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Hi Claire! Maybe you've already heard the question before but anyway... how do you imagine a possible kabby baby? I mean, when you think about this precious little ray of hope... what do you see? Short/long hair? Dark eyes? Any distinguishing mark? Grounder/ark/mix of both clothing style? I actually think it'd be nice to collect the kabby fandom's most popular ideas to find out if we are all thinking about the same girl (because for me it's a girl) :D

When did we all sync our consciousnesses up to the Kabby Hive Mind and collectively decide through osmosis that the Kabby baby is obviously a girl? Because as far as I’ve seen there is 100% agreement on this question, which I absolutely love. My two favorite name options that I’ve heard – which I believe are both from fanfics, though I don’t recall whose is whose – are Eden and Hope. (Everyone appears unanimous that her middle name should be Vera.)

I would go with brown hair, around Abby’s color; Jake and Clarke were both blonde but Kane and Abby are brunette so their child (let’s call her Hope) (SEE WHAT I DID THERE LMAO I CRACK MYSELF UP) probably does too. Preferably curly, because that’s adorable. As far as clothes, I’d like to think that by six years in, everything is all jumbled up and we’ll come back after the time jump to see that everyone wears some combination of Grounder and Skaikru clothes (and hair; still keeping my fingers crossed for Abby in Grounder braids someday). Especially for the children, I’d imagine that they’re limited by whatever is available to fit them as they grow, and it would be pretty much a jumble of hand-me-downs of anything available to be passed down from older children once they grow out of it.

As far as what she’s like, I think she’d be a calm and thoughtful and serious child who is always asking big questions and wants to learn everything, but there are a few people in the bunker who can make her just light up and turn into a sparkly silly giggly ball of sunshine.

Jackson and Miller are her favorite babysitters; Uncle Nate teaches her pranks to play on her parents and goofy little-kid jokes, and one day Kane catches him teaching her how to pick a lock. (Which he’s not pleased to discover she’s very, very good at.) Uncle Eric is her best friend; he lets her hang out in Med Bay sometimes and keeps an eye on her while Mom is working, and puts her to work doing things like rolling up bandages that make her feel helpful and important.

Auntie Indra always address Hope very seriously, as though she is a tiny grownup, and claims she has no time to be bothered with a small child who is too young to fight; yet somehow, Hope always manages to find her to pester her with questions. Around age five, she startles her parents by casually switching every once in awhile from English to Trigedasleng midsentence.

Auntie O manages to get her hands on a wooden toy sword from a Grounder child who has outgrown it, and secretly begins teaching Hope how to use it (but secretly, to avoid Abby’s wrath if she ever found out). Sometimes when she babysits, Kane stumbles upon the two of them squished together in the big leather armchair in the bunker library, Hope sitting on her aunt’s lap while Octavia reads to her from Bulfinch’s Mythology.

Every night her parents tuck her into bed with stories about the family that she hasn’t met yet, but someday will. She knows all about her sister Clarke, who lives up above where the trees are, and about her Uncle Bellamy who lives up in the stars.

Hope grows up hearing everybody’s stories. She learns about the people who live in the bunker with her, but she also learns about everyone they’ve loved and lost, whose memories are kept alive in the stories they tell to the first Skaikru child born on the ground. Dad teaches Hope how to be the one who tends the tree, which he dug up from the earth with his bare hands and planted in a metal box in the bunker. He tells her all about his mother, who gave Hope her middle name. Mom tells her stories about her big sister Clarke when she was little, about the games she played with Wells and how she was scared of the dark and how much she loved to draw. Auntie Indra tells her stories about Lexa and Luna and Roan, and about the world of Grounders that used to be. Uncle Nate and Uncle Eric tell her all about the kids who live on the spaceship in the sky, how they lived there all their lives, then crashed down to earth and had so many adventures, and now they’re back up in the sky again. But someday, everyone promises her, someday they’ll all come home.

The Vesta IV returns to Polis a year overdue – a year of rationing and limited medical supplies and escalating tensions and Hope asking her parents every day when her family is coming home. When they finally clear away enough of the rubble to open the door, Hope knows them all so well that she greets them by name before they even know who she is. She wants to touch Raven’s leg brace and Emori’s tattoos and Harper’s blonde hair. “Who the hell are you?” says Murphy dubiously, and she flings her arms around his leg and exclaims “Hi, Uncle John!”

They spill out into the desolate land around Polis and begin the quest to resettle. They find a patch of green forest and the whole crowd, all twelve hundred or so, make their way over the wrecked, dead ground towards it.

Hope is riding on Dad’s shoulders, and she sees the flash of blonde hair in the trees before anyone else does. She begs him to set her down and takes off running as fast as her little legs can carry her. Abby chases her down, calling her name, but Hope is off like a rocket, leaping over logs and bracken until she reaches the clearing, sees the girl standing on the edge of the creek, and yells, “I found you, I found you! You’re my sister!”

After that, it’s as though they were never apart.


Ok everyone, please share this to EVERYONE you can on tumblr please. So I went to A-kon 28 and managed to record Matthew Mercer doing lip sync battle. This is his section so please please PLEASE share this since Youtube is being nice and allowing me to keep this up without flagging my account -for now-. Enjoys and I hope A-Kon invites him again next year woot woot!

My Opinion so far

Aja: idk I think her only forte is the lip sync, I’ll be surprised if she ends up in the top 5…

Alexis Michelle: girl, bye ! How dare she complain about the other contestants not giving her fashion advices, this is a fucking competition and if you are not able to judge by yourself that putting that fucking dress and presenting yourself like that to the judges was a fucking no no, you shouldn’t even be in the competition in the first place, my bet, she has only 2 or 3 more episodes left.

Cynthia Lee: meh, she hasn’t improved a lot since last season, she still is forgettable, with no sense of fashion whatsoever. (Also I think she should have sashay away last episode based on… well everything)

Farrah Moan: I was a big fan of hers but I haven’t seen any bit of talent yet, her lip sync wasn’t bad though… hopefully this is her wake up call.

Nina Bo'nina Brown: I like her, she looked great with that “simple” makeup, but girl no more drama, she is always doubting herself and if she goes home it will be her own fault, not because she didn’t play the character she wanted in a future challenge but because she let that completely destabilize her. Go hard or go home.

Peppermint: she seems so nice, like for real…with that being said, I really don’t like her style, it looks old and sometimes cheap. I hope she pulls through because I know she can go very far. Hopefully we’ll see more of her in the next challenges.

Shasha Velour: we are starting to see more of her and I love it, she still is in my top 3

Shea Coulee: that bitch, she is winning my heart a bit more every episode, love her vide her style and personality, she remains in my top 3 and with much more expectation from me. Go girl !

Trinity Taylor: Yas bitch I knew she will be the dark horse this season, such an original beauty queen. I’m really not bothered by anything about her so far. Hopefully she will grow even more on me during the rest of the competition.

Valentina: she remains my favorite, I just would like to see a more shady or bitchy side, but she’s a sweetheart, am I even right to expect that from her ? I pray that ru doesn’t do her wrong cause he will need more bodyguards than trump if she goes home before the top 3 her only real competition for the last spot in the top 3 is Trinity…

Eureka is gone, yes that was a shock and even though she kinda grew on me last episode I’m still glad that annoying bitch is gone, I won’t miss her.

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2 "can i kill him?" Kai please?

*not my gif*

You and your boyfriend Kai Parker, were hanging out with your friends Jeremy and Tyler. You knew they hated him. But you really, really wanted them to get along. So you figured you should all hang out together, which was a horrible idea.

You were at your house playing video games like you usually did. When Kai knocked on the door. Jeremy and Tyler didn’t know he was coming or they never would have came. They rolled their eyes when they saw him. “So guys, Kai’s gonna join us!” You exclaimed. They sighed. “Great..” They reply in sync with an annoyed tone in their voices. Hopefully they could at least try to get along.

They were pretty rude to Kai, so he was rude right back. You were all playing video games and Kai kept beating them, which was pretty funny to you. But they hated it. Kai got up to grab a soda, and you gave your best friends an annoyed look.

“Can’t you guys just be nice?” You whispered. “Why’d you invite him?” Tyler asked. “Because he’s my boyfriend, and I care about him. And I was hoping my best friends could learn to like him too.” Jeremy rolled his eyes and gave you a hateful smirk. 

“Well we can’t.” “You guys are like, the worst whisperers ever.” Kai says as he sits back down on the couch. “I really don’t care if you don’t like me. Because honestly I think you two are terrible. But, I’m willing to put up with you, for Y/N.” Kai says with a smirk as he puts his arm around you. Jeremy and Tyler roll their eyes. “We’re gonna go.” Tyler sighs. “Call us if you wanna hang out with your friends.” Jeremy adds. Then they leave. Kai rolls his eyes.

 "Can I kill him?“  "Not if I do first.” You sigh.

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Could you write a fic about nikolia's visit to Alina and mal at the orphanage (after the war)?

Once, Nikolai viewed uncertainty as an unwelcome stranger. Something that visited in his younger years when his father thought he didn’t understand the way he looked at him, when sneering mouths twisted sobachka into something dirty. But he had lost contact with the concept over the years, as her put his minder to larger and larger goals, and achieved all of them.

Alina Starkov reintroduces him. It had taken him by surprise, how badly - beneath the political considerations and strategy of it all - he’d wanted her to like him.

Even after all these months, he can’t decide if it’s a comfort or an irritation, to know that Alina Starkov takes most people by surprise. It’s nice to be singular, sometimes.

He avoids glancing at his gloved hands. At other times, not.

There’s no room for uncertainty as King of a nation that was very nearly broken in two, and remains cracked from the strain of it. Nikolai works, and he works, and he works some more, and if he doesn’t exactly forget to worry, he at least doesn’t have the time to indulge it.

Until he does, and he decides to just take care of it all at once by abandoning his throne (It’ll still be here when you get back, Zoya says. If I don’t decide it looks comfortable, that is.) and visiting old friends. One of whom, he’d proposed to when he last saw her. The other, her husband. Husbands have often been of no concern to Nikolai, but Mal–

He’s never felt the same need to be liked by Mal, the way he had with Alina. But he has liked Mal in the pass, probably still likes him now, assuming no one throws any punches when he gets to Keramzin. And even then, he might still like the boy. It’s hard not to enjoy beating someone in a fight they should probably win.

The carriage stutters to a stop in front of the manor, still in the stages of being rebuilt. Nikolai stays where he is for a beat, fingers twitching in his gloves. The land isn’t tainted. There’s no sign of any kind of power. And yet, he looks at the stump of an oak tree, and feels it anyway.

“Alina!” a high pitched voice screams. “Mal! Mal! Alina!!!” 

There is definitely a small child standing in the doorway. He’s joined in about two seconds flat by a blur of greens and browns and pale, pale hair as the owner of the first screamed name scoops the child up, scolding her. 

“Masha! You just about gave me a heart attack!”

“But there’s a thing.”

Alina sets the child on her hip, and Nikolai finds himself grinning for the first time in days at the sight. She doesn’t quite have it down yet, the girl precariously balanced, her own body out of sync. He has no doubts she’ll pick it up. Eventually. But diving into a massive and necessary task with not much more than a sour hope and relatively good intentions?

It’s nice to know some things never change.

“I can see that it’s a thing,” she says slowly, before pitching her voice louder. “Is the owner of the thing going to come out and greet us lowly peons, or is he waiting for us to roll out a carpet?”

A shape moves behind her, and there’s her great lump of a tracker. Funny. For a dead man, he certainly seems more at ease now than Nikolai thinks he’d ever seen him before. 

Ruination suited some better than others.

Mal grins, nudging her. “Don’t be stupid. No carpet we have is going to be good enough for the likes of him.”

Nikolai sighs heavily, and loud enough - he thinks - for it to be heard by the lowly peons outside. “I suppose,” he says, pushing the tiny door open, “that I’d better get out, before certain people start to think they’re comedians.”

Uncertainty gives him a nice punch in the gut as he stands in front of them. Dead, retired, married, with purpose. There’s a haunting sadness in the shadows of Alina’s face that speaks to some dark place inside him, but an ease as well. One that Nikolai has his doubts he’ll ever attain.

He opens his mouth to say something else, something quick and devastatingly witty, but Alina is moving. She passes the girl - Masha - off to Mal, who accepts her with infinite more skill than the former Sun Summoner. And then she’s hugging him, pressing her face into his shoulder, and it’s somehow the easiest and most difficult thing in the world to hug her back.

“We’ve missed you,” she says softly. Mal says nothing, but the light of agreement strikes his face, in an Oretsev sort of way.

Nikolai closes his eyes for a moment - just a moment. And then a crooked tilt slashes his mouth, and he pulls away from her, striding easily towards the house. “Of course you did,” he tosses over his shoulder. “Your lives must have been inescapably boring without me here.”

Alina kicks him. He can’t really disagree with that.

Request: Lazy Morning

Request: i’m in need of a sam hug right now so can you do a really fluffy and cute imagine please:)

Word Count: 574

Here it is, I hope you like it!:)

Lazy mornings with Sam are something you don’t get very often- it’s always up and out, no time for anything nice.

You wake up, his arms still around you. He’s slowly waking up too- you’re pretty in sync. Your hand’s still draped over him, and the other pulled close to your body, lying on your side. You watch him as his eyes slowly open, squinting at the bright morning light.

“Morning, gorgeous.” He mumbles, his voice husky with lingering sleep.

“Morning. Sleep well?” You ask, and he nods with a slow yawn. He leans in, softly joining his lips to yours.

You stay like that for a while; lost in each other’s movements, then you decide to get up.

“I’m gonna go make some coffee.” You say, and he nods, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Okay, cute butt.”

You frown lightheartedly at him for a moment, but laugh, “I think I should say thank you.” You push the covers back and step out, snagging a shirt from the soft carpet. It’s his, dwarfing you from the second you slip it over your head. It falls halfway down your thigh, almost like a dress.

You slip through to the kitchen, your bare feet hardly making a sound on the floors. You set a pot of coffee going, and lean against the countertop as your hair flops into your face. You brush it away, tucking is behind your ear.

You feel a pair of arms snake their way around your waist and you lean back into Sam’s body. He rests his chin gently on your head.

“That shirt looks good on you.” He whispers, his fingers drawing circles over your stomach.

“I think you’re biased.” You say, and he chuckles.

“I don’t.” He moves a hand to twirl a lock of your hair around his finger. “You’re beautiful. And I like seeing you in my clothes.”

You laugh, pouring a couple of mugs of coffee as the pot finishes warming through. He pulls away slowly as you pass one to him and he sips it appreciatively. You hold the mug close to you, using it to warm your hands.

He stares at you over the rim of the ceramic cup, smiling. You raise an eyebrow, taking a long sip of the caffeinated nectar.

He chuckles, placing the mug on the countertop for a moment.

“I don’t mean to stare. You’re just perfect.” He says, and you smile.

“Thank you. You’re damn near yourself.” You wink, and he laughs. He takes your face in his hands briefly, and presses his lips to your forehead.

“How did I get so lucky?” He whispers, holding you close to him. You laugh quietly.

“Who knows?” You smile, “I think I’m pretty fortunate myself.”

Suddenly, he picks you up, holding your smaller form close to his body. You laugh as he carries you over to the couch, sitting down with you on his lap. You grin as his arms circle your waist, pulling you flush against him.

He begins peppering kisses all over, pulling the neck of the shirt to one side to press his lips to your collarbone, shoulder, and up your neck to your jaw. You laugh, the light kisses tickling. His hands come to rest on your hips as his lips meet yours.

“You really are perfect.” He whispers, his forehead resting against yours. You laugh lightly, kissing the tip of his nose.

“Join the club, sugar.”


So, to celebrate losing 100lbs i decided to take misha on a nice long jog/walk around our nearby park. We were walking for around 2 hours! I even got my Fitbit steps up to my 10,000 goal (but I’m super mad cause when I went to sync it, it failed to sync and then my fit it reset for some reason!)

Whatever. We had fun, Misha is totally tuckered out now and it’s almost dinner time! I hope everyone had a great day!