i hope to god it's official

Scarf v. Crabot, Docket No. 3838

Citizens of the jury. Check this shit out.

Before I show you this shit, I would like to remind you all what brought us here today. Exhibit A:

That’s right. This beautiful, good man. But more specifically, this, Exhibit B:

What exactly the hell this is has teased inquiring minds for years, one can safely presume. There have been theories and inquiry into the neckwear of antiquity. But this man’s fashion sense has eluded precise articulation. The prevailing theory is that it is a cravat, but a Google Image Search shows otherwise. Exhibit C:

A cravat seems to be like an extra puffy necktie scarf thing. It certainly does not flutter to that extent, being tucked inside the shirt.

An alternate, but equally doomed theory arose–that of the jabot. Exhibit D:

A more likely option, with the layers and the fluttering, but, please observe again Exhibit B:

See how the collar is a few inches tall, with dimples in the cloth, around his neck, and how the fluttery layers seem to come out from the top of it and down? Here’s an image of him in his daily asskicking duties to compare as well, Exhibit E:

Well, it clearly doesn’t have the thin collar and flat lay of the jabot, because the fluttery front comes over the top of the collar, not attached to the bottom like the jabot.

I too was resigned to ambiguity, until I was sitting on my bedroom floor writing fanfiction one Sunday afternoon and my mom brought me something. She had been cleaning out her closet and found something interesting from her Los Angeles department store days in the 1980s. It is a booklet guide from Nordstrom on how to wear scarves. The booklet, Exhibit F, is in such a state due to Dog:

Cute, wholesome, etc. But the true revelation waited inside. Citizens of the jury, my decisive evidence, Exhibit G:

[Transcript: 6 SQUARE SCARVES 1. Take a square scarf and make accordian (sic) pleats from top to bottom 2. Wrap around neck and flip one end over the other. 3. Fan out pleats and wear off to the side or in front.]

BROS DO U SEE THIS RN??? This shit has the exact same features that were missing in the cravat and jabot, and is identical to the Chest Kleenex on this beautiful man. Once more, Exhibit B:

Conclusion: He’s been wearing a specially folded square scarf this whole time. The prosecution rests. *mic drop*

*hasty scrambling to pick up dropped mic* The prosecution takes official notice that there are three layers of ruffle in every official art, not two. The prosecution saw that just now and has no idea how that could be but stands behind its argument. Okay, thanks guys. *puts mic back into stand*

So we’re getting new kh3 info soon & I decided to use that as a deadline for /finally/ finishing my kairi design.  I’m really excited about it and I’m never telling anyone just how long I’ve been trying to finalize a design for her

So here it is!!! Keyblade wielder in training kairi!!!!

After sora’s new look got released I really, really wanted kairi to have something similar; sportsy, made for movement, more ‘mature’, & with influence from her nobody.  But (hopefully) kh3 is going to be where kairi takes on an entirely new role in her narrative, finally being able to join the fray, & I thought she should have something that fit that idea as well.  

I kept those things in mind while working on this & did my best to still give her a design that fits her personality, previous designs & role in the story (and also one that fixed the disaster zone color scheme from kh2 because my God).

She’s become a very important character to me & she deserves to finally be a genuine part of the kh story.  I’ve been wanting that for her for ages, so here’s to hoping. Anyways I’m really excited about this! I love kairi!! hooray!!

(I put optional cat ears from the official art in there as well, they’re cute haha)

A Million Reasons

When Laine Brumfield met Niall Horan at a New Year’s Eve party, she never thought that one little teeny tiny misunderstanding would completely change her life in the biggest possible way. 

Two pink lines. What the fuck. No, this couldn’t be happening.

I shook the stick a few good times, knowing the box says you’re really not supposed to but I thought that maybe if I did it hard enough, maybe…just maybe, it would fix the error. Because this was clearly an error. This was clearly a manufacturing error. It was the test, it had to be. The test was defective, the test was clearly defective. Because there was no way this could be right, there was absolutely no way that this test could actually be positive, there was no way I could actually be…pregnant…

Oh God.

I had to tell him. I had to tell Niall.

a multi-chaptered niall fic based on this prompt about a highly unexpected event that has some very unexpected feelings thrown in too.

COMING FRIDAY 2/17! read here :) 

gendryatrash  asked:

prompt for gendrya: 5 times Gendry saw Arya Stark truly smile

sorry for the wait!! but thank you so so so much for the prompt :)

two falling sparks, one willing fool (or 5 times Gendry sees Arya Smile)

Gendry had a theory.

While there were definitely other more important things that occupied his mind, and things that he spent his time thinking about, he swears that this was just something that would come and go.

The theory was: the only time Arya was really, truly, smiling was when she was unaware of it.

And it’s stupid, but the thought makes him smile himself and she’d probably kick his ass if she ever found out what goes around in his head but-

He can’t pinpoint exactly how or when, but there came a time where he had learned Arya. At least enough to know when she smiled for real. It was something that he took pride in; she was a fairly hard person to get a read on. Not that it was a conscious effort. No. Just something that he learned over time.

He could just tell a genuine smile from a false front.


The first time he sees her genuinely smile is when he meets her for the first time.

Stuck with Lommy and Hot Pie, taking heat for something he had nothing to do with, here he is, sentenced with scraping gum and other questionable sticky clumps off of the cafeterias chairs and tables.

Yoren, the history teacher, the only teacher in this high school that Gendry was confident didn’t totally hate teenagers (at least not yet), handed over buckets and what looked like butter knives to each of them, with a pair left for him.

For a second, he thought that his sympathy extended to actually helping them. It took him by surprise and he said so.

Me?” he laughed, as if the thought was so absurd. “That’s cute kid, but no. I’d never be able to stand again.”

Yoren leaves without saying who and leaves them to it.

Half an hour in, he thought whoever was supposed to be here would never show, but he hears her music before he even sees her because he recognizes it, and it’s that fucking loud, he wonders how she’s not deaf.

He’d known her from around. The hallways standing with a sophomore he thinks is named Micah, in the papers with the rest of her family when Governor Stark came into office, a few parties here and there, and he’s confident that even though she has no idea who he is, and not sure how and who added who, but they’re friends on Facebook.

Her clothes look expensive with the distinctive trademark fashion of the well-off. But she’s a walking contradiction with her old, worn out and ratty looking pair of Converse. She’s got this bored look on her face and yet, still doesn’t quite lose the aristocratic air that one’s born with the kind of family she’s from. So, sue him if he was 100% expecting her to bitch, whine and ditch.

But she surprises him by nodding to no one in particular, letting her messenger bag riddled with buttons that’s falling apart at the seams with a thud, grabs the bucket and knife, and goes to work.  

Lommy and Hot Pie are not so subtly speculating as to why she might be with them suffering the same sentence. From what he’s heard, it was the bloody nose she gave Joffrey. He can’t say that he blames her. It was about time someone decked that jackass. What amuses him is that while he was taller than Joffrey, she would had to have reached quite a bit to throw the punch.

He knows she can hear, but she stonily hacks away at a particularly stubborn piece of gum stuck to the chair, with a scabbed over white knuckled grip.

Hot Pie’s scratching against the chair so fast Gendry’s worried it might actually catch fire.

“Scrape, gently.”

He doesn’t even stop, in fact, if it’s even possible, he’s scratching at it even faster. “Didn’t ask”

“Yeah, well, tough shit, I didn’t ask to be here either .”

He hears her snort, and it’s so loud at first he thinks she sneezed. But, no, he turns to see that she’s grinning at the underside of a chair, and finds himself smirking too.


More often than not, it would be just the two of them at Motts. It started when he saw her walking home and asked if she wanted a ride at the last day of their community service and celebrate their freedom.

She put her feet on the dash and changed the radio station within seconds of getting in his truck, and all he could do was scoff fondly at Hot Pie and Lommys reaction. He’d have given them an earful had it been any of the two, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her off and, well, he just knew.

From there, there was an effortlessness to the way they moved around each other. She took him completely by surprise at how much a part of his life she’d become. Gradually, it was her phone number in his phone saved as m’lady, both the jackets and hoodies she’d “borrow”, the distinct smell that would linger in his truck, the crap ton of selfies she’d leave on his phone, Nymeria’s fur everywhere in the upholstery despite that happening one time, and the inside jokes they shared. He was surprised how much he needed her and he hoped that she needed him the same way. He never thought he’d ever be this close to a girl, much less having a female best friend.

And he likes it.

Her presence.

When Hot Pie and Lommy were around, they’d go out, but he likes this especially. He likes the companionship of them working in silence. He’d disappeared under the truck that came in a week ago, tinkering around, and she’s on the patched up sofa they picked up off the sidewalk on a whim that now sits in the middle of the garage, sprawled out with her headphones she’d long abandoned, having the radio loud instead and textbooks scattered about her like she’d been there forever, like she belonged there. He made sure he always had something to do with his hands because it was getting harder and harder to be around her, and he knew what that meant, but-

He wasn’t going to be that guy.

Suddenly, he’s being pulled out from under and the smell of freshly baked bread hits him. Lommy and Arya are on the couch while he and Hot Pie are on the ground. He’d missed the joke that everyone was laughing at, but he smiles anyway when he sees her head thrown back with a smile, as she kicks Lommy off the couch. She might as well have kicked him in the gut with what it was doing to him.

He turns to see Hot Pie with an eyebrow raised at him and the smile on his face vanishes.


He’s on the roof, trying to climb in through her window and sees her with only the laptop light illuminating her face, and she’s smiling at something and…

… he falls with a thud that knocks the wind right out of him.

Seven hells, I haven’t done that since the 10th grade,” he groans, and she’s at his side in seconds where he’s on his back.

“Are you okay?” He hears her laugh, typical. Here he is physically injured and she’s laughing, but despite everything, he’s laughing too.

He’s trying to catch his breath. Somehow seeing her smile stretched out across her face, highlighted by the streetlight that would go out and come back on, with her hair tickling his cheeks doesn’t seem to be helping. He closes his eyes trying not to let her figure out what he’s thinking.

I’m royally fucked, that’s what

“Yeah, I’m fine. You don’t think they heard, do you?”

She scoffs as she takes her place on her bed. “You worry too much.”

Someone has to

He freezes in place because he didn’t think this part through. For a moment, he sees his life flash before his eyes when he remembers that she had 3 brothers that could kick his ass and one sister that would fucking murder him with a smile on her face if he so much as thought about Arya the wrong way.

Was he really going to sit next to her on her bed, behind her closed bedroom door, unsupervised, at night?

Yes. Yes he was.

An hour and a half later, Fezzik, Inigo, Princess Buttercup and Westley are riding off into the sunset and the credits roll. He found it strange that she’d never seen it before.

“Hot Pie is Fezzik, Lommy is Inigo, and you’re Princess Buttercup.”

“What, why do I have to be the princess?”

It was a sort of game they had, casting each other in roles of movies they watched.

He shrugs, “It just fits.”

“And, what, you’re Westley?” she snorts derisively, but double takes when she catches him staring at her.

He doesn’t realize until later what he’s just said. and he stutters under her own stare but has no time to backtrack until she says.

“Ha! Fuck that, you can be Princess Buttercup. I’m Inigo Montoya.”


She’s a junior now, and he’s surprised she’s stuck around. Not that he’s complaining. He’s really not. He was expecting her to ditch and move on without really saying anything after he graduated. But, she made it clear that she wasn’t going anywhere when she demanded that he, Hot Pie and Lommy suffer with her at Sansa’s 18th birthday party.

“She’s just turning 18. Honestly, I don’t see the big deal.” She says it like she’s dreading going, but he can tell how proud she is.

He looks around the room and while Lommy and Hot Pie are eating enough for a whole village, having no trouble whatsoever enjoying the party, but he just can’t find it in him to. His skin feels like it’s shrunk two size and maybe it’s paranoia, but the moment he’d arrived, he felt like very single pair of eyes were burning a hole on the back of his head. There’s no denying that it’s the nicest party he’s ever been to, and when she leaves his side to take pictures he’s never felt more out of place.  But the party fades around him and he can only focus on one thing.

She’s standing there with the rest of her family.

Governor Stark, Dr. Stark, Senator Robb Stark with his fiance Jeyne Poole, future Attorney Sansa Stark, Bran Stark, smartest of all the Stark kids, Rickon Stark, star hockey player of the Direwolves and Arya, aspiring artist with so much potential, and Jon Snow, the Private Investigator, with all their million dollar smiles. At least he’s sure what it’s going to say in the papers the next day. 

He can tell it’s forced and he laughs to himself when the official photographer raises her finger for just one more and that she’s just seconds away from ripping his head off.

She decides to ditch the reception altogether and she nicks a wine bottle and drags him out to the parking lot, barefoot, having ditched her heels sometime in the night. It was freezing back in the function room, but he thinks his temperature spikes when she slots her fingers through his, abandoning their friends to the buffet. He doesn’t dare let go. They’re sitting in the back of her brother’s truck. She was dangerous for him like this, all affectionate and disorientated. She whispers with a breathy laugh that makes him shiver from the inside out, “You’re never getting rid of me, okay. You’re stuck with me.”

“Okay.” Like he actually had much of a choice.

“I think that’s enough.” He tugs the wine bottle out of her grasp and she settles at his side, she laughs again against his neck, warm gust of breath hitting the side of his neck, and he inhales sharply, for a split second, forgets how to breathe.

Arya’s giggling and stops then, suddenly, like she just realised something, she laughs again oh my god, ass!

He laughs a little himself, “What?”

“Ass, Gendry!” Like repeating it would make it make sense.

He shakes his head, “I don’t-” and he swallows thickly when he sees her staring at him, with a dazed smile, a smile that he’s never seen before. He’d never been much of a poet, maybe a sap, but she looked really fucking happy. And that made him happy.  "Arya, I don’t understand.“

When she’s calmed down, she says, “When she graduates, she’ll be Attorney Sansa Stark.”

It takes him a while for him to connect the dots and he just rolls his eyes. She falls asleep with her head  on his lap, with his jacket as a pillow, and a smile on her face and he hopes for the night to never end. He does his best not to move, feeling oddly honored that she decided to fall asleep on him. It was a lot like the first time he got a cat and it was an amusing thought to have.

Gendry had another theory: even though she had this self-professed obsession with wolves, she was honestly just a big cat.


The same unknown number is calling for the fourth time, but judging by the fact that they seemed pretty damned determined to get a hold of him and the handful number of people who knew him and of his friendship (if you could still call it that, these days, it was pretty fucking hard to tell), he can guess who it was.

He debates leaving it to ring. He wasn’t obligated to answer, but he figured Sansa, or at least he thought it was Sansa (it was likely that it could have been Margaery, nosey little shits), was never going to stop. She was really determined when she set her mind on anything. And he knows exactly what this is about.

Lately, he’d been cancelling every time Arya would ask to hangout. He’d bullshit his way through his excuses whether it was because he was working, or sick, or busy. It was getting harder and harder to say no.

The first time was the hardest. He didn’t need to see the caller ID to know it was her, she had her own ringtone. That should have been the first sign.


“Hey,” she hesitates, and he curses under his breath, “What’re you doing later?”

“Actually, I’m actually down with something. It’s pretty bad. Maybe tomorrow?”

“What, you never get sick,”

He laughs mirthlessly, and he just wishes the call would end, because he’s just so tired of lying. “Yeah, I know. I’ll call you.”


He ends the call before he has the chance to say anything else.

Tomorrow, turns into next time, which becomes next week, and it’s been almost a month now. He’d thought that the distance would help figure things out, but he’s pretty sure that the only thing hes figured out is that he’s just useless without her, which he knew already.

He takes a deep breath and exhales and answers,

“Gendry! Thank God, I didn’t think you were going to answer-” the voice says before he can get a word

“Sansa, whatever you’re going to say, it’s not going to change-”

“Look, just listen.”

Strangely, it’s enough to silence him.

“I won’t pretend to know why you’re punishing yourself and won’t let yourself be happy but, before I kick your ass, because trust me I can and I will, I’ll give you the privilege of giving me a good reason not to.”

“How generous of you.”

He’s met with silence and all he can do is sit down. “I don’t know what you want me to say that you don’t already know.”

“Why are you avoiding her?”

It’s not like he doesn’t want to. Gods, all he wants to do is be around her. But it was too much. He can’t- He just couldn’t do it. She was everywhere. She was in the air that he was breathing, in his space, in his head.

“Because, I sure as hell don’t know, if you could clue me in on that, that’d be-”

“Because I don’t trust myself, alright? Is that what you want to hear? That I cannot, for the life of me, keep lying to my best friend? That it just kills me whenever she’s around? Or when she tells me about some dumbass who’s no less deserving than I am of her? That I never will be? That- That all I want to do is just tell her how I feel?”

“Why don’t you?”

He swears he has a heart attack when he sees her right there, standing right in front of him, fists clenched at her sides, looking like she’s ready to take a swing at him and his first thought is-


“What are you-”

“You fucking liar!

It stings more than it should, but no less than he deserves.

“What did you hear?”

She’s stalking towards him, and he has this wild instinct that’s telling him to run, but he’s too overwhelmed to even move.

“Did you mean it?” she’s searching his face for any proof, and he can barely breathe because she’s so close now.


“Did you mean it?”

She’s staring him down, and all he can do is stare back at her. The look of utter hope and devastation has him surrendering.

Before he’s even finished saying “Yes”, she throws her arms around him, and it knocks the wind out of him, as he stumbled backwards. And purely instinctual, like the first time she held his hand, his hands find their place around her, and his lips on hers, and crushes her to him.

She breaks away and slides down slowly, breathing heavily, his face following hers, eyes not quite open. While her hands are still gripping the lapels of jacket, his have moved from around her to her face, looking at her, almost like he’s making sure she’s really there. He feels more than sees her smiling into the kiss when she kisses him again, and he hugs her tight, burying his face into her hair .

“I missed you,”

“And who’s fault is that?”

“Fucking finally!” It’s Margaery this time.

He laughs and steps out of their embrace.

And just like that, he can breathe again. 

“Oh my god,” She grabs the phone from him “ hang up!”

“I think the words you’re looking for are Your Wel-”

Arya hangs up as Gendry sits on the table, blushing furiously, and looks down with a hand on the back of his neck. The look of remorse on his face was replaced with embarrassment. “Look Arya, I’m so-”

“Oh, Gods, no, nope. We are not doing that. Just shut up and kiss me.”

tadaaaaa, i hope you liked it haha :D title is from the song from afar - vance joy 


Bachelorette Day

Title: Bachelorette Day

 Prompt: @agthoven  Modern AU.  Getting married to Thorin, but during your bachelorette party, some familiar faces make an appearance.  

 Summary: You had one rule for your Bachelorette Party…no strippers.  But your maid of honor didn’t listen…she should have.  

 Warnings: Language.  Yelling. Sexual Innuendo.  Sexual Themes.  Stripping.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

Originally posted by tinysofia

I couldn’t believe that in two weeks I would be getting married to the love of my life, Thorin Durin.  We had met at the store a few years ago, there was some flirting, a horrible first date, but an amazing second one…now here we were.  

What was even more amazing was my maid of honor was able to fly in for this weekend!  I told her she didn’t have to, but she said there was no way in hell she was missing my bachelorette party.  She insisted, even though she lived eight hours away, that she would pan everything.

It had been interesting, she had so many things planned, turning it from a bachelorette party to a bachelorette day.  There was some fun things during the day, lunch and games, a paint balloon fight, movies, and it was now winding down, leaving just me and the wedding party at a friend’s house.  

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hello, i’m late. nice to meet you, dad... yuu-san seems to have had quite a day playing around with mika

Back Alley|| Derek Luh Imagine

Concert night. This is something ive dreamed about for a very long time. Derek Luh is finally in my town and holding a concert. I mean I did tweet him non stop for him to come here so that may have swayed his decision, but still hes here. naturally I bought vip tickets which included meet and greet. there was only a limited number of vip tickets, maybe 20 at most so I bought two, one for me and one for my bestfriend Elena. 

I dressed in my low hanging V-neck maroon skater dress with maroon vans. I had very little makeup on as it would be hot in the venue and I was not about to commit social suicide with makeup running down my face, not today fam, not today. Elena on the other hand, put on makeup. I give her props but I just wont do it. 

We naturally took an uber to the venue, as we smoked a blunt before leaving. I put two extra blunts in my purse, one for derek and one for later. we got to the enue early so that we could get to the front of the crowd and get right at the stage to be right at derek. i was naturally excited and nervous as hell. derek has aways given me this…sexual desire and to be able to see him in his natural sweaty state after the show for the meet and greet made my lower regions ache. 15 minutes after arriving they started letting people in and that’s when me and elena rushed to the front. 

20 minutes or so after everyone was let in the lights when down and KDL came out on stage.

“ARE YOU ALL FUCKING READY!!” KDL screamed into the mic. screams from all directions were voiced. 

“GIVE IT UP FOR MY MAN, MY BROTHER, DEREK FUCKING LUH!!” KDL screamed. my heart was racing. this was it. Derek ran out onto the stage and the music immediately began playing. 

“Quit calling me Luh its Luh bitch!” derek rapped. 


The music changed and Confidence came on. derek took off his shirt and you could see all the sweat dripping down his abs. I bit my lip and swayed my hips to the music. derek came to the edge of the stage to were I was standing and pretended to be hitting it from behind. that fucking set me off. my body ached for him. that ass, knew just what to do to drive any girl wild. 

Dereks last song was his latest, Grow Up and then after that was meet and greet time. I was biting my lip standing in line to meet him. We were last in line because Elena dragged me to the bathroom with her so she could fix her music. but maybe being the last would leave an impression on him. 


Elena went up and hugged him and meet him. I stood there with my phone in my hand, my heart racing faster than I had ever felt in a long time. I took a deep breath as they talked for a minute. I bit down on my lip as I imagined derek holding me close to his sweaty body. he would naturally kiss my cheek. but then I would jump onto him and he hold me there for a second before pushing me against the wall and kissing me up and down my neck. 

“Y/N” I heard elenas voice call. I was drawn form my erotic thought and derek stood there smiling at me. I took a deep breathe and walked over to him. he had his arms open for me, still shirtless. I bit my lip and my body clashed with his in a hug. he smelled so good. he was sweaty but damn did he smell good asf. 

“sorry I’m sweaty” he says. I look up at him. I don’t know what came over me in that second he looked at me but I suddenly had the courage to say something I wouldn’t normally say, unless it was to myself in my head.

“I like you sweaty, it turns me on” I say loud enough for only him to hear. I looked at him and he grew a smirk on his face.

“So tell me your name” he says. 

“Y/N, I’m kinda the one who begged you on twitter to come here, then you followed me and said that you would come” I say.

“Oh my god…damn, I’m sorry, you just look so…” he bit his lip. 

“good, I mean you always did in your musicallys, but in person…damn.” he rambles. I feel my cheeks grow red. 

“well I feel like I owe you a thank you for coming” I say. he smiles.

“I feel like I should too…this was one of the best shows ive had, a very big turn out, probably one of the best ive had” he says. I smile.

“how about we go out and get some food…I mean its late so it wont be crowded with fans.” he says. I look down at my phone and look at the time 2:45 am. 

“sounds good to me” I say. he smiles. he grabs my phone and we take a few selfies. 

“let me go get my keys and get something on and then we’ll go” he says. I nod. I walk over to elena and tell her. 

“oh my fucking god you lucky ass bitch” she says. I laugh.

“well I guess I’ll see you later” she says signling her head to behind me where derek stood. he wore a black shirt to match his jeans. goddamn. I bit my lip.

“wish me luck” I say hugging her goodbye. 

“goodluck you lucky bitch, try not to scream to loud” she winked. I gawked at her. this bitch. me and derek head out of the building and head to a car, which I was assuming he was renting for his time being here. we got into the car and it was quiet for a second as he looked at his phone. 

“where do you want to go?” he asked. I looked away from the window that showed the small part of the alley way. ‘on you’ I say in my head. that’s when my thoughts came back into my head. I felt the familiar ache. I wanted him. I could imagine his hand roaming all over. gripping at every inch that was possible. his hand would grab my ass and slap it then he would rub it. then it almost felt like his hand was on my thigh. it was rubbing small circles. then I heard a cough and I quickly opened my eyes and he was looking at me, smirking. I look down and my semi crossed legs and his hand was there. so it was a day dream. I took a deep shallow breath. he goes back to moving his hand again and it goes higher u on my thigh, closer to my heat. 

“fuck” I breathed out. I heard him chuckle. I look over at him.

“you think this is funny” I say breathlessly. 

“oh Babygirl…” he says. fuck. I look at him again and that’s when all hell broke loose. I basically jumped out of fucking seat and hopped onto his lap, almost breaking the stick shift with my feet. it was a quick second before he lips were on mine. they were feverishly and hungrily attacking mine. his hand did exactly like I imagined. they roamed all up and down my body. his hands gripped at my ass and then the skirt of my dress and started to pull it off.

“this needs to come off” he pants. I nod. I help get it off of me and then I help him get out of shirt. I look at him for a second and my hands trace down his body. 

“damnit mami…you’re making me feel some type of way” he says. that’s when he pulled me closer. he attached his lips to my kneck and then his hands roamed to unclasp my bra, then my bra was thrown somewhere in the back of the car. his lips connected to my breasts. my hands roamed his neck pulling him closer to me. I threw my head back in pleasure as he found a sweet spot on my neck and breasts. my hands removed from his neck and trailed down his body. he gasped as my hands made their way down his body. I got to his pants and started to undo them. he removed his mouth from my body and quickly did his best to remove his pants and boxers. then he gripped at mine and I wiggled them down. there was little space in the car to move so it was harder. dereks hands gripped at my hips and lifted me up.

“are you sure” he says out of breath. 

“fuck yes’ I pant. he then slowly puts me onto his hard member. 

“fuck” I breathe

“shit mami you’re so wet” he breathes onto my neck. I grinded our bodys as close as they would get. his hands gripping my ass moving me closer to my orgasim. derek pull my body into him more and he began to suck on my kneck again leaving more marks. I threw my head back giving him more access. I moaned and he moaned on my skin. the vibrations sending me over the edge. I gripped his shoulders and clenched my walls around him.

“fuck derek” I scream. then I feel him twitch inside me and he releases with me. we both ride out our highs. I rest my head on his chest for a minute to regain my breathing.

“holy fuck” derek says in my ear. 

“mhm” I hum.

“that’s the best sex ive ever had” he says. I sit up on his lap.

“you don’t have to lie” I breathe. I run my fingers through my hair. 

“honestly I’m not lying. you knew what I wanted and most girls don’t, that’s something I value. plus your ass is quite a blessing. I just hope you don’t have aboyfriend and cheated with me.

“god no. I’m not even in a relationship, guys here suck” I laugh. he laughs.

“well, what about a California guy?” he says. I look at him.

“me” he says. 


“we’ll exchange numbers and talk and next time I’m here, which will definetly be soon, we will make us official” he says.

“so you wanna talk with me and start a relationship” I ask.

“ya, I mean its ass backwards cause we already fucked but damn ma any girl who gets my attention on twitter and brings me here for everyone to hear me, deserves a shot. and I want a shot with you” he says.

“okay” I smile. he pulls me and kisses me.

“now lets get dressed and get some food, I’m hungry now” he says. I nod and smile. 


why do I do this to myself. I think I’m dead now. 

My thoughts on Marvel Legacy

Its was decent. Its very similar to DC’s Rebirth, but not as good in my opinion. There are some cool things here though. 

The Avengers from 1,000,000 BC fight a Celestial which is cool. 

Nice to see Robbie return. Hope he gets a new book soon.

Then we see a bunch of stuff with Shield, Falcon and Jane Thor that i really don’t care about. But Sam and Jane are still a couple so all 3 of you out their that cared about that should be happy i guess. 

Steve is traveling across America and somehow has his shield even though Sam has it as well. Unless theirs two shields idk. 

Thor…oop sorry i mean *sigh* Odison is pretty much doing nothing but drinking while the warning “Mangog is coming” is said. Interesting i suppose, but i’m still waiting for him to become Thor again. Jane is just flat out uninteresting. 

*gasp* Tony is gone! Oh my god! I wonder what happened to him? (sarcasm).

Deadpool being Deadpool

Ben and Johnny are just teasing for Marvel Two in One. I really hope it leads up to the official return of the FF i swear to god. 



Thats actually pretty rad. 

I have no idea what this is leading to. I guess something to do with Planet Hulk. 

The Celestial is still alive and something about the final host. Like a host for the Phoenix? Who knows at this point.

Question. Did young Jean even know Logan that well? I feel like this would’ve been more effective if it was Jubilee, Kitty or even Rachael, but eh whatever. 

What a surprise. Logan’s alive. Except its not surprising at all. I wonder whats gonna happen to OML or Laura? Also he has an Infinity Stone because…the movie’s coming out soon. 

More Infinity Stone stuff. I’m actually really stoked about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy arc in Legacy.

Oh and Loki befriends a Celestial. I’m sure that won’t be trouble. 

And the big one. Val and Franklin are back…sorta not really. Their still fixing the multiverse or rather exploring the universe for some reason. Again if this doesn’t lead to the return of the Richard family i’m gonna be mega disappointed. I guess this is still leading up to Marvel Two in One so i guess Marvel really wants me to read that. 

I will OK! I just know i’m gonna be disappointed somehow. Please prove me wrong Marvel. 

Applications Open TOMORROW

One Day until Applications Open!

Pleased to announce that after a couple weeks of full support, wait and enthusiasm, our Writers and Artists Applications will open TOMORROW, June 1st, 2017!

We are super excited to move forward with the project!

June 1st, 2017 (Thursday) at 00.00 hrs IST

(May 31st, 2017 (Wednesday) at 18.30 hrs GMT)


Good day!

(P.S. We will open apps as soon as its midnight/June 1st for us! I hope the time-zones do not confuse people!)

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You know, it breaks my heart to know that Yuu x Mika will probably never become canon because OnS is run by a bunch of heterosexual enthusiasts. 

We finally have a good story with two male protagonists who are so obviously into each other on a level much higher and more sacred than just mere friendship, but it won’t be made official because that’s too gay and too different from EVERY OTHER ANIME EVER MADE. 

Like, god forbid if you lose homophobic readers from your audience. 

God forbid if you be different.

God forbid if you make a canon gay couple within an actual plot that isn’t dry, in an anime that doesn’t shit on itself or over-sexualize its gay couple.

I could go on for days with this, but the bottom line is:

If only Owari no Seraph would make ACTUAL history. 

Camera headcanon

And this is my most resent. Hope this brightens up your day. Keep writing I loved the protective harry and Gil aahhhhh the feels💓💓

camera headcanon

I’m writing this because it just came to my mind and my beadtime head canon is starting to look a little forced so I decied to work on something else for right now
inspired by a pic of china with a camera(wow that’s sound so obvious lol)


when Uma first found out about this they didn’t know what to make of it

Uma gil and harry were out strolling through auradon looking to buy some stuff

clothes, junk food , the new movie that was picked out (peter pan 2004 Uma thinks this is hilarious, Gil curious and harry has mixed feelings but is was picked out so their seeing it )

when they walk past a electronic store and there it is sitting at the window

she thought it looked interesting so she goes in to the store to check it out

after looking throughout the store she gets a electronic one and a vintage polaroid

she loves it

she takes photos of tress , birds, buildings hell everything (you can’t lie you would take pictures of the most stupidest things if you got a camera)

soon she was stopping them every five minutes to take a picture
gil and harry didn’t mind they loved the look of pure childlike wonder in her eyes when ever she took a new picture
they were just content with the fact that she was having a good time because they almost never got to see her this happy on the isle when they weren’t all alone.

soon she started to use her new camera to educate the people of auradon about the isle of the lost.Uma harry and gil asked king ben if they could all visit the isle for a day to take pictures of the poor conditions there

ben of course said yes saying that this is what the people auradon need a good dose of reality

once there Uma went to work taking pictures of

rotten food ,

the sick people stuck on the street

the broken down building

they even took pictures of the insides of some of the houses

showing that people actually live in them

the children in rags looking like they haven’t eaten in weeks

she took pictures of the same children stealing because its the only way they could survive

went they got back she started making posters to post around auradon prep and the kingdom alike

she called it “the true isle of the lost” ( cur me a break on the name its 4 am)

some had captions like
“this is what your making them do to survive”
‘this is where we’re forced to live’
‘this is what we’re forced to eat’
‘this is how we’re forced to stay because we have no medicine’
ending with either ’ Are you happy now?“ “is this justice?”

this made the citizens of auradon realize that its not just the villain suffering there but there children as well who have done nothing to deserve this.

this give the kings campaign a much needed boost it needed and more people came on broad but they still face challenges with who should be let off the isle or not its slow but there making progress

now I bet you’re wondering what is she using the polaroid for then
this is her personal camera

she uses it to take pictures of her and her boys on movies nights

she got a perfect one of when the popcorn was about to enter gils mouth
of when there out chilling

she has one when they were all laying the grass of harry looking out with sun just making his eyes…light up its beautiful

gil reaction to his first A+ (his smile was so wide she thought his face would break)

off guards are her favorite to take

sleeping ones next (she has tons of photos of gil and harry sleeping)

especially of harry since he can and will fall asleep anywhere

she keeps of these in a plastic zip lock bag in a shoe box in her closet

what she doesn’t know is that gil and harry do the same thing and

have there own little uma stash of there own

harry has ones of her


giving a speech for there isle of the lost campaign with a megaphone

doing homework because he loves that look she gets
smiling when no ones looking ( those are one his most precious ones)

and laughing the way her eyes lit up and even shine with unshed tears of joy is something he cant explain with words

gil takes more odd ones he finds her the prettiest when she not even trying

he loves taking them when she’s eating( don’t tell her but hey who doesn’t love a girl who can eat)

when she’s sword fighting with harry or other wise but he finds it 10x better when their with harry because he always ends up shirtless

he even has a nice set of photos of when she got in to a fist fight with a princess who said that harry should be put in an asylum.

(just think of the scene in lilo and stitch two when stitch does the same thing)

harry doesn’t pull her off until he absolutely has too but gil has some pictures of his face when Uma throws the first punch its a mixture of pride, awe,and love

he even catches the kiss harry gave her afterwards as a thank you for sticking up for him (god he loves them)

his favorites are the ones when she catches his taking them

he would proceed with quickly running away with the photo while harry video tapes it all while laughing the whole time.

the best ones are of all of them together smiling.

hope you like it
ps pass it on Gils official sprit animal should be stitch 💓💓

My first comic attempt

So we were just chatting on discord when my first non official comic page (series?) was born, to give a bit of a life to a halloween discussion we were having. These aren’t my characters, I use canon LWA characters and themes. I’ve never done anything like this oh my god but I hope to improve with time hehe

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okay so a lil update for yall!!! im just finishing up pt. 3 of tuofd (i know its two days late but it’s like 5k okay forgive me) and i hope to have that up in the next hour or two and i also still have some lil blurb things in my inbox from last nights unofficial smut night and i was thinking that maybe after i post the next chapter we could have an official one!! a smutty sunday if you will (i know it’s god’s day but. it’s fine.) so send me in yall’s ideas and thoughts!!!! we can discuss socialite au, greaser!tom, tom and haz in general, and peter (but if it’s peter pls make him 18+ bc pedophilia is not cool) and have a good time!!! also if yall don’t wanna see any of this that’s completely okay (i always lose followers when i post smut lmao) i will tag everything as nsfw and also as smutty sunday so blacklist either of those tags to avoid it!!!! i recommend blacklisting nsfw bc then you won’t see anything else after tonight too.

send me stuff guys!!!! and ill be back in an hour or so <3

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I don't think they're going to bounce the season premiere back beyond the time they've already announced. Chances are, there will be less fan goodies like early previews or even public events. I don't think Disney is vindictive but they will be way less trusting of fans in the future (a loss in its own way).

It would be kind of a stretch if they pushed the premier back so far (or tbh do anything to ruin starco if they had any future plans for it, like the op said) ,but even then what happened completely inexcusable, and I’m extremely disappointed. They ruined the fun for the rest of us, and worst of all, disrespected Daron and the crew. We were doing so well on not leaking the intro, and I was really hoping we were gonna make it until an official posted it or the season started, but for some god forsaken reason they just couldn’t be patient and pulled a stunt that cost us the trust of the crew, and any other fun things they might have had planned for us. Tbh any punishment we get is deserved, and I can’t express how sorry I am for the StarCrew

So @daronnefcy if you actually get a chance to read this, I am so, so sorry. I don’t expect anything out of apologizing, but I do hope you know a lot of us are truly sorry, and send you all of our respect and sympathy