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It had been a few months since that afternoon in the gardens, and the rather memorable rest of the evening. So far their plans had gone well; the people were more than willing to attend the audiences, if only to catch a close glimpse of them. When they realized they were genuinely listening to them, they found themselves pleasantly surprised. They were beginning to trust them more with every day, and she couldn’t be happier that Tut’s ideas were working. Unfortunately though, Ankhesenamun had awoken that morning feeling particularly out of sorts and not feeling up to going to them at all. She felt achy and tired, which she had been for a while when she thought about it. She sent one of the servants to her husband telling him she was fine and not to worry but she was going to spend the morning resting and to handle the audiences by himself today. The maids brought in her breakfast and, upon the scent of it reaching her nostrils she proceeded to rapidly turn her head and be sick all over the floor. The concerned women immediately rushed over to her, and she righted herself with a look on her face that was equal parts terrified and excited. “I’m fine, but I need you to send for a midwife. And to be discrete about it,” she said, accepting a cloth to wipe her lips off.

As one of the maids scurried off, she mentally chastised herself for not having thought of the possibility sooner. She’d been pregnant three times already, she’d felt these symptoms before, but still she hadn’t thought to connect the dots. When the woman arrived, after a series of vaguely embarrassing questions and some poking and prodding, she only confirmed what she already knew.

Pregnant, she was pregnant for a fourth time and she wasn’t sure whether she was thrilled or scared, but right now scared was winning. Visions of waves of blood came to her mind as the maids congratulated her and urged her to lie down and rest, telling her they’d go fetch her husband if she wanted. “No,” she insisted, shaking her head, “He has things to do today. I’ll wait till this afternoon when they’re over. It will give me time to think and compose myself.” In reality, she wanted to run to him and tell him, but fear of disappointing him a third time prevented her from being overly excited just yet.

Most of the morning she spent resting and mulling over her thoughts, until she realized it was close to noon and that Tut would be returning to his room now to change out of all the ceremonial attire he was required to wear to audiences and meetings. Ankhes made her way through the halls quickly, though thankfully the journey to her husband’s room wasn’t a long one. The guards bowed respectfully to her and opened the doors, allowing her in before closing them behind her. Once inside, she could see Tutankhamun sitting down, the servants in the middle of taking all of his formal attire off for him as she’d suspected. “You may go now, I can finish with the rest of that,” she said, in a voice that made it clear it was not a choice. Startled at her sudden appearance, one of them nearly dropped a heavy bracelet as they hurriedly bowed to her and nodded their heads. Quickly they exited the room and left the two of them alone, and she went over to stand behind him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and placing a kiss on the top of his head. “I’m sorry to have disappointed you by not coming this morning,” she said “Did everything go all right?”