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EXO Reaction when you give them a genuine smile for the first time

Hello~ I am doing lovely, thank you so much for asking~ To be honest, this was one of my favorite requests that i received. But that doesn’t mean i didn’t like the others! I love fulfilling ALL requests. I hope you enjoy my work, lovely anon.


Baekhyun: Wah, look at that smile! Did i do that? *proud*


Chanyeol: You’re smile is prettier than mine, how is this possible?


D.O: *shocked* Can’t you smile like that everyday? 


Suho: *can’t stop stariing at you* *starts to tear up* *speechless*


Sehun: *stares* I didn’t know you’re face could do that.


Luhan: Is that a real smile i see?


Chen: *laughs* You look so weird *but actually he’s ecstatic*


Xiumin: That’s my jagi. *proud*


Kris: C’mon jagi, you have to do better than that. *jokes*


Kai: *can’t stop smiling*


Tao: You’re cute. *mumbles* But i’m cuter.


Lay: *completely frozen and mesmerized* 

anonymous asked:

Hello, hon! I was wondering how would exo react to their close friend who is also their crush, coming to them late at night with snacks and drinks, talking all night long and telling secrets, talking about their past and embarrassing stories and such while cuddling? You're amazing, by the way! You're easily my favourite reactions blog, keep up the amazing work and I hope you're doing well c:

Wah~~ thank you!! That’s so sweet! I’ll keep trying my hardest for you all! And thanks for the request!

Xiumin: *watches you happily as you begin to fall asleep on his shoulder*

Luhan: *when he hears you yawn* Okay, time for bed *picks you up like a man*

Kris: You’re so sweet, y/n.


Y/n: So~ … who’s your crush?

Suho: Crush? Crush? What crush? No crush. Crushes don’t exist.

Lay: *can’t let go of you the whole time*

Baekhyun: Oh my god, you’re full of stories, aren’t you?

Chen: *happy little puppy*

Chanyeol: *to himself* Now comes the opportunity to become even closer to her! 

Kyungsoo: Waha~ what’s all this?

Tao: Hehe~ we’re gonna stay up all night and watch tv and eat food it’ll be amazing!

Kai: *more engrossed in the food than he is you*

Sehun: Yess~ you are mine for the night~

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