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A Million Reasons

When Laine Brumfield met Niall Horan at a New Year’s Eve party, she never thought that one little teeny tiny misunderstanding would completely change her life in the biggest possible way. 

Two pink lines. What the fuck. No, this couldn’t be happening.

I shook the stick a few good times, knowing the box says you’re really not supposed to but I thought that maybe if I did it hard enough, maybe…just maybe, it would fix the error. Because this was clearly an error. This was clearly a manufacturing error. It was the test, it had to be. The test was defective, the test was clearly defective. Because there was no way this could be right, there was absolutely no way that this test could actually be positive, there was no way I could actually be…pregnant…

Oh God.

I had to tell him. I had to tell Niall.

a multi-chaptered niall fic based on this prompt about a highly unexpected event that has some very unexpected feelings thrown in too.

COMING FRIDAY 2/17! read here :) 

❣reasons i love yoongi❣

ofc theres many but here are some of them bc i really love him and its still vday here and hes officially my valentine so

  • the smile but thats kinda obvious
  • his voice is so calming
  • but when he gets a lil excited/hyper he lowkey starts to scream
  • smol but ready to (literally) kick someone’s butt 24/7
  • rap god yoongi
  • how he has a special relationship with every member!!
  • his english!! is so!! good!! srsly he knows so many random words
  • his random knowledge too!
  • how he teases seokjin for his dad puns
  • but is exactly the same 
  • apart from that he’s the king of comedy and whenever he jokes i talk about it for the next 5 days which means i never shut up
  • inventor of singing
  • how he’s so professional when talking about music/equipment 
  • how in bv he remembered to pack the first aid kit/painkillers
  • and cooked for the members
  • photographer yoongi
  • how he seems to enjoy travelling a lot
  • his love for holly
  • the mixtape
  • king of black turtlenecks
  • and black outfits in general
  • how he works his ass off :) 
  • mama 2k16 
  • cutest selfies in bangtan fight me
  • soft tummy
  • sope 
  • how he sometimes growls when rapping amazing
  • pouty
  • his “say what” every 2 seconds when performing live
  • how he’s so attached to the grey beanie
  • and looks so good wearing any type of hats in general
  • when he said he would stay home and read all the books he could as a teenager
  • marie claire photoshoot
  • and every other photoshoot lets be real here
  • iconic tweets
  • the japanese interview
  • “when can we leave”
  • pink silky pjs aka the look of 2k16
  • cheats in most games possible
  • also dumb excuses
  • “i get blushy after one shot of soju”
  • glasses yoongi
  • how he loves being carried
  • dt gloss
  • how he doesnt care if he has to dress up as a girl anymore
  • how he once said he feels like crying during every show
  • he’s the softest smiley squish
  • srsly hes so soft 
  • and makes me soso happy

hello, i’m late. nice to meet you, dad... yuu-san seems to have had quite a day playing around with mika

She Is...

Request: Hey! If you are still going through request’s would you be able to do an “Imagine where Joker and Harley try to fight over The Reader but Reader gets caught and thrown into jail or the asylum because of Mr. J and Harleys carelessness so they go get them?” Its okay if you don’t want to do it or if your busy… I’ll understand! :33< @official-dragon-empress 

Word Count: 951

Warnings: Death, guns, shocks. 


A/N: Reader, Harley and Joker are in some kind of love triangle. I don’t really know xD. God, I went way to far with this. xD. Hope you enjoy it!! <3.

“Fucking hell guys! Can you stop?! You’re making me go nuts!” You scream at the two behind you, Joker and Harley couldn’t stop fighting over you all day. Who was going on a heist with you tonight?

“Well, you’re kinda already nuts!” Harley giggles at you, you smile. God you loved her craziness, but still, she’s super annoying.

“Come on (Y/N)! Why don’t we have some fun tonight?” Joker winks at you, runs up to you and picks you up from the ground.

“I don’t know you guys, I’m pretty tired.” You sigh, they couldn’t stop arguing. Joker sighs as he lets go of you, you fall to the ground

“Fuck!” You scream scared, you didn’t expect that. “That was necessary!?” You shout at him.

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Did somebody say “Green Leader’s Insignia”? No? Too bad. Here’s his official one for my AU. 

it is my duty as the creator of the au to provide u with any resources you may need for this dumb trashhell AU i made, tag me in this au shit btw

No, I just thought I’d stick to the private sector and never ask for monetary reward. I’ll just get sent to different countries by a bunch of different random acquaintances I know god-knows-how and not bring any money with me so I have to dance for tips in a cat suit and make delicately frosted cookies. 

In this way I hope to avoid being associated with an official force that uses the guise of protecting its citizens to enforce antiquated, institutionalized racism on innocent people.


You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it. That is the official story…Korra and Asami fell in love. Were they friends? Yes, and they still are, but they also grew to have romantic feelings for each other.”

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anonymous asked:

you have probably answered this before, but do you think silverflint might happen? i didn't used to think it would but for some reason all the things they've said lately about season 4 has made me think that maybe it could? like its just a vibe ive gotten? im still like 95% in doubt, just down from 99%.

oh god. oh man. oh boy. here we are >:) fjskldfjldsfjdsf. I actually don’t think I’ve ever (officially) answered this before. but I’ve talked about it with so many people and the discussion ALWAYS goes something like this:

“yeah, I’m not getting my hopes up. it’s probably not going to happen and even though it would be amazing if it did, it’s fine if it doesn’t! their relationship is still so incredible and fascinating. so YEAH. no expectations because it probably won’t! :o)” [exit stage left]

…………………….[running back on stage] “bUT LIKE WHAT IF IT DID THOUGH?!?! what if it DID happen, for real!?! WHAT IF?!?!?! WHAT IF!!!!”


anyway: I’m not even gonna pretend like this isn’t gonna get long so I’ll just say…MORE OF ME TALKING UNDER THE CUT >:)

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