i hope to god it's official

Scarf v. Crabot, Docket No. 3838

Citizens of the jury. Check this shit out.

Before I show you this shit, I would like to remind you all what brought us here today. Exhibit A:

That’s right. This beautiful, good man. But more specifically, this, Exhibit B:

What exactly the hell this is has teased inquiring minds for years, one can safely presume. There have been theories and inquiry into the neckwear of antiquity. But this man’s fashion sense has eluded precise articulation. The prevailing theory is that it is a cravat, but a Google Image Search shows otherwise. Exhibit C:

A cravat seems to be like an extra puffy necktie scarf thing. It certainly does not flutter to that extent, being tucked inside the shirt.

An alternate, but equally doomed theory arose–that of the jabot. Exhibit D:

A more likely option, with the layers and the fluttering, but, please observe again Exhibit B:

See how the collar is a few inches tall, with dimples in the cloth, around his neck, and how the fluttery layers seem to come out from the top of it and down? Here’s an image of him in his daily asskicking duties to compare as well, Exhibit E:

Well, it clearly doesn’t have the thin collar and flat lay of the jabot, because the fluttery front comes over the top of the collar, not attached to the bottom like the jabot.

I too was resigned to ambiguity, until I was sitting on my bedroom floor writing fanfiction one Sunday afternoon and my mom brought me something. She had been cleaning out her closet and found something interesting from her Los Angeles department store days in the 1980s. It is a booklet guide from Nordstrom on how to wear scarves. The booklet, Exhibit F, is in such a state due to Dog:

Cute, wholesome, etc. But the true revelation waited inside. Citizens of the jury, my decisive evidence, Exhibit G:

[Transcript: 6 SQUARE SCARVES 1. Take a square scarf and make accordian (sic) pleats from top to bottom 2. Wrap around neck and flip one end over the other. 3. Fan out pleats and wear off to the side or in front.]

BROS DO U SEE THIS RN??? This shit has the exact same features that were missing in the cravat and jabot, and is identical to the Chest Kleenex on this beautiful man. Once more, Exhibit B:

Conclusion: He’s been wearing a specially folded square scarf this whole time. The prosecution rests. *mic drop*

*hasty scrambling to pick up dropped mic* The prosecution takes official notice that there are three layers of ruffle in every official art, not two. The prosecution saw that just now and has no idea how that could be but stands behind its argument. Okay, thanks guys. *puts mic back into stand*

A Million Reasons

When Laine Brumfield met Niall Horan at a New Year’s Eve party, she never thought that one little teeny tiny misunderstanding would completely change her life in the biggest possible way. 

Two pink lines. What the fuck. No, this couldn’t be happening.

I shook the stick a few good times, knowing the box says you’re really not supposed to but I thought that maybe if I did it hard enough, maybe…just maybe, it would fix the error. Because this was clearly an error. This was clearly a manufacturing error. It was the test, it had to be. The test was defective, the test was clearly defective. Because there was no way this could be right, there was absolutely no way that this test could actually be positive, there was no way I could actually be…pregnant…

Oh God.

I had to tell him. I had to tell Niall.

a multi-chaptered niall fic based on this prompt about a highly unexpected event that has some very unexpected feelings thrown in too.

COMING FRIDAY 2/17! read here :) 

gendryatrash  asked:

prompt for gendrya: 5 times Gendry saw Arya Stark truly smile

sorry for the wait!! but thank you so so so much for the prompt :)

two falling sparks, one willing fool (or 5 times Gendry sees Arya Smile)

Gendry had a theory.

While there were definitely other more important things that occupied his mind, and things that he spent his time thinking about, he swears that this was just something that would come and go.

The theory was: the only time Arya was really, truly, smiling was when she was unaware of it.

And it’s stupid, but the thought makes him smile himself and she’d probably kick his ass if she ever found out what goes around in his head but-

He can’t pinpoint exactly how or when, but there came a time where he had learned Arya. At least enough to know when she smiled for real. It was something that he took pride in; she was a fairly hard person to get a read on. Not that it was a conscious effort. No. Just something that he learned over time.

He could just tell a genuine smile from a false front.


The first time he sees her genuinely smile is when he meets her for the first time.

Stuck with Lommy and Hot Pie, taking heat for something he had nothing to do with, here he is, sentenced with scraping gum and other questionable sticky clumps off of the cafeterias chairs and tables.

Yoren, the history teacher, the only teacher in this high school that Gendry was confident didn’t totally hate teenagers (at least not yet), handed over buckets and what looked like butter knives to each of them, with a pair left for him.

For a second, he thought that his sympathy extended to actually helping them. It took him by surprise and he said so.

Me?” he laughed, as if the thought was so absurd. “That’s cute kid, but no. I’d never be able to stand again.”

Yoren leaves without saying who and leaves them to it.

Half an hour in, he thought whoever was supposed to be here would never show, but he hears her music before he even sees her because he recognizes it, and it’s that fucking loud, he wonders how she’s not deaf.

He’d known her from around. The hallways standing with a sophomore he thinks is named Micah, in the papers with the rest of her family when Governor Stark came into office, a few parties here and there, and he’s confident that even though she has no idea who he is, and not sure how and who added who, but they’re friends on Facebook.

Her clothes look expensive with the distinctive trademark fashion of the well-off. But she’s a walking contradiction with her old, worn out and ratty looking pair of Converse. She’s got this bored look on her face and yet, still doesn’t quite lose the aristocratic air that one’s born with the kind of family she’s from. So, sue him if he was 100% expecting her to bitch, whine and ditch.

But she surprises him by nodding to no one in particular, letting her messenger bag riddled with buttons that’s falling apart at the seams with a thud, grabs the bucket and knife, and goes to work.  

Lommy and Hot Pie are not so subtly speculating as to why she might be with them suffering the same sentence. From what he’s heard, it was the bloody nose she gave Joffrey. He can’t say that he blames her. It was about time someone decked that jackass. What amuses him is that while he was taller than Joffrey, she would had to have reached quite a bit to throw the punch.

He knows she can hear, but she stonily hacks away at a particularly stubborn piece of gum stuck to the chair, with a scabbed over white knuckled grip.

Hot Pie’s scratching against the chair so fast Gendry’s worried it might actually catch fire.

“Scrape, gently.”

He doesn’t even stop, in fact, if it’s even possible, he’s scratching at it even faster. “Didn’t ask”

“Yeah, well, tough shit, I didn’t ask to be here either .”

He hears her snort, and it’s so loud at first he thinks she sneezed. But, no, he turns to see that she’s grinning at the underside of a chair, and finds himself smirking too.


More often than not, it would be just the two of them at Motts. It started when he saw her walking home and asked if she wanted a ride at the last day of their community service and celebrate their freedom.

She put her feet on the dash and changed the radio station within seconds of getting in his truck, and all he could do was scoff fondly at Hot Pie and Lommys reaction. He’d have given them an earful had it been any of the two, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her off and, well, he just knew.

From there, there was an effortlessness to the way they moved around each other. She took him completely by surprise at how much a part of his life she’d become. Gradually, it was her phone number in his phone saved as m’lady, both the jackets and hoodies she’d “borrow”, the distinct smell that would linger in his truck, the crap ton of selfies she’d leave on his phone, Nymeria’s fur everywhere in the upholstery despite that happening one time, and the inside jokes they shared. He was surprised how much he needed her and he hoped that she needed him the same way. He never thought he’d ever be this close to a girl, much less having a female best friend.

And he likes it.

Her presence.

When Hot Pie and Lommy were around, they’d go out, but he likes this especially. He likes the companionship of them working in silence. He’d disappeared under the truck that came in a week ago, tinkering around, and she’s on the patched up sofa they picked up off the sidewalk on a whim that now sits in the middle of the garage, sprawled out with her headphones she’d long abandoned, having the radio loud instead and textbooks scattered about her like she’d been there forever, like she belonged there. He made sure he always had something to do with his hands because it was getting harder and harder to be around her, and he knew what that meant, but-

He wasn’t going to be that guy.

Suddenly, he’s being pulled out from under and the smell of freshly baked bread hits him. Lommy and Arya are on the couch while he and Hot Pie are on the ground. He’d missed the joke that everyone was laughing at, but he smiles anyway when he sees her head thrown back with a smile, as she kicks Lommy off the couch. She might as well have kicked him in the gut with what it was doing to him.

He turns to see Hot Pie with an eyebrow raised at him and the smile on his face vanishes.


He’s on the roof, trying to climb in through her window and sees her with only the laptop light illuminating her face, and she’s smiling at something and…

… he falls with a thud that knocks the wind right out of him.

Seven hells, I haven’t done that since the 10th grade,” he groans, and she’s at his side in seconds where he’s on his back.

“Are you okay?” He hears her laugh, typical. Here he is physically injured and she’s laughing, but despite everything, he’s laughing too.

He’s trying to catch his breath. Somehow seeing her smile stretched out across her face, highlighted by the streetlight that would go out and come back on, with her hair tickling his cheeks doesn’t seem to be helping. He closes his eyes trying not to let her figure out what he’s thinking.

I’m royally fucked, that’s what

“Yeah, I’m fine. You don’t think they heard, do you?”

She scoffs as she takes her place on her bed. “You worry too much.”

Someone has to

He freezes in place because he didn’t think this part through. For a moment, he sees his life flash before his eyes when he remembers that she had 3 brothers that could kick his ass and one sister that would fucking murder him with a smile on her face if he so much as thought about Arya the wrong way.

Was he really going to sit next to her on her bed, behind her closed bedroom door, unsupervised, at night?

Yes. Yes he was.

An hour and a half later, Fezzik, Inigo, Princess Buttercup and Westley are riding off into the sunset and the credits roll. He found it strange that she’d never seen it before.

“Hot Pie is Fezzik, Lommy is Inigo, and you’re Princess Buttercup.”

“What, why do I have to be the princess?”

It was a sort of game they had, casting each other in roles of movies they watched.

He shrugs, “It just fits.”

“And, what, you’re Westley?” she snorts derisively, but double takes when she catches him staring at her.

He doesn’t realize until later what he’s just said. and he stutters under her own stare but has no time to backtrack until she says.

“Ha! Fuck that, you can be Princess Buttercup. I’m Inigo Montoya.”


She’s a junior now, and he’s surprised she’s stuck around. Not that he’s complaining. He’s really not. He was expecting her to ditch and move on without really saying anything after he graduated. But, she made it clear that she wasn’t going anywhere when she demanded that he, Hot Pie and Lommy suffer with her at Sansa’s 18th birthday party.

“She’s just turning 18. Honestly, I don’t see the big deal.” She says it like she’s dreading going, but he can tell how proud she is.

He looks around the room and while Lommy and Hot Pie are eating enough for a whole village, having no trouble whatsoever enjoying the party, but he just can’t find it in him to. His skin feels like it’s shrunk two size and maybe it’s paranoia, but the moment he’d arrived, he felt like very single pair of eyes were burning a hole on the back of his head. There’s no denying that it’s the nicest party he’s ever been to, and when she leaves his side to take pictures he’s never felt more out of place.  But the party fades around him and he can only focus on one thing.

She’s standing there with the rest of her family.

Governor Stark, Dr. Stark, Senator Robb Stark with his fiance Jeyne Poole, future Attorney Sansa Stark, Bran Stark, smartest of all the Stark kids, Rickon Stark, star hockey player of the Direwolves and Arya, aspiring artist with so much potential, and Jon Snow, the Private Investigator, with all their million dollar smiles. At least he’s sure what it’s going to say in the papers the next day. 

He can tell it’s forced and he laughs to himself when the official photographer raises her finger for just one more and that she’s just seconds away from ripping his head off.

She decides to ditch the reception altogether and she nicks a wine bottle and drags him out to the parking lot, barefoot, having ditched her heels sometime in the night. It was freezing back in the function room, but he thinks his temperature spikes when she slots her fingers through his, abandoning their friends to the buffet. He doesn’t dare let go. They’re sitting in the back of her brother’s truck. She was dangerous for him like this, all affectionate and disorientated. She whispers with a breathy laugh that makes him shiver from the inside out, “You’re never getting rid of me, okay. You’re stuck with me.”

“Okay.” Like he actually had much of a choice.

“I think that’s enough.” He tugs the wine bottle out of her grasp and she settles at his side, she laughs again against his neck, warm gust of breath hitting the side of his neck, and he inhales sharply, for a split second, forgets how to breathe.

Arya’s giggling and stops then, suddenly, like she just realised something, she laughs again oh my god, ass!

He laughs a little himself, “What?”

“Ass, Gendry!” Like repeating it would make it make sense.

He shakes his head, “I don’t-” and he swallows thickly when he sees her staring at him, with a dazed smile, a smile that he’s never seen before. He’d never been much of a poet, maybe a sap, but she looked really fucking happy. And that made him happy.  "Arya, I don’t understand.“

When she’s calmed down, she says, “When she graduates, she’ll be Attorney Sansa Stark.”

It takes him a while for him to connect the dots and he just rolls his eyes. She falls asleep with her head  on his lap, with his jacket as a pillow, and a smile on her face and he hopes for the night to never end. He does his best not to move, feeling oddly honored that she decided to fall asleep on him. It was a lot like the first time he got a cat and it was an amusing thought to have.

Gendry had another theory: even though she had this self-professed obsession with wolves, she was honestly just a big cat.


The same unknown number is calling for the fourth time, but judging by the fact that they seemed pretty damned determined to get a hold of him and the handful number of people who knew him and of his friendship (if you could still call it that, these days, it was pretty fucking hard to tell), he can guess who it was.

He debates leaving it to ring. He wasn’t obligated to answer, but he figured Sansa, or at least he thought it was Sansa (it was likely that it could have been Margaery, nosey little shits), was never going to stop. She was really determined when she set her mind on anything. And he knows exactly what this is about.

Lately, he’d been cancelling every time Arya would ask to hangout. He’d bullshit his way through his excuses whether it was because he was working, or sick, or busy. It was getting harder and harder to say no.

The first time was the hardest. He didn’t need to see the caller ID to know it was her, she had her own ringtone. That should have been the first sign.


“Hey,” she hesitates, and he curses under his breath, “What’re you doing later?”

“Actually, I’m actually down with something. It’s pretty bad. Maybe tomorrow?”

“What, you never get sick,”

He laughs mirthlessly, and he just wishes the call would end, because he’s just so tired of lying. “Yeah, I know. I’ll call you.”


He ends the call before he has the chance to say anything else.

Tomorrow, turns into next time, which becomes next week, and it’s been almost a month now. He’d thought that the distance would help figure things out, but he’s pretty sure that the only thing hes figured out is that he’s just useless without her, which he knew already.

He takes a deep breath and exhales and answers,

“Gendry! Thank God, I didn’t think you were going to answer-” the voice says before he can get a word

“Sansa, whatever you’re going to say, it’s not going to change-”

“Look, just listen.”

Strangely, it’s enough to silence him.

“I won’t pretend to know why you’re punishing yourself and won’t let yourself be happy but, before I kick your ass, because trust me I can and I will, I’ll give you the privilege of giving me a good reason not to.”

“How generous of you.”

He’s met with silence and all he can do is sit down. “I don’t know what you want me to say that you don’t already know.”

“Why are you avoiding her?”

It’s not like he doesn’t want to. Gods, all he wants to do is be around her. But it was too much. He can’t- He just couldn’t do it. She was everywhere. She was in the air that he was breathing, in his space, in his head.

“Because, I sure as hell don’t know, if you could clue me in on that, that’d be-”

“Because I don’t trust myself, alright? Is that what you want to hear? That I cannot, for the life of me, keep lying to my best friend? That it just kills me whenever she’s around? Or when she tells me about some dumbass who’s no less deserving than I am of her? That I never will be? That- That all I want to do is just tell her how I feel?”

“Why don’t you?”

He swears he has a heart attack when he sees her right there, standing right in front of him, fists clenched at her sides, looking like she’s ready to take a swing at him and his first thought is-


“What are you-”

“You fucking liar!

It stings more than it should, but no less than he deserves.

“What did you hear?”

She’s stalking towards him, and he has this wild instinct that’s telling him to run, but he’s too overwhelmed to even move.

“Did you mean it?” she’s searching his face for any proof, and he can barely breathe because she’s so close now.


“Did you mean it?”

She’s staring him down, and all he can do is stare back at her. The look of utter hope and devastation has him surrendering.

Before he’s even finished saying “Yes”, she throws her arms around him, and it knocks the wind out of him, as he stumbled backwards. And purely instinctual, like the first time she held his hand, his hands find their place around her, and his lips on hers, and crushes her to him.

She breaks away and slides down slowly, breathing heavily, his face following hers, eyes not quite open. While her hands are still gripping the lapels of jacket, his have moved from around her to her face, looking at her, almost like he’s making sure she’s really there. He feels more than sees her smiling into the kiss when she kisses him again, and he hugs her tight, burying his face into her hair .

“I missed you,”

“And who’s fault is that?”

“Fucking finally!” It’s Margaery this time.

He laughs and steps out of their embrace.

And just like that, he can breathe again. 

“Oh my god,” She grabs the phone from him “ hang up!”

“I think the words you’re looking for are Your Wel-”

Arya hangs up as Gendry sits on the table, blushing furiously, and looks down with a hand on the back of his neck. The look of remorse on his face was replaced with embarrassment. “Look Arya, I’m so-”

“Oh, Gods, no, nope. We are not doing that. Just shut up and kiss me.”

tadaaaaa, i hope you liked it haha :D title is from the song from afar - vance joy 


Bachelorette Day

Title: Bachelorette Day

 Prompt: @agthoven  Modern AU.  Getting married to Thorin, but during your bachelorette party, some familiar faces make an appearance.  

 Summary: You had one rule for your Bachelorette Party…no strippers.  But your maid of honor didn’t listen…she should have.  

 Warnings: Language.  Yelling. Sexual Innuendo.  Sexual Themes.  Stripping.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

Originally posted by tinysofia

I couldn’t believe that in two weeks I would be getting married to the love of my life, Thorin Durin.  We had met at the store a few years ago, there was some flirting, a horrible first date, but an amazing second one…now here we were.  

What was even more amazing was my maid of honor was able to fly in for this weekend!  I told her she didn’t have to, but she said there was no way in hell she was missing my bachelorette party.  She insisted, even though she lived eight hours away, that she would pan everything.

It had been interesting, she had so many things planned, turning it from a bachelorette party to a bachelorette day.  There was some fun things during the day, lunch and games, a paint balloon fight, movies, and it was now winding down, leaving just me and the wedding party at a friend’s house.  

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god this is my favorite dang quote from the whole episode, I frantically scribbled it in my planner on the bus

also, there’s an Osiris in this picture! The star background is courtesy of the European Space Agency- it’s of our-Sun-like star 51 Pegasi in the constellation Pegasus. In 1999, there was a American Physical Journal smackdown as two scientific teams rushed to publish their findings- they’d observed a planet moving across the face of the star, or “transiting”. Its official designation is HD 209458 b, aka Osiris


hello, i’m late. nice to meet you, dad... yuu-san seems to have had quite a day playing around with mika

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I don't think they're going to bounce the season premiere back beyond the time they've already announced. Chances are, there will be less fan goodies like early previews or even public events. I don't think Disney is vindictive but they will be way less trusting of fans in the future (a loss in its own way).

It would be kind of a stretch if they pushed the premier back so far (or tbh do anything to ruin starco if they had any future plans for it, like the op said) ,but even then what happened completely inexcusable, and I’m extremely disappointed. They ruined the fun for the rest of us, and worst of all, disrespected Daron and the crew. We were doing so well on not leaking the intro, and I was really hoping we were gonna make it until an official posted it or the season started, but for some god forsaken reason they just couldn’t be patient and pulled a stunt that cost us the trust of the crew, and any other fun things they might have had planned for us. Tbh any punishment we get is deserved, and I can’t express how sorry I am for the StarCrew

So @daronnefcy if you actually get a chance to read this, I am so, so sorry. I don’t expect anything out of apologizing, but I do hope you know a lot of us are truly sorry, and send you all of our respect and sympathy 

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Oh my god in the next episode's promo we can see Jacob shooting a CIA official Michael was accused killing of. It's for a very brief moment. The next episode is gonna be epic!!

yes!! i actually didn’t notice that until, like, an hour later when i saw it specifically pointed out on twitter. but it’s definitely jacob. and he definitely shoots and kills the guy. and that’s definitely the guy that michael was supposed to have killed. i can’t believe they put that in the promo, honestly. i guess they were hoping people would be so caught up in the michael and sara they wouldn’t notice. which, to be fair, they weren’t completely off on that assessment. like i said, i didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out with a screen grab. here’s one in case you also missed it:

so, nice try jacob. i’ve known you were evil all along. can’t wait for michael to destroy you.

Happy Fryeday All!!

It’s a beautiful morning here in the Carolinas! The sun is out and the birds are singing their morning song 😌 Today is the first official kickstart to the summer break! Although I will be working most of the time, I am exstatic to have this time off to relax. I will continue to work on the sisterhood project since I have this much time on my hands, hopefully posting sketches everyday or every week 😄 when the sketches are done, that is when I begin to work on them digitally 😉 Soon work will beckon me and I must answer it 😅 Hope everyone has a great day and Happy Fryeday!
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Hello. So I'm a fan of ELO and would like to know more about them, like who the members are (besides Jeff Lynne, of course) and you seem it know your stuff about them. 😉 thanks, and I wish you the best.

u have come to the right place my child ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i have no idea what ur prior knowledge is so this is gonna be a lengthy ass introductory course (sorry if this is not what u r looking for but i hope it will be helpful)

hokay first we are gonna look at the main members who were there for the Popular Times (this specific lineup lasted from 75-79 but some of the members were there earlier/later too)

  • bev bevan
  • his name is literally beverley its great
  • drummer
  • Large and Sturdy
  • has the face of a disney princess but a v deep & scary voice
  • member the whole time until 1986
  • one of the founding members from pre-elo band the move
  • hes a big jackass who likes breaking down doors
  • started elo part 2 after 86 bc he just couldnt fuckin let go. it isnt as bad as u would expect
  • richard tandy
  • aka babyboy
  • keyboard child (but he played bass in the beginning)
  • was there from p early on
  • hes smol & hes tired & hes jeffreys right hand man
  • watches too much tv
  • literally adorable & super serious
  • after elo he teamed up with massive dork dave morgan (we will get to him later bc im going that deep) & they had the tandy morgan band it was great
  • mik kaminski
  • ho my god hes so cute
  • violin guy
  • blue violin bc hes stylish
  • does a super aggressive violin dance
  • hes so shy & everyone loves him bc hes wondrous
  • his side band was violinski which was surprisingly weird but they have some catchy songs. also features mike de albuquerque (more on him later)
  • also he was in elo part 2 & post-elo part 2 band called the orchestra & a band called orkestra with kelly (see below)
  • kelly groucutt
  • literal ray of sunshine
  • bass player for the majority of the time
  • when they first met him they thought he was gonna be tall bc he looked big on stage but hes supre smol he was just wearing big boots
  • likes to climb on people????????
  • was in elo part 2 & the orchestra & orkestra (he n mik just follow each other everywhere tbh)
  • also he had a solo album in like 1980-ish i think?? its p good
  • hes dead now :(
  • hugh mcdowell
  • a cello man
  • fucking bananas honestly
  • he fuckin runs around & throws his goddamn cello all over the place
  • a fuckening troublemaker 
  • the life of the party
  • the youngest
  • he was in wizzard for a little while too but then he came back to elo
  • melvyn gale
  • cello fellow & resident pretty boy
  • literally joined the band by accident holy shit i love him
  • unlike hugh he just kinda sits there like a brick
  • he was so freaked out when he first saw hughs antics & realized he was supposed to move around
  • kinda tried to do weird shit like hugh but its just awkward pls stop
  • after elo he did this group with his homie frank wilson called wilson gale & co, they had like one album its p good i think hugh played on it too

hokay so thats that lineup but theres some other p important people from the baby days & the 80s so im gonna talk about a few of them 

  • roy wood
  • like jeff & bev, was one of the fuckers who started the band from the move
  • he left tho like right when they were getting started & they were like ????????? tf 
  • played a whole bunch of shit
  • had wizzard after elo, stole hugh briefly, also stole the cool ass french horn player bill hunt to play keyboards in wizzard 
  • literally so weird but hes adorable hes a shy lil ray of sunshine
  • wilf gibson
  • this fucking guy
  • violin dude before mik
  • wore capes a lot
  • contrapposto at all times
  • he wanted more dollars than they wanted to give him so they kicked his ass out
  • hes dead now unfortunately
  • also before him there was a violin player named steve woolam but he committed suicide its really sad oh my god everyone forgot about him he doesnt even have a wikipedia page my poor baby pls dont forget about steve woolam he deserves recognition 
  • mike de albuquerque
  • bass guy before kelly
  • a little bit ridiculous
  • v fancy & large
  • has like one outfit
  • was in violinski like i said 3 hours ago
  • solo work is funky af its good
  • mike edwards
  • one of many cello people in the early days
  • we arent gonna talk about all of them dont worry
  • others are andy craig & colin walker they arent that cool (also they made wilf play cello once he was so offended) (and they needed more cellists in the beginning than they had so they had to make roadies pretend to play cello it was a shitshow)
  • this guy is always dressed for like a fuckin wedding
  • did cool shit like played w an orange or had an exploding cello (it only worked like half the time tho)
  • he died in a horrible accident
  • also he was like 5 feet tall hes so tiny
  • dave morgan (seen here with richard who is in front)
  • he & richard were in a bunch of bands together before elo & one after elo
  • he played guitar & shit in elo in the 80s but outside of elo hes an amazing singer & a great songwriter
  • he sings cool jesus music now with his wife mandy shes adorable theyre adorable
  • literally such a huge dork i love him
  • louis clark
  • was important already in the 70s but wasnt an official member until like the 80s
  • conductor & shit, helped w string arrangement & shit
  • also played keyboards in the 80s
  • he was in elo part 2 and the orchestra 
  • deserves love god dammit

and thats all the most important members theres probably a couple other background people i missed but i aint gonna talk about em rn anyway sorry this is so long & i hope its sufficient !!! it was all off the top of my head i hope i didnt skip anything & sorry if this wasnt what u were looking for

orcteeth replied to your post: god i hope my expired license can be used as ID to…

You should still be able to use expired license as a form of ID. I used my expired license to get my expired license renewed, anyway.

i mean, i really hope so. the official DMV document says ‘valid’ for licenses, but lists ‘valid, unexpired’ for other documents, so like….im really hoping

i dont wanna have to go for a month without driving legally

She Is...

Request: Hey! If you are still going through request’s would you be able to do an “Imagine where Joker and Harley try to fight over The Reader but Reader gets caught and thrown into jail or the asylum because of Mr. J and Harleys carelessness so they go get them?” Its okay if you don’t want to do it or if your busy… I’ll understand! :33< @official-dragon-empress 

Word Count: 951

Warnings: Death, guns, shocks. 


A/N: Reader, Harley and Joker are in some kind of love triangle. I don’t really know xD. God, I went way to far with this. xD. Hope you enjoy it!! <3.

“Fucking hell guys! Can you stop?! You’re making me go nuts!” You scream at the two behind you, Joker and Harley couldn’t stop fighting over you all day. Who was going on a heist with you tonight?

“Well, you’re kinda already nuts!” Harley giggles at you, you smile. God you loved her craziness, but still, she’s super annoying.

“Come on (Y/N)! Why don’t we have some fun tonight?” Joker winks at you, runs up to you and picks you up from the ground.

“I don’t know you guys, I’m pretty tired.” You sigh, they couldn’t stop arguing. Joker sighs as he lets go of you, you fall to the ground

“Fuck!” You scream scared, you didn’t expect that. “That was necessary!?” You shout at him.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

OMG thank you. i met him about 6 months ago officially after liking him for over a year. i told my self i wasn't going to get attached to his flirty remarks or teasing and yet here i am listening to sappy love songs and getting god damn butterflies every time anyone mentions his name. i think he likes me too but i don't know.

BEEN IN A SIMILAR SITUATION its wonderful but nil also sucks ass at the same time lmao, hope you find out how he feels about you soon!

No, I just thought I’d stick to the private sector and never ask for monetary reward. I’ll just get sent to different countries by a bunch of different random acquaintances I know god-knows-how and not bring any money with me so I have to dance for tips in a cat suit and make delicately frosted cookies. 

In this way I hope to avoid being associated with an official force that uses the guise of protecting its citizens to enforce antiquated, institutionalized racism on innocent people.

birdsandpipers  asked:

um ummmm, if you're still taking colour challenge requests and these haven't been asked yet ( my internet's rly slow today ;~; ) maybeee, 211 sakuya, 114 shamrock and/or 199 mika? o: i'm excited to see your art w/ the colour challenge!! <3 <3

I was only gonna pick one but since I did draw a ship as well in this challenge, I will pick two. ^^ Hope you like it @birdsandpipers !! I choose Sakuya and Mika~ (lol the “yandere” vampires) 

Well I first started drawing this one, I was like “Oh god how am I gonna make this work???” D: But I think Sakkun came out well. :3

I think its been over a year since I drew Mikaela but this palette is pretty on him. ^^ 

Thanks for the suggestions! (I am sorry Shamrock I didn’t draw you this time… ;__;) I am now officially finished with all the requests whoohoo!! 

(requests are closed but you can find the color palette challenge here!)

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Skye breaks her leg during a mission, Jemma thinks its her fault for saying break a leg.

oh my god, this is just fluffy like a white poofy marshmallow fluffy 

Just straight up Skimmons sweetness and flirting and pre-dating. I hope you enjoy it anon (and everyone else of course) happy post-Christmas!

Oh and if you squint there’s some MayWard :D


Skye was happy to be an official Agent of SHIELD. Happy would be an understatement. She was ecstatic. No more was the silver band around her wrist shackling her like an animal. It had been replaced with a pretty badge.

When she finished packing what she needed for her first official mission as a SHIELD agent, she headed down to the loading dock where the rest of the team had been waiting for her. Grant was paired up with her, still acting as her SO, and of course, his strong arm would be needed.

Everyone had been waiting on her. Coulson looked proud that she had finally made it.

“What up, guys?” Skye asked playfully as she came down the staircase quickly. She stood next to Ward. “I am ready to go!”

“Alright, you guys know what the mission is? Get in and get out as smoothly as you can, it is extremely time sensitive,” Coulson said as he handed Skye a briefcase.

Skye saluted playfully once she had the briefcase. “I got you, AC,” she said as she nudged Ward, who was looking like a sourpuss as per usual. “Ready to go?”

“Always,” he said brusquely. “Do you have your badge?”


Both of them turned to see Jemma waving her hand and approach them.

“Sorry,” she said quickly as she reached into her lab coat. “Skye, you left this in the lab earlier today.” Jemma quickly produced Skye’s badge and handed it to her.

“Oooh, rookie mistake,” Skye said as she took the badge from Jemma and slapped her face with it. Ward simply rolled his eyes before tapping her to follow him. “Give me a second, the lady deserves a proper thank you.”

He walked away without another word.

Skye smiled brightly at Jemma as she secured her badge on her belt. “Thanks sweetheart,” she said playfully as she leaned forward and kissed Jemma on the cheek.

The scientist blushed at Skye and responded as coolly as she could, “It’s not a problem.” She paused awkwardly not knowing what else she could say. God, it sucked being at the flirting stage with someone. Skye looked at her expectantly before patting her on the shoulder.

“I’m gonna head out now,” the hacker agent said with a smile, “at least before Wardy boy has a fit. Are we still on for hacking and ice cream?”

Jemma smiled in return and nodded. “Absolutely—ah-uhm-Break a leg, eh?”

Skye merely laughed at the expression knowing that Jemma had severely tripped over her words. She looked back over her shoulder and threw a wink before heading out with Ward. Jemma weakly waved as a blushed threatened to come on.

Once out of sight, Jemma let out a frustrated groan. “Break a leg?” She covered her face in frustration. “She’s going on a mission, Simmons, not acting out a play,” she grumbled to herself as she walked back to the lab.

While she was on the Bus, they were all kept updated and acted as remote support for Ward and Skye as they broke into the suspected Centipede facility. Like Coulson had said, it was time sensitive. Their job was literally to go in, get information, and get out. It was an easy job. Supposedly. So as Fitz and Simmons stayed on comm to guide them when they needed, they would laugh at Skye poking fun at Ward’s methods.

“So, where is this room so I can get a-hacking?” Skye asked Ward with a slight poke to his back.

“It’s just around the corner,” Fitz answered back.

Jemma’s watch beeped. “I am going to head back to the lab and check on some samples,” she informed.

“You don’t wanna wait see your girlfriend in action?” he teased.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Jemma said hotly. She tugged her collar before fixing her lab coat. “Besides, easy job right? In and out? I’ve got some samples to check on.” She left quickly thereafter to avoid Fitz’s teasing.

On the other end, Ward shushed Skye gently as they were nearing a corner. They both pressed against the wall. He listened carefully before he seemed to count in his head.

One, two, three!

Ward’s arm shot out just as a guard walked by and pulled him in for a headlock. After a little bit of a struggle, the guard was rendered unconscious. Ward double checked around the corner and saw the door that Fitz had mention.

"So what’s going on with you and Simmons?” Ward asked as he kept a lookout by the door as Skye set up her laptop to start working.

“Mmm?” Skye grunted as she pulled out a small timer and set it as she got to work. They had approximately 10 minutes before she could be caught. Skye was planning to outdo herself this time.

“You and Simmons? Are you…dating?”

Skye let out a light laugh. “What? Are you wondering about my personal life, Ward?”

"Just trying to make conversation.” He glanced outside of the room and it looked eerily quiet.

“Awww,” Skye playfully sounded as her eyes stayed glued to her laptop. She began typing away furiously.


“So what?”

“You and Simmons?”

Skye glanced at Ward quickly as she continued her work. She smirked. “We aren’t dating…yet,” she responded finally.

It was complicated. Ward even knew how it could be complicated for the two girls. Skye had a lot going on for her. She needed to remain focused. However, she couldn’t let Jemma wait forever. The flirting game could only last so long.

“How would you do it?” Ward asked. He saw that it was safe and moved to stand behind her and watch her work.

“What, date?”

“Date and work.”

Skye narrowed her eyes and shifted when he stood behind her. She finalized the hack before letting it run.

“Are you asking me for advice?” Skye asked with suspicion. She noticed Ward shifted uncomfortably as he stood. He cleared his throat. “Oh Wardy, do you have a little birdy too?” She poked at him playfully.

“Shut up,” he nudged back. A small smile graced his lips and Skye couldn’t help but pat him on the back.

“I mean, we really aren’t dating. If we were though, I’ve gotta convince myself that we have a probability of dying every day and that I can’t let my emotions get in the way of work,” Skye reasoned. Ward could only nod at how rational Skye was thinking, maybe Jemma was being a good influence on her. The hacker glanced back at the clock. 6 minutes and 30 seconds left. She smirked and watched as a few seconds later, her program finished running. “Yes, I’m in. Who’s your daddy?”

“Guys, you may have a little less time, there are more guards patrolling floor,” Fitz came in on the comm.

Skye and Ward looked at each other.

“In and out,” Ward reminded. “Keep working, I will keep a look out.”

Skye nodded. No time to panic. She began going through the files she could access to find the ones that they needed.

The hacker glanced at Ward in the corner of her eyes. “You know, bro? I think if you want her, you gotta approach her like a kitten. Just let her sort of sniff and scratch you for a little bit. Before you know it, she’ll want to play with you even though it looks like she wants to kill you.”

All Ward could do was smile and nod before the alarm system suddenly went off. His smile turned into a glare at Skye. “Whoa, it wasn’t me!”

“You guys need to get out of there now,” Fitz alerted. “You’ve got incoming.”

“You almost done, Skye?”

“Yuppers, give me two shakes,” Skye quickly worked at her computer. Two shakes later, she packed up her computer and took her timer. 1 minute 42 seconds left. “Yes! Alright, Wardy boy, how are we going to blow this joint?”

They just ran as fast and strategically as Ward could guide them. Before they knew it they hand ran into a dead end. It wasn’t so much a dead end as it was the worst exit strategy.

Ward elbowed the window and let the shattering glass fall everywhere. He stood on the edge before turned to Skye and holding out his hand.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me,” Skye yelled at him.

“Too fucking bad, let’s go!” Skye grumbled. One, she hated heights. Two, she hated jumps. She took Ward’s hand and got ready to jump out with him.

“Jemma is going to kill me.”

Jemma didn’t know how long she had been working in the lab. The only semblance of time was when Fitz came down running looking frantically at her.

“You’ve got to clear your bench now,” he said quickly as he started moving some of her things to desks.

“What happened?” the scientist asked, worried already. She rushed taking her samples off of the bench as carefully as she could. Moving them to the fridge and fixing up the lab as Fitz spun around the room like a mad man.

Fitz ran his hands through his hair and ran to the loading dock to open up the Bus. Jemma could only wait to see what Fitz was off about. In a few seconds, she saw two figures approaching the bus quickly. She recognized it to be Ward and Skye, who was limping really badly, while being draped on him.

“Skye!” the bio-chemist yelled as she opened the doors to her lab.

Skye didn’t seem to notice her yell, while she was too busy arguing with Ward.

“Oh, jumping out three flights was such a good idea,” she said with sarcasm dripping. She hissed as she walked.

"We were surrounded! There was no other way out,” Ward argued as he continued to half carry her. “You’ve jumped from 3 flights before—”

“Into a goddamn pool! That’s completely different,” Skye practically yelled this time. She screamed in pain as she reached Jemma’s lab bench. “I am Agent Grant Ward and I can jump out five stories and roll on my back like a monkey!” She cried out in pain that subsided with a whimper as Ward laid her down onto the table.

“What the bloody hell happened?” Jemma yelled at Ward as she grabbed Skye’s hand. She looked her up and down and realized what might’ve been the problem. “You broke your leg?”

“I don’t think it’s a break, is it? Gotta check doc!” Skye tried hard to joke but it came out painfully. She tried to take her backpack off but Ward ended up helping and guided her back to lying down. The hacker whimpered. “I’ve never broken anything before, so if it is a break, please tell me—-am I going to live? Because I can’t be that little boy from A Separate Peace right now. I don’t wanna end up like that. Save me doc!”

"Calm down, Skye,” Jemma ordered more than soothed. She tightened her grip on Skye’s hand before gently feeling her leg. Skye jerked and shut her eyes. “I need you to relax. I am going to get you something to relieve your pain and I am going to X-ray you alright?”

Skye whimpered again before laying back on the table. “I am sorry this was so ironic from earlier today,” she said with a frown. Jemma felt her heart drop as she stared at Skye’s puppy dog eyes. Skye let out a slow breath before shutting her eyes, “fuck…this is painful.”

When Skye came too, she was properly in a bed—her bed. She tried to sit up when she realized two things, a weight on her leg, she pulled the covers to find a cast there, and a weight on her arm, she looked over and found Jemma nestled on top of it comfortably. She smiled at the scientist before slowly pulling her arm away.

Jemma stirred from her sleep and slowly picked up her head. “Skye, you’re up,” she mumbled like a child as she rubbed her eyes. “Are you feeling alright?”

Skye moved to sit up, when Jemma immediately flew to help her. Once she was settled she looked around the room, her throat felt a little dry, it usually happened when she woke up. Jemma took notice and held up a cup of water for her to drink. “Thanks,” Skye said with a cheerful smile.

Jemma looked far worse than Skye had felt when she first entered the Bus.

“I feel a lot better than before,” Skye finally answered with a smile. She was hoping that somehow Jemma would cheer up. “The mission was a success. I beat my personal best hacking into Centipede’s programs.”

“That’s great, Skye,” Jemma could only say as she looked down at the fringe’s of Skye’s blanket. She began picking at them.

Skye furrowed her brows before she reached out to clasp Jemma’s hand in her own as to stop her from picking at the old blanket. “What’s up? Are you okay?” she asked carefully.

Jemma didn’t look up but Skye could hear a small sniffle from the girl.

“Hey, hey,” Skye comforted as she gently reached out to pushed the girl’s chin up to look at her.

Jemma quickly wiped away some tears that had been threatening to fall. She shook her head, “I am okay. I’m sorry.”

“Aw, sweetie, what’s wrong?” Skye’s voice seem to be a soothing blanket.

“No, no, it’s just stupid,” Jemma brushed off as she pushed her bangs behind her ears. Skye immediately countered that with a hard stare and grabbed both of Jemma’s hands into her own. Skye’s eyes pleaded for an answer. The scientist sighed. “It’s just—-it was stupid of me to say ‘break a leg’ to you earlier. It’s just really stupid of me to use such an adage in the wrong context.”

Skye laughed. “Oh come on, Jem, you’re acting like this is your fault.”

“But isn’t it? Because now, you actually have a broken leg.”

Jemma looked like she was going to cry again when Skye leaned over to hug her. “Let’s be real, if there is anyone to blame, it’s really Ward,” she joked and Jemma laughed slightly. “Really, who the hell just jumps out of a goddamn building onto solid ground. I was freaking out. I thought I was internally screaming the whole time but I am pretty sure I blew out Wardy boy’s eardrum.” Jemma giggled as Skye joked with her. Skye saw that Jemma was feeling a bit better and nudged her chin up again. “Sweetie, it’s alright. I’m gonna be fine. Think of this way, I am Agent Skye and I just fell in from the sky.”

Jemma laughed and pushed Skye away. “You’re such a child.”

“I made you laugh though.” Skye caught Jemma’s hand again. She kissed it gently and pressed her palm against her cheek. Jemma blushed at the intimate action. “So how about some ice cream and hacking?”