else’s spirit gum by accident because it was sitting on the bathroom counter and we didn’t remember that we’d already packed ours. And I still don’t know where my deodorant is…rip.

Be a Team!

  • Share your resources if possible or if you’re comfortable doing so. You probably brought more glue or needle and thread or bobby pins than you’re going to use. One of the props in our room hit the floor by accident on day one and lots of little crystals popped off of it, and immediately the other people in the room were scrounging around for all manner of glue to help her repair it. I forgot my little hair bands at home and someone else had a couple I could use and I was so grateful. (Tell someone thank you if they offer you help and don’t use other people’s things without asking them!!)
  • Help each other wake up on time if someone is trying to make it to a photoshoot, panel, or autograph session. Grab one another coffee if you’re going for coffee. If someone is running a panel at the con, go and support them if you can! You’re in this together. Buddy system. You can do it.
Silver's Suit

Silver has everything ready. He put on his best suit and looked at himself in the mirror. “You are the Silver Shepard… you can do anything. You are the best hero ever. You have fought crime. Remember the rhino… but I cant ask someone out.” Sliver hangs his head in defeat.

Today was the day he takes you to the convention and he felt like he was walking of pins and needles. He had been talking to you for awhile on a chat for comic book fans. You two hit it off instantly gushing about anything hero related. The others were worried Silver would be catfished at one point and Google looked up your information and found out you were really who you were, at this point Google is used to looking up people. Now he was trying to peptalk himself to no success.

“Silver you ok in there? You have been talking to yourself for the past 2 hours.” Ed calls out to Silver from the other side of the door.

“Maybe…. Yes… No.” Silver opens the door and sighs. “I think I need to cancel this.”

“Come on Silver you can do this. Just go out there and have a good time and in the end of the day just say it.” Ed puts his arm around Silver shoulders. “That’s all there is to it.”

“But I’m not like you guys. You know the last relationship I had didn’t go so well so I lost some confidence.” Silver saids softly.

“Well that’s what happens when you pretend to having an affair with your own self. No offense.” Ed pats Silvers shoulder.

“I thought it would get our relationship more fresh but apparently Roxanne preferred me without the suit…” Silver remembers after that she kept wanting him without the suit and to act differently than he usually did. When he wanted to be with her with the suit she didn’t want that. Silver began to realize she didn’t really love him for who he really is and what he was a hero that feels more comfortable in his suit. It broke his heart and since then he never wanted to take off his suit. It gave him comfort like a security blanket, only time he really took it off was to put on a new one. Even took an intervention from the egos to get him to at least take it off for a shower.

“It’s just what if I take off the mask and when they see me they only want me for what’s under the mask and not when I have it on… They don’t even know im the real Silver.” Silver slumps his shoulders.

“Woah wait they don’t know who you really are.” Ed backs up looking at Silver surprised.

“Ummm yes. Is that a bad thing?” Silver tilts his head.

“Yea it actually is buddy.” Ed tugs his suspenders. “Your going to a convention. A big convention with a lot of people. If for some reason you take off your mask and they see you who knows if people will run after you. Darn this good looking face…” Ed sighs.

Mark looks around and feels as if his ego has gotten bigger for some reason. He shrugs and sets up for his next video.

“I know that Ed but that’s why I wanted it to be this way. I want them to know me for me and not because of who I am.” Silver saids softly. “They only think that I am cosplaying as Silver so I will just play the part ok. You can count on me Ed. I got this. I have faced worst things before.” Silver stands confidently.

“Giving Dark Chica a bath does not count as much. But that was a serious battle.” Ed still has flashbacks of everyone running scared as the dark pup gave out a deep evil aura and bit anything close to her. Dark watched from a distance smiling and told her she was a good girl.

“I know but still. I will be ok. At least I hope I will.” Silver saids fiddling his thumbs.

Willford gives Silver a ride to the convention. He drops him off just a few blocks from it and looks at Silver.“ Alright here we are scamp. I will get you when your ready just give me a call if anything happens ok?”

“Will I’m not a child. Even if I got lost at Walmart once… and went to ask for help… and Doc found me holding a balloon waiting for him…” Silver saids slumping into his seat.

“Come on Silver chin up man. Go in there and put the moves on your date!!” Willford saids giving Silver a winning smile.

“I don’t know. I haven’t done this in a long time. And we are still friends so this is not a date. Its just two friends going to look and geek out at some comic books and figures.” Silver takes a deep breath.

“Ok but there will still be love in the air. I’m rooting for you.” Willford smiles at Silver.

“Thanks Will. Ok here we go.” Silver gets out of the car and goes to the meeting spot where you should be at.

Silver looks around the crowd carefully, there really was a lot of people around. He hopes you will see him and looks at his phone seeing your last message. You told him you would be by the railing leading up to the building for the convention. Technically because of Google Silver did find out what you looked like, he said you were so cute. Then he sees you leaning against the railing.

You were looking around trying to find Silver. You look really excited in your jeans and favorite hero shirt. Looking at your phone again you start to worry if Silver couldn’t make it. Your finger lingers on the message option but hold off giving him ten more minutes. You were really looking forward to this to hang out with him. When you met on the chart you were so happy to make a new friend. You two would talk for hours to the point where you realized you were in the dark and the sun had set. Even when you were at work you would peek at your phone hoping he was online so you can talk to him. He made you feel better and more comfortable being yourself with. You didn’t have a lot of people to talk to about your love for comics and at times were even called out for it saying you were childish. But Silver was different, he let you ramble on about anything without wanting to change the subject or telling you your getting to old for this even if you were still in your twenties. You blush at the thought of finally meeting him.

“Ummm are you (Y/N)?” Silver walks up to you nervously.

“Silver! Wow I cant believe its you!!!” You go up to him and hug him happily.

Silver did not expect that blushed red, glad that he was wearing a mask to cover that fact. He hugs you back. “Im really glad to meet you too.”

You realize you just jumped him and you just met him in person. You back away and try not to blush. “O umm sorry about that. I just was really looking forward to finally meet you and here you are. And you know a real person and not a scammer. Not that you are I mean look your here and in the flesh. And who am I to say that when you probably thought I was doing the same thing too. And why wouldn’t you cuz it happens a lot and then you know the show Catfish really makes you think but you still do it anyway.” You realize you have been rambling the whole time. “Sorry for talking so much I’m just really happy to see you. Even if you are in costume.” You smile at him happily.

“No its ok. I really wanted to meet you too.” Silver saids returning the smile. “Well lets go.”

“Hey I really like your outfit. Silver Shepard right?” You ask.

“Yes actually. Do you know the character?” Silver asks curiously.

“I do. I love Markiplier. I watch his videos all the time. You a fan too?” You look at Silver smiling.

“Ummmm you can say that…” Silver feels his palms sweaty.

Back at the house Willford comes back home and thinks for a second. “Hmmmm that convention sure looked fun…” He gets an idea and runs into the studio. “Bim bust out those sewing machines!!! We are going out today.”

somehow today is yukine’s birthday but also the day i got into the fandom one year ago and it was such a good year?

i probably can’t cite everyone and i’m not one to make sappy posts, but

thanks @the-delivery-god for being such an amazing friend. you helped me when i needed it the most, especially when i was at hospital, and you saved my ass more than once. i realise now i never did anything to thank you properly, but i will work on it.

@kokugami for bonding over a simple line call and being the one i enjoy to talk to the most at night over mic. i truly hope life treats you well.

@pentamerous for helping me when i needed it as well, and spending time with me over line, and sharing some of that html knowledge. @thatlabguy FOR BEING A FURRY for playing overwatch with me so much and dealing with my poor skills and bad english. oh, and fixing my driver thing so i wouldn’t have to spend too much hours at school (-i’m still thankful yes-)

@kiun for making me so much edits and just being an amazing person overall. i never could really thank you properly either, but i’m so thankful that you’re here, and i love you a lot

@lil-dorkling that always makes me her smile with her kindness. you’re an angel and i hope nothing brings you down

@scarfblogs for having such amazing writing and be a constant source of inspiration

@themusicalbookworm for hooking me up on your songs and get me into singing again. please keep singing

@mokomokuren for being an amazing nurse and beautiful human being. you sat with me through dark times and spoiled me like no tomorrow

@star-crossed-promise for going to that convention and run after @themeganehusbando for me i’m kidding you’re also a super good friend and i hope 2017 treats you a little bit better. you spoiled me in kazuma and bishamon goods also and i’m ajhffghgf

orca (don’t have your tumblr… OTL) for sending me a copy of the noragami zine

@seisugi for your drawings and charms and getting me that kazuma earring and just being a very cool person overall

@noragamitexts for being a cool person with cool cats that also inspire me to work on my art better

@atenbuk for being an endless source of sin and the best yato/bishamon roleplayer i’ve ever meet. also for cosplaying yatoma with me zjjfgfjh

@gwello for roleplaying/cosplaying with me and being a v cool person overall

and i think that’s it? maybe not? that was too long ahah holy fuck i must have forgot people; but i love you all, thanks for a wonderful year.


Dressed To Be || Jungkook


Summary:  Cosplay!AU. It happens at every convention, and you don’t know if its fate or luck, but you always end up in compromising positions with a guy who always seems to be your unintentional partner in crime. 

Word Count: 1,257

A/N: Thank you very much for requesting Anon dearest, and I’m so glad you love my scenarios - and am so sorry that you had to wait so long for this even though you were one of my first requesters! I hope you enjoy it, also requests are opening soon so keep an eye out!

You adjusted the wig you wore, fixing the bangs so they settled perfectly over your forehead. You moved out of the way, providing more room for another person to fix their makeup in the public bathroom you had found solace in. The moment you retreated from the bathroom, you were flocked by a few fans, smiling at you warmly as they held cameras against their bodies in an attempt to shield their equipment.

You moved away from the toilets towards an open spot near the large windows of the arena’s foyer, posing in front of the fans as they set up their cameras to take photos of your costume.

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The Silver Lining: Part One

Summar: The reader is not a fan of the show, but gets dragged to a convention and catches Jensen’s eye.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1855
Warnings: Just a bit of language. 

As I mentioned in the teaser, this series is based on a request from @dancingalone21; hopefully this five-part mini-series will do her request justice! 


Your name: submit What is this?

Your last name: submit What is this?

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Klance Week Day 6: Hero/Villain

(I regret nothing. Also, today’s offering features a lovely cameo by @amalgamoffaces and @88madison88! Huge thank you to both of you for allowing me to use you as characters!

Disclaimer: The opinions and ships of the cameo characters depicted in this fic probably do not reflect the opinions and ships of the actual real-life people. I have no idea if you guys have ever even watched the show in question. But your fic counterparts have and your fic counterparts ship the thing. So MUAHAHAHAHA

Enjoy! :D)

“Oh come on, it can’t be that bad,” Lance grumbled. He had been standing outside the bathroom stall for what felt like thirty minutes, though it was probably closer to five. Either way, it was taking forever. He was bored.

“It keeps riding up!” Keith snarled, his voice echoing strangely off of the bathroom’s tiled walls. “I told you it was too small!”

“It’s supposed to do that,” Lance insisted with a gusty sigh. “Pidge does not make mistakes when it comes to cosplay. She’s a perfectionist. If she tells you it fits, it fits. Now just hurry up and come out of there already!”

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The award for the best character this year goes to...

Original Imagine Link: Imagine the Winchesters take you to one of Chuck’s conventions and you learn that you are one of the most popular characters in the series.

Warnings: language

Word Count: 1443

(Y/N= your name, Y/H/C= your hair colour, Y/E/C= your eye colour)

Fic/Link to Fic:

Being a friend of Sam and Dean’s, you knew about the books. You knew how much it bothered them and how uncomfortable it made them. That’s why it came as a surprise when they wanted to visit one of his conventions.

“We promised Chuck we will attend. And we promised we’ll take you with.” Sam begged you.

“I simply don’t understand why you did that. I don’t understand why you even promised to go when you hate those books.” You laughed nervously. “Oh, and you hate those people who dress like you. Don’t get me mentioned on the case of Becky.”

This one made Sam rethink his choices a little. “Yes, but it’s still fun. We get to play pranks on them, plus we find out some things from them that we never noticed.”

“Yeah, like?” You clearly doubted that they even spoke to them.

“We found out what happened to you before you joined us.” Dean stated, cold and uninterested.

“I’m in the books?” This surprised you. You knew about everything that was written, Dean and Sam told you, but they never mentioned you. “You only now remembered to tell me I am part of the freaking books?!”

“I guess we just forgot.” Sam had a smug smile on his face.

“Hey, wait.” You ran after them and saw them sitting inside an Impala, you knew they were waiting for you. “What does he say about me?”

“You’ll have to join us and see for yourself.”

This will be fun. You thought for yourself and entered the car. Dean started it and you were on the road. It was really hot day and you regreted this jumper you were wearing. Something ad to be done. With that thought you took it off and were left in black T-shirt and black skinny jeans.

It was boring to drive with them, they spoke to each other and you didn’t care to join. You were wondering what Chuck wrote about you. How could you be so oblivious to thought that you are part of Winchesters’ lives? Of course Chuck was gonna write you in. He wrote about the way Dean fucked and how much Sam was obsesed with his latop, surely he fit you in there somewhere. At least as their sidekick.

Yeah, sure. That thought made you laugh a little because you never were their sidekick. You saved their arses quite a few times. Not even Dean could deny that.

“Okay, we’re here.”

Dean parked in front of a tall building which looked pretty scary. It was old and you wondered how it was still standing. Some kind of poster was on it and door were wide opened.

“We don’t know what or who we’ll see inside, but whatever you see, it isn’t real. It’s all costumes and masks, that’s what they do.” Sam informed you.

“They act like Halloween is in the middle of freakin’ summer.” Dean mummbled to himself, but you heard it and it made you laugh a little.

Before you could enter, you saw Chuck coming towards you. He had a huge smile plastered across his face. He shooks Dean’s and Sam’s hand and pulled you in for a hug.

“I must say, you are even more beautiful in reality.” His compliment made you blush and you looked down to your red sneakers.

“There is so much more people than the last year. Almost all of them are cosplaying, there are just a few of them that are part of the staff and the ones that probably don’t know what a convention is.” Chuck laughed and led us all inside.

“Wow.” Was all you could say.

People were walking around and they were all hanging out. What made you most surprised was that most of them looked like you. They had same (Y/H/C) hair and (Y/E/C) eyes just like you had. They wore same red sneakers like you did. Some of them wore same AC/DC shirt that you stole from Dean, some wore your thights that had flowers on them, some of them wore your brown leather jacket.

“I think she’s impressed.” Chuck laughed again and waved his hand in front of your eyes.

“But how do they know? What exactly do they know?” You suddnly remembered all the private things that you did and every private thought that you had.

“Everything, they know everything. Even some things that Sam and Dean don’t know.” Chuck whispered that last part.

“I think I need something to drink.” You said and started to search for the bar. Guy who worked there looked exactly like Dean. It scared you a little, but you reminded yourself to breathe.

“Nice.” He pointed at your outfit. “You look exactly like (Y/N)!”

“Isn’t that spooky.” You rolled your eyes. It suddenly made perfect sense why Dean hated these things.

“You don’t seem that impressed by all of this.” Fake Dean started to mix my drink.

“I was kind of brought here against my will, but I still haven’t checked out everything. Maybe I’ll change my opinion.”

“Dear fans, our dearest writer, Carver Edlund, will speak to us now. You should join us in hall 1.”  The voice over the spaker said and I obeyed. My legs brought me to hall 1 where I met with Sam and Dean again.

“Are you okay? You look a little pale.” Sam had his concerned look.

“Yeah, I’m great. I just feel a bit overwhelmed with all of this.” You smiled to show him everything is fine.

“Everyone give a big clap for the writer of the Supernatural books, Carver Edlund.” Becky announced Chuck and he entered the stage. This was 10th convention and he still looked nervous. You could see his hands shaking, but he tried to hide it with a smile.

“Thank you all for being here today. I’m happy to see so many of you, I hope you’ll have fun in all the activities that we prepared for you. I guess I’ll be taking questions now.” Most of the hands from the audience shot up and your eyes widened.

“Yeah, right. You there.” Chuck picked out a girl who looked just like you.

“Could you descibe (Y/N) for your point of view?” It surprised you to hear that question was about you.

Chuck’s eyes met your’s. “Well, she is this badass character who isn’t in any way related to brothers, but they see her as their sister. She saved them many times, some of them I didn’t even describe in the books. She must be only hunter that didn’t have screwed up family. She just showed up in my mind one day and I knew that was what the story needs. A great hunter who if female equivalent of Sam and Dean combined.” The crowd cheered and clapped at his response. Chuck picked out another question.

“I am a huge fan of (Y/N) and I think you did great with her character. I would love to meet a real person who is like her. My question is: do you plan to make her and Castiel a thing? I think they both have feeling for each other and I am dying to see them happy.”

You felt your cheeks heating up and you knew they were getting red. It made you look down, but you felt Dean’s and Sam’s eyes on you. You knew that if you looked up the questions would start.

“Uhh, I can’t really answer that. You’ll have to wait for the next book and see.” Chuck nervously laughed.

The rest of the day went great, it seemed like everybody forgot about you and Cas question. You went around with the brothers and Chuck even gave you a private tour of every place in that building.

You met a lot of fans of yourself and they all spoke kindly of you. You found out of all the ‘ships’ that existed. It made you laugh when you saw Sam and Dean escape that place as soon as they could. Many people complimented you on great portrait of (Y/N). In the end, you did have a lot of fun there, but it was time to leave.

“Thank you so much for inviting me here. I had fun, but I was also a little spooked.” You gave Chuck a hug.

“It’s nothing, you should come to this things more often. Fans really love you.” He smiled.

“Stay out of trouble, we’ll see you soon.” Dean entered Impala and you followed.

“I’m so tired, I could fall asleep right here.” You nested in your seat and closed your eyes.

“So (Y/N), when did you think of telling us about Cas?”


Request: Can you write a imagine with Spencer bonding over Marvel movies and then they cosplay he’s Captain America and she’s the Black Widow and they go to the bau like that and everyone else is like who are you and don’t realise but Garcia is like YES MY OTP YES!!!!!!!!!

A/N: I hope you like it! I’ll be honest I was really apprehensive about this one, but I really enjoyed it!

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St. Louis Wizard World Comic Con Experience

I’m going to put this under the cut, because it’s probably going to be really long and filled with lots of pictures and stories, and I’m sure not everyone cares to read it. 

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Getting to “Noh” Cosplay, and how it helps society at large.

So, time for a few POSITIVE words about cosplay:

A Fireman, a Gynecologist, A movie Star, and a Schizophrenic all walk into a bar.  Bartender says “What’ll it be?” and each one in turn orders a drink… they all sit down at a table, and have a lovely evening…….

Oh… wait… that wasn’t funny… I was supposed to open with something funny.  What would make that funny? ah, yes, it would be the conflict you would expect from this group of very different people meeting together.  

But what would make these people from very different walks of life come together?  What could transcend age, race, gender, social class, education, occupation, in order to bring all these starkly different individuals together to share a few drinks, and a few laughs? Is is some kind of Illuminati-style-secret-society?  Some 1980’s “Cannonball Run” movie plot? No!  Its Cosplay!

Cosplay?  What’s cosplay?  Isn’t  that some kind of weird fetish?  “Oh kids these days!” … Well, you may know someone who is a cosplayer…that unassumingly normal person standing in front of you on line at 711 might be a cosplayer, and you would never even know it!  

Cosplay is a portmanteau for costume-play, and it is a growing subculture.  It can be defined, quite simply, as putting on a costume in an effort to embody that specific character. Some define Cosplay as a subculture that began in Japan, with the popularity of Manga and Anime, and made it over to the US at the turn of the century. Now, you may be thinking: “ We have a name for that: Halloween.  We have one day, set aside, for all this childish nonsense.  I don’t need to see batman buying milk at the gas station on a random Thursday night.”

However, I beg to differ.  Cosplay is not new.  It is something that has been a part of every culture, in every corner of the globe, since the time of the caveman.  Without it, there would be Anarchy. Anarchy?!  Surely I must be joking! What does a caveman have to do with this green woman standing before you?  Furthermore, how could my cousin dressing up like Harry Potter and embarrassing the whole family possibly keep anarchy at bay?

When you think of a caveman… you can envision them sitting around the fire, putting skulls of animals on their heads and reenacting the hunt.  Tribesmen of  Native Americans created elaborate costumes and danced out the stories of their Gods.  The Ancient Greeks defined what we know as modern theater, building amphitheaters where people could gather and experience the stories that were acted out before them.  In Japan, Noh theater, with its elaborate masks and costumes was born out of the Buddhist concept of Noh, which translates to: the connection of the audience with the actor.  Then we had Shakespeare…and oh, a few hundred years of live theater where people would come together as groups, and become enthralled with the story as the experienced the emotions, the drama, the fantasy…right along with the actors before them. … But then, something changed.

Movies came along… and then television…eventually, the internet.  And although sometimes we still gathered as an audience to witness these stories…they were now on a screen, and not in our physical presence.  With the advent of special effects and CGI the visuals became more dazzling and “realistic”.  To top it all off, reality TV became a staple.  Now anyone can be a star!!!  You do not need any training, talent, or even human decency to be famous!!!

But that Japanese Buddhist concept of “Noh”, of the connection between the audience and the actor…. was lost.

That little spark of magic, that “Noh”  is so important to me!  I remember my first Trick or Treating. I was about 3 years old.  My mom painted a clown face on me with greasepaint…which I promptly smeared all around!  When we finally got outside, my mom kept having to chase after me, because every time I saw another child in costume I’d yell “It’s Batman!!!”  "Theres Spiderman!!!“ "Oh mom look!!! a real Vampire!!!” I don’t remember one other little detail about being 3 years old, but that feeling has stayed with me for the rest of my life. It is that magic that I still feel when I see one of my favorite characters in the flesh at a convention.  

If you haven’t had that experience, I would say that it is similar to the feeling you get when your favorite song unexpectedly is playing on a radio, and all of the lyrics seem to eerily synchronize with the events that are going on at that very moment of your life. Or the thrill of your underdog sports team gaining a seemingly impossibly victory!  But we all know that it is a very different experience in between watching your favorite sports team playing on TV, and going to watch the game in person, maybe even getting the chance to snap a picture with your favorite player?

Cosplay is actually a lot like sports, just for a different set of individuals.  Just like in sports, there are players, and there is an audience.  The players spend time and dedication honing their skills in practice, so when the big day comes, everything is on point, ready for the game- which is much like a performance. The audience cheers, boos, and is engaged mentally and emotionally with the players… here again is that Japanese concept of “Noh” !  

Just like in sports, there are levels to cosplay.  Some people just like to get together with friends and shoot some hoops. Others spend every waking moment of their lives trying to make it to the top.  

So we can see that cosplay is something that engages people socially; in a time when few of us can be bothered too look up from our phones and experience the world around us. Cosplay forces us to look, to pay attention to what is happening in this very moment.  To have an experience, however brief, with another real, live, person.   My failed joke at the beginning of this talk was actually loosely based on real life experience (and now you are wondering  "Is she the Gynecologist or the schizophrenic?“…and I’ll just let you keep wondering about that!!) But the moral of the story is that through cosplay I have had the ability to connect with oodles of people I would have never interacted with based on my lifestyle, my skin color, my education…and <mumbles> my credit score.  

In fact, one of my favorite things about cosplay is how it transcends race. (Yes, I just hit the hot button issue!!!) I can remember going to the buffet after a convention with some friends, no time to shower, so I am still the green woman you see before you.  There was a family of many people having a LOUD debate about what my true skin color was under the paint.  For some people, its the first thing that they ask me..because…when you are green, its actually difficult to discern it otherwise. People think I’m Indian, South American, all kinds of lovely exotic things.  But more often, people say to me, "you know, its so strange to see you without bodypaint!  I guess I always just assumed green was you natural skin color!” Its these people, these individuals, that give me hope for the future of humanity.  

I am a geek, a nerd, whatever you want to call it…I grew up with my nose in a book, Avoiding gross human contact at all costs! This caused me to be a socially awkward individual.  I didn’t really know how to relate to my peers who I  had nothing in common with, so I just pushed people away. I’m sure all of us, at some point have felt this way.  Now, attending a crowded convention hall full of people is the direct opposite of what you would assume socially awkward person would want to do. Yet we come in droves! We travel for days and spend exorbitant amounts of money just to be there.  One of the reasons for this is that cosplay is empowering!…. Billy might get bullied at school… but he can put on a Thor costume and be a god at the convention!  People marvel at his costume, take his picture, and he meets other Thors, who share his interests, and may share his problems with bulling at school. Sarah has poor self esteem about her looks and her body…she clearly has not kept up with the Kardashians. No girls want to be her friend, and no boys will even look at her in school.  But Sarah can put on a Wonder Woman costume for one weekend, and feel like she can conquer the world!!!  People are complimenting her, snapping pictures, just like she is on the red carpet…and when she goes back to school on Monday, she stands a little straighter, walks with more confidence, and feels better about the girl who she sees in the mirror every day.  

But where there are heroes…there dwell villains..and <feigns shock> anti-heroes!?  Why?  Why would someone, especially a child, want to dress up like something bad, something unsavory, something eeevvviiillll? Since the dawn of man, we have used our imaginations to safely explore our darker sides.  The writer who created the villain certainly had to do so.  So inherently, there must be human parts of these darker characters that everyone can relate to.  Would you prefer that Paul be that weird kid who likes to dress up like the Punisher; or would you think it better that he keeps such ideas to himself?  Forcing himself into conformity, shoving down the weird, the bad, the ugly… until these unreleased urges boil over in an actual real life destructive, or self destructive act? So there you go! A very good example of how cosplay helps to keep anarchy at bay!!!  Now lets take a look at how cosplay can benefit individual’s brains.

Sure, there are more superhero movies and Anime coming out all the time…but superhero movies are based on comics, and Anime is derived from Manga.  So you might be surprised to find out that cosplayers are smarter then the average bear.  And not just because they read, but many of them are becoming the next generation of skilled craftsmen.  I can not stress the importance of this enough! Both reading and crafting strengthen your prefrontal cortex: the part of your brain responsible for organizing, strategizing, controlling impulsive and addictive behaviors.  A strong prefrontal cortex give you a better attention span, helps you deal with stress, and makes you more successful in life in general.

When people take your picture at a convention, or you have the thrill of seeing one of your favs in the flesh, the excitement of seeing another person who shares your passion, that connection, that “Noh” experience causes your brain to flood your body with dopamine and serotonin- your body’s natural happiness drug!  this makes you feel good, and then while you are on your own, crafting and reading, you connect those experiences with the real life experiences and wham-bam-thankyou mam! more happiness drug is released into your system!  

Research psychologist Amy Cuddy proved that holding “power poses” or Alpha stance (and yes, the classic wonder woman pose is included in these) holding these poses, for as little as two minutes lowers your cortozol: (that’s the stress hormone that makes you sad and fat) and raises your testosterone (that the “take the bull by the horns” hormone) Where as holding  shy or withdrawn pose has the opposite effect!  So grandpa telling you to stand up straight isn’t just being old fashioned…he’s trying to make you a happier person! Now, what do we do when we cosplay?  We power pose!!  All day long!!!!  If just two minutes can have an actual physiological effect… imagine what an entire day of power posing can do for you?!!!

Another “take my breath away moment” that happens at conventions is this:  last weekend, I had an entire conversation with Mario.   Yes, Mario the plumber, known for kicking koopa’s butts and saving princess'  yeah, that Mario.  An absolute stranger came up to me an interacted with me as his character .  I didn’t ask him to…I wasn’t even dressed in a costume from the same universe.  But we went on for a good 5 minutes, just bantering back and forth about the treachery  of warp zones, where the next castles where the princess might be found, etc. For five brief minutes….we were playing pretend….just like children!  

There are plenty of experiments done on rats, and “studies” done on children that prove that interactive plat has a plethora of benefits .  Its another activity helps to strengthen our prefrontal cortex that as we explored earlier helps you to problem-solve creatively, reduce impulse behavior, and helps you to be happier and less frustrated with the world around you.  Psychiatrist  Stuart Brown shows in his book Play  that adult play can foster harmony between adults, in families, in the workplace, and even in relationships. The importance of play time for children can not be understated . During playtime  children learn social and physical  boundaries  with their peers, They learn the essence of cooperation, develop stronger language and communication skills then children who play less.  Remember Our Thor, Wonder Woman, and Punisher from earlier?  All these kids have a bright, happy, and social future ahead of them!

So its easy to conclude that cosplay is a great way to play with your kids!!!  In a busy world, why sit staring at your phone agonizingly  waiting for your child’s play-date to be over, when you could be fulfilling your childhood fantasy of being Green Lantern? I’m sure most of you have seen the viral “bat-dad” videos…you can’t deny that they make you smile!  And if you don’t have children…play with each other !!!  Be that dad, that mom, that brother, sister or friend!  It doesn’t matter if you have an expensive costume, or you wrapped a towel around your neck imbue your old class ring with power!  

I hope that I have shown you that cosplay is not “dangerous”, “antisocial” or “frivolous ”.  Hopefully you understand why its important not to shun your weirdo cousin who dressed up Like Harry potter….Because if you stripped Humanity of all its technology, its electricity, its fossil fuels … we would still be left with our imaginations.  And fortunately , all we need to create the magic of “Noh”, this sacred connection that has existed since time before time….. is me, you, and a little imagination!!!     

My experiences as a trans woman cosplayer.

(This is a very long post that I’m crossposting here from Facebook. Please give it a read.)

Ten years ago, I first took an interest in cosplaying. On the surface, I made it seem like I was just looking for a way to express my love of my favorite nerdy stuff, as I had done with Star Trek in my early childhood. In reality, I was doing so because I wanted to explore my gender identity.

I figured these conventions were the perfect safe space for me to explore this aspect of myself. I was wrong.

See, this was 2005-2007, when the “it’s a trap” meme was… extremely prevalent. I’ll admit to taking part in this charade, if only because I wasn’t sure how to truly express myself. By the time 2008 rolled around, I completely abandoned the term and resented any time someone said it to me. I regret ever using it to describe myself.

In early 2009, I finally adopted the name “Sophia” and started presenting solely as myself at all cons I went to. I thought things were going to look up. I was wrong.

If anything, the bullshit continued and got worse. I’ll never forget, when I did the mecha panel with my crew in 2010 at AnimeBoston, we’d invited two newcomers to join us on it that year. I remember introducing myself, saying how long I’ve been a fan, and one of those two chucklefucks said, “and he’s been a trap for just as long” to an audience that laughed at this horrible joke. I remember Doug turning to me, the one who runs these panels each year, with a look on his face of “oh my god, sophie, I am so sorry.”

Later that year, I finally started hormones. I said to myself, finally, I can be who I was meant to be. I’ll look better in costumes and people will always know to gender me properly. I was wrong.

I learned that there were people, ones I considered friends, deliberately misgendering me behind my back, including one I looked up to due to a shared resemblance. She was incredibly horrible about it, saying things like “she didn’t want to look like a man”, because apparently saying you look like a girl who happens to be AMAB means you look like a man. Nice covering for your transmisogyny there, honey.

In 2012, I got into Homestuck. I’d noticed the fandom was filled with transgender men, nonbinary people, and all sorts of other weird queers. I figured I’d finally found my safe haven from the bullshit I deal with every time I put on a costume. I was wrong.

I was called “boy Terezi” while I was cosplaying her, despite my breasts clearly being visible in the tight shirt I was wearing. I had someone ask me, “are you… a guy?” minutes into my arrival at a meetup while I was cosplaying Roxy. It was soul crushing and frankly humiliating.

In 2013, I briefly moved to California, hoping I’d find safe haven in their cosplay community. I was wrong.

At AnimeExpo, I was working some boring event at the con because I wanted a free pass. My roommate and I did Touhou costumes for it, because, why not. Before we’d even arrived at the con center, I was misgendered by another guest in the hotel we were staying while we waited for the shuttle. Once we got to the event, one member of its staff misgendered me as well, and I lost it, running back to my hotel room to change because I just couldn’t take it.

In 2014, I returned to my homeland of New England in an attempt to get my life back on track. I ran a panel on gender identity in convention culture with one of my best friends, hoping we might just change some minds among the con’s unwashed masses. I was wrong.

While the panel was a success, with a line so long they couldn’t let everyone into the room, it did nothing for those who were not in attendance. After the concert Saturday night, I was hoping to meet up with my (cool) Homestuck friends in the bar at the Hilton. I tried getting in through the side door, but it was locked. There was a man next to me, who only heard me say “goddamnit” muttered under my breath. As he walked away, he yelled out to be, “You’re really attractive from behind even though you’re a guy!” I yelled out a few choice words to him, as you’d expect.

Look… all I can say is being a trans woman who cosplays is extremely tough, and there are so many factors that work against us, like the existence of male crossplayers doing it “for the lulz”. Some of them tend to be incredibly transmisogynist… I speak from experience. If you do know a person who is, as far as you know, an AMAB male, who wants to cosplay a female character, ask them why. It could be they’re just a big jerk who wants to make fun of trans women, or maybe they themself is a trans woman coming to terms with who she is. If the former, advise them that it may just be a terrible idea. If the latter, do what you can to support them. God knows we need it.

‘Supernatural Convention’

Dean hated the fact that he was here. He hated that he was dressed in a leather jacket with a fake ‘samulet’ around his neck and a stupid container of salt in his hand. He hated that Sam had talked him into this. He hated even more how at home he felt.

The fifth annual Supernatural convention was bustling around him. Everywhere he looked he could see someone dressed as someone he used to know. It should’ve made him feel weird, but all he could do was smile and relive some old memories. His favorite so far was a young man who was dressed as Jo, it made his heart soar to think that someone who really loved the character could take the time to recreate that person.

Sam had lured him here under the impression that there was a hunt. But instead it seemed that Sam signed them up for a panel. Dean was livid about having to speak in front of people, especially pretending to be some random guy acting as ‘Dean Winchester’. It made his head hurt but he was still here, still walking toward the room where he would be speaking.

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