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Fleur Delacour


Hey guys!! ;W; I still can’t believe that this ship has sailed <3333
I planned to do a lot of Victuri/Victuuri art before they’re canon XD but I never thought that it would be canon that soon <33 Episode 7 was sooo damn wonderful! Love them <3

Actually I wanted to redraw a screenshot..but now it turned out a little bit differently ^^“ I hope you don’t mind c;
I haven’t drawn a kiss scene for ages!! It was so hard for me ;w; But it was a nice experience <3 I really want to draw more kiss scenes in the future<3

I hope you like it c; 


i did a quick thing from @scarfedskeletonhero recording here.

sorry its sketchy and only half of the audio (doing it during lunch break like a boss XD) I’m planning to finish it and have it colored as well. I just wanted to show that i do wanna work with @officialunderdubs as far as comics and animating. I hope you like it, and i’ll do my best to spread around other characters as well~ 83c

gotta go to work now 8′D

Alfred: “Everything is going accordingly, my queen”

Arthur: “ Very well. Glad to hear it.”

Ahem. So this is for @so-starry​, for usuk xmas exchange. Ah I chose her cardverse prompt. Lots of cardverse this year! When I think of cardverse AU with this couple, I think of a hella badass, politically savvy power couple lol Something like Frank and Claire Underwood from House of Cards?? Anyways , just my take on it. 

I hope you like it so-starry! I actually wanted to post it tmr when I wake up but I realize by then xmas is over for you so I’m posting it now xD;;

Ahh also wanna thank @egggplannt for throwing this event together. Wth girl you’re amazing I just asked casually if we were doing anything and within minutes you had everything planned out. You’re the yolk 👌👌 ;shot;

Merry Christmas guys! Going to collapse now ^q^;;


“A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it’s the only weapon we have.”

Contributing to my friend’s (@judylavernehopps) AWESOME AWESOME “Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Judy Hopps)” AU! I hope you all enjoy these, I guess “fake screenshots,” I did XD (OH AND BOGO I WAS NOT PLANNING FOR AT ALL IT JUST ANKDKD)

Enjoy, sweets! 

Links for inspiration (all by my friend!): link link link

(I DID NOT DO THE BG, ONLY EDITED CERTAIN PARTS!!! I did draw the characters, however!)


Hey guys!  I started to watch Yuri on ice few weeks ago and I’m in love with this show! *W* Victor is soo cool I really like him c:
I wasn’t really in a drawing mood today..so actually I really didn’t wanted to draw something.. but my Sister asked me to do a Victor fanart and I couldn’t say no c: His hair was hard for me to draw XD but I had a lot of fun! I’m planning more YOI arts in the future c: especially from yuri and Victor ;w; love them <3  one of the reasons for my lack of creativity is my Birthday preparation for Monday (yay finally 18 years old XD) so I decided to do just a sketch..but well..couldn’t stop. ^^  I hope that you like it nevertheless! <3

So in the new episode I noticed something

Jackie Lynn Thomas’s school dance outfit (which looks like this)

Makes her look a bit like a Mermaid, Star even mentions this shortly after

Now flashback to the episode Mr. Candle Cares and remember what Star’s plans with a mermaid was

“Did you know that if you cut off a Mermaid’s tail, you can never be Queen.”

and considering Star’s new jealously of Jackie (subconsciously harming Jackie)

….I’d like to hope that the writers aren’t being serious about that rule and the symbolism

tagged by @golyhawhaw for top 10 posts of 2016

tbh most of my top ten posts based of tumblr would be my CC, because thats what ya’ll really care about to reblog xD, but I didn’t wanna do that. So I just picked images of mine that weren’t cropped at weird sizes, and mashed them together lol

I have plans to improve my editing style in areas I feel that I personally lacked in. Also in 2017, all my models aren’t gonna be unemotionally bitch-faced lmao. My Salim and Grace sim edits, was an attempt to move away from that xD and I liked how it came out a lot. Anyways, I hope all of you achieve your sim/simblr goals this year! (and your irl goals too)

(edit: I cropped some of the images off, so it wouldn’t look as blurry)

anonymous asked:

on your most recent drawing with chat transforming back into adrien how did you draw the green glow - like how do you make it look like it's glowing?

I was going to try typing out the answer, but then I felt that it just made more sense to explain it in a short video.  I hope it helps!

I apologize about all the noises in the background!  You can totally hear my dog munching on his nylabone, my 4 yr old playing, and my phone even goes off at one point with a loud “DUN DUN DUUUUUN!”  I didn’t expect I’d be recording anything today, so I didn’t plan ahead and schedule a time for when the house would be empty/quiet.  XD


Ok first ten pages of this comic. I didn’t plan on it getting this long, but I tend to be too….detailed? ^^;; 

Anyways, watching all the cute stuff Nyu and Junky do with lil’ Hamster G made me want to make something with my G!Sans. ^_^ Sorry its crappy. Hopefully I can get started on the rest of it soon! (I’m hoping if I upload what I got done, I’ll be motivated to finish this! XD)

Uh oh! Little Hammie G is getting into the cigarettes!! You know what that means! ;)

Hamster G belongs to @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff
Gaster!Sans is Borurou’s but this version is mine ^^

anonymous asked:

OMG, what do you think about this situation: Tobirama, Hashirama and Madara are spending time with their o/s ( nothing special, just a normal day ) but suddenly they are going into Labor? ( I don't know if i wrote it correctly... my english is on a "high" level xd) I hope you understood my thought.

lmaoooo I love this, and don’t worry I understood!


•He was the one who did nothing but prepare for his s/o going into labor. For months and months he had plans about getting them to the hospital and making certain that when the time came, there were no last minute complications

•He doesn’t know why, but he always figured that going into labor would be a smooth transition. And for the most part, it might be. Or would be, if Tobirama weren’t so anxious and nervous. His s/o would probably have to yell at him to calm down at some point

•He’s going to rush them to the hospital, maybe a little too hastily. If they try to delay at all, he’s literally screaming at them to hurry the hell up. Even if he knows how birth works, and that it’s not some automatic, instantaneous thing, Tobirama is under the impression that the moment his s/o goes into labor, they’re gonna pop the baby out at any second

•He’s that annoying dad that’s pestering all the nurses and doctors and making sure they’re giving his s/o full attention. Also the one who might end up threatening them if they mess up somehow. He’s just yelling at everybody tbh

•When the time comes for them to actually give birth, Tobirama attempts to calmly support and encourage them, but on the inside, he’s a nervous wreck

•It probably doesn’t help that Hashirama is outside the birthing room poking his head in every 10 seconds like, “Can I meet my niece/nephew now?” and Tobirama’s like Get out!”


•Hashirama is too busy sparkling with excitement to really figure out how he’s going to get his s/o to the hospital. He just stands there like “It’s actually happening, ______! We’re going to have a baby!”

•His s/o definitely has to whip him into shape and make him focus, but Hashirama can’t help it. His attention span is out of control. He looks at the spot on the floor where their water broke and is like “Do you want me to clean this up first?” “No Hashirama let’s go

•He would forget the baby bag at home tbh

•Otherwise, he’s relatively calm and very soothing. He brushes their hair and holds their hand and talks them through the heavy, painful contractions. It’s only when they’re actually in the room pushing to get the baby out that Hashirama gets out of control

•He’s way too excited, and might end up saying some stuff like “I know how much it hurts, ______, but you have to push—” which might piss them off because no, Hashirama. You don’t know how much childbirth hurts. He just wants his baby to come out!! He wants to meet his baby!!!

•Hashirama would have probably made sure beforehand that the doctors and nurses delivering his baby were people that he knew and trusted. It could have been a home birth, now that I think about it? It seems like something they would do back in the founders era. Hashirama might have even encouraged a home birth, just so it was a familiar environment for his s/o to be in, and it would always be great telling his child, “You were literally born in this house, ______. Look, right there in that exact spot. Right there.” 

•By the way, Tobirama is probably there. He might even be one of the people assisting with the birth. He’s yelling at Hashirama to stay focused 70% of the time tbh


•Madara is very calm, very organized, but very punctual. He makes sure his s/o is at the hospital as soon as possible. He doesn’t wait for the contractions to get worse. If they don’t want to leave immediately, he doesn’t care. He will drag them out of the house

•Part of the reason he’s so calm is because Madara prepares himself as soon as their due date comes closer and closer. He’s literally ready to go every second of the day

•He’s always repeating “just breathe” when their contractions are bad. It gets annoying though. Madara is the type who doesn’t bother trying to imagine how painful labor is, and he’s a little ignorant too, so all he can resort to is the breathing technique bullshit. Which is no help at all in the grand scheme

•It’s only when they’re actually at the hospital that the smooth facade breaks. It just hits Madara in full force. He was so absorbed in the process of actually getting them to the hospital and making certain everything was in order that he really didn’t think about the fact that he was going to be a father. His s/o is about to push their baby out, and he’s going to be a father

•It’s then he gets anxious. He’s sweating and flustered and gets irritable, snapping at the doctors, cursing under his breath, especially if his s/o is in a lot of pain. He would probably demand that the doctor use some pain relief jutsu or something. He doesn’t even know if that’s possible, but he demands it anyway

Hi guys! Here is a little future Xmas fic! I hope you enjoy! xD

Forever tag list:  @nemo-miraclegrow-blog grow @areyousad8118 @thisissomefreshbullshit @luckyemcee @mmfdiaryfan @murderyoursoul @kristicallahan  @irish-girl-84  @sey77 @bebelievelive @justagirlnamedkayla @i-love-mmfd @anitavalija @stephlostctrl @milymargot @busstop @pink-royaute @lolflash @youmehellofarollercoasterride @curvygirlonabudget @mellamoaiko @inneedofamoralcompass @paleasalabaster @mmfdfanfic @mallyallyandra @lethallylauren @finnleysraemundo @pissingonursoul @losingpudge @bitchy-broken @fuckintentshop @audisodd @darlingdiver @fantasticab @celestev31 @rinncincin @tinakegg @ducky17 @katywright340 @bitcheslovebeck @raernundo @nutinanutshell @cant-getno-sleep @courtkismet @omgbananasnailus @i-dream-of-emus @guyoverboard @anglophileyoungblood @swooningfangirl @bitchesbecrazy89 @chrryblsms @girlwithafoxhat @annemarieted @sammylbc @sarahlouise88ni @how-ardently @idontliketalkingtoanybody @mmfdblog @phoenixflow @penguinsandbowties @fizzezlikecherrycola @fangirlwithoutshame @africancreativity @alyssaloca @llexis @thatfunnygirllauren @cheersmedear @14000romances @rred87 @nirvanalove27 @takenbyatree @im-an-emu @shashaaussi @mirandasmadeofstone @lililuvlight @flxwxry @slitherouter @saracasm25 @becauseyouarestrong @malvaloca93 @happyfrasers @vmellow @scumothaearff @wandering-soul-7 @hewittgolightly @emmatationsforall @ninjarunningzico @arcticoasisboy @milllott @rafaellabnery @endemictoearth @blackfeministagenda @queenasfuccck @lilaviolet @dianasaurousrexxx @kathhumphreysx @eighty-sixcharlie @flirtmcgirt @nenita1978 @crystalgiddings1993 @girl-looking-out-window @facephase @blobwithagob @freyasfrench @luly310 @borntochaos @likeashootingstarfades @isthistherightwayround @toseeyou-again @emu4ever @carpe-libris @voodoomarie @keisernerosmom @you-are-world-class-i-mean-that @cosiquellocheora  @protectfinnnelson  @stinemarine @rhi3915 @lovinglifeandlivinglove @caitlinmaddyx  @lizzylizard84 @redprairielily @look-how-they-shine-love  @annaplantain @everythingilove-blog @lau-vm @absolutelynotnico @mmfdftw @kingbeeyonce @chelsealorine @jackiewalsh2013 @karinskyme @spreadsomepositivity @justthegoodgirlsreject @tipsylou84 @towongfu2 @lily-pop-2 @fuck-sewing-machine @parisgirly93 @raeonashadowcaster @rockinthebeastmode @servethecitymke  as always please let me know if you would like to be added or removed :D  

Just in time

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Work in progress~ I realized it’s been awfully long since I last held a pen. I’m actually nervous while inking.. and tf with Alyn’s armor – so dang difficult to draw! 😑

Anyway, say for example everything goes well with this piece and it turns out pretty decent (by my standards, ofc 😂), I’m planning to give this away via raffle to a lucky princess for Christmas. THE PRINT ITSELF. Yes. BUT I’ll see. I won’t push through with the giveaway if this piece turns flop. Don’t get your hopes up yet! XD

Let’s all pray and summon the art spirit to guide my hand. 😅


Here’s the Dazai one! 

x___x; Idk how I suddenly went a little more….mmmm…deep? Something like that. But to be honest, I do feel Dazai is the kind of lover/significant other who would be more gentle and more affectionate - I mean, if you guys read some of my Dazai x Reader fics, I do portray him a little like that. 

That and I think I may have gotten a tad carried away with Dazai XD; Welp! I’m already planning to do more of these. Took a little while with this one because chores, then tried to construct the words properly and all. 

I hope, for some or most of you, Dazai lovers or not, you’ll find these helpful and brighten your days ahead.

ayyyy i made this christmas card for a friend of mine, he plays mei a lot x) haven’t sent it to him yet ‘cause im planning on doing one more for the other friend i usually play overwatch with and i want it to be a surprise for christmas! but i hope he’ll like it 8)

the chinese/mandarin text is supposed to say “merry christmas”, i hope it’s correct haha XD just remembered i was planning on making a snowflake pin on her chest but i forgot woops, not sure if i should add it or not now tho…

the outfit was inspired by this:


Summary: Confessions are scary, especially when they are made to your best friend.

Genre: Angst

Length: 246

Part 2

“I like you.” Your words came out like honey, sweet and soothing. You had held back your feelings for so long now, and even though your heart was beating like the wings of a hummingbird with the fear that always accompanied a confession, you felt relieved that the words were finally out of your head and into the open.

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Cold Cuddles

Author’s Notes: First time submitting something on an account that isn’t mine oops, but I asked if I could do this, and I can’t back down now. xD So I really hope you like this Ginny, and thank you for letting me submit it! And I hope you all like it too!~ 

Sorry it’s so ridiculously late too, I was planning on doing it sooner, but then I wanted it to be really really good if I’m gonna submit it to a blog I really admire, so I decided to wait until I could write it on my laptop so I could proofread and edit and make it the best it can be! ^^ Though it’s really…really short…oops ^^;;; Ahhh I’m so sorry it’s so short…! (fic by @thefluffyticklewriter )

Warnings: There’s a head in a shirt? XD

Pairing: Victuuri

Prompt/Inspiration: In episode 10, when Victor comes back from the pool with Chris, and pounces on Yuuri!!~

Yuuri lay in bed in the dark, scrolling through pictures on his phone, his coach missing from the bed beside him. 

“Where is Vicchan…?” He mumbled tiredly. He was about to put the phone down when he came across a picture of Victor and Chris by the pool. Yuuri squinted. His chest tightened slightly with unwanted jealousy. 

Surely Chris was no competition? Then again, Victor seemed to have some relationship with almost every one of the skaters, having performed against them (and beat them) countless times over.

This said the picture was taken a few hours ago. He wondered if Victor was still at the pool. About to put his phone away and go join them, he heard rapid pounding footsteps down the hall. Well, looked like Victor was back. 

He glanced at the door, and then instantly jumped as it flung open, and there was Victor, lunging right at him. Yuuri let out an unmanly shriek as the male pounced on top of him. 

“Yuuri!! Yuuri, Yuuri, Yuuri I’m cold!” He whined, then lifted Yuuri’s shirt to stick his head inside the warmth of the shirt and his belly. Yuuri shrieked again. Victor really was very cold. And shit…that tickled.

“V-Vihihihitya! Get your head out of my shihihihihirt!!” Yuuri squirmed and tried to wriggle away. But Victor knew what he was doing. He knew

Victor breathed in and out heavily, panting from his long run from the pool, up the stairs, down the hall and leaping into Yuuri’s room. Yuuri giggled and tried to push him away. 

This was very embarrassing, right in front of Chris, who was still there, by the way, leaning against the door frame. He had his eyebrows raised, staring at the two of them. 

“Vihihihihihictor!” Yuuri gasped through his giggles. Surely this was far too late for this to be happening. Wasn’t Victor tired? He wanted to sleep himself! But he couldn’t do that with a grown man’s face in his shirt, tickling the crap out of him, just by b r e a t h i n g. But that was about to get a whole lot worse. 

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