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GOT7 reaction to you being too short to kiss them

Done♥ I hope you like it!
♦Adm Jelly♦

Mark: Finds it really cute how you tried to kiss him on your tip-toes even though you could’ve simply asked him to bend. He sees you get flustered though so he quickly leans down to give you a peck before you could run away.

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JB: “I’m sorry! How was I supposed to know you were trying to kiss me?! A simple ‘lean down please’ would have sufficed instead of you jumping around.” *flustered*

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Jackson: “I understand your pain but at the same time I’m very happy to be taller than someone.”

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Jinyoung: *super sarcastic* “You failed at that but A+ for the effort. Good work babe.”

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Youngjae: *confused* “But why are you getting mad at me? It’s not my fault that we have a height difference.” *sulky*

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Bambam: It takes him a while to understand what you were trying to do and once he figures it out he starts chuckling for a very long long time. He’ll never let this incident go.

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Yugyeom: *tries to control his smile*
y/n: “Don’t make fun of me!”
Yugyeom: *lies* “I did no such thing” *still trying not to crack up*

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Bran Stark x Reader: A Betrothal Gone Right

Request: Please please please write an imagine in which reader is betrothed to older!Bran (he’s the age he is right now and it’s an alternate universe in which the starks are all alive and happy like in season 1) and at first she thinks that he’s another badly-behaved young lord but then she and her parents visit winterfell and she meets him and they both fall in love with each other? 💕

A/N: I lovved writing this sooo much!!! I am such a sucker for Bran :) ( I’ll continue this if you guys want)

When you first found out about the betrothal, you were disappointed. Sure, you knew that sooner or later you’d have to find a husband, and it’d most likely be an arranged marriage, but you still held onto the hope of marrying someone you love, until now. Now you were going to have to marry another bratty lord and give him an heir. The nights leading up to your leave for Winterfell were spent worrying. What if he hated you? What if he refused to marry you? This marriage was arranged to help your people, you can’t let them down! You barely knew anything about the lord, only that his name was Bran Stark and he was the same age as you. That you were thankful for, the last thing you wanted out of all of this was to marry a 10-year-old.

On the way to Winterfell, you tried to imagine what he would look like. You knew that the Starks shared blood with the First Men so he most likely had dark hair. His mother was a Tully, would he have her eyes? Was he Tall? Short? The last doesn’t matter as much since the lord was confined to a wheelchair, apparently, it was an assassination attempt gone wrong that took his legs. Then you started to think what your children might look like. Would they have your hair? Would they all look like him? Your thoughts were interrupted as you heard the groans of gates. You saw the vast walls of Winterfell and felt your stomach drop. There was no way getting out of this, was there?

Bran waited anxiously with his family. What were you like? Were you kind? What if you hated him? What if you were cruel? All his father had told him was your name and that you two were the same age. Robb laid a comforting hand on his shoulder, smiling. Bran smiled nervously at his older brother. He heard the clop of horses and saw the gates opening. ‘This is it’ he thought. ‘No backing out now.’

When you stepped out of the carriage, the first thing you felt was the cold. You looked at the snow on the ground, the way it seemed to cover everything. Then you looked up at the Starks. Three boys, two girls, and a bastard. A very big family compared to your own. You greeted them one by one, starting with Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn. Then you went to Sansa, who had her mother’s looks, Arya, who wore pants, Robb, who was very tall with his mother’s hair, Rickon, who had a mess of curls atop his head. Finally, your eyes landed on your betrothed. He had kind brown eyes and the prettiest smile. You felt yourself blushing as you curtsied. At least you wouldn’t have to worry about him being ugly.

When Bran watched you get out, his heart almost stopped. Your h/c hair fell in waves, your e/c eyes filled with curiosity as you looked around Winterfell. He watched you greet his family, and his heart started to quicken as you grew near. You had the most beautiful smile, and your eyes showed that the smile was genuine. The corners of your eyes scrunched up happily when you reached him. He searched your eyes and wanted nothing more than to lose himself in them. His smile widened when he saw the light blush graze your cheeks, he was no longer nervous, he was excited. He couldn’t wait to find out everything about you.

The next few days were bliss. You and Bran spent every waking moment together, talking about anything and everything. Hobbies, curiosities, favorite foods, stories from youth, you shared everything. Bran told you about his accident, and how before he would climb everywhere in Winterfell, there wasn’t a wall he hadn’t climbed. Your heart fluttered every time you looked into his eyes, which was quite a lot. He even held your hand. The first time he did his hand were shaky and slightly sweaty, but you didn’t mind. Your smile was so wide, you thought your face might split.

A moon later, you kissed. It was at the Godswood. You don’t remember what the two of you were talking about that day. You do remember, however, his hand softly resting on your cheek as his face neared yours. You closed your eyes as your lips met. His lips were soft and gentle as they moved against your own. You brought your hand up to his neck and slipped it behind his head, playing with the hairs at the nape. It felt like the kiss lasted forever when it only lasted a minute or two. You pulled away, slightly out of breath, smiling. You looked into his eyes and saw nothing but love. You blushed slightly as he chuckled. You were so glad you were betrothed. You couldn’t wait for your wedding day when you would be his, and he would be yours.

Over the last two moons, Bran had fallen in love. He loved everything about you. He loved the way your hand fits in his, like pieces of a puzzle. He loved the way your lips felt against his, soft and gentle as if you weren’t quite sure. Bran never wanted to leave your side, and thankfully, he would never have to.

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Yooooo, I don't know if you're request box is still open, but I'm gonna go for it Polysanders. Anxiety had nightmares that his boyfriends wouldn't be next to him in the morning. He'd wake to find that they're still there. They'd all comfort him because they were all also woken up because of Anxiety's shaking. The nightmares don't stop but he can't sleep through the night.. (1/3)

A/N: Okay, first, love this! Second, I know you said Virgil but I feel like Patton doesn’t get enough emotional support from the others so I did Patton. Hope you don’t mind! 

Roman awoke to the feeling of someone clinging on to him for dear life. He slowly opened his eyes and looked down to see Patton, seemingly still asleep, grasping his shirt in his hands as he shook with fear.

Logan felt Patton’s shaking and woke up as well. He shifted his position from where he was hugging a sleeping Virgil to look at Patton, waking the other as a result.

The three looked at each other in worry upon seeing the condition the fourth was in, and Roman quickly shook him awake. Patton’s eyes shot open and he sat straight up, panting heavily, his body drenched with sweat. He looked around him for the others, clinging onto Logan this time as soon as he saw them.

“What’s wrong, Pat?” Virgil asked, running a hand through the panicked boy’s hair.

“I-I-I… dream… and you-gone and—“ Patton stuttered between sobs.

“Shh, shh, shh, it’s alright, dear,” Logan soothed, rubbing circles into the other’s back. “Just take deep breaths.” Patton tried his best to calm his breathing and, after a few failed attempts, succeeded.

“I had a dream,” Patton began once he found he could talk properly, “where I woke up and you were all gone and… I called out for you and you didn’t answer and I searched but I couldn’t find you and I was all alone.”

“Don’t fret, my love,” Roman said. “We will never leave you alone like that. We love you.”

“I love you too,” Patton said, his voice muffled as he buried his head in Logan’s shirt.

For the next week and a half, Patton continued to have the nightmares, but the constant assurance of seeing his boyfriends as soon as he woke up led them to fade away, leaving peaceful, lovely dreams. Until one morning…

The first thing Patton noticed was that Virgil’s arms were no longer around him, as they had been when he fell asleep. Panic flooded through his body as he sat up and frantically looked around for the anxious trait. What he found was even more unsettling.

The bed was empty except for him. All three of his boyfriends were nowhere to be seen. He was alone.

“V-Virgil?” he squeaked. There was no answer.

“Logan?” he called out, a little louder this time. No response.

“R-Roman?” he shouted. He felt his breath quicken and become erratic. They were gone. All of them were gone. The nightmares had come true. They were all gone.

“Alright, well, if that’s all you need, I’ll be getting back to bed,” Logan said once Thomas figured out his problem. He sunk back into the mind and headed back to Virgil’s room, where the four traits had decided to stay that night. He expected Roman and Patton to be there since Virgil had gone out to meet some of the other darker traits at the main center for all the traits, but he only found Patton, and he looked so frightened.

The moral trait was hugging his knees, gently rocking himself back and forth as he sobbed, his head tucked between his legs. The sight of this broke Logan’s heart. He rushed over to Patton and wrapped his arms around him, knowing from past experience that physical contact calmed him down.

“Patton? Patton!” Logan repeated until the other looked up. As soon as Patton saw Logan, he flung himself onto him, still crying his eyes out.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, it’s alright,” Logan whispered assuringly. “I’m right here.”

“Wh-where… others?” Patton managed to get out.

“Let’s go to the commons and find them, okay? Take a deep breath, there you go,” Logan said. Patton did as Logan instructed, then the logical trait helped guide him to the commons, where Roman seemed to be busy writing down ideas.

He was facing away from the entrance, so he didn’t notice Logan and Patton standing in the doorways until a whimper escaped the latter’s lips.

His head swung around and his face fell when he saw Patton. He looked so scared and morose.

“Patton!” Roman exclaimed, running over to them. He wrapped his arms around the shaken trait in a protective hug as Logan explained what had happened.

“Oh, darling, I’m so sorry for leaving you like that,” Roman apologized, he and Logan guiding the third to the couch. “I needed to catch up on some work. I really didn’t want to leave you like that and I should’ve left a note or woken you.” Once the three were sitting down, Roman pulled Patton toward him and planted a kiss on his head.

“Where’s… where’s Virge?” Patton asked. “I need… I need him.”

Before Patton even finished his last sentence, Logan had his phone out and texted Virgil to come home immediately. Lucky for them, the center wasn’t very far, and Virgil was there in five minutes.

Roman scooted over on the couch to make room for their fourth boyfriend. Patton whimpered at first, needing constant content, but soon found himself in Virgil’s arms, feeling safe and wanted.

“I propose we cancel all our plans for today and spend the whole thing with Patton,” Virgil mumbled.

“I would like nothing more,” Roman smiled, wrapping his arms around Virgil since he couldn’t reach Patton.

“I, as well, am certainly up for that,” Logan said, joining by hugging Patton from behind.

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I love your list, I found a very special simblr (cheniasims) from it!!! she is the sweetest person ever with such a great story…which I'm currently reading through!!! So I wanted to thank you…your like the simblr match maker<3

I’m so so so happy because when I had the idea of making this list I never thought people would react like this. There is a lot of simblr on this list now and I’m glad to see that you found someone really cool thanks to the list, I hope you won’t be the only who find simblr (or maybe friends) using it :)

journaling ideas/inspiration

So here’s a list of thing to inspire you, some are for drawings and other are for writing or both

1. angels/gods/feathers/wings

2. once when I was in a dream someone told me…

3. parallel universes (I’m right here why can’t you see/hear me)

4. cut out shapes from images (”there’s something missing”)

5. winter/summer sky at 5pm/5am/10am… (colors cut out from magazines or painted with watercolors/acrylics/whatever)

6. moments right before the storm, when everything is flying around, grey clouds, unrest

7.too tired to think ( random thoughts/pictures that go through my head right before I fall asleep)

8.illustrate a dream you had

9. what do you believe in ( about life/death, what comes after, meaning of it all…)

10. the butterfly effect

11.draw same thing in different mediums/ with left and right hand

12. favorite movie/series (favorite quote from it, scenes, how it made you feel)

13. what do you think about when you’re laying in dark,empty room

14. abandoned buildings/ playgrounds, empty train stations/parks, old houses

15. places where no one has been in a while and a nature got to it and grew all over the walls and floor, shattered glass, spider webs, sun rays shining through tree branches

these are just ideas and pictures in my mind I haven’t yet managed to put on paper and if anyone decides to use some of them and posts please tag me I’d like to see how you imagined it :)

if you like it let me know, I might make another one

You are so much more than beautiful, you are intelligent and worth care taking. I love the way you smile and how you get so happy when you talk about the things you love. I could write a whole book of how much i adore you. How you even make the moon and the stars jealous of the way you shine. You are the cure to anything bad in this universe. The way you bloom like every other season keeps amazing me. So many unwritten stories locked down in your heart. Tell me everything about you, endless thoughts of you in my mind. I could write endless of poems about you. You are a poem yourself that I could never write. Out of words when I see you. I get so shy and get lost in my words. Sometimes I wish I could tell you as much as I could write down so you could understand me a little better. Even on these cloudy days I will hold you down. When you cry I will do anything in my power to make you smile. I sometimes get jealous and think about other people that will probably love you better and that I’ll always have to live with that thought stuck in my mind. I need you more than anything and I will never forget about you. I’d travel a million miles just to see you. When It’s 4am and you need me I’ll be 1 call away. I love every little bit of you. The comfort in my body when I’m around you is something special. We are meant to be together, that’s what the universe told me. 7 billion people on earth and my focus is on you, you only. Your fingers running through my body trying to find my scars. And maybe you won’t be the one for me and you fall in love with someone else. Because right now im the chaos in your mind and you are the potion to my heart. I will be happy for you, i want you to be loved. I hope they will not only love you only because of how beautiful you are. But because of how intelligent and strong you are, how you carry the world by yourself, how you educate everyone around you. How you make winter nights feel like summer evenings. How you got the ability to make me so calm in a world full of cruelty. So many stars in the sky tonight, and oh they so adorable.

But nothing as adorable

As you
my love.

—  yungogsyd 

In freshman year I had a math teacher who was super mean to me specifically who would loan out basic calculators. So one day I decided that I would steal all the calculators. But not all at once bc then it would be obvious it was me. So whenever she wasn’t paying attention I would grab 2 calculators a class and put one back but keep the other one. I did this over a course of 2 months. Now I wasn’t gonna let my fellow students suffer just because of my spite. So I’d loan out calculators. But then I realized I could gain something from this. If someone wanted a calculator I’d ask for a quarter or something like food. I became known as the calculator girl. But everyone kept it on the dl bc no one liked this math teacher.
In the end I think I had over 50 calculators.
And the last day of school I dropped them all off anonymously in her classroom.
And that’s the story of how I ran a successful black market business out of spite.

note to self

I hope you find someone like Rhys. Someone who’s there for you in your darkest times and manages to see you beneath all the storms you make. I hope you find someone who looks at you and feels the air sucked out of their lungs and think “holy shit”. I hope you find someone who catches the smallest glimmer of emotion run across your face when you feel like crashing down inside yourself. I hope you find someone who looks at you the way Rhys looks at the stars. 

But more than that- I hope you remember that whether or not that someone is out there, your worth doesn’t depend on them. Before Feyre even met Rhys, she managed to defeat an enemy that no one in Prythian could even dare to try- with mortal blood running through her veins and a very human heart. 

Remember (in the wise words of the one and only High Lord of the Night Court) - you bow down to no one.

No one. 

If you’re reading this, you’re a fucking badass. 

BTS Poster Connection Theory

You know how there are pairings in many of BTS’ music videos, Rap Monster with V, Jungkook with Suga, and J Hope with Jimin, while Jin is usually on his own, the phrases on their posters all connect with each other (almost as if they’re talking to one another):

Jungkook and Suga:

(In the RUN MV we see Jungkook and Suga fighting, mainly because Suga is angry and Jungkook tries to stop him but only ends up getting hurt in the end. There are also times in other MVs where they are apart while the other pairs are together)

Jungkook: "The direction of my heart, I want to run to that place.”

Suga: “Don’t come any closer, you’ll be unhappy.”

(Jungkook’s heart may be with Suga, because he loves his hyung, but Suga feels he may only hurt him if they are together)

V and Rap monster:

(Tae is looking at his reflection, Rap mon’s song was called Reflection and most of the lyrics mentioned were about him wanting to love himself)

V: If I had made a different choice, would you have not left?” 

Rap monster: “I’m only looking at you from behind because now isn’t the right time.”

(Tae may have made a mistake that caused him to lose Rap mon, and he thinks that he may hate him or Rap mon may have left Tae behind to go find himself)

Jimin and J Hope:

(In J Hope’s poster isn’t that the same plane Jimin was looking at in Fire and that was in the Young Forever MV? I just find it interesting that they’re both looking up at the sky, maybe because they’re both thinking of one another at that time?)

Jimin: “I lied, because there’s no way you can love someone like me.”

J Hope: “As long as you’re shining, I’m okay.”  

(Jimin feels as if he doesn’t deserve a friend like J Hope because of his past sins, but J Hope is fine with being apart from him as long as it makes him happy)


I feel like Jin’s poster sums up what they all may be feeling and how they wish they could fix the mistakes they made in the past 

Jin: “If I could turn back time, I would want to be the best man in the world.”

But it could also depict that, since he’s the one in all of the MVs that may be dead, if he could turn back the clock to when he was alive (in the past), he would do so many things over and be the best man in the world. Maybe that’s why he’s the only one in a suit? People tend to be buried in suits.

Limerence (M)

Anon asked:

“Hii gurl I have an idea for a Suga fluff or smut depends on how you feel like making it and I don’t know if you’ve ever made anything similar but could you do one where Yoongi’s y/n’s (who’s quite younger) brother’s friend and things happen between them, please? :3″

“Limerence; the state of being infatuated with another person”. I decided to make it slightly angsty (whoops) I guess that just makes the sex better. I didn’t get the part about being younger– I’m guessing it’s the reader that is younger, so…. Yeah.. I made the age difference 9 years (another whoops). I hope you like it, anon! 3.2k Words

Pairing: Pure-blood!Min Yoongi x Half-blood!Reader

Genre: Ancient Korea au!, smut, angst

Warnings: Cheating, moaning denial, fingering, Taking the Agust D

P.S. I made the reader/oc half-blood noble, so it’s not just the Korean people. ;)) I want it to be internationally compatible.

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The day that you were born was probably one of the most joyful days for your father and 8-year-old brother, maybe not for your step mother – considering he had sex with a concubine to have you. You were the first half-blood of the family, and even though your father loved you dearly, there was still a small difference in the way he treated you. 

Whilst your brother was out learning archery and literature, you were sat at home, learning how to look like you were radiant enough for being part of the nobility. Unfortunately, you were not exactly fit for the beauty standards, so you had to try harder to look appealing to outsiders. You weren’t ugly – you were just not traditionally beautiful. 

You had an exotic type of beauty. 

That was one of the first things a 25-year-old Min Yoongi noticed about you when you both first met.

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Are the rumors about onew sexually harrassing a girl at a club while he was drunk true? The article even had a "statement from sm"

Here’s what happened. Jinki went with his friends to a really packed crowded club in Gangnam and got totally shitfaced, stumbling, falling down, blackout drunk. Jinki stumbled and grabbed this girl’s leg that was on the level above them right next to where they were standing. He said, oops, sorry. Then he stumbled again, and grabbed the same girl again. She turned around and was like”who’s doing that?” And some dude pointed at Jinki. She was angry and hauled them all to the police station. When Jinki’s friends explained that it was all by accident. and she saw that Jinki could hardly stand up he was so drunk, she believed them, so she dropped the charges, or never charged him in the first place (not sure exactly how that went) but the press had already gotten hold of it and put it out there that he had been charged with sexual assault when things weren’t even settled yet. Really kinda pisses me off.

There is a big difference between someone sliding their hand between your legs, groping your breast or ass, and someone stumbling into you and grabbing onto you for balance. I’m not saying that the girl didn’t have the right to feel violated, she did. But intention matters. And I am glad she took that into account.

Now Jinki needs to take a good long hard look at his drinking. And in a country with a drinking culture like Korea’s, that won’t be easy. But he can do it. I have faith in him. As someone who drank heavily from 14 - 24 and has done far worse things, I am in no place to judge him. I wish him peace and hope he finds it in his heart, and that this whole thing dies down quickly without causing him too much pain. I will love and support him, always.

BTS Reaction: Their Small Girlfriend Hides Behind Their Back When She Gets Scared

Anonymous said: Hi, how would bts react if their smoll gf hides behind their back whenever she gets scared 🐥

A/N: This was so cute of a request oh mi gawddddd! I loved writing it! Hope you like this! ~Admin Vanillakookie

Jin: Everytime you did, it he’d turn his head to look down at you in awe. He’d find it absolutely adorable and would go on full mom asking you what’s wrong or what scared you.

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Yoongi: Although he wouldn’t show it much, he’d lowkey adore it. Being the shortest member and quite small himself, it would boost his confidence knowing you viewed him as someone who could protect you.

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Namjoon: Now, Namjoon belongs on the category of more protective boyfriends. Seeing that you went to him whenever you were scared and used him as your “shield” could make him feel acomplished, knowing you felt safe when you were with him.

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Hoseok: Despite finding your action cute and adorable as hell, he’d freak out himself and ask you what scared you. Truth be told he might feel a bit scared himself but would try and stay calm.

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Jimin: He’d loooove it. As someone small who gets easily insecure about his height, your move would be a total ego booster. It’d make him feel more powerful and capable of protecting you. He wouldn’t hesitate to tell you how much he loved it when you did that either.

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Taehyung: This man would fangirl into oblivion. He’d find it so cute and would constantly praise you about it. It would bring his more protective side to the surface and would feel obliged to protect you, even from the smallest things.

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Jungkook: The first time you hid behind his back he’d be shocked and maybe even blush a bit at your action. But when he got used to it, he wouldn’t hesitate to tease you about it, although he found it so precious.

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~Admin Vanillakookie

So many times I’ve lied to myself. Telling myself that I will find a true friend, that loves me for who I am. Seems like the people around are just tired of having too many friends so I’m the forgotten one. Thrown to the side, and will only be picked up if needed for advice. The universe gets mad at me for helping them out with all of the heart inside my soul I have left. I do it because I have this crazy thing in my mind called hope. Hope, is making me believe that I may still have a chance at finding someone. You can’t spell someone without one, and all I just need is one person to be there for me.

Don’t Fight This, Don’t Fight Us- Harry Hook x Reader

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A/n I am going to try to finish up and couple more request today but I am not sure if I will be able to get to it. Thank you for all the request, feels great to get them.

Request/Summary: Can you please do an imagine of Harry Hook where Harry gets brought to Auradon and you are TinkerBells daughter but when u look into his eyes u guys fall in love & you go home to tell ur mom but she gets mad so you decide to avoid your feelings for Harry but he pushes it. You can chose ur ending if it doesn’t make sense (:

Warnings: None

“Thank you again for doing this y/n,” My best friend Ben whispered to me as the limo carrying the kids from the Isle pulled up. I gave him a small smile and nod.

“No problem,” I whispered back. The limo driver hopped out and opened the door. Out stepped a girl with teal hair, a boy with blonde hair, and another boy with brown hair. I looked them up and down and notice the hook the brown haired boy carried. That could only mean one thing.

He was Captain James Hook’s son.

The smile I had on my face fell slightly as I looked over to Ben.

“Hello guys, welcome to Auradon,” He said with a huge grin on his face. He must have sensed my discomfort as he looked over at me with a worried expression. I simply turned back to the three of them and made eye contact with Hooks son. All the fear I had felt from being around him went away when I looked into his beautiful eyes. He smirked at me and I immediately ripped my gaze away from his blushing. I looked at the other two kids and saw them staring at me, Ben noticed this too.

“This is Y/n Bell. She will be showing you guys around the school and answering any questions you have. Y/n This is Uma, Gil, and Harry,” Ben pointed to them when he said there names. I gave them all friendly smiles but quickly returned my attention to Ben as a guard came up and whispered something into Ben’s ear.

“I am sorry but I have to go but I am leaving you in good hands,” He said as he started walking off. I grabbed his hand and pulled him so our backs were facing the three.

“Ben you can’t leave me with them, I thought you were going to stay with us during the tour,” I said in a panicked tone. Ben laughed at me and patted my back.

“You will be fine, besides what could go wrong,” He asked as he left me behind with them. After a few seconds I turned around with a forced smile. I didn’t have a problem with them it was just that Harry kid made me want to melt when I looked at him.

“Well why don’t we start the tour,” I asked them with fake excitement. They all mumbled their agreement and we started the tour. As I walked them around the school Harry kept making flirty comments. Gil would laugh at them and Uma would scold him but would end up laughing. I would turn as red as the jacket he was wearing. After a long hour of being a blushing mess I finished the tour.

“That is pretty much it, if you guys have any questions then feel free to ask me. If you can’t find me I am sure someone else will happily answer them,” I finished feeling slightly relieved. I watched as Uma and Gil walked away to their dorms but Harry stayed behind.

“So, you’re a Bell,” He asked me. I nodded my head.

“I hope you don’t have anything against me because of my father,” He said after a while.

“You’re not your father, I don’t have anything to hold against you,” I told him. That made him smile.

“I like you lass, do you want to go out sometime,” He asked me with no trace of fear. 

“L-Like a d-date,” I stuttered out, shocked that he would want to go on a date with Tinker Bells daughter.

“Yeah, a date,” He said a little uneasy. I smiled at him.

“Sure, why not. I have to be going though, my mom is expecting me. Just tell me tomorrow when you want to go,” I told him as I turned to leave.

~At Your House~

“I will not let you see that boy,” My mom yelled at me. We had been arguing for hours just because I wanted to go on a date with Harry.

“Mom he is not his father, why can’t you just let me be happy,” I screamed back.

“Honey, I want you to be happy. That is why you shouldn’t be with that Hook boy. He is bad news,” She said in a tad bit quieter tone.

“Mom you don’t even know him,” I shot back.

“You are never going to talk to that boy again and that is final. Do you understand me,” She snapped back. 

“Yes ma’am,” I mumbled back stomping up to my room. It wasn’t fair, if I liked the boy then why couldn’t I go on a date with him. It’s not like I was marrying him. What was the harm in it? I mean he wasn’t like his father was he was he? He lived on the Isle though which means he is a villain and I have heard some rumors about him before he even got here. Maybe my mom was right, I just need to push my feelings aside and everything will be fine. I soon fell into a deep sleep thinking about Harry.

I walked down the halls of Auradon when I spotted Harry. When he saw me a huge grin spread across his face and he waved at me. I quickly turned around and walked the other way. I felt horrible for doing it but I had too. It was for the best. I quickly walked to my first block class, having to take the longer route so I wouldn’t have to walk passed Harry.

I had successfully avoided Harry all day. He had tried to talk to me but when every he did I would make up an excuse as to why I couldn’t talk or just act like I didn’t hear him. It was the end of the day and I was walking with Ben.

“I just don’t get why you are avoiding him. I know you like him,” He said as we walked.

“Ben you know that my mom doesn’t want me talking to him. Plus he is no good, I mean you have heard the rumors about him,” I tried to reason with him.

“Yes but as you said they are rumors. That doesn’t mean they are true. Oh look who is coming,” Ben stated with a smug smile. I quickly turned to him with a look of panic.

“Well I should be going,” He said as he turned to go. i quickly grabbed his arm making him stop.

“You can’t leave me with him. I will do anything,” I begged him which only caused him to laugh.

“Sorry but I things to do. You’ll thank me later,” He laughed out as he walked away leaving me behind with a sour look on my face.

“Hey,” I heard Harry nervously say.

“Hi Harry,” I said back with no emotion. I practically could feel the uneasiness radiating off his body.

“Why have you been avoiding me,” He asked.

“I haven’t been avoiding you,” I quickly denied.

“Then why is it everytime I call your name you turn away from me and walk away or when I actually get to talk to you, you come up with a reason to leave,” He questioned me.

“I just don’t want to talk to you,” I bitterly stated. It came out way colder than I intended but it was easier this way.

“What do you mean you don’t want to talk to me? You can’t tell me you feel nothing for me,” His voice was full of hurt. I stayed silent, knowing my voice would betray me. He took a few steps forward but I stepped back and help my hands out infront of me.

“Harry please,” I stammered out. Even though I wanted to hug him and tell him I was sorry but I couldn’t. 

“We just won’t work out if we did start dating so what is the point?”

“How do you know that? Y/n we could make it work, don’t fight this. Don’t fight us,” He pleaded. 

“Harry,” I sighed out.

“Please, just give it a chance. I may not know much about love but I know whatever I feel when I am around you is more than a friendly feel,” He said as he caressed my cheek with his hook.

“I want to, I really do but I just can’t. My mom-,” I started but got cut-off by him.

“Your mom doesn’t control your like y/n. You get to chose who you spend it with,” He said. He was right, she couldn’t decided who I wanted to be with. That was all up to me. 

“You’re right, she doesn’t control how I feel. Harry, I want to give this a chance,” I said with a smile. He returned the smile and pulled me into a hug.

“You won’t regret this Y/n.”

A/n I am sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind. I don’t know how I feel about this one but I hope you kind of liked it.