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Elaborating on my previous posts...

2017 brought something interesting with it - the dawning realisation that I’m probably gender fluid and not all that straight.
Both of these things are something I’ve been questioning for a long time now - not majorly, but they were always in the background. Until now, I just figured that everyone goes through a period of questioning themselves. I’m not and never was dysphoric. I’m happy with who I am, my body and being called a girl, including have she/her pronouns used and will continue to be.
For a long time I thought that lack of dysphoria was a barrier to the possibility of me being anything more than cis, like it would have been an insult to others going through some really difficult times if I came out and didn’t have any issues about who I was.

However, last year something happened that brought all those feelings right to the surface. I played Undertale for the first time and found out about Mettaton.
Now I’m not necessarily saying that Mettaton made me gender fluid and gay or that he is either himself, but he did two very important things for me:
- gave me infinitely more confidence in myself and my body when I began drawing and cosplaying him (heck, even just looking at other peoples’ art)
- made me realise that my attraction to people is more through aesthetic than sex and gender

and this is why I latched onto him and became so obsessed. It was like he was encouraging me to be the person I always wanted to be, something he also does to characters in the game.

I began questioning heavily, having deep long thoughts about myself and discussions with people about how they perceived me (”queerest cishet person” was used more than once, which in itself was a big clue).

And then I saw a fair few people mention that you don’t have to have experienced dysphoria to be trans or non-binary.


On the subject of attraction, it’s true I’m generally attracted to men moreso than others, but the attraction to others isn’t something I can ignore, even if I haven’t acted on it. I also have a fair few different “types” so to speak.
I mentioned above that I’ve since come to the conclusion that it’s peoples’ general aesthetic that I find attractive, rather than it being a sexual thing.
It makes a lot of sense to me as even with sex, I’m more drawn to it as an art form rather than just outright gratification (which is why when I draw NSFW art, it’s more suggestive than explicit). I mean, I do have a sex drive (sort of), but I’ve always thought that sex and relationships in themselves were more borne out of compatibility than attraction, you know? Obviously you have to be interested in a person in the first place, but it’s also not necessarily sexual attraction that makes you drawn to that person.
If that made ANY sense at all.

Which brings us to now. I don’t really know why I chose today to come out. New year, new beginning perhaps?

I mean, nothing really changes about me. I’m still the same person, still okay with my body, still like the same things. It’s just that I now have an explanation for all those times where simply being a girl who happens to have some stereotypically masculine traits (and also likes wearing guys’ clothing and crossplaying) just didn’t feel like enough.

So there we are.

Still perfectly happy with being referred to as a girl and with she/ her pronouns, but also equally happy being referred to as they/ them or any other non-gendered references. Probably not going to stop questioning things for a long time either, if ever.

Looks like 2017 is going to be an interesting year on a personal level at least!

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Hey hun I saw your post about the one you love being rushed off to the ER just know that you and them will be in my thoughts and if you need to talk I am here. I hope every thing goes well and you do not have to say goodbye early. I went through that about a month ago and all I can say is it is okay to cry and try to remember good times you have had with them. In all honesty it is a really hard thing to go through but you just need to stay strong and be safe.

Thank you so much, that’s really sweet of you. It’s really just a shock right now. We weren’t expecting to have to face their possible life/death situation until his operation in May. Having to face that sooner and unexpectedly is scary. Even when you think you’re ready, it makes you realize you’re not.

Anyways, thank you. I really appreciate it and I’m sorry you had to go through that ❤

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I hope every time Minako does something in Sailor V Rei feels it and cringes and eventually goes out to defeat the "evil spirit" but it's really just her whacking Minako with a broom telling her to stop

I remember with Crystal, before it started to just be too unpleasant for me to have fun with anymore, writing some posts about Minako fucking with Rei through the video game. You guys remember that? I’m getting tired so I’ll have to go try to dig up the post(s) later, but oh man, IT WAS AMAZING

This is in the same vein, and I love it, too.


Let's Take a Walk! (Eggsy x Reader)

A/N: I’ve never posted a fanfic or imagine on Tumblr before, but here goes! Hope you like it! I will post more if you guys would like. Find me at DeviantArt and Archive of Our Own under InnerBeautyCounts :)

    "Please! Eggsy, please!“ you begged for the thousandth time.
    ”(Y/n), I said no,“ Eggsy replied a bit calmer, after having lost his patience at least ten times in the last hour.
    "It’s just a normal walk. Just a walk through the quiet, calm, serene neighborhood. It’s not like we’re walking in the city or at the park or anything. Chances are we won’t see another single living soul,” you replied.
    He didn’t know, but you had a really, really big crush on Eggsy. This walk might’ve been the perfect opportunity to at least even it out between you and Princess Tilde. You were the one that was supposed to go on a date with Eggsy after the world was saved. You were the one that was supposed to be kissed. Okay, maybe not supposed to, but it sure as hell shouldn’t have been some desperate princess giving Eggsy the “benefit” only because she needed a way out of that prison as soon as possible… and that he happened to be extremely good-looking.
    "Ergh, (y/n), it’s way too risky right after having completed a mission. You don’t know if anybody, from some God-knows-what secret organization, might get us back for what we righteously did!“ he exclaimed, standing up midway, then putting his hands on his hips.
    "Well,” you said as he started to walk a couple steps farther from the cozy couch in the den, “we’re a secret organization ourselves.”
    He stopped and turned his head back a little, followed by completely turning around his whole body, giving you a “really?” look, then chuckling and biting the right part of his bottom lip.
    Whoa, you thought as you stared at his plush, perfectly pink lips. You pursed your own to avoid anything stupid or even risqué coming out of your mouth. 
    You rolled your eyes and smiled. “Besides, we’re two highly-skilled, meticulously-trained agents… or at least, I am, so what’s the worst that can happen?”
    Eggsy scoffed at your little joke and sighed, “Fine, let’s take a walk!”
    "YES, THANK YOU!“ you exclaimed in happiness and relief.
    "Only to prove your point wrong if something bad does, in fact, happen. I even get to say ‘I told you so!’” he smirked, crossing his arms.
    "Oh, whatever,“ you giggled, "get changed and put some decent-looking clothes on. You look like even more of a slob in that ketchup-stained muscle tee and those stupid cargo shorts.”
    "See you in a bit, Agent Bruin,“ he smiled, completely melting you with a wink.
    "See you soon, Agent Galahad,” you replied, putting in your full effort to try to return the wink. Instead, you made a funny face and realized as soon as Eggsy giggled. You began giggling, too, hiding the embarrassment and regret. Way to screw it up, (y/n). Way to screw it up…
After about ten minutes of quick touching up some light make-up and slipping into a simple white, collared blouse and black leggings, then into some feminized (and lethal!) Oxfords, you went downstairs into the tailor’s and waited for Eggsy.
    He came walking down the stairs right on cue, in an expensive Kingsman suit, his black Oxfords, and an umbrella hanging on his arm. “Good evening, (y/n),” he said, in his “proper” voice, “Are you ready for our little stroll around the neighborhood?”
    "Wow, when I told you to get cleaned up and ready, I didn’t mean to get all fancy!“ you teased, pointing to your own casual and plain outfit, "And it’s morning, not evening.”
    "Didn’t mean to get all fancy!“ he teased, mocking your American accent (unless you don’t have one, oops), "Well, I liked to be armed and ready when out in public.”
    "So do I,“ you replied, with a smug look on your face.
    He gave you a quizzical look, cocking one eyebrow, "And where do you keep your-” Before he could continue, you turned around and smacked your butt, then knocked on your chest. “Oh, I see…” he continued as the two of you exchanged smirks, “Well, the suit gives me confidence. You’re radiating and look beautiful casual anyway.”
    Whoa, did he just-“Well, thank you, Eggsy, and may I say, you look rather dashing yourself,” you winked, suddenly feeling brave.
    "Why, thank you, (y/n),“ he winked as he put his arm out, gesturing for you to put your hand in his elbow.
    Full of courage and feeling as if you were on a roll, you placed your hand there and warmly smiled, getting lost in his green eyes, your eyes lingering down to his lips, in a big, glowing smile. He opened the door with left arm, which was also holding the umbrella, and you kept your left hand in his elbow.
    "Not so bad, right?” you smiled, looking up at his finally relaxed face.
    "I-I guess,“ he smiled, pushing up his glasses and turning his face over to you.
    You got your free hand and gently took them off him, carefully tucking them into his jacket’s left breast pocket. "That was only one of your real missions, Eggsy. You have to learn to not being so paranoid. I’ve gone through at least twenty just as rough if not rougher.”
    "Okay, I’ll try,“ he murmured, looking at you gratefully, and keeping his eyes glued to yours. Not noticing, you kept yours glued to his as well. They were even more vivid and beautiful without the lens of the glasses getting in their way, or the reflective shine of the sun. ”(E/c), your eyes are (e/c).“
    You giggled, "Yes, they are (e/c).”
    "And they’re beautiful, too,“ he remarked, slightly blushing, your cheeks doing the same when you had noticed.
    "Thank you, Eggsy. Your eyes are quite remarkable as well; they’re so unique!” you exclaimed, your hand subconsciously stroking the inside of his arm, “And mine are just, well, (e/c).”
    "Oh, you silly, little- ah, they’re beautiful!“ he exclaimed, setting his umbrella against his leg and caressing your right cheek with the back of his now free hand, "Oh, my, your skin is soft, too!”
    You blushed and giggled like a little school girl, looking down to the two pairs of feet, then back into Eggy’s mesmerizing eyes. “Oh, Eggsy, you’re making me blush!”
    "I’m glad I’m doing so,“ he grinned, "but I’m just pointing out the obvious.”
    You felt your cheeks getting even warmer and your mind getting even more engulfed in his warm, tingling touch. You were too captivated in his eyes to realize your faces were getting closer… and closer… that is, until-
    "Hey, babe!“ shouted a man, obviously drunk, "Ditch that wannabe cunt and join me! I can show you a better time! C'mon, girl, ditch the snob!”
    Slowly, you and Eggsy left your positions and turned towards the man. Eggsy gestured towards him as to suggest you make your first move.
    "Sir, I advise that you don’t speak to ladies like that, especially this lady here,“ you said sternly, danger gleaming in your eyes.
    "Yes, and… have you looked into a mirror recently?" Eggsy cheekily added in.
    "Oh, you’re going to get it!” the man shouted, charging towards Eggsy.
    However, Eggsy stood there, legs shoulder with the part and his hands on the upside-down umbrella’s handle. Right as the man was within two feet of him, Eggsy quickly whipped up his umbrella, whacking him right where it counts.
    "ERGH, YOU BLOODY LITTLE CUNT!“ he grunted, falling back onto the hard gravel and clutching his parts.
    You kicked him once more in the shin, saying, "Don’t you ever call him those things ever again. You can’t even compare to him, so you can shut up and go back home, you lonely douche!”
    "Well done, (y/n),“ Eggsy smirked as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders instead of allowing you to put your hand in his elbow.
    "Same goes for you,” you smiled, “and thanks, Eggsy.”
    "Eh, you did most of the work. Fine job,“ he commented, pressing a kiss to your temple, but it wasn’t exactly chaste…
    You blushed, and before you knew it, you had got on your tip-toes and pressed a kiss just as flirtatious to his cheek. As you pulled away, he raised his eyebrows, looking at you with a "not bad" face.
    "Well, we’ve been walking for about three hours, and I want some lunch. How about we go grab some sandwiches at that deli that just opened up? Ruby says it’s real good,” you suggested.
    "Only if I pay,“ he smiled, rubbing your arm.
    "Hmm,” you went, overly exaggerating your questioning expression, “sounds fair!”
    "Alright then, love. Let’s go get some sandwiches!“
    You smiled and tucked in closer to him, replaying everything that happened that day so far. Wait a second, you thought, did he like me back?
"Well, well, well,” said Roxy suggestively, lifting her shades, “where have you lovebirds been all day?”
    "Lovebirds?“ Eggsy asked, smiling and blushing.
    "Aww, you two are blushing,” teased Roxy. He turned over to you and noticed that you were indeed blushing. “Well, what did you two do?”
    “Took a morning walk, beat up a man, then got some lunch,” you replied smugly.
    “And nothing more?” she asked curiously. 
    “Doesn’t seem so… at the moment,” he added, slightly pausing, then looking over to you and raising an eyebrow. 
    “I’m just going to leave…” murmured Roxy, “Goodbye…”
    “What do you mean at the moment?” you asked, in the same fashion Ruby had, turning over to completely face him.
    His confidence and suggestiveness suddenly turned into anxiety and nervousness. He placed his hand on the back of his neck and rubbed it, nervously chuckling. Unable to look at you in the eye, he looked away, mumbling, “Well, I was going to tell you earlier while we were on our walk, but I didn’t want to risk anything… I just didn’t know if you felt the same way.”
    Not wanting to jump to conclusions, you asked, “Well, tell me how you feel.”
    He came closer to you, his body probably only two inches away from yours at most, “Remember what I said about your eyes being beautiful?” he asked, continuing after you nodded, suddenly taking your hand, “It’s more than just your eyes that are beautiful. It’s your whole face, your hair, your body,” he paused to look down and blush as you did, “your character. You helped me become who I am today, and I completely ruined my chances by being an idiot and doing what I did with Princess Tilde. However, I sensed something more from you, and your personality just captivates me…” His voice began to slow and your faces moved in closer, “And it almost physically pains me… everyday… to stop myself… from…”
    It was finally the moment you thought would never come. His plush, soft, lips finally come in contact with your own. Gosh, they were even softer than they looked. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he snaked his around your waist, the space between your bodies completely disintegrating. It was passionate, slow, sensual, and definitely meaningful. 
    “Kissing you,” Eggsy continued, his cheeks glowing and his eyes full of love. 
    “Looks like you don’t have to stop yourself from kissing me anymore,” you chuckled, kissing him once more. 
    “After a long period of time, (y/n), I may be in love with you… No, I’m definitely in love with you.”
    “I’m in love with you, too,” you replied, “and I’m sure you can show me a better time than that creep.”
    Eggsy smirked and raised an eyebrow, “And I plan on continuing to do so. How about we take a walk this evening?”



In Superman/Batman issue #15, they’re like time hoping through Universe’s and timelines (agaaiiin) and Bruce gets killed in one of them, Clark’s in so much pain, he actually goes and seeks revenge: 

He faces the killer and says: 

you took from me, my brother…my family…my life

BREAK MY HEART YOU TWO. Superman calls Batman his life… He goes on to call him his brother, but calling Batman a brother is not nearly saying enough, I like to read this as more than platonic love when he calls him family (because that would make the brother redundant, so what’s more than a brother? more than a friend?) he stretched it more by calling him his life (a saying you’d use for a lover).

And he’s so destroyed and broken, he breaks his no killing rule. 

But this is different. 

Superman would do anything for him. He’s his everything. Confirmed. 

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I just want to let you know that I love your blog and all your posts. I'm going through a very hard time recently, being in and out of the hospital a lot, and having a lot of unwelcome thoughts, but your posts always cheer me up a little bit.

oh my gosh anon I’m going to cry this is so sweet thank u??? I hope that I can keep brightening up your day with my wacky escapades
and I also hope everything goes well for you, health-wise!!! and just well in general because u deserve it


Been having a rough few days. It stormed the other night ago, causing a lot of pain and a very sleepless night. I’ve been waking up every day with a migraine, exhaustion and intense pain all over my body. The pain and exhaustion have been making it hard for me to write scripts, film videos for YouTube and write blog posts. I’ve been getting more pain in my arms, as the time goes on which makes it harder for me to do anything. I’ve been spending my days watching The Musketeers on Netflix with mom. I hope my pain & migraine improves so I can get some work done.
Sending hugs to anyone going through a rough time 💖💖
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good luck on the competition!!!! :>

Thanks dude! Sorry for not responding earlier it was a hectic morning and the connection at this venue sucks this is my 3rd time trying to answer this I hope it goes through lol. We just have to finish up awards and then I’ll be heading home and hopefully posting either a request or songfic tonight!

You know you’re trashy as frick when you’re like-


Sometimes I get super bummed out cos I don’t fit the “agender look” I see on tumblr all the time (ya know the one? super adrogynous, thin, w/ cool hair) so then I like to look through the agender tags and remind myself that literally there is no right way to be or look agender, it’s just simply who we are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk if anyone else goes through this ever but if someone does just also try to remember, it can be hard but we just gotta rock out flower crowns and Led Zeppelin shirts (or whatever the hell makes you comfy and happy) and keep on being our wonderful selves.

Hi everyone it’s that time of year again when people put their follow forevers together. I went through a lot of hard times this year so thanks to all the people who gave me support in some form throughout the year. I may leave some people out by accident so please don’t take any offense. I’m hoping that next year will be better than this year!!. Friends are in bold. Credit for the transparent edit used goes to vilepluum. 

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I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately.
And I’m sorry.

But I want to thank all of you who have stayed with me through all of this, and to my biggest fans of the moment, you’re fucking awesome. <3

To all my followers that have been around for 2 years, or just for a really long time, thanks for supporting me and boosting my confidence.
And for those of you who have recently joined my steadily growing tumblr army, welcome. And I hope you’re prepared for the fuckery that goes on here.

I love all of you, and thank you so much for sticking around.
SO. Enough of my sappy shit. But It’s about time I did another follow forever. ;) 

Not alphabetized, cause I’m a lazy bitch, and in no particular order…
I love you all.

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Love you guys. <3


School is just around the corner for me, and I kinda wanted to end my summer on a high note, so what better way to do that than with a movie stream!

I’ll be streaming this Monday, August 10th, starting at 2PM EST time, starting with Who Framed Roger Rabbit. There’s a couple more movies planned as well of a rough estimate on when they’ll begin, so feel free to hop in and out of the stream to your liking! I’m hosting it through Livestream, so I’ll post the link on here at around 1:40 or so, giving everyone about 20 minutes to get in and get comfortable.

Feel free to reblog, spread it around, and invite others! I don’t mind this being a big thing, the more the merrier. I hope to see everyone stop by and watch a bit as the day goes, and I’m looking forward to having a good time!

it’s really interesting how skins is constantly getting new viewers everyday.

i scroll through my dash and i see a user saying something like “SKINS IS AMAZING OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW.”

i think back to my early adolescent years and think about how much this show changed my life. i too was very addicted to this iconic tv show and i haven’t seen skins for a really long time (pure, fire, and rise don’t count lol) but i hope to watch all the series soon.

it just makes me happy how this show will be iconic for years to come and from generation to generation. i’m a 21 year old student and have a year left till i graduate from a four year university and i’ve grown up, a lot. 

really don’t know the point of this text post other than skins is probably the only teen tv show that portray the pressure our generation goes through and it’s really amazing to see people relate to this show on a very personal level.

Okay, I’ve got something to say about this whole Jared thing. I didn’t know if I wanted to at first, because I’m not a big blog, and usually it’s only the bigger blogs that get their posts around to a bigger audience, but I’m going to say this anyway because it needs to be said.
Yes, Jared is going through something right now-and I love him to the end of the Earth and back, (and I have and probably will again send him lots of love over Twitter in hopes that he’s okay) but he’s not going to be the only one who ever goes through a tough time in this fandom.
It could be anyone. I know for a fact there’s other people in this family that are going through a tough time too, and for completely unrelated reasons.
This is a post to say this: don’t feel like because you’re not one of the actors, or because you’re not famous, or maybe because you don’t have that many followers.. Never think for a second that we don’t love you and care about you just as much as we do the actors.
And if you’re having a tough time; now, or any other time, say something.
Step up like Jared did, and you will be taken in with open arms just like we do for Jared.
If no one else is there for you; I’ll be there for you.
Maybe I’m not much, but I’m not the only one either.
We’re a family.
We stick together through thick and thin, and we fucking love you and care about you and wish you the best.
So please, just because you’re not Jared, doesn’t mean people won’t throw their arms around you and smother you in love just like Jared.
Because we will.
And we love you.
So so much.
So stay strong hunters, always keep fighting.

anonymous asked:

I think this post was a while ago, but what were your headcanons about who the Avengers were, FRIENDS wise. Imagine them walking in while Clint and Steve are watching it, and then they have to know who everything thinks they are.

When Clint Barton falls ill, he falls hard. As soon as that first sniffle hits, the man goes from a semiprofessional master assassin to a whining infant in the time it takes him to get a tissue. He takes up the entire living room with pillows and blankets and refuses to move for anything. Fury himself has stormed through the doors and Clint’s rolled over in a Nyquil induced haze and snored at him. The only time he rouses is when he wants something, or to complain. Often he combines the two.

“Steeeve,” he bellyaches, burrowing further into his enormous comforter.

It’s not that Steve particularly enjoys tending to Clint’s sickly whims, but he physically can’t get sick and he prefers his teammates healthy. He’s making soup for the infirmed archer, literally eight feet away, and he scoffs into the boiling pot. “Keep your shirt on, pal. It’s almost done.”

“I’m boooored,” Clint drawls, shivering on cue. “I’m sick and bored. Fix it for me!” Just as Steve’s turning around with the soup, a dvd boxset is hurled at his head. By the grace of 1940’s super solider science, he manages to catch it without spilling the steaming hot liquid on his shirt.

Normally, when Clint insists on breaking out F.R.I.E.N.D.S again, Steve will try to redirect him to The Mindy Project or Parks and Rec, or occasionally, away from the T.V. He doesn’t hate the show, he really doesn’t, but he never latched on the way the rest of the world seemed to. But Clint was sick, and Steve was there to help.

He plops down next to the archer on the couch, and clicks the remote. “Season?”

Clint snuggles into his side, resting his head on Steve’s broad shoulder. “Third.”


The team starts filing in as the show continues. It’s like a beacon. By the eighth time an episode starts, all six of them are clapping along with the theme song. 

Natasha and Clint are the most invested, ruining jokes they’ve heard a thousand times, laughing before the punchline. Bruce and Tony are in the corner, muttering about a technological wonder they’ve invested too much time in, only looking up when Clint insists upon it. Thor and Steve have a similar level of confusion, but Thor reveals that Darcy’s been catching him up on Midgardian entertainment and this was first on her list.

He also explains that she told him a critical element of watching the show with the correct number of people in the room, required them to choose who best suited which character and why. Clint seconds this emphatically.

So here’s how it goes-

Steve is Rachel, new to the world and still very much learning how to be a part of it. Also, he can’t deny the blonde comradery.  

Bruce is Ross, an intelligent, literal academic in a field that may be too specialized for his own good. Still figuring out how romantic attachment works.

Nat is Monica, for her resourcefulness, her wit, and her ability to outperform anyone in the kitchen.

Thor is Chandler. For his humor. And deep love of all things snacks.

Clint is Phoebe, primarily for his good natured heart and inability to keep dinner plans to save his life.

And Tony is Joey, for what they lack in mental compatibility, they make up for in a combination of self love and debauchery.


At the launch of Heavensward I was still getting accustomed to the world of XIV. I wasn’t a strong player by any means, still stumbling through mechanics with barely any understanding let alone “mastery” over my class. Needless to say it was both a humbling and frustrating realization of just how much I had to learn as a Monk and a player..

A year later I stand as a proud Monk with far more knowledge of my class and this game than I ever would of imagined. I sunk more time into Final Fantasy than almost any other game I’ve played. I couldn’t be more thankful for the experience Heavensward gave to me this past year and I owe so much of it to all of you. This goes out to all of you, the friends who were with me long before I joined this game and the friends I have made along this journey both in-game and through this blog. It’s been a wonderful experience and I write this post in the hopes that we can enjoy the countless adventures that lie ahead.

Happy anniversary Heavensward.

-Amon Saiqa 

Heads up… I haven’t been posting politics in a while but that tends to go in cycles. Given the news last night, it’s time for me to read the writing on the wall. Here goes.

  • I voted for Bernie Sanders. But since Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee, I’ll be supporting her now. I’ll be volunteering, canvassing and doing assorted activities up through November to try to get her elected, and posting occasionally about that.
  • I’m well aware of her record and flaws, although I also have respect for her strength and endurance as a political operative. Yes, I’m choosing the lesser of evils and hoping we can do better next cycle, and I’m certainly not going to apologize for that in any way. If you have to unfollow me for that, I won’t hold any grudges.
  • If you’ve got a problem with Clinton support, I can sympathize to a degree. Again, no grudges. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Clinton at the top of the ticket, I hope you can still show up to vote downticket, which is going to be absolutely fucking crucial this year.
  • Anyone who says they’re voting for Trump as a protest vote IS going on my grudge list and will be immediately unfollowed. 
  • I’ve said this before, but even though I’m a middle-aged soccer mom with a bad back, if Trump gets elected I’m joining the armed resistance. I don’t hate him personally (he’s just a puffed-up toad) as much as what his victory would represent and bring about. He’s a direct threat to my entire family.