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Wrong Place, Right Time

This is a prompt fill from the lovely @raptorlily you are such an awesome supporter of my work and I must admit that every time I post something new on Ao3 I eagerly await your review, just as I do your fics.

I hope this fill meets your prompt, it’s only a little bit of pressure filling a prompt for one of your fave fanfic authors.


Betty Cooper goes to the White Wyrm to confront Jughead and finds herself in hot water. Enter her knight in a black leather jacket.

Rating: M - there is some stuff ‘wink, wink’ going on but nothing graphic.

Also there is a ‘Keep Reading’ cut.

Betty took a deep breath and pulled her pony tail tighter before she walked through the door of the White Wyrm, if Jughead Jones thought that she could be dissuaded so easily he had another thing coming. The text message had been the last straw.

He had been putting distance between them for weeks. No longer coming to Pop’s, declining her invitations to meet at the Register to write. Even when she was with him he was distant, he no longer sought comfort in her touch, and she knew he was keeping secrets from her. It had all started as soon as he put that damn jacket on. She had been afraid for him, what it would mean for them once he was part of the Serpents. He had promised her that it was just undercover, that he wasn’t about to make the same mistakes that his father had, and she wanted so badly to believe him. She wanted to be his partner in this just as she had been there for Jason Blossom’s murder investigation and subsequent solving. Just as he had been there for her with Polly, the very start of their relationship.

She was determined that she was not going to lose him to the Southside, plus no-one, not even Jughead Jones was going to break up with her via text.

She could feel the atmosphere change as soon as she crossed over the threshold, suspicious eyes roving over her trying to figure out what one of ‘them’ was doing in a place like this.

“You are a very long way from home Blondie.” A leather clad man with a long beard, greyed with age sneered at her. She noticed from the corner of her eye another member, a teen around her age had made his way from the table where he was seated. She continued to make her way towards the bar, ignoring the furious beating of her heart and the shaking in her hands. But as more and more of the gang members moved to surround her she could feel her confidence starting to give way. She straightened herself pulling herself up to her full height and continued on.   

“Extremely far from the white picket fences of the Northside.” He continued to chuckled unkindly.

“Did the boys get too boring for you over there. Wanted something a little more dangerous.” The younger man said as he approached her his eyes roaming over her body, as she hugged her arms around herself suddenly self conscious of her tight sweater.

She turned around sharply looking for an escape but was now surrounded by the other patrons of the bar, other members of the notorious gang which currently was locked in a civil war with her own side. Well she was here now and there was no feasible escape so she might as well get what she came for.

“I’m looking for Jughead Jones.” She said cursing the slight waver in her voice as she tried to command authority in her voice.

“Well girlie, you found us instead.” The older man said as he placed an arm on her shoulder and as she moved to shrug him off he only gripped harder. Frightened she reached for the pepper spray that she had stolen from her mum’s bag, grateful that she had had the forethought to do so. “And we don’t take too kindly to your kind nosing around here.”

Just as her fingers clasped around the cannister a tall figure pulled the man away from her,  pressing him up against the bar, as she moved back stunned, free from his grasp.

“Back off Mongoose.” A rough familiar voice threatened, and recognition washed over her. A beanie-less, leather jacket wearing Jughead Jones, had the Serpent pinned to the bar, twisting his arm behind his back, his tall imposing figure had the other members who had initially gone to help take a wider berth as soon as he glared at them.

Her heart was now racing out of something more than fear, seeing her Jughead defending her honour sent a heat spreading through her body and a flush to her cheeks. His hair was wild, waves falling over his eyes, as he glared at those around him. He leant closer to the man’s ear whispering something that she couldn’t quite hear and noticed a widening of Mongoose’s eyes as he took in the information, before nodding eagerly.

Jughead released him and Betty watched as he nursed his arm as he moved to the back of the small crowd that had gathered when the commotion had started. None of the other serpents seemed to want to be near him as if he was tainted.

He turned to her next, his hand pushing back his hair from his face and his eyes captured hers with such an intensity that she felt her flush intensify, her sweater becoming too warm despite the coolness of the bar.

“You need to leave Betty.” . His face an expression of something that she had only seen a few times, when he was held back by the orderlies at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and when someone had covered her locker in pigs blood spelling out their hatred for her. There was a roughness and authority in his voice that made her go weak in the knees. Her protector, always.

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phoenixthevictini  asked:

Could we like,please get a summary of the plot that was supposed to happen in the cancelled comic?

//enters the room strumbling and carrying bags of art suplies and 346948 paper sheets


Stick goes through all the underground, and i was gonna show that quickly in about 2 or 3 posts, because the main focus of the comic was the battle with Asriel.

Through all the story, Kara was always pushing Stick forward just because they wanted to see Asriel again. They were kinda angry that Asriel didn’t die with them, and wanted to see their friend again. A lot of times, Kara kept Stick alive just because of this hope.

After Stick wins the final battle, Asriel says the common quote

And that makes Kara feel really bad. They went through all of that because Asriel was the only thing they really loved. So when Stick notices that Kara is silent (also, forgot to say, they become friends after everything), and notice what’s going on, they take the decision to reset the game

And that takes everyone back to the beginning of the comic, when Asriel and Kara are playing hide and seek.


At the very right moment when Kara is about to stab themselves to death, they stop. They look below. They notice they have stepped on a stick and for one single moment their memories pass through their mind like a flashlight, and they remember

And then they go to Asriel and

“Wait. Come with me.“

And take Asriel to the hole where the humans fall. When Asriel asks them what’s happening, they say “a new friend is coming“. And the ending scene is the two sitting under the hole, waiting for Frisk to fall.


its so important

Searching for Silence

Inspired by @mikkapi’s Haikyuu!! Fantasy Au. If you haven’t seen it, please head over to her blog and take a look! 

If you have any questions, feel free to message or send through an ask. Constructive criticism is always welcome and gladly received.

Although I doubt I managed to do her wonderful art justice, I hope you enjoy what’s here…

Chapter One - Dreams of the Past

A small hand, reaching up to the hem of the hood, tugging it down. As it fell, it framed the face of a boy, the murky brown colour, blurred by droplets streaming down.

“Don’t cry Tooru.” A voice bravely encouraged, steady and warm.

‘Tooru’ continued to sniffle, unable to stop the cries from escaping. He clasped a hand over his mouth as the tears flowed out. After a few moments of stifled sobs, the sounds gradually quietened. Tremors still ran through his body as the wetness dried, making way for calmness.

The hand which so gently pulled the hood down earlier now moved to pat the small male on the head.

“It’s ‘lright….. You’ll be fine.” Maybe everything wasn’t alright, but this person, they made it seem like it was.

“N-No-“ “I’m here.” Those two words were all it took for him to relax slightly, feeling his heart warm up. Simple words they were. The emotion in them were strong.

Warmth from the hand continued to rest upon the top of the cloak, where brown locks would normally be seen. Tooru felt himself calm down.

The hand pulled away. It took him a moment to realise that the warmth had gone.

“Wait!” His hand reached out, desperate for the comforting touch. A cold blast of wind whisked the hood of his head as he lifted his head up.

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Mark Imagine - Secret

A/N - So it’s been a couple of days since the last upload, sorry! As I’ve said before, exam revision is getting the best of me so I’ve not been able to dedicate as much time to writing. Just be patient guys and I’ll try and post as much as I can~

Errr, I’m not very good at using Tumblr, but I hope I’m doing this right… Uh, could I request a Mark imagine where the reader and him have been dating for a little bit, and he wants to tell all the fans, but they’re both kind of anxious…I don’t really care where it goes from there. x3 Thanks! :P 

“Hey, (Y/N)?”
“Yes, Mark?”
“I’ve been thinking about things recently, and I want to tell the fans about you. Us.” A million thoughts rushed through your mind. You’d been dating Mark for around three months now and the both of you were extremely happy in your relationship. Ever since the first date, you knew you had fallen for him hard and now three months in, you still felt those same butterfly feelings in your stomach whenever he smiled at you. Telling the fans about your relationship was something you knew would be inevitable, especially since Mark had wanted to be open about your relationship with the other members, not wanting to be secretive around them. A part of you wanted the same for the fans, so that they could see just how happy Mark was but another part of you was scared and you couldn’t deny it. Your relationship with Mark was one of the biggest secrets you had kept to the people outside of your closest friends and family. Mark was no doubt just as worried as you but had always seemed much more relaxed, especially now.

You looked at him nervously, not even bothering to hide how anxious you were to go public with your relationship. He held your hand soothingly, gently running a finger over the soft skin. His smile was reassuring and kind. 
“I get that you’re nervous, I am too. But I really think they will like you just as much as I do. It’s all up to you though, if you want to wait then I’m fine with that.”
“No, I’m ready to tell them. They have a right to know about us. But how will we tell them?”
“I spoke to one of our manager’s and she said it’d be too formal if it was through some news article or whatever and that we should just do something more personal before the company officially confirms it.”
“Okay, when do we tell them then?”
“Whenever we want. It’s up to you. I’d like to do it through V App though if that’s okay with you.”
“Well how about we tell them now? Let them know about our little secret.”
“Let’s do it,” you replied, grinning at the thought of finally being able to tell the world about your love for Mark.

He got out his phone and signed into the group’s V App account that allowed them to broadcast live. You both took a deep breath as he clicked the button to start broadcasting. Mark waited for a few people to start watching before he began talking. You weren’t on camera yet, waiting for him to share the news and invite you on screen. 
“Hey guys, I’ve not got much to say right now but there’s something I want to tell you guys,” he explained, translating the message for the non-Korean speaking fans watching so they wouldn’t have to wait for subtitles after he had finished broadcasting. 
“It’s pretty important and I’ve been wanting to share this with you for a little while now. I hope you’ll all continue to support me after this and show a lot of love.” He gestured for you to move closer so that the fans could see you. 
“This is (Y/N). We’ve been in a relationship for a few months and I care about (Y/N) a lot so please give us your love and support.”
“Hi everyone, I’m (Y/N). And don’t worry, I’m not stealing Mark from you at all,” you added giggling as you saw a lot of positive comments flooding in. Everyone was saying how cute you looked together and how attractive you were. Any rude comments were completely overrun by positivity and it fulled you with complete and utter joy to see the support for your’s and Mark’s relationship.

anonymous asked:

So i've seen a lot people saying God doesnt have a gender, but then why does everyone always say God is male? I hope this doesnt sound offensive, i really like this concept, but do you have like a few sources?

Hi there! I don’t know many people who would outright assert that God is “male;” rather, the language they use for God implies it – using only masculine terms like “Father” and “Lord,” using only he/him pronouns, and so on. To keep it simple, the reason for this is patriarchy.

The Bible was written by people (either mostly or all men) in patriarchal cultures; it is also read mostly by people (us!) in patriarchal cultures. Whether they realized it or not, the writers couldn’t help weaving the mindsets and assumptions of their own world into their writing. Whether we realize it or not, we can’t seem to help weaving our mindsets and the structure of the world around us into our talk about God!

Here is one quote and here is another from theologian Shirley Guthrie on how the Bible was written by human beings within a patriarchal context. And here is a quote on avoiding anthropomorphizing God: part of how we end up viewing God as “male” is that we tend to anthropomorphize Them, to try to picture them as simply a person like us; and in our culture, a (white, cis, straight, able-bodied, etc.) man is the “default” human, we might even say the “ideal” human – and so surely God must be “male” too.

Edit: someone replied noting that Hebrew only has male and female verb endings – there is no neutral option. This is true, can’t believe I forgot to mention that! Hebrew’s verbs, nouns, adjectives, and pronouns are assigned genders. And again, because male was/is considered the “default,” and because men held more power in their society and they viewed God as powerful, it makes sense that, of the two options, the writers went with the male endings. (And for the Greek parts of the Bible, Greek is also a gendered language in this way.)

But God does not bless patriarchy; God does not fit into our boxes that aim to categorize humans into “superior” and “inferior.” God is genderless and God is every gender – God is God, and no human terms can hope to encompass the Divine.

Here is a post that talks about how we can view God as a woman, if we like; it includes passages from the Bible in which God is referred to with (or refers to Godself with) feminine imagery. These Bible passages show that even in these patriarchal times, the biblical writers did not confine God utterly to masculinity! The truth of God’s vastness shines through. 

Edit: I should also add this link to an article on Sophia, which goes into the history of early Christians treating the Holy Spirit as feminine!

I also recommend Austen Harke’s video, “What are God’s pronouns?”

Wander through our God beyond Gender tag for even more! 

I’ll leave you all with a question and an invitation: how do you refer to God? do you see God as male? I invite you to experiment with language for God – expand the nouns, pronouns, and images you use for Them, for Him, for Her, for Xem. God is so vast, They defy pinning down with human words – but the wider we expand our language for Her, the bigger a “piece” of God we’ll see. 

Your Ginger Housemate - Part 1

Hey, guys! Here it is. I’m so sorry for this. I can’t believe Part 1 disappeared. I don’t even remember getting rid of it! Anyway, here it is… again. It’s a little different, so feel free to read again of you did before. Hope you enjoy it. And for those of you wondering, yes Part 6 is coming. Another week or two and it’ll be posted. Sorry and thanks. xx

Want to read the rest? Part 2 HERE | Part 3 HERE | Part 4 HERE | Part 5 HERE

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

There he goes again. Rummaging through the fridge like he owns the place. Most of the time, he annoyed the shit out of you. He was arrogant, dangerous, unstable, irritable, careless and not to mention infuriating… But what the heck, you found him boyishly charming. His perfectly styled, flaming hair. His dark eyes forever filled with sparks of curiosity. His wide and stretched grin filled with mocking and mischief. Somehow, his insecurities and imperfections are what continuously lured you in. The stubborn strand of hair that always fell over his forehead. The unpredictability of his moods. His overstretched smile thanks to the “missing face mishap.” Even the faint, pink scars that circled his eyes and his face. Yep. Jerome Valeska. He was your housemate. Not that you had had much say in the matter.

- Flashback - 

The wind howled behind the window panes and torrential sheets of rain battered down upon Gotham City. Thunder and lightning filled the sky. You’d been tossing and turning for hours. The clattering of debris hurtling down the street and the constant howling of dogs made it impossible to even relax. ‘CRASH!’ You jumped up with a start. That wasn’t from in the street. That was downstairs. Someone was in the house. 

Quickly, quietly, you jumped off the bed and eased the baseball bat you hid behind your door, off the wall. Gripping it with two hands, you crept down the hallway towards the stairway. You couldn’t see much, the power had obviously cut out, filling the house with pressing darkness. Easing down the stairs, you re-adjusted your grip on the bat, cold sweat causing it to slip. The cold, wooden stairs caused you to shiver and your breathing began to hitch.‘Stay calm y/n, stay calm.’ As you entered the kitchen, you could feel the cold wind rushing through the smashed window above the bench. Rain swept through the opening, soaking the tabletop and floor. You shivered violently, praying to God debris smashed the window, and not something or someone more dangerous.

As you crept further into the kitchen, past your chairs and small dining table, lightning filled the room, revealing a dark silhouette standing only three meters away. A scream tore through your throat as you turned on your heel and went run back up the stairs. ‘Why would you leave your phone back in your room. Idiot!’ Suddenly an iron grip caught your arm and wrenched you back towards the figure, causing you to drop the bat. You were spun around, and a hand covered your mouth while you felt a cold blade press against your throat. You whimpered as you felt the figures breath blow past your ear. A low chuckle reverberated through the figure’s throat. Not a figure. A man. He leant closer to your ear,

“Hello, gorgeous. Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” 

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zeldawrecks  asked:

Hi! Are you taking prompts? If you are, then can you do a near future bughead, Betty goes out of town for some time (for anything of your choice), jughead is there to pick her up from the airport, lots of fluff ensues :3

Hey @zeldawrecks sorry this has taken me so long to get to. I have had a hard time writing fluff at the moment so I hope this was worth the wait.

Coming Home

He was waiting at the gate for her, anxiously glancing at each person who came through the doors, eagerly awaiting her bright face to appear.

She had messaged him earlier in the night to let him know that her flight had been delayed urging him not too wait, that she would catch a cab or uber into town instead.  But Jughead had made a promise that he would pick her up, and no-one who valued their life or safety broke their word when it came to Alice.

So instead he had made his way to the airport cafe ordered himself some coffee and opened his laptop to the latest article he was working on for The Register, in reality he found himself much more concentrated on the arrivals board looking for any updates on her flight.

He had been the one who told her to go ahead with the internship. He wasn’t going to be the guy who kept a girl from achieving her dreams especially one as bright as Betty Cooper, there was no dulling her brightness.

To say that he missed her was an understatement. He had tried to keep himself as busy as possible, volunteering to help Alice at the register following Hal’s unexpected departure, as well as visiting his dad on a regular basis and assisting his lawyer with whatever was needed.

His new role at the Serpents, he had intentionally downplayed to Betty, she would only worry more than she already did and he didn’t want her to be distracted from her work. Safe to say the jacket would remain tucked away in his closet for tonight.

He noticed her instantly as she came through the gate. He felt relief wash over him tat her return, Riverdale never quite felt like home without her. He reached up to his head pulling the Beanie from his head, gripping it tightly in his hands.

He watched as she scanned the crowd for him and he waved over to her, her eyes finally settling on him and she rushed over to meet him. As she reached him she dropped her bag at her feet and let him enclose her in his arms as he lifted her up in a dramatic, movie worthy twirl that before her he would have imagined himself capable of. She let out a laugh and it was like music to his ears being able to hear it purified instead of through his laptop speakers a thousand miles away. He let her back down and she pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. He held himself back from deepening it.

He pulled back from their kiss. to take her face in her hands, memorising every feature of her face, as he moved his thumb gently across her cheek, revelling in the warmth of her skin.

She pulled him in for another hug, her arms wrapping so tightly against him as she breathed in his scent, her memory and the worn flannel shirt that she had fallen asleep in on numerous occasions had not done him justice, not at all.

“God I missed you.” He said into her hair, before tilting her face up, fingers on her chin to capture her lips again with his own. He deepened the kiss immediately this time, pouring all his longing and lonely nights into that kiss. She gripped his shirt tightly with her small hands, clinging to him, never wanting to let go again.

“I missed you too.” She said as they broke their kiss for air, his heart was pounding with anticipation. She threaded her hands with his, brushing her fingers along his knuckles. “So much.”

He bent down to pick up her bag, slinging it over his shoulder, a little knocked back at the unexpected weight. He offered his other arm to her as a gentleman would and she linked her arm in his as they headed towards the airport car park to F.P’s truck another one of his inherited gifts from the Serpents.

“So Miss Cooper now that you are back in Riverdale what is our first stop? ” He exclaimed dramatically and she tightened her grip on his arm.

“ Well Mr Jones as much as I have missed you and would love to spend the next few hours, tangled in your arms.” She mused a tell tale blush spreading across her cheeks. “I have been craving a Pop’s Vanilla Malt milkshake like crazy for the past 2 months.” She admitted to him. At the mention of food his stomach growled in response.

“A girl after my own heart. ”

I really admire people who can dogmatically ship the same couples all the time in Merlin, because mine change every few days. Am I in the mood for femslash, or a fairytale couple, or a queen in love with someone else, or a half immortal ship living in hope? Attempts to kill each other and sexual tension? Rare pairing? Something else? Who knows? Certainly not me. 

Let's Take a Walk! (Eggsy x Reader)

A/N: I’ve never posted a fanfic or imagine on Tumblr before, but here goes! Hope you like it! I will post more if you guys would like. Find me at DeviantArt and Archive of Our Own under InnerBeautyCounts :)

    "Please! Eggsy, please!“ you begged for the thousandth time.
    ”(Y/n), I said no,“ Eggsy replied a bit calmer, after having lost his patience at least ten times in the last hour.
    "It’s just a normal walk. Just a walk through the quiet, calm, serene neighborhood. It’s not like we’re walking in the city or at the park or anything. Chances are we won’t see another single living soul,” you replied.
    He didn’t know, but you had a really, really big crush on Eggsy. This walk might’ve been the perfect opportunity to at least even it out between you and Princess Tilde. You were the one that was supposed to go on a date with Eggsy after the world was saved. You were the one that was supposed to be kissed. Okay, maybe not supposed to, but it sure as hell shouldn’t have been some desperate princess giving Eggsy the “benefit” only because she needed a way out of that prison as soon as possible… and that he happened to be extremely good-looking.
    "Ergh, (y/n), it’s way too risky right after having completed a mission. You don’t know if anybody, from some God-knows-what secret organization, might get us back for what we righteously did!“ he exclaimed, standing up midway, then putting his hands on his hips.
    "Well,” you said as he started to walk a couple steps farther from the cozy couch in the den, “we’re a secret organization ourselves.”
    He stopped and turned his head back a little, followed by completely turning around his whole body, giving you a “really?” look, then chuckling and biting the right part of his bottom lip.
    Whoa, you thought as you stared at his plush, perfectly pink lips. You pursed your own to avoid anything stupid or even risqué coming out of your mouth. 
    You rolled your eyes and smiled. “Besides, we’re two highly-skilled, meticulously-trained agents… or at least, I am, so what’s the worst that can happen?”
    Eggsy scoffed at your little joke and sighed, “Fine, let’s take a walk!”
    "YES, THANK YOU!“ you exclaimed in happiness and relief.
    "Only to prove your point wrong if something bad does, in fact, happen. I even get to say ‘I told you so!’” he smirked, crossing his arms.
    "Oh, whatever,“ you giggled, "get changed and put some decent-looking clothes on. You look like even more of a slob in that ketchup-stained muscle tee and those stupid cargo shorts.”
    "See you in a bit, Agent Bruin,“ he smiled, completely melting you with a wink.
    "See you soon, Agent Galahad,” you replied, putting in your full effort to try to return the wink. Instead, you made a funny face and realized as soon as Eggsy giggled. You began giggling, too, hiding the embarrassment and regret. Way to screw it up, (y/n). Way to screw it up…
After about ten minutes of quick touching up some light make-up and slipping into a simple white, collared blouse and black leggings, then into some feminized (and lethal!) Oxfords, you went downstairs into the tailor’s and waited for Eggsy.
    He came walking down the stairs right on cue, in an expensive Kingsman suit, his black Oxfords, and an umbrella hanging on his arm. “Good evening, (y/n),” he said, in his “proper” voice, “Are you ready for our little stroll around the neighborhood?”
    "Wow, when I told you to get cleaned up and ready, I didn’t mean to get all fancy!“ you teased, pointing to your own casual and plain outfit, "And it’s morning, not evening.”
    "Didn’t mean to get all fancy!“ he teased, mocking your American accent (unless you don’t have one, oops), "Well, I liked to be armed and ready when out in public.”
    "So do I,“ you replied, with a smug look on your face.
    He gave you a quizzical look, cocking one eyebrow, "And where do you keep your-” Before he could continue, you turned around and smacked your butt, then knocked on your chest. “Oh, I see…” he continued as the two of you exchanged smirks, “Well, the suit gives me confidence. You’re radiating and look beautiful casual anyway.”
    Whoa, did he just-“Well, thank you, Eggsy, and may I say, you look rather dashing yourself,” you winked, suddenly feeling brave.
    "Why, thank you, (y/n),“ he winked as he put his arm out, gesturing for you to put your hand in his elbow.
    Full of courage and feeling as if you were on a roll, you placed your hand there and warmly smiled, getting lost in his green eyes, your eyes lingering down to his lips, in a big, glowing smile. He opened the door with left arm, which was also holding the umbrella, and you kept your left hand in his elbow.
    "Not so bad, right?” you smiled, looking up at his finally relaxed face.
    "I-I guess,“ he smiled, pushing up his glasses and turning his face over to you.
    You got your free hand and gently took them off him, carefully tucking them into his jacket’s left breast pocket. "That was only one of your real missions, Eggsy. You have to learn to not being so paranoid. I’ve gone through at least twenty just as rough if not rougher.”
    "Okay, I’ll try,“ he murmured, looking at you gratefully, and keeping his eyes glued to yours. Not noticing, you kept yours glued to his as well. They were even more vivid and beautiful without the lens of the glasses getting in their way, or the reflective shine of the sun. ”(E/c), your eyes are (e/c).“
    You giggled, "Yes, they are (e/c).”
    "And they’re beautiful, too,“ he remarked, slightly blushing, your cheeks doing the same when you had noticed.
    "Thank you, Eggsy. Your eyes are quite remarkable as well; they’re so unique!” you exclaimed, your hand subconsciously stroking the inside of his arm, “And mine are just, well, (e/c).”
    "Oh, you silly, little- ah, they’re beautiful!“ he exclaimed, setting his umbrella against his leg and caressing your right cheek with the back of his now free hand, "Oh, my, your skin is soft, too!”
    You blushed and giggled like a little school girl, looking down to the two pairs of feet, then back into Eggy’s mesmerizing eyes. “Oh, Eggsy, you’re making me blush!”
    "I’m glad I’m doing so,“ he grinned, "but I’m just pointing out the obvious.”
    You felt your cheeks getting even warmer and your mind getting even more engulfed in his warm, tingling touch. You were too captivated in his eyes to realize your faces were getting closer… and closer… that is, until-
    "Hey, babe!“ shouted a man, obviously drunk, "Ditch that wannabe cunt and join me! I can show you a better time! C'mon, girl, ditch the snob!”
    Slowly, you and Eggsy left your positions and turned towards the man. Eggsy gestured towards him as to suggest you make your first move.
    "Sir, I advise that you don’t speak to ladies like that, especially this lady here,“ you said sternly, danger gleaming in your eyes.
    "Yes, and… have you looked into a mirror recently?" Eggsy cheekily added in.
    "Oh, you’re going to get it!” the man shouted, charging towards Eggsy.
    However, Eggsy stood there, legs shoulder with the part and his hands on the upside-down umbrella’s handle. Right as the man was within two feet of him, Eggsy quickly whipped up his umbrella, whacking him right where it counts.
    "ERGH, YOU BLOODY LITTLE CUNT!“ he grunted, falling back onto the hard gravel and clutching his parts.
    You kicked him once more in the shin, saying, "Don’t you ever call him those things ever again. You can’t even compare to him, so you can shut up and go back home, you lonely douche!”
    "Well done, (y/n),“ Eggsy smirked as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders instead of allowing you to put your hand in his elbow.
    "Same goes for you,” you smiled, “and thanks, Eggsy.”
    "Eh, you did most of the work. Fine job,“ he commented, pressing a kiss to your temple, but it wasn’t exactly chaste…
    You blushed, and before you knew it, you had got on your tip-toes and pressed a kiss just as flirtatious to his cheek. As you pulled away, he raised his eyebrows, looking at you with a "not bad" face.
    "Well, we’ve been walking for about three hours, and I want some lunch. How about we go grab some sandwiches at that deli that just opened up? Ruby says it’s real good,” you suggested.
    "Only if I pay,“ he smiled, rubbing your arm.
    "Hmm,” you went, overly exaggerating your questioning expression, “sounds fair!”
    "Alright then, love. Let’s go get some sandwiches!“
    You smiled and tucked in closer to him, replaying everything that happened that day so far. Wait a second, you thought, did he like me back?
"Well, well, well,” said Roxy suggestively, lifting her shades, “where have you lovebirds been all day?”
    "Lovebirds?“ Eggsy asked, smiling and blushing.
    "Aww, you two are blushing,” teased Roxy. He turned over to you and noticed that you were indeed blushing. “Well, what did you two do?”
    “Took a morning walk, beat up a man, then got some lunch,” you replied smugly.
    “And nothing more?” she asked curiously. 
    “Doesn’t seem so… at the moment,” he added, slightly pausing, then looking over to you and raising an eyebrow. 
    “I’m just going to leave…” murmured Roxy, “Goodbye…”
    “What do you mean at the moment?” you asked, in the same fashion Ruby had, turning over to completely face him.
    His confidence and suggestiveness suddenly turned into anxiety and nervousness. He placed his hand on the back of his neck and rubbed it, nervously chuckling. Unable to look at you in the eye, he looked away, mumbling, “Well, I was going to tell you earlier while we were on our walk, but I didn’t want to risk anything… I just didn’t know if you felt the same way.”
    Not wanting to jump to conclusions, you asked, “Well, tell me how you feel.”
    He came closer to you, his body probably only two inches away from yours at most, “Remember what I said about your eyes being beautiful?” he asked, continuing after you nodded, suddenly taking your hand, “It’s more than just your eyes that are beautiful. It’s your whole face, your hair, your body,” he paused to look down and blush as you did, “your character. You helped me become who I am today, and I completely ruined my chances by being an idiot and doing what I did with Princess Tilde. However, I sensed something more from you, and your personality just captivates me…” His voice began to slow and your faces moved in closer, “And it almost physically pains me… everyday… to stop myself… from…”
    It was finally the moment you thought would never come. His plush, soft, lips finally come in contact with your own. Gosh, they were even softer than they looked. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he snaked his around your waist, the space between your bodies completely disintegrating. It was passionate, slow, sensual, and definitely meaningful. 
    “Kissing you,” Eggsy continued, his cheeks glowing and his eyes full of love. 
    “Looks like you don’t have to stop yourself from kissing me anymore,” you chuckled, kissing him once more. 
    “After a long period of time, (y/n), I may be in love with you… No, I’m definitely in love with you.”
    “I’m in love with you, too,” you replied, “and I’m sure you can show me a better time than that creep.”
    Eggsy smirked and raised an eyebrow, “And I plan on continuing to do so. How about we take a walk this evening?”




Hi there, FINALLY!!
Like I said in the last post I posted a few days ago (that magically went through) I’ve been having problems with tumblr not posting my posts, but I hope it’s fixed now *crossing fingers*.

I’ve been all over the place the last few months. In the deepest of depressions to being almost euphoric to coping pretty well. I guess it’s the rollercoaster I have to keep riding for the time being. I was registered by the acute psychiatric team and then discharged and am now just waiting for a psychiatrist appointment for maybe some medication adjustment.
I’ve been struggling with food and liquid intake as my brain goes straight to that as a way to cope, but I’m following my meal plan to keep on track. It takes time to reprogram both mind and body into not seeing restriction as a coping mechanism, even though logically I know it isn’t. It’s so deeply printed into me (and my genetic code) that I’m unsure if I’ll ever get rid of it. I know I can live a pretty great life without it affecting me too much, but I will always have to watch myself during stressful times no matter the stress being physical or mental.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my past and the violence I had to endure during my childhood and adolescence as I’m seeing clearer how it is still affecting me today. Codependency is nasty and breaking it is even nastier- especially when it is someone very close to you. Coping with the past and everything that follows is a hard but important process I have to go through. I just wish I had someone I could talk about it with and work constructively through it. I’m doing my best by myself but it is hard as I’m so involved in the situation and seeing it logically and as an outsider is easier said than done.

And oh yeah, I’m blond now 💁🏼

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im already very interested in the plot for that au!!! but i dont know japanese or korean, so any plot explanation would be greatly appreciated, if you ever decide to do one!!

!! HI ANON!! You mean about these videos I’ve been talking about earlier right? anytime!// I’m glad I got you interested, and I’m glad to be of help!

I’ll write a brief summary of what’s happening in each of the videos! I’m a bit worried that if I write the plot out here it might spoil the fun for people who watch the fanvideos for the first time (there are plot twists, after all?) so I’ll write it below in the read more! Thanks for being interested!//


this is a really good au… you won’t regret seeing these I promise!

Keep reading

Read It and Weep

Title: Read It and Weep

Word Count: 7,338

Genre/Rating: Smut/Fluff/Humor, NC-17 

Description: Dan’s feelings toward Phil are nothing but platonic, or so he thinks before stumbling upon some actually decent phanfiction and falling face-first into the abyss. (AKA “The Meta Fic”)

A/N: This fic has been in the works for an obscenely long time (I’ve been writing it on and off since last Thanksgiving and it’s been sitting idle in my drafts since July) and I really wanted to post it before literally all of the shit goes down next week. I’m genuinely so proud of this one and I’m extremely excited (and nervous) to share it w/ ya’ll and hear your reactions. I hope it will throw some of your expectations through a loop, if you know what I’m saying (*waggles eyebrows*). I can pretty much guarantee that this fic has everything you liked about “An Experiment Gone Right” (and possibly more??). Many thanks to bientist​ for being this fic’s #1 supporter for basically forever. 


It was Dan’s secret shame. No one could fairly blame him for it. He was only human, right? Granted, he counted himself among the odd minority of humans who were regularly featured in Internet-based speculative fiction. But hey, whatever. Point was that sometimes he got curious how people imagined him. Sometimes that curiosity overcame him. Sometimes—the vast majority of the time, really—he was just as flawed and self-occupied as anybody else.

So yes, he read the bloody fanfiction. Not regularly, mind you. Only when he was bored and restless, alone on his laptop in the early hours of the morning, and some blog with a derivative of his username happened to post something interesting-sounding in the main tags.

He did his best to circumvent the porn. It hardly shocked him; he liked to think of himself as a seasoned veteran of weird fan culture, and he even took strides to foster the freakiness where he could. Hentai flash games he ate up at age twelve, but everyone had their limit. His appeared to be poorly written erotica about him and his best friend.

Link to Fic Here


I’m going to open commissions for the very first time! I am new to this process so I’m just going to see how it goes.


You can feel free to send me refs for ocs or whatever you would like me to draw through email

I will draw nsfw in moderation, but try to keep it sfw

I reserve the right to refuse to draw any commissions that make me uncomfortable

If you are not comfortable with the possibility of me posting a watermarked version of your commission you can let me know

If you want to commission me PLEASE ALWAYS CONTACT ME THROUGH TUMBLR FIRST BEFORE EMAILING ME. Otherwise I will not know to check my email for your message, it is just a courtesy to me.

If you’re interested you can contact me at nerdpotcommissions@gmail.com !

xenopelt said: a Wishbone update has never once disappointed me, even if it’s just a lil’ ole text update! I believe in ya!!                  
alivingmel said: AW, nah man, I think people understand that games take awhile to make, especially when so much of it’s being done by a single person in their spare time! Even if it doesn’t seem exciting during development, it all goes into making the finished product more enjoyable. :’Dburbled said: Aw man :( I don’t think anyone’s disappointed!! It’s your project and you should be able to do it at any pace that works for you, just the fact that you’re sharing it with people is so cool..!!! I hope you can get through the less fun stuff and it can be enjoyable for you, I love seeing how much it’s grown over time and all the technical details you post about :)    daxflame said:  people are SUPER EXCITED!!!                              
kwillow said:  I’m sorry… People seem excited to me!             

Aw thanks guys… I mean, rationally I know that’s the case, I just get stressed out when I can’t deliver results that are visible. Like… “Here’s an average looking menu. It doesn’t break anymore! Fixing this took me a week and a half!” just doesn’t sound very cool. I do wish I’d waited longer before making the dev blog.

I’ll feel better once I finish schedules again, I’m sure. But that won’t be for a while. :/

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Hi,I wrote you a message a long time ago, saying I'm on your blog everyday and that I'm thankful that you spend your freetime for creating cc for strangers. So now, after I read what you're been through, I respect you so much more. You are a very kind person for sharing this private aspect of your life, that other people can feel better. You are very strong and I hope that everything goes well for you. If you ever need a rest from cc it's totally okay, take your time. Much love <3

Thank you so much love!! ;v; ♥♥ It means a lot and I mean a LOT to me to hear back from you and others in regards to the post I made. I was very nervous when writing and posting it, thinking it was perhaps a case of ‘tmi’, which for some people it might be. Still, knowing that there’s people out there that I could help with my story and to shed some light onto Mental Health Awareness, has made it more than worth it. I’m so glad for all my followers and for people like you taking the time out of their day to send me an ask like this. You guys help me so much, so it’s the least I can do in return. All the love and kisses to you, lovely anon <3 ♥

It just occurred to me how cute Loni and Nanaly’s relationship post-game is.  Like, I loved their relationship during the game, but after history is reset and they meet again for the first time, she’s just this young girl and meets this traveler passing through Hope Town.  He finds out that her little brother is really sick and even though they were basically strangers, goes completely out of his way to find the cure and bring it back to them, so he’s like this big hero for them.  Then he probably goes on to visit her and Lou every now and again and sometimes brings them presents and I just think that’s really cute.  (Alternatively, in the case that they get their memories back after Reala’s return, she goes back to harassing him, but that’s still really cute because she’s so much younger than him now and he puts up with it and still comes back to visit because deep down he really does like her.)

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Hey, I'm thinking about teaching ESL in China or Korea and I stumbled across your blog. I was wondering what resources you used to find your job (I know that there are a lot of websites that are just scams) and what your experience has been like as a black woman in Korea? If I'm asking too much, feel free to ignore my questions, I'm just curious about your time in Korea. Thanks in advance!

Hey! Sorry this is extraaaa late. Use Dave’s esl or waygook.org to find legit job postings. Sometimes you just have to sift through it. My experience here has been both bad and good. Mostly good, which is why I’m still here. If you go through my archive you’ll find plenty of posting on my different experiences here. Just know everyone will have a different journey. It just goes case by case. Whatever you choose I hope you enjoy your time there ^^