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I drew a boyfriend for my boy [x]

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adffgdgg, IM KIDDING DONT DO THAT! For real: 2, evak! <3

eyes one me!!! 

2, eyes on me

“Isak,” Even scolded, but there was a smile in his voice, that Isak saw when his gaze returned to his face. “eyes on me.” 

Even sat at their little table with his sketchbook and all those different pencils - Isak seriously didn’t know there were so many different types - in front of him, some of his fingers tinted greyish at the tips from when he smudged some lines to create shadows on the drawing in front of him. 

The drawing, was of Isak. Isak who lay on his side on their bed, in the midst of all the pillows they had in their small flat and clad in the soft green-red checked pyjama Noora Eva and Linn gave to him for his birthday. (He loved it. It was soft, warm and for some reason it did things to Even, so win win win.) 

“Why do I need to look at you? You’re not even doing my face yet.” 

Even scoffed offendedly, but pursed his lips in the delicious way he always did when he tried to keep a straight face. “Don’t question my art, Isak.”

“I’m questioning you letting the doing my face joke slide.” Even snorted. 

“Baby~” Isak whined and flopped over on his stomach. “I’m bored and im getting cold laying on top of the covers like that.” Isak’s voice was muffled from the pillow that smushed his cheek up but Even seemed to hear him just fine because now he looked up, a bit of concern in a small frown shown on his face. 

“You’re getting cold?” Isak rolled his eyes and shrugged. “No.” 

Even laughed and shook his head. “You’re such a brat. You’re just bored, aren’t you.” It wasn’t even a question. Isak made a whiney sound again when Even returned his attention to the drawing and ignored his protests. 

Isak raised his brows, which went unseen by Even, so he huffed. “How can you still draw happily on when im on my stomach now but i need to look at you?” 

Even looked up and raised his brows at Isak once in a quick motion. “Maybe,” he grinned, “I just want my muse to look at me.” 

Isak groaned, but also grinned into the pillow he turned his face into. “Dork.” Isak muttered and then watched Even draw him some more. Even got this concentrated look on his face, mouth slightly open, tongue in one corner, eyes intense and his unstyled sunday bed hair bouncing when he did some harder pencil strokes. Even’s hands. Just- his hands. Damn.

Isak sighed happily and- “Isak.” His name came out as a chuckle of Even. When he looked up Even didn’t say anything, he just gestured with two fingers to Isak’s face and then to his eyes. 

Isak rolled his eyes but after that complied. “I was admiring your hands, give me a break.” 

Even shook his head but tilted his head in a way he always did when Isak flustered him somehow. There was a broad smile tugging on Isak’s lips. Because seriously. Adorable.

Isak drifted off shortly after that, lulled to sleep by the steady scratching of the pencil against the paper. His eyes were closed now, but Even didn’t seem to mind it. Letting his cozy looking boy doze off because to be honest, he didn’t really need to look at Isak to draw him. He had everything etched into his brain about him; from the tip of his toes, that poked out of the checked pyjama pants, to every last lash and curl. 

He just liked it more when Isak looked at him while he drew. Sue him. 

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I’ve said this before but I need to say it again, your art has come so far! How you have progressed within a span of a year is astounding! Especially on your heavily detailed art! You can see how attentive you are to the lighting, color, and designs of your pieces! It is so beautiful and inspiring to see! I hope you are proud of your progress and art you have turned out, because as someone who has been following you for a long time I want to say I’m proud of you! Standing ovation, brava! :)

thank you so much! This means a lot to me! I’m so happy you’ve stuck along for so long <333

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Zinnia for freezewald. Because it's been too long since we've seen Victor. (And also because of our mutual love for this pairing!)

freezewald + zinnia; i mourn your absence. (thanks for the prompt! <3)

On bitter winter mornings, Oswald is inclined to think of him.

Slogging through a white void. A butterfly with ice-bound wings. The red sting of his stiff fingers, even through the thick fleece gloves.

Oswald spends each night surrounded by glinting tiepins and cocktail dresses, hired guns and false smiles. He is a whirling dervish of hellos, handshakes, kisses on the cheek, and cordial laughter. The last stragglers wobble out the door, clinging to each other and giggling. The music is turned off. The staff cleans up, and then they too disperse one by one, returning home to family with aching feet. The immaculate silence, after the doors have been locked, makes his ears ring.

He is aware that he has never been so perfectly, profoundly alone.

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Fingers crossed that I wake up and all my problems are solved.

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PERSONALITY:- I love meeting new people - People tell me I am funny - Helping others with their problems is a big priority of mine - I enjoy physical challenges - I enjoy mental challenges - I am playfully rude to people I know - I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it - There is something I would change about my personality

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EXPERIENCES: - I have had my first kiss - I have had alcohol (I don’t think it counts since I licked some wine and decided it was disgusting) - I have scored a winning point in a sport - I have watched an entire TV series in one sitting - I have been at an overnight event - I have been in a taxi - I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year - I have beaten a video game in one day - I have visited another country - I have been to one of my favorite bands concerts

MY LIFE: - I have one person that I consider to be my Best Friend - I live close to my school/work - My parents are still together - I have at least one sibling - I live in the United States (Poland)- There is snow where I live right now (no, but it will probably snow soon) - I have hung out with a friend in the past month - I have a smart phone - I own at least 15 CDs - I share my room with someone (does my lil kitty baby count?)

RELATIONSHIPS: -I am in a Relationship - I have a crush on a celebrity - I have a crush on someone I know - I’ve been in at least 3 relationships - I have never been in a Relationship - I have admitted my feelings to a crush - I get crushes easily - I have had a crush for over a year - I have been in a relationship for over a year - I have had feelings for a friend - (lmao I’ve never had a crush or anything, I’m still waiting for a blonde bisexual prince or princess to fall from the sky and rule the world with me)

RANDOM S***: - I have break-danced - I know a person named Jamie - I have had a teacher that has a name that is hard to pronounce - I have dyed my hair - I’m listening to a song on repeat right now (rn it’s Quit by Cashmere Cat/Ariana Grande) - I have punched someone in the past week - I know someone who has gone to jail - I have broken a bone - I have eaten a waffle today - I know what I want to do in life - I speak at least two languages - I have made a new friend in the past year

Idea for a Superman origin movie

built around two solid points:
1) Lois Lane is the lead character; and
2) The audience dose not know who is playing Superman going into the movie.

So the movie centers around a young Lois, who’s desperately trying to get a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet, despite a hiring freeze as the printed journalism business struggles to keep up, and despite the fact she has no prior journalism experience (at least, not outside of an expensive degree that has yet to start paying for itself). Even though no one at the Planet will even return her calls, she barges in in the middle of a work day, trying to get an interview. She bounces off a lot of people (a number of them tall guys with dark hair and nice eyes who she barely notices) until she tracks down Perry White, who tells her, sarcastically, that he’ll hire her on the spot if she can bring him a properly sourced article revealing the story Metropolis’s new hero, who just yesterday stopped a runaway train with his bare hands. 

She gets to work. Her friends tell her she’s crazy. Her sister bails her out of jail at least once (maybe a montage of times). Her father, General Lane, threatens disownment and/or military arrest. This “menace” broke a muggers arm last week, and is wanted for vigilantism. If she really does find out the identity of this man (who’s been gaining notoriety with every feat) and brings it to a newspaper before the military, her father would have to take action. (This country is his family, after all.)

But the more Lois looks into this ‘super man’, the more she likes what she sees. It’s hard without credentials, but she’s been collecting eye-witness reports for months trying to find the pattern to track; the pattern that everyone’s been looking for. She has dozens of interviews with police, and store owners, and caught criminals, but it’s in the interviews of the regular folk that she finds the pattern:

This man is kind. 

Every headline is about a larger-than-life figure who catches falling statues, wins chases with cars, and stops bullets with his pecs. In the words of the innocent people of Metropolis though, is someone else. Someone who flies broken cars to the shop from the highway during rush hour. Someone who takes a sobbing child from the scene of a bike accident and drops off a smiling one with their parents. Someone who’s been spotted leaving flowers by the headstones of the ones who didn’t make it out of that train crash. Someone who sits in a secluded corner of the park and plays chess with the old woman who’s husband can no longer leave the house. Someone who literally pulled a dog out of a river and a cat from a tree. 

So, to find the Man of Steel, Lois searches for kindness - and she finds it everywhere. She finds all the coats freely shed for someone cold. She finds all the grocery carts paid for by the previous customer. She finds lonely veterans offered a seat at the family table in restaurants. She finds hate symbols painted over with cute cartoons and symbols of love. She finds dozens and dozens of volunteers who help clean up and serve food and rebuild after train crashes and car wrecks and robberies. 

She finds Superman.

And then she finds a man in the park.

He’s not doing much, just sitting on a bench with his head in his hands. The copy of the Daily Planet on the bench next to him speculates on the dangers of super humans, as it has every day for the last two weeks. Some have even suggested that the Man of Steel is an alien, though those theories have only barely broken into mainstream. Whatever this man is worrying over, whatever weight is on his shoulders, seems much heavier than a newspaper, though. Lois hasn’t worried herself with the same issue’s as her prospective employer, either. Thoughts still on the group of teens she’s just passed, each promising to beat up on some boy for their friend, are still fresh on her mind, and she takes the spot next to the stranger on the bench.

He’s not a stranger, though. Lois recognizes him. She doesn’t know his name, but she saw him that day at the Daily Planet months ago, and she’s seen him across the police tape at scenes she’s investigated. He wrote today’s front page article: “Man of Steel, or Menace of Steel?”

He’s politely flustered when she sits down, and she promptly tells him that everything about his article - she’s already read it, of course - is absurd. She doesn’t care who “made him write it”, the entire thing is just plain wrong. She finds herself repeating stories she’s read and re-read at all hours of the morning. Stories of regular people who’d told her how they’d been inspired by Superman. How they’d taken leaps of faith toward recovery and new lives thanks to Superman. Teenagers have chosen to live because of Superman. She quotes sources, and sources of people, including herself, who have said that the city of Metropolis - maybe even the world - was so much better because of Superman.

“Superman?” the reporter asks.

“It’s just something I’ve been calling him. He’s got that big S on his chest, right?”

The reporter laughs. He hasn’t smiled the whole time, only looked at her with wide eyes. His smile is… nice. His glasses are dumb though.

“Yeah,” she admits, “it’s a dumb name.”

“No,” he says. A weight has fallen off his shoulders while she was flipping through her notebooks. He sniffles a bit. Lois had just torn into his article with all the fury she could muster, is he crying about it? No, he’s smiling, still. “I really like it. Have you written all this down?”

Lois Lane writes it all down. Her new friend (who proofread the hell out of it because Lois is driven as hell but can’t spell) Clark Kent turned it in to his boss. The newest headline reads:

The Story of Superman -by Lois Lane

She’s getting paid more than Clark in under a year. He just seems to be so distracted all the time. Maybe she should look into that…

Falling in with the wrong crowd. A fear submitted by Emilija to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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