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Hey guys, sorry for not being very active these past few weeks! I’m finishing high school this year and exams have been stressful ;; For now I have a two week break before my final exam though, so hopefully I can get into the rhythm of drawing every day again ^^

I am also hoping to start on the next part of the soulmate AU sometime this week. It’s frustrating that I’ve only been able to update it once a month so far, but I am aiming to update it more often once my summer break starts (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و  

To everyone struggling with exams and the like; let’s hang in there! OTL

Anxious- Bellamy Imagine

woahk hi. so I haven’t been uploading that frequently, and I have about a million and one ship requests to write, which I haven’t forgotten about, so they’ll get done…eventually. I’m currently on my last week of school for the term, so I’m hoping to be a bit more active over the next two weeks, which I have off from school. I think that’s all for now…. Have a good day/night! Xxxx

P.S I’m not that proud of this, I’m sorry, but I really wanted to get something up for you guys :/

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Warnings: mentions of sex

Bellamy Blake x Reader

Word Count: 592

The fire roared in the middle of camp, sparks fluttering up and away with the breeze.  We were all situated around the provided warmth, alcohol sloshing in our mugs as we laughed in a rowdy chorus. The attack on Mount Weather had been a successful one, Camp Jaha a happy place as we all celebrated the victory and return of our people. Amongst the many drunken topics that had come up, a popular one had been our first experiences on the ground, as well as the adventures that had come with them.

“Hey (Y/N)! Remember that time you slept with Murphy?” Raven laughed, elbowing the very tipsy delinquent sitting next to her. I flushed in embarrassment, though laughed along with them as I recalled the awkward memory. Murphy and I had had a thing a while ago, though to say that it had lasted longer than a night would be a blatant lie.

I quickly looked over at Bellamy, who sat on the other side of the blazing fire. He was glancing between me and Murphy in frustrated confusion, though when he noticed me staring he looked away immediately. Standing up, I watched him walk to our shared tent. Frowning, I followed him, walking in to find him sitting on the bed, looking particularly unhappy.

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Keto, day 70 something?

Down 38 lbs. Clothes continuing to get looser/fit better. My size 30 pants are definitely too big now, but it will be a while until I can get into the size 26 jeans I got from Torrid for $30. My vice principal who only returned to school last week after breaking her knee in July said I look slimmer (though I don’t see it, and that’s not my goal really. My goal is to be stronger, more physically fit so I can do the activities I want to do in my free time, and to avoid diabetes.) 

The last few weeks have been tough though. I’ve been depressed and anxious, lower energy, and lacking willpower when it comes to not eating a million carbs. I’ve had several days of eating well beyond the 20g net carb limit I aim for. 

I have fall break for the next two weeks and I’m hoping this will be a good time to reset myself physically, emotionally, mentally.

too much | part one

part two

michael + reader

word count: 889

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: you overhear michael complaining about how clingy you are and you try to change


I wasn’t meant to hear any of that. I wasn’t even meant to be there.

I walked into the apartment I shared with my boyfriend, Michael, two hours early after my lecture was cancelled at the last-minute.

I shut the door behind me and was about to call out to him and tell him I was home when I heard him talking to someone.

A little confused since he hadn’t said anything about company, I was going to see who he was talking to after I hung my coat back in the closet.

From the hallway, I could hear what he was saying. 

“Look at this! Look at the time for each one! She texts me almost every hour!” He sounded very annoyed.

I was thinking about what he’d said and hadn’t realised I hadn’t hung my coat up in the closet yet.

I made another attempt to do so, but his next words shocked me. “(Y/N)’s so fucking clingy, she even sends me good night and good morning texts every morning when we’re not together. It’s like I’m all she thinks about, its getting a little weird. It’s like she’s obsessed with me. She’s like one of our fans tweeting me or dm-ing me.”

“And don’t even get me started on the texts before shows and soundcheck..”

That was when I decided to make known that I was home.

Opening the door and shutting it again, much louder this time, I acted as if I’d just gotten home.

Making my way around the corner, I spotted Michael and Calum sitting on our couch.

They looked terrified, exchanging looks as if asking if the other knew if I’d heard anything.

“I didn’t know Cal was coming over.” I said, walking over to Michael to give him a peck on the lips - my usual greeting when I got home.

I watched them exchange weird looks once again. “Something wrong?” I played dumb.

“Uh, no! Of course not! Why are you back so early?” Michael was the first to break the weird thing they had going on.

“Oh, our lecturer cancelled the lesson last-minute.” I explained, watching Calum rub his hands together nervously. He was looking everywhere but at me, no doubt afraid I would be able to see right through him and dig out whatever they were hiding.

“Cal, you staying for dinner?” I asked, deciding to see how he would react.

I looked in Calum’s direction as his eyes snapped up to me, looking like a deer caught in headlights. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Michael nodding his head vigorously.

Calum’s eyes darted from Michael to me, to the furniture. “Nah, I’m fine, thank you. I’ve uh.. I’ve got plans.” He flashed a “I’m sorry” look to Michael, who acted natural when I turned to look at him for a second.

“Oh well, that’s too bad.” I told him, before turning to Michael once again. “What do you want for dinner, Mikey?”

“Huh?” He stopped silently cursing Calum with his eyes and turned to face me.

I faked a laugh. “You’re a little off today, aren’t you?” 

He let out an uncomfortable laugh. “Yeah, I’m just a little tired, that’s all.” He even stretched his arms out and yawned for extra effect. “I think I’m gunna turn in early. Calum has to go too, it’s getting late.” He said, getting up from the couch. Calum followed suit.

Glancing at the clock on the wall behind him, I tried my hardest not to point out that it was only 5pm. “Alright then, check your bags before you sleep, will you? Make sure you have everything you need for tour?”

The boys went back on their tour the next day. I was grateful for that. It gave me a little more time to process what Michael had said.

Nodding quickly, he placed a kiss hastily on my cheek before rushing Calum out the door and retreating into our bedroom. 

Once the door was close, I let out a huge sigh of relief. Leaning my back against the wall, I let my head fall back and shut my eyes. Countless thoughts were swimming around in my head that I could not grasp.

Why didn’t Michael tell me he felt this way?

The next morning, I woke up to an empty bed. Michael had left for tour without waking me up to say goodbye. 

Normally, I would have texted him to be safe and have a great tour, but his words repeated themselves in my head, over and over and over. 

(Y/N)’s so fucking clingy.. It’s like she’s obsessed with me..

I willed myself to get those thoughts out of my head, and put my phone back down. I decided that I was only going to text or call him if he texted or called me. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t.

An entire week went by - no texts, no calls, nothing. 

I sat by my phone, just waiting for him to just text me so I could text him back and ask him about the shows he’d played and the cities he’d been to, but he didn’t.

It wasn’t even like his phone was broken, he was still as active on social media. 

I was starting to think he wanted this. He wanted no contact with me.


a/n: i have three imagines in my drafts - sorry I haven’t been writing much or posting much lately, I’m in the middle of my exams right now. Only 2 more papers to go and I’m set! Holidays for 7 weeks! 
i hope you guys like where this imagine is going, the next part will be a little different from what I usually write - it’ll be in MICHAEL’S POINT OF VIEW !!!
Let me know if you want part two!

alrighty, i’m officially free to do whatever for the remainder of the day! so! a tiny to-do list to peck away at:

  • last 2 asks in inbox 
  • weekly writing prompt (roughly an hour)
  • vacuum 
  • write & schedule a couple yim///wn posts for this week, just in case
  • spend like two hours on “Home” outline
  • spend, ehhh, one-to-two hours drawing
  • figure out what i’m gonna use the 2 notebooks i bought like three weeks ago for because they’re just sat there on my desk looking pretty

ALSO, SOME GOOD NEWS!: i don’t seem to have any assignments due by next sunday, so it seems i get this week off! which, i’m hoping, will mean more activity here and more time dedicated to creative stuff on the week-nights after work. c: looking forward to that! also, also: i’ll have the house all to myself next weekend which means it’ll be nice and quiet–and with no homework or assignments, i’m hoping to get A LOT done. just gotta make sure i don’t overwhelm myself or something. I’M EXCITED, REGARDLESS.

i should, like… find some fun recipes for october treats and spend part of saturday making myself some top-notch goodies. yyyyyeeeesssss…

Sunxie Fanart #1

So I want to start this activity where I will post any fanart of this lovely ship, Sunset x Trixie. It can be images, fanfics, videos, music, and any other kind of art as long as it’s about these two ponies being in a couple. I will post everything is sent to me every sunday with their respective sources. Take this as a signal boost for those who send me Sunxie fanart. ^^

And without any more delay, this week’s Sunset x Trixie ship fanart.

Image 1. [SFW]

Source. [Awww don’t they look just so cute?]

This is all for this week. I hope to get more fanart by next Sunday!

and for once, never wonder

title | and for once, never wonder

notes | Companion peace to roll in all the riches, this time from Caitlin’s perspective. I don’t think I’ve ever really done that before, but it seemed like fun. Thanks for the well wishes & be safe’s, btw, wedding was lovely and inspired some writing I’d like to do this week :)

Peace and perfection are rare twins when you’re a part of Team Flash and so when they show their faces, they’ve long since learned to embrace them. Today is one of those rare days and so Barry and Caitlin (one leg short of their usual triangle, with Cisco home visiting family) dive into it with a peal of grateful enthusiasm: a long, leisurely lunch at their favorite diner across town and then a lazy stroll through the park as they make their way back to the lab (Barry rarely does any walking lazily, so Caitlin considers it a third victory that she’s managed to convince him to slow down). Not that it had taken much convincing, she’d barely needed to smile up at him and gesture towards the beautiful weather and he was breathing an amused ‘sure’ at her suggestion to walk.

It’s really quite stunning out, as sunny as the smiles he’s giving, nodding along absently as she shares some of her thoughts about the last meta human they’d met (wonderfully peaceful, they’d all parted on good terms and were hoping to meet up with the young woman again). Caitlin’s in the middle of reiterating that hope when she notices that Barry is no longer walking with her, paused two paces back and burning a figurative hole between her shoulders with the weight of his stare. Concerned, she trails off and turns back to him, casting a critical gaze. 

“You okay?” Because he looks a little dumbfounded, his gaze stormy with whatever thoughts are swirling in the green, mouth set in a tight line of concentration. It’s the look he usually wears when he’s on the verge of solving some problem—something she sometimes sees him wear when she drops by the crime lab, or when they’re trying to unravel the secrets behind their bad guy of the week. 

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