i hope to expand on this eventually

some gentle endgame jasico thoughts for @sunnysbaudelaires

- nico is 20 and jason is 22 and they split time between the camps and maybe jason tried university but found it wasn’t for him so he teaches sword fighting and leadership and builds shrines in his spare time, and nico goes to class when he feels like it and runs errands for his dad

- but they have a free month of summer and jason has an itch he can’t quite scratch and nico has learned to read jason’s quirks like a mythomagic play so they pack up too many blue brownies (courtesy of percy) and not enough pairs of underwear and set out on a roadtrip

- and it starts off okay. they drive across mountains and fight some griffons and grumble about being followed around by monsters everywhere they go but fighting for their lives has always kept things interesting

- until nico slows a little and leans forward on the wheel and turns deep-brown eyes on jason and asks “where are we going”

- and jason pauses his fiddling with an upside-down roadmap and thinks for a long moment while evergreen trees flash by their windows and then he says “i want to visit my mom”

- and nico just nods and noses the car west and doesn’t ask why because he knows jason has his own healing to do, jason has a lot of things he hasn’t faced yet

- nico makes snide ‘are we there yet’ remarks whenever jason takes a turn driving and they stop at cramped diners along route 70 and all the middle-aged waitresses with bad perms flirt with jason while nico glowers into his coffee cup

- nico takes naps in the backseat wrapped up in jason’s too-big hoodies and jason hums along to quiet radio stations and avoids the bumps in the road as best he can

- they get a flat in the desert just far away from las vegas to avoid the lights and jason offers to fly to get a new tire and nico argues that it’s much faster to shadow travel but jason reminds him that they agreed no shadow traveling because roadtrips are an experience and to enjoy the journey and nico rolls his eyes

- they end up spending the night lying under the stars on the hood of jason’s beat-up second-hand american muscle car (b/c maybe leo has rubbed off on him and maybe jason loves how flooring the gas and hearing the v8 roar is almost as freeing as flying)

- and they talk about their sisters and their parents and expectations and the camps and old loves and new experiences and how people change but ultimately it’s hard to run from your demons and it’s better to face them head on (jason makes a corny imagine dragons joke and nico huffs out a laugh and that’s enough)

- and maybe jason rolls on his elbow and looks at nico in profile and admires nico’s lashes lying across his cheeks and how starlight makes nico softer

- and maybe nico quirks his lips without opening his eyes and says “you’re staring, grace”

- and jason goes a little pink but doesn’t back down because he’s jason grace and he never runs from a challenge, and he says “yeah, i am”

- and then, maybe, in the dark on the cool metal of his car hood with nothing around them for miles and miles save for cacti and stars, jason takes a breath and says “you would be, too, if you could see what i see”

Audible fanfiction


I have been toying with an idea for a long while now, and until this point, I kept it in the back of my mind b/c I didn’t believe I’d be doing this for anyone but myself. 

However, I’ve had talks with a few readers about wishing they had more time to read more fanfiction, wishing fonts on tiny phones / on ff.net were bigger so they can see better, wishing that writers who use music in their stories could find a way to score them so the experience can be seamless.

I’ve decided to try my hand and solving some of these issues with an audible fanfiction podcast. 

Here’s how it will work:

1. I’m going to start narrating Richonne fics, with musical scores. I’ll be beta testing this with my own stories, starting with Vantage Point.

2. Each episode will feature one chapter from one of my stories or a Richonne fic I’m reading. This isn’t designed to keep up with updates, more to offer an alternative way to enjoy fanfiction, with a score. Authors! Would you like an episode dedicated to your favorite chappy in one of your stories, narrated and scored by moi? Hit up my inbox!

3. Eventually, I’d like to take requests. Send me one-shots, prompts, or certain chapters of fics you want narrated (one chapter per request). This must be with the permission of the author, which I will request before I record.

4. I would also like to eventually expand the podcast to start interviewing writers, and readers about the show, the characters, and of course, the fiction.

I know this isn’t an original idea per se, but it’s definitely one I’m going to dive into wholeheartedly. I’m hoping to have the first episode of the podcast up on a separate, dedicated Tumblr account in the next couple of weeks. 

Episode 1: Chapter 16 of Vantage Point

This one’s for you @codename-me ! Be on the lookout!


Cookies and Conversations

Jack disentangles himself from Bitty without waking him up.

It’s a skill he’s perfected over the years but he’s always proud of himself when he pulls it off.

The layout of the room is unfamiliar. He’s only spent a handful of days in Bitty’s childhood bedroom but he knows it well enough to make it to the door without stubbing his toe on the dresser or the desk.

Bitty’s parents went to bed hours ago but he still tip toes down the stairs trying to make as little noise as possible.

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☆ Witch Mentoring ☆

Hello, guys.

Quinn and I have recently been considering mentoring some baby witches, or beginner witches. We often get a lot of less experienced witches messaging for help and guidance, which is lovely and as many of you that have reached out follow us, we decided we wanted to give something back.

We’re going to be attempting to run a 10 week mentoring scheme, with Quinn and I as the mentors. We’ll be working out when is best for everyone once we’ve accepted some of you into our folds (5 -10 of you, to be exact). If this works out, we will think about expanding and bringing on some mentors.

If you’re interested (and over the age of 16) please send us your;
How long you’ve been practising:
What you hope to learn about:
What you’re interested in the most:
Skype username: (We’ll need your Skype username for now, although we hope to get a discord started eventually)
Optional: A little paragraph about yourself.

Please either message us or email us at wildeandquinn@gmail.com!
We hope to hear from you soon!
(We unfortunately can’t educate you in any closed religions because we are not part of those cultures)

reach into the mirrors in your eyes (~2.2K words)
evana - takes place after ikke snakk til meg and the text update we got later today (yesterday for me). [inspired by this because i love angel haze]

there’s something different with sana and eva does not like it.

sana isn’t one to drop out of things. she also isn’t someone who keeps quiet. but when eva looks at her now, she can see the raging storm in her eyes, and eva simply doesn’t know how to reach out to her.

she misses sana.

she misses sana’s laugh and smile. she misses when sana reaches for her hand. she misses when sana jabs at someone else; the quick wit which only sana has.

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So i made a whump blog with a friend of mine Rose! (They’re my fave!!) And we made this a collaborative blog between us for whump and all that entails!! Hopefully this blog will get a lot of traction and start off great! I hope you guys like the content we have here and we will see what we can do for you!

Our requests for fics are wide open for loving ideas of your favorite sickies!

Our ships will be mainly centered towards: Klance, Shance, and Shklance.

We will expand on the fandoms eventually but for now it will stay very Voltron based

My username has changed!

thelivingword is now thesovereignword so that I’ll eventually be able to further expand to other social media sites! I hope it’s understandable. Thank you all so much for the patience you’ve had, as I’ve made numerous changes to the blog within the past few months. You’re all amazing! ❤️

Fucked for the first time

Been thinking about posting this for a while, but I’m posting today in hopes of giving @breakingstraightmen a little inspiration. Everything that follows is true.

Even as a (mostly) happily married man who can (usually) resist my urges to have a real man shoot his cum deep inside me, I can’t tell you how often I think about the first time I got fucked and bred. Even though it hurt like a son of a bitch, I enjoyed more than just about any other fuck I’ve ever had.

My buddy J and I had stroked together before and I’d sucked him off once when we were drunk. He’s the dude who made me admit I wanted another one of his loads, but then just laughed and walked away. We went to the same school, but it was Christmas break of our first year at college that things got real. We’d been hanging out with out old crowd and partying harder than ever that break. J lived near me and it was a normal occurrence during high school for me to sneak out and climb in his window after I’d been home to meet my curfew. Sometimes we’d fuck around, but usually we’d just get baked and play x box. We fell right back into that routine over break.

December 28–I’ll never forget the date–was just another of those typical party days. Showed up at his house half drunk at 1 am. We smoked out and started a game, talking shit and drinking more as we played. He was just in his boxers when I got there. We took a break to smoke more and he started rubbing his chest, talking about how good some of the girls from high school looked these days. He was clearly getting hard and looking me right in the eye as he talked about which girls he’d like to fuck over break. All I did was lick my lips and he grabbed me. We started feeling each other’s muscles and were soon fully making out on the floor of his bedroom. We were touching each other everywhere and grinding our hard dicks together. In no time, I was down to my boxers as well.

I didn’t realize that I was moaning like a little bitch until he laughed and said “sounds like you’ve been missing this, bro. Thought you were getting dick at school for sure.“ I had never thought about what we did as me “getting dick”. In my mind, we were just getting off like buds do. But for whatever reason I just said “no, I haven’t”.

We kept grinding, but his hands were suddenly all over my ass, groping and pulling at my cheeks. He sat up and shoved my face into his crotch. Before I knew it, I had his thick 7” dick in my throat and his hands all over my ass again, slapping and kneading my bubble butt. He started talking shit about what a waste it was that I wasn’t sucking dick at college, that he could see how much I liked it, he should be using my throat daily and sharing it with his buds. Every statement he made just got me that much hornier. By now, we were both completely naked.

Just when I thought this was the hottest shit ever and started thinking about him cumming in my throat again, he flipped around, pushed me to my belly on his bed and climbed on my back. He lined his dick up with my ass crack and started grinding into me, holding my hips as he pushed his hardness against me. This was new and awesome. His weight on top of me pressing his dick into my crack as he bit chewed on my neck and shoulders was the best thing i’d ever felt up to that point.

Suddenly, his weight was gone. I looked behind me and saw him up his knees with a scary grin on his face rubbing spit on his thick hard dick. Without a word, he leaned over me, pressed my head into the pillow, and lined his cock up with my hole. “Tell me how much you want this” he said. All I could do was moan as he pressed his dick against me. “Tell me you want this or go home, bro”. All I said was “I want you” and he forced his whole cock into me, ripping my virgin hole wide open. As he bottomed out and I felt a man’s hairy balls against my ass for the first time, he said “damn. That’s tight. You really are a faggot”. Being called that word for the first time made me moan and almost cum from the amazing sensations in my ass. If it hadn’t been for the pain, I would have cum right then. He just laughed and started fucking me. My hole was gripping him so tight that I thought it was going to be ripped out of my body. He spit on his dick a little more and let loose on my ass. I must have been moaning like a serious bitch because he pushed me down again and told me to stop the “fag moaning” or his brothers and dad would want a piece too. I said “please just hurry”.

More laughter from him. Then he said “you want me to hurry up and cum in you? Make you my faggot forever?” He had my face held in the sheets so that I could barely breathe, much less respond, and he just kept plowing away, tearing my ass apart. Finally, he started breathing heavy and I knew he was close. He slammed his cock home one more time as he pulled my hips back and held me there. I felt his cock surge and pulse at is expanded and shot it’s precious load deep in my ass. He lay on top of me sweaty and panting and I was in heaven, hoping he’d never move.

He eventually climbed off and pulled my cheeks apart to see my destroyed hole. Said “nice job taking my load, bitch. Now get out before I tell everyone what a faggot you are.” I took my clothes and left.

He never ever spoke to me again but I don’t regret a single moment of this. I’d take another load from him today if he’d let me. I’ll never forget the first time I was somebody’s bitch.

anonymous asked:

Hi sorry if this is asked before but what tools do you use for ur traditional art? It is really lovely... Anyway have a nice day

ive been experimenting with different pens recently because my friend got me an artsnacks subscription for a few months but here are my favorites:

as for colors i dont have a fancy collection. i use gold sharpies a lot, and highlighters. the only skin tone marker i have is the Y946T Ironlak twin marker and i love it but i want to expand what i have eventually. however its not necessary, im happy if i only have my .5 foray and calligraphy pen ^^

Stranger Than Fan Fiction Anon

I will concede one thing to you, Chris has inferred that he is not comfortable with Fan Fiction.      

However, I don’t think you understand the title of the book. It’s called Stranger than Fan Fiction.  Yes, emphasis on the Stranger than.  Hmmm…. What could possibly be Stranger than Fan Fiction?  Perhaps Chris’ own life and his experiences are stranger than what, we fans, can write in fan fiction?  Stranger than being depicted as say a Warewolf or a Vampire? A slave?  In an arranged marriage? In some sort of dystopian society?  Or maybe the strangest ones of all are the ones that are the most like his actual life.   (And for the record I love fan fiction, I love fan fiction writers, and I read way too much of it).

On the book, Chris just said in the Reader’s Digest article: 

“It’s not the biography people initially wanted but I do realize that growing up on a TV show is a unique adolescence,” Colfer said. “So this is sort of my fictionalized coming of age story.

So agreed, I think there are people who should be concerned about what this book reveals.  But it’s not who you infer, not at all.   I think Chris has a story to tell and I think he cannot wait for us to read it.  And the beauty of this novel “PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY” because it’s Fiction!!!!!!  No one can ever prove what he wrote is about them directly.  So yes, will there be sarcasm? Absolutely, no question. And I say, bring it on Chris.  

This morning, I was able to pull a few quotes that Chris has given us in his other books that I think are relevant to the book that he is calling semi autobiographical:

Mother Goose’s Introduction to A Mother Goose’s Diary:

“Well the time has come.  The confidentiality agreements have expired, the cease-and-desist letters have stopped coming in, the dynasties I’ve been avoiding are dying out, and all the old mob bosses I owe money to are behind bars.  Look out, world; Mother Goose is finally publishing a Memoir!" 

"It takes something special to capture my imagination.  I’m talking unbelievable adventures with remarkable people, fascinating places in chaotic times, unusual predicaments and sequences of events, and highly questionable evidence to back up the author’s accountability.”

“And if there are any so called "scholars” out there who doubt me, let me be very clear: I was there, I know what I saw, and I know what I lived through.  If my memories contradict the history you’ve been taught or the history you teach, that’s not my problem.“

And Red’s Introduction to Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guise to Royalty:

“For the first time in my reign, I’m going to give you, my people, a glimpse into my personal life, my mind, my heart, and my impeccable soul.  My past has been one of the greatest stories ever told, but rarely do I speak about it myself-unless you work at the castle; then you may hear me reminiscing two or three times a day. “

Remember what Chris has told us in the Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms:

"Oh, I’m not telling you today…that wasn’t part of our agreement-but I will eventually.   If you are going to be in a conspiracy club, you’ve got to pay better attention to the details.”

Well Anon, I think the time has come.  I hope you were paying attention. (and again let’s note that he changed the Book Huggers name to Conspiracy Club.  Hmmm…. what else has a well known acronym of CC?????  Coincidence?  Again???)

Oh and just to be clear, Chris has warned us just who he might speak against: 

The Masked Man Perhaps (who as I have said, clearly is based on Ryan Murphy, but likely can be expanded to Fox, PR, and a certain person’s team), as quoted from the soon to be released, The Land of Stories, An Author’s Odyssey:  

“From this day forward you will no longer be the people of your pathetic kingdoms, but the property of this empire,” he announced. “Disrespect me again, and I will not show you the same mercy as your weak kings and fragile queens. Anyone who dares to cross me will not only lose their own lives, but will first watch as I take their families’ lives as well!”

Or one of my favorite quotes of the Masked Man from Beyond the Kingdoms:  

"you’re learning it the hard way, just like I had to.  There is no such thing as love.  Families are just strangers who share blood.  They claim to love you unconditionally, but in the end, they always betray you the most.  My mother taught me that lesson and now you’re learning it from me.”  

Yes, I think Chris has much to say about these influences in his life and the people whom he thought were family but were anything but.

Or Ezmia Perhaps?  Hmmm.  And who is Ezmia again?

I love this quote from Red’s Guide to Royalty:

“The trick was incredibly helpful when the Enchantress kidnapped me.  There I was strapped to a wall by enchanted vines with all the other royals.  The fear of death wasn’t even the worst part; we had to suffer through of hours of a repetitive soliloquy as the Enchantress bragged about her universal domination- it’s a wonder our ears didn’t bleed!”

“Wouldn’t it be fun to have an I survived the Enchantress’ party when this mess is over?”  Instantly my frown was turned upside down and the party-planning gears in my head rotated at full speed.  I was so excited I almost forgot I had been kidnapped at all.”

Well, anon, I think Chris’ time for a party is coming. It has been well planned. This book has been in the works for some time and I do believe it will be his time to shine.

And Chris concludes Red’s Guide by saying 

“I suppose some thanks should be given to the Big Bad Wolf himself.  None of this would have been possible if he hadn’t tried to eat me all those years ago. He was a great villain but an even better rug.”

And I believe, in his way, through this book, he will “thank” those that have bullied him, essentially put him back in the closet, forced him to be silent about his personal life, engage is charades to bury the truth even further, and hide the person he loves the most.

Happy Reading!!!!!

P.S. You do realize when he called Klaine and Klainers the KraKen (or Kragen, they say it both ways) Monster, he did so with his self-proclaimed friend, a person that declared that they do not HATE each other, yet one you all still insist he hates.  It’s actually an adorable interview and I did not feel like for one second they were mocking us. I think they were just enjoying the fact that they actually were allowed to do an interview together and were playing off each other remarkably well.  And I will share as I did enjoy revisiting that this morning as well.

I gotta say that I’m feeling super bummed out about the Till All Are One cancellation. It was an utterly brilliant book that was getting better and better with every issue; @spewpew and @mscottwrites both did a mind blowing job on it and I really, really hope that the Transformers IDW continuity will be graced with their talents again in some respect in future. 

Speaking of the Transformers IDW continuity, or rather the Hasbro Universe as it is now, I have to wonder what’s in store for it after the First Strike event. In addition to the cancellation of Till All Are One, it looks like M.A.S.K. and Revolutionaries are getting the chop too, plus the latest solicitation for ROM is pretty ambiguous as to the book’s fate. I’m also not sure what’s in store for Micronauts after the Wrath of Karza event, plus of course Action Man barely got out the gate before it was cancelled, despite being fantastic. I find it all a bit worrying…but still, the Transformers aspect of the ‘verse has been around since 2005 and has gone through a number of reimaginings without wiping the slate clean of prior continuity, so there probably isn’t cause for too much concern. That fact certainly mellows the blow of loosing Till All Are One; while a fantastic title may be gone, at least the characters and world it took place in are still around, and the plot and character arcs left hanging can be picked up by other creators down the line. 

Still, while I’m ultimately glad so long as we still have some quality Transformers IDW titles on the shelves, it’s a damn shame that they’ve had to cut back on the number of books they’re releasing at any one time. The universe they’ve created has become so rich in fantastic characters and plot threads that two ongoings just doesn’t feel like enough to cover it all. Three ongoings managed to cover the three most important bases of Earth, Cybertron, and deep space, and even then a lot of interesting characters were left hanging. Look at poor Sunstreaker for one; he has so many really fucked up issues that could be explored, yet he’s been largely ignored for years now. I just hope that by the time Till All Are One wraps up, the situation on Cybertron will be left in a stable enough state that it won’t feel as though we desperately need a dedicated ongoing to keep track of what’s happening in that corner universe. 

If we can’t have ongoings covering the action in all relevant corners, maybe more mini-series and one-shots could pick up the slack. That way they could hop around exploring ALL corners of the ‘verse, like Prowl and Fort Max on Luna 1, Springer and Verity on Earth, Impactor…wherever the hell Impactor is now. It wouldn’t need to be limited to the present day either; they could expand upon periods all throughout the war, or even before the war. In fact, the upcoming Rom vs Transformers mini (which I’m keen for) sounds like it’s going to be exactly that, so I really hope it’s setting a precedent. Bringing back the Spotlight issues could be great as well. Having lots of minis and one-shots would allow lots of different creators to add their own particular flavour to the continuity too, which could attract lots of different types of readers, who would probably be more easily convinced to dabble in a mini-series/one-shot, rather than commit to an ongoing. If enough of them are won-over and the fanbase expands enough, it may eventually be able to support more ongoings. 


Back in 1910, William K. Vanderbilt purchased 20 acres of land above Northport Bay, where he built his summer house. 🌺🏡 The exquisite mansion eventually expanded to 43 acres, and is one of the few remaining Gold Coast mansions. These Gatsby-esque Long Island homes from the ‘20s are wrought with sumptuous details, offering an intimate look at the life of the wealthy and privileged during the Jazz Age. 💎💰💵 The incredible metalwork you see throughout was crafted by Samuel Yellin, whose work also graces the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, as well as many other notable buildings and structures. I was really blown away by this place, and I hope you’ll enjoy taking a walk with me through one portion of the grounds! The views were so gorgeous! 🌺😩🙌🏼 These are my favorite types of museums 🙏🏼
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Calling all Killjoys and Candidates!

Introducing Better Living Industries’ very own all-inclusive catalog of Danger Days-related Tumblr blogs, or, as we like to call it: The Index.

The Index consists of a list of blogs categorised neatly into three different categories: “Better Living Personnel” (for BL/ind-run blogs), Killjoys (for the blogs of various Killjoys), and “Other” (with convenient “Aesthetic”,  “Headcanon”, and “Fanfiction” subtitles to help you find exactly what you are looking for!).

It looks vaguely like this currently, but the list will soon expand once we are notified of further blogs! (A lot of sorting still needs to be done too… And, eventually, I am hoping for a fourth tab as well… For the best aesthetic blogs for finding images that could easily be a part of the Danger Days universe… But I have no idea what to call the tab.)

With this being an all-inclusive thing, anyone with a Danger Days blog can have it added to the list, and there is no application process (unlike networks and stuff)… Just send me a message or an ask or something and you will be added. (And, if you don’t, I will find you and add you to the list anyway!)

There are quite a few blogs on the list already, please check them out!

Click here to visit The Index

A beginners thrifty equipment & tools list for witchy beginners!

Always I see people asking various tumblr witches what the basic things they need to start off as a practicing witch are… every witch has a different answer because every witch is different. I tend to find that some of the answers from witches who have been so for quite a while leave a lot of really basic stuff out, or add too much advanced stuff in, not on purpose but just due to the passage of time or the thought that with hindsight they wish they’d had this or that in the beginning. Most lists, are infact very useful. For me, half my problem was budget. I want to be able to buy all of the awesome potions and lotions and spell kits available but I just do not have the funds! I know it’s not necesary to have them but it would be nice because they’re all so pretty! Anyway for those of you with all the want but none of the dollar… here is my thrifty beginners guide…. from a beginner!

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The thing with celebrities is. They aren’t normal people. Frank’s bill cosby joke would be vaguely uncomfortable perhaps if it was your uncle telling it at thanksgiving dinner, but you would let it slide for the sake of being polite because real life is not tumblr and it doesn’t really directly effect anyone present. But frank is famous and that makes it different because everything he does reaches an immensely bigger audience and its pretty much guaranteed that some of that audience will be directly affected by the things he says. He’s acting like he’s the uncle at thanksgiving by saying that people are going overboard by calling him out. But he’s not the uncle. He’s a celebrity and I believe anyway that he has a moral obligation to consider his entire audience and how his actions affect them. I just hope he can eventually see that

A Very Big Thank You

I know I haven’t been posting lately, due to school starting soon, and band and a lot of personal issues (Mainly not having my own computer), but I just want to say a huge thank you for getting me to 700 followers!

It honestly means a lot to me that so many people are willing to spread happiness on their dashboards and hopefully the entire of tumblr eventually. This started as just a thing to bring my friends spirits up and now its expanded beyond what I thought it would.

Thank you so much you guys, and I really hope you guys have a really good day/night, because  you definitely deserve it!!


anonymous asked:

Hey, in tú sí sabes quererme you make references to Jyn's past with Krennic and her having "survived so many worse households" as well as the marriage giving Cassian and Draven an advantage in the war and I was wondering if you were planning to expand on that?

There’s not going to be a lot of espionage in the actual story, but assume it’s parallel to Rogue One in that Jyn has been tossed around by a lot of families who left her and this is where she ended up, and eventually aligns with Cassian and the rebellion in whatever equivalence it is in that universe. I’m not a plot heavy writer, especially with something where the character arc itself is so smutty, but I appreciate your curiosity and am really glad you were paying attention. Hope that’s enough of an answer, I may include something about them getting off on doing spy type things and include some snippets of backstory, but there’s not a huge plot coming into play. Just sex.

anonymous asked:

All I hope is that HT gives us a Southside Serpent jacket as merch. I usually don't like their stuff because it's often poorly designed but if they manage to give us that, I will throw my money at them to get one.

Sadly, that won’t be for a bit—their initial toe in the H2O is slated to be just tees and the beanie….however, that WAS how they first pursued OUaT/Killian and they did, eventually expand……though, TBF, I do sometimes wonder at their thought process on this, given as how they WILL do complete lines for shows that are way less popular and target a different audience/consumer than their core one.

It’s time for the end-of-year summary blog post again, and for the first time in three years, there’s actually a finished game! Whoa.

We finished Backstage Pass this year! Wooooo! This year also boasted the most VN-related content (and attendance) at Dallas AnimeFest, the unofficial con for indie devs.

Sakevisual has grown a lot over the years, from a one-girl project to a team of talented creators with an amazing community of supportive VN enthusiasts. Games take longer to make, but they’re filled with more content. At the same time, my part time job has also grown. This year, my responsibilities expanded more than ever, and it cut deeply into my VN dev time. As it stands, neither job is enough to support me financially, but it’s my hope that sakevisual will eventually grow into that role and I won’t need to rely on the part-time job anymore.

Finishing Backstage Pass was the first step towards that goal, and I’m overwhelmed by how supportive everyone has been on our journey to complete it. Next year, we will put the Jisei series on Steam Greenlight, and hopefully that will also help. It will also be a great step towards making games with even more content and polish to them.

I also intend to complete Every Sunrise and Shinsei next year as well as hopefully Kickstart some super cute plushies (hehehe).

People speak of 2016 as being a largely tiring year, and I’m grateful to all of you for sticking with us through it. Onward to 2017.


Ever since the Beastclan introductory update and subsequent events like Night of the Nocturne I’ve been hopeful that Flight Rising will churn out some cool site-wide plotlines eventually. The community gets really amped up for canon-expanding worldbuilding and engaging events, and it gives more seasoned (read: bored) players something to spark their interest.

 I’m guessing that more Beastclan-related stuff will get released (what’s up with those paper scraps? do we ever get to see the infamous “Talona”? etc.) but in the meantime I enjoy shameless speculation on future/potential plotlines that might be hinted at throughout the site, including:

  • Territory Trouble: The Southern Icefield is melting, the Scarred Wasteland is expanding. We know that the downsizing has contributed to Ice Flight’s general hostility toward outsiders, but will they do anything about it? The Frigid Floes description names Fire and Lightning as the culprits behind the shrinkage, so will these three flights have it out? And as the Wandering Contagion creeps ever outwards into surrounding lands, what does that mean for neighboring flights Earth, Shadow, Water, Wind, and Arcane?
  • “Reigning Gods”: Maybe this one is a bit of a stretch but while looking at the world map and territory descriptions, I couldn’t help but think the term “reigning” (lol insert username pun here) implies that the gods and goddesses aren’t intrinsically in charge of their flights/lands/subjects. Theoretically, could a god/dess be dethroned? Could a deity abandon their territory? Could one deity take over the land of another? Add in the border tensions mentioned above and some serious shit could go down is all I’m saying.
  • Who Are the Builders?: It’s heavily hinted in a number of territory descriptions and item hovertexts that there’s a lot of things in dragon society that didn’t come from dragon society; they are found places and artifacts from mysterious civilization(s) of the past. Take into account the creepy handprints and the clues that dragons don’t know what the hell they are dealing with and it feels like there’s more to the story than we currently know.
  • WTF Arcane: No really, wtf are you doing what