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"one who sings with his tongue on fire" (SNK: Nile Dok, canonverse, backstory gen fic, now w/ Erwin, ~4k)
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Nile isn’t a gambling man.

This fic is for @momtaku, sprung from our shared love of All The Characters, and her love and fearless fight for Nile Dok. ;D I’m sorry if I butchered canon, mom, but I hope you like it. <3 I wrote this while listening to It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) by Bob Dylan on repeat for like 4+ hours straight. >.>;


Although the masters make the rules
For the wise men and the fools
I got nothing, Ma, to live up to.

For them that must obey authority
That they do not respect in any degree
Who despite their jobs, their destinies
Speak jealously of them that are free
Cultivate their flowers to be
Nothing more than something
They invest in.

—It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) by Bob Dylan


The brilliant light that gleams off that woman… you dead people aren’t the only ones who see it.

Her light… also glares brightly in my vision.

Happy holidays @abeexli! Here’s your official @kdramasecretsanta gift. These two were my first kdrama otp (it was my first drama!) so it was really fun making this for you. I saw in your preferences that you like quotes and drama scenes, so I put my favorite quote with some of my favorite scenes of them from the drama. I hope you like it!

Fan Fiction Recommendations

HEY!! I’ve been meaning to make fic rec page for a long time because I happen to have read MANY fic’s that I love and want to share with everyone. If you think I should read one (or many more than one) you can always tag me in your writing or send me an ask (anon or not!!) and recommend me a good one shot/full length fic you’ve read/written!

  • Full length stories:

Tear You Apart / suggestive themes - by pjiminnie [Master List]

A completed series of a gang au revolving around Jungkook

Elements - by zeurin [Master list]

The first series I ever read about BTS. I actually love it soo much. Magic au, a college/high school for mages!

The Orange Girl / suggestive themes - by sugascript [Master list]

A BTS gang!au that I adore. Revolves around Yoongi.

Tell Me The Truth / M - by jiminmusings [Master List]

Hitman!Jungkook. A few smut chapters and the OC is literally me LMAO.

L’exquisite Douler / suggestive themes - by hyongsuga [Master list]

Yoongi gang!au. It’s written third person and the story is lit.

Catch ‘Em All / suggestive themes - by unpretty-writer [Master list]

Police Man!Jungkook / Gang!AU Bts. Plot twists literally coming from my asshole and it features some GOT7 members.

Foreign Sanctuaries - by noir0neko [Master list]

Namjoon romance/angst. Super cute omg I loved it… It’s written in first person

Arranged Love / M - by taehxyung [Master list]

You are in a girl group and to gain more attention you are in a fake relationship with Jungkook.

→ Caller Number 9 / Fluff-Angst - by your-miss-right [Master list]

Yoongi-eccentric romance-ish. College!AU BTS.

I Want the Headline / M - by suga-of-daegu [Master list]

Yoongi gang!au. Super long omg, I love it.

We Are / Angst - by jinhyong [Master list]

Pirate!AU, the idea of it is so good!

Waking Dreams / Angst - by namhyong [Master list]

VERY MIND FUCKING SERIES, AMAZING. kinda like inception??

  • Namjoon // Rap Monster:

The Take-Home Test / M - by versigny [Master list]

College!AU Namjoon smut. It’s so long and the build up is amazing!

Waiting / M - by jinhyong  [Master list]

Good smut where you’re blindfolded and shit.

English Literature / M - by zeurin  [Master list]

Literally the most mature (no pun intended) smut ever?

  • Seokjin // Jin:

So Beautiful / M - by unpretty-writer  [Master list]

JIN SMUT. I don’t read a lot of jin but tHIS wow lol….

  • Yoongi // Suga:

Take A Seat / M - by writingseoul [Master List]

You sit on Yoongi’s face.

Black Shirt / M - by unpretty-writer  [Master list]

skate boarder!Yoongi and you giving him a BJ nice.

Coffee Shop Au / Fluff - by infireation  [Master list]

A very cute fluffy coffee shop au!

  • Hoseok // J-hope:

Masked / M - by writingseoul  [Master List]

Very dom!Hoseok and denied orgasms.

Wicked Games / M - by taehxyung  [Master list]

Daddy kink Hoseok smut

  • Jimin:

Onstage / M - by pjimminie  [Master List]

THIS REALLY FUCKED ME UP. It also realistically portrays Jimin on and off stage I bet lmao.

Beg For It / M - by hyongsuga  [Master list]


The Five Stages of Leaving Him / Angst - by hyacinth-ink [Master list]


For A Good Time Call: Horndog / M - by zeurin  [Master list]

Smut w/ jimjam in the recording studio.

  • Taehyung // V:

One Plus Two / M - by sugascript  [Master list]

Part of a kind of brothel series, I guess. Threesome with VMin!!

L’appel Du Vide / M - by infireation [Master list]

Serial killer!tae is probably the hottest, most bothersome thing I’ve ever read.

  • Jungkook:

Covet / M - by helloblamebts [Master list]

Golden / M - by taehxyung  [Master list]

Virgin!Jungkook. Very long and also written so well. It was hot as fuck to put it simply.

Lost Stars / Angst - by hyongtae [Master list]


anonymous asked:

The length of your master list both frightens and intrigues me, please wish me luck for when I finish reading through it and am trying to haul my ass out of a Winchester Induced Coma w. A Side of Feels

LOLLL! This ask made me crack up omg. Good luck with the novel itself that is my master list. I hope you like what you read! ♥

Anakin Skywalker - Memory

A Jedi is quite a prize to some - and those who’ve stolen you did it so masterfully nobody noticed. Nobody, apparently, except for Yoda - but hotshot Anakin Skywalker has no time to listen to such misgivings. He’s got a whole nation of Togruta to rescue from slavery…

Warnings: Slavery, torture, kidnapping, captivity, injuries, battles, swearing.

Wordcount: 2005

Notes: I liked writing the last one, but I very much prefer to write gender-neutral even if it’s easier to make the reader female. So, we’re back to before. Also - I have never written Yoda before and I was scared to do it b/c he’s one of the best known star wars characters - like, ever - and I was afraid to screw it up. So, I hope I did okay! Also - thanks to @hunting-for-beasts for helping me out w/ Star Wars slang!

Your name: submit What is this?

Your lightsaber - so precious, a physical representation of your relationship to the Force - clatters uselessly away on the metal floor. The Zygerrians force you down to your knees; you curse out loud. So it is those nasty cats, like you’d suspected. The rate of slavery’s been going way up in the Outer Rim, so Master Yoda sent you to investigate. 

You should’ve suspected a trap. 

Keep reading


A/N: hey! This was fun, I’ve seen many people do an au like this.  So i switched it up a bit instead of Sammy break up w/ Stass or something like that he just ditches her lol that sounds bad but whatever.  Nothing against Stass, I actually like her and Sammy together just a bit jelly.  Hope you guys like it, I do request here.  Thank you, Love you -i 

master list (mobile)




Another filler episode, but far more amusing.

Stuff I liked:

Raph’s Bug Phobia::

Originally posted by limaticart

Raph x Mona Lisa Bits & Kiss hallucination::

Originally posted by sweetzerlandia

Originally posted by megaaguslove

That hallucination RAMONA ‘kiss’ was hilarious and cute…..would it be presumptuous of me to hope/predict/foreshadow a legit lip kiss between the real Mona Lisa & Raph in the future????

Donnie & Mikey /Gadgets::

Originally posted by ba1n3s

Master Splinter & Raph Time::

Originally posted by welovedavidluiz

Leorai bit::

Originally posted by blurryrainbow

Stuff I didn’t like/found annoying:

Donnie pulling a ‘Broken Foot April’  w/ Raph regarding bugs & Mona–YEAH–THANKS NOT THANKS DONNIE!!!::

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

<< ( // S E R V A M P O L I C E \ ) >>

Officer Tsubakuyn is FINALLY DONE…. ! >w>)9 <3
weewoooo weeewoooo weeewwoooooooooo :M !

sry to keep you waiting for so long. I haven’t done anything special recently, so… there you go with this one :D ! I was drawing the bg for the whole night until 04:49 am :‘DDD idk when I exactly started, but I was drawing 7h instantly for sure. My eyes became red of course x'DDDD but I wanted to finish this soooooo baaddddlyyyyyyyyyyyy  !! ;////;)
It’s the first time drawing a rainy atmosphere like this… but damn, it was actually very enjoyable x’D <3
sry for the mistakes, I’m not a master after all :’D btw, this place was supposed to be the 'North-Street’ :D! where Ryusei has been attacked.

but still…. hope you like it !! (///./// )

…..back to business =w=)! :

1.) I was talking about Arthieves last month, right ?

 I was reporting those Items which used to illegaly use my drawings in order to gain money with it.
Those Items have been removed :D ! ( at least I don’t see them on ebay anymore ) but there are still other Websites of course =.=)“
Even japanese Servamp-Fans have seen their art being sold as a t-shirt or sth else without permission.
~> As once mentioned, most artists feel honored if one likes to wear a shirt or sth with the artists drawing on it, but PLEASE I’d beg you to not buy those items.

that being said…I’d like to talk about…
2.) reposting my art ! ~ ( ᐛ )ᕗ
I don’t mind if someone wants to repost my art, as long as one gives credit.  Of course on tumblr it’s mostly 'repost’ and then the source is displayed - but then there’s Instagram, weheartit and other social networks where people are reposting art without giving credit ( mostly ).
something like:
Art by Ade '  or  ’ Art by AdeSlowmoQueen ’ is totally fine ~  if you don’t know the artists name one can just use ’ Art by OP / Artist ’. that’s fine too. 
I’m truly thankful to those people who talk to those users like ' do you mind if you give credit to the Artist XXX ? ’ like… I didn’t even say anything and they support me ///.///
…. can I just mention AGAIN that the ServampFandom is just great xD ? seriously <3

One of my drawings ( a Sakuya one. I have drawn his Dakimakura-posture from StrikeTanaka [ with credit of course, don’t worry xD ] on 3x DINA3 -  I've only submitted chest-up ) has been reposted nearly everywhere, and there I forgot to put 'Ade’ somewhere, and people even thought that this drawing was made by StrikeTanaka :'DDD ! their coloring-style is different xD
well ok, I’m not as good as the goddesses StrikeTanaka, but still, it was a misleading situation. ( haha thank you anyway x'DD <3 some people say that my art resembles StrikeTanaka’s art a lot >3>)….maybe because I look at it 24h a day ? >w> ahah ~ there’s still difference, their drawing-style changed a lot anyway! )
It seems like my Fanart with Kuro in the ball-thingie is very popular x'DDD This has been reposted sososo many times! ok…  that scene is cute anyway :D xD

3.) BUT
if I see ANYONE who claims that a drawing of mine is theirs.
cut out my signature and put their own watermark on it.
I’m gonna block this person, report this person… and everything that’s necessary to get rid of this.
This person is probably my very first hater x'DD

but still I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize my art-style everywhere anyway :D !

” a credit a day keeps Tsubaki away ~
Tsubaki, the Servamp of not sourcing art “  
~( >v>)~ !

did u really read all of this…. :’D ? naaaaaaa I’m so sryyy ;w; !! This text ist longer than expected xD








(I am in desperate need of a reveal, okay?)

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sorry if i missed anyone!! If you changed urls and you feel like i left u out pls let me know<3

                            ** WORLD OF WARCRAFT ** 

                    Hello ! Sylvanas mun here, I would like to give a little shout out
                           to our tiny roleplay community ! The WoW fandom is in need of
                           more roleplayers ! We’re lacking in characters ! We would adore
                           a larger and more active fandom, and that is why I am posting
                           this, hoping people will JOIN US ! OCs are welcomed with
                           arms :) don’t be shy !

                Master list

                                - Sylvanas: claamor
                                - Arthas: isblod
                                - Malfurion: aislivg
                                - Illidan: betrayxr
                                - Tyrande: ellvne
                                - Lor'themar: sindoreii 
                                - Khadgar: archmage-khadgar

      **Note: If you’re a canon rp'er in the WoW fandom and
                 want to be apart of this list, message me !
                          Or if you have any questions !

kidgecko  asked:

papyton where mtt acts all suave and confident around papyrus whos like his biggest fan, but when hes alone or w/ alphys hes like HOLY FUCK IM SO SCREWED HES SO CUTE WHAT DO I DO

Sorry this isn’t as good as I was hoping. Also it’s my personal head canon that Papyrus is taller than Mettaton. 

“Thank you for another wonderful evening darling.” Mettaton leaned back against the doors of Alphy’s lab, propping one of his heels against the cold metal wall while his arms settled on his hips, a pose that was both confident and a little sexy.

“Of course! I, the great Papyrus, am nothing less than a master at dating!” The skeleton declared proudly before his expression became a bit shy. He nervously scratched the side of his face as he sheepishly glanced at the glamorous robot. “But you did have a good time, right?”

Mettaton giggled softly behind his hand before smiling up at the skeleton.

“I most definitely did sweetheart.” He purred, flashing his most charming smile at Papyrus. The skeleton’s face quickly flushed red but he played it off by puffing up his chest, bracing his curled fists on his hips and raising his chin in the air.

“Another perfect date completed!” He crowed happily. Mettaton only laughed at his lover’s silly antics. He instead pushed away from the wall and looped his arms with Papyrus boney one. Pressing his body against the skeletons bicep. He raised his head to look up at the tall sentry and fluttered his eyelashes.

“I am the luckiest robot in the entire underground to have such an amazing boyfriend.” He gushed, smiling as Papyrus’ eyes got a little wide and the red in his cheeks that had been fading was revived. Papyrus’ mouth worked silently for a few moments as he tried to regain enough composure to string words together. Mettaton snuggled closer and gently rubbed his cheek against the hard bone of Papyrus’ shoulder. As the silence prolonged and Papyrus didn’t seem to be able to recover from his embarrassment Mettaton took mercy on his companion.

“Really though dear, you didn’t have to walk me all the way back. It’s quite a ways from Snowdin.” Mettaton gently peeled himself away from Papryus’ side and instead moved to stand in front of him, placing both hands against the skeletons chest. Papyrus was quickly distracted from his earlier shyness and took the new conversation topic in stride. He huffed in indignation and tossed his head back as if offended.

“I would not be a good boyfriend if I did not! It is very serious matter!” Papyrus proclaimed stubbornly. “I would not want you to think you are unimportant and not worth the effort and the only way to prevent this is to make sure I walk you home! It says so in the dating rulebook.”

“Alright alright!” Mettaton soothed with amusement thick in his tone. “I will not complain, after all it means I can wish you goodnight without your guard-dog hounding me.” Papyrus tilted his head in confusion.

“But I do not have a guard dog?” Mettaton just patted his chest in a dismissive manner.

“It’s a figure of speech darling.” The robot stated and Papyrus nodded as if he understood, though he did not. Mettaton sighed softly as he now thought about Sans, he would want his younger brother home soon.

“I suppose it’s time you get going.” The robot stated, his tone tinged with melancholy, Papyrus’ own face fell slightly before brightening significantly.
“Worry not! I, the great Papryus, will be sure to come visit you tomorrow!” Mettaton couldn’t stop his spirits from brightening, a familiar warmth filling his soul. He smiled up at the skeleton and gently raised up onto his tiptoes, his heels lifting from the floor. He pressed a soft kiss to the side of Papyrus’ face.

“Goodnight sugar skull.” Mettaton murmured against firmness of the taller monsters skull. He gently pulled back, smiling at the skeletons flustered expression. He lowered himself back onto his heels and stroked the back of Papyrus’ face with the back of his hand. He then turned around and began heading towards the door of the lab.

A strong grip on his waist made him pause. He turned to question his boyfriend but was silenced by Papyrus’ kiss, though it was less of a kiss and more so Papyrus clumsily pressing his mouth to Mettatron’s. The fabulous robot remained frozen in his lover’s arms, to shocked to react and by the time the static in his brain had cleared the skeleton was pulling away.

“S-sleepwell Mettaton.” He stuttered before turning around and sprinting away, leaving the idol standing there staring at the skeletons shrinking form. He turned and entered the lab in a trance and when the door slid closed he leaned against it, feeling as though his legs were no longer strong enough to support him. His head fell back against the hard metal with a solid ‘thunk’ and slowly slid down the door until he was sitting propped between the floor and the door.

“Mettaton?” Alphys called, footsteps drawing closer. “Are you home?” She peeked around the corner to spot her creation. She laughed softly at the robots dazed expression and bright red cheeks. She could hear the robots fans whirring loudly as they tried to cool his heated core.

Mettaton hid his face in his hands, drawing his knee’s up to his chest and mumbled something incoherent.

“What?” Alphys asked as she drew closer to her friend.

“He is too cute!!” Mettaton all but screamed causing the scientist to jump in surprise. The robot wiggled and squirmed wildly. His hands cupped his burning cheeks and he squealed softly.

“How is it possible to be that cute?!” He wailed. “Honestly he doesn’t have the right to be so adorable!”

Alphys only threw back her head and laughed at the robotic superstar’s actions. She turned on her heel and headed deeper into the lab, knowing that Mettaton needed to just get it out of his system. She shook her head in amusement as she hurried away, a soft smile gracing her lips. 

Who knew the one to teach a robot about love would be a skeleton.

I hope you enjoyed, I appreciate feedback. Feel free to send me a prompt!


i aint never gon stop

for now

idk u guys may need to feed me prompts i dont want to sTOP EITHER WAY

dan w/ rly responsive pupils is hard to draw when ur not animating, i wish i could do the animating thing 2 bAD I AINT GOT NO PATIENCE 

overly protective dan saving smol beaten danny an danny w/ sweaters for all (u kno its 4 christmas or something. g h ost… ch ri stmas??)

vlad youre not helping at all

A/N: I’ve been watching way too much HGTV so I wrote this. IDK why but this one couple inspired me. Hope you like it. Also hope I didn’t overdo the fluff/cliche factor.

AU: Moving in w/ Luke

“Luke, you better not be naked when I open my eyes.”

“Like you wouldn’t enjoy that” he smirks, pecking a quick kiss to your shoulder.

“If you’re naked, we’ll never finish unpacking.”

Today, the two of you began moving into your new shared place. It’s a quaint and modest house with everything you need. A cozy master bedroom to call your own, one suite bathroom to start your mornings in together, and kitchen to make a mess in. The living space has double doors that open up to the backyard patio. Plus, there’s a basement for Luke to transform into a studio, so he can make the most of his time at home. Truly, it’s the darlingest house you’ve ever seen. All for a bargain deal too. As a newlywed couple, it had your names written all over it.

Of course, buying a home also means having to actually make it home. The entire morning was spent unloading box after box from the truck, which also involves a lot of yelling at Luke to be careful with the fragile ones. He tells you to relax, to which you reply that yelling would be necessary if he didn’t try carrying five boxes at once. By mid-afternoon, you were still tirelessly unpacking things and stocking the kitchen cabinets. That is, until Luke came running in to announce that he had something special delivered.

Now here you are being led blindly down the hall, his hands covering your eyes. He never did trust you to not peek at his surprises. Carefully, Luke guides you to his big secret while trying not to trip over too much of the clutter scattered about. His anticipation builds with every step closer. Then finally, he brings you to a stop, removing his hands from your face.

Right there in front of you stands a tiny round table and tiny chairs to match. The familiar blue color pops out at you, bright and bold against the new white walls. Crayon and paint stains, scratches and chips, are decorating its surface— immediately bringing back the memories. All the times you accidentally colored way outside the lines and trailed off the paper. All the imaginary cups of tea and plastic meals you served. All the times you were a kid, still small enough to fit at this very table.

“H-how? Where did you? How?!” You struggle to find the words. Nothing is going through your mind except childhood flashbacks. Instead you just stand there, excitedly smacking Luke’s chest until he explains.

“I remembered you saying that you had a playroom growing up and how you loved it so much. So I called your mom to see if there was anything left of it and she found your old table. I thought you might want to see it again. Or you know, we can save it for when we have mini Hemmings to fill those mini chairs.”

“Babe” you sigh.  “I can’t even. I can’t believe you. This is… this—”

“Feels just like your old home?”

“No. Feels like our home now.”