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headcanons for shsl hope/detective kirigiri who was in love with mastermind naegi

hey kirigiri, i hope u like ur headcanons! if u want me to change anything, or if u want more, just let me know and ill get it done alright? - mod kiibo

- considering the fact that kirigiri was shsl hope along with being a detective, she felt that she could truly understand naegi before the whole despair incident began. he was a very hopeful person, and seemed to be one of the most positive people in her class.

- when kirigiri developed a crush on naegi, she wasnt very sure how to go about it. part of her just wanted to let him know, while another part of her wanted to investigate and make sure he felt the same way before she even considered confessing

- kirigiri creating naegis mastermind personality actually happened while she was doing her investigation on how he felt. she didnt realize she had changed anything about him at all, especially in such a drastic way that would affect so many lives

- kirigiri caught on pretty quickly that something had happened to naegi after that day, though. occasionally naegi would be nice and positive, and other days he would be… almost the opposite. it was strange for everyone who knew him

- kirigiri had to set her investigation on naegis feelings for her aside, and began trying to figure out what had happened to naegi, and whether or not he was plotting something. despite that, kirigiri continued to keep her head up high and hope for the best

- before kirigiri had actually given naegi his mastermind personality, the two of them would talk pretty frequently. after kirigiris mistake, though, naegi spent less and less time with her. it was pretty upsetting, but she just knew those days would come again

- kirigiri eventually did find plans regarding the end of the world, but she only discovered them once they were in action and affecting people everywhere. she also couldnt connect these plans to naegi, which frustrated her, but she hoped it meant he had no involvement

- when the killing game started, and kirigiri ended up losing a good chunk of her memories, she may have forgotten about being a detective, but being hopeful was innate to her as a person, and so it was pretty easy to lead the group along with her hope in a good outcome

- when naegi eventually reveals that he was the mastermind, me makes sure to go on about how kirigiri did this to him in order to break her spirit. although she was pretty crushed, she decided to keep being hopeful for the sake of both of them

- even though naegi might have fallen into despair, kirigiri continued to believe that being a mastermind wasnt how he really was, and so she still thought of him highly despite all the chaos he ended up creating

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i love amber but her solo debut did flop it was like 80 something in the charts and she didn't get a single win...i hope sm gives her another chance tho bc i do feel like she can do great stuff solo as well as in f(x)

aww sweetie~ 

Success isnt all about winning useless awards on a music show. With her solo Amber got exposure to the korean public. Shes being invited to more variety shows, she hosted SNL solo which barely any idol has done before (super junior hosted as a group), she has a solo CF coming and shes making money. 

Now the charts… yes STB did bad on the charts but it wasnt 80 something It debuted at #7 on melon and then it floated around the 20s to 50s during her promotional week and thats not bad considering the established subunit D&E was around the 80s. Now I’m not bashing D&E because I love them but you wouldnt call their comeback a flop would you now?

Now continuing on to her physical sales… She debuted #2 on Billboards world album and stayed #2 for two weeks and then on the third week she was #7. And she debuted at 19 on heatseekers albums which is higher than f(x)’s Pink Tape (debuted at 21). Do you know how big of a deal that is? Not even f(x)’s albums surprisingly had that kind of longevity on the billboard world albums chart. She also topped album charts in Japan without ever debuting there. She also sold 15k albums for the month of february which is more than top tier groups like sistar. 

Even the korean critics claimed that Amber was the most successful solo debut even though she didn’t win awards. Why? Because she had more exposure. Amber is 2015′s variety breakout star (so far) and in the long run thats better than some useless awards collecting dust on a shelf. Now am I sad that she didnt win an award? Yes of course I am, but I’m more happy that she’s appearing on more shows and is noticed by the korean public.

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